Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Among Us Hide... - full transcript

The stakes get higher as May and Hunter pursue Ward and Hydra; Coulson thinks the ATCU could be keeping a big secret.

Previously on "marvel's
agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Why do you want to rebuild
the portal, Jemma?

Simmons: Because I have to
get back there.

We're gonna
get him back.

Daisy: I saw something.
Lash can turn into a person.

I mean, think about it.
He could be anybody.

I know you really want to get
back into action, agent morse,

but the answer's no.

Understood, sir.

If I don't call off my men,

Dr. Andrew garner
is a dead man.

All you have to do
is put your weapons down,

and I'll let you go.

I'm sorry.
May: No!


Agent may?

He's alive.

[ Monitors beeping ]

Possible pneumo on the right.
Let's get him on the monitor.

He's dry.

I'm starting him
on another liter of fluid.

May: Andrew...

What happened?

I went
into the store.

I...I had
a headache.

I needed something.

One of my students
was there.

Was, uh...

Hey, professor.

[ Lighter clicking ]

Where you been?

...transfer student.

He only started
a few weeks ago.

Had two men with him.

You know,
my experience is limited,

but I'd say
they were professionals.

It was hydra.


don't know why
they'd be after me.

I do.

this isn't your fault.

How'd you survive?



he had a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent
tailing me.

The man
saved my life.


he gave me time
to find cover,

and he must've caught Alex
off guard

because nothing went
exactly as planned.


the kid
had a lighter.


I barely made it
to the door.

The blast must've
thrown me clear.

The next thing I remember,
you were there, picking me up.

[ Sighs ]

I'm lucky.

Can't see how anyone
would've survived that.

Now, I know Alex is trouble,
but I'm not sorry he's gone.

Ward would've made him
finish the job.


what if ward --

he won't.

You're safe now.
We got you.

We'll let the doctor
work on you.

You need
to get some rest.

Where the hell
do you think you're going?

Uh, I think
I'm going to see Andrew.


I just want to make sure
he's all right.

You're the reason
he's not.

Ward was gonna hurt him
no mat--

I made
the most logical choice.


You wanted revenge.

Hey, hey, hey!

Coulson's orders
were to end him.

I had one shot.
I took it.

And you missed.
You're off that assignment.


Then put me on it.


let me
go after him.

Are you back?

I'm back.


ward: S.H.I.E.L.D. sent a man
to assassinate me.

He came into my house
and tried to kill me.

'Cause you
let him in.

You were sloppy.

I followed
your protocol.

He killed a man
to get close to you.

He wanted you dead
that much.

They all want me dead
that much.


now we have
a dangling thread.

Von strucker.

You shouldn't have sent a boy
to do a man's job.

Not really sure
you'd have blended in

as an undergrad
watching garner, kebo.

Has Von strucker
called in?


so, he's either captured,
killed, or he's running.

And only one of those options
works for us.

The kid
knows too much.

So go and find him
before S.H.I.E.L.D. does.

And if
he's still alive...

Take care of him.



How you holding up?
I'm pissed.

I got manhandled
by lash,

and it messed up our chance
to see the atcu facility.

But -- good news --
i have a theory.

I like theories.

Lash was tracking us.

He knew
where our truck was.

He -- he needed inside info
for that.

You think he's got access
to atcu information?

No, I...

I think
he's in the atcu.

We know
that he can transform himself

into a regular-sized guy
and back.

What if he's hiding out
as one of them?

That's a scary thought.

I've got rosalind giving me
a tour of her operation today.

Let me see
what I find there.

I'll see what I can get
on lash's identity.

And whatever you dig into, try
to keep it off rosalind's radar.

I need her
to trust me today.

You're not having a hard time
working her, are you?

Not getting
too attached?

[ Scoffs ]

You do this
long enough,

you learn to cut yourself off
from all that.

Makes it easier
to do the job.



is may
really back for good?

I'm not sure.

Right now,
she's out for blood.


i heard about Andrew.

How's he --

hey! Ohh!

What the hell?!

Hunter nearly cost Andrew
his life,

and he was doing it
for you.

I-i feel terrible.

You were
egging him on,

letting him
fight your battles for you.

It's your fault!

If I knew Andrew was in danger,
i never --


ohh! Okay.
You're upset.

[ Both grunting ]


[ panting ]

So, you can fight
your own battles.



you were testing me?

Had to make sure
you were mission-ready.


coulson still has me
off combat duty.

The tests say that my lung
isn't healed all the way yet.

My test
says otherwise.

Wheels up in 20.

Welcome back,
agent morse.


Bob --

Not your mission, hunter.

Stay away,
or I'll make you stay away.

I just want a minute
with my ex-wife.


I'm going with you.

Like hell you are.

You put Andrew
at risk.

I had ward in my sights.
Damn right I pulled the trigger.

You of all people
should get it.

I get it.

You were quick to violence,
and an innocent got hurt.

Other people aren't as
used to your behavior as I am.

Since when do you care
what other people think?


you're really going
back in the field?

After him?

I'm ready.

You lying?


[ Scoffs ]

Do better than I did,

You're not
gonna say the thing?

You already know.


Andrew didn't get
all the details exactly right.

He said there were four men
on the scene,

but only three bodies
were recovered --

coulson's man,
two hydra guys.

The fourth guy
was one of Andrew's students.

That's his I.D.,
but it's an alias.

He's not
Alexander braun.

He's Werner Von strucker.

Wait. Von strucker?
As in --
hail hydra.

Ward was starting his own
little hydra dynasty.


We find the strucker kid,
he'll lead us back to ward.

You got a how?

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been monitoring
several hydra bank accounts

for a while now.

One just woke up.

[ Computer beeping ]

Cayman Islands.

strucker needed funds.

Makes sense.
What's the op?

How's your mandarin?

[ Speaking mandarin ]

If we head down there,
maybe we'll pick up his trail.

He's on the run from ward,
from us...

Almost makes me feel sorry
for the kid.

He's a monster.

Malick: You were right
to ask me to come.

I didn't know
where else to turn.

I figured you
and my father

must've dealt with guys
like ward all the time.

Ward is...

I didn't finish
the mission.

He won't care why.

If you put an untested youth
in play without proper training,

it's foolish.

Boggles the mind,

Your father understood
protecting assets

was more important
than flaunting them.

He never let me in
on that stuff.

[ Sighs ]

You were nicer to me
than he was.

Your father
was a great man.

Trust me.
[ Chuckles ]

We would've never put up
with such things.

You don't know
this guy ward.

He's scary.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm aware
of Grant ward.

He was once
an untested youth, too.

Everyone has a history.

So does that mean
you'll help me?

I'll handle everything.

Nice of you
to pick me up.
Rosalind: Yes.

On the corner...Since you won't
tell me where your base is.

You know I run
a spy organization, right?

And you know we agreed
to share information, right?

[ Cellphone rings ]




Do you know who?

All right,
just have them get started.

I'm on my way.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Turn around.

We need
to head back.

I'm sorry.

It's an emergency
i need to handle.

We'll reschedule.

[ Sighs ]

So, this is the part
where you get out of the car.

I don't think so.

Do you not get
how this works?

What I get is that it's time
to see this facility.

No more delays.

I'll stay with you.

When the emergency's done,
then we can go.

You can't.
Not where I'm going.

Oh. So we're not
sharing information, then?

'Cause you kind of just
made a whole thing about that.


Director coulson
will be joining us.

Take me home.


[ tires screeching ]

Hunter: I just thought
you could use some help.

Fitz: I've got it.
I promise.

I just need
to concentrate.


'Cause it looks like
your mind's kind of elsewhere.

The portal simulation is just
running in the background.

They're not taking
any of my time.

Doesn't make it
a good idea.


You don't think I should
help Simmons rescue will?

Do you think you should?
He's the competition.

If your girlfriend's ex
wants to visit from Phoenix,

you do not
buy him a plane ticket.

That's really specific.


this guy kept Simmons alive.

I owe him.
He deserves my help.

Just because he kept Simmons
warm for a few months --

with fire --

doesn't mean
he's someone you should save.

How much
do you even know about him?

What're you doing?

In here, I mean.
Why are you here?

[ Sighs ]

Coulson put me
on the bench.

So I thought I would offer
my expertise elsewhere.

Is that what you're going
with -- "katelin frayer"?

Is that
how you spell "katelin"?


I'm not sure
that's right, mate.

Yeah, no, th-- there's lots
of ways to spell "katelin."

And can you please
just find somewhere else

to make
yourself useful?

Copy that.


Dr. garner,
good to see you up.

Do you have time
for a consult?

Oh, god,
yes, please.

[ Chuckles ]

Came off more desperate
than I intended.

Being laid up
is very boring.

What's up?
It's lash.

The inhuman
killer monster.

Oh, right. I heard you had
a run-in with him.

Glad you're okay.

That is
what I don't understand.

Why am I okay?
He kills inhumans.

He killed frye.
Why spare me?

That's a tough one.

Still trying to put together
an inhuman psych profile.

You're all different.

Yeah, but he's...
Really different.


he changed into a guy --
a regular guy.

You saw him?

Did you get
a good look at him?

No, just a shadow,
but still...

[ Scoffs ]

I didn't know
that was possible.

Me, either,
but someone that big and ugly --

I mean,
it makes sense.

He's got to get around
without being noticed somehow.

Maybe Lincoln
can help.

You know
where he is?
No idea.

He's been off the grid since
the atcu tried picking him up,

but he calls sometimes.

Hey, tremors,
you got a sec?

Yeah. Um...

Thank you.

I'll keep you posted.

What's up?

Been thinking about
your atcu theory.

Now, who took off
before the convoy left,

and who knew the exact route
we were going to take?


He's got access to everything
that atcu learns about inhumans.

We should tail him.

Already got a Van ready to go,
full surveillance package.

Infrared scanners,
one-way glass...

Let me get some things.
Hunter: I'll drive.


I mean...



Ms. wong would like to access
her safe-deposit box.

Here's her account number.

I will need
your I.D.S, please.

Of course.


[ cellphone beeping ]


[ scanner beeping ]

Ms. wong
likes your tie.

[ Both chuckle ]


[ scanner beeping ]


[ tablet beeps ]

Follow me.


take as much time
as you need.


[ device whirring ]


[ explosion ]

Box 38.


we need anything on strucker,

anything that will get us
to ward.

getting it.

Real-estate deeds,

No cash?

He must've cleared it
all out. He --

oh, uh...Guys, I think you
triggered an alarm somewhere.

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Sighs ] Great.

How much time
do we have?



Looks like zero.

[ Alarm continues ]

[ Vault door slams ]


[ chuckles ]

What is happening
in here?

My boss would like
to congratulate you.

Your security system
is top-notch,

and your team
is incredibly efficient.

Just what
we'd hoped for.

[ Chuckles ]

We've been reading up
on you.

Oh, I see where you're going
with this. One second.

We'd like
to offer you a job.

A job?
[ Chuckles ]

This seems
most unorthodox.

We were sent
from your former employer,

first fiduciary national,
and they would like you back.

I know it's been hard,
your wife missing Miami.

How long
have you been separated?

You know
about that?

You're only earning 4% more
than you were in 2012.

We can do better.

I -- I have been looking
to make a change.


[ both grunting ]




no one yet.

Banks still not back.

He wasn't back 37 seconds ago,

but thanks
for the regular updates.

This guy
is bad news.

Got discharged
from the marines.

With cause.

And rosalind
hired him anyway.

He was part of an elite
anti-alien task force

after New York.

[ Scoffs ]
Of course he was.

So what's the plan
when he gets back?

Is this a grab-and-torture
kind of deal?

Chokehold might not work
if he turns out to be lash.

But we could --
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow down, gitmo. I thought
you just wanted to drive.

Just offering
helpful suggestions.

Helpful in what way,

Stopping bad guys?

How about

Doing your job smart,
not getting people killed?


Wild guess -- this isn't about
following banks.

Hunter, come on.
Andrew almost died.

And there we have it.

Look, it's not like I just
handed over Andrew and said,

please kill our friend."

"I had no choice."

I had no choice.
I --

guys, guys.


looks like
we're following him home.

At a safe distance!

[ Engine turns over ]


Rosalind price, atcu.

Yes, ma'am.

Sorry about
the circumstances.

We'll do our best to make sure
we find whoever broke in here.

Someone broke
into your home?

Any leads?
Not yet.

Looks like the guy
was scared away

by your, uh...
Very impressive security system.

All right
if we take a look around?

Of course.

Not you.


this way.


nice place,

Can tell a lot about a woman
from her books.

Okay, I didn't actually know
that there were this many

of Margaret Thatcher.

New furniture.


Where did you get --

don't touch
my things.

Anything missing?

You weren't listening in
when I talked to the cop?

You're slipping,

I thought you'd definitely
be scoping things out.


he's gonna go back inside
when he finishes his call.

What's our next move?

He goes in his house,
we're done for the day.

I don't want
to give up on him yet.

I could break
into his car,

drop a spot cam
in his speedometer.

We have to be stealthy.
If he catches you, we're toast.

Coulson is in
the belly of the beast.

We can't tip off the atcu
that we're on to them.

There must be some way
we can keep --

[ Van door slams ]

What --

oh, no.


what's happening?



Come on! Oh!


so much
for stealthy.


here we go.

And this
is a good idea how?

I didn't kill him,
i-i just iced him.

And screwed coulson.

He's working rosalind, and you
just shot her number two.

When she finds out --
she won't.

That's what
the bandana's for.

Lash is
an inhuman.

Inhumans have markers
in their DNA.

If we test banks' blood
for markers,

we'll know
if he's inhuman or not.


that's actually
kind of smart.

Thank you.

But I still think you need
to talk about your anger issues.

And this isn't the med lab.
We don't have the equipment
to draw banks' blood.


There you go --

Okay, there might be
a small anger issue.

Just pass me
the swab.

[ Scoffs ]

All I'm saying is that you've
been through something extreme.

There will be

Sound familiar?

[ Chuckles ]

It's eye-opening, being on
this side of the counseling.

People treat you
with kid gloves.

They mean well,
but the more they try to help --

the weaker you feel.

Maybe it's our phds.


makes them underestimate
just how strong we really are.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]
Might just be.

Excuse me.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Jemma, I know you haven't been
in the lab

and I hate to ask you
to do work, but if --

in fact,
i can handle it, actually.

Whatever it is.


do you have time
to run a blood analysis?

I want to see if banks
has inhuman markers.

I have plenty of time.
Send away.


thank you,

I'll call when I know.


Guy shops at costco.

Anything useful?

There's not even
any selfies.

you are boring.

Well, apart from the fact
that he might be a giant beast

who blows holes
in people's chests, but...

[ Cellphone chimes ]

I-i-i didn't do it.
I-it wasn't me.


We know.
It's a phone.


"subject en route
to endotex."

No caller I.D.

Something called endotex labs
in gaithersburg?

We could check it out.
What do you think?

Well, we've got time before
Simmons comes back with results.

What about him?

We could
take him with us.

I've been trapped in a moving
vehicle with lash before.

Don't love the idea
of it happening again.

Yes, if he has the DNA markers,
we know where to find him.

Let's go.


Cops finished up.

Had my driver pick up
some burgers for us.

Figured you could use
some dinner.

Dj's from around
the corner?

So, your computer's
still here.

Couple of tvs,

Some big-time art pieces,
i noticed.

[ Chuckles ]
Hardly big-time.

Nice, maybe.

Unusual for thieves to break in
and not take anything.

lucky me.

You got a point?
I don't know.

If you were looking
to earn some sympathy from me,

soften me up,

a staged break-in might be
one way to do it.


Also interesting,
my home had a break-in

for the first time ever on the
exact day you knew I'd be out.

That's a serious accusation.

You just accused me
of staging a break-in,

which I did why,

Maybe I won't like what I see
at the atcu facility,

so you're trying
to make me like you.

Working me
ever since the thunderbird.

Humanizing yourself
so I'll take it better.


I am
quite the mad genius, huh?

Is all this stuff
really yours?

I got to admit, the bat --
that was a nice touch.

Triple crown winners,
autographs from Mickey mantle,

Ted Williams, frank Robinson,
Carl yastrzemski?

Most people just looking at that
wouldn't know

that it's worth
over 7 grand, but I do.

the bat is not --

and burgers
from my favorite place, dj's.

What possible reason
would the head of the atcu have

for keeping me here
with that?

[ Scoffs ]

You're right.

No reason
at all.


you want
to go see the facility?



let's go
see the facility.


Fitz: Okay,
each of those passports

has a different fake identity
for Von strucker.

My work is better,
just for the record.

We know.

one I.D. Matches the name

on one strucker real estate
holding --

a penthouse
in Lisbon, Portugal.

So I did a sweep of passengers
arriving at the Lisbon airport.

He went through customs
several hours ago.

Nice work, Fitz.
Thank you.

You're welcome.

So, we go to a penthouse
in Lisbon.

You want to talk about
what happened at the bank?

There's nothing
to discuss.


I was treating fighting
as a last resort.

that's good.


Sometimes it's 'cause
you're gun shy.

Maybe I'm not 100%,
but you're the one

who dragged me on this mission,
in spite of the tests.

Stop hiding
behind the tests.

I'm not.


I said
i wanted back in the field.


After Bahrain,
i said I hated my cubicle.

Didn't mean it.

Coulson says, "stay home,"
and you just agree?


why are you keeping yourself
locked up?

You know, I saw you train at
the academy once, scouting you.

I didn't know that.

Strongest recruit
i ever saw.

Any test would've said
you were 100% then.

But you're better today
because now you have experience.

What ward did...

You think
that was just experience?

That can
make you stronger.

Let it.

'Cause next time, talking our
way out may not be an option.


[ indistinct conversations ]

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Careful with
that one.

Be a shame to see this
whole place blow up
before we even move in.

What the hell
are you doing here?

You're supposed to be out
looking for Von strucker.


who is this?

You don't know my name,

but I think you've been trying
to get my attention.

I've been wondering
when I'd hear from you.

You're the one all the others
were afraid of -- before me.

Not everyone fears you,
Mr. ward.

not everyone should.

Just the ones
who won't fall in line.

What can I do
for you?

No, that's not
the correct question.

The correct question is
what I can offer you.

The answer, in case you're
wondering, is redemption.

Oh, no, thanks.
I don't need redeeming.

i think you do.

You made some mistakes
in your gameplay,

using Von strucker's son
as a pawn

when he shouldn't even be
on the board yet.

You see, that's just typical
of guys in your generation.

You don't even know
the game I'm playing.

Von strucker
is more than just a pawn.

And now
he's a liability.

He knows too much.

Just tell me
if I'm wrong.

You burned
that asset.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is looking for him,
which means so are you.

And I know
where you can find him.

And you'll
just tell me that?


Sometimes you sacrifice a player
to save the game.

You just remember when I come
calling that I chose a side.


This is the place.

the endotex location.

High-voltage, zinc-coated
razor wire, Iris recognition?

perimeter patrols.

They don't want
any visitors.

It's got to be a front,
don't you think?

So what now?

Now we use
the new dwarf Fitz crafted.

He doesn't think it's ready
yet, but that's stupid because
it's awesome, so...

I stole it.



I didn't say you were
the only one with issues.

All right.

[ Dwarf beeps, whirs ]

[ Tablet beeping ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

what do you got?

It's negative.
Banks has no inhuman markers.

He's not inhuman.

So he's not lash.


I was so sure.

[ Sighs ]

Okay. Thanks.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


I'm done
helping Daisy.

And since you're done
helping Bobbie and may,

I thought maybe now we could
take a look at the simulation.


Jemma, I've been meaning
to say to you --

look, I understand if you don't
want to look into this.

I'm stronger
than you think.

No, no, no, no, Jemma,
i have looked into it.

Actually, I've run
dozens of simulations,

and I kept on hoping
that one of them...

Would work.



I didn't want
to disappoint you.

The monolith
was just one option, though.

We're not
gonna give up, okay?

I know
this isn't easy for you.

It's an odd situation.


It's one of the oddest,
even for us.

Fitz, if you knew will,
you'd understand.

I promise --
that's the thing.

I am gonna know him.

It's not even
a question.


I don't care
what the blood work says.

That guy banks
is shifty.

You know he once
held me prisoner on a train.

Didn't care
for that.

Banks was still
on his way here.

Endotex is obviously a front
for atcu.

there's something here.

Maybe the dwarf
will find something

so today
won't have been pointless.

Banks wanted to be here
for a delivery of something.

I wonder
what it is.

[ Dwarf whirring ]

But won't they see
the dwarf?

They will not.
That's the 2.0.

[ Dwarf whirring ]

Fitz should not
be keeping that locked up.

What is that?

I don't...


oh, god.

Is he dead?

they're monitoring him.

He's alive.

But in
some kind of what?

A coma?

This is atcu.

This is where they're storing
inhumans they find.

Animals in cages.

We need
a better shot.



Can we turn it up?
I can't hear a thing.

It's up.

This is as close as we can get
without giving ourselves away.

There's noise
in the background.

I know
how it looks.

He should be
freaking out.

This is the sort of thing
that should freak a person out.

Why is he not burning this place
to the ground?

He -- he's telling her
what he thinks.

He's horrified,
like we are.

It doesn't
look like it.

Look, bring back that dwarf.
Make sure we're not discovered.

There's no way we're working
with the atcu now.



Daisy, the dwarf --
bring it back.

All right.

[ Dwarf whirring ]

You're bothered
by this.

It's efficient,
I'll say that.

What is it?

Some kind
of suspension gel?

It keeps them in stasis --
alive, healthy, just asleep.

You were right
about one thing --

I didn't want
to show you.

Not because I think
what we're doing here is wrong.

Because I know
how it looks.

Looks like
a horror movie.

Try to understand,

these people were all in trouble
after they turned.

Some tried hurting themselves.
Some hurt loved ones.

Yes, they can be dangerous.
I've seen that.

But it doesn't begin
to just--

this thing
is like an illness.

But we're working on a cure,
and we're close --

so close to telling
those people, "you're safe.

Your loved ones
are safe.

You can go home."

It's like putting someone in
a medically induced coma

to make them better.

Imagine doing that for someone
who has no other shot.

You lost someone.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm such an idiot
for not seeing it.

I'm sorry.

Big baseball fan,
I'm guessing.

My husband.

[ Sighs ]

Not to this.


it was years ago.

In the field?

[ Chuckles ] No.
That's the funny part.

I was the spy
taking risks.

He was a cardiologist,
an honest man,

a good husband,
and cancer sucks.

I'm sorry.

I would've given anything
to do this for him.

Just put him to sleep
for a little while

until someone
found a cure.

I can do that for those people,
for their families.

I got to be honest,
i didn't expect --


That I'm human?

Not all
of us are.

Not fully.

I am.

And I think
you are, too.

But if you tell anyone
i said that,

I'll find your base
and blow it up.

I find it hard to keep
my humanity in all of this.

Usually, you have to
cut yourself off from it.

I'm trying not to.


You said that you thought
i wanted you to like me.

Yeah. Sorry.
That was --

but that part
might be a little...





[ Groaning ]



You again.

[ Grunts ]



[ both grunting ]


all right.

Here we go.


[ grunts ]


[ grunts ]


[ both grunting ]



Where do i
find ward?





[ gasps ]


I've taken down men
three times your size, girl.



[ Gasps ]


what makes you think
you can beat me?



[ Electricity hums ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Groaning ]


I tried to do
what ward wanted.

I tried
to kill him.

Professor garner.

We had him.


but I didn't know
he'd change into that thing.


what really happened,

[ Lighter clicking ]


[ grunting ]


that's not true.

What is he?

I don't know.


we'll return in a moment.

I told you you don't
have to worry about me.

Are you all right?
Staying safe?

Safe as houses.


It's an expression.
People say that.

[ Scoffs ] Sure.

And someday, you can tell me
how you survived the dust bowl

and the hoover administration,

[ Chuckles ]

That's an ugly side
of you, Daisy.

That's too bad.
You know the deal.

I stop making fun of you
when you tell me where you are.


Just...Keep your head down,

I don't want this thing
to find you.

Do you have any friends
out there, at least?

Not as many
as I used to.

How much longer
till the call is traceable?

15 seconds.

[ Chuckles ]


I'll reach out soon.

Hope so.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Dr. garner,

Was that Lincoln?

He have anything
to help us with lash?

[ Sighs ] Nope.
Back to square one.


Well, don't worry.
You'll figure it out soon.

Hey, did Lincoln tell you
where he is?

I mean, he'd be safer here,
under our protection.

I know, but he doesn't
believe me. He won't tell me.

But I'll let you know
when he does.

[ Chuckles ] Great.