Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Rise and Shine - full transcript

Coulson uncovers General Hale's real agenda and it could be the end of the world if S.H.I.E.L.D. can't help her.

Previously on
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

Daisy's powers are the missing key
to manipulating the gravitonium.

I wouldn't have done any of this
if I didn't believe it was gonna work.

- I'll never forgive you.
- You had a psychic split.

But that dark persona, that's not you.

I really don't know where we go from here.

You're standing next to the man
responsible for shooting Talbot.

- Daisy Johnson shot Talbot.
- That was an android.

Come with me. Let me show you
what we're really up against.

My vantage point is much higher
than yours.

I come with you,
my people get away unharmed.

I can agree to that.

I see they've shown you
to your new accommodations.

Of all the blindfolds I've forcibly worn,
that was one of the nicest.

There's a method to this madness.

All of your questions will be answered
in the morning.

Not my first rodeo,
so I may have already figured out

a little bit of what's going on here.

You got the gravitonium
and the total disregard for human safety.

Check. You've got Ivan Drago
and Crusher Creel on the payroll. Check.

And then, there's you, rogue general
operating with zero oversight.

Add it all up, just doesn't feel
like an Air Force operation.

It's not.

It's Hydra.

- I thought we stomped you out.
- Yes.

Just as you were stomped out.

And yet, here we are in the same room.

I'd like to tell you my story...

- and then, I think you'll know it's time.
- Time for what?

It's time for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra
to finally unite.

Good morning.

Rise and seize the future.

- One more day. Are you excited?
- Excited to be done with these lectures.

I can't stand another one
of these old dudes droning on

- about placement.
- Well, at least

today's guest speaker is cool.

You know, I heard that he once used
alien DNA to actually reverse...

...the body's aging process...

Oh, shut up, Sitwell. You're just jealous.

Of you being a teacher's pet?

They've got you better trained
than any of our mutts.

You're jealous because I am going places

while you will be stuck
in middle management.

Calm down, take a seat.

I know everyone is excited
about graduation tomorrow.

As a reminder, there will be
a final examination tonight.

And now, here to speak to you
about another post-grad opportunity,

please welcome, Daniel Whitehall.

Good morning.
It's an honour to speak with you...

the future of our organisation.

Tomorrow, you will leave these halls
and venture out into society.

And though you may be behind the scenes,
there are many ways

that you can help Hydra
dismantle the oppressive state.

Since World War Il,

and the success of Steve Rogers,
there have been

many failed attempts
to create a super soldier.

But after some ungainly setbacks...

we're close.

Close to creating
the most powerful man on Earth.

Now, this
is the Particle Infusion Chamber...

an apparatus that can force human cells
to take on the properties

of a raw material. Imagine...

a man with the density of lead,
with the volatility of cesium

and the possibilities are endless.

Can someone name another substance
suitable for infusion?

Yes, Mr Von Strucker.

Why not use...

Red Skull's Tesseract?

It's greatest power source we've ever had.


- Looking to our past for inspiration...
- Well, that's a waste of time.

There's no way that we could take it
from S.H.I.E.L.D. unnoticed,

we would blow our cover.

Well, I suppose you have
a better substance in mind?

We're not gonna find it
by digging up our history.

Instead, we should look
to where the Tesseract came from,

to find new materials.


Outer space.


Some forward thinking.



You're going to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Admin division.

Isn't that what you wanted?

You okay?

- That test was tough for everyone.
- I'm fine.

You hear about your placement yet?


Getting anxious.

Well, I would be too.

Especially if I picked a fight
with Strucker.

You know that he put those two up to that.

Doesn't matter. You punched
the future leader of Hydra in the face.

You screwed your chances of getting
a good placement, genius.

- Uh...
- Miss Hale.

Daniel Whitehall
would like a word with you.

You've made
quite the impression lately.

It seems you're one of the few females
to make it to commencement.

- It's a tough school.
- And you completed your final test?

Well done. It's a rite of passage.

We must eliminate any weakness,
no matter how difficult.

I imagine it wasn't easy
to sleep last night.

Not with all the boys sobbing
through the walls.

Leadership expected nothing less.

In fact...

we're confident
we see the future of Hydra in you.

That's why I've selected you
for my program.


I'm honoured.

Um... I've dreamed of working
with you and I... I really think

- that the chamber can revolution...
- No, no.

Von Strucker will be working
on the chamber.

Is... is this because he and I got
into a fight?

In a sense, yes.

We were actually impressed
by your strength...

your mettle.

We think that you will be essential
in engineering

the perfect human specimen
for the chamber.


- Sir, I'm... I'm not a biologist.
- Correct,

but you're the only candidate left
with the other...

necessary qualifications.

- You want me to be...
- Artificially inseminated.

It's quite exciting, yes?

You should be honoured.

You will give birth to our new leader.
As I said...

we see the future of Hydra in you.

What about my future?

As requested, you'll be placed
deep undercover

within the Air Force. Perhaps...

you'll even become an astronaut.

However, once the seed has been perfected,
we expect you'll serve the cause.


I'm flattered...

but is there an option where I utilise
my talents elsewhere?

You always have a choice
whether or not to comply.

Hail Hydra.

That's what I thought.

Good morning.

Rise and seize the future.

- Poor boys could never keep up.
- No, her weaknesses

are more glaring than you think.

She doesn't look weak to me.

Any idea what leadership has planned
for her after graduation?

- Oh, they have yet to decide.
- What's to decide?

Whitehall designed her to lead.

Whitehall is dead.


does he know where I'm gonna be assigned
after graduation?

It's being discussed.

He knows that you're top of the class.

Runs in the family.

You don't think they're gonna stick me
somewhere boring like Air Force, do you?

Hey, hold on. I happen to think
that Air Force is very good placement.

You get to see combat,
flight training.

You could even become an astronaut.
That's why I joined.

An astronaut?

Why didn't you ever tell me?
That would have been so cool.

You would have been like ten times cooler.


But I wouldn't have had you.

Let me guess. Your country calls?

Sorry, sweetie.


We've got a problem.

- Is this an Air Force matter?
- S.H.I.E.L.D. captured Gideon Malick.

- Is he talking?
- It's bad. We have to move fast.


I need you to take this. Locate the device
that's hidden in my vault.

Find somewhere safe.
You're now overseeing communications.

Fischer. Fischer, what is this?
Look at me. What the hell is going on?

Look, after New York,
we found transceivers in the wreckage

of one of the Chitauri cruisers.
We reached out. Someone answered.

You made contact with aliens?

It's an alliance of several races.
They call themselves the Confederacy.

Well, why the hell
wasn't I brought in on this?


I'm gonna need you to come with me.

Come on, Hale.

Step away. This is for your own safety.

Hail Hydra.

Get him!

Fool! Get him to medical now!
How could you let that happen?

Now! Move!

I was looking forward to making
that traitor talk.

- You all right?
- Yeah. I'm fine. I just...

I thought we'd seen the last of Hydra.

Well, don't worry.

After today, you'll never have to see
one of those squids again.

I don't understand what my dog
has to do with me graduating.

Your attachment to that mutt
is a liability. You cannot serve

- until you complete the test.
- I'm the only one left!

You're seriously gonna stop me
from serving,

- because of some barbaric ritual?
- Do not question the Hydra way.

- You trust in the system.
- Why not? Look where it's gotten us.

- We're this close to being wiped out.
- All the more reason

to devote yourself now.

- Eliminate your weakness.
- Wake up! Me obeying you,

that is weakness!
You with your blind faith,

with this stupid tradition,
that's weakness!

No! It is a rite of passage!
To a life built on control and survival!

That's why when you cut off the head,
two more spring up...

And now, we're the last two.

General Talbot.

Your family's here to see you.

Okay, not a train,
because the last one was a train.

Choo-choo. Choo-choo train. Right?

Um... Strawberry? It's not a strawberry.

- It's a cat.
- Nice job, Dad.

- You're on a roll.
- Okay, we can do this

- because I got a mind like a steel trap.
- Hm-mm.

We can get through this. All right,
so the last one's a train...

Wait, I don't understand.
He was getting better

and now you want to transfer him

- More comprehensive.
- But he's getting better. He's calm.

Today's a good day, Mrs Talbot.

But the damage
to his frontal lobe is severe.

It's gonna take a lot more time to retrain
his brain to control his impulses

- and think clearly.
- No! No.

That's not a friggin' cat!
That's not a cat!

- Glenn, honey.
- Mom.

Honey, everything's okay.
George is just trying to help.

No. He showed me this... this...
this tiger.

I said it was a cat and he said
I was right, but I'm not right.

I'm wrong. How am I gonna get better
if nobody is honest with me!

- Sir, take a moment and breathe.
- No, you take a moment!

Stop it! Stop pumping me
full of that junk. You...


Let me...

I promise
we'll take very good care of him.

What in the Sam hell?



Stomach is so hungry,
it's about to digest itself.



I still outrank you.

- I don't know you. I don't know you.
- I don't know you.


You wanna tell me...

what we're doing
in this God-forsaken place?


Don't you walk away from me, young lady!


I don't appreciate being ignored.

You answer me!

You answer me, or I will rip
those sorry little headphones

from your sorry little...


I see you've met my daughter, Ruby.

CrossFit Tinkerbell is your daughter?

I've known you 20 years...

you never once mentioned having a child.

I never felt it was anything
you should be concerned with.

General Hale, where the hell am I?

All in due time.

You don't speak
to your commanding officer like that.

You don't speak to a superior...

You don't speak
to a superior officer like that

and as such, I'm ordering you
to tell me exactly what's going on,

because I am not gonna put up
with one more second of this...

Your Air Force career is over.

Your family is afraid of you...

and your lack of impulse control
is a threat to yourself and others.

Why are you telling me this?

Because there was a time in my life
when I felt like

everything was out of control
and I needed a new purpose.

And I see you
going through the same ordeal.

I think you and I can help each other.


Let me show you what I'm working on.

I don't know what the hell this is?
I don't think she knows

what the hell this is.
What the hell is this thing?

What the... What is this thing?
What is this contraption?

To be honest, I have no idea.

They use it to move ships
through the galaxies.


- You're suggesting...
- Just...

let me explain.

After New York, my predecessors
made contact with life

beyond this solar system.

They gave us this to travel to the stars
and meet with them.

Face to face.

I learned my predecessors
hadn'tjust made contact.

They had struck a deal...

- for protection.
- From what?

The war coming to Earth.

It's only a matter of time
before it reaches us.

Mm. This one's nuttier
than a Butterfinger.

Reaches us... What, war?

Why didn't this make it up
through the chain of command?

- How come it didn't get to me?
- It's not Air Force, Glenn.

- Then, how did you get a project?
- From General Fischer.

The day that he killed himself.

What flag do you fly, General Hale?

I think that's irrelevant
when you're fighting

- a common enemy.
- What flag...

do you fly?

- Does it matter?
- If you choose those squid billies,

it matters.

I didn't choose Hydra.

I was born into it.

Just like you were born and raised
and indoctrinated

- under the stars and stripes.
- Indoctrinated? No. I wasn't.

I am not some wing nut and I stand
by my red, white and blue.

No. You stand by a country
founded on oppression.

You stand by an eagle on a shield.

Even after you saw
Daisy Johnson shoot you

- in the head point blank.
- That wasn't Daisy!

I know you think I've lost my onions,

but I've got a feeling it was one
of Anton Ivanov's tin cans. Am I wrong?

No. You're right. That was an LMD,
but it was created by S.H.I.E.L.D.

and it was used on you.

Don't you see these symbols
are irrelevant.

We are humans fighting for our survival.

We need every weapon we can get
in this fight, which is why I need you.

You filthy calamari Mata Hari.

Weapon? What kind of a weapon exactly?

It's an old Hydra device.

I'm starting to understand
why I might be here...

but you're not gonna get it from me...

because I have a mind like a steel trap.
That's right.

I'm the one...

that hid the Hydra contraband...

and you wanna know something else?

I'm not talking.

You gotta let go of these old symbols.

You need to let go of the old Talbot.
I am giving you new purpose.

Help me save humanity.

I would rather die on my two legs
than slither on eight with you.

Actually, squids don't have legs.
They have tentacles. They're cephalopods.

Let me out of here or I swear
I will bust your kraken ass!

Let's try this conversation again
when you're feeling more reasonable.

You can't do this!

Let me out!

I'll never talk! You'll never break me!
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s coming through that door

any day now! You just wait and see.
Phil Coulson is coming for me!


Is this supposed to keep me
off balance or something?

Having me stumble out
to an Econo Lodge continental breakfast?

I give this ploy a C-minus.

Hey, wait a minute...

"Oops! All Berries."

Okay, C-plus.

By the way...

when Hale's done playing games,
I'll be in my room.

That girl...

the member of your team I haven't met yet.

Is she the one responsible
for cutting my agent's arms off?

That's my daughter, Ruby.

Seems like a major strike
against home schooling.

She's not exactly helping your sales pitch
on the merits of teaming up with Hydra.

You're right.

Why don't you let me show you
what I'm working on?

Bad idea.

- You don't even know what it does.
- I don't need to.

It's got that weird alien writing
on the side.





You need to elevate your vantage point.

- Would you grab that handle please?
- I'm good.

I've already been to space.
Pretty recently, actually.

- No, you need to meet him for yourself.
- Or what?

Why have you brought this human,

This is Phil Coulson.

He considers himself humanity's shield,
one of Earth's mightiest heroes.

Her words. Not mine.

He's that ally that we need.

I'm hoping that you can show him
the wisdom of helping the Confederacy.

Very well.

Your world will soon
become a battleground.

We will ensure humanity's survival.

For a price?

Much smaller than you'll pay
if this comes to Earth.

So, the shadow guy will save humanity
from the alien warships?

Provided we meet certain terms.

- Let me guess. Gravitonium.
- Amongst other things.

And Inhumans, or engineered warriors
as they call them.

That's why you need me.

Yes. You know where they are,
and how to contact them.

So, you want my help
to arm alien warlords?

You ever consider they may not hold up
their end of the bargain?

That, maybe, something called
the Confederacy will just enslave us all?

- The thought has occurred to me.
- Then, why cooperate with them?

We need to fight back.

Finally. Someone who gets it.

Altering the deal has always been my goal.

Now you see why
we have to stop fighting each other.

And work together.

Right now, the Confederacy thinks
that we have no choice but to cooperate.

And you want to prove
we're not so easily coerced.

Not only that,
but that we're a galactic superpower,

not to be toyed with.

That's gonna require
a significant display of force.

The whole we will not go quietly
into the night bit. What's your plan?

- You're familiar with Dr Whitehall?
- I buried him.

Go team.

We've been searching
for an old Whitehall program.

It's a Particle Infusion Chamber.

It's designed
to create the most powerful man.

- Like Captain America.
- Better than that.

Personally, I'd like to see
the most powerful human not be a man.

If the idea is to put your ninja daughter
into that chamber,

this is gonna be a long conversation.

Cap was selected for his heart,
not cutting off hands.

Ruby is a perfect fit.
Her physical bio metrics

were optimised for particle infusion.

I'm sensing a "but".

She's not ready.

I'm not sure she has the temperament.

I'm wondering if your Daisy Johnson
is a better fit.

You've made her into quite
the formidable soldier.

- "Made" is not the term I would use.
- Well, as far as her heart is concerned,

I hear she sacrificed her own boyfriend
for the greater good.

- Those decisions are not easily made.
- Now, wait a minute.

Look, she's powerful, she's intelligent,
she's calculating.

If the Confederacy needs gravitonium...

- Daisy Johnson is the one to deliver it.
- By infusing her with gravitonium?

Yes. She would have the power
to level alien armies

and blow their ships apart.
She would be worthy of Whitehall's

"Destroyer of Worlds".

Obviously, the guy was over-compensating
for something, but...

No, no. Stop. This is a huge mistake.
A broken planet-sized mistake.

Listen, my team wasn't hiding
all these months.

We travelled to the future.

We saw the aftermath of that program.

- You travelled to the future?
- And back.

I saw the Earth cracked apart,
but not because of the Confederacy

or that alien ship.

- It was because of my actions.
- Exactly.

Call off the search.

- Do not let anyone enter that chamber.
- Let me ask you something,

in this fever dream of yours,

are you the big strong man
who's saving me

- from my mistakes?
- It's more complicated than that.

- You just...
- I'm sure it is.

I can't tell if you're delusional
or playing games with me.

This is very disappointing.

I thought you of all people
could see the bigger picture.

you're just like the rest of them.

I listened to you, now listen to me,

I've heard enough!

Let's try this conversation again,
when you're feeling more reasonable.

You're making a huge mistake! No!
You have to listen to me!


It's cool.

Did you actually...

travel to the future?
'Cause my mum doesn't believe that.

Well aware how crazy it sounds.

So, if you really did see the future,

tell me how I fail.

What do you mean?

You told my mum
that the "Destroyer of Worlds"

cracks the planet apart, so...

- what did I do wrong?
- I hate to burst your apocalyptic bubble,

but it wasn't you.

Daisy Johnson.

- Where is she?
- That's a bad idea, Ruby.

- You can't beat her.
- Yes, I can.

Where is she?

I can't tell you.

But I can recommend some medication,
preferably at a high dosage.

Other than that, I'm not talking.

Why don't I show you how that worked out
for the last guy who said that to me.

Stay calm. Stay quiet.
Stay quiet. Don't even make a sound.


What happened?


I told 'em you were coming.
I tried to hold out.

S.H.I.E.L.D. never came.

I'm sorry, Phil. I told 'em everything.
I held out as long as I could,

but S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't show up. Sorry.

Phil, Phil!

Just... Just...
Phil, I'm sorry, Coulson! I'm sorry!


Daisy? Did you hear me?

Yeah, I heard you.
I'm just thinking it through.

- Strucker's escape, Anton, Creel.
- And her connection to General Fischer.

Hale is Hydra.

Hale Hydra. Seriously?

How are we still fighting Nazis today?

More importantly,
why does she need Coulson?

Okay, I don't know
even where to start.

Yeah, obviously, we have to get ahead
of her, but...

we have no leads because everyone
in Hydra's locked up.

But we can't question them
without false documents

which I can't get
without more resources.

- So, there's no... There's...
- Hey!

Coulson chose you for a reason.

Take a breath. This is just another fight.

- No, it's not. I can't quake this away.
- Remember combat training.

Take what you have,
use it to your advantage.

We have nothing.

We have a super villain.

Go on. Let's get it over with.

Tell me that I can't be trusted anymore.

You forget that I was Hydra
in the Framework too.

I know how this works.

I made decisions I regret.

This isn't the Framework.

And truthfully...

I don't regret it.

Just how it had to be done.


I'm not asking you to apologise for it.

I'm asking you to embrace it.

Okay. Just need to calibrate
the myoelectric interface.

Wouldn't want her suffering
any neural distortion.

No disrespect, but...

you sure you got this?
Or do you need to consult Fitz?

No need.

Listen, I know you went
into the Framework, but...

for those of us
who were really plugged in it was...

It's hard to explain. It's...

It's you but it's not you.

Look, I'm sorry, I'm...
I'm saying this all wrong.

- I understand.
- No, no, what I mean is... is that...

it's not that Fitz is still a bad guy
out here.

It's that he was still a good guy
in there.


I understand.

And thank you.


moment of truth.

So, when Yo-Yo wakes up,
she's gonna be stronger than before?


Is something wrong?

It's just that lately she's been

acting like she's bullet-proof,
like nothing can stop her.

Well, that is not an uncommon attitude

- for our team.
- No. This is different.

Yo-Yo saw herself in the Lighthouse, so...

now she knows for a fact
that she lives far into the future.

So, if Yo-Yo subscribes to Fitz's theory
that time can't be changed, then...

She thinks she can't be killed.

- Interesting.
- What's your conclusion?

Well, we know that Hale went
after gravitonium.

So, unless she's experimenting
with artificial gravity,

- I think she's trying to build a weapon.
- But why does Hale want Coulson?

I don't know.

If we can determine Hale's target,
then we can infer Coulson's role.

We have a lot of intel on file.

I just need a few hours access
to the computers and the labs,

I can figure it out.

I can't help when I'm locked up
in this cell.

- Not a chance.
- I suspected you were listening in.

Yeah and of course your solution
involves us letting you out.

- I'm only trying to help, Daisy.
- He's still on our side.

Don't defend him. Not to me.

There's not a lot of team left here,

- so let's hold it together.
- We had to seal the rift shut.

- By any means, no matter how sadistic.
- Okay, well,

- would you have agreed to do it?
- Never.

Well, then, I didn't have a choice.

You didn't have a choice?
You drugged me,

you restrained me and you cut into me.

I don't feel good about it either.
But in a few hours...

the town up there would have been affected
as well so...

I'm sorry.

I don't need your forgiveness.
I just need you to trust me.

You are not leaving this room.
You are Hydra.

Well, that's an advantage.
I saluted the same flag as those people.

Yeah, but we don't turn on our own here.

Do you want me
to recount all the times that you did?

We'll figure out another way
to track Hale down, we've done it before.

- And it was a trap.
- It'll be different this time.

'cause you've got your powers back

and they've got the gravitonium.

We already sealed one crack in the Earth.

Doesn't take a fortune-teller to see
how easy it would be to make another one.

Are you listening to me? Daisy?

Daisy? Where are you going?

He's right...

it might not take a fortune-teller.
But why not ask one anyway.

You want to bring Robin out of hiding
and risk her getting hurt?

- Daisy...
- Our leader is missing.

We have to get him back.

We need every weapon we can get
in this fight.

Again, I can't do anything
while I'm locked away in this dungeon...

like a...

hideous freckled stepchild.

you're not in the least bit hideous.

Take it you and Daisy
had a productive chat?

She quaked me against the wall
and then, stormed out.

So, yeah, it was quite productive.

You've got that look.

I've been thinking about you and me,
about us.

- Jemma.
- Relax...

I know we get through this.

Do you recognise this?

Yeah. It's mine.

After my injury, I got the number engraved
because I couldn't remember the name.

See, that's the thing.

This one's yours.

That other tool belongs to Deke.

Who got it from his grandfather.

He's my...





he's the worst.

I think he's perfect.

Plus, his very existence proves
that you and I make it to the Lighthouse.

And live long enough to raise a daughter.

- Do you see what this means?
- Yeah. I do. It means

that our daughter's obviously gonna marry
some belligerent space goon,

if she's gonna give birth to a Deke.

No, Fitz...

it means you and I are invincible.