Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Wake Up - full transcript

May works to uncover the truth about what happened to her; Aida's next move puts everyone's life at risk.

Coulson: Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

S.H.I.E.L.D. still needs a face.

Keep the title, but when
it comes to operations,

I'm calling the shots.

Radcliffe: We were so close.

Aida 2.0: Your previous model had
the Darkhold book in her hand.

And all the answers it holds.
Though poor Fitz ...

We could just
reboot the head ...

in a controlled
environment ...

and then we could
diagnose the problem together.

Drop it.

I'm gonna figure out
what broke you.

[Electronic voice]
Thank you, Fitz.

Will there be another opportunity
to acquire the Darkhold?

Agent May's decoy
will be more convincing.

Her programming operates
on a subconscious level.

If Agent May
isn't aware of her mission

to retrieve the Darkhold,

then she won't be able
to reveal herself.

She'll instinctively
climb the ranks, gain access,

and get closer to Agent Coulson,

the man who knows
just where this book is.

[Exhales sharply]

4x11 - Wake Up


Coulson: Sorry.
Didn't think you'd get stuck

on a milk run to Radcliffe's.

We're gonna miss you in the field.

I'll catch up.
Can't let you have all the fun.

When this is over, it's time.
We are cracking that bottle.

You don't have to twist
my arm.

I wouldn't dare.
You might whip my ass.

Agent May.

Director Mace ... he ... he knows
that Aida is... what Aida is?

- Yeah. He knows.
- I wish I'd been there to explain.

[Sighs deeply]

H-How did he take it?

He wants to use her on this,
but concerned.

That's not a happy word.

- Did ... Did he say if ...
- He wants to talk, has questions.

I don't like those words, either.
[Chuckles dryly]

I hear you're on your way to
personally escort Aida. Why?

Well, no one knows
what she can do.

- And she saw the Darkhold.
- Well, I could help with that.

Once I've studied it,
I-I'd be able to determine ...

No. No.
No one's touching it.

When this is over,
I'm destroying the book myself.

Because it's dangerous, yeah.
I-I-I understand.

You still need
access to my apartment.

- Maybe I could, uh ...
- No, that's never been a problem for me.

Right, right, right.

Well, I'll reach out to Aida,
anyway, tell her to expect you.

Be ready to help solve
the current... problem.

- Sure.
- Okay.


Aida, I want you to access
your information cache.

Locate the Sunset Protocol.

I have it, Doctor.

Activate it.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Doorbell rings, door opens]

Aida 2.0: Hello, Agent May.
I've been expecting you.

Dr. Radcliffe gave me
specific instructions.

Happy to help.

Allow me to retrieve
the neural-assessment gauge.

What's a neural-assessment gauge?


[Exhales sharply]


- I apologize, Agent May.
- Unh!


[Device beeps, whirs]

[Computer beeping]

Let's get you up to speed, shall we?

[Tablet beeps]

- What's a neural-assessment gauge?
- Right this way.



[Wind chimes dinging]

[Door closes]

Hope you liked
your facial, Melinda.

It's time for your massage.

I don't remember coming here.

You dozed off.
Obviously, you're very relaxed.

That's good.

Yeah, I don't think I
have time for this. Thanks.

[Wind chimes ding]

[Door opens, closes]

Hope you liked
your massage, Melinda.

It's time for your facial.

Look, I-I don't think I want this.
I don't want to be here.

[Wind chime dings]

[Door opens, closes]

Hope you liked
your facial, Melinda.


[Gasps, breathing heavily]

[Monitors beeping, alarm blaring]




Radcliffe: Aida, no!

[Strained] I knew it wasn't real.

The syringe, Aida.
You have to sedate her.

[Coughing weakly]

You bastard.

We may have misjudged
what it takes

to keep Agent May comfortable.

[Monitor beeping]

Radcliffe: Heart rate normal,
vitals stable.

Seems to be working.

- You found the solution, Doctor.
- Mm. Well, for now, yes.

Just not a permanent fix.

However, as long as our May
replacement at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base

does her job, it doesn't have to be.

Question ... why does it matter
if the original May is dead or alive?

- Aida?
- It doesn't make logical sense.

We have cerebral replication.
We have physical replication.

No one in S.H.I.E.L.D.
knows she's been replaced.

- What empirical difference is there?
- Well, for one thing,

the Framework is in beta testing.

We need May alive for calibration ...

- Yes, but I ...
- But, also, we're not killers.

Nathanson was a drastic

But isn't it preferable to
sacrifice one life to save millions?

Yes, as a last resort, Aida.
But I hope that May

won't give us any kind
of problem at all,

and we don't have to face...
sacrificing her.

Our May Life Model Decoy

should get us the Darkhold eventually.

And if something goes wrong...

then we have our safety net.

You're referring
to the other android

- now in operation.
- Yes. Our second LMD.


Coulson: We have to show
the world who she really is.

Talbot: And it's well past time.
Daisy now represents S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Everything has to be aboveboard.
- But marching into the Capitol Building

so Daisy can sign
the Sokovia Accords?

Senator Nadeer will be there.
It seems risky.

We're all aware of the dangers,
some of us more than others.

I'm fine with it, Jemma.

Are you?
It doesn't seem like you.

And, Coulson, you're letting her. That ...
It doesn't seem like you, either.

With Nadeer and her staff
in the meeting,

- we have an opportunity.
- Talbot: What opportunity?

I wasn't briefed
on any opportunity.

While Nadeer's in with Daisy,

Yo-Yo and I will get into her
office and plant surveillance.

Daisy: We can finally
keep an eye on her,

- figure out her next move.
- What? No. No.

No, there'll be no planting,
no eyeing, no Yo-Yo-ing.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is now legitimate.
We have to remain above reproach.

You mean like juicing our Director
so he can pretend to be Inhuman?

Look, you are reacting
to the situation we had.

You put Jeffrey in place,
I understand,

but we're S.H.I.E.L.D.
We have to be proactive.

This is politics, Phil,
which means politicians.

They are a festering cesspool
of toxic-waste fires.

You swim in those waters,
you could get pulled under.

You and the Director can handle it.

We'll handle the rest.
May, you with us?


[Monitors beeping]

She's stabilized now.

As I said, no reason to even
consider harming Agent May.

Very good, Doctor.

[Glass shatters]

Oh, dear.
Not again.


[Glass scratching]

[Breathes deeply]


I'm happy Turtleman came out
to play this morning.

You're Turtleman.

- It's not a nickname for your ...
- Okay, I get it. I get it.

- We could find a nickname for it...
- No, I'm good.

...but ... okay. [Chuckles]
Me too.

I enjoy you.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

I mean, sure, you're an engineer,
and you're smart, and...

your insides are great.

But this outside, these arms...

- they don't even seem real.
- Oh.

You're not so bad yourself.

- Not bad?
- Mnh.

[Smacks lips]

I'm a knockout.
And I'm thirsty.


- Want some water?
- No, I'm good.

[Cellphone vibrates]



[Clothing rustles]

Oh, is it time
for the mission already?

Uh, no, it's a change of plans. I ...

I'm not gonna be on this one.

I was just covering the
communications here, anyway.

I, uh ...
I got to do something... else.

Is that the text you just got?

Yeah. It's just a change of plans.
It's, uh...

[Bag thuds]

Look. I'm sorry.

I know it's bad timing,
but you guys are gonna be fine.

Okay? I'm gonna catch up
with you when you get back.

- Okay.
- Okay?


- May2: Fitz.
- May. You need something?

Answers about Aida.

Security report on the incident,
need to close it out.

What do you need to know?

How much was Aida aware
of what she was going to do

before she did it?
Could she have stopped it?

This isn't about
a security report, is it?

It's about you.

About ordering Aida
to read the Darkhold.

Trust me, I was trying
to get her to do the same thing,

and I'm asking
the same questions that you are.

I think you did what you had
to do in the moment.

It was a hard choice.

Not when it comes
to saving you and Coulson.


That's just how you're built.

[Breathing heavily]



[Breathing heavily]

[Footsteps approaching]

Radcliffe: Aida?

I need to go out for a bit.

There's a situation
to which I must attend.

- Shall I drive you?
- No. Shouldn't take long.

Doctor, if Agent May
does become a problem ...

Oh, I don't see that happening.

[Door closes]

Gentlemen, Agent Mackenzie

requested personal time,
so he's not with us on this.

Mack or no Mack,
I'm urging you to reconsider

the second part of this mission.

Which part
is the second part again?

- The stupid part.
- Ah. Nadeer's office.

If she discovers you've launched
an unauthorized investigation

into her, it's gonna trigger
an investigation into you.

There are always consequences.

It's dangerous,
but she is dangerous.

And this is our chance to get
ahead of it proactively.

- Gentlemen, I'm sure we ...
- Keep calling me reactive, Phil.

Half the time, I'm reacting

to the steaming pile of
fart-pebbles you hand me.

And the other half, you're not
giving me the full story.

- We're like the odd couple here.
- Gentlemen, we have a mission.

At the very least,
we need a contingency plan.

If she comes after you,
she's gonna want

S.H.I.E.L.D. records,
S.H.I.E.L.D. assets.

Let me take them to a military
facility for protection.

That makes no sense.

Our people are trained
to protect those assets.

Until she deposes all of you.

General, the assets belong here.
And for the record,

Nadeer tried to kill
several people, including me.

Coulson is right.
We need to get ahead of her.

Yeah, but you have to say
that, don't you? Excuse me.




[Electricity crackles]

Perhaps you are gonna be
a problem after all.


[Lamp shatters]


I like you, Agent May.

I don't wish for you to suffer.

I promise to make this
quick and painless.

I'm not worried.

[Electricity crackles]


How're you holding up?
It's okay to be nervous, you know.

Nah. I don't get nervous anymore.


Well, I'm just saying, if you are ...

I mean, it's not my
comfort zone, but I'm good.

I'll just tell the truth.
I'm good at that.


You don't talk much
about your childhood, do you?

The foster homes,
bouncing around.

I imagine a lot of the time,
it felt like you had to perform

to convince people to like you.

Only the places I wanted to stay.
Why are you asking?

Because if you enter every room

thinking you got to do
a song and dance,

eventually everything becomes
a performance.

And believe me,
I know how it feels

putting on an act full-time.

You do, don't you?

Anyway, I know it's not
an act with you.

Coulson's been saying
since day one

that you're the real deal,

and I've learned to trust
his read on people, so...

He believed in me
before I believed in myself.

You too, you know.

It's why he wants you
with us still. He ...

He keeps saying you were
trying to do the right thing.

- Oh, you've talked about it, huh?
- Sure.

And listen, with me...

sometimes it's...

Sometimes I think it's an act.

You got this.

- Jeffrey, I'm surprised to see you.
- Yeah, I'm sure you are.

Surprised to see him
not dead, you mean?

There'll be plenty of time
to ask questions

after we've started, Ellen.

I expect a lot of questions will
be answered in this meeting.

Have fun.

What does that even mean?

I think we're gonna find out.

Man: All right, let's bring
the meeting to order.

Agent Daisy Johnson,
we'd like to swear you in.

[Camera shutters clicking]

- [Beeps] You're clear, go in.
- Thank you.


- That went well.
- Fitz is an artist.

So, Mack ... personal time, huh?

Don't put me in the middle of this.

What middle? No middle.
But you know something.

It's not for me to say.
Mack's a very private person.

All I know about him
is what's in his file.

I spent six months
on a plane with the guy.

I bet I know less than you.

So maybe something's on his file.

Maybe you should ask him.

[Speaking Spanish]

Well, I don't know
about annoying him,

but you're starting to annoy me.

Isn't it better
to learn things organically

instead of all at once in a report?

No, all at once.
Much better.

Private person, secrets?
Same thing.

Must be even tougher with May.

If it's better
to get to know each other

- in tiny, slow, annoying pieces...
- I don't think that's how I put it.

...then you two
will never get together.

Me and May?

- No. It's not like that.
- [Chuckles] Please.

I don't need to read
a file on you two to know.

You know,
no one likes a smart-ass.

That hasn't been my experience.


[Door opens]

- You and May ready for the op?
- Yeah, we've got it covered.

Uh, we could always use
a fresh pair of eyes

if you'd like to join us.

Yeah, no.
I've... stuff to do here.


You know, one of the upsides
of having a girlfriend

is you get to talk about
what's bothering you.

Yeah, well, doesn't really sound
like an upside for the girlfriend.

I know you're upset about Aida.
I'm in a strange position.

I don't want to intrude on you
while you're... processing.

But I also want you to know
you can talk to me.

- Always.
- Yeah, I know.

Just, uh...

You know I go all quiet
when I'm... processing.


[Door closes]

[Breathing heavily]

Daisy: No, Senator, I understand.

Being a party to the Sokovia
Accords would be very different

from being an undercover
S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Well, you'll answer to a
different authority ... the public.

Believe me, I've ...
I've had worse bosses.

[Light laughter]

- Uh, next up is Senator Nadeer.
- Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.

Agent Johnson, as an Inhuman
yourself, do you feel more

responsibility to help
Inhumans than normal Americans?

Well, first of all,
Inhumans are normal.

Let's be clear about that.

But with regard to whom I'll help,
I'm here for all Americans.

But more often than not,
Inhumans are left

to fend for themselves
with few resources.

- So Inhumans cause more trouble.
- No.

Inhumans are more likely
the victims of hate crimes,

which is not fair.
They are our friends,

they are our co-workers...
our brothers.

They all deserve help,
wherever they may be.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Agent Johnson,
let's discuss your theft

of more than $7 million
from three banks

while you were undercover
from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Illegally acquired funds
going towards illegal activity.

So you say. Has the U.S.
government recovered those funds?

The money has been distributed to...

- worthy causes.
- I see.

So you took the entire justice
system into your own hands.

Coulson: We're in position.

Simmons: Place them around the room,
and they'll give us geometric scans.



Security officers approaching
the location. Hold.

Okay, they're moving past.
We're good.

- I was working as a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative ...
- Without signing the Accords,

so either you committed an
illegal act by robbing banks

or S.H.I.E.L.D. committed an illegal act

by using an unauthorized
enhanced agent.

Mr. Chairman,
this line of questioning ...

And S.H.I.E.L.D. is still doing it.

Coulson: Transmitting images now.

Hold on.

What the hell just happened?

What's this?


Stay right there!

- That's her, the fast one.
- Leg cuffs go on her.

- Radio it in.
- Even as we speak,

S.H.I.E.L.D. continues
to engage in illegal activity.

That's not true.

- No?
- No!

General, moments ago,
my people apprehended

two S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives
breaking in to my office.

Seems they were trying
to install surveillance equipment

to spy on my staff and me.

Uh, there ... there must be
some mistake here.

This Inhuman, Ms. Rodriguez?

She signed the Sokovia Accords,

but now she's been caught red-handed

in a S.H.I.E.L.D.-sanctioned
operation without U.N. approval,

just as S.H.I.E.L.D. did
with Agent Johnson.

It appears S.H.I.E.L.D. really is
a criminal organization after all.


[Sighs] That conversation
does not look fun.

I have a feeling no conversation
with that woman is ever fun.

She knew we'd be there.

Not just any Inhuman.
You specifically.

There has to be a leak.

[Indistinct conversation]

Yeah. There has to be.
[Door opens]

Well, we're all free to go.

Because there's a catch, right?

- Well, maybe a slight ...
- You're damn right there's a catch.

There's gonna be
a full investigation,

starting with
a Senate committee hearing.

They may even bring charges.

That's unlikely, so let's
all just take a beat ...

Unlikely? They're gonna drag us
in front of every subcommittee,

asking us who we are
and what we do.

This was the risk in going legit.

No, this was the risk
in going after Nadeer.

Couldn't have known
she'd be ready for us.

Maybe if somebody
had warned you first?

- Guys.
- No, you do this all the time, Phil.

I give you the benefit of my
expertise, and you just ignore it.

You're never up front
with us, General.

You lied about Taiwan,
you lied to us about Jeffrey ...

They kidnapped my son!

And I put Jeffrey in that
position because you have

too damn much baggage to
hold that position yourself.

We have very different styles.
We always have.

And your style
just gave the bad guy

all the ammunition she needs
to go after us.

- That's not how I see it.
- Really? How do you see it?

This move just exposed
the fact that we have a leak.

Someone tipped Nadeer off
we were coming.

You opposed the op.
Did you warn her?

I believed in you
when no one else did, Phil.

I am not the leak.

S.H.I.E.L.D. only exists
because of me.

And maybe that's a mistake.

[Breathing heavily]

[Door handle rattles]
Hello, Agent May.


Time to give this up, please.

You'll have to kill me.

Very well.

But know that
it will not make me happy.

- Oh, no.
- Hello, Agent May.

You got further this time

than your previous attempts
at this course.

- What is this?
- We call it the Framework.

Your journey to escape
Dr. Radcliffe's lab,

our fight, all of this...
it's a simulation.

I assure you, you're safe.

We've moved you
to another location.

You put this in my head.

Dr. Radcliffe knew
the best way to keep you busy

was to give you
something to fight.

- Something like you.
- Yes, but this is the program's end.

We're coding more,
but we can't keep up with you.

You keep getting through it faster.

I'll wipe your memory
and send you through again.

You wipe my memory,
but I get better every time?

Memory traces.

So I'm beating it.

And I'll get out eventually...
beat you.

In 3, 2, 1...

Oh, dear.
Not again.

[Monitor beeping]

We don't know what's going on,
but someone gave us up.

- The senator had inside information.
- I know. Details.

It's like Nadeer had
eyes inside our...

Our headquarters.

- Hey. J...
- You've been studying Aida

even though
you were ordered not to.

- Yeah, Jemma, okay ...
- I tried to give you a wide berth

because I knew
you were worrying it through,

but this is an obsession.

- You turned it on, didn't you?
- It's not an obsession.

Fitz... did you turn on
Aida's ocular receptors?

Okay, yes.

I-I-I see where
you're going with this,

- and you're not wrong ...
- We personally

gave Radcliffe
Deathlok's eye technology.

Aida has it inside her head,
doesn't she?

- Yeah, but, Jemma ...
- A camera, watching us this whole time.

Aida hacked our base!
Hell, it could've been broadcasting.

Nadeer knew
the details of our mission.

No, that's impossible.

I wasn't in that briefing.
Aida never saw that.

Why on earth would you do this?!

You put us all at risk
in a hundred ways.

Jemma. Jemma, please.
Just stop, okay?

I have a working theory.

I wanted to help you get through
this obsession of yours,

- but if you continue to ...
- It's not an obsession!

Jemma, it's an investigation.

[Pounding on door]

What the hell did you do to me?

Answer me.
What did you do?

- What tipped you off?
- Because I'm not an idiot.

And I got hurt.

Oh, I was worried about injuries,
but there wasn't time to...

Tell me, how does it feel?
What's your reaction?

"How does it feel?"
How much of me is me?

Am I even me at all?!

I assure you,
the real Melinda May is fine.

She's safe and healthy...
and under my protection.

I don't care about your assurances.

You had me spy on my own people.

"Your own people"!
That's delightful.

Please, believe me,

everyone is gonna
come out of this all right.

I don't know. Once I tell
Coulson, it might be rough for you.

- You're not telling Coulson.
- Why not?

Because you have a mission.
Call it an instinct.

It'll kick in when it's time.

Till then, you won't be able to
jeopardize what you need to do.

- What mission?
- See, I sent you in unaware

so that you would seem more real.

I didn't want you distracted
by such... things.

You can't know
when May's memories end

and my coding begins.
It's all one.

- You're wrong.
- I know it's not easy to accept.

There's enough May in me
to do what has to be done.

You can't.

It's programming.

That's why I won't
tell Coulson who I am?

Did you program me
so I can't tell anyone?

No. I programmed you
so you wouldn't want to.


There's no reason to resist.
You don't need to.

Why don't you simply...
do what you truly want?

What do you think I want?

Come now.
We both know.

- You don't know me.
- Mm. I've been inside your brain.

I know what you want,
or, rather... whom.

You do know.

I've seen the closeness between you.
It's always been there,

but you've been
resisting that, too. Why?

If only May ... and you, for
that matter ... could be... happy.

Forget duty and honor
and simply take what you want.

You are who you are.

- You're wrong.
- I'm not.

But May has no time
for happiness.

She's too busy
fighting some fight

she's already lost in her past
long enough to enjoy...

Is that it?
Is that what May needs?

[Door slams open]

Get away from her.

What's ...
Fi... Fitz, what's going on?

You don't talk to him.
Did you think he wouldn't find out?

Fitz had a theory
after Aida betrayed us ...

that it wasn't reading
the Darkhold that changed her.

That you programmed her to do it.

- He was right.
- Fitz, I can explain.

[Holster clicks]

What are you doing here?

Something Fitz said got me thinking.
And then the leak.

Came to see what he knew.

And the truth came out.

Get him out of here.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How'd the mission go?

Not well.
We could have used you.

Well, I'm sure that ...

I'm tired
of playing games, Mack.

Coulson said that if I wanted
to know where you went today,

I should ask, and he's right.

[Breathes deeply]


I went to see my ex.


I-I've been wanting to talk to
you about this, and...

- tell you about Hope.
- Hope.


- All right. That's it, then.
- Elena ...

No, I've been giving this
a lot of thought.

And you know,
we go out to dinner,

and then you do nothing,

and then we do something,
and then you go away.

Because I don't take this lightly.

Look, Mack, I like you.
You know that.

But this...
I'm not a jealous woman.

I don't pry, I don't nag.
That's not me.

That's a...

That's a clich?.

- And I refuse to be a clich?.
- Yes, I know.

So, if you want to be a man
that has secrets

and goes off and meets
other women, that's fine.

But that's another clich?
I'm not interested in.

I love that you're not a clich?.


Hope was my daughter.

And she died.

- Oh, my God.
- No. It's ... It's okay.

It was 11 years ago.

My ex, Nicole...
we had a life planned together.

She got pregnant,
and we were happy.

But... when Hope was born,
it was, uh...

it was touch and go...

and she only lived for four days.

Her story was over
before it ever started.

- Mack, I didn't know...
- No, I know. I know.

But tomorrow's Hope's birthday.

And Nicole has
a hard time with it.

That's why she texted me.

So I went to see her
so she wouldn't be alone.

Maybe I wanted to spend a day
remembering Hope, also.

[Sighs deeply]

I've been wanting
to tell you that for a while.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Mack.


Long day. Drink.

- Today wasn't great. [Sighs]
- Cauliflower isn't great.

Today was a kick in the balls.

You know that won't
be the end of it.

Nadeer busted us.
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s on the ropes again.

- Talbot's pissed.
- Talbot's always pissed.

But this time he has a point.

I was reckless.
Why didn't I listen to him?

You were protecting your people.

- Yeah, but ...
- Reckless? Maybe.

Who cares?

we are who we are.

- Flaws and all.
- And you're fine with that?


I am.



Oh, Fitz, this has all been
a big misunderstanding.

You have to believe me.

- Things just got out of control.
- Yeah, they did.

You know, the whole time
I was testing my theory,

looking into what you did,

do you know what I wanted
to find more than anything?

That I was wrong.

- I know ...
- Because you're my friend.

But it's a pattern.

I almost hoped this time
it was my paranoia.

I actually hoped I was paranoid.


But no.
You've turned on everyone.

No, no, Fitz,
I didn't want to hurt anyone.

I-I-I wanted to help everyone.

That ... That ... That's ...
That's what this is about.

These people matter to me.

You've got a sociopathic
way of showing it.

I don't bond well with actual people.
You know that.

When you rescued me from Hive,
they were ready to lock me up.

You believed in me.
You stood by me.

- My mistake.
- No, it wasn't.

You've been more than a friend.

- You've been like a son to me.
- Yeah, well...

that's why this sucks.

I get overeager, Fitz.
You know that.

But I meant well. I still do.

Talk to them, Fitz.
Help me explain it to them.


- You're mad.
- I wouldn't harm anyone.

My only goal is to preserve life.

My first priority, always.



Fitz. Fitz, no...

- [Door opens] Wait!
- I need to borrow that, please.

[Gun cocks]

I-I still have feelings.
I still care about you, Fitz!

I've got to hand it to Radcliffe.
You certainly act like it.


[Electricity crackles]

[Distorted electronic voice]
I still care about you, Fitz.

I still care about you, Fitz.

I still care about you, Fitz.

[Electricity crackling]

Gonna need some assistance.

- Medical and engineering.
- Yes, sir.

- Looks like you have a problem.
- I knew this was coming.

I knew it the moment Aida
failed to get the Darkhold

I wasn't safe.
So I replaced myself.

And that's when
you first called me.

Seemed prudent,
given how exposed I'd become.

I said I needed your protection.
Now you can see why.

But I won't be the one protecting you.

You'll have to meet the Superior.

Whatever it takes.


Coulson: We'll return in a moment.

How's our guest?
Didn't give you any lip, did she?

Aida 2.0: Not at all.

She's been a model patient,
even with the move. [Monitor beeping]

- I tried the scenario you suggested.
- Uh-huh. A memory.

Well, an altered memory,

but there was enough
for me to work with.

I'm easing her pain.

It's working even better
than the other programs.

May herself proved to be the key.

Peacefulness wasn't enough.
She'd keep fighting.

And fighting wasn't enough.
She'd win.

But once I remembered
that she was fighting

a fight she'd already lost...

all I had to do
was change the fight...

take her back to Bahrain.


[Indistinct chatter]

Did you see that move?

How did she take out
that many people?

Had to have been 30 guys.

Man: They're saying
the mother was the one

who made everyone crazy
with her powers.

- Agent May took them all on.
- Man #2: The Cavalry went in after all.

Andrew: Melinda?
[Radio chatter]

I did it, Andrew.

Thank you.

I saved the girl.