Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Principia - full transcript

The team goes in search of Gravitonium in order to save the world.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Phil Coulson is dying.
Can we cure this?

The tissue
is already dead.

There is no cure
for that.

Ruby, when they resurface,
I'll put an end to all of this.

This entire S.H.I.E.L.D. chapter
will be over.

Your work is sloppy
and incomplete.

At least the beacon will do
what it's supposed to do.

I think that
when the monoliths exploded,

they tore open
a fear dimension.

And I was hoping
there was enough Gravitonium

to stitch together
the tear in space-time.

Lee: Deke Shaw
could possibly be an LMD.

I ran a genetic profile
to see if he was

biologically linked
to anyone.

And it came up
with a match?


It came up with two.

Have you heard
of Thorazine, Alex?

I only mentioned it

because that's what
they're proposing for you --

a high dose, much more
aggressive treatment

than what you're taking
in the mornings now.

I'm the one holding them back,
because I feel for you.

I don't think that
you are a violent person.

A few outbursts
don't define you.

But you need to open up about
the trauma that led you here,

starting with your
father's abuse,

and then torture
at the hands of Mr. Ward,

and then S.H.I.E.L.D.

I remember everything.

That's a start.

But we need to drill down
on how that makes you feel,

show them some improvement

so they don't drug you
to the point

where thoughts are hard
to come by, okay?

we can start anywhere.


What happened in April?


your daughter.

Just turned 3.

I never spoke about --

Six weeks ago, during our
Tuesday session, it was raining.

You always prop the window
open with a pen.

Your wife called,
and you answered after one ring.

Tight leash, huh?

You stepped outside
to talk,

but the door's not
as thick as you think.

April had a fever -- 103.2.

All those kids at the parties,
a lot of germs.

You said
you'd be home early.

513 Elm Drive, right?

You know where I live?

You should really
be more careful.

You never know what someone
might do with that information.

I told you --
I remember everything.

I'd like
that Thorazine now, please.

Everything is stabilizing --
back in normal range.

Bit of good news.

How's the pain?

Nothing I can't handle.
Thank you.

Well, how's this?
You okay?

It's fine.
Good. Okay.

you need to stay warm.

Uh, can I get
you anything to eat?

Mack, enough.

Seriously, if I had arms,
I would strangle you right now.

How's the patient?

How are you feeling?

The same way I was feeling

before you knew
anything was wrong with me.

Thank you for asking,
but, please, stop asking.

Fitz is gonna do the best

prosthetics work
he's ever done for you,

but it may take
some time.

We don't have the materials
he needs here,

but we're gonna find
a way to get them.

In the meantime, I need you
to focus on resting and healing.

Sitting still
isn't my strong suit.

I know, but he'll make it
worth the wait.


People can't even tell
the difference.

And, honestly,
this one's way more fun.

He's always adding --
Does it feel the same?

Actually, no.

It doesn't feel at all,
but you get used to it.

How are you gonna feel about
dating someone with robo

Those aren't the parts
that matter.


What? Oh, no, come on.
That's not what I meant.

What I meant was that
the thing I hate about robots

is that they have no heart,
no soul --

those are the parts that matter.

Nice save.

And sweet.

You can be annoying again.

Well, it's my turn now.
Time to break up this party.

You need rest.

I need a beer.

I'll see what I can
do about that.

In the meantime, you listen
to the doc, all right?

We need to get out of here

and get Fitz what he needs
to fix her.

I know, Mack, but it's one
of many pressing concerns.

I was just coming
to see you.

Tidings of comfort and joy?

Warnings of doom and gloom.

The, uh -- The Gravitonium
device that we used

to seal the rift
is barely strong enough.

It's duct tape
on the Hoover Dam.
It's not gonna hold.

How much time before
the dam starts leaking?

Well, uh, it's hard
to calculate that precisely,

but, based on the increased
frequency of transit,

electromagnetic waves,

I'd say that our days
were numbered.

That was insensitive.

No, it wasn't.
It's part of life.
We're all gonna die.

Right now, we need to make sure
it doesn't happen

to the entire planet
all at once.

So, we need
more Gravitonium

to seal the rift
for good, right?

Yeah, but that's something
we haven't seen

on this side of the future
in a long time.


I really think that we should
have everybody on this.

Me too.

Let's not forget
about Yo-Yo.

She can't help
until we help her.

Daisy's hoping we can tackle
both problems with one solution.


The last time anyone saw
Gravitonium in this time line

was at Cybertek's lab,
which happens

to be the same company
that built Deathlok's leg.

Now we're talking.
Cybertek was dissolved.

Quinn's vanished.
Raina's dead.

is still M.I.A.

Yeah, but we found
the names of the scientists

who worked
under Ian Quinn, so...

Deke: Who's Ian Quinn?

Rich guy, bad guy.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm not part
of the club?

I'm sorry.
I'll just go get my things,

and I'll go grab
a cheeseburger.

Have a seat, Deke.
I invited him.

He's seen more Gravitonium
than any of us.

He may have some insight
that we don't.


So, this is Quinn's
Gravitonium guy,

Dr. Joseph Getty.

Also dead.
We chased that lead.

Right, but here's where
it gets interesting --

all of Cybertek's scientists
are now dead,

within the past two years,

and all of their
death certificates

were signed by one man...

...Murray Jacobson.

What? So, you think it's
a cover They're still alive?

Yeah, it smells like it,
but this photo's all
I could find on him.

You ran facial recognition?

I did,
and I found his mug

with multiple aliases,

the most recent being
Lewis Casalino,

a real-estate agent
in Baton Rouge.

We need to talk to him.

So...we're going

Yeah, they're kind of sparing
no expense looking for you guys.

We'll leave
under cover of night.

It's a risk
we have to take.

If he can help us find
Dr. Getty,

we may get
a lead on Gravitonium.

I'm going with you.

Thought you grounded yourself.

Yeah, I can't
really destroy the world

without my powers, so...

I can take care of myself.

I know.
I just want some fresh air.

Well...fresh air for all of us.

-Have a seat, Deke.

I need you to stay here.

See if you can help Fitz.

What? N-No.
Come on.

I'm -- I'm not a babysitter.

Do you have any idea
how high my IQ is?

Actually, neither do I.

Nobody actually cared
about that in the future.

Intelligence was measured
by how long you could survive.

Then be smart and stay here.



What is this place?


Where are we?!

Lewis Casalino?

AKA Murray Jacobson,
William Pratt,

Gene Kline,
Marion Cobretti.

He's armed,
and he's coming your way.

Show yourself,
or I'll drop you.

Drop the gun.
We just want to talk.

You heard him -- drop the gun.

Listen, ladycakes,

I take orders from two people --
no one and not you.

Candy Man?

Mack Hammer?

Well, I'll be damned.

Do I owe you money?

Hey, it's probably the other
way around, brother.

Oh, it's good to see you.

Good to see you.

There he is --
Tony "Candy Man" Caine.

We were roommates
freshman year at the Academy.

Why'd they call you
"Candy Man"?

Well, Tony was the kind of guy
who could get you anything --

you know, fake I.D.s,

backstage passes,
test answers.

What did I get
for all my troubles?

Booted from the Academy.

Well, you also never
went to class.

Oh, yeah, well, I really wasn't
a books-and-test kind of guy.

That was Mack -- never missed
a class, never broke a rule.

They called us
the Saint and the Sinner.

Wait. Could we get back
to "Mack Hammer," please?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

He made the mistake
of telling us

that he was obsessed
with MC Hammer in high school.


Where's your picture?

Don't --
Oh, my, my.

-There he is. That's it.
-You can't unsee that, Mack.

All right, this does not
leave the plane.

All right, guys, guys,
I'm guessing you didn't

track me down to relive

good memories
and awesome haircuts.

You're right.

We're looking
for a Cybertek scientist

named Joseph Getty.

And why would I know him?

You signed
his death certificate.

If he's still alive, he may have
valuable information for us.

He could help us
keep the world

from shattering
into a billion pieces.


You guys ever hear
of Project Paperclip?

Secret program
to recruit Nazi scientists

after World War II.

Yeah, and the exact same thing
happened with Hydra

for those worthy
of a second chance.

And it was my job
to give them new identities,

new lives,
erase the old ones.

So, you know where he is.

We need to talk to him,

Well, if the Mack Hammer's
willing to break the rules,

this has got to be bad.

Yeah, doomsday bad.

Following the rules
is no longer an option.

Look what I found
in storage.

Baseball, right?

Did everybody have
really big hands?

'Cause this is crazy.

There's another one
if you want to play.

I'm monitoring
a highly volatile situation.

Well, yeah,
I'm trying to help.

You don't have to be such
a cranky, old man about it.

If you're stuck on a problem,
you should take a break.

My mom used to tell me

about this guy
named Albert Einstein.

He says that play is the highest
form of research.

I'm not gonna
play catch with you.

I've got stuff to...

why don't I stay here

and stare at the numbers
for a little while?

You can go visit Mrs. Fitz.

You guys just got married.
All the grown-ups are gone.

I bet she's just dying for
a little post-wedding yee-haw.

Okay, do you know what,
Einstein? You're right.

I need a break,
so let's play ball.

Let's play ball.
Come on.

Okay. Toss me the ball,
and we'll play fetch.


It's happening again.

We are experiencing
another anomaly flare.

If you see something
that doesn't belong here,

it's not real.

Kill it
by any means necessary.

What happened?

You okay?

I woke up.

I forgot
I didn't have arms.

Okay, let's just
get you back up there.

Please, leave me alone.

I just want to sit here.

I want
to be with Mack forever,

and I want
to have children with him.

And you will.

This doesn't
change anything.

Look at me.

What I saw, what I heard --
that's all happening.

There's no future
but the one I saw.

No, that's not true.


We can change it.

We will change it.


Nothing's gonna change it.

You're different, man.


You hated violence.

Now look at this -- you got
this shotgun ax thing.

You're one of America's
most wanted.

I mean, it's badass
and everything,
don't get me wrong,

but, dude, what happened?

There are a lot of dark things
going on in this world

that people should
never have to see.

I won't let the people I love
get hurt by them.

Not anymore.

So, that's why you were asking
about the Deathlok program.

I'm sorry, man.
It's a dead end.

I know Cybertek coerced
a lot of people,

but I'm still not sure
how I feel

about a bunch
of their scientists

getting clean slates
and walking among us.

What if one of them
has the key to saving you?

You were hoping Cybertek could
solve more than two problems.

I am not gonna be
the next John Garrett.

The answer's no.

Okay, just hear me out
for a second.

Cybertek had
a whole team of people

whose only job
was to keep Garrett alive.

What if one of them
could do the same for you?

Absolutely not.
That's an order.

If there's a chance to save
your life, why not try?

Because I already had
one unnatural life extension,

and I don't want another.

You both have
to accept that.

Not gonna happen.

Not a chance.

He was our shield
when we needed it,

and like it or not,
we're gonna be his.

Come on in.
Join the party.

You can talk.

When I feel like it.

What is this place?

A safe house.

Why are you here?

I live here.

Why am I here?

You will get
all of your questions answered

when you get them answered.

From who?



You still have that scar...

that you got
when you were a kid?

How did you know?

We used to play

Ruby, right?

I don't remember you.

You hit your head
on the kitchen counter.

That's how you got it.

I remember the floor --

Black-and-white checkers.

I was supposed to be watching
you, so I got blamed.

My father beat me
in front of you and your mother.

Oh. Ohh!

I want to see her...

Well, this can't be good.

Did they find me?

Do I have
to relocate again?

Everything's okay.
This isn't an official visit.

I just need you
to help me find something.



It's okay.
He's an old friend of mine.

You can trust him.
He's one of the good guys.

I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D.

No, no.
They're the bad guys now.

I can't be seen
talking to a criminal!

Says the guy who used
to work for Hydra.

Listen, he had
to work for them.

They were threatening
to kill his family.

I'm sorry.

I still regret
everything I did for them,

but I'm paying for my sins.

Saving the world
will pay for them all.

What do you need to know?

What happened
to the Gravitonium?

They put it on a cargo ship,
the Principia,

to transport it to a facility
in the Pacific,

but...never made it.

What happened?

It sank
during a thunderstorm.

If you want Gravitonium,

you're gonna have
to reach 5 miles

down into the ocean
to get it.

We're looking in an area
that they've already searched.

There's nothing there.

I expanded the search range
100 miles in every direction

from the coordinates
at which it last made contact.

Bathymetric maps
don't show anything.

Sonar doesn't pick up
any deviations.

So, maybe they were hijacked
by pirates.

He said it went down
in a storm.

Did you ever consider
he might be lying?

He was Hydra.

Mack believes him.
Keep looking.

Look at all that water.

You should get some rest.

You haven't slept all night.

I'm fine. I'm fine.
I just --

I don't know
where else to look,

and even if we do find it,
I don't know how

we salvage it
from that depth.

How deep?

5 miles
where we're looking.

5 miles?!

Are you serious?
What's it like down there?


So, did you guys go visit,
like, on holiday?

Do they have hotels,
or is that, like --

Okay, do you know what?
Just go.

Please, please, just go,

because you are giving me
a headache.

Well, I'm sorry that I have
never seen an ocean before.

Where I was born,

you guys already
blew up the planet,

so thank you very much
for your service.

He never stops.

It's like somebody
let Scrappy-Doo in here.

You can't be so hard
on him.

We both know
what it's like

to be pulled
into a strange world.

Plus, he has exquisite taste
in wedding rings.

Can you believe
that we're married...wife?

I cannot, husband.

Do you think we'll ever
get used to it, husband?

No, I do not, wife.

Hey, I was thinking -- we should
hyphenate our last name, yeah?

Uh, yeah, of course.

Mr. and Mrs. Simmons-Fitz.

Sounds great.

Just rolls
right off the tongue.

Yeah, right off.

Let her go...
or they will kill you.

Why am I here?

They wanted
to chemically lobotomize you,

so I had you transferred.

Maybe that's what
I wanted.

It's good to see you, Werner,
after all these years.

It's Alex -- Alex Braun.

I don't want anything to do
with my father or his name

or Hydra.


Such a boys' club.

So much testosterone.

If you're not Hydra,

why were you always
visiting my father?

Oh, we had overlapping interests
back then...

but I hated his guts,
if we're being honest.

I can use you, Alex.

I know what you can do,

'cause I've read
your S.H.I.E.L.D. file,

your psych evaluations.

I've pieced it all together.

S.H.I.E.L.D. zapped your brain

when you were
in the memory enhancer.

Something was bound
to happen.

I mean, h-how much
do you remember?

What you mean is,
how much do I remember

that my father said or did

It's valuable information.

And your father
is one of the reasons

that Hydra went off the rails.

See, what I'm building here
is something new,

a better future for you --
for you and for Ruby.

Can you help me do that, Alex?

Go to hell.

I am so sorry
you feel that way.

Kill me.

I don't care.

I'm not gonna kill you,

Tomorrow morning,
I'll take you

wherever it is
you want to go.

You're free.

It's my gift to you.

Gain his trust, his love --

whatever it is you need to do
to get inside his head.

We need that information.


Stick to the books
this time.

Don't you go
off the rails.

Oh, my God.

I've got to meet the chef
that invented these.

Woman: Deke!

Who's there?


There you are, sweetie.

I have been looking
all over for you.

No, not -- not real.

Not real.
Put that down.

You'll cut yourself.

Are you getting
enough to eat here?

I see you're making
some friends.

I don't know
if I'd call them friends.

You like them.
I can tell.

S-Some, maybe.

And that Daisy girl
is cute.

Mom, no, she's not.

Stop it.

Remember, sweetie,

the steps you take
don't need to be big.

They just need to take you
in the right direction.

You always used to say that.

And my mom said it to me.

So, what are you saying?
Are you saying that I...

You should walk away.

You know what happens
when you care about someone.




You okay?

You look like
you've had a fright.

I just saw...another one
of those fear things.

I need a Zima.

You shouldn't be alone.

Come back to control.
Fitz didn't mean --

Fitz thinks I'm an idiot,
like I don't know up from down.

Well, tell him I'm sorry
that I was born in a place

that doesn't have oceans
or air or -- or --

You know,
and, technically,

there is no up and down
in space.

It's all the same thing.

So you can tell him to take

all that science mumbo jumbo
and shove it up --


It's all the same thing.


You need to look up in the sky.

Our ships float and sink --
they don't fly.

I'm sorry, Deke,

but those are spaceships.

But what if the ship
can fly?

It was carrying Gravitonium
during a storm.

If it got hit
by lightning...

Could have charged
the Gravitonium.

And generated a gravity field
around the entire ship.

Okay, well, if it was up
in the atmosphere,

it would have been tossed about
by air currents all these years.

It could be anywhere.

Yeah, so we need to analyze

wind and weather patterns,
air currents,

starting from the night
it disappeared

and try and build
a workable algorithm.

Yeah. That.
Let's do all that.


More clouds.

We're looking
for a needle in a haystack.

Or a flying boat.

You got to be kidding me.

Holy moly!

You guys see stuff
like this all the time?

-Pretty much.


No, get aw-- get away!

I heard screaming.

I don't just remember
words and facts.

I remember pain --

every beating I've ever taken,
like it's new.

Over and over.

Well, that...
has got to suck.

I never knew my father.

But my mother --
she's a tyrant.

Keeps me locked up here,

makes me do things
that I don't want to do.

She's using me
to get to you.

Everything I did --
ignoring you,

letting you touch me,

taking me hostage --

that was all planned,

the grand seduction
of Werner von Strucker.

Gain his trust
by any means necessary.

You made
the right decision.

She doesn't care
about you or me --

she only wants
what's in your head.

But whatever she's planning,
it's not gonna be any different

than Hydra
or S.H.I.E.L.D...


Unless what?

It doesn't
have to be her team.

It could be our team...

only she wouldn't know
until it was too late.

I don't want to be part
of any team.

I just want
to go somewhere far away.

With all of those
bad memories?

Maybe the key
is to bury them

under newer,
happier memories.

If you're not
here tomorrow...

I'll understand.

But if you are...

Davis has us in hover mode.

You sure you don't
need me down there?

I need someone on the thing

that's actually
supposed to be in the air

in case the bottom
drops out on us.

I trust you way more than Davis
to fly that crazy rescue.

I hear you
and don't disagree.

And don't forget
the plan for your oxygen.

Five minutes without it,
you'll get really loopy.

Okay, camera's on.

May, Fitz,
you reading this?

Copy that.
Crystal clear.

Yep, copy that.
Looking good.

Got to admit --
it's kind of cool

walking around on a ship
25,000 feet up in the sky.

how is this even possible?

When the Gravitonium
was supercharged,

most likely
by a lightning strike,

created an applied gravity field
on the ship.

Same way
the Gravity Puck works.

That means there's got to be
Gravitonium there somewhere.

Well, Deck 1 is clear.

I think we found the crew.

That looks
like severe hypoxia.

Let's keep moving.

We're in the engine room.

Looks like someone's
been here before us.


Where's the Gravitonium?

Whoever they were, they didn't
go home empty-handed.

What's keeping
the ship in the air

if there's no Gravitonium?

It's not possible.

Guys, get down here!

What is it?


Not all of it, though.

About the size
of a softball.

Must have got separated
from the rest.

Okay, well,
there might be enough there,

but there's a problem.

there's always a problem.

You can't touch it or move it.

It's generating
the gravity field

that's keeping you
in the air.

We're not gonna leave it here.

Is there
a plastic box anywhere?

Yeah, we got something.

Okay, listen to me --

if you can box it up
without touching it,

you might be able
to get it off the ship.

You got about 90 seconds before
the gravity field dissipates.

After that, real gravity
is gonna take over,

and the ship's gonna fall
out of the sky.

That should be enough time.

All right.

Hey, Mack Hammer.

Can't touch this.

Now is not the time.

Couldn't resist.

Daisy: Clock's ticking.

Let's go before
this floating ship

drops miles into the ocean.

On a mission with the two things
I fear most --

drowning and heights.

Oh, make that three things.

What are those things?

One of Hale's
flying monkeys.

There's another one!

They've got us flanked!


They need to get
off that ship.

They don't have much time.

You've got
less than a minute.

Get the hell
out of that ship.

Working on it.

Mack, run for it!

Go to the module.
I'll take care of these guys!

We got to get out!
We don't have time for this.

I know what I'm doing!

It's Hammer Time.

This is not
the Mack I used to know.

I'm on my way.

And I'm bringing
a couple of guests.

General Hale.

What is it?

Some of the old Sleeper Mechs
recently came back online.

Which ones?

The ones you left
on the Principia,

in case anyone
found it.

We should have blown it out of
the sky when we had a chance.

Yeah, it's too risky.

We don't know enough
about the Gravitonium.

It could have responded
like a nuclear reactor

and set the ozone
on fire.

Well, now someone knows
about it. Who?


You know,
I wouldn't have believed it

if I hadn't seen it
with my own eyes.

Thanks again for your help,
Mr. Caine.

Sorry we had
to drag you along.

I-I got to see a flying boat
and a robot fight.

Best day ever.

We'll have someone take you home
in a Quinjet when you're ready.

Thank you.
Thanks a lot.

Good to see you again,

Take care.

Good to see you,
too, Mack.

And, hey,
about that Deathlok program --

your -- your friends
were asking about it, too,

so I'm gonna do some digging,
see what else I can find.

Yeah, anything,
no matter how small.

You got it.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

I don't know
who that was.

No need to apologize.

Recovery takes a toll
physically and emotionally.

I'm just trying
to not lose faith.

We're gonna change things.

That's the spirit.

Oh, I'm just holding onto that
thing in case of emergency.

Don't beat yourself up
while you're trying to heal.

Go slow.

The steps you take
don't need to be big.

They just need to take you
in the right direction.

Oh. Can we help you
with something?

What's wrong, Deke?

Did you see another ghost
from your past?

No, it wasn't a ghost.


I just saw you
standing there and, uh...

How are you?

What -- I'm --

I -- And, um --
They're -- They're --

They're back.

That -- That's what I came
to tell you.




Is that a new sweater?


Hey, you're up.

One ball of Gravitonium.

Thank you.

Deke, are you coming,
or is this another play day?

Yeah, after you,

I think they're growing
on each other.

I just hope
there's enough Gravitonium

for them to work with.

And I think it's safe to say
General Hale has the rest.

I'm starting to think
she's more

than just
an overzealous general.

I think you're right.

Guess what I got you.

I don't know.
I'm stumped.

So we're doing
those jokes now?

No more of that,

or I won't
share these with you.

Oh, that's right --
I got you something else.


I thought
about what you said.

You're right.

The future's ours.

Then you should see
who else we've got.

One of your father's
old experiments...

but I don't need
to tell you that.

You remember everything.

Nice work.

How did you convince him
to stay?

I told him the truth.