Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 16 - Episode #5.16 - full transcript

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

We have to live with
the choices we make.

And now I have to make mine.

Yo-Yo saw herself in the Lighthouse,

so she thinks she can't be killed.

You're our grandson.

His very existence proves that you and I

make it to the Lighthouse.

Do you see what this means?

It means you and I are invincible.

You cut into me.

You are not leaving this room.

I come with you, my
people get away unharmed.

I can agree to that.

You want to bring Robin out of hiding

and risk her getting hurt?

Our leader is missing.
We have to get him back.

Well, we know that Hale
went after Gravitonium,

so I think she's trying
to build a weapon.

It's a particle infusion chamber,

If the idea is to put your
ninja daughter into that,

this is gonna be a long conversation.

She's not ready.

I'm wondering if your Daisy
Johnson is a better fit.

She would be worthy of
Whitehall's code name

for the project... Destroyer of Worlds.

No. No, stop.

You're making a huge mistake!


General Hale.

I know you're bummed

the whole team-up thing
isn't gonna happen.

But it still seems kind of petty,

taking away my cot...

my chair...

and my Cap'n Crunch.

That last one really hurt.

And you're gonna
destroy the Earth, so...

I told you we'd get Coulson.

And he'll pay for General Talbot

after he's turned over his Inhumans.

But for now...

I know you enjoy it,

the feel of a new material.

I've been looking forward to this one.

The question is, what do
you want me to do with it?

Whitehall, Strucker, even Talbot...

They all wanted your compliance.

I'm offering transformation.

Into what?

A hero.

Show us what you can do.

Why hand him this?

Talbot already gave up the
location of the chamber.

Yes, and we're waiting for Strucker

to show us how to put it together.

His father never made it easy

for someone to steal his work.

- But Creel...
- Creel will give us answers.

No one understood Gravitonium
except for Ian Quinn,

and he's been in hiding for years.

But if Creel touches it...

Yes, he'll help us understand
what we're dealing with here.

Before you give it to me.

I don't want to infuse your cells

with something we know nothing about.

So then why not talk
to Coulson about it?

He has experience with it.

And I think after two days in isolation,

maybe an olive branch...

We've done the olive branch.

We stick the screws to him now.

A week without sleep and food,

we'll see what he has to say.

Let's begin.

Hey! Get me out!


Aah! Hey!

Get me out of here!




What happened?

What did you feel?

It's alive.

Wow. Hey, Simmons was right.

She said you might become
stronger than before,

but you're murdering that heavy bag.


Feels good to not be
laying on a bed for once.

- Yeah, well, maybe...
- Unh!

Maybe don't push too hard, though.

We just put those things on you.

I'm fine.

I'm just getting used to them.


Look, I know you like to do things fast,

but you don't know your strength yet.

So maybe a little caution
couldn't hurt for a change.

I know that speech by heart.

Well, you're the one talking
about how you're indestructible

and saying you can't die.

How was I supposed to take that?

I guess it was just, uh...

the pain medication talking.


Well, you can at least hydrate.

Okay, Pacquiao?

And later on, I can run a
diagnostic on those arms.

What? Don't look at me like that.

What, I'm not babying
you. I'm a mechanic.

A well-oiled machine needs oil.

Okay, yeah.

I don't see it.

None of you looks like me.

Well, I don't know what
to tell you, Grandpappy.

I guess your daughter found a real man.

Of all people.

Why couldn't it be Flint?

I liked Flint.

Well, that's a lovely sentiment.

That's almost as loving
as when you had a robot...

point a gun to my head.

I didn't want to hurt anybody.

It's fine.

It's the first move you made

that actually made me
respect you a little bit.

It's my kind of move.

And this place, 80 years from now,

I'd survived on moves like that.

'Cause it was kill or be killed.

I know Johnson's still mad at me

about the whole "selling
her into slavery" thing,

but you got to play the long game,

or else the whole world is
gonna be a vacancy, right?


And you say you don't
see the resemblance?


Well, quality time
was fun, but I'm late.

I don't know if you noticed, but...

ever since she's been in charge,

Daisy's kind of a hard-ass.

I noticed.

Can I pick your brain for a minute?

That's a weird saying.

I was hoping you could tell
me more about our future.

I mean, you saw it... It sucked.

No, I mean Fitz and me.

Do you recall any
evidence of major injury,

any noticeable scarring, perhaps?

I don't remember you guys at all.
I didn't even know your real names.

Everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. changed them

when they were getting hunted down.

I just knew you as Nana and Bobo.

But you guys made it to the Lighthouse.

Good to hear.

Mom talked about you a lot

but never mentioned any health stuff.

I'm pretty sure you were tiptop.

You remind me of her.

If you want,

I could tell you
stories about what you...

I think it's best not to know too much.

It's enough to know

Fitz and I live long
enough to create her.

Yeah, well, you certainly will,

as long as you guys...

you know...

Uh, but anyway,

I-I don't know how much
longer I'm gonna make it

if I don't get a move on, because...

I don't know if you noticed,

but ever since she's been in charge,

Daisy has really just become a hard-ass.

I noticed.

You sure about this?

I understand the risk of
taking her out of hiding,

but Robin is our best
shot at finding Coulson.

I have to talk to her.

And look, I... I get that
you're afraid to see her again,

but she's the most
powerful tool we have.

- She's just a kid.
- Sorry I'm... I'm late.

I was just... just getting
all my gear together,

but I'm ready to go. Geared up.


I'll just go ahead and
get to the command center.

- Was he late?
- I have no idea.

What's up?

I was hoping to have another
word with you about Fitz.

We can't have that
conversation again, Simmons.

Yes, well, Robin may have answers,

but she may not,

whereas Fitz has a concrete
lead on a Hydra weapon.

We get to that first, we get to Hale.

That could lead to Coulson and...

Fitz is sick.

You should be worried about that.

Look, you can compile his intel,

and we will review it when we get back.

But right now, everyone is leaving.

And, Simmons, Mack is
in charge when I'm gone,

and he's under strict
orders Fitz stays locked up.


I understand what you're saying.


You might want to dial it back.

- I think she's wrong.
- You made that perfectly clear.

But you're leading us now,

and it's new to everyone, not just you.

I'm just leading us to Coulson.
Then he can have his job back.

Daisy won't listen.

I think it's time we try a new approach.

To what? Why'd you drag me here?

Because I've realized we
have to think differently.

Fitz started to, and he's paying for it.

But you can't deny it worked.

And you.

Mack said you believe you can't die.

I know it sounds crazy, Jemma...

I don't think it's crazy.

I believe it's true.

I'm glad someone understands.

I don't just mean you.

You guys didn't see
yourselves in the future.

No. Deke is our proof.

His mother...

was our daughter.


Is our grandson.

Wow. I'm sorry.

- Thank you.
- No, no, it's really quite sweet.

Well, it makes as much
sense as anything else.

So we're the invincible three, huh?

Now what?

Daisy's taking a long shot to
find where Hale is keeping Coulson,

but we have something concrete

- that can get us one step ahead of her.
- That sounds good.

Hale may be after a weapon
powered by Gravitonium,

probably in a location

that Malick turned over to S.H.I.E.L.D.

That sounds bad. I'm in.

So we go to these places
and knock down doors?

I can knock down doors now.

I can't go anywhere.


I know you feel like you're
battling something inside you,

but I trust you.

Do you trust me?



Because I'm going to get you out.

And we're going to go after this thing.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

We have a problem.

Mack... he's the only one
that can open Fitz's cell now.

He won't want to, Jemma.

He'll stop us.


He'll try.

It's far too powerful for you, for him.

Mr. Creel.

How are you feeling?

It won't leave my head.

Whatever's in there, I can't control it.

I think this is more about
what's happening inside you.

What are you talking about?

You and I are a creation
of the old Hydra.

That was destroyed.

When the thing we identify
with most falls apart,

we lose our footing.

We don't know what our next step is.

I didn't choose to be created by them.

But you get to choose now.

That's not what this feels like.

That's what you want.

We're going to conduct
another test soon.

Whether you take that
next step is up to you.

Watch your heads.

Just try to get comfortable, and...

we'll take off in a few minutes.

It's nice to see Mr.
Fitz got you all back.

It's good to see you guys, too.

I-I'm... I'm sorry to
take you out of hiding.

I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't...

really important.

Hi, Robin.

Let's get you into a seat, honey.

She hasn't been doing well...

For a couple weeks.

She isn't speaking to me.

She isn't drawing pictures.

I don't know what she's seeing.

Whatever it is, it's overwhelming her.

I understand that feeling.

Maybe I can find out what's on her mind.


Uh, take these to be translated.

I don't speak German.

Is something wrong?

Well, do these have the
answer we're looking for

or just more musings
from a Hydra has-been?

My father kept everything separate.

There's no single journal

that explains how the chamber works.

A-Assembly, the mechanics,
the infusion process...

So then, we're still missing something.

I am trying to re-create
these as fast as I can,

to understand it all.

We may be running out of time.

My mother just gave
Creel the Gravitonium...

A new toy for him to play with.


What, is he the... the test subject?

That's what she says, but...

she's up to something,
and I can feel it.

She wanted to join
forces with S.H.I.E.L.D.,

with Daisy Johnson.

The Gravitonium is meant for you.

She can't make him into the...

The Destroyer of Worlds?

I've worked myself to the bone,

trained my whole life to become this.

And I'm so close.

I'll get you there.

I'll work harder.

I just... I need to think.

Zephyr One, we're en route to you.

- Five minutes out.
- Copy that.

You have the cargo onboard?

Yes, ma'am.

Safe and secure.

It's okay if you don't want to talk.

You saw something frightening.

It's okay if you're feeling scared.

I was scared of my powers, too.

I couldn't...

control it, I couldn't escape it.

But it... It'll get better.

It will.

I promise.

I wouldn't ask you

to think about anything
you don't want to.

But my friend, Phillip J. Coulson...

he's the one who helped me get better.

And right now, he's lost.

And I need...

I need to find him.

Robin, can you help me find him?


Structure looks good.

Hydraulics are okay.

I guess you didn't do any
damage with all that punching.

Yeah, these things are pretty tough.

Well, if the arm fits...

So you're making arm jokes now?

I thought those were off-limits.

All right, it'll be the first and last.

I'm just glad to see that these are...

are in good shape.

Yeah, um...

I'd like to do more than...

work out and get check-ups.


I want you to let Fitz out of his cell.


Because he knows about a
weapon that General Hale wants

that uses gravity, and
we need to get it first.

You know what Fitz did.

Take it up with Coulson
when we get him back.

And what if we can't
wait for that, Mack?

Maybe it's time for others to step up.

I saw myself alive in the future.

I want to use that to help...

Damn it, Elena! That
doesn't make you bulletproof.

I thought you let go of that.

There are things I can't let go of...

Things I learned in the
future about this team,

about Coulson, about you.

I don't want to hear about the future!

Look, all I know is,

right here, right now,
you're in front of me.


You can't protect me forever, Mack.

Did you ever stop to think
maybe you're alive in the future

because I did?

Fitz stays where he is.

And so do you.

I see the future, Mr. Coulson.


You can tell the General
there's nothing you can do

to make me join her evil league of evil.

I'm not her messenger boy.


It hates you.

It wants you dead.

You don't look so great, Carl.

If you're messing with
that stuff, believe me,

you don't want to be the
guinea pig in Hale's experiment.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is just as
guilty of the same thing...

Experimentation without
thought of consequence.

S.H.I.E.L.D. may not be perfect,

but we'd never do what
Hale did to Talbot.

I thought he was your friend.

What do you mean?

You don't know.

Talbot is Hale's prisoner, too.

- She broke him.
- No.

She said she was getting
him care no one else could.

Helping him heal.

That's a touching story.

And I should believe you instead?

You don't have to believe
me because every few minutes,

a mech guard comes
to check on that door,

and it's been a few minutes.

You have a choice to make, Carl.

Stop right there...

That's a choice.

Let's see if your story checks out.

If it doesn't, I'll do the same to you.

Oh. Okay.

She still won't talk with me.

I thought I'd have until she was 13

before she completely tuned me out.

I'm sorry we're not able to help.

Please, do not apologize.

This... This cannot be easy for you.

She can see the future,

and I don't even have the power
to know what she's feeling.

At least when she would draw,

I'd have a window into her world.

Do you remember what
her last drawing was?

I have it.

Do you know what it means?

No, Robin!

I'm not sure.



I missed you.

I told you Flint would get you back.

You did.

You were right.

This base is a labyrinth.

Is this the right place?

It's the only wing Hale made off-limits.

Maybe there's a reason for that.

And you can open these doors?

Yeah. Just need to know
which one Talbot's in.

If what you said is true...

Straighten up and fly right, Hammond!

You look like a damn hobo!

Pretty sure that's our man.

You are in violation...

Major violation of dress code 36-2903.


Get it together.


Good God, man!

You sneak up on a man like
that, that's not right.

That's not right.


What the hell are you doing here?

Coulson, what the hell
is Carl doing here?

He can explain it to you later.

- Are you okay to travel?
- Oh, no, I'm not in the best shape.

If your robot hadn't
have shot him in the head.

If you still want to buy Hale's
story about that, too, fine.

But can we agree this man
needs to get out of here?

Listen to him, son.

He's an ally.

I'd like to get back and
see my wife and child.

We good?

Yeah, let's get going.

Okay, Glenn, come on.

Perfect. Let's go.

Come on.

Hey, you quit it! Quit being so handsy!

Glenn, I know we're under
a bit of strain here,

but I'm gonna need you
to use your inside voice.

- This is my inside voice!
- Okay.

Then your softer inside voice.

Elena, you know I don't like surprises.

Where you taking me?

If I can't convince
you, someone else will.

What the hell is this?

An experiment.

The test of a hypothesis.

If that hypothesis is true,

you'll see that you should let Fitz out.

I already gave you my answer on that.

Yeah, but we want you to
reconsider with all the facts,

so I'm going to prove
that I can't be killed.

What, you, too, Simmons?

Do you know how all this sounds?

Like science.

No, sounds like you're
detached from reality.

Don't look at me. I don't
know what she's doing.

Well, what's an experiment
without a little skepticism?

So, each of these
beakers contain a liquid.

Three of them contain water,

the fourth holds a
phosphoric-acid compound

used in the hydraulics
of Yo-Yo's arms...

Highly toxic.

One sip will make you sick.

I mean, this much will surely kill you.

What the hell? Jemma...


Yes, Fitz.

I wouldn't be doing this
if the science wasn't sound.

So, without knowing which is which,

I will drink three of them,
and since I can't be killed,

I will happen to consume the
three that just hold water.

This is insane.

No looking.

I'm not looking.

Are you kidding... Simmons.

Are you serious?


Don't do it.

- He's right. Jemma, J...
- Don't. Don't.

Simmons... Simmons, I
need you to stop right now!

No... Oh, geez.

I will now drink the last one.

And it will be water.

- No.
- No.

You would shoot me just
to keep me from dying?

No, I-I'll wound you
to stop this madness.


I don't think you will.

Simmons, please.

Please, Simmons, please don't.

- Jemma...
- Stop!






Simmons! Fitz! Fitz, what do I do?!

She needs some alkaloid phosphate

to counteract the toxicity!

- Where do I find that?!
- I know where it is! Let me out!

Let him out! Please, let him out!


Hang on, Jemma!

Hurry up!

Elena, open the door!

Now! Open the door!

Open the door now! Ele...

A heads-up would've been nice.

You sca...


Compliments on the
performance, Dame Judi Dench.

That's the longest you
ever kept a lie going.

It wasn't all a lie, Fitz.

I might've chosen that one.

I didn't.

Because we are invincible.

And crazy... apparently.

Let me out of here.

I'm sorry, Mack.

I know you don't understand.

But I'm doing this to keep you safe.

You're right.

I don't understand.

If, for some reason, I
don't come back, it means...

We've broken the time loop.

You know my feelings on that...

It can't be broken.

Is that what you'd tell our daughter,

that her world can't be changed?

Maybe, don't know.
Haven't met her yet...

Oh, for goodness sake.

- So maybe when I clear up...
- Guys, guys!

You argue on the way.

But if you really believe that, Fitz,

then it means we're in no danger...

Lo siento.

Lo siento, lo siento.

I'm just getting...

used to my fingers.

I'll get that.

That was close.

Let's go.

I'm glad you're here.

Me, too.


Is this why you had
stopped drawing before?

Because of what it shows?

We are going to try to make sure

that this future never happens, okay?

And to do that, we have to find...

Phillip J. Coulson.

He can put all the pieces together.


But he's lost, and...

I'm lost without him.

Daisy, too.

That's why you need each other so much.


He's gonna die.

You can see that?


We can save him.

Well, once again, my life depends on

a crayon drawing of a
crazy person, which is...

great for me.

Is May still with her?


I just cannot imagine
bouncing back and forth

between the past and
the future like that.

It sounds terrible.

God, finally, someone gets it.

Thank you for saying that,

'cause it's been like a pretzel up here

ever since I met up
with you time travelers.

Yeah, I was talking about...


I'm sorry about your...



Yeah, she's seen him.

Okay, let's start searching
for landmarks that might match.

It won't be easy.

But that might be where he is.

- I was brought in this way.
- From where?

Any idea where this bunker's located?

Well, I don't know.

I was kept in the dark, just
like you, when I was brought in.

I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

Are you okay?

Can you hear them arguing?

No. What do you hear?

It's nothing. Let's keep moving.


What's wrong with him, anyway?


I'm not the only one
with a cooked noodle.

You need to eat.

There'll be time to eat
after I've reconstructed this.

What's that?


Creel has broken out Talbot and Coulson.

They're trying to escape.
Gear up and stop them.

We need Creel alive.

You, secure Strucker.

The rest of you, go with her.



I heard you.

So, where are we going?

We have coordinates to three locations,

so we'll start with the closest

and hope we don't find
company when we get there.

Wait. What about our pilot?

We have an auto-pilot,
which I designed.

What's the worst that could happen?

They'll be on us in seconds.

Stay behind me.

Fallen hero.

Fallen hero.

He took a shot right to the ticker.

I've got no pulse.

Oh, my God. Do something, son.

Do something!

They never agree on anything.

You're feeling it now!

They agree... I shouldn't help him.

They? Who's "they"?

We got a man down. Come on, soldier!

Do something!

You know, you die more
than anybody I've ever met.

Who do I have to thank?

Thanks, Carl.

It's time to go.

Bup bup!

This way. This way.

If you're thinking of blond
jokes, now's not the time.

- I got a bunch of 'em.
- Go! Go!


I wish we had time to take
you both back into hiding,

but we'll keep you safe here.

I'm just glad that Robin
was able to help you.

Me, too.

We think she might've
given us a location.

We'll see what we can find.

Can I ask you something?

I don't understand everything
that's happened here today,

but Robin clearly has
a connection with you.

I, uh...

don't know if I can explain it.

I don't fully understand it myself.

You don't have to.

I've seen the drawings.

I know that I'm not in them.

- If anything happens to me...
- Listen...

That's not gonna happen.


Come sit next to me, Mommy.

I don't know how to get us out.

She's blocking the only exit I know.

I guess this is how it's gonna end.

Pinned down like Butch and Sundance.

Maybe that's a cliff we can jump off.

Carl, can you open this door, too?


I've got something for you to absorb.

I'll hold her off.

Come on.

Kill those two.

This one's mine.

Oh, no, no!

I'm not interested in
going to outer space.

I'm not a damn cosmonaut.

I think as long as we
avoid the altitude dial,

we should end up somewhere on Earth.

You know the Earth's 70% water, right?

I think we need to try this.

- Glenn.
- Yeah, okay.

Oh, boy. Here we go.




Who the hell do you think you are?

I'm the Destroyer of Worlds.

Then go get them.

We're on Earth, right?

We can breathe.

I think it's good old Earth.

Well, we're in the middle
of godforsaken nowhere.

We should get moving.

Hope hypothermia doesn't set in.

Maybe next time, send
us someplace warm, huh?

White sandy beaches and the palm trees.

That's not really my thing anymore.

We'll return in a moment.


How you got through to that man,

I'll never know, but thank you.

He learned to trust me, in the end.

And this is what I wanted.

Yes, but why did you care what I wanted?

I mean, to give me this.

This act cements a bond.


It does.

You have my undying loyalty now.

I never wanted any of
that Hydra nonsense.

I just wanted the Gravitonium.

Oh, no.

You misunderstand.

It wanted you.