Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Laws of Inferno Dynamics - full transcript

With the lives of everyone in Los Angeles hanging in the balance, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ghost Rider find themselves working together.

Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

- How do you create matter from nothing?
- No. [Static crackles]

- Pure carbon.
- You have to put down the weapon.


What did he do to us?

The blast must have altered
our state somehow.

Trapped between dimensions?

These boxes look empty,
but they're not.

They harness energy
from multiple dimensions.

The people who constructed
these boxes used a book.

It's too much
for a human mind to bear.

Perhaps I could read the book.

I'm building
an inter-dimensional gateway

with an android I've created.
[Tones playing]


Mack got a lead on his uncle ...
possible location.

[Robbie screaming]

Want to help settle my last score?

4x08 - "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics"


Out of my way.
I need to see him.

How many are there?
How many?!

Eli, we got a problem.

Cops, S.H.I.E.L.D. ...
they're everywhere, man.

Keep them busy.
That's why I pay you.

You guys been paid yet?
I haven't been paid.

You want us to go to war
with S.H.I.E.L.D.?

I don't know, man.

You're right.

A hard day's work
deserves a hard day's pay.

[Gags, coughs]


Hope you take diamonds.


They're unrefined, but they're
priceless once properly cut.

Speaking of which,

you may have to cut the rest
out of his lungs.


If S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to see
what I'm creating...

...I'll show them.

I'll show them all.


[Siren wailing]

Reporter: We're live in downtown L.A.,

where several city streets
have been blocked off

due to what authorities
are calling a potential threat.

The details are scarce, but when
S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives on the scene,

it suggests the threat
may be an Inhuman one.

Joining us on the phone right now

is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
himself, Jeffrey Mace.

Director Mace, can you clear up
some of the rumors

about what's happening here
right now?

Of course, and thanks for
taking my call. The situation is

that there is an
escaped fugitive on the loose,

and S.H.I.E.L.D. is
assisting LAPD with the hunt.

Is the fugitive
you're referring to Quake?

There have been reports
of seismic activity in the area.

No, I can assure you the threat is
not Quake, and it is not Inhuman.

Then why the evacuation?
Why is S.H.I.E.L.D. involved?

You know, it's still an active
scene, so I'm afraid I can't comment.

But, uh, once the situation resolves,
we'll hold a full press conference.

Hey, thanks for your time.

[Telephone beeps]

It's like a circus out there.

- And that picture of me on the banner ...
- Agreed ... not your best side.

I'll schedule a reshoot
for this week.

Give us the room.

How many people do we think
Morrow has in there?

A small army.
Leftovers from a Chinatown gang

and some ex-cons he recruited
while he was in prison.

- We need to move in.
- Press is everywhere on this.

We can't afford to be seen
working with Daisy or Reyes.

He's a vigilante killer.

It's a little more complicated
than that, but yes.

He's also nearly unstoppable,
and he's on our side.

- And what happens when he's not?
- Then we deal with him.

But right now, the reality is this ...

Eli Morrow just wiped out
an entire S.H.I.E.L.D. Tac Team

with a few shards of carbon
that he created out of thin air.

And that's just what we've seen.
What else is he capable of?

We need the big guns on this one,
and Yo-Yo, Daisy,

and Reyes
are the biggest guns we have.

What about the science team?
And I'm talking about Aida, specifically.

I mean, she did, after all,
bring you and Agent Fitz back from ...

well, wherever the hell you were.

If a similar technology is in play,
she could have a solve.

You disagree?

- I don't, actually.
- But...?

All cards on the table?

Aida's an android.

She's ...
W-What did you just say?

- An android.
- Had me fooled, too.

But that's...

[Sighs] Okay.
I mean, forget about the fact

that I was mildly attracted to her.

That totally goes against
the Sokovia Accords.

Doesn't anyone remember Ultron?


Was this Radcliffe's doing?

Sir, we really
don't have much time.

The point is, a good Director

needs to know what assets
he has at his disposal,

and in this case, I think
Aida could be an asset ...

a risky one, but...
it's your call.

Agent May, go to Dr. Radcliffe's
lab and get Aida.

I want her on this mission.

We'll dismantle her afterwards.

What about my assault team?

You got the green light.
But, Coulson...

keep Daisy out of sight.



Bold move ...
telling him about Aida.

- It was a strategic play.
- Felt like poking the bear?

More like feeding the bear.
I'm hoping if give him something,

- maybe he'll give me something.
- Like Senator Nadeer.

I want to know
what his deal is with her.

She hates Inhumans,
hates S.H.I.E.L.D.,

yet he sends Simmons off to
examine a new Inhuman for her.

- I don't like it.
- Tough, isn't it ...

not to be the keeper
of all the secrets?

It's not about that.

I just want to know
whose side he's on.

[Sighs] The only side he's
ever been on ... his own.

You're right.
Mace is a political animal.

There's got to be something
in it for him.

Good luck figuring that out.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing
chauffeur to a robot.


Didn't think you'd get stuck
on a milk run to Radcliffe's.

- We're gonna miss you in the field.
- I'll catch up.

Can't let you have all the fun.

When this is over, it's time ...
we are cracking that bottle.

You don't have to twist my arm.

I wouldn't dare.
You might whip my ass.


[Siren wailing]

Man: Just finished
a scan of the building.

- I'm uploading signatures now.
- Man 2: Copy that.

Yo, I'm not wearing a mask, man.


It's not a mask ...
it's a balaclava.

Thought that was a dessert.

What? No, ma...
Never mind.

Director just wants you
to keep a low profile.

There's a lot of media out here.

- I don't answer to him.
- No, you don't.

Guy you answer to
is a lot more unforgiving.

Yeah, well, you know a little
something about that now, don't you?

Well, hopefully,
when all this is over,

- he won't be anybody's boss anymore.
- Amen to that, brother.

- All good?
- Yeah.

Robbie's on his way to Daisy,

and, uh, Yo-Yo's already with her.

Agent Simmons, the gang's
all here and in position.

Simmons: Copy that, Agent Coulson.

Fitz, do we have thermals
off the satellite?

Morrow's men retreated inside
a few minutes ago.

- All of them?
- Yeah. Strange.

Zephyr to Assault Team ...

be aware that all Morrow's men
have pulled back.

You need to be ready for anything.

Shards of carbon out of thin air ...
it's not possible.

You can't create something
out of nothing.

- First law of thermodynamics.
- Exactly.

Even in the realm
of quantum vacuum fluctuations,

there are still laws.

- So how's he doing it?
- Maybe it's magic.

I do not like magic.
Or clowns.

Or clowns with knives...
in the dark.


Reading another
earthquake ... 1-4.

For the record, it wasn't me.

Fitz: Yeah, well,
all the same, Daisy,

I'd like to look at the new
gauntlets after the mission ...

check that they're calibrated correctly.

They are ... trust me.

The effect on my bones
is a tenth of what it was.

- Here comes Burning Man.
- Any life on your side?

You sure Eli's in there?

Coulson: Let's find out.
Assault Team, you have a go.

Breaching now.

Looks all clear to me...
which means it isn't.

I hear something ...
water running.

- Can you do a little recon up ahead?
- Well, that depends.

If "recon" means "look around,"




[Breathing heavily]

You like playin' with fire, Eli?

Let's play.


Director ...
Sir, i-if I may explain,

I wasn't trying to fool anyone.

But you did.
Aida fooled everyone.

She's quite amazing, Doctor ...
totally lifelike.

Well, the LMD program
was designed to save lives ...

the lives of ... of ...
of agents in the field,

- of the Director.
- Oh, I understand the allure.

An android like Aida
could be used as a soldier,

- a spy, a decoy.
- Or a chef, if you like.

Sir... I realize
how this must look.

Genius scientist
with a questionable past

forgetting to ask for
the proper clearances,

et cetera, et cetera.

But I assure you ...
all of my data is yours.

- I'm an open book.
- Mm. Book.

That Arch-gateway thing

that saved the team
on their last mission ...

Aida designed and built it, yes?

Which proves
how valuable she can be.

Mm. Is this what showed
her how to build it?



The book... helped, yes.

[Rhythmic tapping on desk]

I want to know more about it.


Well, all I know is

it's a very powerful
piece of technology.

It's like a ... like a tablet
that can read your mind ...

very intimidating, frankly,
which is why we had Aida read it.

It's a good job we did.

Otherwise, Agents Coulson
and Fitz would have been lost

in the dimensional vacuum
of space-time.

So the book intimidates you,
but Aida doesn't intimidate you?

No, not at all.

What are your plans for her?

- Well, that depends.
- On?

Her next mission.

We need
to get you up to the Zephyr

so Simmons can check you out.

I'm fine.
We have a job to do.


I'm just trying to help you out.
Why you being so cold?

I'm not being cold.

I just got hit
by a giant fireball,

I lost my favorite jacket,

and you're treating me like a ni?a.
Give me that.

- You okay?
- Better than them, apparently.

- Anything on Robbie?
- No. His camera's all glitchy.

The feed
keeps cutting in and out.

Going through the fire
probably didn't help.

- Oh.
- Hang on. We got something.


Is this thing on?
Anyone seeing this?

We do.



What the...?


Looks like the power cells
from Momentum Lab,

except economy-sized.

Morrow has created
a giant battery for himself,

filled with quantum energy.

Well, not "created," exactly.


- No, no, no! Don't go in there!
- Robbie?

[Computer beeping]

The comms must be fried.

What the hell is that?

- What's that object on the wall?
- Hope it's not cesium again.

Cesium? Is that what
ignited the entry hall?

Based on the spectral analysis
of Yo-Yo's jacket, yeah.

It's highly unstable.

And pyrophoric, yeah.
Reacts on contact with water.

First carbon, now cesium ...

it's like Morrow is testing
his abilities,

making his way
through the periodic table.

Who knows what other traps
he's set?

I do.
I've seen that setup before.


Eli: Don't touch that.

[Breathing heavily]

- Oh.
- Eli.

You don't belong here, Robbie.
Go home.

- Please.
- I will... once you're dead.




[Breathing heavily]

- What the hell just happened?
- Robbie's down.

- I'm going in.
- Daisy, wait.


You realize we're trying to
hide you from the press, right?

"A" ... I don't care.
"B" ... that wasn't me.

Simmons: Um, guys, the problem
is bigger than you think.

There's something in that
building everyone needs to see.

The "demon core?"

- You cannot make this stuff up.
- I didn't name it that.

The physicists at Los Alamos did.

This is the last image
before Robbie's feed cut out.

They do look awfully similar ...
whatever they are.

- It's a fail-safe.
- It's a fuel source.

Well, it's both ... powering not
just the cell, but Eli himself.

But it's also the perfect insurance
policy to keep us all at bay.

Now ... Now, when you say

See this beryllium lid?
It's a neutron reflector

rigged to drop
at the touch of a finger.

Fitz: If that lid drops into place,

- it would trigger supercritical mass.
- Daisy: Time-out.

Fail-safe, supercritical mass ...

are you guys talking about what
I think you're talking about?

Eli's made his way
through the periodic table,

- all the way to plutonium.
- Alright.

And if Matchstick messes with it?


Time for Plan "B."

Feel free to chime in.


Guess I'm not the only one
with a secret.

Between the radioactive plutonium

and the quantum energy fields
bombarding you

and the carbon spike ...

a normal person would have been
dead 10 times over, but...

I guess you're not normal, are you?

Come closer.
I'll show you what I am.

I heard stories in prison ...

whispers of a demon,
"Ghost Rider."

My own nephew?

- How?
- It was 'cause of you.


The night of the drive-by ...

they were trying to kill you...

for things you've done!

No, it was the Bauers ...
Joe and Lucy.

They started this!
They lied.

You think I give a rat's ass
about any of that?

A bunch of scientists
fighting over some stupid book?

All the killing, the bodies,

the lives destroyed.

I never meant for any of this
to happen, Robbie.

I never wanted to hurt you.

We trusted you, T?o ...
Gabe and me.


[Voice breaking]
We loved you like a father...

- and you tore it all apart.
- I know.


Why'd you do it...
become a killer?

Well, I guess
it runs in the family.

You had a PhD.

- You had us. You had a good job.
- A good job?

Those gueros at Momentum thought
they were doing me a favor.

They looked at me like
they were better,

like they were smarter!

The condescension in their eyes...

They got what they deserved.

- You had to get vengeance.
- Not vengeance ... respect!

You have no idea how hard I
worked every day of my life.

To claw my way,
just to get in that damn door.

Sure, I made mistakes,
like any kid.

And I paid for them.
But it didn't matter.

From high school to grad school,
no one believed in me!

They thought I was cheating.

They thought I wasn't capable!
Shut me out.

Well, guess what ...
guess what I'm capable of now.

I can create a city out of nothing,

or I can cover it in volcanic rock.

I am becoming a god.

You better be.

Because the devil is coming for you.



Remember ...
I gave you a chance to leave.


Whatever happens next...
is on you.


Agent Coulson, I took the liberty

of bringing Dr. Radcliffe up to speed.

Yes, quantum cells,
flaming skulls, androids ...

- just another day at S.H.I.E.L.D., huh?
- What's all this?

Components from
the transdimensional Arch

and the neodymium core
from an EMP generator.

Aida thought
they could be quite useful.

- Aida thinks?
- Maybe about "electric sheep."

I take it that was a joke
and does not require a response.



- Nice to see you made it.
- Just following orders.

We need all hands on deck
on this one.

Still, Director, you didn't need
to come all this way.

And miss the opportunity of
seeing a nuclear weapon up close?

Not a chance.

- How close do you mean?
- I think it's time

the public sees the Director
of S.H.I.E.L.D. in action.

Walk with me, Phil.
I've got a plan.


Absorption plates,
frequency mounts,

resonant processor units ...
the results don't lie.

- They're perfect.
- They might be a little snug,

but they've got me close
to full strength, so...

- thank you.
- You're welcome.

Hey, the good news is,
you're definitely

not responsible for the
seismic activity in the area.

- As I've said... repeatedly.
- Yeah, but now it's really true.

Ah, the Arch.
I take it Aida's arrived?

Don't look so excited, but yes.
She's here,

along with Dr. Radcliffe
and Director Mace.

Oh, well, then,
the day is officially saved.

No love for your new Director?

- He's a lying weasel.
- We don't trust him.

What'd he do?

All due respect, sir,
that's the most ridiculous idea

I've heard all day,
and it's been a long day.

I understand your concern, but
I'll be right there in the mix.

You want to send Yo-Yo
back into that building

to grab a hunk of plutonium,

- an unstable, radioactive substance.
- We'd put her in a hazmat suit.

Not sure they're built for running.

She's in no condition
to go back into the field.

I'm right here,
and I can speak for myself.

My condition is fine.

You're not fine.
There's got to be a better plan.

It's not your decision,
Agent Mackenzie.

We got to get that bomb
out of Morrow's possession.

Sir, maybe you should stick to optics

- and let someone else handle tactics.
- Mack.

can I talk to you for a minute?


Elena... please, I'm
trying to protect you.


So it's "Elena" now, is it?

Where has that been
for the past three months?

Come on.


You know how I feel about you.

Well, if you bothered
to take the time,

you would realize I have many gifts.

But reading minds
is not one of them.

[Footsteps depart]

- So, where is this Inhuman being held?
- Simmons: I have no idea.

The Director literally made
me put a bag over my head,

- had me whisked away.
- Fitz: It's kidnapping.

And he lied to everyone about it.

And if the Director's involved
with Senator Nadeer,

there's no telling
what they've got planned.

Daisy: It just doesn't
make any sense.

Director Mace is an Inhuman,

and all that senator does
is spew hate about us.


What's wrong?

Uh... I feel a quake coming.
Is that even possible?

The gauntlets can absorb a wide
range of infrasonic waves.

Better to shield your bones
from further damage.

Impressive you can feel it
all the way up here.

[Sighs] The epicenter's
right where Eli set up shop.

That can't be a coincidence.

Something he created in there
is the cause,

whether it's the power cell or ...

- No, he's not "creating" anything.
- Here we go again.

There's an order to things in
this seemingly chaotic universe.

There are laws, okay?

And one of those laws says
that every speck of matter

that makes up every animal,
vegetable, mineral ...

no matter how much it changes,

it comes from somewhere,
belongs somewhere.

Its natural state...
its home.

It's kind of a lovely sentiment, even
if it was completely unintentional.

So, what's the cause of the quake?

- Grand larceny.
- Coulson: You're losing them, Jeffrey.

Yeah, well, maybe if you
backed me up once in a while,

- I wouldn't be.
- I won't back a bad plan.

Or any plan that's not yours
or part of your agenda.

- What agenda?
- Oh, come on, Phil.

Make up your mind.
You want to be Director or not?

'Cause I'm not some meat puppet

who's just gonna smile
and roll over on command.

No one's asking you to roll over,
but you do have a nice smile.

You stepped down from this job,
yet ever since I took over,

you've been running around
on this plane,

doing what you want,
whenever you want!

You mean saving lives ...
that kind of thing?

I mean using fugitives and
killers to do your dirty work,

building robots,
keeping secrets from me?!

You want to talk about secrets?
Fine. Let's do it.

Let's start with the secret plan
you cut with Senator Nadeer.

- Who told you about that?
- Daisy: A ghost.

Did you know she has
an Inhuman prisoner locked away,

like some sort of lab experiment?

What's that phrase
about glass houses?

You're an Inhuman.

Why would you want to work with
someone who hates us so much?

You want to know why?
Take a look in the mirror.

Senator Nadeer has photos
of you in the prison with Reyes

and that dead gangster he left
behind ... Santino Noguera.

And she was gonna go public.

Can you imagine the press?

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. working with
domestic terrorists and murderers."

You were trying
to protect S.H.I.E.L.D.

That's the job I was hired to do.

Did I let Agent Simmons
go examine an Inhuman?

Yeah. Did I want to know
more about him?


But I didn't have that option
at the time.

Why the hell didn't you just
come to me in the first place?

Now, why would I do that?

In case you haven't noticed, Phil,
we're not a team that trusts.


We're not a team at all.



Maybe you're right.

But we damn well better
become one if we're gonna

stop Eli Morrow from blowing
up half of Los Angeles.


Oh, that. Right.
Fitz figured that out.


Eli: See this?
This is water.

I'm so impressed.

Yeah, I forgot ... you weren't
very good at science.

You see, water's not a base
element ... it's a compound.

Not just any compound ...

it's the next step
in the evolution of my power ...

creating life.

Coulson: You know, you might
want to get a girlfriend first.


Sorry to be the one
to break it to you, Eli,

but you're not a god.

Turns out
you're still just a petty thief.


We found him outside.
No gun on him ... just this.

Agent Coulson...
you should be dead.

I get that a lot.
Never gets old, though.

- Means I'm still here.
- How?

I watched you get vaporized.

Just the fact
that you're asking, "How?"

shows how little you know
about what happened...

or what's about to.

I'm not sure
if that's an insult or a threat.

Either way ...
not a good idea.



Should be the last of them.
How are we doing?

We're close.
The core should be placed here,

directly underneath the cell.

Time for you
to work your magic, my dear.

I don't perform magic, Doctor.
Magic involves deception.

Yeah, I just meant it's time to
start connecting the power cells.

I really need to update your
cache of common vernacular.

You really think the magnet's
gonna be strong enough

to hold him down?

The neodymium core
is no ordinary magnet.

It enabled
the Watchdogs' EMP device

to knock out the power
in several cities.

I can't believe she's a robot.
She's so lifelike.

Thank you.
I'm learning.

What Aida neglected to add
was that the core is useless

unless we get the other half
properly placed

and we manage to get the rest
of the gate up in time.

Yeah, we will...
barring an earthquake.

Leave those to me, okay?

Everyone leaves like we came ...
in one piece.

Coulson: Robbie, can you hear me?

How could you do that
to your own nephew?

You know he's more than that,
what he's capable of.

Robbie: I'm still standing, Coulson.

Oh, but it's like when
we were in the other place ...

something's pulling at me.

Coulson: He's dying in there.

We need to get him out.

What does he mean,
"other place"?

You ever heard of the law
of conservation of mass?

Of course I have. I have
a damn PhD in engineering.

Oh, right.

Then you know matter
can't be created or destroyed.

Except I've proven it's not true.

I'm rewriting the laws of nature.

Yeah, but you're drunk on power
or drinking your own Kool-Aid

or drunk on Powerade ...
I don't know.

The point is, you're not
creating energy, Eli ...

you're stealing it.

Stealing it?
From where?

Remember when
you thought I was dead?

I was actually right in front of you,

trapped between dimensions.

- Ask Robbie ... he was there.
- It's true.

Right now, Robbie's feeling
the pull from that other place

because he's trapped in a box
with a bunch of quantum energy

that doesn't belong here, and it
sure as hell doesn't belong to you.

Thus ... thief.

- You're lying.
- No. It gets worse.

Every time
you steal quantum energy,

it causes a seismic rift.

The more you take,
the bigger the quake,

which causes a problem,
'cause, you know, plutonium.

Listen to him, T?o.

You don't want to drag them
down with you.

Do you know how hard
I had to work to get here,

to achieve what I've achieved?!

And you call me
a thief ... a fraud?


Radcliffe: Careful, Aida.
Our lives depend on this.

- Yours in particular.
- They're getting stronger.

[Tones play]
It's like riding a choppy wave.

Fitz: Did you get
the other magnet to Yo-Yo?

Simmons: Yes. She's got it.

[Tones continue]

We can't handle
another tremor like that.

If that beryllium lid
drops into place,

- the plutonium goes nuclear.
- Daisy: That's not helping, Simmons.

I'm ... I'm absorbing
the quakes as best I can.

Radcliffe: How much
can those gauntlets take?



[Inhales sharply]

It's not the gauntlets
I'm worried about.



Eli, wake up.
Don't you see what's happening?

Don't let your ego
blind you to the truth.

What you call truth,
Agent Coulson, I call theory.

That bomb goes off,
everyone dies, you included!

You're wrong!


The Darkhold
has shown me the way.

I can create life, even after death.

Can a petty thief do that, huh?

That bomb isn't a fail-safe, is it?
It's your end game.

It's not my end ... it's yours.

Uh, guys?
We got to go.


Almost there.

[Rumbling continues]

[Daisy grunts]

Come on.

Robbie, I need you to fight!
Get out of that box!

[Breathing heavily]
We had a deal.

Well, let's finish it.




All teams... go hot.









It's too... strong!

[Breathing heavily]

- Daisy.
- Man: Hey!


[Body thuds]








[Chain clinks]

It's all right, Agent Simmons.

I won't bleed out.

The synthetic blood
is mostly for appearances.

But you're in pain.
I don't understand.

Dr. Radcliffe programmed me
to be a decoy.

I need to exhibit the proper
response to human sensations,

and I was programmed
to feel them.

- Including pain.
- Aida: Yes.

- It's quite awful.
- Radcliffe: I'm so sorry, Aida.


[Breathing heavily]
I got to get outside.

- It's too much. I got to get out.
- Daisy?





Reporter: Is that Quake?
[Camera shutters clicking]

[Indistinct shouting]

- Woman: Wait, wait.
- They lied?

- Have you been here the whole time?
- Director Mace lied.

[Shouting continues]

Mace: Calm down.
Quiet, please.


You're right ... I lied to you.

Quake was here the entire time.

But she was not responsible
for the danger here today.

Agent Johnson...
saved us all.

Just go with it.
You'll thank me later.

[Indistinct shouting]

We need to get this to Gabe.

Belongs to him now.

I wouldn't count out
the previous owner just yet.

You think Robbie
will make it back?

The last Ghost Rider did.

- Wait a minute. Wait. What?
- Long story.

Regardless, I don't think we've
seen the last of Mr. Reyes.

Everyone's in the common room,

- if you want to join us.
- I think I already did.


I'm sorry the Director
put you on the spot like that

in front of the press.
He called an audible on me.

- He can do that, huh?
- What I'm saying is,

if you don't want
to be an agent again,

we can work something out.

Got to be honest.

I [sighs] ... I don't know
how I feel about being back ...

the rules, regulations.

there were a few things I've missed.

They missed you, too.

Plus, it doesn't hurt

that the new face
of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an Inhuman.

- Your idea?
- I thought the new face of S.H.I.E.L.D.

should be an Inhuman ...
didn't mean him, though.


Yeah, right. Maybe in
the comic-book version.


Where you going?

I was just gonna grab you a beer.

- Not thirsty.
- Look...

I know you're leaving 'cause
of me, and I wish you wouldn't.

- Why?
- Why? Well, it's because...


I recently, uh...

I went to a bad place ...

in my head, I mean,
and, uh, I wanted to talk.

Unless you're saying
that we're not friends anymore.

[Chuckles] Friends?
Is that what we are?

I can't figure you out, Turtleman.

We flirt, we talk on the phone,
we go to dinner,

and then nothing...
for weeks.

And now you say
you're worried about me,

you want to protect me.



Don't call me "Turtleman."


Reporter: And according
to Director Mace,

Quake was never actually
a fugitive from S.H.I.E.L.D. ...

she was working on an
extended undercover operation

to take down the anti-Inhuman
group the Watchdogs.

More details to come in an official
press conference later this week.

Sounds like Senator Nadeer
lost her trump card.

She'll be after us ...
harder than ever.

We've faced worse
than politicians.

now that we're all gathered,

I'd like to present
Agent Johnson with something.

- Uh...
- Your official lanyard.


It's just a shame
Agent Koenig couldn't be here.

- Level blue.
- Thrilling, isn't it?

- [Chuckling] What does that mean?
- We have no idea.


So, Officer, were you surprised
to see Quake drop out of the sky?

- That's a good bunch over there.
- Mm.

They came through with
flying colors, didn't they?

Including you and Aida.

Enough to earn her a reprieve?

Enough to keep your
program alive. [Chuckles]

Well, thank you, sir, truly.

You, uh, you won't
be disappointed.

Before you thank me,
you should know

that I've asked Agent Nathanson

to accompany Aida back to
your lab to help patch her up

and to retrieve
all of your research.


From now on, Doctor,

all your work on the LMD program
will take place here,

- under S.H.I.E.L.D. supervision.
- [Chuckling] That's wonderful.


No, sir.

Don't let me keep you
from the festivities.

I should be done shortly.

[Inhales sharply]

Is a team that triumphs.
Yes, Director.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Tablet beeping]



- Oh, my God. What the ...
- Hello, Agent Nathanson.

Aida, what are you doing?

I'm sorry.


I know how this feels.

[Bones crack]



My apologies, Agent May.


I'll have you cleaned up
in no time.


Once we crack that bottle,
it's open ... no going back.

Fine by me.

[Bottle thumps]

There's nothing
I'd rather be doing,

no place I'd rather be.
[Liquid pours] You?

[Bottle thumps lightly]

I'm right where I belong.