Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Hot Potato Soup - full transcript

Dr Radcliffe goes after the Koenig family to find the location of the Darkhold. The Superior reveals his plans Radcliffe.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I've been inside your brain.

I know what you want,
or, rather... whom.

Our May Life Model Decoy
should get us the Darkhold.

And if something goes wrong...

then we have a second LMD.

I still care about you, Fitz.

I've got to hand it
to Radcliffe.

You certainly act like it.

Looks like you have a problem.

I said I needed your protection.
Now you can see why.

You'll have to meet
the Superior.

Whatever it takes.

These aren't the droids
you're looking for.

I've got a bad feeling
about this.

Roads? Where we're going,
we don't need roads.

Curse my metal body!

I wasn't fast enough!

Help me, Obi-Wan.


I think I'm gonna stick with

the "one foot
in front of the other"

method of self-propulsion.

Just relax.

Keep practicing.

I'll go get us another round.

Who's your
zombie-killing daddy now?


I'm telling you,
he's right...


Leo. Leo, do you copy?

Sam to Billy. Sam to Billy!

There's nowhere to go!

and you will not be harmed!

I'll give you
to the count of three!

1, 2...

He's everywhere!

He's getting away,
you idiot!

Throw him in!

Let's go!

Agent Coulson,
this is Agent Koenig.

They've got Agent Koenig.

I repeat...
they've got Agent Koenig!

Which one?


He was abducted an hour ago.

Any possible motive?

He has the Darkhold.

I gave it to him

because he knows
how to make things disappear.

And now someone's
made him disappear.

Can't be a coincidence.

May's the only one who would
know I gave it to Billy,

so I think we know where
to point the finger.


He's been desperate
to get his hands on that book,

and he's had eyes and ears
on this base

for God knows how long.

But still, kidnapping a Koenig?

That's like catching moonlight.

We can't even find them
half the time.

If Radcliffe has aligned himself
with Nadeer,

they'd have the resources
to find him.

Why would he join forces
with Public Inhuman Hater ?1?

He has nothing against us.

She's got to be
a means to an end.

He needs access and protection.


They picked up Agent Koenig.

His Quinjet
will be docking shortly.

Hopefully, Sam will have
some more information for us.

If we can find who took Billy,

we may be able to connect them
back to Nadeer.

And Radcliffe?

Fitz is working on it.

I'm not going to let this
come between us.

What's the occasional bullet
in the head among friends?


Now talk. Where's Radcliffe?

I'm right in front of you,

You've paralyzed me
from the neck down.


Where is he?

Sorry, Fitz.

You don't get to shoot first
and ask questions later.

We'll shoot
whenever we damn please.

And this time,

nobody's gonna
put you back together again.

What I meant is, I don't
precisely know where I...

where Dr. Radcliffe currently is
at this precise moment.

I could be out for a walk
or getting groceries.

That's enough.

Hey, hey,
I need his CPU in one piece,

not scattered all over the lab.

I'm not trying to be difficult.

You need to understand...

I'm the victim.

Things are not as they seem.

You two will want
to get acquainted.

You're the last one
the other's gonna see alive.

Yeah, well, we're ready to die.


No. No, no, no, no.

I'm extremely not ready to die.

Cut off my fingers,
eat my liver,

it doesn't matter.

Nothing you do
is gonna make me talk.

You must've sustained
some brain damage

during your last torture.


wasn't torture.

That was a greeting.


the one who comes
in this room next...

Won't be me.

The man who comes in here
will do things to you...

that I can't even watch.

He will break you.

Yeah, well,
Koenigs don't break.

All right?

We're programmed to take pain,
so bring it on!

Bring it on!

My God.
I'm in so much pain.

I don't think I can take this.

That guy hits really hard.

Do you have any,
any, like, cyanide or...

Cyanide? Why would I...

Or, like, a paper bag.

You put it over my head,

you suffocate me really quick.

This is all my fault.
I'm so sorry.

Who are you?
Dr. Holden Radcliffe.

I work for S.H.I.E.L.D., too.

I'm afraid
I'm the reason you're here.

I told them
Coulson gave you the book.

The boo... What book?

The Darkhold.

My friend,

I made some questionable
allegiances to get ahold of it,

and they double-crossed me.


That's why we're here,
wherever here is.

Agent Koenig, welcome aboard.

Agent Coulson, Agent May...

Agent Quake.

the latest, Sam?

Any sign of Billy?

Well, I found the Humvee
at the end of a dock, but...

No one there.

No, they either evaporated

or dove into the sea.

My intent was...
was purely scientific.

But, the things I saw...

It was expanding my brain
and my reality...

You're getting
all Gollum-y again.

Well, that's... that's what
the Darkhold does to you...

it drives you mad.

Yeah, maybe you should tell them
where the book is.

Let it drive them mad.

I am the captain of this ship,

and you are my prisoners.

If you cooperate,

you will be treated
as welcomed guests.

If not, you will be removed...


by piece.

That... That...
That won't be necessary.


Perfectly chilled, pure.

The onion enhances
the experience.

But people forget the old ways.

Now they'll put flavors
in it... vanilla...

The old ways are better.

Simple, built to last.

Like this submarine.

Modern machines...

all software, less hardware.

You put too much faith in them.

Man is the superior machine.

And I...

am the superior man.

I'm told you refuse to talk...

and that you welcome pain.

I, too, love pain.

And I love
to make others feel it

using the old ways.

All right, stop! Enough.


Senator Nadeer promised me

he wouldn't be
permanently damaged.

She's not the captain
of this ship.

Yes, I understand.

But he isn't going to talk.

What do you suggest, Doctor?

Let me get inside his head.

This is a complete

and unacceptable invasion
of my privacy.

Well, since you refuse
to cooperate,

Fitz is going to reprogram you
to sing like a canary.

That seems odd.

Singing I can understand,

but singing like a bird?

Why not Mick Jagger?


What is that?

That's nothing like Aida's code.
That's nothing like anything.

What the hell is going on?

I don't know.

This code is advanced.

It's like
fifth-generation syntax.

I've never seen
anything like it.

Every time
I keep trying to alter it,

it kicks me right back
to the...

Amicitiae nostrae memoriam
spero sempiternam fore.


Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur.

Alea iacta est.

The only thing worse than
a robot is a possessed one.

I agree. That was no fun.

Where's Daisy when we need her?

Who developed the code?!

Who programmed you?!

Was it Radcliffe? Aida?

I can't see their faces.

They're both Russian? Da.

Da, I'm lucky to be alive.

I love Billy,
but he is not a fighter.

He ran.

He left me there to handle it.

No, that's...

That's Billy.

That's him kicking ass,

and that's you,
hiding behind the bar.

No, I... I think you got us...

I think you
got us flipped, there.

I mean, you're...

you're literally wearing
the same thing right now.

We have no idea what Billy did
with the Darkhold.

I didn't want to know.

That was the whole point
in giving it to him.

Well, we need to get it back
and destroy it.

If you'd given it to me...

And they'd have you now.

I wanted to protect you,

and the Koenigs have dealt
with this kind of thing before.

You don't need
to protect me, Phil.

I know.

But I've lost too much lately.

I'm not gonna lose you.

Both the guys who tried
to assassinate the Director

were Russian.
This has to be connected.

Maybe there's, like,
a "Red Dawn" thing happening,

but what does it have to do
with Billy?

They don't want Billy.

They want something
I entrusted to him.

Did... What...

Is it...
smaller than a Quinjet?

That's classified.

And yes, considerably.


We have face.

Hello, Russian Bad Guy.


Run facial recognition.

See if we come up with a lead.

I don't care what this is
or what you guys do.

I'm not gonna talk.

You won't have to.
That's the beauty of it.

This machine will allow me
access to his mind.

We'll get all the information we
need without laying a hand on him.

Well, you're not gonna get
anything out of me.

Because my mind is a steel trap

inside of a sealed box

surrounded by quicksand and...

Is that a puppy?

We've given him
a Sedative Scenario

to keep him relaxed while we map
his cerebral matter.

That'll allow me to have
a look around inside his mind.

This book better be worth it.

If you want to get rid
of the Inhumane,

the answer will be in it.

And what's in it for you?

A better world.

Then we want the same thing.

You're staring at me.

I'm sorry.

I just... I can't believe
I'm sitting here with Quake!

You know, this is...

Somebody pinch me.

Sam, stop.

We've known each other
for three years.

Yeah, I knew Skye,
but you're... you're Quake.

She's different.

No, she's not.

And she doesn't love
the name Quake.

But you're...
you're a superhero!

I mean, that's so awesome!

Did you know that online,

there's a library
of fan fiction about Quake?

Did not need to know that.

Well, you should Google it.

Because it's... it's...

Actually, no, you shouldn't.

You shouldn't.
Forget I said that.

Some of it is a little
on the steamier side.

Not that I've read it!

You... But you hear things.


I mean, they got you
'shipping with Black Widow.

Some of the drawings are...

They... They call you Quack.

Good timing.

We have a match.

Leo Babikov.

Ex-SVR, Special Ops...

The same Special Ops division
the two men

who tried to assassinate
the Director were in.

And there's our link to Nadeer.
Get this.

They all have ties
to Prime Minister Olshenko.

The Russian Prime Minister who
was attacked by an Inhuman...

And then threw Bobbi and Hunter
under the bus

after they saved his life.
This is bad.

We got Nadeer,
International Watchdogs,

and Russian spies all united

Because they hate Inhumane.

Yeah, that's why
they want the Darkhold.

'Cause it'll show them
how to wipe out the Inhumane.

You knew
Billy had the Darkhold?

Well, yeah,
I couldn't say anything

with all the Red Shirts
hanging around.

Do you know
what he did with it?

It is secure.

I'd like to help you,

but honestly,
I have some trust issues.


You betrayed me.

Fitz, it's not Radcliffe.

Yeah, I know it's not!
But he thinks like he does.

Betrayed me,
betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D.,

he made me lie to you,

and he made me think
he was my friend.

Just to use me.

You were like a son to me.

Shut up. Just... shut up.

What's this really about?

He said shut up.

You can do it the easy way...

Why don't you just
turn him off?

He needs to be powered on
to access his programming,

not that it matters.
I'm not getting anywhere.

We all have programming.

It may be more obvious
in my case,

but what is a human if not
a function of programming?

You've been programmed...
by betrayal, abandonment...

Ward, who you thought
was your friend,

Daisy who left you all,
your father...

He's just trying
to distract you.

Let's step away.

It's not him, it's me.

I can't do it.

It's way beyond me.

That's your father talking.

Isn't that
what he used to say to you?

Not enough, not smart enough?

Why would you say that?

Because I knew him.

I wanted to tell you,

but I was afraid
it would open old wounds.

That's not possible.

Glasgow isn't that big, Fitz.

Your father and I
were classmates,

St. Mungo's at Eastwood.

Fitz, it's lying. No.

How would he...

How would Radcliffe
know those things?

Maybe he had access
to your files.

This is a... a firewall.

It's playing mind games,
trying to distract you,

because it knows
you'll crack the code.

No, I won't!

He knows it, so do you.

That's not true.

Actually, your exact quote was,

"Where's Daisy
when we need her?"

That's not what I meant.

Let's wipe its memory,
give it to Mack.

We'll find Radcliffe
another way.

I like that plan.
We weren't friends,

but we'd take the same train
to the city for work.

Sometimes we sat together.

One time, he showed me a picture
of his new son, Leopold.

He was so proud.

I swear
I'm telling the truth, Fitz.

I can prove it.

I saw him a few months ago.

He said I was to tell you...

How long does this take?

Not much longer.

Please be patient.

While we're waiting,
perhaps you could tell me

why you dislike the Inhumane
so much.

Yes, some of them are monsters,
true, but...

These Inhumane...

they did not suffer,
labor to become what they are.

They have great power...

but they didn't earn it.

They are unnatural things.

We will destroy them...

and then the thing
that brought them upon us.

And what was that?

Cerebral cortex mapping
is complete.

You may now enter his memories.

One thing at a time, Doctor.


Where's my puppy?
Who took my puppy?

Take him to the brig.


All right.

Here we go.

Take me to the Darkhold,
Agent Koenig.

He's making something.

I see wires...


He's building a bomb
to destroy the Darkhold.

Never mind. False alarm.

You can't underestimate

We have to assume he's gonna get
the information out of Billy.


How can you be so sure?

He doesn't know where it is.

He gave it to me.

This isn't right.

I'm in his head,
but I'm also seeing him.

Doesn't make sense, unless...

He doesn't have it.

You sent us after
the wrong man?

No, he had it,
but he gave it to someone

who looks just like him...
a brother or...

Or a replica.

Where is it? I don't know.

You just said
Billy gave it to you.

He did. You forgot
where you hid it?

So you still have it?

No. Then what did
you do with it?

I gave it to Agent Koenig.

You gave it back to Billy?

Then who? L.T.

Who's L.T.? Special Agent L.T.

There's another one?

No, not just another one.

The first one.

L.T. got us all
into S.H.I.E.L.D.

We have to pick up L.T.

I don't think any Koenig
is safe right now.

How's Fitz doing?

That Rad-Bot was really
getting under his skin.

He'll be fine.

He just needs some space
at the moment.

What was all that about,
his father?

Fitz never
mentioned him before.

He was not a good man.

Always telling Fitz
he was stupid and worthless.

I think that's why Fitz
became so clever.

I'd like to have
a few words with that man.

You and me both.

But he walked out on them
when Fitz was 10.

He hasn't seen
or heard from him since.

So you're telling me
with all the tools and tech

that S.H.I.E.L.D. has
at its disposal,

we can't find him? We could.

But Fitz doesn't want to.

You guys got anything?

This is L.T. Koenig's
last known location.


Just a lot of man-buns.

Got your green tea.

Thank you.

Any news?

Nothing yet.

I hope we're not too late.

Those Koenigs are tough,

but they've been through
enough already.

We all have. That's the game.

I guess we should be grateful.

After all the years,
all the missions,

all the close calls...

Both our deaths. Right.

After all that,
we're still standing,

the two of us.

Maybe we should toast to that.

We've been,
making a lot of toasts lately.

Maybe we should try
something else.

Guys, I think you need
to get in here.

On our way.

Welcome to the inside
of my mind, Sheeple.

You guys watching any,
any good programming lately?

You know why they call it
"programming," right?

Because you're being programmed
through little screens,

big screens,
little morphine drips

of sequels and prequels
and zombies and Kanyes,

Snapchats and Grumpy Cats,

all designed by the media,
corporate S.H.I.E.L.D. machine,

and you're asleep,
binge-watching the Apocalypse!

You know what Tony Stark's armor
is powered by?

What is this?

Did these guys
come off an assembly line?

Outside. Now.

Who are you?!
Why are you here?!

Drop your weapon.

Stand down!

Hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing?
You're ruining my set!

You were doing that
all by yourself.

It's all right.
We're with S.H.I.E.L.D..

No! You can't be in here!

This is a Peace Palace.

Hey, hey, hey.

Ho, ho.

S.H.I.E.L.D. storm troopers
have got to go.


what are you doing here?

Sam sent us.

Billy's in trouble,
and you could be in danger, too.

And who's this one?

That's Thurston.

He's an idiot,
and, unfortunately, my brother.

Agent L.T. Koenig.

Sorry about
kicking your candy ass.

You ICE'd me!

She ice'd me, and now I'm aboard
your War Bird!

Stop being
a whiny little bitch.

We brought you here
for your own protection.

My own protec...

I don't want your protection.

I don't want anything to do
with your Agents of Doom.

What happened to you?

We had the same parents,
same teachers,

same liquor cabinet.

Your brothers toughened up,
joined the cause...

Yeah, that worked out great
for Eric.

He'd be alive
if it wasn't for you!

Eric died so good people
could live and do good things.

What good have you done
for the world?

Okay, okay, guys, guys, hey.

We're family, okay? Okay?

Eric wouldn't have wanted this.

So let's bring it in
for a little Koenig Krush.

Here you go.


What was that for?! You
let your guard down.

Didn't I teach you anything?

We were having a moment.

It was nice.

Grow 'em back now.
It's time to work.

Okay. Can I go home?

Sorry, Thurston.

We can't let you leave
'til we know what's going on.

These gentlemen
will take you to your room.

If you need anything,
just let them know.

I think
I have a lead on Billy.

so, after they left the SVR,

our Russian bad boys were
employed as security officers

for a weapons-manufacturing firm
linked to...

this guy... Yegor Ivanov,
a reclusive industrialist

with interests
all over the globe.

Could be the source
of Nadeer's financing.

He's also an avid collector
of military antiques,

so guns, tanks,
and... a submarine.


Throw everything you have
at it.

We find him, we find Billy,

maybe a way
to bring down Nadeer.

At least we know
the Darkhold's safe.

Right, L.T.?

That's the bad news.

I gave it to Billy.

What? What?

It was Operation Hot Potato.

Pass it back and forth,
keep it moving.

Billy was the last to have it.

So my guess is,
he put it in the Labyrinth.

What's the Labyrinth?

It's a top-secret
S.H.I.E.L.D. vault.

Only the Koenigs
know its location.

We need to get there

before they get the information
out of Billy.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Aida, remember these numbers...





Got it.

Now turn this boat around.

I give the orders on this ship.

Your tone sounds threatening.

Now, let's not lose our heads.

What seems to be
the problem here?

You put too much faith
in machines.

I'm going to go get the
information out of him my way.

If it's the same, then we go.

Absolutely not.

I won't allow it.

Get them out of here.


You brought an Inhuman
on my ship?

She's a machine.

Aida, release him.


You... made her?

With my own hands.

Simple, built to last.

Now turn this boat around.


I keep telling myself

I don't care
if Radcliffe knows my father,

I'm over it, but...

maybe I'm not.

Maybe I'm stuck in a loop.



my dad...

they're all the same.

It keeps happening.

I don't see it that way.

Come on, Jemma.

You know that it's true.

Yes, they betrayed you.

And after everything
you've been through,

no one would blame you
if you put up your own firewall.

But you didn't.

Instead, you became

the most open, loyal,
caring person I've ever met.

Maybe that's why
it keeps happening.

It's why
I fell in love with you.

Who you really are,
that's not programming.

It's something way beyond that.

That's it.


you're the best.

Just you and me now, Tin Man.

You don't mess with my buddy

and walk away from it.

If you shoot me now,
it'll be murder.

Nice try.

Wrong guy.

You're just
a bunch of ones and zeroes,

not flesh and blood.

Flesh and blood?

That's not life, Mack.

That's just biology,
and biology is just...

software programming you
to die.


But I have something
you will never have...

a soul...

that will continue
long after I'm gone.

How can you be so sure
I don't have one?

If a soul doesn't come
from your flesh and blood

or my ones and zeroes,

then it has to come from
somewhere else,

somewhere unrelated
to our physical bodies.

If you can have one, so can I.

You are a sly one, aren't you?

If you don't think I'm alive
and don't have a soul,

then why did you feel the need
to switch me on

before killing me?

I like to hear robots scream.

Mack! Stop!


I know a way around
his programming.

If you don't stop,

you're gonna cause
irreparable damage.

You'll never learn
what your father said.

Don't care.
I'm out of that loop.

You want to tell me
what's going on?

Something Jemma said.

We're more than
our programming.

There's something else...

All right, look.

I give up. I'm ready to talk.

What do you need to know?

He couldn't crack the code
because it wasn't a code.

It's just a bunch of gibberish.

So what's running him?

You... you... you telling me
thing is a... alive?

Fitz, please. Stop.

No, of course not.

All I'm saying is...

It has a brain.

L.T., stay with Quake
and Agent May.

Agent Coulson, come with me.

I'm going with them.

So, what was it like
growing up with four of them?

There was a lot of crying.

They picked on you?

I picked on them.

It was fun.

The laundry was disgusting.

Enough DNA
to make a clone army.


Wait here. I'll be right back.

So... read any
good books lately?

Imagine how big
our brains would be

if we had time
to read them all.

It's made of light,

but it's functioning like
a corporeal, biological brain.

Quantum energy storing data...

it's as if synapses
are interacting.

Is that possible?


No, not even in the slightest.

I wish I could take credit,

but this was all Aida
and the Darkhold.

in the original brains...

memories, knowledge, desires...

is contained
in the quantum brains.

So, you see, I re...
You said "brains."

My God.

Is it possible?

What? Talk to me.

Radcliffe mapped another brain.

I saw it. I watched him do it.

You can't be serious.

It was May.

I never read "Ulysses."

I always wanted
to take a month off,

go to Ireland, read it in pubs.


Maybe we should go together.


It's a little nerdy.

Did you mean it when you said

you're ready
for whatever comes next?

We've got company!

Hey, what's... what's going on?

Three men, armed,

heading our way,
and they've got Billy.

All right. Take this.

We'll handle it.


Give it to me.

No need for you
to be the target.


What's going on? Give it to me.

I can't.

What are you doing, May?
Put the gun down.

I'm sorry, Coulson. I can't.

This is the right thing to do.

Leave me alone,
and I'll take care of it.

Destroy it, yeah.
That's the plan.

Now lower your damn weapon
and give me the Darkhold!

I can't!

'Cause it's not
in your programming.

What are you talking about?

You're not May.

Why would you say that?

Because there's some things
you can't fake.

He switched you, didn't he?

How long have you been...

So this is what Radcliffe
programmed you to do?

I didn't know
what my mission was

until I had my hands on it.

Where's the real May?

I am the real May.

Her thoughts, her memories,
her desires...

That's all real.

May would never betray me.

Radcliffe made
some adjustments.


So, May's a freakin' robot.

How did you know?
Fitz and Simmons...

Aah! Aah!





Give us the book,
I'll give you your brother.

My brother?
What, are you kidding?

I've never seen this guy before
in my life.

You want the book?

Let him go.

What did they do to you, man?

They took my puppy.


You're gonna be okay,
little brother.

So cool.

Grab Billy and let's get
to the Quinjet.


Aah! Help!

May! What...

What happened?

Le me help you. Okay.


Hello, Agent May.

Mission accomplished.

This is exactly
what you were supposed to do.

I'm eternally grateful.

Take me with you.



You weren't built to last.

The Labyrinth is compromised.

The deadliest tome in the world

is in the hands
of a mad scientist,

who snuck out the back door
with cattle-prod man.

I'm... sorry we let you down.

We now have the name
of the man who kidnapped you,

who's probably
been funding Nadeer,

maybe even Radcliffe.

Now we can hunt them
and stop them.

I st... I still can't believe

he made a fully functioning
autonomous LMD.

Yeah, put us to shame.

Sam and Billy were part
of the original LMD program.

Wait. Are you saying they're...

Obsolete. Without a doubt.

So you all are...?


What? You thought
they were robots?


Thank God you're okay.

All right, there.

All right, you.

You're still a sheep, though.
You're all sheep!

Well, the Quinjet's ready
when you are.

We'll get you home safely.

As always,
thank you for your service.

Any time, Coulson.

I hope
this is the last of them.

There's still one more.

He couldn't destroy it.
Not yet.

If we can't find the real May,

That's all that's left of her.


We'll find her.

I promise.

We'll return in a moment.

To a success,

though a narrow escape
for both of you.

It is better.

The old ways always are.

You said you wanted
to destroy the Inhumane

and the thing
that brought them upon us.

It's something I've been after
for a very long time.

Some people say
it's an obsession.

I can relate.

Every time something strange
happens in the world,

it is there.

I believe it is responsible

for all of the alien problems
on this planet...

the Chitauri,
the Kree, Inhumane.

What is it?

A man.

He is always there...

standing behind,
out of focus...

in the shadows.

He is dead...

yet he is everywhere.

And Mr. Shockley said
he was there last night.

I can assure you...

he's not dead.

You can help me get to him?


let it be written.

They say
when the Rider burns you,

he burns your soul.


You don't get to decide
who deserves to die.

I'm not the one
who decides.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

Ghost Rider."

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the Count of Monte Cristo,
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What's coming,
and how do I stop it?