Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - All Roads Lead... - full transcript

The team must find a way to stop Ruby before the prophesied chain reaction that can destroy the earth is put into motion.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

FITZ: Hale may be after
a weapon powered by Gravitonium.

No gizmo, no apocalypse.

You're my one weakness, Mom.

And I'm yours.


- [Air whooshing]
- I was using my speed,

and it felt like my arms
were being ripped off.

The mech arms aren't built
to go that fast.

SIMMONS: You find a way out, make
it to the Quinjet, call for backup.


Looks like you two
have made quite the mess.

WERNER: They destroyed
a component for the infuser.

We can't transfer the
Gravitonium until it's repaired.

Fix it or bleed out.

We can't let it happen again.

We don't have a choice.

CARLA: Glenn, the doctors said
that you should take a deep breath.

Are you ready to comply?

I'm happy to.

05x18 - All Roads Lead...

Complete the mission, soldier.

Eyes on the prize.

[Door creaks]

Be prepared.

Nobody has to get hurt.

[Gun cocks]

[Elevator door closes]

[Elevator motor whirring]

Get in... get out.

Complete the mission.

- MACK: Hey, Talbot.
- Hey.

- You looking for something?
- Unh-unh.

[Chuckles] I'm just like a...

ticking time bomb over here, huh?

Sorry. Just I've been...

in a cell for six months.

I'm just a little pent-up.

Can't sit still.

I can imagine.

I wish we got you out sooner.

Me too, son.

Me too.

Hey, listen, if you ever
want to talk about it

- or anything else...
- I can't. [Chuckles]

No, I can't do that.

But, uh... But thanks.

You know, just trying to focus on one...

task at a time.

- Right.
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, well... rest up.

Doctor's orders.

Yeah. You got it.

Happy to comply.

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[Metallic clunking]

[Metallic clunking]

Stop it!


But I'm enjoying myself.

I don't really get out much,

and it does seem to keep you motivated.

Okay. Let her go.

You want this machine fixed,
I need her help.

Please. I'm engineering.

She's biotech.

We're a team.


- You okay?
- SIMMONS: Yeah, I'm fine.

You sure?

I'm all right, Fitz.



You two are adorable.

I ship it. I really do.

Do you have any idea of the consequences

of what you're trying to do?

We've seen where this leads.

Your little trip to the future?

Coulson filled me in.

Then you'll know
that you destroy everything,

the entire planet.

See, I thought your pal Daisy
did all of that.

You people really need
to get your stories straight.

Everyone that you care about will die.

Not a long list.

WERNER: And it's getting shorter.

Found Anton, what's left of him.

He took a header out a window.

Then someone else must be here.

Not for long.

I activated our copter's signal jammer

and set the fallen mechs
to seek and destroy.

You know how to reprogram them?

I took one apart once.

It's a basic protocol but effective.

They'll hunt down
and kill anyone they find.

Show me.

[Box thuds]

You realize
that we have a choice to make.


Our hypothesis is being proven.

We die, we break the loop.

We don't fix this, we stop them.

They'll kill us.

I can't choose anything
over you, not even...

I feel the same way.


So we keep working, piece by piece.

There's a lot to do.


Very complicated. It will take a while.

RUBY: Hey!

Pick up the pace,
or I start removing body parts.

Like I did to your friend.

[Shuddered breathing]

[Electricity crackles]

[Keyboard clacking]

[Computer beeps]

[Breathing heavily]



[Electricity crackles]


[Groaning, breathing heavily]

You're late.

Hold up. Please.

We didn't have a chance
to finish our conversation.

I said what I had to say.

- Melinda...
- We have a mission, Phil.

Good talk, Phil.

Good talk.


The mechs went into a system reset

and sent a distress signal out.

We traced it to a location
in the Appalachian Mountains,

and after some satellite imaging,

we can confirm that this is Hale's base.

MAY: It's a decommissioned
military bunker,

which means it's highly secure
and way off the grid.

We need to hit them hard and fast,

knock out their defenses before
they even know we're there.

Lighthouse rules...
club 'em from behind,

you don't stop swingin'
till they stay down.

- What?
- You wearing body spray?

May and I go in, we get the Gravitonium,

get the queen off the board.

Checkmate. When do we leave?

You're not coming.

I'm not?

We just got you back,

and I need you to stay here
and quarterback.

Mack, find Fitz's schematics

and start building
the artificial-gravity system

for Zephyr One.

Oh, please don't tell me
we're going back to space.

- Not until we have to.
- And me... Ah, uh...

You need me to, uh, back you up, or...?

You literally just got shot.

Why are you out of bed?

I've handled worse.

Um, no. You stay here, help Mack.

All right, yeah, if that's
how you want to play it.


Okay. Z-One's wheels-up in five.
Let's go.

All right, people, you heard her.

Let's get to work.


You're getting good at this. You are.

I have a feeling Professor Coulson

was easy on his students.

I should at least lose points
for the mutiny on day one.

For sure.

But I'm throwing you some extra credit

for a well-timed rescue.

Give 'em hell.

Yes, sir.

[Tablet thuds]


[Keypad beeps]

What took you so long?

It's Ruby... she's gone rogue.

I know. She's headed
for the chamber facility.

- Get me Anton on the line.
- I can't, ma'am. He's dead.

I called in reinforcements here
because his mechs went down.

We picked these up
right before they went offline.

We need to leave immediately.

Ruby's dead set on powering
herself with Gravitonium.

You saw what it did to Creel.

He's not better, is he?

No, ma'am.

He's much worse.

[Door opens]

HALE: Mr. Creel, how can we help you?

You can't.

No one can.

They won't stop shouting.

Voices, he says.

They hate each other.

Quinn likes to feel smart.

- Hall's smarter.
- [Quinn shouting indistinctly]

But Quinn's louder.


Ian Quinn?

Consumed him.

Franklin wanted revenge,

but now he's stuck with him, forever.

They're inside the Gravitonium.

Their minds.

Their rage.

Ma'am, he only touched it for a moment.

If Ruby infuses herself...

To hell with her! What about me?!


They want out.

They want out!

Get them out!

Get them out!

You making some progress?

Yeah, it's coming along,
but I got to say,

the idea of the Zephyr flying to space

still feels a bit out there.

Yeah, well, I'm not even gonna
be born for another 50 years,

so maybe rethink "out there."

Well, let's hope it never happens,
but if we can't change things...

Always be prepared, yeah, yeah.

You guys need to relax.

Daisy is gonna figure
all this stuff out.

What was that?

Dude's got it bad.

Whatever that means.

[Sighs] You're in love with her.


[Chuckles] What? No.

Uh, no offense Mack,

but I think your radar
is way misfiring on this one.

- That was convincing. I believe him.
- Thank you.

You confessed, you idiot. When you
were hopped up on painkillers.

Piper and I couldn't get you
to shut up about it.

No. That's...

Okay, guys.

What, you've never heard that
drugs can make you say stuff

that's a little crazy?

Maybe that's why drugs are bad.

It's obvious.

I figured it out a while ago.

All right, well, it doesn't matter.

She hates me, anyway.

- Most definitely.
- Yeah.

Just for grins, say I were interested...

in someone... anyone.

How would I...

Like, you got a good thing going.

Don't look at me.

Last time I saw Yo-Yo, she lied to me,

locked me up, and ran off.


Sorry, bro.

Apparently, I'm incapable
of expressing my feelings

or letting people take care of me.

You guys are useless.

It's lemons, then.

Come again?

Well, in my day,

when you wanted
to tell someone how you felt,

you'd just save up your tokens,

you'd buy a lemon,
you leave it on their bunk.


That's a thing here, right?

- 100%.
- Oh, yeah, absolutely.

- When in doubt, get a bunch of lemons.
- You should do that.

[Knock on door]

TALBOT: Let me in, let me in.

Anybody home?


I'm gonna need every weapon
in this fight.

We better hurry.

We got to be ready.

Feels good going on offense
for a change, you and me.

If I need one, I'll take one.

I've got some pent-up aggression
that needs let out.

You want to talk about it?

No, I want to hit.

Agent Johnson, system check is complete.

Go hot, wait for my signal.

[Keypad beeping]

Thomas, initiate launch countdown.

And try not to hit us on the way down.

Copy that. 10 seconds.

[Computer beeping]

Safety first.



Game on.


What was that?

[Electricity crackles]


[Soldiers grunting]




Stand down.

Ma'am, what are you...

That's an order.

I surrender.

And we totally believe you.

There's no time for us
to fight each other.

I need your help.

We all have to leave right now.

Help you? You can't be serious.

My daughter took the Gravitonium

and went to use Strucker's machine.

The Destroyer of Worlds.

She's at the same facility
your scientist friends are.

Last I knew, they were alive.

But if Ruby succeeds,

you make no mistake, she will kill them.

- [Gasps]
- No, hey! Hey, wait!


You two are taking a while.

- Is this above your grade level?
- WERNER: No, no, no, no.

They're S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best
and brightest.

There's nothing they can't do...

if motivated.

Torturing us isn't going to
make us work any faster.

Well, you didn't seem to mind
torture the last time we met.

Electrocuting me.

You two didn't have
wedding rings, then, either.

Please. We're doing what you asked.


- Move.
- Okay.

The infuser's reversed.

They're gonna have to start over.

You know, I only really need one of you.

- Two is starting to feel redundant.
- [Grunts]

Hey, we're working
with very limited resources

on a very old machine.

- [Grunts]
- Fitz!


Stop it! Leave him alone! We'll fix it!

We'll fix it!



Eyes up.

Look at me.

Next time...

it's her.

And I won't use my fists.

[Electricity crackles]

[Footsteps approach]


- [Electricity crackles]
- [Grunts]

TALBOT: This kid likes
her crimson crayon.



[Door opens]

What is this?



My name's Glenn Talbot.

You helped rescue me.

What are you doing in our room?

Uh, right.

Uh... [Chuckles nervously]

I shouldn't... I shouldn't be here.

You're right. I know better.

Uh, I just... I...

I just... I couldn't...
I couldn't help myself.

I have a boy, George.

He likes to draw, too.

I just haven't seen him in a long time.

It's just hard.

I'm sorry.

I just...

I haven't been myself.

I think we're all
a bit out of sorts these days.

It's a strange time.

So, this is who all the fuss
is about, huh?

She can tell the future?

Sort of.

She sees a lot,
but it's all out of order.

It's a pretty...

remarkable gift you have, young lady.

You must have seen...
some incredible things.

Now, now.

There's no need to be afraid of me.

I'm Glenn.

You're the General.

That's right.

How did you know that?

I've drawn you.

DAISY: There's something wrong with him.

Creel touched the Gravitonium
and felt...

people in there.

Franklin Hall.

Ian Quinn, too.

We've seen it consume people,

but apparently, it also
absorbs their consciousness.

Is that even possible?

Well, assume the answer to that
question's always yes.

How's Creel doing now?

He's barely hanging on,
lost in his own head.

We had to sedate him.

We have to get him help.
I owe him that much.

And we will, but right now,
we have to stop Ruby.

According to Hale,

Fitz and Simmons
have been spotted on site.

Damn it, Yo-Yo.

If that crazy Hydra girl
powers herself...

Daisy, you can't go there.
That's too dangerous.

For the hundredth time, I'm not
gonna quake the world apart.

That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying
you have to be careful, because...

No matter what,

I'm not gonna use my powers
around the Gravitonium.

If you won't quake and
Ruby's powered, she'll kill you.

Sir, you brought me back to lead.

This is what that looks like.

You can't put yourself at risk
like that.

We'll make those decisions,
Phil, not you.

Look, we need every advantage
we can get,

so go through Robin's drawings

and see if there's anything we can use.

[Computer beeps]

[Sighs] Women, huh?

Shut up, lemons.

TALBOT: Who is this?

And when does this happen?

That's not really how it works.



And these?

These all come true?

We need to act on this.

There are people who want to meet you.

- There are people who want to meet you.
- Robin's getting tired.

Maybe we could chat about this tomorrow.

No, tomorrow... tomorrow's too late.

The mission's... The mission's today.

The mission is now.

- I'm really sorry about this.
- No!

[Both grunting]

Go, Robin!

No! Robin, get out of here!


- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!
- Go!

Get help, Robi...

Just go to sleep.

Shh, shh, shh.

That's it.

Shh, shh, shh. Just go to sleep.

Shh. Go to sleep.


You're coming with me.

I know.

Our scans show a number of mechs
outside the facility.

Take them out, secure the perimeter.

Only Agent May, Hale, and I
will be going in,

and if this goes sideways,
be ready to evac.

Now gear up.

[Lock clicks]


Coulson taught you well.

Just never gave up on me.

Promise me you won't hurt Ruby.

Not unless I have to.

It isn't her fault
she is the way she is.

She's driven. She's a great fighter.

And with the right guidance, she
could make a really good agent.

S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

You're not serious.

We're about to need
all the help we can get.

Tell me what I can do.

If we are too late,
you will need to talk her down.

We can't let things get out of hand.

Of course.

I just want Ruby to be okay.

MAY: You ladies about finished?

[Air hissing]

[Ratchet cranking]

A plane just landed.

My mother?


I sent the mechs to engage.

That'll buy us a little time.

All right, where should I start? An arm?

- Maybe a leg?
- No, don't, don't.

We're finished, okay? [Sighs]

[Device beeps]

[Device hums]

[Chuckles] It's ready.





Hey, we did as you asked.

We fixed the chamber.


In our experience,

Gravitonium is not easy to manipulate.


we can't move it into the machine.


Hold on. That's...
That's out of our control.

Yeah, Gravitonium is unpredictable.

There's still so much
that we don't know.

Hey, please. Please. You can't do this.

I'm done having people
tell me what I can do.


You were saying?

Jemma, did you see that?

That's... different.

COULSON: It's not a bird, it's a plane.

MACK: Oh, give me a break.
It looks nothing like the Zephyr.

You guys arguing over drawings?

Welcome to my entire childhood.



Look, we're wasting our time.

Why don't we just ask her
what these crayon doodles mean?

You can go down there, but ask Deke.

Robin's a seer, not really a teller.


What's with Robin's floor?
Is that paused?

[Computer beeps]


- She's breathing.
- Where's Robin?

We've been breached.

Someone must have
infiltrated the Lighthouse.

He took her. Talbot took Robin.

No. He wouldn't.

Earlier, I saw him.

He... He was messing with the feeds.

And he mumbled something.


Said he was happy to comply.

Hydra had him for six months.

How could I have missed it?

We have to find him.

I'll stay with her.


You did it.

We did it.

[Breathes shakily]

[Device beeps]



[Electricity humming]



- Get me out! [Screams]
- Ruby! No!

[Screaming continues]

No, Ruby!



- [Whimpers]
- Ruby!

- [Screaming]
- What did you do?!

You're killing her!

No, this isn't us! We tried to warn her!

You sabotaged the chamber!

- No, it's not the machine!
- [Ruby screaming]

Shut it down!



Are we too late?

I don't know.

She only took in 8% of the Gravitonium.

[Air hissing]



It's okay. Hey, hey.

Oh, they're screaming!

They're fighting. [Groans]

I've got you.

Help me.

I'm not going anywhere.

[Ruby crying]



I didn't mean to.

[Crying] Oh, God.

Get out!

No! No! Get out of me!

Please make them stop!

Make... Make... Make who stop?

All of them!

Just please... please put me
back in the machine!

Get it out of me!

We can't. It only works one way.

You lie!

You always do this!

[Both grunting]

Ruby, put them down.

Experimentation without consequence.

It's Mom.

Look at me!

[Both grunt]


there's something really wrong.

I know. We're trying to figure it out.

Just... stay strong, sweetie.

Don't panic,
just try not to panic, okay?

They can't be here.
I'll get them past any mechs.

Come back. I'll need you.


- It's okay.
- [Crying] No.


[Computer beeps]

[Electricity crackling]

- Talbot, stop.
- Drop it!

You drop it! Stand down!

Everybody calm down.

Glenn, look at me.

Why are you trying
to get into the hangar?

What are you doing?

A soldier never questions his orders.

Soldier always completes his mission.

This isn't a mission.

This is Hale.

She got into your head.
She brainwashed you.

Robin, it's gonna be okay, sweetheart...

Don't you talk to her!

The Hydra compliance program

goes all the way back to Whitehall.

You're trying to get in my head.

You're trying to confuse me
with that Hydra jibber-jabber.

You saw what they did to Creel,

how hard you had to work
to break his programming.

What the hell do you know?

I know you're my friend.

And you'd never kidnap a little girl.

Kidn... Kidnap? That... [Laughs]

That's a hell of an accusation, Phil.

[Chuckles] I got a job to do.

She's not much younger than your kid.

Think about your son, Talbot.

Think about it.

What if that was George?

You know this is wrong.

Shut up! You shut your damn face!

It's not too late to turn back.


My compliance is my reward,

- and I must be... I must be rewarded.
- Ignore that.

That's the programming talking, not you.

Fight it. You can beat it.

I can't!

I can't.

I can't complete the mission. I gotta...

[Sighs] I got to stop myself.

That's right.


There's only one course of action.


Honey, just listen to my voice.

Listen to you, listen to them!

Listen, listen, listen! [Screams]


Remember your training.
We'll get through this.

I can't control it.

It's like I'm being ripped apart.

Ruby, I have been right where you are,

and I know that
it seems impossible right now,

but you will overcome this.

- No.
- Believe me.

They're too loud.

They're trying to take over!

Just focus.


- Stay calm.
- It's too late.

No. Daisy's right.
She's been through this.

Daisy. It's always Daisy!

Try not to lose control, okay?

Your powers will only
get more dangerous.

[Echoing] Everything powerful
is dangerous.


- Your arm.
- It's fine.

What happened? Did someone go in?

It's being handled.
We need to get to the Zephyr.

Handled by whom?


COULSON: Talbot, stop. Don't do this.

It doesn't matter, anyway.

[Voice breaking] I'm not the same, Phil.

I can't trust my thoughts.

There's no other way.

Robin, come here, come on.

Come on.


tell George I'm sorry.

Put the gun down.

I can't!

Your compliance will be rewarded.

You're just trying to trick me.

- That's the program.
- What's best is you comply.

- Put the gun down.
- I can't!

Then turn the gun on me.

You will comply.

Turn the gun on me.

You know, for a long time...

[Voice breaking] you were
everything that I wanted.

You were my hero.

And now look at us.

Ruby, let her go.


I am more than you will ever be.


Ruby, I am not here to fight you.

- You need help.
- I don't want your help!

I want to crush you.


Ruby, that's enough!


That's enough!


You listen to her.

She is on your side.

Then why aren't you?!

Mom, face it...

I was never good enough for you.

No, all I ever wanted

was for you to reach
your true potential.

I'm sorry.

I pushed you too hard.


this was a mistake.


My daughter is not a mistake.


- Yo-Yo, get out of here.
- I promise you,

we'll get through this.
Okay, just breathe...

That's who took my arm.

- [Screams]
- No, Ruby.


It's her, isn't it?

She's the Destroyer.

Yo-Yo, she's a kid.

She is terrified.

- [Screams]
- No, you look at me, listen to me.

Stay with me,
and we'll get through this!

No, Mom, they're getting louder!

Oh, I'm losing...

Let us out.

We want out. Let us out.

I won't be able to resist.

- Do it!
- [Screams]

I can make this better, I promise!




- No.
- What?

No. Ruby?

Ruby! No!


Yo-Yo, what did you do?!

[Chakram clangs]







[Crying] Ruby.

[Breathing heavily]


Where's Hale?

How did she get away?

And what happened to Ruby?

DAISY: I had it under control.

She was coming around,
and then Yo-Yo killed her.


I just saved the world.



QOVAS: Coming here without invitation?

You are aware of the punishment.

I found what you're looking for.

My Gravitonium.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has it.

Then you failed.

Perhaps our deal has reached its end.

I can tell you where they're hiding.

But they won't give it willingly.

You'd have me kill them?

I have no reason to stop you.

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