Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - A Wanted (Inhu)Man - full transcript

Mack, Daisy, and Coulson race against time to keep Lincoln safe; Hunter will do whatever it takes to get revenge.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

So you think the rock is a portal?

A crack in space-time
that carried Simmons away

- to another planet.
- Fitz!

- Which means...
- She's out there.

Hydra's fractured.

We're gonna rebuild it... the right way.

- What's your way in?
- From below.

Climb the ranks. Hail Hydra and all that.

I'm gonna nab a payload
from these gunrunners

to establish my cover.

I get that you're trying
to build a life here, but...

Yes, a normal life, so stay out of it.

I have created a special
task force, the ATCU,

to neutralize these alien threats.

Come with us.

We'll keep you safe.
Your life is in danger.

My life is in ruins.

He's moving north!

Use lethal force if necessary!

Down this trail.

Move it! Move it!



Fall back!

Unit two can try and head him off.

But get her on the phone.

Tell her we lost him.

It's time to bring
everyone in on this.

Simmons didn't have to
go through quarantine,

which is good, all things considered.

What exactly are these
things that we're considering?

Everything that comes with being
on another planet for months.

Different atmosphere,
different levels of oxygenation,

different microgravity.

Every system in her body's out of whack.

Cardiovascular, inner ear, respiratory

all got used to being... not here.

Labs indicate oxidative
stress, vitamin D deficiency,

upper-respiratory irritation.

Any mention of life,
intelligent or otherwise?

Some flora, no fauna.

She said she was being hunted.

Wait. What? What does that mean?

- Hunted by what?
- She didn't say.

- I don't know if she even knows.
- My god.

Imagine her having to go through
all that alone for that long.

Well, thanks to this guy, not anymore.

Monitor her physical health.

I've got a call in to Dr. Garner.

Her mental health is just as important.

But don't push her.

She'll open up when she's ready.

Lincoln's in trouble.

The ATCU issued a nationwide BOLO...

FBI, Homeland Security,
local police... all notified.

Sent 'em Lincoln's résumé and head shot.

Sounds like the ATCU's getting desperate.

What are they gonna do when they find him?

I'm guessing it won't be
awesome. He needs help.

Look, we went to Lincoln more
than once. He didn't want our help.

It doesn't mean he deserves
to be hunted like a fugitive,

not to mention there's a giant
with a grudge looking to kill him.

Which is why we need
to bring him in... now.

That would be the plan if
we knew where to find him,

but he's not messaging me back, and I...


You want to tell her?

Great. Tell me what?

What do neither of you want to tell me?

We know how to find him.

Lincoln, it's me.


How the hell did you get this number?

That's not important.

What's important right now is
that you get somewhere safe.

I just bought this phone.

Yes, I know.

35 minutes ago at a liquor
store at 71st and Binford.

You know where I am?

Yes, and I convinced them to
let me talk to you before...

I can't believe you would do this.

Just... Lincoln, just hear me out, okay?

The ATCU has released your
picture to law enforcement.

It's everywhere, calling for your arrest.

We're gonna come get you.


You're not walking out of here till
my partner has said her piece.

He must have blown his tracker.

Yeah, because he's creeped out
that you put a tracker in him.

Yeah, and if she didn't
give him a heads-up,

we could have used it to bring him in.

He's already scared, paranoid.

Ambushing him out of nowhere
would have made things way worse.

And he would have been able
to express those feelings

to us here, secure in our location.

All right, all right.
Everybody, just relax.

We'll figure this out.

He should be in here.

We did a couple of jobs
together a while back.

He's tight with Hydra in the U.K.

and continued his association

when he relocated here to the U.S.

There he is.

You lead.


Why, here's Richy!

As I live and breathe!

Working the bum fluff.

- Ah.
- Oh, G... Gina, Spud.

- Spud, Gina.
- Hey.

Classy for the likes of you, eh?

Business associates.

Mm. Come here.

First round's on me.

- Oh, nice one.
- Hey!

Uh, so, Richy tells us that
you're the guy to go to

- if we need to unload...
- Hold your horses.

That's not how it's done.

First we drink, then we talk business.

Hey! Three pints.

Right, 'cause you guys aren't
hard enough to understand as it is.

_ _

_ _ _

_ _

_ _ _

_ _


Yeah, you're right.

I did, didn't I?

And, man, classic road trip.

All right.

He's a muppet.

But if we don't start talking shop soon,

he's gonna pass out, so...

You have something to unload?

Weapons... next gen, high potential damage.

We need buyers with deep
pockets and bad intentions.

A finder's fee for you, of course.

I know people...

but they have massive trust issues.

What do they want... a
letter of recommendation?

Me vouching won't be enough.

Well, what is? Do I buy my way in?


You fight your way in.

If you are the last man
standing, you'll get a meeting.

Sounds like a laugh.

The suspect is considered dangerous.

And is wanted by both federal
authorities and the ATCU.

This just went from bad to really really bad.

They've gone public.

If you do see this man, do not engage.

In other news, a suspect
has been identified

in the Cincinnati hospital
alien terrorist attack

that left three dead, many more injured.

If you have any information
about the man pictured here,

be sure to contact the authorities.

You're him.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I saw you.

I know what you are.

You have no idea.

Daisy, I need you to
monitor all law enforcement

near Lincoln's last known location.

How about we take a team,
go look for ourselves?

No, the ATCU's on a witch
hunt for powered people.

I'm not afraid of them.

No, but they're terrified of
you, which makes them dangerous.

Till we know where he is,
you're not going out there.

- Permission to speak freely.
- Do I have a choice?

I could have talked him in if you didn't
put an unsolicited tracker under his skin.

- If you didn't call to alert him, then we...
- Why wasn't I told?

We thought you were a little
close to the situation.

Of course I'm close to the situation.

You asked me to assemble
a team, and I accepted.

I didn't expect to be undermined and...

Do you know what I didn't expect?

A global outbreak.

The ATCU, their inhuman manhunt...

I didn't see all that coming, to be honest.

I wanted to assemble a team,
to get ahead of the problem,

but that didn't happen.

So, Daisy...

I'll scan law-enforcement channels.

Thank you.

Mack, you were able to
identify Rosalind Price's photo.

- Mm-hmm.
- How about getting me her digits?

You got it.

Still acclimating to less gravity.

Well, now, this is a sight for sore eyes.

Thought it would be good
to get back in the lab,

see the old workspace.

Is that it?

It was the portal.

Now it's a pile of space rocks.

I've run a complete and
exhaustive set of diagnostics,

so I can assure you
there's no need to worry.

You okay?

- Fine.
- Just a sec.

It's Hunter. He's on a Ward hunt.

Say "hi."

You know it.

Hey, look.

Just as you left it...

made sure not even a
post-it note was moved,

'cause I know how particular
you can be about it.

What is it?

Um, I'm just...

I'm not accustomed to
this many distractions.

Yeah, well, I imagine you must
have had quite a lot to take in...

extraterrestrial materials
and specimens to examine.

My curiosity faded once fear set in.


Yeah, no, of course.


Uh, I have to admit it's all a bit much.

- Would you mind?
- Uh, yeah.

What... should I get Bobbi?


Um, it's just a little disorientation,
attributable to oxidative stress.

Okay, yeah, I'll take
you back to your room.

I hope you're not too disappointed.

No, on the contrary,
you're self-diagnosing,

which is a sign you're on the mend.

And how is she now?

As weirded out as you'd be after being stranded for
months - in another solar system. - Oh, I must say...

H.Q. sounds a lot more
fun than what we're up to.

Now, why don't I believe you?

And why do you sound hung over?

Because I am hung over.

There's nothing to do here but drink.

Planes, trains, and automobiles,
chasing down leads...

still no sign of Ward.

So, you're not doing anything stupid?

Mm, not yet.

But one of those trains is about to leave
the station, and I need to get on it.

Well, good luck.

Don't die.

Only thing I'll die of is boredom.

You lied to her.


Besides, she knows I'm lying,

so it's not even really a lie.

Works for us... for now.

You know how complicated
these things can be...

affairs of the heart,
especially in our line of work.

Me and Bob.

You and Andrew.

So, you trust Spud?

"Trust's" a strong word for a psychopath.

He's a murderous thief

who I once saw bite a man's nose clean off.

But he'll get us through the door.

You'll find this funny.

Back at H.Q., we've
got a little wager going

on what happened between
you and the good doctor.

My guess is you walked away
not in a huff or anything,

just couldn't stand the
constant talking, sharing.

It's true. I don't like a lot of talking.

This fight... it's our way to Ward,

so if you're gonna do
this, you need to win.

Are you suggesting I can't win?

I'm not saying you can't, but I know I can.

Spud runs with a type.

If that type see a small Asian woman destroy
some wannabe Hydra thug in a bare-knuckle brawl,

that type will talk,

and word might spread up the ranks.

I see your point.

You're just anxious to bash some heads

after being out of the game.


I've rarely lost a fight when I'm sober,

which I plan on being.

And I can take a punch, so worst case,

I'll do that till the other guy tires out.

So... how much do you have riding
on this bet that I left Andrew?

A significant sum.


You lost it.

Have you been drinking?

I wanted to.

Instead, I called you.

You're the only one I trust.

Get in.

It's a hell of a long way for a ride.

I know.

I'll take care of the
tolls on the way back.

You slept the whole drive.

I was pretty wiped out.

Yeah, I was kind of hoping
for the hilarious tale of why.

You didn't call to have
me talk you off a ledge...

Not this time, anyway.

Lincoln, what's going on?

Ah, I'm in a little bit of trouble.

You are killing me with these details.

You don't want to know.

Look... it's a misunderstanding.

I promise you, I haven't
done anything wrong.

Okay, that is all I need to hear.

I know what kind of man you are.

Just tell me what you need.

I was hoping, uh...

You'd let me buy your car off of you.

I know it's a lot to ask.

Uh, I... I'll pay cash.


John, I don't know what to say.

All right, now, wait a minute.

You're... you're doing me a favor.
It's a pile of rust.

I'll make us some dinner. I don't know.

Take a nap,

or the shower's over there,
if you want to take a shower.

Mi casa, su casa.

It's gonna be okay.

He didn't just disappear...

Unless he did.

Well, he can't do that, can he?

No. Electric's his thing.

He'll show.

That's why we alerted the public.

He's got nowhere to hide.

I hope so.

We need to start making
progress, showing results.

Ms. Price, you have a call.

Well, it can wait.

It's the White House.

Uh, throw it up on my screen.


Call me "Phil."

What I can't call you is POTUS.

You're not the only person with
a connection to the White House.

Well, mine's a pirated satellite connection

that will be discovered
soon, so I'll be brief.

You're making a lot of noise,

and frankly, I'm a little insulted.

You're asking everyone for help...

the FBI, local police,
and now the public...

everyone except the people
who actually know something.

- You mean you.
- That is what I mean, yes.

So, I think we should
meet, just the two of us...

in person, neutral ground.

Uh, will you excuse me for a moment?

We have a location on Lincoln Campbell.

He's holed up in an
apartment outside Chicago.

You know what you need to do.

Okay, Phil, let's meet.

I think we'll have a lot to talk about.

I cannot believe you're here.


Daisy. Sorry.

It's a multipurpose gift.

It's pretty and a reminder.

You can call me whatever you want.

I can't stay for too long.

I'm tracking law-enforcement channels,

but I am really sorry
that I haven't come sooner.

It's... there's just a lot going on.

- And I've been sleeping.
- Which is good.

Do whatever you need to get better.

We need you.

And I...

I know you don't want to
talk about what happened yet,

but when you do, I'm here...

- for whatever you need.
- Right now I'd rather listen.

The Terrigen is spreading?

So's the paranoia.

Not exactly the penthouse view.

You looking for something?

No, I just... it's hard to relax, you know?

I know.

Everything okay?

Why wouldn't it be?

Maybe I will hop in the shower.

John, what's up?

What's wrong?

You just stay where
you are. Don't touch me.

Wait. What is going on?

They'll be here any minute.

Who did you call?

I called the hotline. They
said that you're dangerous.

Lincoln, they said that you killed people.

I never killed anyone... I swear.

You said you know what type of man I am.

I don't even know what you are.

They say you're an alien.

It's not at all what you think.

You just stay there. Stay
there! I'm not kidding!

Stay there. They're
gonna be here any minute.


I'm gonna leave the money and take
the car. You don't need to be involved.

Just stay back!

Get out of my way!

Sorry I brought you into this.


No, no, no, no.

No, John.

Come on, John!

You're really okay?

I think so. I'm...

Well, it's just that...

... there's some of it that's
hard to talk about, and, um...

I am so sorry.

No. Take it.

- Daisy?
- Lincoln, I am so sorry.

I... I had no idea about the
tracker, and if I did, I...

Don't worry about that now.

What's wrong?

I need help.

He's not here.

Lincoln's hiding. He's waiting for us.

We need to bring him in,

preferably without the ATCU knowing.

Even though he just killed a guy.

I told you... it was an accident.

We'll figure it out
once we get him in here.

It'd be safer if Mack
handled the extraction.

I know, but then he won't
come. It's got to be me.

Your call.

And where are you going?

To the beach.

I'd give anything to be in the field.

Rehab is the antithesis of exciting...

I'm well-aware, but it's worth it.

You notice I was able to say "antithesis."

You check on Simmons?


She's kind of...


I'm not sure that I know how to help her.

What did you drill into my head
when I started rehabbing my knee?

- Patience.
- Exactly.

Yeah, I know. I know.

It's just the lab... she loved that lab,

designed it according
to her specifications.

Now it's...

Could be it reminds her
of the way things were...

... and all the time she lost.

Yeah. I didn't think of that.

Maybe forget about the things
that used to matter to her.

Give her something to look forward to.

Start fresh.


Yeah, maybe you're right. Thanks.

Got to say, I was pretty
surprised when I got your call.

Eyes up here.

Busted. Sorry.

I appreciate you taking the time.

Gave me an excuse to drive up the coast.

Does she have a name?

I love my car, but it's just a car.

And it's a him.

You know, last time we met,

you, uh, disarmed me
with your evasive tactics.

I see what you did there.

No, I got to hand it to you.

Makes me wonder what else
you got up your sleeve.

No, really, I get it.

Hard to resist.

I assume I'm not the first.

I think you are.

It's fairly recent.

Sorry. That can't be easy.

That's not what we came here to discuss.

You're going about this all wrong.

Panicking the public... not wise.

Keep doing that, things are
gonna get ugly real fast.

He's done!

We got a winner!

All right, he's done.
Get him out of here!

Next man up. Let's go!

Is he breathing?


Are you good?

I'm not the one who needs to be good.

Richy's here. We can get started.

Who's the unlucky sod, then?

What the hell are you doing?

Shutting your stupid
face up once and for all.

In position.

Are you having a laugh?

I thought we were mates.

You thought wrong, you mug.

All right.

Oh, is there any rules I should
know about before we start?


I thought we was having a laugh.

I wasn't laughing.

Not even on the inside?

Let me get you a drink.

I'm not thirsty.

Let's try that again. A drink?

And again, no.

Come on.

I promise you'll have a good time.

So... who's first?

How about I do you a
favor and not tell anyone

that a tiny, little Asian
woman kicked your ass?

Are you not tired yet?

Because that was sort of my strategy.

Is somebody gonna call it?

What's the point? He's not breathing.

You know, my agency exists
because yours imploded.

But we came back,

albeit with less real
estate and a lower profile.

The low profile's the problem.

No one knows you exist, but
bizarre events keep happening.

And people need to feel safe.

So all these APBs on alien threats...

those are to help people feel safe?

Look, the truth is,

you don't understand
what you're dealing with.

And you do?

Which is why I'm asking you to
let my team bring Lincoln in.

If we take him, it'll be easy.

If you do it, people could get hurt.

That might be the case, but...

I'm sorry.

I can't agree to that.

Coast is clear.

It's me.

You're having a hell of a day.

I, um...

I killed him.

John, um, he saved my life more than once.

And now, I couldn't bring him back.

Everything they're saying about me is true.

He's extremely dangerous.

He won't be if he's in our custody.

We're not gonna harvest him for parts,
if that's what you're worried about.

We're not Hydra.

You say that now.

What's so important about him?

Are you serious?

He can bring down a plane.

Feels like a man worth talking to.

I have another theory.

The president makes a big speech

about this new organization
he's put in place.

I imagine that puts a lot of pressure
on you... pressure to show results.

You're not wrong.

And that's why I'm taking him in.

But why are we here, Phil?

Are we waiting to watch
the sunset together?

'Cause if you didn't
come here to make a deal,

then what do you want?

You have an ace up your sleeve,

and I'm tired of waiting
for you to play it.

Is that so?

You have surveillance from the hospital,

which means there's another picture
you chose not to put on TV.

A pretty face...

... with no name, no birth record,

no social attached to it.

She's one of them.

And she works for you, right?

What do I need to do to keep this quiet?

You know what I want.

Fine, they're right... you're dangerous.

I'm dangerous. That's
not who you are. You...

You're wrong.

- I know the real you, Lincoln, and you...
- You don't.

The man who killed his only friend,

who had to be saved from
himself over and over?

That's the real me.

That's who I really am.

Not when I met you.

You gave me hope, a place in the world.

Look what happened to it.

You know better than anyone,

if... if everything around you
crumbles, then you're the cause.


You don't see it, but I do.

You... you help people
because you were meant to.

You can do that with us,

like you were doing at the
hospital... saving lives.

That part of my life is over.

No, you... you are not cursed.

You are not some horrible thing.

I know...

Because you taught me that I wasn't.

You convinced me that I had a purpose,

that maybe my life wasn't over,

but just... getting somewhere.

Please let me do the same for you.

You're wasting your time caring about me.

I can't help it.

I'll go in with you.

I'm not agreeing to work with
S.H.I.E.L.D., but with you.

We'll figure it out together.

Great. Is the, um, escape
module on its way?

Change of plans.

Coulson's orders.

We're turning him over to the ATCU.

Get Coulson on the phone.

He said he'd explain back at headquarters.

Daisy, what's happening?

But Coulson told me to let you
know that you're gonna be safe.

He's arranged for us to
observe and make sure...

Can we get on with this?

This is crazy!

He said he didn't have a choice.

Take him into custody.

Suspect's on the move. Seal off the street.

Awaiting orders.

- Should we go after him?
- No.

Bird in the hand. We take her.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Following orders.

Do you really think you can stop me?

Do you have any idea what I can do?


That's why I have three snipers
outside, ready to engage.

What's the range on these powers of yours?

How good are they?

I'd say, pretty damn good.

Tell your men to stand down.

I can't do that.

He got away, and I've made assurances.

I assure you that if you
insist on taking my agent in,

you will start a war.

I will devote all the resources
and manpower of S.H.I.E.L.D.

to crushing your agency.

It's not personal. It's work.

And right now I need to show results.

What if I offer something better?

Copy that.

I guess it's your lucky day.

We're done.

Let's go.

I thought it'd be good for you to get
out somewhere nice... and quiet.

Where is everyone?

Well, I made sure you
wouldn't have any distractions.

Mr. Fitz, we're delighted to see you.

Your table is this way.

The wine is a gift from us.

A very persistent young man here.

We've been holding this
reservation for months.

I'm delighted you're finally here.

You kept the reservation.

Don't make a fuss. It's not a big deal.

I remember when you took me out
after months in the hospital.

It made me feel like a human being again.

You complained the entire time.


Okay, a crabby human being.

I can't thank you enough.

Yeah. It's a nice restaurant, isn't it?

Yeah, but for more than that...

for finding me.

What else was I gonna do?

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

Have you decided what you'll be having?

Oh, gosh. So much...
to choose from.

Maybe this will help.

Should I make a toast?


Can you give us two minutes?

Help me understand.

It was not an easy decision.

To hand Lincoln over?

I had to make a choice.

So it was him or me.

They have your picture, Daisy.

So why didn't they take me?

Once Lincoln left, how did you
convince them not to take me in?

I offered them something just as valuable.

- What?
- Me. My expertise.

So... so now we're working with them?

I'm done fighting with people over
who gets to fight the real fight.

It's a colossal waste
of time and resources.

I went against Talbot.

I went against another
faction of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We know what we're doing... they don't.

Hopefully, they can learn from us.

It is hard to trust them when
they are hunting people like me.

I never said I trust them.


Don't, because we have no
idea what they're really after.

Duly noted. Look...

... I understand this is
a personal matter for you.

So Mack told you what he heard me say?

And what would that be?

It's Rosalind.

First-name basis, huh?

I'll leave you to it.

Well, I'm surprised to
hear from you so soon.

Just checking,

making sure you didn't
give me a fake number.

You all right?

I've been better.

Thanks for not saying anything.

You know what?

I sure could use some backup.

Let's see what kind of skills you got, kid.

All right.

Well, you certainly don't
make it easy to get a meeting.

The boss doesn't want it to be easy.

But he's always interested in meeting
people who can prove themselves.

Sounds like an interesting bloke.

I look forward to meeting him someday.

We'll return in a moment.


Why are you looking at that?

Trying to understand.

There's nothing to learn from this.

It's possible it's not inert.

Alien metals have different properties.

We don't know for sure.

Yes, we do.

You're safe.

That portal won't open again.

But it has to.

I have to go back.