Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - The Honeymoon - full transcript

When an agents life hangs in the balance, Fitz, Simmons and Yo-Yo attempt to neutralise a weapon that could play a role in Earth's destruction.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Talbot already gave up the
location of the chamber.

Hale: Yes,
and we're waiting for Strucker

to show us
how to put it together.

My father
kept everything separate.

There's no single journal

that explains
how the chamber works.

We may be
running out of time.

My mother wanted to join
forces with S.H.I.E.L.D.,

with Daisy Johnson.

The Gravitonium
is meant for you.

We have to find --
Phillip J. Coulson.

Okay, let's start searching
for landmarks that might match.

It won't be easy.

But that
might be where he is.

Daisy's taking a long
shot to find where Hale
is keeping Coulson,

but we have
something concrete

that can get us
one step ahead of her.

Hale may be after
a weapon powered by Gravitonium,

probably in a location

that Malick turned over
to S.H.I.E.L.D.

We have coordinates
to three locations,

so we'll start
with the closest

and hope we don't find company
when we get there.

Creel has broken out
Talbot and Coulson.

Gear up and stop them.

Here we go.

[ Machine-gun fire ]

We're on Earth,

[ Birds chirping ]

Feels good to be home.

Just didn't think it'd be
under these circumstances.

Did you pack the explosives?
-I did.

-And the extra ammunition?
-Of course.

I just want this to work.

After everything we've done
to get here.

You made a choice.
Don't look back.

What are the chances
that we find this weapon here?

Gideon Malick hinted

that this place was
a crucial R&D site for Hydra.

It's our best bet,
by far.

Autopilot will land the Quinjet
somewhere nearby,

keep it cloaked
until we get back.

Ready if you are.

So ready.

[ Gangway motor whirring ]

I was thinking we could
come back to England

for our honeymoon --
if we ever got one.

Sounds perfect!

Don't make me
the third wheel, guys.

No trouble with the straps
this time.

We've come a long way!





[ Footsteps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

I got to take five.

No, no, no. No, no, no.
We could've been followed.

We can't stop now.
Come on.

Come on.
What do you care?

You left me alone
for months, Phil.

I'm sure you can manage

another couple of minutes,
can't you?

[ Exhales sharply ]

Don't job down his throat.
He's all you got.

For what it's worth,

I'm sorry
we didn't find you sooner.

Now come on.

Just trying to hold out, Phil.
Where were you?

We were in the future.

[ Laughing ]
You were in the future.

What, do you guys live in
some fifth-dimension freak show?

I'd say that's a
relatively accurate description

of our day-to-day life.
-Yeah, well, not mine.

If we get out of here,
I'm -- I'm done!

I'm too jumbled as it is.

You gonna let someone like Hale
get the best of you?


She broke me, Phil.

I let down the Air Force,
my country...

...and I let down
my family.

I'm not gonna be able to look
Carla in the eye again.

Hey, hey, hey.

I promise you, no one's
gonna see it that way.

Yeah? Well, I do.

It's kind of a moot point

if we freeze to death out here,
isn't it?

That's why
we got to keep moving.

[ Alarm blaring ]





[ Warp drive whirring ]




We're never gonna find them.

We've been circling
the Trident Range for hours,

and there's still no sign of
Coulson and whoever he's with.

Well, that's a surprise,
considering we're following
such a detailed map.

Robin's been right
about everything else.

Yeah, well,
what if this doesn't happen

for another month or --
or a year?

Would it kill her
to draw a calendar?

Why don't you
go ask her?

Well, I thought that I
left all this prophecy
crap back in the future.

Deke, you're not helping.

Maybe we should
change tactics.

What are you thinking?

The cloud cover's too thick
to see through anyway.

We should land, canvass the area
on foot, let Coulson find us.

Hale's hideout could be nearby.
We'd be exposed.

Give him a shot.

If you think
it's the right call.

Davis, find a place
to set her down.

Where'd you have in mind?


We should start looking
for shelter.

Maybe get a fire going.

Were you ever
a Boy Scout?

Brigadier General
outranks a Boy Scout, Coul--
[ Branch snaps ]


[ Panting ]


[ Panting, grunts ]

No, come on.
We got to keep moving.

[ Rumbling ]

[ Mask clangs ]

You got your powers back.

It's a long story. May,
get them back to the Zephyr.

I'll take care of her.
-Not a chance.

It's a rescue mission.
Look at them.

[ Coughs ]

So, how'd you find us?


A little bit like cheating,
don't you think?

Keep moving.

And, Deke, watch their back.
That's an order.

[ Grunting ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Exhales sharply ]


The legendary Quake.

You know, you're much prettier
in person.

And meaner,
so I'd stay where you are.

It's funny.

I have your poster
up on my wall.

You're like that,

that every little girl
wants to be when they grow up.

Mm. Looks like you made
a wrong turn along the way.


I'm just engineered

I don't want to be you.

I want to beat you.

You can certainly try.

[ Rumbling ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Gun cocks ]




[ Grunts ]
[ Rumbling ]

[ Panting ]

I don't think
she's getting up from that.

What are you
still doing here?

I thought she had you
for a sec, but --

[ Machine-gun fire ]


[ Machine-gun fire ]

We got to get out of here.
Let's go. [ Grunts ]

[ Machine-gun fire ]


I need an extraction team
at this location.



[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts, panting ]

Get this plane in the air.

-[ Grunting ]
-Watch it. Watch it.


I can't stop the bleeding.
Grab the hemostatic granules.

[ Deke grunting ]

It's okay. Scissors.

Hope this thing
has instructions.

Okay, hold him still.
-That's not a good sign.

[ Screams ]

-It's working.
-This is only a temporary fix.

He's gonna need
actual medical attention.

Call ahead to Simmons.
Give her a heads-up.
No one's answering.

Can you hold on until
we make it to the Lighthouse?

Just get us there
as fast as you can.


It's about damn time.

The code is 6-2-8-8-2.

[ Keypad beeping ]

What the hell?
Is Fitz evil again?

Yo-Yo and Simmons
broke him out.

Where did they go?


Looks like there may be
a way in up here.


Radiation poisoning would be
a whole new way

to find out
we can still die.

Should we turn back?
-No need.

Primula vulgaris --

I used to pick these
as a girl.

I mean,
it's a hardy species,

but even it couldn't survive
in irradiated soil.

[ Tablet beeps,
Geiger counter crackling ]

Fitz: You'll find more radiation
in a dentist's office.



Talbot probably
just posted these signs

to keep out interlopers.

They won't scare off Hydra.



Let me.

Well, looks like getting your
arms chopped off isn't all bad.

The -- Well -- Yeah -- It is --
Obviously, it's bad.

It's really bad getting
your arms chopped off,

but maybe there is
a silver lining --

Well, as much as I'm enjoying
this day in the country,

we have a job to do.

After you, better half.


Daisy: Here, take these.

We're landing soon.

[ Sighs ]

That was reckless
back there, Deke.

You this kind to everybody
who takes a bullet for you?

You were the reason
we had to retreat.
Well, I'm sorry.

Next time, I'll try to keep
all my blood inside of my body.

I had Hale's daughter
down for the count.

We could've captured her.

Yeah, she was down, and I was
trying to secure her weapon,

like any other agent
would have.

-You're not an agent.
-Oh, really?

Well, then maybe you
should stop ordering me
around like one, then.

Because this top-dog thing
doesn't suit you.

What does it matter
if you don't listen?

I can't fight and protect
your dumb ass at the same time.
You are the worst.

I -- I was trying
to give you backup...
I didn't need
your backup!

...even though
you threatened to kill me

a couple of dozen times --

[ Coughing ]

Here. Have some water.

-[ Coughing continues ]


We need help over here!


Mack, where have you been?
Get Simmons. We need her.

She's not here. She and Yo-Yo
locked me in Fitz's cell

and ran off to who knows where.
-Fitz's cell?

Must be the long story
you mentioned.

Yeah. I left you in charge.
What the hell happened?

They think
they can't be killed.

You try arguing with someone
who's totally irrational.

We'll decide
who's rational later.

What are we gonna do for Deke?
-He's coughing up blood.

If Simmons is AWOL, we have to
get him to a hospital.

We don't have time
for that.

you were in training

to be a field medic
for the strike team.

What are we looking at?
-Uh, he's in shock.

If he doesn't get a blood
transfusion soon --

No choice.
Treat him here.

I have zero field experience.
There's no way.

I'm not a surgeon.
-Just talk me through it.

I'm not afraid of blood,
and I got a steady hand.

Hale: You should put
some ice on that.

That's not necessary.

-I need you at your best.
-When am I not?

You know, I could've beaten
Daisy Johnson today

if you hadn't
forced her to run.

Too much of a risk.
She's got an unfair advantage.

Once we complete
our objective,

you'll be able to beat her
without breaking a sweat.

So move up
the timetable, then.

No, not until Creel tells us
more about the Gravitonium.

Now get in.

Are you serious?

You went against my orders,
nearly murdered Creel.

We need him for this.
-For what?

He's dangerous.

He's completely
out of your control.

Yes, as are you.

That's why I'm putting you both
back in your cage.

Do I need to force you?



[ Door slams ]



[ Bag unzips ]

[ Tablet beeping ]

Power's being diverted
to a space on the second floor,

but according to this plan,
there's nothing there.

Bad guys rarely mark
their evil lairs on blueprints.

We'll find a way to locate it
once we get inside.

We may have to
improvise that bit.

We're improving
all the bits.

Any idea what the weapon
in there is?

We'll blow it up

Hold on.
[ Tablet beeping ]

I'm reading
an encrypted radio signal.

Coming from where?

Coming here. Move.

[ Truck approaching ]




Simmons: Anton Ivanov
is providing security.

Means we're in
the right place.

And that we've lost
our advantage.

A man who can't die, huh?


Mack: Almost cleaned out.

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Where do we go from here?

I think he has a hemothorax --
blood in his chest cavity.

We need to stop the bleeding
and drain it.

You're gonna need to cut
into the wound

so we can see
what we're doing.

-What about anesthesia?
-Well, he's already unconscious,

and I haven't read
that chapter yet,

so we'll just figure it out
as we go.

So, this kid's
from the future?

Yeah. And in that future,
Earth is gone,

and the last of humanity
is enslaved by alien overlords.

[ Chuckles ]


I should've stayed
in my cell.

You're telling me that
we got our asses handed to us

by little green men.

They were big and blue.

But they didn't crack
the world apart.

They said it was Daisy.

And you're still
sending her on missions?

I need her
leading missions.

I got an old injury
acting up.

Not sure what
my timetable is, exactly.

Oh, for the love
of flapjacks.

Do you ever have
any good news?

There's a young Inhuman
who's seen a better future.

We're working toward that.

[ Sighs ] Anything else
we can do for him?

We're here
if they need a hand.

Can I talk to you
for a second?


We need to talk about
Fitz-Simmons and Yo-Yo.

If they really believe
they can't be killed --

That's not the conversation
we're having right now.

Oh. Then, what conversation
are we having right now?

Well, the one
where you explain

all the stupid decisions
you've been making recently.

That's rather specific.

Giving yourself up to Hale
was a mistake.

She was about to
blow up the Zephyr.

What did you want me to do?
-I don't know.

Stall her long enough
for me to get to the cockpit.

You hold on
while I throw the plane

into a vertical dive,

Knock out Creel --
-You gonna get to a point?

My point is,
you didn't even try.

You just rolled over
without a fight.

I did what I thought was best,
and it got results.

We rescued Talbot
and learned about Hale's agenda.

Yeah, and nearly lost Deke
in the process.

He should've listened
to Daisy.

Well, maybe Daisy
shouldn't have been put

in that position
in the first place.

You don't think
she should lead?

I didn't say that.

But she does need time.
She's questioning herself.

-I question myself every day --
-Let me speak.

All Daisy could think about
was getting you back.

She's not ready
for your job, Phil.

She has to be.
My time is running out.

Because you're being

You said you weren't
in a hurry to die,

but you're not acting
like it.

So this isn't so much
about my stupidity

as it is about me dying.

Seems like one thing
led to the other.

You realize this isn't easy
for me, but I've accepted it.

Which is the problem.

Maybe I'm reckless.

But if this is the end,

better to go out
doing something that matters.


You don't get to make
that decision alone.

That decision is made
with the people who love you.

May --

And that's me.

I love you.

I thought
that would shut you up.




[ Keypad beeping ]

[ Keypad beeping ]

[ Lock clicks ]

You're not
supposed to be here.

I wanted you to know
before her.


It's all here.

Are you ready?

[ Sighs ]
She won't let me.


More tests.

Creel betrayed us,

but she'll still listen
to every word that he says.

You said this was ours.

You don't have to follow
her orders anymore.

She locked me in here.
I don't have a choice.

Of course you do.

You could tear her apart
if you wanted to.

So why don't you?

I don't know.


The mechs are still
sending signals back and forth.

We should keep following it.
-And then sneak past them?

Yeah, call that plan A.

Plan A
seems ambitious.

Well [sighs]

that's why we have
a plan B.


Yes, General,
we have found the chamber.

We are looking it over
as we speak.

Hale: We'll join you as soon
as Strucker finishes the plans.

Keep it secure until then.

That will not be a problem
so long as you keep your word.

You'll have your chance
with the chamber.

Another step toward becoming
the superior man.

I hope it is as powerful
as you promised.

As do I.

What was that?

Nothing I can't handle.


What were
those mechs guarding?




This isn't connected to
a water main.


[ Grunts ]



[ Grunts ]


Just destroy all of it.

Should've brought
more explosives.

Won't be long
until they realize

we've slipped
through their defenses...



We can cut out its heart once we
work out what this thing does,

and to whom.

Lee: Mr. Ivanov --
you think he could be trusted?

At the moment,
his interests align with mine.

He wants to be first
into the chamber.

I want to see what it does
to human flesh.

Would you like me
to accompany you?

No, I want you to stay focused
on our contingency plan.

You know the message
that needs to be sent.

Of course, General.




You didn't think
I'd still be here.

I assumed
Strucker opened the door.

I'm surprised you're not
with him right now.

Where would we go?

It doesn't matter if there's
a lock on that door or not.

I'd never run from you.

I've kept you safe.

You've kept me obedient.

And I've let you control me.

And I have no idea why.

Ruby, I have great plans
for you.

Like Whitehall
had great plans for you?

You have always said that you
wanted a choice,

but you've never
given me one.

I-I know that I've demanded
a lot from you recently,

but I --
No, Mom, you've demanded
the impossible,

and I have tried to be

everything that you
wanted me to be.

I tried to eliminate weakness.
-I know, I know.

I tried to be you!
I've passed every test,

and I've learned every lesson
and I'm not enough!

I never said that.

I'm a disappointment.

You said that, Mom.

And after everything
that you've done to me,

I've kept trying,

because all I've ever wanted
to do is please you.


[ Crying ]

You're my one weakness,




And I'm yours.

[ Grunts ]

Ruby, stop.

I'll make you proud.



Get that ready
for transport -- now.

How'd it go?

We're free and clear.

[ Footsteps approaching ]


Hey, hey! Whoa, General.
It's okay. It's okay.

You startled me.

[ Sighs ]

It's bad enough
I look like a bottle brush.

Yeah, well, you probably
can't look at me

without remembering...
what happened.

Not always
in the driver seat.

I know you didn't try
and kill me.

I know that was a skin-job.

Still, I'm --
I'm really sorry.

I should apologize to you.

You came on a rescue mission
to try and save me.

It went south.
No, it's too high of a risk.

You should never have
brought me here.

It's --
it's okay, General.

Um I brought you
a change of clothes.

Is there anything else
you need?

Thank you.

I'd like to talk
to my wife.

You know,
just to tell her I'm safe.

I'm sorry.

Hale is still
looking for us.

We -- We can't have any contact
with the outside world.

We have to stay dark.

I said cat -- cat!

I scared George, and...

I need to talk
to my son.

I need him to know
I haven't forgotten him.

I'm sure he knows
how much you love him.

I abandoned him,
Agent Johnson!

You don't get a second chance
to fix a screw-up like that.

Maybe I can get word to them
through a secure channel.

That's all
I'm asking for.

But that's not
why you're here, is it.

We're trying to figure out
our next move.

I need you to tell me
what you can

about the site
Hale kept you in and...

...I need you to tell me

everything you told her
about us.

This could take a while.

that didn't take long.

She won't work
without this component.

And the machine
does what, exactly?

An Adaptive
Particle Processor.

Scans an element
at the atomic level,

and then this component
converts it

to be merged with
the recipient's DNA.

We think
it's the same technology

that gave Carl Creel
his powers,

only his abilities are temporary
and require physical touch.

Yeah, but the machine's
been upgraded,

so if Hale were to use
Gravitonium --

Yeah, yeah, I get it.
No gizmo, no apocalypse.

But there's always a chance
that we've tried this before.

More than a chance.

Previous selves
probably came here,

made all the same

still failed
to change the timeline.

You spoke to your older self
in the future.

Did she give you any clues,

any specific ways to stop this
all from happening again?

We didn't have much time.

I haven't told anyone this,
not even Mack.

I didn't want to put this
on the team.

What is it?

We have to let Coulson die.

What? That --
That doesn't make sense.

The other me, she said...

trying to save him
is what led to the end. --

[ Pounding on door ]

Time to improvise
an exit strategy.

You guys open one of the doors,
whoosh, whoosh,

I take their guns,
we shoot the robots, we go home.

Sounds brilliant to me.

Mack is going to be sad
to miss this.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Electricity crackles ]
[ Groaning ]

Yo-Yo, what's going on?


[ Heart monitor beeping ]

Is that furrowed brow about
our patient or about Yo-Yo?

One minute, I'm...
terrified for her,

and the next minute,
I'm furious with her.

Ah, gee.


Elena's always been stubborn,
but ever since her arms...

Yeah, well,
if I hadn't let Hale --

No, don't do that.

You made a mistake.
-Yeah, a big mistake.

Like, how do you even begin to
make up for something like that?

[ Metal clinks ] fix something else.

That's why I like engines,
putting the pieces together --

[ Heart monitor
beeping rapidly ]

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Piper, what do we do?

Uh, we have to find the source
of the bleeding.

All right,
the bullet's in there.

Must've nicked an artery.


All right, step two.

You have to clamp the artery

before his blood pressure
drops any more.

Did not think
I'd be doing this today.

[ Gasping ]

Damn it, stay still.

We're trying to help you.


[ Beeping slows ]


That's step two.

Yeah. Well, we're gonna
have to wait to high-five.

Step three is,
you sew his artery shut

so he doesn't bleed out
and die.

[ Groaning ]

-We need a new plan.
-What happened out there?

[ Pounding continues ]
[ Groans ]


I don't know.
I was using my speed,

and it felt like my arms
were being ripped off.

The mech arms aren't built
to go that fast.
The interface
is transmitting

every electrical signal

It's overloading
your nervous system.

I don't need an explanation!
I need a solution!

[ Pounding continues ]
I can't recalibrate them,

not here, not before
that door gives out.

Take cover there.

Fitz and I will draw them
away from the exits,

keep them occupied.

You find a way out,

make it to the Quinjet,
call for backup.

I can fight.
I think one of you should --

We have a rule.

We never leave
each other's side anymore.

[ Pounding continues ]

[ Gunfire ]




I'm sorry you never got
the honeymoon you dreamed of.


I'm protecting England from
evil robots with the man I love.

[ Gunfire continues ]

[ Guns cock ]



[ Gun clicks ]
Oh, it's jammed!

Go back, go back!

Running low.

I don't know
what we were thinking.


There you are.

Oh! Please tell me you still
believe time can't be changed.

You want to debate that now?
Isn't --

[ Gunfire ]

Isn't that
why we're here?

No, Fitz, just tell me
it's against the law of physics.

I need that right now.

The perception of time
is an illusion.
Last mag.

[ Machine-gun fire ]
According to Hermann Minkowski,
space-time --

No, you know, I was wrong.
It's not helping.

[ Gunfire ]



I heard
what happened to you.

Now you are also
part machine.

Not the part
that matters.


[ Chuckles ]
I no longer feel pain.

[ Grunts ]

Unlike you.

I have died
dozens of times.

But you,
no second chances.



[ Electricity crackling ]
Part machine.

[ Speaking Spanish ]


[ Mechs whirring ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

Who's superior now?

[ Electricity crackles ]

He was controlling them.

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

[ Heart monitor beeping ]

-Welcome back.
-You are on a lot of drugs.

But, hey, good news --
you didn't die.

Thank you.

You guys saved me.

Well, we're just glad
you pulled through.

Is Daisy here?

She's so pretty.

What now?

I want to put my mouth on her
mouth and move it around a lot.

But I don't want to do that
unless she wants to, too,

'cause that's
what makes it nice.

But I don't think
she wants that,

'cause she does not like me
one bit.

I mean, she's --
she's not my type,

but I -- I get it.
[ Clears throat ]

Okay, Spaceman,
maybe we should --



You are so cool.

Do we know
any handshakes?

Uh, I appreciate that,
but --

Should I shave my head?

Yeah, no,
I see no flaws in that plan.

Maybe then Daisy would like me,
because she -- she protected me.

She's very smart.

Would it hurt him
if I turn this up?

-Yeah, I don't think so.

I also --
Ooh. My brain is falling --

Hey, something weird
just happened.

I-I wouldn't.

Uh, remember the signal
transceivers from the mechs?


We got a ping.

We're tracing it.

They're not damaged.
They just went offline.

something Yo-Yo did?


Whatever it is,
we're safe...for now.

Still can't believe
we survived.

Me neither.

But you were so certain
we'd be fine.

"Time is fixed"
and all that.

I started having
my doubts.

Maybe your hopeful nature's
rubbing off on me.

Ruby: Aww, how cute.

Well, looks like you two
have made quite the mess.

It's not the first time.

They were there
when S.H.I.E.L.D. tortured me.




They destroyed a component
for the infuser.

It's useless.

We can't transfer the
Gravitonium until it's repaired.

Fix it.

Or bleed out.

Fitz, we can't
let it happen again.

We don't have a choice.

We never did.


[ Knock on door ]


I thought you'd like to know
that we got a lead on Hale.

You really helped.

[ Chuckles ]
I wouldn't go that far.

I also thought about
what you said about your son.

And, um...if --
if I would've known

that my dad cared
growing up,

it would've made
a big difference.

Um, so,
it took some doing,

uh, but this phone
was set to bounce

through a dozen
foreign relays.

We only have one shot, and
even then, just a few minutes.

But you can call them,
without Hale tracing us.

Thank you.

[ Dialing ]


[ Phone beeps ]
Carla: Hello?

Hi, honey. It's Glenn.

Oh, Glenn.

I was so worried.

I know.
I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Once the Air Force took you,
I-I got a few progress reports,

but then you never called.

I thought
I'd never see you again.

Honey, I'm sorry.
I only have a few minutes.

I-I just want you to tell George
that his dad's okay

and his father loves him
very much.

And I'm getting better.

I'm getting stronger,
and I'm...

I'm not much.


Carla: The doctors said
you should take a deep breath.

Calm your mind.

You know what is best.

What is best is you comply.

Remember, your compliance
will be rewarded.


are you ready to comply?

I'm happy to.