Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Patriot - full transcript

Separated from their team, Coulson and Mack discover a shocking secret about Mace, leaving all of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a precarious position.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Mace: I've asked
agent Nathanson

to accompany aida
back to your lab.
Oh, my god.

What the --

[ bones crack ]
[ Grunts ]

This is clearly
the darkhold's fault.

You're not
getting that book.

Yes, I am.
[ Device beeps ]

Your previous model had
the darkhold book in her hand.

And all the answers
it holds.

You'll have to
stay here for now

until your substitute
has served her purpose.

I said the new director
should be a powered person

the public could trust.

And they came up
with you.

Look, we're both inhuman.
Why not make the most of it?

The public
was turning against you.

Now they look up to you.

Seems they look up to you,
too -- the hero of Vienna.

Not as big a deal as
they made it. They gave
me too much credit.


no, a true hero's not in it
for the glory.

Some seek out justice
in the face of danger

even if it means
living life in the shadows.

But I'm proud to announce
that Daisy Johnson --

one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s
most dedicated agents --

can finally
step into the spotlight

and get the recognition
she deserves.

[ Cheers and applause ]


during her time undercover,

she risked her life
to protect everyday citizens.

When watchdogs
targeted the Edison bridge,

agent Johnson
held off the collapse

until everyone was evacuated.

Now, she fled
to protect her cover,

but today,
we finally get to say...

Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Right now,
i would like to invite

sunbury's own
Michelle Caldwell up

to tell the story
in her own words.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Thank you, director mace.

It's hard to remember details
from that night,

but three things stand out
clearly -- fire, falling...

And agent Johnson
saving my life.

I was heading home
on the Edison bridge...

Looks like director mace is
enjoying this more than Daisy.

Know who's more excited about it
than either of them?

General Talbot
bails us out one time,

then acts like
we owe him a damn parade.

Yeah, he did
what he had to do.

Though it didn't
reduce his ego any.

Burrows isn't helping,

If he gets any further
up Talbot's ass,

he'll need a snorkel.

And there they go again

with the world's
most conspicuous briefcase.

What do you think's
in there?

Could be anything --
nuclear codes, hush money,

girl scout cookies...

[ Chuckles ]


what's up?

We're supposed to have an agent
on that roof.

My son still has his mother,
thanks to agent Johnson.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.


[ Cheers and applause ]


yeah. Okay.

[ Cheers and applause continue ]

Get down!


stand clear!

[ Crowd screaming ]

I've got eyes
on the shooter.

Sir, wait!
You're on the clock.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Coulson, we're initiating
contingency plan foxhole.

Get the director
out of here, pronto.

Already on it.

Sir, we need to get you
to a safe house.

We have a quinjet
standing by.

Lead the way.
Burrows, with me.


[ grunts ]


What is that doing out?

Um, agent Fitz asked us
to keep it out for a few tests.

[ Scoffs ] The only test
anyone should be running

is how best
to destroy it.

That thing
killed Nathanson.

Could've killed us all.

I'll talk
to agent Fitz,

make sure
he hasn't forgotten that.

And in the meantime...

Don't go near it.

[ Agents murmuring ]
What now?

How did the shooter
get close enough?

What's going on?

There was an assassination
attempt on director mace.

Is he --

he's fine. Coulson and mack
are following protocol,

taking him
to a safe house.

What do we know about
this guy Daisy grabbed?
Who's he working for?

Would you stop hounding me
with questions?

Get in there
and ask him yourself.

I need you
in the interrogation room.

I don't trust
little miss Richter scale

to handle it herself.

I take orders from the director,
not you.

May's right.

Maybe we should check
with director mace.

Well, he's not gonna get here
in time,

so I'm taking the reins.

And here's
how it's gonna go down.

You -- get
Lee Harvey whatever to talk.

You -- find out if Burrows
was on the quinjet.

Excuse me?
And you -- hey! --
With the hair.

Get me a coffee.

And don't forget the French
vanilla creamer this time.

Agent may, with the possible
exception of my mother,

you are the single
most intimidating woman

I have ever met.

We need answers.

You can get them.


Radcliffe: She was designed
for this very purpose.

Aida was meant
to save lives --

assassination attempts.

But instead we just had
a funeral for agent Nathanson.


A painful loss,
we all agree.

But look, I can figure out
what went wrong.

Let me examine her!
I'll pinpoint the problem.

We can sort it,
restart the program.

I don't think
that's the best idea just now.


tempers are running high

The incident.


I think you should steer clear
of hq for a few days.

Who's this coming from?

The director?
Agent coulson?

Yep and yep.

Along with
everybody else.

But it'll blow over.

And in the meantime,

I'll still pop 'round
for football matches.

Well, if you think
it's best.

[ Chuckles ]

All right.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Sighs ] This is not good.

Not good at all.

[ Groans ] Aida!

Get me two --
no, four aspirin.

If you have
a headache,

I could get
the acupuncture needles.

No, the pills
are fine.

We have a problem
with agent may.

She's in
a better place now.

the -- the may lmd.

Apparently, I am unwelcome
at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters,

so she's all on her own.

This is unprecedented technology
at play here.

I need
to keep an eye on her.

The slightest miscalculation
could reveal her true nature.

I have confidence
in you, doctor.

Of course you do.

But if she draws suspicion,
this is all for naught.

Yuri zaikin.

Russian national.



S.H.I.E.L.D. thought you died
in the battle over the fridge.

Well, it's too bad
you didn't.


you killed
a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent,

tried to kill the director
with exploding bullets.

They don't sell those
at Walmart...Yet.


who's your supplier?


you just don't shut up,
do you?


you've got
an angle here?

When they don't talk,

usually means
they have someone to protect.

So he's just a lackey.

Probably why there wasn't
an extraction plan.

Send in the dumb guy
they can afford to lose.

No wonder he failed.

We didn't fail.

Phase one only ever had
a 13% chance of success.


Doesn't make any sense.

We had agents
all over the place,

not to mention
two inhumans.

Who would send
a sniper in there

and think
they could get away with it?

Smart money's
on the watchdogs.

Though senator nadeer may have
pointed them in my direction.

She's on
the intelligence committee,

so she had access
to my event schedule.

Nadeer has motive,
but she's too smart

to tie herself

to the assassination
of an American hero.

And mack's right --
their plan was sloppy.

The silver lining --
the director looked like

a total hero,
throwing that podium.

I bet every network
is covering it.

There is no silver lining
for that dead agent's family.

Agent MacKenzie
has a point.

can we get hq on the line?

Working on it, sir.

[ Static ]

There's some interference.

I'm having
the same problem.

If I could just get
a couple of bars,

see if we're trending --

[ explosion ]

[ Alarms blaring ]

We've lost the port engine!

Everybody hold on!

[ Alarms blaring,
electricity crackling ]


[ electricity crackles ]

Everyone okay?

[ Coughs ]
Still breathing.

I'm fine.

you all right?



he's dead.


the assassination attempt,
this crash --

it's not a coincidence.

Whoever came after us
anticipated the protocols,

knew we'd fly
to safety.

The sniper
was just their first move.

Sabotaging the quinjet
was plan b.

[ Electricity crackles ]

There's no comms.

Crash must've cut the power.

Can still try to fix it.

Hq can still track
the transponder signal.

Search and rescue
should already be on the way.

May not be that easy.

Damn it.

Can't be another emp.

Our tech is working.

Just can't get
a connection.

If this
was their plan b,

we can only assume
plan c isn't far behind.


I don't feel like sticking
around to find out what that is.

We're sitting ducks here.

We need
to get to high ground,

try to get a signal
for this sat phone.

[ Electricity crackles ]
we find Burrows.

Mack: Burrows?

Sir, the chance of him surviving
is practically --

S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't
leave a man behind.


you really think
this is our best move?

You know the saying --
if a jet crashes in the woods

and there's no one there
to hear it,

stay close to the guy
with super-strength.

[ Sighs ]


[ air hisses,
door motors whirring ]


[ monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ]

I thought this scenario
was supposed to keep her calm.

Aida: It's unclear
why her neocortical activity

is so erratic.

The environment
is quite peaceful.

We're gathering
very useful data.

Well, as long as we're not
causing the poor woman

any undue harm.

There's been
enough of that around.

Last thing we need
is another incident.

You're referencing
the actions I took

to protect your secret?

Well, the protection
i appreciate.

The homicide
was a bridge too far.

My parameters place
your security above all others.

You would have been

I was exposed
when they found a corpse!

If I terminate anyone else
for your protection,

I will dispose of the body
more discreetly.

No --
don't terminate anyone.

I have to calibrate
your settings down

to something
a little less lethal.

My apologies.

I only follow
your directives.

Yeah, well, sometimes you
follow them a little too well.

Agent Simmons knew
what you were immediately.

Agent may's decoy
will be more convincing.

She's more advanced
than I am.

Yes, and you know what you are.
She doesn't.

Her programming operates
on a subconscious level.

And you believe this will
keep her from being noticed?

If agent may
isn't aware of her mission

to retrieve the darkhold,

then she won't be able
to reveal herself.

Her programming will present
as human emotion.

She'll instinctively
climb the ranks, gain access,

and get closer
to agent coulson,

the man who knows
just where this book is.

It might be quicker for me
to search the base myself.

No, I've tried
the quick way.

Now we're playing a longer,
more nuanced game,

with less violence.

But isn't the real agent may
already prone to violence?

[ Sighs ]

How do you lose
a damn quinjet?

tell me they're alive.

I don't know.

We lost contact
approximately seven minutes ago.

Zaikin said
he wasn't alone.

This must be
phase two.

Then we may need more than
the standard rescue team.

have we made contact?

They just
dropped off the map --

no signal,
no emergency beacon, nothing.

It could be
an equipment malfunction.

When have we ever been
that lucky?

If we want our team back,
we're gonna have to act fast.

Daisy and I can take point
on the rescue mission.

Coulson would want me
to take command of Zephyr one.

Simmons, I need
expanded clearance to do that.

I'll take care
of that.

I'll make you...

Dayglo pink,
or whatever's high enough.

If we find them,
they won't be alone.

Zaikin had partners.

I'm the
highest-ranking agent here,

and contingency protocols
Grant me greater access

if the director
is missing in action.

I know that.
I wrote the damn protocols.

Besides, I have an assignment
for you.

But I could look through
mace's file for any leads.

If we've overlooked any enemies
he might have --

I'll handle this.

I'm gonna squeeze
our prisoner

like a lime wedge
on dollar beer night.


now, find me
some science-y way

to regain contact
with our men on the ground.

But we --

[ "hail to the chief" ringtone
plays ]

You all
have jobs to do.

[ Ringtone continues ]

If you'll excuse me,

I need to update
the leader of the free world.

[ Ringtone continues ]

Mr. president.

We don't know who survived,

but I've got our top agents
searching for the quinjet.

Agent Burrows has the package,

but we don't know
if he was onboard.

Yes, sir.

Let's hope for all our sakes
that director mace got it.

should have landed...

Northwest of here.

Director, we may want
to consider our options here.

Given our altitude
when the door blew,

the chances
that Burrows survived that --

I know we're only looking
for a body at this point,

but it's still
the right thing to do.

Or you really need
that briefcase.

All you need to know
is it's classified.

You know the drill.

All too well,
but I still don't know --

Hold up, hold up.

[ Vehicles approaching ]

You hear those engines?


[ sighs ]


mack: That truck must be
scrambling our communications.

I've seen
tech like that --

when we took out
a hydra stronghold in Argentina.

Can't be hydra.

I thought you and Talbot
put those guys to bed.

We dismantled
their network,

but that just sent the rats
scurrying off the sinking ship.

From squid
to rat to mutt.

Perfect watchdog material.

Priority one
is to destroy that truck

so we can
call for backup.

Too risky.


We stick to the plan.
Find the case.

Like it or not,
he's in charge.

Keep me updated,
agent Crawford.


We don't know.

Daisy and may
are looking

while I try
to restore communication.

And general Talbot's here...

In his own way.

Soothing as sandpaper,
that guy.

You collected your stuff
from Radcliffe's place?

Yeah, I did.

And, uh, hopefully,
he takes my advice

and lays low
for a while.
It's for the best.

Yeah, absolutely...

Even though the program
did show promise.

Well, promising or not,

it was a mistake.

You're right,
you're right, but...

I mean,
just to be clear,

the mistake
wasn't the program,

it was keeping the program
from you.
Fitz, let's not.

I know, but you were the brain
we needed on this.

So maybe we could just
reboot the head --

in a controlled
environment --

and then we could
diagnose the problem together.


Drop it.


[ sighs ]

Can we just let it go?

Our friends
are missing...

Maybe dead.

as always.

I just want you to understand
that I only wanted --

to prevent this very thing.
I know.

You're trying
to protect --

to protect you.

We'll find them.

Daisy's back
on the team.

And, uh...

May's too stubborn
to give up.

[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]

[ Breathing shakily ]


[ gasps ]

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Groans ]

[ Chokes ]

[ Gasps, grunts ]

[ Monitor flatlines ]


[ chokes ]

Aida, no!

[ Coughs ]

I knew
it wasn't real.

don't kill her!





The syringe, aida.

We have to sedate her.

[ Coughs ]

You bastard.


[ groans ]


what was that?

She was supposed to be
in a relaxing simulation.

She was in a day spa,
getting a hot-stone massage.

How hot
did you make the stones?

I did
exactly as you asked.

[ Groans ]

Well, at least
you didn't snap her neck,

so that's
an improvement.

Fetch some restraints.

We may have misjudged
what it takes

to keep agent may

So you're allowed
to touch Lola?

Wanted to let you know

we're a few minutes out
from the crash site.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

Did he ever
let you drive her?


I have this one image
in my head --

an early mission
of ours.

Maybe in Madrid?

Coulson had a mustache.

[ Chuckles ]
He gave me the keys

and told me
not to let anyone else know.

We're gonna find them,
you know.

I know.

I just can't shake
this feeling.

Something's off.

Off how?

With the mission
or between you and...?

Did I miss something
while I was gone?

Like what?

You know like what.

Agent may!

We've reached the crash site,
but we scanned

for 100 square miles
and there's no quinjet.

Someone must have hijacked
the transponder signal.

So where the hell
are they?

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Well, this is a fly
in the ointment.

This squad must've been
searching the debris trail.

Who knows how many others
are out there?


how worried should we be about
them getting into that thing?

It's biometrically locked.

Only I can open it.

they use explosives.


still don't feel like
telling us what's inside?


then I guess
we're doing this.

Mack and I can go around,
ice the three on the far side.

Director, you take out
the two by the case.

Are we sure
there aren't more inside?
If there are,

you can always shot put them
with your super-strength.



I'll make it work.

We have to move now.

Talbot: You need
a new strategy, son.

This silent treatment
isn't working for you.

I'm gonna ask you
one more time.

How did you know the director
was going to get on the quinjet?


We considered
every scenario,

and all eventualities
lead to our target's death.


this little
mathlete stunt

what kept you alive
when I wiped out hydra?

That's right.

I personally
had the pleasure

of putting
your outfit down.

And believe me
when I tell you --

I can make Siberia
feel like a luau

if you don't start giving me
some answers.

The hammer shatters glass
but hardens steel.

You are glass.

Okay, pushkin.


I'll go get a hammer.


[ grunts ]

I miss the cold war.

A man could do his job

without one hand
tied behind his back.

What, you've never been tempted
to use every tool in the box?

A spud wrench?

Hay hook?
Plugging chisel?

Are you speaking English?

Never mind.

How's, uh, the location
on mace?

[ Sighs ]

Tracking the quinjet's
proving near impossible.

The saboteurs have projected
a false transponder signal

while simultaneously
jamming the real one.

Simmons: We have no way
to contact the director

or the quinjet

while this jamming equipment
is still active.

This is clearly more

than some pissed-off
former squidheads.

Someone with means
is backing them.

And someone with motive.

Could be watchdogs,
senator nadeer --

again, why I should perform
a thorough analysis

of mace's file.

Leave the who and the why to me.
Just keep working.

Every minute we waste places
our friends in greater danger.

I told you,
I've got this.

You may mean well,

but you are impeding
my ability to...


what is it?

This section
of mace's file...

Project patriot --

the only people
who have access

are director mace,
general Talbot,

agent Burrows,
and now me.

You mentioned
Burrows earlier.

Any chance
it's because of this project?

Not relevant.

Burrows is always
following the director about

with that briefcase.

It's not very subtle.

What aren't you telling us,


you two do not want

to get into this right now
with me.

You knew
i had access.

You wrote the protocols,

And have been intentionally
steering me away.

You want
to tell us why?

Or should I just
read the file myself?


Clear the room.

everybody out.


there's a very good reason
director mace is never

too far away
from that briefcase.


[ icers fire ]

[ Grunts ]

Man down!

[ Grunts ]


nice shot.




[ icer fires ]

What the hell
is he doing?

I don't know.


[ briefcase beeps ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]

No, no, no, no.


[ Icer fires ]

What happened?

It was just one guy.
You could've crushed him.


no, he couldn't.

He doesn't have
inhuman powers.


he doesn't have powers
at all.


[ grunts ]


This is what gave you
your super-strength?

What is it?

Some sort of
drug cocktail.

So steroids on steroids?


You probably should've asked
for more specifics.

I know it was uniquely
calibrated for my DNA.

They told me it would
make me strong, and it did.

I never questioned
the science behind it.

And who exactly
is "they"?


Look, it's not like
we gave him cancer.

He's a superhero now.

But you lied to all of us.

It's a choice
i stand by still, 100%.

You didn't need to know.

Why did you fake
his abilities?

the decision was made

that the new director
had to be enhanced.

No candidate
fit that criteria.

So we made one.

You restarted
the erskine program.

There's no program.

Just took
a very well-vetted candidate

and turned him into the hero
and leader that we needed.

So how'd you do it?
Targeted gene therapy?

Biomechanical implants?

we used a modified version

of that formula you confiscated
from agent Johnson's father.

That's horrible!
Are you mad?

Think of the formula's
side effects --

You never fought
a juiced-up Cal.

...mood swings.
The guy nearly killed us.

We're not idiots.
We took the bad stuff out.

Most of it, anyway.

Oh, oh, okay. So you're just --
you're just mostly idiots.


We only gave it to him

when he needed to put on a show
for a congressman --

say, lift a car,
something like that.

He was coming off the final dose
when zaikin took a shot at him.

We don't know
if he got the next one.

Which is what Burrows had
in that briefcase.

Without it,

mace is about as strong
as a paper bag in a rainstorm.

Explains why you were so eager
to find Burrows.

God, I shouldn't have
dragged him into this.

And you two --

I hate that you're out here
without protection.

What, you think we need you
to protect us?

No, I...




and I only lied
'cause those were my orders.

When your country calls,
you answer.

Mack: Yeah, well, you won't
be answering anything

if we don't get
that bullet wound patched up.

Maybe there's a first-aid kit
in that ranger station.


not a great time
for round two.


so even if they survived
the crash,

they could be stranded
in the wilderness,

on the run from a band
of ex-hydra thugs,

unaware that their
enhanced asset is a charlatan.

No need to be melodramatic,

but yeah,
that's it.

[ Sighs ]

Fitz, is there any other way
to fix the transponder signal?


If I had a day,
maybe I could find a workaround,

but in an hour,
not so much.

Then we need
to break zaikin.

There's no time
for anything else.

What do you think
I've been trying to do?

The russki isn't talking.

we need to come at it
from a different angle.

We have to try and find a way
to motivate him.


I know that look.


I don't.

What are you thinking?


[ door lock beeps ]


I've seen
American movies.

Good cop,
bad cop, no?

I told you
I'd bring a hammer.

It wasn't just hydra

who had operatives
within S.H.I.E.L.D.

It was
the other way around, too.

I learned a lot undercover.

I can't deny

hydra had some very persuasive
interrogation methods.

You like statistics.

Here's one for you --

there's a 100% chance
i get inside your head.

The question is how long
you'll live afterwards.

You're so weak.

You bring in this woman
to scare me?

The last hydra operative
we captured

didn't take agent Simmons
seriously, either.

What's that saying
you're so fond of at hydra?


zaikin admitted to being hired
by the watchdogs.

Fitz: Their plan
was to take down the quinjet

in rural West Virginia.

We weren't even searching
in the right state.

The comms
are still jammed,

but at least we've
narrowed down the search area.

Well, hopefully mace
can hold these guys off

until we find them.


Um, I'm not so sure
about that.


Won't be long

before they find
the other guys we ice'd.

What's the situation?

We got good news
and bad news.

The good news is,

the transmitter truck's
parked out by that tool shed,

so we've got a chance
to disable it.

But the bad news --

there's a squad of
heavily armed mercs guarding it.

And it's only
a matter of minutes

till they bust down
that door.

Should've left me in the woods
when you had the chance.

Not helping.


what's the plan,


time to suit up,

You heard the part where
i don't have powers, right?


But they don't know that.


mace: You know
you're being lied to, right?

I can only speculate
as to who hired you --

probably some burly guys
in dog masks --

but they're working
for senator nadeer,

and what she really wants
is inside this case.

It's a cure --
for inhumans.

Hold your fire.

I don't suppose she told you
how much this was worth.

Probably a lot more
than she's paying you.

If you're making me an offer,
get on with it.


looks like we got
two choices here.

Either I crush this case
down to the size of a baseball

and nobody gets
what they want, or --

or we could kill you
and take it.

Try if you want.

I'm ready to go toe-to-toe
all day.


but I'm the only one
who can open this case.


[ grunts ]


I'd rather end this
without any bloodshed --

by which I mean yours.

So why don't you just
put your guns down and, uh...

We'll talk this through.

[ Machine-gun fire ]


I don't think
they want to talk.

You distracted them
long enough.

Mack made short work
of that truck.

So what do we do now?


[ Gun clicking ]


it's not an axe,
but I'll take it.

[ Grunts ]


I'm running out.

I'm running low, too.

Help me
get this table.

[ Machine-gun fire ]

They're about to breach
that door.

How's your aim?

Talbot ran me through some basic
training when I got this job,

but I didn't think
I'd need it --

with the super-strength
and all.

No better time
to practice

than when your life
depends on it.

[ Rumbling ]

Is that...?

[ Rumbling continues ]


where's mack?

[ Grunts ]


I'm gonna
make this hurt!

[ Grunts ]

About damn time.

[ Grunting ]


you okay?

Yeah. Fine.

All right, let's get
the hell out of here.

Agent may is resilient.

She never stops fighting,
yet she showed more distress

before she woke
than during the fight.

That's odd.



It makes perfect sense.

The flaw
isn't in the hardware.


it was in may herself.

The simulation was rejected
because agent may

thrives in conflict and chaos,
not tranquility.

She's a warrior.

You're saying fighting
against me stabilized her?


If we want her to accept
the simulation,

we need to give her
an opponent to fight,

an enemy to vanquish,
a dragon to slay.

Shall I design a dragon?


I have something else
in mind.


don't worry.

I'm gonna figure out
what broke you.

[ Electronic voice ]
Thank you, Fitz.

Thank you.

Simmons: Fitz?


ah. There you are.
You hungry?

Yeah. Famished.

I was, um...

Just locking away
aida's head -- for good.

Let's never look
at that awful thing again.

Well, you never know.

You might want to go all
"godfather" on somebody else.


is it weird
that I found that attractive?


You handled Talbot
like a pro.

Oh, please.

Coulson always
made it look so easy.

Really, Glenn?
You should be
thanking me.

We're in the middle
of an arms race.

World war III
is gonna be decided

by whoever has
more enhanced assets.

You need inhumans
to trust S.H.I.E.L.D.

And your plan to earn
their trust was to lie to them?

If you'd consulted me,

I probably would have
advised against that --

which is exactly
why I didn't.

Keep digging that hole,
see how that works out for you.

You needed a face
for your poster.


Your girl Daisy
went rogue.

The president tasked me

with finding
the next captain America.

Not an easy job,
but I did it.

I delivered a patriot --
a bona fide American hero!

That man could have done
anything after Vienna.


Could we have the room,


You're taking his side?

After everything
we've done for you?



you'd think a damn spy

would understand the need
to keep a secret.


after the explosion,
everything was...


People were screaming.

I had smoke
in my eyes.


I wanted
to get to safety.


I tripped.


I didn't even know
she was there.

Someone snapped
a picture.

So you just
went with it.

I tried to deflect.

Everyone thought
i was being modest.

But they were treating me

like the man
i always wanted to be.

Few months later,

Talbot came to me
with an offer.

I thought
i could be the face

to end
inhuman prejudice.

And you wanted
to help.

I thought I could.

I believe...

That inhumans
deserve the same rights

as anyone else
in this country.

I'll call
a press conference...


Reinstate you as director.


you're not
going anywhere.

[ Picture frame slams ]

Excuse me?

still needs a face.

Sure, you lied,
but you were good at it,

even with a gun pointed at you,
and that's not nothing.

So -- so what do you --
what do you want me to do?

Same thing
you've been doing --

defend S.H.I.E.L.D.
to the public, play the hero.

Keep the title,
handle the politics.

I never
loved that part, anyway.

But when it comes
to operations,

make no mistake --

from now on,
I'm calling the shots.

[ Wincing ]

[ Breathing heavily ]




Hey, you need help
with that?

Uh, no, it's, uh --
it's just a scratch.

Um, coulson's gathering everyone
in the director's office.

I'll see you in there.

Are you sure
you're okay?

Never better.


Robbie: They say
when the rider burns you,

he burns your soul.

[ Tires squeal ]

[ Engine revving ]

You don't get to decide
who deserves to die.

Robbie: I'm not the one
who decides.

[ Screams ]

agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. --

ghost rider."

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[ Giggles ]
Where are we going?

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