Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Many Heads, One Tale - full transcript

Dangerous facts about the ATCU are discovered by the team; Ward's plans to take down S.H.I.E.L.D. do not go as expected.

Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

You made some mistakes in your gameplay.

You don't even know
the game I'm playing.

Remember this?

- Yeah, from the castle chamber.
- Okay. What if the group

who carved this symbol
into the chamber door

is the same group that sent
Will through the portal?

I've only killed
those who deserve it.

Who the hell made you
judge, jury, and executioner?

If we put Andrew
in stasis as a human,

it'll slow his transformation,
giving us more time to find a cure.

I wanted to apologize
for missing our meeting at Norad.

I will bring him to you soon enough.

- Time is of the essence.
- I'll be in touch.

How about some breakfast?

3x08 - "Many Heads, One Tale"

The octopus is one of the
great symbols of Hydra...

supremely intelligent, highly adaptable,

and they are ruthless killers.
A nearly perfect predator.

Same can be said of you.

Well, it's a terrifying symbol,
but not my idea of dinner.

Then again, I am adaptable.

- I hope you can be, too.
- Well, that depends on your request.

You're one of the last
heads of Hydra's old guard.

Thanks in no small part to you.

You should be thanking me.
I trimmed the fat from your ranks.

You weren't just trimming the fat
going after the Von Strucker boy.

You were digging.
And I know what you were hoping to find.

You're chasing rumors, ghosts.

The Von Strucker family
vault does not exist.

Truthfully, I'd believe you if you
hadn't sacrificed the only heir to it.

And you control the vault now, right?

That vault is said to have
Hydra's greatest power.

Why don't you and I
put it to good use?

Hydra is a complicated organization,

and I don't have time
to give you a history lesson.

I do have some long-standing plans

that are finally coming together,
and your simple vendetta...

doesn't currently fit in with them.

- I will find that vault.
- You're a smart predator.

But you don't live on
top of the food chain.



So, Malick wanted me slaughtered,

which means I'm on the right track.

See, I know where the vault is.

Just don't know how to get in.

Which creates a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

for anyone who has
accompanied him there.

We're not helping you.

Well, then...

who's on the bottom
of the food chain now?

That's the compound we
used to tranquilize Andrew.

Those tanks should be enough
to keep him sedated if need be.

- Tell me we're doing the right thing.
- We are.

He'll be put in stasis,
held in human form,

before that thing can
completely take him over.

And the cure you're working on?

We're throwing everything we can at it.

He was one of the good ones... is.

I know he was a friend.
You're doing all you can.

We'll keep you up to
speed on everything we do.

Maybe you should come to the
base in the next day or so,

- talk me through it.
- Anyone gonna talk to her?

She'll talk when she's ready.

Hey, stop. Stop. Stop.

Okay, just go before you drop
another priceless manuscript.

Why don't you go
deface a Picasso or something?

- Fitz, what are you doing?
- They're all idiots.

- Be nice.
- Sorry. Well-meaning idiots.

It's been a rough day.

- You brought in all these books?
- Every volume

on symbolic anthropology
and iconography I could find.

Hopefully it matches, um...

It's the ram's head symbol.

I think Will's distant star Pathfinder
program hid it in the logo.

About 200 years after the
group studying the Monolith

chiseled it into the
floor of the castle.

Yeah. No coincidence there.

If we get lucky,
tracing its origin could give us

some sort of insight into how to save...

Just feel so bad for May.

I don't know how you get over that.

She's been giving me the
hate stare since I got here.

I had to sleep with
one eye open last night.

- But you slept.
- Yeah, for the first time in a long time.

I've been running long
enough to appreciate it,

secret underground
base no one knows about,

even if you all live on top of
each other like keebler elves.

It's one roof, but it's big.
Lots of space.

Not that you need to keep your space.

- I know.
- Uh... I'm sorry I moved in.

- I hope it's not weird.
- Weird?

We kissed. That happened.

- Do we need to talk about it?
- Nope. We do not need to.

Why don't we just see what happens?

- Will that happen again?
- Planning takes the fun out of it.

Plus, you know, you'll have
tougher decisions to face, right?

You can't just stay here.
Coulson only lets people in the base

who have a role in his game plan.

I feel like you're gonna tell me

- I didn't make little league all-stars.
- It's Rosalind, sir.

I know you two have grown closer,

and I'm concerned that
maybe you might, uh...

- um, maybe you two...
- You can say it.

- Are you sleeping together?
- That's none of your business.

I'm sorry to press,
sir, but I need to know.

Do you have feelings for her,
or are you playing an angle?

Again, not your business.

But you really think I'm that guy?

If not, then it is my business,

because now you're bringing
her, the head of the ATCU,

- into our hidden base.
- Easy, Mack. I like Roz.

Whether she can be trusted...
yet to be determined.

- How is that not a deal breaker?
- Because the only spies

without trust issues
are either young or dead.

I hope I can trust Roz.
I want to.

That's why I'm bringing
her here face-to-face...

so I can look her in
the eye and find out.

Meanwhile, the rest of you
will have to go behind her back.

Today, we're launching
Operation Spotlight.

The objective...

to peer into every
shadowy corner of the ATCU.

The last few days have been hard.

What happened with Dr. Garner is tragic,

but it has also created
a rare moment of opportunity for us.

The ATCU brought Dr.
Garner's containment

module into their research facility.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to use
that as a way to gain access.

Going in on the ground
will be Bobbi and Hunter.

Quarterbacking from Zephyr One
will be Daisy and Mack.

- Handling extraction... May and...
- Him.

Okay. I guess the new guy
will gain a firsthand look

of our operations with Agent May.
Let me be clear.

I want to know everything...
what's inside the facility,

how close they are to this
cure they've been working on,

which Inhumans they're holding
and where they came from,

and finally, what it is the
ATCU actually wants with them.

- Questions?
- Yeah.

Why now?

Because I think the head of
the ATCU finally trusts me.

I'd like that feeling to be mutual.

Let's get to work.

That answer your concerns?

Just raises all new ones.

You've kept quiet.
I admire that.

These babies burn up to 2,600 degrees.

I was a bit of a pyro when I was a kid.

Got me into some real trouble.

But damn if I don't love the
sound of that gas igniting.

You have to incorporate
what you love into your work.

You see, the trick is,

you want them to know it's gonna hurt.

Build anticipation.

But you have to let them
imagine a better world.

You could walk into
Strucker's vault with me.

You just have to show me how.

We can go in there
together, share what we find.

You can torch us all you want!
There's nothing to tell!

He uses different people
when he travels to Zepkow.

And even they don't know
where the vault's buried.

Zepkow. Germany.

I lied.

Strucker has many vaults.
I know them all.

Just didn't know Zepkow
was the one I needed.

Be proud. You stayed quiet.

You would've fit in good with my men.

Miss Price...

...welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Not exactly running things

out of your mom's basement, are we?

Did you give it a slick code name?

- Classified. But to me, it's home.
- That's cute.

Almost as cute as flying me in
circles for six hours on a plane.

I don't know if I'm in
Albuquerque or Albania.

Imagine the possibilities.
And be flattered.

I waived our usual blindfold protocol.

Oh, don't say you're
going soft, director.

Then again, completely disabled
my phone for the entire flight.

Couldn't even check my
fantasy-football scores.

Such cruelty.
I can reactivate the phone,

but we'll need to sweep
for wireless sniffers first.

Two words I never want to hear again.

Go for it, cowboy.

You left your
intelligence-gathering phone

at your apartment, didn't you?

I almost didn't, but I
thought it might be rude.

Please. We expect nothing less.

Incoming data upload
from Rosalind's phone.

Let's wake up the ATCU I.T. asap.

Oh, yeah. That's my favorite episode.

I mean, Darlene was set up perfectly...
every word she said. Whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did you see that?

What was that?

- Did you just hack the ATCU?
- No, but the containment module

broadcasts some pretty intense
encrypted homing signals.

You put it inside a corporate office,

and it'll wig the I.T.
department out real good.

FBI cyber investigative task force.

How may I help you, Mr., uh, Wilson?

What exactly is going on over there?

Well, multiple agency servers
have been attacked in the

last few minutes, and the
traffic traces back to your IPs.

We've already, uh, dispatched
a rapid-response unit to your location.

Please, just cooperate fully.
Should be fine.

I can assure you,
they're our absolute best.

Listen, Agent Phillips,
our systems check out perfectly, okay?

We're showing no signs of a breach.

I don't think you'll be necessary here.
I think that it was a glitch.

A glitch, yeah.

Of course it looks like a glitch.
That's the point.

You congratulate yourself,
crisis averted, then go home,

never noticing the polymorphic root kit

buried deep inside your system...

until hackers activate it to...

bypass that sweet, stateless multi...

factor authentication...

code you are so bloody proud of.

- Red Sox fan?
- Red coats, actually.

- This guy does not look like FBI.
- He wasn't.

Dane here crashed the Pentagon servers,
Mossad's, Ashley Madison.

He's the best consultant we have.

Otherwise, he'd be in jail or...
I'd have shot him by now.

If he says that you
have a problem, listen.

Our system's airtight.

Well, if your system's so secure,

- how'd your staff's credentials leak out?
- What?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

There's no way someone
got past our software.

Who said anything about software?

We think hardware was smuggled in.

You called, detecting
some sort of broadcast?

The ATCU security is way too strong.

Was nothing brought into this
facility in the last 24 hours?

No. Our employee's keys
don't make it past security.

We haven't brought in
anything, except the, uh...

Oh, no.
I need to make a phone call.

We've had some major
breakthroughs here...

advances in alien biology,
robotics, prosthetics.

Well, it cuts a hell of a silhouette.

You know, they mostly got it right.

So you did reactivate it.

Hello, I.T. department

that calls me only
when there's a problem.

- What's the problem?
- There's an FBI task force here.

An energy pulse was
detected inside our facility

right before, um...
an apparent security leak.

- Have you found the cause?
- Well, ma'am, I think it could be

the S.H.I.E.L.D. containment
module we brought in.

Dearest, is it possible
that your containment module

tried to access the ATCU's system?

It scans any local network it finds.

- All our hardware does.
- Well, we noticed,

and we're gonna have to go
ahead and shut that down.

Can't blame a guy for trying.

Hey, Steve, you're supposed to protect
the ATCU from things like this.

So play nice with the FBI's
task force, and fix it.

You're lucky you're cute.

We really have to figure
out other ways to flirt.

Are you alphabetizing those?

Don't be ridiculous.
I'm organizing them by subject and date.

No, you're procrastinating.

Is there something so terrible
about a comprehensive system?

- Why don't you want to go look
into one of... - I've been looking.

I just don't like what I'm seeing.

You found a lead?

Will wasn't sent on a mission.
He was sacrificed.

The symbol used for his space program?

Tied to ritualistic blood sacrifice.
People working with NASA.

Between this and Andrew,

I have that sinking
feeling again, Fitz...

that we never really
know who's next to us.

Thank you.
These should keep me warm.

This gonna get you in trouble?

- Up here, I control everything.
- Always?

You ever find yourself
completely out of control?

I'll be in Moscow soon
enough with a day off.

Come see for yourself.

I wish I could, but
I'm not going to Moscow.

This was the only flight I
could find passing over Zepkow.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please return to your seats,
and keep your seatbelts fastened.

You may experience some
turbulence coming up.

Don't be alarmed.

That's just your pilot diving
to equalize cabin pressure

before you freeze to death.

Oh, and, uh... from all
of us here at Hydra,

thanks for flying the friendly skies.

These symbols trace back
thousands of years...

groups obsessed with death
and ritualistic killings.

It's intertwined with the
origin of pagan devil myths.

And then, suddenly, there they were,
secretly funding NASA missions.

They knew something.
These texts go back 1,000 years.

Fitz, there's nothing in
here to help open the portal.

- Of course there is.
- No, it's just copious examples

of how this group was evil
and used Will as a blood offering.

But if we can find out their goal,

we can find out how
they tried to achieve it.

Even if we have to stay up all night,
we'll find something...

- something to help us bring back Will.
- You have to stop!

Excuse me?

Stop! Just stop trying to
do all the right things!

It's too much.

- Is this a silver tie-clip camera?
- Platinum. 1963.

Wow. You really are
a S.H.I.E.L.D. lifer.

I bet there's a story
behind each one of these

that I'd love to hear.

I have a real soft spot
for that golden age.

- They recruit you out of college?
- Mm-hmm.

- Studying...
- History.

I started to inadvertently
uncover how much of that history

S.H.I.E.L.D. had helped to shape,
so they snatched me up.

So, you've really never
known anyone in S.H.I.E.L.D.?

- I find that hard to believe.
- Only in passing.

Come on.
You can tell me if you have.

I'm the director. You're
inside our secret base.

You know, I hate to disappoint
you, Phil, but until recently,

I was in the normal intelligence
game, not paranormal.

You're my first.

You know, I got to admit.

I didn't picture you
keeping things so analog.

Yeah, files, book, vinyl.
There's a tactile benefit...

the way they feel in your
hands, the wear and tear.

- Oh, the smell.
- Ah.

- I love the smell of books.
- Helps me think.

Besides, we both know

how vulnerable the digital
world is to infiltration.

So sorry, Steve-O.
Nothing worse for an I.T. guy

than someone logging into a terminal.

Makes you feel violated, doesn't it?

How do we know he's not just
looking for exploits to get

into our system when it goes
back to being a black hat?

Oh, there's no going back for Dane.

But I am here to find the exploits,

and I'm gonna need a
log-in to determine if...

the trojan horse hardware emitted
a signal pulse that allows access...

to your UDP or TCP ports, mate.

Have you checked that yet?

You can use a command prompt
to enter a guest username.

And unwittingly give us remote access.

Okay, Hunter, type this in...

"C," colon, forward slash, "system",

Forward slash, "request user."

Hunter. Oh, God.

Please tell me you know
which one is forward slash.

Yes. Typing.

I'm just helping your
sluggish code keep up.

- Hilarious.
- And the username.

The username...
"God save the Queen."

Yeah, I let him pick it.


May, you're up.

Agent May said she wants
you with her on this, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Well, then, I suggest you move your ass.

All right. There.

Bobbi, enhanced specimen control...

North, stairs at the end of the hall,

three floors down in
the science division.

Ringing your phone now.


My superiors on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I need to step away for a moment
to give them my full report.


Check that section.

See how many Inhumans
they're keeping in there.

And grab any samples
of the potential cure.

Now all Hunter has to do is
run his mouth and waste time.

Oh, he excels at that. Daisy?

Thank you.


So, you need me to do anything?

Why bring me if you're
not even gonna talk to me?

Where do you get off?

Are you seriously mad at me?

I'm mad at myself for roping
you into this! It's not fair.

And I'm mad that you're
so willing to help.

As opposed to what?
What do you expect?

I don't know! Get angry.

I cannot fathom any way out of this

without hurting someone I care about.

You think that I'm not angry?!
I'm sick to my stomach.

I'm furious, but not at you!

'Cause we're cursed. The bloody
cosmos wants us to be apart.

- The cosmos doesn't want anything.
- Yeah, well, I beg to differ.

'Cause we had
years side-by-side.

Never occurred to us.
And then when it does,

we don't have the
courage to talk about it.

Well, you only mentioned
it at the bottom of the sea,

- facing certain death.
- You wait until I'm bound

for a war on an aircraft carrier,

and then you get swept off
to some far-flung planet.

With him.
Top-marks pilot astronaut hero man.

- I would do anything...
- Do you love him?

I don't know. I think...


Yeah. Yeah, of course you do.
Of course you do.

He's strong and smart,

and you gave each other
hope on the edge of nowhere.

- Don't do this, Fitz.
- You think I didn't look for dirt on him?

I did. And there's nothing.

I can't hate him.
He's great.

Why else would you fall for him?
He did everything right.

And you dove
through a hole in the universe for me!

We're cursed.

Fitz, is that what I think it is?

Andrew was a Phd in psychology.
Now he's a specimen.

Open sesame.

Dr. Garner, I'm so sorry about everything.

No one warned me there'd be a flight.
Who are you?

I'm Gideon Malick.
I advise the president's staff,

And I want to assure you that
we're working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

- to do everything we can to help you.
- With what? A cure?

I know how pharmaceuticals work.

What are you? A decade
away from treatment?

It strikes me that no one's asked
if you even want treatment.

They haven't asked your opinion
on the situation at all, have they?


But, then, all they see is a killer.

Well, surely, you have
taken a hard stance,

but, then, this is an
invading alien contagion

which S.H.I.E.L.D. has known
about for quite some time.

They protected no one... including you.

There's more nuance to
S.H.I.E.L.D. than that.

Why worry about them?

S.H.I.E.L.D. has good intentions
but questionable methods.

That much is true.
They can't help themselves

from jumping into the deep
end of dangerous waters.

We agree on more than we don't.

I can help you, Dr. Garner.
But first, I need to know what else

S.H.I.E.L.D. has been hiding from us.

Andrew isn't here.

Guys, are you sure
this is the right area?

That's the place.

Well, there are no
Inhumans being held here.

Let Coulson know.
And as far as a cure,

it doesn't look like they're
taking tissue samples,

studying cell response.
Not in here, anyway.

If they're not working
on a cure in there,

then what are they doing?

Daisy, anything on medications

they've compiled for study?

Because I'm not positive, but those look
an awful lot like fish-oil pills.

I'll look.

There's no better
time to be a hacker, really.

I mean, nowadays, every
human on the planet...

kids have computers in
their pockets, you know?

Instead of stealing candy from a baby,

you're stealing their parents'
credit-card information.

- Okay, I'm gonna grab some coffee.
- Mm-hmm.

I'll have a cup of tea, please.

Oh, bollocks.

Uh, people,
it's time to download everything

we can and make our getaway.

Our friend Mr. Banks has just showed up,

and I do not have a
handkerchief to cover my face...

- And that would be weird, anyhow.
- Copy that.

They're not studying medication, Bobbi.
They're administering them,

giving mandatory supplements
to all their employees.

"To prevent infection"...
uh, soldiers, office workers.

And it says, "any public witnesses."

- Oh, no.
- They're playing the odds,

giving Terrigen to as
many people as they can.

They're not trying to
cure Inhumans, they're...

They're turning them.


Do you expect me to stay in
this room overnight, Phil?

'Cause I might need a little persuading.

- No, it's you who needs to convince me.
- Convince you?

That you're not Hydra.


Otherwise, you're never
leaving this room again.

What a hell you're doing, Phil?

Getting the truth out
of you once and for all.

- Is this a joke?
- I'm not laughing.

What, you think there's
some hidden secret

you can just scare out of me?

I have my people
infiltrating your facility.

I'm getting the truth regardless,

so this is your final
chance to come clean.

They won't find anything out
that I wouldn't happily tell them.

What's wrong with you?
Stop lying.

Why don't you tell
me who you really are,

who you work for, and
what you're hiding?

What the hell is wrong
with you? Look at you.

- I'm done playing games.
- I wasn't playing games.

I thought...

I thought there was
something between us...

something real

that wasn't just based in this
spycraft-manipulation crap.

You really think this emotional
appeal's gonna work right now?

No, because you have no emotions.

This was all a plan?

To sleep with me, gain trust,
and take advantage?

- Don't try to talk your way out of this.
- Or even sadder,

you didn't plan to sleep with me,

but you just have such deep issues

that you stopped trusting
me as soon as you did.

You lied to me.

Andrew isn't being kept at
your ATCU facility, is he?

Of course not.

Are you torturing me?
Is that the idea?

Drag me around, waiting for
the other shoe to drop?

I know how dangerous you are.

But if you blame me for bringing
out the monster in that man,

I'm not apologizing for that.

I've been trying to
figure out what to say,

because I do want to apologize...
to you.

For Andrew.

He killed your friends in cold blood,
tried to kill you.

I'm sorry.

I should've known.

I should be thanking you

for being willing to put
those bullets in him when you did.

May, Bobbi and
Hunter may need extraction

sooner than we thought.

Can't charm my way out of this one.

Hunter, I'm gonna need
you to get down here,

and bring me my briefcase.

Almost finished?

Uh, yeah, things have got really
complicated in here just now.

Um, listen, Steve, you
seem like a really good guy,

and you were spot-on about
not being able to trust me,

just wrong about why.
See, I'm not very good at computers.


Now, now, now!

- Gonna need that briefcase!
- Coming as fast as I can, love.

Of course we don't keep
Inhumans at that facility.

We can't risk some duplicitous nut case
breaking in to look around.

Looks like we made the right move.

- You're always one step ahead.
- I feel like an idiot

that I thought you were different.

Stop with the mind games!
I'll admit, you're good.

Pretending to fall for me...

well enough that I actually
went along for the ride.

But in the back of my mind,

I always had one finger
on the eject button.

That's because you're
incapable of anything else.

Because you slipped up.


The first time we met,

you tried to get under my
skin, talking about Tahiti.

So I was hoping against all hope
that today, you would confirm

a high-level source
from within S.H.I.E.L.D.,

but you claim you have none.

- That's because I've been honest.
- The only other possible way

that you could know about that
is if you got your intel from Hydra.

So why don't you share your source?

I'm not sharing anything
with you anymore.

I didn't think so.

Except for this.
You know what?

To be honest, I did fall for you, Phil.

I did.
But it turns out you're impenetrable.

You like to joke about your
robot hand and not being human.

- I'm not sure you're so off the mark.
- Yeah, that means a lot coming from you.

You were stabbed through the heart.

You must derive sadistic pleasure
in doing the same to others.

At least I didn't use the
story of my dead husband

to sell the idea that the
ATCU was working on a cure

when we both know that's a lie.

- How dare you mention...
- Oh, cut the melodrama.

My agent at the center
of your compound confirmed

that you're not trying to cure Inhumans.

You're making as many as you can.

What are you talking about?

"Enhanced specimen control."

They're inside, Roz, so
you know what they found.

No. No one's allowed on those
floors for risk of infection.

Intentional infection.

I got to admit, handing out
the contaminant as a cure...

- No, that's not what we...
- That's especially sinister.

No, I get weekly reports fr...
from Malick.

- Excuse me?
- Gideon Malick.

I know the name. Industrialist.

- He once served on the world council.
- He's a friend.

I've worked with him more than a decade.
H-He advises the president's staff,

helped design the ATCU,
oversees the science... division.

He gave me the Tahiti intel.

- Connection's down.
- Look. Last file we pulled...

a catalog of all the Inhumans
they turned and put into stasis.

- But...
- Let me guess.

They didn't put them all in stasis.

Well, once again, too
little and too late.

I'll remind you that we're
basically the same height.

I just don't wear bloody heels.

Aliens! I pine for the days
days where we didn't have

to fight bloody aliens.
It's just not a fair fight.

Let's see if we
can level the playing field.


Your batons?
That's your game-changer?

Well, all right, then.

- Let me make a call to my people.
- Your people?

Yeah, I don't see that happening.

If Malick went to these lengths,
your agents are in serious danger.

- I can get them out.
- Or sell them out.

Phil, look at me.

Please believe
that I don't know what's going on.

We need answers... both of us.

And if you don't let me
get on the phone right now,

we lose everything.

Well, that'll buy us very little time.

Come with me.
I'll get you out of here.

If you're worried you can't
trust me, worry on the move.

He'll lead them to the
Northwest parking lot.

You hear that?

May is en route.

I don't see them.

Got them.

I'm hardly ever impressed.

I've shaken hands with presidents,

held technology from other planets...
didn't really faze me.

But I got to tell ya, I'm at
a loss for words.

- You left me to die.
- I left those men there to kill ya,

but you... you cut
through them like cake.

And to locate this
place, much less get here?


I only got here a few
minutes before you,

and I have my own jet.

- This was all just a test?
- No, I wanted you dead.

You pose a legitimate threat
to everything that I've built.

But now...

now I'm beginning to think
that maybe I was looking at it

from the wrong angle.

You just might be Hydra's second head

- that's grown right next to me.
- I should kill you.

Then you'd miss that history
lesson we've been talking about.

I know you're all about
rebooting Hydra and all that.

But do you know much about
our history, our origin?

World War II.

Red Skull used Nazi funding
to build this whole...

Oh, no, no.
Red Skull was following

the principal that Hydra was built upon,

that the ultimate power
was not of this world.

But Hydra... well, we're
much, much older than that.

Hydra's actually as
ancient as this stone.

This one here and other
surviving stones like it

have been passed down
for 100 generations.

Keep your eye on it, Mr. Ward.

You don't want to miss
it when it does its thing.

This was cut from a much larger stone,

a monolith that possesses
otherworldly properties.

It's a portal to another world.

He recruited me in '01.

I met him when his company was
consulting on a program at...

- At NASA.
- Yes, how did you...

Thousands of years ago,

an Inhuman was born on this planet
that was destined to rule it,

so powerful, so fearsome
that others were consumed with dread,

and so they banished it from the Earth,

sent it through the
portal to a distant planet.

Hydra was founded

with the sole purpose of
engineering its return.

Over generations, Hydra's
taken different shapes.

The entity has been
given different names.

But every generation has
sent men through the portal,

hoping to save or at least serve

our leader on the other side.

Now we're building an army

for it to command when it returns,

and you and I will rule beside it.

That's, uh... a lot to take in.

Well, it's a tall tale.

I know.

And why exactly should
I believe a word of it?

Because we're closer than
ever to the final chapter.

We're gonna write it ourselves.
But you don't have to believe me.

I know you want revenge,

to cut the head off of
S.H.I.E.L.D., to watch it writhe.

- I'll help you do that.
- And in return?

You'll help me learn
how S.H.I.E.L.D. was able

to achieve something with the portal

that Hydra, in thousands of years,

- has never been able to accomplish.
- And what is that?

They brought someone back.


Someone want to fill me in?

How long are you gonna keep me in here
without any idea of what's going on?

No, no, no, no, no, no!
I don't need to be sedated anymore.

I just... I just...
I need to talk to someone

about what's going on.

All right.

Let's talk.
I could use a session with you, doc.

I seem to be carrying around
a lot of baggage these days.

It's nice to finally meet you.

- My name is Grant...
- I know who you are.

- What are you doing here?
- Learning.

Spent a good few days educating myself.

Now we get to learn about you.

You feeling powerful behind this glass?

Well, you're gonna die...
with a hole in your chest.

You can try to sedate
me, but I promise...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

No, this isn't the sedation
compound from S.H.I.E.L.D.

this is chloroethyl sulfide...

It's, uh, basically mustard gas.

You see, S.H.I.E.L.D. showed
us how to turn the monster off.

Now we want to know
how to turn that back on.

Oh, uh,
I also wanted to thank you

for helping me find closure.
You see, I thought I knew

all the best ways to bring Melinda pain.

But you...

May thinks I'm a monster,
but you actually become one.


I guess we know her type.