Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - 4,722 Hours - full transcript

After her dramatic rescue from another planet, Simmons is still reeling from her ordeal and reveals how she had to fight for her life in a harsh new world.

Fitz: Dinner.
Simmons: Fast approaching, yes, and we'll eat it, I'm sure.
Yeah, no, no, no. But me and you --
Maybe we could eat somewhere else,
[ snap ]
Uh, well, y-- uh, you should come find me
When you're finished here, and -- and I'll --
I'll start working on options to run by you...For that.
[ door closes ]
Ugh. What idiot --
Oh! Aah!
[ coughs ]
[ wind whistling ]
Help! No.
[ breathing heavily ]
[ cellphone beeping ]
Where the hell am I?
[ grunts ]
[ wind howling ]
That's not possible.
Everything will be fine.
Proper protocol for agents lost in the field --
Remain in position, wait for extraction.
This is dr. Jemma simmons, updating the file
On the monolith fitz and I have been studying.
I now know that it is an alternating
Matter-transportation device -- portal.
Quite remarkable, really.
I've been transported
To an unknown planet in a different solar system.
[ inhales deeply ]
Air is breathable, oxygenated.
Gravity seems to be slightly stronger...
Or I'm very tired.
No, I think it's the gravity.
The terrain is barren, desert-like. [ camera shutter clicking ]
Although conditions seem favorable
For terrestrial organisms,
There's no immediate sign of life
Nor any noticeable vegetation or water.
It will open again.
Fitz will find a way.
After all, we're going for dinner.
What is it you always say?
If you can't solve a problem, sleep on it.
[ sighs ]
Goodnight, fitz.
[ cellphone beeps ]
[ gasps, breathing heavily ]
How long are the nights on this planet?
There has to be a sunrise eventually.
Where is the sun?!
What did you do to it?!
I want the sun!
[ crying ]
I want it!
[ sobs ]
[ sniffles ]
I want to go home.
[ wind whistling ]
The average person can survive up to three weeks without food,
But only 100 hours without water.
I'm sorry, fitz.
I can't wait here any longer.
But if you do show up while I'm away,
You'll know where to find me.
Is it going to be an expensive place?
Have you already picked it?
Should I wear a dress, or would that be weird?
Oh, please, don't pull out the chair for me.
Or do, if that's what you want.
What if we run out of things to talk about?
For the first time ever.
Of course that's when it would happen.
Ugh. That would be terrible.
[ gasps ]
[ grunts ]
[ grunting ]
Just...Get...To the top.
[ wind whistling ]
[ groans ]
Unh! Ah.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
[ laughing ]
[ chuckles ]
[ gasps ]
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
[ grunting ]
[ breathing heavily ]
[ coughs ]
It's been three weeks, fitz.
If I don't find something...
If I don't eat, I won't make it.
Unfortunately, the only source of food...
...Also thinks I'm food.
You want me?! Here I am!
It's dinnertime! Come and get it!
[ gasps ]
[ panting ]
You're dinner, biatch!
[ chuckles ] whoo!
[ gasps, laughing ]
[ sighs ]
[ chuckles ]
[ laughs ]
[ sighs ]
[ burps, laughs ]
You'd be so proud of me, fitz.
I killed the monster plant,
Then I made a fire, cooked him, and ate him.
And then I burped really loud. [ laughs ]
I wish you could've been here.
Actually, no, I don't.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
[ wind whistling ]
Everyone always said we could read each other's minds, fitz.
So I really need you to read mine right now.
I'm alive. [ chuckles ]
But I'm terribly alone and afraid.
So I really need you to come and get me, okay?
I know you won't give up, so I won't, either.
[ wind whistling ]
[ cellphone beeps ]
You'll notice I'm giving less updates
To conserve battery power.
Been on this stupid planet for a month now,
And I lost my way to the entry point.
I need to find --
[ tapping ]
[ tapping continues ]
[ wind whistling ]
Oh. [ clattering ]
[ breathing heavily ]
[ gasps ]
Who are you?! What do you want?!
You're still here.
Of course I'm still here.
Let me out of here.
Let me out of here now!
[ crying ]
[ grunts ]
Welcome back. How was your day?
[ sighs ]
My name is jemma simmons -- dr. Jemma simmons.
I'm from earth, and I came here through a portal.
And since you speak english,
I suspect you might have, as well.
If you let me out, I can help you.
We can help each other --
You're going to eat me!
Is that what this is all about?!
You fatten me up and then leave me to the slaughter!
Not a bad idea.
[ footsteps departing ]
[ groaning ]
You poisoned me. Why would you do that?
What threat could I possibly be to you?
[ groaning continues ]
Definitely real.
[ grunting ]
Man: Get back here!
[ panting ]
Aah! [ grunts ]
[ groans ]
Kill me if you want.
But I'm not going to be your prisoner.
Aah! You're bleeding.
Aah! What do you care?
Aah! It smells blood.
Get away from me! Don't touch me!
[ wind howling ]
It's coming.
We have to go.
Aah! We have to go now!
No! Aah! We have to go!
Stop pulling me!
I'm not going with you!
Get in. Now. Come on!
[ groans ]
[ panting ]
What do you think is out there?
[ panting ]
The only thing out there is a sandstorm.
It's a desert planet, in case you hadn't noticed.
It affects the planet. That's how you know it's coming.
Or th-the planet affects it.
Either way, it's evil.
This whole godforsaken planet is evil.
Planets cannot be evil.
Everything that happened was a natural, climate-related phenomenon.
Planets have ecosystems with definable patterns
And rules that can be understood after enough --
This planet does not have rules.
It has moods.
Perhaps it's you who has moods.
We need to sew that up.
And maybe your mouth, too, while I'm at it.
I'm perfectly capable of tending to my own wounds.
Why would I trust you, anyway?
You locked me in a cage, stabbed me with a spear --
[ grunts ] -- threatened to eat me...
That was your idea.
Besides, that's before I knew you were real.
The evil hadn't gotten to you or to me.
Next time you have doubts about whether someone is real,
Ask them to hit you.
I'll keep that in mind.
Do you have a name?
You wouldn't happen to have any alcohol, would you, will?
Yeah. I'll run down to the drugstore and get it for you.
Would you, please? If it's not too much trouble.
[ sighs ]
[ gasps ]
Will: You're a doctor?
Not a medical doctor, but yes.
I have phds in biology and chemistry.
But I have more than my fair share
Of emergency work in the field.
Not very sciencey.
You certainly came here prepared.
Wish I'd had time to pack,
But my trip was rather unexpected.
You come here alone?
Yes, I'm alone.
Are you?
You're the first person I've seen in a long time.
How long have you been here?
Well, my watch broke quickly,
And it's hard to keep track of the days without a sun.
What year is it?
You're an astronaut.
If nasa sent you, they must know how to bring you back, right?
This equipment is ancient.
I know nasa has funding issues,
But you'd think they'd upgrade for a mission like this.
It was new at the time.
What year did you come here?
My god.
You've been here 14 years.
Like I said...
It's hard to keep track.
You'll see.
Technology must have hit warp speed after I left.
Yeah, it's hard to keep up sometimes.
If it wasn't for fitz, I'd be lost.
My best friend. He loves tech.
Is this a map of the area?
Only the areas we were able to explore.
What's this, the no-fly zone?
Off limits.
Only bad things happen there.
How much memory you have in this thing?
120 gigabytes.
Hundred and --
120 gigabytes in this little thing.
14 years...
I'm sorry, but I need to conserve the battery.
Fitz engineered it to last a long time, but it's draining.
So unless you have some way to generate power...
Nasa sent us here with all the power we could ever use.
Except it's all solar.
And in case you haven't noticed, there's not much sunshine.
Where's this light coming from?
There's a luminescent substrata below us.
Oh. It's warm.
It's a natural source of heat.
Keeps the planet warm without sunlight.
That sounds very sciencey of you.
I think it's the fires of hell.
Okay, then.
Hey, you hungry?
You said your whole team came through the portal.
How long were you supposed to be here?
They said they could have us back within a year.
But there was always a possibility
It would be a one-way trip.
Nasa was always curious about the monolith.
Budgets for space exploration had vanished,
So some small group on the inside
Convinced everyone it was the affordable future
Of space exploration.
If you're not with nasa,
H-how did you get into the monolith?
It's not with nasa anymore.
It's with s.H.I.E.L.D.
They've had it for quite some time.
I'm not sure how or why.
That's real? S.H.I.E.L.D.?
It was.
I was recruited right out of the academy.
I was a test pilot for the air force, recruited by nasa.
Now here I am.
Here we are. At least you volunteered.
I have never been able to resist
Doing something when I'm told the odds are impossible.
When nasa wanted volunteers, I was first in line...
And the first one through the portal...
Me and all the gear.
The other three were right behind me.
They were all scientists.
How did nasa know there would be an hospitable planet on the other side?
Classified above my pay grade.
Our job was to collect samples, map the terrain,
Study the stars.
My job was to keep my head if things went sideways.
Keep everyone alive till they found a way to bring us back.
What happened to the others?
It has this way...
Of getting inside your head and just making you crazy.
Austin threw himself off a cliff.
Set himself on fire.
Taylor took an axe to the gear...
...And then he came after me.
I had one...
Keep them alive.
How did you survive?
Oh, just managed to avoid it.
Occasionally outsmart it.
Just luck.
And if there is no "it"?
You still think I'm making all this up?
It's just that there's also a psychological reason
For what happened to them.
Maybe they went mad from extreme isolation.
It's not uncommon. It is for astronauts.
We're trained for years of isolation.
Well, if they didn't go mad...
Well, then I must have gone mad.
Maybe I went crazy, and maybe I killed everyone.
I -- I didn't --
You have no idea what the hell's going on here.
[ bowl clangs ]
I didn't mean to imply...
Perhaps it's best if we start over,
Since we're going to be working together.
Working together?
On what? On getting home.
There's no getting home.
The sooner you accept that, the better.
Survival's all that matters. I will not accept that.
There's always hope.
Not on this planet.
Then that's how we'll work together.
I'll be the voice of hope. You'll be the voice of doom.
We'll keep each other in check.
See? It's working already.
No, it's not.
Will: Ice-cold beer.
Oh. Truffle fries.
Steak, medium-rare, and another ice-cold beer.
Oh, I'd kill for a glass of wine.
What do you miss that's not food?
Well, the sun, without a doubt.
Okay, jemma, get ready to make a wish,
And we will blow out the candle for you.
All: Happy birthday, jemma!
Fitz: Happy birthday, jemma.
It's not the same without you here.
Say hi to your parents for me, and I'll see you soon.
That's fitz.
That's fitz.
Yeah, I figured.
You talk about him a lot.
[ chuckles ]
His name is like your favorite word.
I mean, that's...A little bit more than a best friend.
Oh. We're inseparable.
[ chuckles ]
Well, we were.
Anyone in your life?
I always thought there'd be time for that later.
[ sighs ]
I think I'm going to turn in for the night.
Thanks for dinner.
Goodnight, fitz.
[ cellphone beeps ]
Goodnight, will.
[ wind whistling ]
Damn it, fitz!
What are we missing?
If there's a way in, there has to be a way out.
Everything okay? No, it's not okay.
I've been going over and over this research
For over two months, and I'm still no closer to an answer.
Well, why don't we go outside, go for a little walk?
I want to go to the no-fly zone.
We've been over this a hundred times.
You're not going out there. That's a bad place.
The answer might be there. I'm tired of sitting around and waiting!
Nothing is out there except for death!
I told you, that's where they all went right before --
It's a coincidence!
[ breathes deeply ]
There could be something there.
You are not going.
We made a deal to keep each other in check.
"in check" doesn't mean you get to keep me as your prisoner.
Where you going? Obviously, nowhere.
He means well, jemma.
[ sighs ]
You should make him dinner tonight.
Yes. That seems like a good idea.
Then you should stop talking to yourself.
[ wind whistling ]
[ chuckles ]
The stars.
Fitz, that's the answer. [ laughs ]
[ thunder rumbling ]
[ wind howling ]
[ grunting ]
[ breathing heavily ]
[ panting ]
Open the door!
It's coming!
You were right, will.
I saw it, whatever it is.
Something was out there.
Where'd you see it? Where were you?
Out by some junkyard.
We weren't the first ones here.
It was a masquerade. Jemma, that's near the no-fly zone.
I told you never to go there. You could've been killed or worse.
You knew about that place?
All those bones, proof of others, and you didn't tell me?
Because I knew you'd want to see it.
And it's better that you didn't.
That thing...
Has been killing everyone that's come through here for centuries.
How long have people known about the monolith,
And why keep sending people when there's no way back?
It's as if they're being sacrificed.
I'd prefer not to join them.
So from now on, will you just please stay put?
That doesn't matter anymore.
'cause I know how to get us home.
Simmons: This is where you came in.
This is where I came in.
All right, professor, I'm listening.
The monolith creates a wormhole --
A direct line from its location on earth
To a fixed location here.
You said the portal is moving.
It appears to be moving, but it's the planet that's moving,
Rotating on its axis.
The portal is fixed.
Since we know the date, time, and place we both arrived,
We know how long it took to move from "x" to "y."
If we track the stars long enough,
We can determine the rate of the planet's rotation
And predict when and where the portal will appear.
With that thing?
Not with this. With that.
Assuming we could even fix that heap of junk,
There's no way to power it.
Yes, there is.
I have enough battery left to get the data we need.
If we use up your battery and this doesn't work...
That's the end of fitz and all your friends.
All: Happy birthday, jemma!
Fitz: Happy birthday, jemma.
It's not the same without you here.
Say hi to your parents for me, and I'll see you soon.
Goodbye, fitz.
I'll see you soon.
[ cellphone beeps ]
[ chuckles ]
What happened?
It died, but it's in a better place now.
You get anything?
We got one -- there -- 18 days from now.
[ sighs ]
Did it have to be there?
That's the no-fly zone.
It's a 40-hour hike, at least.
There's a canyon 30 meters wide waiting for us.
It's impossible to cross, jemma.
We'll never make it.
Didn't you say you can't resist doing something
When the odds are impossible?
I knew that snake would come back to bite me.
Got two weeks, fly boy.
Figure it out.
So, question, professor -- why science?
How'd you figure all this out? The planets, the math...
Scoliosis. Okay.
I had scoliosis as a kid.
I had a small surgery to correct it.
I was flat on my back for a few weeks,
So to help combat the boredom, every night,
My father would wheel my bed out and talk about the stars.
Nice job, dad.
So, this portal --
How do we know it's not just a door that swings one way?
I think it acts more like a valve.
On earth, it seemed to open randomly,
But it only appeared random from our point of view.
What opens it?
The moons.
Their degree of alignment affects the portal
The way our moon affects the tides,
'causing it to ebb and flow, pulling things in and out.
So, the portal opens, we just jump right through,
Go with the flow?
It doesn't stay open very long,
So in case there's no time for that...
We send a message in a bottle --
Everything fitz needs to know to open it,
Keep it open, and come and get us.
I'm glad that thing sent you over here and not the janitor.
How exactly is this supposed to get us across the canyon?
We only have one shot, and we have to leave tomorrow.
I'm gonna shoot this into the wall across the canyon...
And we're gonna slide across on the rope.
What, did you think I was gonna build a helicopter?
Kind of.
You think it's gonna work?
It'll work.
You still want to do this?
We don't have a choice.
Eat, shower, or sleep?
What are you gonna do first when we get back?
Eat. Please.
Who you talking to? What're you gonna do?
Um, I'm gonna eat in the shower
And fall asleep while doing it.
That's very efficient. I expect nothing less.
The geologist who came with us had this theory
That this planet used to be a paradise, garden of eden.
What'd he think happened?
It, death -- whatever that thing is --
Consumed this world.
Do you think we'll see it?
[ sighs ] I don't know.
But if we do...
[ gun cocks ]
...I'll be ready.
You have a gun?
Only one bullet left.
It was gonna be my ticket out of here
In case things got too bad.
Come on, hurry.
[ breathing heavily ]
Oh. This can't be it.
We made a mistake. We went the wrong way.
This is the spot, but -- you said it was 30 meters wide.
There's no way we can cross that.
It was, I swear.
That's more like 100 meters.
Unless there was some significant earthquake...
It doesn't want us to leave.
[ rumbling ]
[ gasps ]
There it is! It's opening!
There has to be a way to make that.
We didn't come this far to fail.
Maybe we don't have to get there.
Hand me the bottle.
We can fire it right into the portal.
If it's not dragging any rope, it might just make it.
Hurry. We've only got one shot. I'm well-aware.
[ grunts ]
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on...
We're never going home.
Will: Maybe this is our home now.
This isn't a home.
This is hell.
Aah! [ crying ]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
[ sobbing ]
You were right.
[ sobs ]
There's no hope on this planet.
That's what I used to think.
Then you showed up.
Will: Jemma, you ready?
[ scoffs ] relax.
We're not going to miss it.
I'm the one who did the maths, remember?
Even if we do miss it,
There'll be another one in 18 years.
Not funny.
[ wind whistling ]
Will: Pretty good spot for a sunrise, huh?
It is.
Think I'll get a tan?
Well, it's only going to last a few minutes.
We're on one of the poles.
Look what I found.
Will, where did you --
Is that the wine from the graveyard?
You went back for it?
[ chuckles ]
I can't vouch for the year,
But I do know it pairs well with roots and moss.
[ laughs ]
To the sun.
[ chuckles ]
It's about time.
[ cups clink ]
Oh, my god.
That's horrible!
[ coughs ] that's pure vinegar.
It just needs to breathe.
[ laughs ]
Maybe we use it in our cooking.
Add some flavor to our lives.
There's that hope again.
I think my dad would've liked you.
Sometimes, you remind me...
[ flare crackling in distance ]
[ gasps ]
It's fitz!
He found a way!
We're going home! [ laughs ]
Come on!
We can make it!
[ thunder rumbles ]
Jemma! Jemma, stop!
Get back here! Jemma, stop!
Will, come on.
What are you doing?!
Oh, no.
Not now.
Jemma, go. You can make it.
I'm not going without you!
[ thunder rumbles, wind howling ]
[ gasps ]
Will! Will!
Will! They came for you!
It wasn't fitz!
It's one of yours!
Jemma, run!
It's not what you think it is!
It's okay! We're going home!
Jemma, don't trust it!
It'll do anything to fool you!
Oh, god. It's here.
It's here!
Jemma, jemma, jemma, look at me, look at me, look at me.
Run, run. Go! No!
Yes, you can make it. Go!
No! No! No!
Go, jemma!
[ crying ] will!
Fitz: Jemma!
Jemma, are you there?!
Fitz, can you hear me?!
Come on, will.
Simmons: I don't know what happened to him...
...If he's alive or dead.
[ sighs ]
But I never would have survived without him.
Talk to me, fitz.
[ footsteps depart ]
Oh, god.
Please, fitz, I need you to understand.
I understand everything, jemma.
Well, then why won't you talk to me?
What are you doing?
[ keyboard clacking ]
[ computer beeping ]
We're gonna get him back.
[ crying ]
[ wind whistling ]