Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - All the Comforts of Home - full transcript

Coulson and his team are out to rewrite the fate of humanity but they are unaware how the changes will affect one S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's life.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

What makes you certain
that we cause it?

There was a light
from the sky.

Aliens is what I heard.

S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to stop it
and failed.

How are you alive?

They killed me,

brought me back
to take my blood.

Phil Coulson is dying,
and you have to let him.

We found a literal piece
of the puzzle.

This could
be our way home.

Yeah, but the shard alone
isn't enough.

We need
the whole Monolith.

All right? I can help.

What happened?

He ICE'd her.
She didn't want to come.

I'm not leaving
anyone behind.

I'm using Enoch
to power the machine.

[ Electricity crackles ]

Son of a bi--

May: The rock's gonna open!
Get here now!

[ Jude Shuma's "Float" plays ]


♪ There's something in the way ♪

♪ Can we float on by? ♪

♪ Can we float on by? ♪

♪ I don't want you to try ♪

♪ There's something
in my blood ♪

♪ When we call it love ♪

♪ When we call it love ♪

♪ Gonna get me high ♪

[ Knock on door ]


Why wait
for me to answer your knock

when you can just walk
right on in?

[ Music continues
in headphones ]

And why put your phone down

when you can just be
a brainless, drooling moron?

I always look forward
to our chats.

[ Sighs ]

Ears, please.

[ Music stops ]

They're saying
you skipped class yesterday.

I wasn't in the mood.

Oh, Ruby.

I expect better
from you, okay?

This behavior's
not acceptable.

Well, you're always telling me
to stay true to myself,

so what if I said
my true self couldn't care less?

Then I'd say
get your ass to class.

Otherwise, you're gonna lose
your damn screen time.


Sorry, Mom.

[ Sighs ]

How about I bring us
some breakfast, huh?

We haven't done that
in a long time.

No, thanks, but if I do
turn 11 again, you got it.

Hey, Mom.

Are you a good guy?

Where'd that come from?

Well, you're off
to a strategy meeting, right?

How to stop

But up until recently,
everyone rooted for them

and thought that they were
the good guys, so...

are you sure
that you're not a bad guy?

You're obsessed
with Daisy Johnson.


My orders
are to capture her.

Not kill?


this is my assignment,

And in the adult realm,

we all have to answer
to someone.

Even me.

I do what I must --
What I must

to build a better world
for the downtrodden citizens.

For you, Ruby.

I do this for you, okay?
So try to remember that.

When they resurface,
I'll put an end to all of this.

This entire S.H.I.E.L.D. chapter
will be over.



[ Breathing heavily ]

Well, that was
a hell of a thing.

I'm so glad
you guys made it.

Why are we still
in the Lighthouse?

Maybe Flint's Monolith
didn't work.

So we find them,
try again.

No, it worked.

It takes you through time,
but to the same place.

I've been here before
with Enoch.

We made it.

We're home?

[ All sighs ]

I'm gonna try and find
some light.

[ Switches clicking ]

It's hard to believe
we're back.

Find me a double cheeseburger,
I'll believe it.

[ Machinery whirring ]

[ Projector clicking ]

Welcome to the Lighthouse,
the world's last bastion

against the encroaching

If you're here,

you understand the gravity
of the situation.

The world as we know it
has come to an end.

My name
is General Rick Stoner.

Rick Stoner?
I've heard of him.
As you know, certain world
events, should they occur,

trigger what we in S.H.I.E.L.D.
call Project Reclamation.

This protocol was created

as a black-ops action
made only known

to the highest-ranking
S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives.

[ Switch clicks ]

Once initiated,
Project Reclamation

is conducted
through secure communications

we call electronic mail.

Our Agents were instructed
to gather you,

the selected elite,
from a host of nations

and bring you here...
Must have never
been initiated.

The 1972 Hydrogen Wave Crisis
was averted --

And, what, people just
forgot about this place?

There's nothing
in Fury's toolbox about it.

Mack, those injuries
need to be treated.

No, I'm fine.

I'll decide that.

So will I.

Well, I'll be there
while she decides.

Let's find
a medical station.

Maybe have Simmons
look at you, too, Coulson.

That's a bad cut.

We can worry
about it later.

Simmons: Actually, I wouldn't
mind checking everyone out.

We did just experience
an unexplored phenomenon.

Worry about it later.
You look after Mack.

I'll stay here with Daisy.

When she wakes up,
she'll have questions.

When she wakes up,
she's gonna want to kill you.

...radiation subsides.
[ Switch clicks ]

I see you've all
brought belongings.

Let's place the nonessentials

in the basement
storage facility.

There, you will also find
the latest state-of-the-art

technology that S.H.I.E.L.D.
can offer.

We need communications.

May, why don't you take
the tour?

Got it.

Follow me.
This way.

[ Switch clicks ]
[ Laughs ]

See? See?
Here I am, over here.

Fitz, you're with me.

[ Switch clicks ]


Daisy: You ICE'd me.

Yeah, I was...kind of hoping
you'd forget that part.

[ Scoffs ]

Sorry to disappoint.


It looks the same, but we're --
we're home, aren't we?

Did you really think

after everything we've
been through, you and me,

that there was any universe
in which I left you behind?

Even with all
of the risks that --

Don't care.

I need you here.


This S.H.I.E.L.D. technology
should make you think

the 1980s got here
a bit early.

[ Switch clicks ]


Not really
a "dream come true" scenario.

There's stuff here
we can use...

with some adjustments.
[ Switch clicks ]

Now, don't stand there gawking.

Please follow me
into the next room

to deposit your valuables
in the provided lock boxes.

And you in the back,
try to keep up.

[ Switch clicks ]
What is it?



That's quite

Where did
they come from?

[ Gasps ]


Perhaps I should not
have startled you.

I'm Noah.

I'm a sentient Chronicom
from a planet

which revolves around a star
in the constellation --

Got it.

You're a Chronicom?
I am.

Did you know Enoch?

I did.

He is the one who alerted me
to the presence of this place.

I'm glad to see

you made your return journey
safely, Agent Fitz.


Why are you here?

Why are they here?

This bunker was built

with extensive
fallout shielding.

Ergo, a secure place
to store unsafe items.

These Monoliths
are more than unsafe.

No one should get
anywhere near them.

The other deciding factor.

Everyone who knows about this
bunker is now inside of it.

So the world is protected
from these Monoliths,

and they are protected
from the outside world.

So the outside world up there
is still safe --

normal and all that?

For now, though we are
watching very closely.

Follow me upstairs.
I'll show you.


Here, we can monitor any unusual
activity anywhere on Earth.

We Chronicoms monitor
the line

between the world
and a stranger world.

Yeah, you monitor it
and do nothing about it.

Yes, we observe without
interfering, unless there is --

An extinction-level event.
Extinction-level event.

Yeah, we got it.
Yes, we know that story.

What are you observing now?

Various potential threats.

You'd be surprised
how frequently

S.H.I.E.L.D. is mentioned.

We have a small
but active fan base.

[ Tablet beeps ]

There are several events
of note.

A well-known politician

attempting to delete
his FBI files.

An Asgardian
spotted in the city.

What's this one?

Potential alien contact.

Does this event
mean something to you?

I think it does.

A light from the sky.

Figured you'd be interested.

This is what Voss
warned me about.

If he's right, then this
is where it all starts --

hell on Earth.

And we're back.

How long
since it first appeared?

It showed up
a few weeks ago,

then appeared intermittently
for some time after.

You think it's alien?

The wavelength is unusual.

Simmons: Showed up where?
Where was this?

St. Louis, Missouri.

Well, guess we're going
to St. Louis, Missouri.

Hunter and I left the Zephyr
cloaked just outside of town.

I'll show you where it is.

But I'm not going.


If I'm responsible
for ending the world,

I'd rather not get near
one of the first omens.

Hard pass.

We could use you
out there.

I'll be more useful in here.

I'll run back end
on the mission

with all of Noah's
dope-ass equipment.

Dope-ass is a --
it's a good thing.

So, what do we do?

Just walk out the front door
into town?

Well, we are wanted.

After what Fitz said
about General Hale's task force,

we need to be covert.

You will be.
[ Computer beeps ]

[ Gasps ]

The Lighthouse has
a few covert entrances.

This place has secret tunnels,
like an Agatha Christie novel.

More like "C.H.U.D."

There are a few tunnels,

but this one
takes you underground

to the charming, little town
of River's End.

From there,
it is up to you.

No time like the present.
Let's go.


[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Door creaks ]



[ Breathes deeply ]


We really are home.

[ Bird squawks ]


We have to get moving.

How about that one, Mack?


Here comes the catch.
But there's a catch.

Come on.
We're damn spies.

I think it's admirable
of him.

We'll return the van
when we're done.

No stealing, I promise.


Daisy: If I'm gonna
be holed up here for a while,

it's good to know
that it's fortified.

It's kind of the perfect
place to hide out.

You are typing
with my keyboard.

Which is fine.

It does not bother me,
even though you did not ask.

But why are you typing?

I'm setting up an alert.

Even though my friends
have been out in the world

for like four minutes,

it'll let me know
if one of them is spotted.

It has been much longer
than four min--

Dramatic effect, Noah.

These things look roomier
from the outside.

It'll get us
where we need to go.

Hey, could be worse.

We could be enslaved
by an alien sociopath
in a dystopian future.

Or we could be trapped inside
a virtual-reality fascist state.

Or stuck
at the bottom of the ocean.

Or stopping
a crazy robot lady.

Or falling
out of a plane.

Fighting Daisy's mom.

Or fighting Daisy's dad.

Or dancing.


We're not just wanted.

We're most wanted.

Top of the lists.
All the lists.

Yes. It seems you are the object
of much interest right now.

Every local P.D.
has our picture,

which means to anyone
with a badge...

we're famous.


Everyone just stay calm.


[ Engine shuts off ]

Hi, officer.
Is there a problem?

Hey, you tell me.

Oh, this right here.

Um, I was sparring.

No, I mean the van.
This is John Nickel's van.

Yeah, yeah.


I mean,
is it a clunker or what?

'Cause he's been trying
to sell it for months.

Hey, be honest -- how badly
did he fleece you on this?

[ Chuckles ]

Are you kidding me?

You know how long
I've been looking

for a 1975 T2 1600 engine
with shag carpeting?

[ Laughs ]

John's price
was more than fair.

[ Chuckling ]
It was a steal.

Officer: First time
for everything, I guess.


You guys have
a great day.

[ Engine starts ]
You too.

Thank you.

That's closer
than I would've liked.

We're lucky this is a quiet,
simple town.

If we don't make any noise,
we can keep it that way.


[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


Oh, boy.

You got to be kidding me.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Chuckles ]


Not from here.

Hey, I get it.

It's a pretty tree.

Yeah, I've never seen
anything like it.

Yeah, that'll probably stop when
whatever you took wears off.




[ Ice cream thuds ]


[ Upbeat rock music plays
on stereo ]

[ Chuckles ]

All right.
I got some of it right.



I'd like to try a beer --
a real one, please.

One real beer.
You got it.

[ Liquid pouring ]




That does not...
taste like it looks.

Do you have anything else that's
like this but...delicious?


[ Air hisses ]


[ Rock music plays ]



♪ Turned 16,
stole my daddy's car ♪

♪ Crushed red velvet,
I know I'd go too far ♪

[ Bottle thuds ]

♪ Loop-the-loop ♪

♪ Looking for a place to go ♪

♪ Layin' 'em fast,
and let them taste the breeze ♪

[ Muffled ]
Oh, my God.

♪ An Oldsmobile, now,
she was born to please ♪


♪ Lookin' for girls ♪

[ Dart thuds ]
♪ To take the drive-in show ♪

[ Dart thuds ]
♪ Let's go ♪


[ Remote clicking ]


[ Chuckles ]


[ Music ends ]

I just need you
to settle up, buddy.

Oh. Right.
Yeah, settle up what?

Your tab.
You forgot to pay.



Okay, sorry.
Here you go.

We take...
credit cards or cash.

Whatever works best
for you.


Credit cards or cash,
'cause that's how people

pay for things here --
now -- here.



[ Groans ]


No, it's okay, man.
I'm from the future.



How do you feel?

Like I've never
loved gravity more.

[ Groans ]


Maybe you should have Simmons
take a look.

I'm fine.
Just a headache.

I think we found something.

You got a location
where that light is pointing?

It's an Aerospace Industry's

Just seemed
a bit serendipitous.

so it got me thinking.

We were assuming
we were seeing

a light coming
down from the sky.

But we're not.

Well, it looks like that
because of the frame rate.

It's like how a strobe
can make dripping water

look like it's moving

So if I adjust
the frames per second...

[ Computer beeps ]

It's being sent from Earth.


So once we saw that,
we knew what it was.

Noah said the wavelength
was unusual.

He was right,
but it's also familiar.

[ Computer beeps ]

This is the beacon
Hive used, sir,

to call the Kree to Earth.

And now someone's
using it again.

I know
what's got you worried.

No, it's just --

"How will I ever find
job satisfaction

without crushing rocks
for no good reason?"

Am I right?

It's like you can
read my mind.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]


A lot of stuff happened.

I mean,
Kasius was toying with us.

And we don't know
what we saw back there.
I do.

She said things --
upsetting things.

Kasius was using her
to mess with you.

Or he was using her
to mess with me.

I mean, we can't
let it rattle us.

And what if I can't
let it go?

look at it like this.

We're gonna change
the future anyway.

I hope we do.

Look, he was crazy,
but we can't let him
in our heads.

We need our heads
in the game.

Both of us, right?

[ Inhales deeply ]


Who knows what's true
and what's not, right?

That's right.


[ Chuckles ] I need to find a giant
rock so you can crush it?

[ Chuckles ]

Baby, I don't need a rock
to crush it.


No, you do not.

[ Laughs ]



[ Sighs ]

[ Computer beeps ]

Rick Stoner, you mad genius.

[ Computer beeping ]

What was that noise?

It's the alert
that I set up at this...

This is impossible.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

This man
is unfamiliar to me.

I know him, but from where
we all just were.

He -- He can't be here.

I mean, oh, my God,
he cannot be around the cops.

You're concerned
he will alert the authorities

to your presence?

We're the only people that he --
he knows in this time.

He could tell them that.

You have to go get him
out of lockup.

I obviously can't go.

I cannot.

That would be interfering
with the natural course of --

You people
literally kidnapped us

and then took us
to another time.

As has been thoroughly
explained, that was an
extinction-level event.

Also, it was Enoch.

Enoch is very reckless.

But you know this --
you've met him.


[ Sighs ]

I'll go.

But first,
I'm gonna need your clothes.


[ Gunshot,
electricity crackles ]


Still not a soul.

Facing no opposition is usually
a good thing, but this?

it's giving me the creeps.

It's a firewall --
an actual firewall.

It's a safety protocol.

Fitz, signs of life?

Wait. Hang on.

There's someone in there,
and they're alone.



[ Machinery whirring ]

Not another step
or I'll --


Hey, guys.


I don't know how the exact
people I needed to show up

just showed up, but...
thank you, universe.

Feeling's mutual,
trust me.

-What are you doing here?
-Same thing as you, probably.

That thing's
about to fire up again.

I don't know
how to stop it.


You're saying
that it's impossible

to imagine anything
that you can't imagine.

Like, I couldn't imagine food
that was shaped like animals.

Like, that was a --
totally caught me by surprise.

That -- Look,
I get that you're not

believing my story, sure,
but I -- I've got friends.

I've got friends in really high
government places.

We just need to get to them,

and then they can
smooth this all out.
[ Door opens ]

Hi, there.


Um, Chief...Wellins,
is it?

I'm here for Deke Shaw
over there.

I'm his state-assigned
social worker.

Well, he didn't mention

a social worker
was supervising him.

Your name?


[ Scoffs ]

Sinara Smith.

It's Portuguese, Sinara,
not Smith.

Uh, he wandered off
during a day trip.

My apologies.
He was out of control.

Says you.

He's not even my toughest
customer, believe me.

Just a little...slippery.

If you check online,
you'll see that I sent out
an alert when I lost him.

What are Mr. Shaw's

I mean, how much time
do you have, sir?

Uh, complex
neurological deficiencies,

low...low I.Q.,
poor motor skills.

Oh, he hasn't, uh,
soiled himself today, has he?

No, but he was quite inebriated.

He told us
he was saving the world.

Imagine that.

Not the first guy we picked up
who's made big claims.

Seems like you've got your work
cut out for you with this one.

you have no idea.

[ Keyboard clacking ]


You look like you're ready
to suit up for battle.

We just got a call, ma'am.
S.H.I.E.L.D. has been spotted.


Keep them there.

I can't tell you how relieved
I am to see you all

in one piece.

So, what happened?
How did you end up here?

Yeah, last we saw you,
you HALO'd out of the Zephyr.

With instructions --
if the fight didn't go your way,

I tell your story.

Make sure Aida and The Russian
didn't get away with it.


Yeah, but I never heard
which way it went.

No news,
no confirmation if --

If we were dead?

Yeah, that.

So, I looked for you
everywhere --

safe houses, any S.H.I.E.L.D.
contacts I could find.

I even had eyes
on your families.
May: Oh, great.

One more thing for my mother
to be paranoid about.

I was stealth.

Hey, let's not forget
I'm most wanted, too, you know.

So, where on Earth were you

Well, technically,
it was Earth.

Story for another time.

Go on.

I had my eye
on every news outlet,

anything that looked like
you guys getting into trouble

or out of it.

Saw a report about a light
coming from the sky.

You recognized the beacon?

Mm. Even took Fitz-Simmons
a few hours.

Yeah, well,
let's not forget --

that was my first mission
to Union City with you all.

Called up from the minors.
It was a big day for me.

Plus, aliens.

You know,
they leave an impression.

[ Scoffs ]
You have no idea.

So, you came here
to warn the staff.

Yeah, and to kick the blue ass
of anything that showed up.

I was trained well.

They have the beacon here
on government contract.

Just examining it,
and it turned on.

Totally random.

Did they try
to shut it down?

They couldn't.

And I don't do science,
so I sent everyone away.

Well, Fitz-Simmons will
figure it out...eventually.

Yeah, question is,
how long is "eventually"?

Could be too late.

[ Beacon humming ]

So, yeah, if you check
River's End P.D. online account,

you'll see
that I went ahead

and took care
of Mr. Shaw's bail.

[ Clears throat ]

What did we discuss

about wandering off
without permission?

"Don't wander off
without permission."

We went over this.

Uh, I also went ahead
and made a small contribution

to the department's charity fund
to thank you for your trouble.

Truth is,
I have no desire

to keep drunks
here in the office.

You should go, but take better
care of your charges, Ms. Smith.

Yes, Chief.
Thank you. Of course.

Hold on!


[ Breathes deeply ]

There's still paperwork
you need to fill out.

Yeah. Of course.
Whatever you need.



I know. There's just
so much paperwork, right?

Oh. You probably meant
how did I get here.

Well, I don't know.

I was with the Monolith
and there was a shard

and I turned the machine on

and then the rock
turned all liquid.

And then it was, like,
buzzing, dizzy,

and pushing and pulling,

but then bang -- Zima.

How do you show up
in another time

and, like,
immediately get arrested?

Have you even tried Zima?

[ Clears throat ]

Thank you.

I thought they might
have gotten you

to talk about us
or something.

What? No.

I know you guys
are covertness.

I'm not gonna talk
about you.

You forget,
I survived the Kree.

by ratting people out.

Yes, true,
that did happen.

But not this time.

I thought you'd be, like,

emotionally distraught
or something.

Emotionally distraught?
This is awesome!

I thought
that I was gonna die.

But instead, I'm about to go
for a walk outside.

there is an outside.

I was walking here, and, yes,
I was pretty drunk,

but I -- I saw
in a store window

there was these green apples
and steaks and these --

and these things
called gummy bears.

You know what people
aren't eating here is
sterilization pellets.

I love this place so much.

Okay, yeah, but it's not
all fun and games, okay? So --

Great. So just this,
and then we're free to go?

That, and I'll need a number

where I can reach you
so we can follow up.

[ Pen clicks ]

No problem.

[ Pen scratches ]


I think I've got it.

Makes me look
like an idiot.

You've taken on
a lot alone.

Yeah, well, you guys don't look
like you've been on vacation.

When do I get
the download?

[ Whirring stops ]

The power source
was being set off by this.

It's a bimetallic
thermal expansion trigger.

What, that?
Basically, it's a timer.

It looks manmade.

Yeah, it is.

Everything else in here
is new to me.

This was installed by hand.

A little sloppily,
if you ask me.

Piper: I told you,
I don't do science.

[ Gun cocks ]


No one needs to get hurt.


What is this?

I'm sorry.
I'm most wanted, too.

You cut a deal?

You're saying
the beacon --

The beacon wasn't meant
to call aliens.

It was meant to call you.


Drop your weapons.


[ Guns clatter ]

But the guns are just so nobody
does anything stupid.

Too late for that.

Piper, why?

I followed your orders.

I thought you were dead.

When they nabbed me,
I told your story.

To General Hale.

Everything --

Ivanov, Radcliffe,
LMDs, Framework.

Look, Hale knows
you're not guilty.

She guaranteed
your safety.

She just --
She wanted to bring you in.

You don't have to run anymore.

Your orders?

Kill them.



Guaranteed our safety?

I -- What?


I-It's do not engage.
It's capture, not kill.

Looks a lot like kill.

[ Electricity crackles ]

They're not human!
Go for the face!

You were trained
better than this.

No, Hale is an ally.

Talbot's in a coma.
She's general in command.

I thought --
Well, she's U.S. military.

I just wanted to help.
And you got played.

We have to take this thing
and get out of here

before we're all killed.

Are you gonna help?


Piper, pick a side,
but we're going.

I'll cover you.







[ Shouting ]


Go! Go!

[ Gunshots ]

Hold on. We're gonna get you
to the hospital.

It's too risky.
[ Speaking Spanish ]

We're right here.

I'm so sorry.

It's all coming true.

Okay. Fancy stuff.
Here we go.

You don't know
what any of this is, do you?

I know computers.

These are computers,

I'm Noah.

I believe saving you from
imprisonment was wrong.

All right, cool.

Well, you seem fun.
[ Comm beeps ]

May: Daisy.
Daisy, come in.

We need to land,
somewhere close, and fast.

May, yeah,
I've got a surprise for you.

Rick Stoner put in a --

Send me the coordinates now!


Are you guys okay?

Hurry, Daisy. Please.

















You're late.

you'd like to explain

what the hell happened
out there.

I forced their hand.

Is this some sort
of joke to you?

They're gonna have to seek
medical attention now.

Maybe that's gonna get them
right where we want them.

No, we had them
right where we wanted them.

We didn't have
Daisy Johnson.

You promised me
Daisy Johnson.

She didn't show up tonight.

I think if I keep

cutting her friends'
arms off, she will.


Your work is sloppy
and incomplete,

and you've been trained
to do better,

which is why
you don't skip class.

Does it matter?
They took the beacon.

The beacon was a backup,
a prop.

You're my daughter.

And a disappointment.


At least the beacon will do
what it's supposed to do.


[ Device beeping ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]


I just wanted
to make sure that --

Yeah, we scanned for signals
before we landed.

We're not being tracked.

Okay, good.

I was just waiting

for the internal circuitry
to cool down.

It takes a lot
to power this thing.

But it is not cooling down.

How is sh--
How is she?

Still no word.
Jemma's in with her now.

In fact,
it is heating up.




Go! Go!


[ Beacon whines ]





Mr. Creel.

Figured I'd see
you again soon.

Yes, well,
I told you I'd find you

once S.H.I.E.L.D.
showed up again.

I told you,
I'm not interested

in being the government's
hired gun.

I'm done with that.

Didn't do Talbot any good.

Yes, well, I'm not interested
in a hired gun.

I'm putting together a team.


[ Breathing heavily ]