Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - What If... - full transcript

Daisy and Simmons uncover secrets and lies in a world gone mad. With Hydra in control, they are our only hope to save everyone.

Previously on "marvel's
agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

It seems Radcliffe

is keeping our team alive
in this framework thing.

Which means
they can be rescued.

So you just plug yourself
in to these avatars?

Hook up with our people
and find out where on earth
their bodies are being held.

Meet at the rendezvous
right away.

That's where I programmed
the backdoor to get out.

Radcliffe: Reality
is just perception.

They perceive it as real,
which makes it real.

Aida: They might not
believe that.

Yeah, but I do.

I am saving
these people.

[ Cellphone chimes ]




[ Gasps ]



That a thing
we do now?

Tell me it means
you're making the coffee.

[ Breathing heavily ]



it's, uh...

Sorry. You j--

you startled me.

[ Scoffs ]
It's not like I snuck in here.


so, what's up?

We got called in
to work.


I'll get dressed.



[ breathes deeply ]

You know we've spent more nights
out tracking inhumans

than we've had
at home?

[ Scoffs ]

Bosses can't give us
a morning off?



Who do you think's
running the...Brief?

Well, I don't know.
You got the text.


we should
go there again.

[ Inhales sharply ]

That was
a fun trip.

[ Chuckles ]

So, what'd they say?


who texted?


Someone who knew
you'd sleep in.


Probably another
intake briefing.

Don't forget this.


A kid arrested this morning --

an inhuman, of course --

was grabbed
10 feet from a public market.

Just imagine
what he was planning.

And I have it on good authority

that someone was hiding
this inhuman.

I hope this subversive
was strung up for treason.


To think --

[ radio shuts off ]
You're quiet.

Are we okay?
Or what?

Yeah, yeah,
I'm fine.

I just, um...


oh, my god.

some mornings,

the triskelion
looks so beautiful.


[ radio chatter ]

Come on.
We're gonna be late.

[ Man grunts ]

You can't do this!

Sure we can,

Son of a --

Get him up.

They can handle it
on their own.

[ Men grunting ]


what are you doing?

[ Sighs ]

You're on another planet
this morning.


I get it.

You put yourself out there
last night,

and I let you down.

I'm sorry.

What are you
apologizing for?

It's been a few years.

It makes sense
to take this step.

I would love
to live with you.

It's just...

It's not
the right time.

I asked you
to move in?

I, um --
i mean, I did.

And you're right --
it's a bad idea.

I just need some time,
some space.


There are
things about me

that you wouldn't like
if you knew.

Trust me.
I know.



It's that way.

[ Sighs ]

Kill me already.

[ Chatter ]

Hey, you ever finish
the Saunders report?

Of course you did.

I'm gonna check
my e-mail.


Anyone who's e-mailing you
is gonna be in the briefing.

Yeah, that's why
i want to get caught up.


[ Sighs ]


[ scanner beeping ]


[ keyboard clacking ]


"died during testing"?

What did they do?



No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.

It can't be.

Can't be what?


You're here.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I came looking for you.

Get started
with the briefing.

No, no, no, may,
it's me.

I -- I got
into the framework.

I don't care
what you've hacked.

May, look at me.
It's me -- it's d--

do I have to get you

Get in the briefing.


I'll come now.


[ gasps ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Panting ]


I was murdered?

[ Grunting ]

[ Gasps ] Aah!

[ Breathing heavily ]


[ grunts ]


S.H.I.E.L.D. fell.




Are you okay?

Thank you.

I need help.

Okay. Yeah.
Get in, get in.


I'm Jemma.

I'm -- I'm Julia.
Uh, where can I take you?

Is o-- is that okay?

thank you.

Anywhere but here.

That's a really
dangerous area.

What were you
doing there?

It was dreadful.

No, I'm -- I'm fine.


It's okay.
I didn't...

Whatever happened,
i didn't mean to push.

Right. Yeah, well...

Better we don't.

What about you?

What are you...Into?

I'm boring.

I wait tables for now.

But I make these.

They're kind of cool.

You make art?


So incredibly lifelike.

[ Chuckles ]
It's nothing special.

It's just side money
for med school.

I always dreamed
of helping people.

You have dreams.

This is all so real.

So many
computational layers.


what's wrong?

It's a new
inhuman checkpoint.

They take forever,
but it's worth it.

They can...

Test for inhuman DNA,

Don't they
do that everywhere?

[ Brakes squeal ]

I mean, it freaked me out
the first time,

but they just
check I.D.S here.


I don't have one.
I must have lost it back there.

No, no, no.

You need --
you need your ID.

Like, you need it.



I -- I don't --
i don't have it.

they're gonna arrest us.

Well, okay, wait.

Let's just...

Oh, here we go.



Y-you're one of them.

Wait. No, no, no.

Get out.
No, no, please.

You lied to me.
Please, please, please.

Get out!
Get out!

Get out!
I just need
to find my friend Daisy.

Can I use your phone?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

Just please
close the door.

No. No.


I warned you
not to be late.

Shut up...Pinsky.

Let's start.

We've got an inhuman
gene-positive detainee,

possibly linked
to subversive groups.

The doctor
wants this fast-tracked.

[ All murmuring ]

Don't disappoint him.

is Jason rajan of deanwood.

We believe he's funneling
terrigen to subversives.

Look who's perking up.


you know this guy?


Then get to know him.

You and ward take point.


I want this intel
at any cost.


ward: You're in a very
precarious position, Mr. rajan.

Inhuman status
isn't a crime.

But lying about it is.

I never lied.

We'll see about that.

Hydra cares more about
what you've done

than what you are.

So when my partner here asks you
about smuggling charges...

I highly suggest
you cooperate.


your name is Jason rajan,
born in Edison, New Jersey?



did you know that you were
an inhuman before today?


And it says that you own
an import business,

but hydra surveillance says
one of your trucks is missing.

Where is it?

I don't know.

It was stolen.

Was stolen, but you didn't file
a police report.

I'm an inhuman.

I was afraid
to talk to the authorities.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

What was stored
in the truck, Mr. rajan?

I don't know.

I don't deal directly
with those kinds of shipments.

Where is the truck?

Forget about the truck.

This guy's never seen terrigen
before in his life.


citizen's card.

But I know for a fact that
your name isn't Jason rajan,

so I wonder,
who made it?


it's not possible.

Unless someone within hydra
provided it.

I am trying
to save your life.

So tell me --
is there a threat within hydra?

You never helped anyone,
you bitch!

Give me the terrigen,
and I'll show you a threat.

Someone in hydra
make this for you?

Your name
is vijay nadeer.

Don't deny it.

is not a crime.

I'm not a criminal.

You should know --

ward! What --

at least
we broke him.


[ indistinct conversations ]

Not one smartphone.

Hey, come on.

It's not my fault.

[ Bell jingles ]


Are you all right,

I'm great.
Thank you.

Rough day?

Oh, I was just hiking.

I tripped.
So clumsy.

Everything okay?

Oh, our, uh, friend here
went hiking.

Oh, yeah?

In a dumpster or...?

that's not very nice.

No, I fell.

And I just want
to get home.

I'll need to see
your I.D.




I must have lost it
in the fall, I guess.

Come with us, please.


let's start
with your name.



Jemma Simmons.

You got that?

Got it.


you're lying about something.
I can see it.

Based on what?

My -- my clothes?

My accent?
I told you, I lost my I.D.

I-it says here
she's a dead girl.

False identification.
Big trouble.

But it's her picture.

[ Grunts ]


[ taser crackles ]
[ Grunts ]


[ Taser crackles ]


This is a dangerous world.

The Cambridge incident
proved that.

To understand this,

you have to imagine
individuals over the state.

It was a mess.

People were divided.

They had their own truths,

their own media,
their own agendas.

There were so many untruths
about inhumans out there

that some people saw them as
these magical, heroic creatures,

like unicorns.
[ Light laughter ]

It was terrifying.

Then, you had a weak state that
allowed a refugee from Bahrain,

a girl, sympathetic.

Even though S.H.I.E.L.D. knew
she was inhuman,

they brought her
back to the states

and put her into a classroom.

The rest is history.

But what inspires me
is the way our country reacted,

the way we came together.

When no one would tell us the
truth, hydra stepped forward.

They brought us law and order,

They galvanized us

for the good of the state
over individual interests.

They -- yeah, burnell.

But, sir, isn't it true
that hydra came from Nazis?

That's not true.

Never say that.

Okay, but weren't they
the Nazis' science division?

Anyone who's informed

That hydra originated
centuries ago.

So they couldn't be Nazis.

That's just propaganda.

But this is good.

This shows how important it is
to separate fact from innuendo.

Before the incident,

there were over 1,500
newspapers, some of them --

[ knock on door ]

Mr. coulson?
Sorry to interrupt.

I'm sorry.
How can I help you?

Yeah, Chris adler.



We're just gonna run
a few tests.


wait, Chris.

Yes, Mr. coulson?

Don't forget
your bag, son.

[ Sighs ]


I'll take that.


[ door closes ]
Coulson: Okay.

Let's get back to the lesson.

You got quiet, vijay.

It's probably because of
his broken jaw.

No more games.

[ Gasps ]

[ Panting ]

You're her.


I know you.

I doubt it.


all inhumans know you.


It's funny,

'cause the world blames inhumans
for what happened.


but it was you
that got it wrong.

Daisy: May!

don't do this.

This isn't you.


may, wake up!

May: What?

He's valuable to us.

Take him upstairs
for testing.

Yes, ma'am.

The doctor
will get answers.

Just --
not him.

No! No!
Come on!


Not the doctor,

I-I'll talk!

All right,
you're right!

All right?
The I.D. Was real.

Shut up,
shut up, shut up.

What did you mean when
you were talking to agent may?

The Bahrain op
was a success.

[ Scoffs ]

God, you have a sick measure
of success.

I'm sorry if she killed
an inhuman child,

but if it saved
everyone else...

If that girl had been taken down
in Bahrain,

she wouldn't have gone on

to kill all those people
in Cambridge.

Thanks to your friend
back there,

hydra has a green light
to exterminate inhumans.


i know you don't trust me,

but I can help you
get out of here.

Oh, really?

You should avoid saying that
under the cameras.


Aah! Vijay!


[ Taser crackling ]

[ Grunts ]


we have him,




you lost control
of your prisoner.

I...Would've caught him.

Follow me.


[ birds chirping ]


[ sighs ]

Thank goodness.

[ Sighs ]

Oh. Come on, Daisy.

Come on.


[ sighs ]


[ sighs ]

[ Computer beeping ]

There you are, sir. I'm coming.

Torrent downloaded from RARBG



[ Sighs ]

It's so, so good
to see you, sir.

I'm sorry. Have we met?
Are you...?

Please don't say
you were a student.

You don't remember me,
do you?

Uh, I'm Jemma.

It's Jemma --
Jemma Simmons, sir.

It's been
such a horrible day,

and when I saw where you were,
i hoped that you --

Did something happen?

Should I call someone?

No, please don't
call anyone.

I-i just need
to talk to you.

I don't understand.

W-when did you say
we met?

In the real world.

[ Sighs ]

Before you were ever
a teacher.

Unless you count
summers lifeguarding,

I've always been
a teacher.

You see, you think that.
You think that you were, but no.

It's --

oh, there's no sane way
to say it, so...

Do you have moments
where reality isn't quite right?

Like y-your memories
don't fit?

Who are you?


[ Sighs ]

I know I sound like a lunatic,
but you have had your mind wiped

and implanted
with false memories.

It's time to leave.

No, please,
you -- you need to hear this.

I am an agent
of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You were
the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You destroyed hydra.

And now you're --

you're -- you're trapped
in a virtual prison,

and I am here
to wake you up.

Put that away
before we both get arrested.

What is this?
Is this a test?

Because it's not
gonna work.

I'm loyal to hydra.
I'm just a teacher.

you are a teacher!

You --
you are a teacher,

and a -- and a --
and a leader and...

Oh, y-you're a great man,
and you shouldn't be here!

[ Sighs ]

I have no way
to prove it.

Not yet.
I need to...

I need
to go back...

get yourself some help.

And whatever you do,
don't talk about S.H.I.E.L.D.




that's Hawaiian.

Remember Tahiti.

It's a magical place.

Why did you say that?

It's a magical place.

This isn't an accident.

Your memory's
been rewritten before!

You are Phil coulson,
agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.,

and your subconscious
knows that!

You need to go.

You need
to remember me!

And Fitz
and agent may

and all the good
that we have done!

Your friends
depend on you,

and this world
is a lie!

I have tried to be nice to you,
but that's enough!

I don't know you.

Now leave.

[ Sighs ] Okay.

I'll go.

But I am not giving up
on you, sir.


yes, I'd like
to report a subversive.

[ Air hissing, can rattling ]


What are you doing?

You tagged my car.

I can't drive this now.

[ Scoffs ]
I didn't tag it.

You're holding the can.

What can?

I -- I mean, that's how
hydra does it, right?

You and Mr. coulson, I mean,
y'all lie to us every day.

You know, th-that hydra isn't
a bunch of Nazis,

and -- and that you don't
steal kids out of school?

You think I'm hydra.

I saw you
talking to coulson!

Where's Chris?

You know, go ahead.
Take me to him.

'Cause if not,

I'm gonna find the resistance
and come after all of you.

I don't ha-- ah.

You're not even real,
you rogue piece of code!

This is --
this is all fake!

It's a virtual world.

I don't mean that.

Look at me.

Do I look like
I'm hydra?

You look like
a bag lady.

[ Both chuckle ]

I'm Jemma.

Coulson let hydra
take your friend?


You know,
coulson used to fight hydra.

He was as brave as you
and got into more trouble

and even trained me well enough
to steal this car.


You're crazy.

Look, I mean,
they're definitely

gonna stop you now.

[ Sighs ]

Well, have at it.

And for the record,

They're all Nazis.


I trashed your car.

You can borrow mine.

You're sure?

Are hydra all Nazis?

Every last one of them.

And don't you
let anyone forget it.


[ machinery whirring ]

with this machine,

we can test inhuman powers
without any side effects.

It seems like it's...
Burning him.

There are side effects.

Well, yes.

I meant,
we can determine their powers

without permanently triggering
terrigenesis in the subject.


we'll change the world.

this is wrong.

This -- this is
crimes-against-humanity wrong.

These are inhumans.

You've been
a great asset, Skye,

but unless I ask
for your opinion...

Don't give it.


how are things going
with Grant ward?

They're good.

I noticed your application
for co-habitation

had been approved.



sir, there's a report
you need to see.

Subversive activity
at a school --

a woman with
a S.H.I.E.L.D. ID.


The report was called in
by a teacher --

Phillip coulson.

Who's the girl?

Suspect was
in her mid 20s, British.

Did you get her name?

Where was this?

You can go.


[ sighs ]

I want any and all assets
in the area on this.


[ elevator bell dings ]

Ward: Hey.

What's up?
We get a call?

No, I just have
some stuff to do.

Stuff. Really?

you never leave early.

You've been pissed at me
all morning.

Your attitude
at work here sucks.

It's like I woke up
to a totally different person.

[ Sighs ]
You know what?

You're right.
I'm pissed.

I tried to get closer to you
in our relationship,

and you shut me down because
you said you needed space.


Take all the space you need,
but right now, I need my own.


[ sighs deeply ]


[ sighs ]

It's a magical place.

[ Crickets chirping ]

[ Sighs ]



[ footsteps approach ]

Simmons: Daisy!
Daisy: Jemma!

[ Sighs ]
Oh, I was so worried.


You're hydra?

It's a long story.
I saw that you were dead.

Are you still dead?

I'm feeling much better.

So you're okay.

You were supposed to be buried
in the u.K.

More like a mass grave
at the academy.

The story's a cover-up.

I think
hydra murdered me.

Did you find
the extraction beacon?

Exactly where
we programmed it.

We have to get out of here.

Hydra is after you.
We have to get somewhere safe.

Coulson gave me up,
didn't he?

He's completely different,

You wouldn't believe it.

He let hydra
arrest a child.

May's different, too.

She's like number three
in hydra

and way more damaged
than in the real world.

[ Sighs ] Everything's worse
here. I woke up buried alive,

was ditched
on the side of the road,

nearly arrested, and found
coulson brainwashing the young.

It sounds bad, but wait till
you hear how I woke up.

Why did Radcliffe
build this place?

He was never
into hydra.

[ Branch cracks ]



We need to talk.

How did you know my name?
Who are you?

what have you told her?

So it's Skye again.

[ Siren wails in distance ]
You have another name?

I'm Skye.

Why's hydra after her?

Is she your source
in the resistance?

What source?
No, she's a friend.
What is he doing here?

Man: All right, let's go!
Down this trail!

Daisy, they're coming.

You need to do something before
psycho stalker shoots us!

Stop it! Stop it!
Ward, look at me.

I have never
betrayed you, ever.

[ Siren continues ]


we're real.

Is she your source
for the resistance?

No! No!

Ward, I have nothing to do
with the resistance!

Down this trail!


Well, I do.
Come on.

We got
to get out of here.

Man #2: Come on!

Use lethal force
if necessary!

We got move --

Whose car is this?

Keys, now!
What? No!

or we all die!
[ Sighs ]

What the hell
is going on?!

No idea.

Hang on.
[ Engine starts ]


[ tires screech ]


Skye, there's no good way
to tell you this, but...

I had the test results
when you were screened.

You're an inhuman.

I know.

You know?

[ Tires screeching ]

[ Horn honks ]

[ Gunshots ]


cover us!


so, you're hydra,
and you've been protecting Skye?


That's why
i joined the resistance.

Oh, always the double agent.

And this is
who you woke up with?

You two were together?

Oh, this isn't
the framework.

This is hell.

They're gaining on us!

[ Engine revving ]

[ Horn honks, tires screeching ]

How did you know
vijay nadeer's real name?

Why do you care?

I was the one
who got his ID cards!

You're a mole?

What a surprise.

You knocked him out
to shut him up.

He was helpful
until you burned him.

Hold on!

[ Tires screeching, horns honk ]

What are you doing?
We'll get stuck.

Drones will be here
any second.


Dwarfs, whatever.
The doctor invented them.

They're everywhere.


[ Tires screech ]

Metro's just up
those steps.

Two stops
to your apartment.

You'll be safe there.

I'll clear the car.

Go, go, go.


I'm sorry about vijay.

I got caught up,

and I -- I had to
give may something.

I didn't know
it could be you.

What is your name?


We'll talk.

Get out of here.



one agent was killed.

The others
lost the vehicle in Bethesda.

We're canvassing
the area.

It was one girl.

One girl with help,
who knew our tactics.

Maybe whoever
helped her...

Also made this.

It's not a forgery.

A mole.


that's a serious charge.

Someone is betraying us.

You know,
my father always said

you have to have trust
to be betrayed.

Treat this mole
like a cancer.

I'll cut it out myself.

you failed before.


never forget
how it felt at Cambridge.


did the dwarfs
record these people?

The footage was sent
straight to the director.

By request.

You saw Fitz, didn't you?

Is he like the others?


Yeah, he was...


[ Sighs ]

But, Simmons,
they all are.

It's scary.

Why change things
like this?

It makes no sense.

Radcliffe tried to take away
people's pain in the framework.

You're right.

May's biggest pain
was killing the girl in Bahrain.

You take that away,

and hundreds of kids
are killed in Boston.

And coulson is leading
a quiet life.

I'm worried
he's not the same man.

He really
let them take a kid?

And what did they do
to Fitz

to make him
such an ugly person here?

that one's easy.

They stole you
from his life.


what if
he never knew me?

What if
he can't remember?

This -- this reality
is flawless.

It lures you in.
I know, I know.

Can't even believe
what I found myself doing.


I looked up Lincoln.

I -- I -- I interrogated vijay
for being an inhuman.

And I have been here
one day.

May's been here weeks.
She thinks it's her whole life.

A few choices
and a few lives.

Radcliffe ran
a simulation.

Now it's a brave new
terrifying world.

Okay. Um...

We need to get out.

What? N--

no, we can't
leave them.

We have to talk to yo-yo
and come back with a game plan,

with backup.

I don't have powers here.



[ button clicks ]

Why are we still here?

I'm not sure.

This should disconnect us
from the framework,

wake us up.


they know we're here.

You're supposed to
be dead.

Someone re-coded
our exit.

We're trapped.

Good evening,


Come in.

need to be taken seriously.

they've got a mole inside hydra.

A traitor.

I know.

I've tightened security.

Eliminated a loophole
for their escape.

we tighten the noose.


so, you have
surveillance on...?

On one of them,

I'd like to see it.


Your work
is too important

to be distracted
by these criminals.

I won't stand by

as they try to destroy
everything that we have built.

[ Breathing shakily ]

I have to protect that.

I have to protect you.
I have --


your anger
won't solve this.

It's your creativity
that we need.


[ sighs ]

[ Car alarm chirps ]

[ Keys rattle ]


Who are you?

Are you with
the other person?

This is not okay.


I need you
to remember me.

I'm sorry.
We haven't met.

We have.

Please...Remember me.

This isn't real.

You're not here.

I am.
I am.


Remember me.


I'm sorry.

I don't.

It's not your fault.

It's just...

You're the person that I go to
when things get heavy.

And this world
is scary,

and nothing makes sense,

You're the closest thing
i have to family.


so I just hope that deep down,
you feel it, too.


Robbie: They say
when the rider burns you,

he burns your soul.

[ Tires squeal ]

[ Engine revving ]

You don't get to decide
who deserves to die.

Robbie: I'm not the one
who decides.

[ Screams ]

agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. --

ghost rider."

Tuesdays at 10:00/9:00 central
on abc.

Do you trust me?

[ Giggles ]
Where are we going?

Enter a whole new world
where the untold stories

of some of your favorite
characters --

Aladdin and Jasmine,

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,

the count of monte cristo,
and more --

will be unleashed.

What's coming,
and how do I stop it?