Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Purpose in the Machine - full transcript

Fitz and the team enlist the aid of an Asgardian to unlock the secrets of the ancient monolith that swallowed Simmons, and Agent May is at a crossroads in her personal and professional life.

Previously on "marvel's
agents of s.H.I.E.L.D."...

A team centered around people
with powers?

Daisy: There exists a small
percentage of the population

With a dormant alien gene.

There's a chemical compound
that activates this gene.

And you, joey,
are one of the first people

To come into contact
with it.

No leadership means
nobody giving orders,

And that sure as hell
includes you.


I'm done flying solo.

I miss having a team
around me.

I miss her, too.

I'm having a hard time
accepting it -- all of it.

I-i'm on my third hand.

May took off on vacation
and never came back,

So i lost
my right hand, too.

We need to say goodbye.

Jemma would want us
to do that.

[ screams ]

Do someth-i-i-i-ing!


May our gifts see you
through the journey.


Perhaps it w--

What if
i fail to fail return?

Be brave, my lord.


[ monolith warbling ]

[ growling ]

[ manzini screams ]

Will he come back?

Our best minds
are working to understand this.

But as far as we know,
in all of history...

No one
has ever returned.

Daisy: I think
joey's a real candidate.

[ scoffs ] sure.
He's inhuman.

But...Doesn't meet
my criteria.

He's a decent guy,
and you know it.

Getting that unit up and running
is priority.

Yeah, but it doesn't mean
it has to be a rush job.

Look, dr. Garner will make
his recommendation.

And it will be
the same as always --

Three months observation and
counseling before reassessment.

He's as much of a buzzkill
as you are.

[ chuckles ]

And if you haven't
been keeping score,

Our team's down
to three musketeers.

May and simmons
are gone.

Fitz might as well be,
bobbi's on the dl.

And from what i hear,
hunter's planning to leave.

Yeah, but not for good.
He's got a score to settle.

It's fitz!
Fitz broke
into containment!


[ screaming ]

Fitz, get out of there!

Are you crazy?
Close it! Close it!

I got it!
[ all gasping ]

[ click ]
damn it, fitz.

I had to know --
had to -- had to know --

I already lost simmons
to that thing.

I cannot afford
to lose you, too.

Trying to
get yourself killed?

[ sighs ]

I won't give up.
I can't give up.

None of us want to,
fitz, but...

Fitz, you tried.

Okay? You tried your hardest.
Everybody knows that.

I missed something.

I m...
I missed something.

[ breathing heavily ]

What is that?




Not just sand --
impossible sand.

The monolith's case
is a clean room.

There's nothing in there
but that rock. Not even dust.

Unless you blast it open
with a shotgun

And contaminate

That's not
what this is.

Okay, the sand itself --
not unusual.

Mostly silicone-dioxide
particles just like on earth.

But you're saying this sand
is not from earth?

Sir, carbon dating
shows that --

It predates the earth
by a billion years.


So you think the rock
is a portal?

No. No,
i'm proving that it's a portal,

Okay, to another planet,
a-a very old planet --

A crack in space-time
that carried simmons away...

And carried
the sand back.

Which means...

She's out there.

But it's been months.


She could be long gone from
wherever this thing dropped her.


She could be dead.

But we're gonna find out,
aren't we?

You're damn right.

Okay, fitz,
what do you need?

Uh, uh, well, uh,
more historical data.

People have studied this thing
for centuries.

I need an expert
on quantum mechanics

And einstein-rosen
bridge theory,

And a --
a sandwich would be nice.

I might have an idea --
about the other things.

You two, stay with
our new inhuman guest.

Be here
for dr. Garner's assessment.

Building that team
is still the priority.

What did i say?
Bobbi --

I'm on this with fitz.

Yeah, haven't you been on this
with fitz the whole time?

Hiding his trip
to morocco,

Covering for him
on a constant basis?

Have i?

And you know
where you're going.

Coulson would be pissed
if he knew what you had planned.

Part of our agreement.

He won't sweat the details,
and i won't share them.

You really think ward's
back with hydra?

Damn it. I want to
go after him with you.

You're still
on the mend.

Plus, you've been undercover
with hydra,

And that face
makes an impression.

The rest of you
makes a bloody statement.

[ beep ]
you like me
stuck here in the lab.

[ chuckles ]
too bloody right.

[ beep ]
you're missing half a lung

Because you took a bullet
ward intended for me.

Nearly bled out
in my arms.

If you
being in the lab

Means i never have to see
something like that again,

I'm all for it.

you want to fly?


Here's our destination.

Who's professor randolph?

This monolith has been studied
for centuries.

Well, randolph's actually been
on the planet

For those centuries,

And he's traveled through space
in a portal

And he's also an alien.

So he's got a lot
going for him.

Don't die out there.

And, hunter...

Make sure he does.

[ tires squealing ]

[ screaming ]

Hell of a machine,

Built for precision,

[ screaming continues ]

...Designed to handle flawlessly
under any conditions.

But carmine here bought it
as a status symbol to show off.

Never opened it up,
denied it of its true purpose.

[ squealing continues ]

Old hydra's full of guys
like him --

Soft, entitled,

Mistaking wealth for success,
privilege for power.

Their greed splintered hydra
into a thousand pieces.

Their time is over.

Time for
a leaner generation.

[ tires screech ]
[ grunts ]


These people have proven
themselves in blood.

Did you see
how they didn't even flinch?

Now's your chance to prove
you still have purpose.

Show me
you're not dead weight.


So, tell me...

...Where's the kid?

I'm sorry.
I can't help you.

Can't or won't?

Potato, puh-tah-toe.
And your reason?

The nightly news, cities flying
into the atmosphere,

Government task forces,

And now the public is freaking
out about alien outbreaks.

Pretty crappy time to be
on earth if you're not a local,

So i am staying low.

And of course [chuckles]
there is my current situation.

Destruction of property,
public drunkenness.

Yes, well, asgardians
can generally hold their drink.

It's just, well, one night
i tried to hold all the drinks.

are also strong, right?

You could easily
break out.

What? And miss dinner?
[ chuckles ]

Oh, no. Yes, norse prisons
are surprisingly evolved --

Decent food, comfy bed,
extensive library,

And no attention
being drawn to me.

Come back in a few months,
why don't you?

Maybe then
i'll be in the mood.

We don't have
a few months.

And neither do you.

I don't have to remind you
that i saved your life,

Though i did just mention it
in case you forgot.

But i'd still
have no problems

Contacting those task forces
you mentioned.

I bet they'd go bonkers
to have a real-life asgardian

To dissect
in their labs.

I don't know how comfy
you'd be there.

Why, agent coulson...

...Are you
threatening me?

I wouldn't call it a...

Well, yeah,
i guess i am.

That's absolutely
a threat.

You're different now.
You know that?

One must accommodate the times
or things get messy.

What's with the hand?

Things got messy.


You'll have to cover
my release.

And if there is a portal, which
i will have to see to believe,

You are diving into
very dangerous waters here.

[ exhales sharply ]
all right.

Well, it's not like
you're giving me any choice.

[ alarm blaring ]

He did it.

[ chuckles ]


Good to see you,
dr. Garner.

Hmm, enjoying the use
of the private jet?

It's very helpful.

Those jump seats aren't made
for transcontinental trips,

I'll tell you that.

Are you hungry?

I can have something
whipped up for you.

That would be great.

Anything to drink?

trying to butter me up?

are you not hungry?

Hey, look, my job
is to keep everyone safe.

Not just potential recruits,
but you, as well.

Bribery's not gonna
get this guy approved
for the team any faster.

Wouldn't know, because you
haven't approved anyone yet.

[ clears throat ] well,
here's, uh, joey gutierrez.

Yeah, i was reading his file
on the flight --

Liquefies metal.
How's he holding up?

Well, he's terrified.

a healthy response.

What about you two?
How are you guys doing?
No, no. Unh-unh-unh.

You are not getting me
on the couch today, doc,

Unless it's a conversation
between friends.

That's all i meant.

Great. How's may?

Where is she?
Is she ever coming back?

You should
ask her yourself.

Well...I would
if i knew where she was.

[ sighs ]
no, no, no.

You don't watch
where the ball goes.

Then how
would i find it?

You're usually very good at
things like this -- a natural.

Yeah, well, there's nothing
natural about this game,

And your comments after
every swing make it super fun.

You'll get hooked.
You'll see.

All right,
fair's fair.

10 shots for me,
5 reps for you.

That's why we're here.
Work that hip.

You don't have to worry
about my rehab,

And that's not
why you're here.

I may not be a spy,
but 20 years with your mother

Has taught me
to pick up on things.

You're not here
because you care about me.

Oh, now i don't care
about you.

I didn't say that.

I said that's not
why you're here.

Come on, mellie.

You -- you take a trip
to honolulu with andrew...

It was maui.

...And you come back
the daughter of the year.

Something is not right.

[ sighs ]

All right,
i'll figure it out for myself.

[ birds chirping ]

i hate to disappoint,

But it looks like
your regular, old --


How often
does it do that?

It's random.

No. No, no, no, no.
It may seem random.

is clearly triggering it.

I've checked it against tides,
relation to the sun, rotation --

On this planet.

So you have no idea
how to control it.

Why come to me?

I'm no
interstellar-travel expert.

I've never even studied
gravitational lensing

Or zero-point
energy fields

Or quantum-harmonic
oscillation theory.

Yet you know all those words
you just said.

And you're scared
of portals.

You're scared of being dragged
back home through a portal.

So i think in your
drunken stumble through history,

You've probably investigated
every story involving one.

And i've seen you
eyeing all of your exits,

My knee brace, wondering if
you can get away with it.

The only reason you came with us
was to confirm its existence.

And destroy it.

You'll have to
go through me.

And i could.

But, then, i don't know
what amazon woman

And robot hand
are capable of these days,

So i will help you
get her back.

I'm not entirely heartless.
But if i do,

I want your word that
we will demolish this portal

And no one
passes through it again.

I'll sleep better at night.

Well, i've investigated
a lot of these wormhole rumors,

But that's all they were --

None have panned out.

So we know nothing
of its origin.

Kree maybe.

And this parchment
was found with it.

Well, hello.


I've seen this.

It's a common
hebrew word.


What else do we know,
mr. Fitz?

Uh, well, the monolith changed
hands a lot -- germanic tribes,

Spent the hundred years' war
in france.

But before the napoleon era,
it was moved again.

I lost track of it
somewhere in --

How did you know that?

Because i have seen this word
carved into the walls

Of a castle in gloucestershire,
england, in 1853.

To the plane!

W-- am i allowed
to say that?

Let's all go to the plane,
i guess


[ indistinct conversations ]

Ward: What's the point
of a boat

If you never take it
out of the dock?

Like camping
in a living room.

[ chuckles ]


There are easier ways of
getting money than kidnapping.

Mr. Braun needs to see the world
for what it really is.

He can open many doors
for us.

Sorry, girls.

Not allowed to post,
but happy to take some of you.



[ rats squeaking ]

[ woman screams ]

[ screams ]

[ indistinct shouting ]
[ woman screams ]

What's going on
down there?

Private party.

I'm on the list.

[ grunts ]

Good thing
i dropped by.

Why's that?

I'm an exterminator.


Yes. Yes, yes.

I came here
for a costume ball --

That was the pretext,
of course --

'cause i had heard rumors
of travel to the stars.

Found it all
to be nonsense.

But it was
a fun party.

The carvings?
Oh, right, right.

Of course.

So i was here
admiring the stone work, and...


The same as the scroll --


Yeah, one of its translations is
actually "death by punishment."

Could mean
"no trespassing."

A hebrew warning carved in an
english castle struck me as odd.

Out of place.
Seems ancient.

But you stopped
looking into it?

A man dressed as an owl,
of all things --

I got him drunk enough
to admit

That no travel to other worlds
was even occurring.

Just ritualistic killings.

Eh, the whole thing stunk
of half-baked satanism --

Just some fabrications
to entice new members.

And, well,
there were fire dancers.

I got distracted.

Here's another one.

This is why i got rid
of all the s.H.I.E.L.D. Logos

On our vehicles.

It's like
screaming for attention.

You know,
there's a ginormous eagle symbol

On top of our jet.

Yeah, sometimes i can't
help myself with the cool.

[ rumbling ]

You certain
about this?

It does say
"death by punishment."


After you.

[ door opens ]

Let me guess.

Joey gutierrez
is unfit for action

Physically, psychologically,
and emotionally.

The man can't open a doorknob
without melting it.

My psych-101 students
could tell you he's not ready.

Maybe, in time.

We are running out of time.
Things keep coming at us.

It's like
punching a waterfall.

New inhumans, the atcu,
and this -- this new guy.

You should have seen him.
It was a whole new level.

You want to fight fire
with fire. I get it.

But you can't be reckless
about it.

All these people
who transform

Have the potential
to turn into monsters.

But the team you do have
has that danger, as well.

Sounds like there's some
sage advice coming.

Everywhere you turn,
fires are burning.

Coulson's desperate to win
on any front.

But desperation
leads to mistakes.

Giving hunter carte blanche
to get payback,

Letting fitz try to open
a portal to save one life --

These are
questionable decisions.

You should be
telling him that.

He doesn't want to hear it
right now.

He's --
he is who he is.

But you --
you're still changing.

You see something
i don't?


You're turning
into a leader,

And i'm concerned about how
you're handling the adjustment.


I totally just gave you
permission to analyze me,

Didn't i?

You are on a couch.

you are laser-focused

On finding members
for this team.

I understand the need
for these secret warriors.

it's more than that.

When i changed,
i felt like a monster.

I needed help.

This is a chance to show people
they have a place to belong.

[ scoffs ]
it sounds stupid.

No, but what
you're describing

Sounds more like
a halfway house.

I'll gladly
help you build that.

My mother created
a halfway house for inhumans,

And it was not enough.

I -- i want inhumans
taking action with s.H.I.E.L.D.

To see that being different
can mean making a difference.

[ chuckling ] whoa.

You chop
like your mother.

I think she chopped
her vegetables like that

As a warning to me.

"stay in line,
old man."

You left the kitchen window
open again.

Paranoid -- a quality you share
with your mother.

You see her much?

Mm, she calls me now and then
to see if i'm still living.

[ chuckles ]

You haven't called anybody

Are you in hiding?

Come on over.

I want to
show you something.

I found it
while i was downsizing.

[ scoffs ]


You put on skates
at 7 years old,

And you didn't take them off
until five years later.

A natural.

I was obsessed
with dorothy hamill.

I remember that well.

Mostly i remember how hard
the ice was when i'd fall --

Over and over.

That's why i switched to
martial arts -- padded floors.

and you could hit people.

You expecting company?

No, but i'm not afraid
of the prospect.


Aah! Aah.

What the hell
are you doing here?

neighborhood watch.

[ speaks
native language ]


Okay, well, this room
wasn't on the last tour.

It's an odd shape
for architecture this period.

Definitely built
after i was here.

Bobbi: Reminds me of the bunker
under the louvre.

What? There's no bunker
under the louvre.

That's a joke,

You're messing with me.

All right, great.
Now i'll have to check.

It's late 1800s.

[ electricity crackling ]

Still got
some life to it.

[ rushing ]

I hear water.

Could be a stream underground,
maybe hydroelectric power.

[ mechanical whirring ]

This looks a lot like it was
made to hold --

The monolith.

This machine was designed
to control the portal,

To open and close it
at will.

Do you know that,

Or is that just
what you hope it to be?

Well, there's only one way
to find out.

[ sighs ]

[ beep ]

Mack, i need you to load
something onto zephyr one

And bring it to us.

Mack: What exactly
am i bringing, sir?

You're not gonna like it.

You never earned a single thing
in your life.

You're a waste
of your family money.

We're taking everything.

Starting with
banking passwords.

Go screw your--

[ grunts ]

I'm not asking.

From here on out,
you want something, you earn it.

Teeth, eyes, fingers --
whatever it takes.

Get the passwords.

A lot of speculation back at hq
as to why you went awol.

Spiritual walkabout,
midlife crisis --

Early midlife crisis.

I know you didn't elope
with your ex,

'cause he's actually
been around.

Hawaiian islands couldn't
rekindle that old flame, eh?

You heard
about simmons?

Coulson and i
spoke on the phone.

I know.
He traced it.

Pay phone at l.A.X. --
One of the surviving few.

How did you find me?

Been reaching out to some
of my less savory associates,

Trying to dig up
anything i can on hydra.

My mate
in leavenworth said

They'd received
an anonymous call

From a woman
asking the same questions.

Pay phone again.

You do know that only .3
of the population of sun city

Are asian?

What do you want?

Your skills.

I plan to put ward six feet
underground at the least.

Your help
would be appreciated.

I'm out.
My father needs me.

Oh, yeah.
Car accident.

Broke his hip.

Police called it
a hit-and-run.

Looks like mr. May's
doing okay to me.

He's getting there.

But they never
found the driver.

It was an accident,

And i'm here to help him
get back on his feet.


Is that why you nearly
decapitated me for dropping by?

Why you're making
anonymous calls to old c.I.S?

Part of you wonders
if it was ward

Going after the people
you care about.

We both know
he's capable of it.

And unless
i'm off the mark,

He's out there
pumping new life into hydra.

And we both know where
they'll come knocking first.

What's your way in?
From below.

Climb the ranks.
Hail hydra and all that.

He sees your face,
you're made.

If he's close
enough to see my face,

Then i'm close enough
to put a bullet in his.

I'm out.

I'm gonna nab a payload
from these gunrunners

To establish my cover.

If you change your mind.

Whatever your reason,
you'll never be truly out

If you're always
looking over your shoulder.

And next time, it won't be me
outside the window.


Zephyr one,
you're clear to retract.

Room full of ancient gack.

Kind of reminds me
of your office, director.

Realistically, what are the odds
of this thing working?

If we were realistic, we never
would have gotten this far.

Well, andrew garner thinks
i need to be more so.

He recommended
three months observation

And counseling
before reassessment for joey.

Says i'm reckless.

Don't take it personally.
He probably just meant that --

He said
you're desperate.

He didn't say that.

Did he say that?

Bobbi: Let me guess.

I'm struggling to come to terms
with physical limitations

And losing my sense of self
instead of redefining it.

he didn't mention you.


Oh, he did.
That's what he said.

Oh, good.

Mack -- mack,
push that lever.

No, the one -- the one that's --
the one that's down.

The one -- the one beside it.
Push it.

[ click ]

[ mechanical whirring ]


[ rumbling ]

stay clear!

Fitz, it's working.

It's staying open.

I need more light!

[ groans ]

We got a problem!

I need
some bloody light!



The gears have locked!


Skye? Hey.

Skye, are you okay?


It's daisy.


It's daisy now, sir?

You're really having
a hard time with this, huh?

Damn it. Yeah.
Daisy, hey.

Are you all right?

I'm better.

That pulsing sound
was killing me.

What pulsing sound?

Are you serious?
It was deafening.

Slow down.
Slow down. Slow down.

It holds the portal open. That
flare shot straight through.

If we could send
a hard-wired probe through,

We can see the other side.
We can find her.
We'll fix the machine, turbo...

We have to fix it.
...But you got to chi--

How are we supposed to
fix a machine

We don't know
how it works?

[ grunts ]

I figured you
for a mama's boy.

One slap,
and you spit out the info.

[ grunting ]

It's been a good run,

Now, let's just
get to the end.

[ grunting ]

Come on.

[ breathing heavily ]

Okay. You win.

[ both grunt ]

Nobody treats me like that
and lives.


Do you even know
who the hell i am?

Do you?!

You're werner von strucker.

Your father
was baron wolfgang von strucker,

One of
hydra's greatest leaders.

Powerful family name doesn't
mean you deserve respect.

You earn that.

I wondered
if you had it in you.

Your old man
would be proud.

Come on.

Brought tacos.

[ crickets chirping ]

[ lock clicks ]

Unfinished business?

Is that
what you're in hiding from?

[ sighs ]

[ chuckles ]
you and your mother.

Silence always
means yes.

You take after her
in that way.

In every way.

So that's what
this visit is all about?

Things with you and andrew
did not work out so well,

So you feel damaged
in some way.

But there are worse things to be
than your mother's daughter.

[ sighs ]
[ glass thuds ]

I just want to have
a normal life, dad,

Away from s.H.I.E.L.D.

I want to see if i can.


With a handgun
in your golf bag?

Trying to protect me
from some unfinished business

That follows you
like a shadow?


You remember the pain
when you hit the ice,

But i always remember
how quickly you would get up.

I was a kid.

It didn't hurt
as much then.

My daughter
always got back up.

[ door opens ]

You needed a push.

I had to know
you could handle the fall.

I should
have you killed.


First thing,
if you're gonna kill someone,

Don't threaten them.
Just do it.

Oh, my father
would have you --

Your father
kept you in the dark

And then died
a meaningless death,

Leaving you to hide your face
with no answers.

I know what it's like to
come from a complicated family.

Hydra's fractured,
in pieces.

We're gonna rebuild it --
the right way...

By force.

My father so rarely let me see
any of his world.

It's your world now.

And when we put
these pieces back together,

They'll be stronger
than the original.

It'll just
rattle apart again.

We have to reinforce
the connections.

Reinf-- look, most of the
workings are under the ground.

We just can't
tear the castle down.

And actually, we're lucky
the room is shaped this way,

Or the machine might have
shaken it apart on top of us.

[ grunts ]

[ metal clangs ]

Wait. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's the point.

Quantum harmonic oscillation
theory, like the professor said.

I know that look.

It's a strange shape
for this time period

Because it's made to resonate,
uh, to -- to -- to -- uh --

Create a-a quantized field
within the stone.

Fitz, you're talking,
but we're not totally following.

The room
is a speaker.

The machine
is an amplifier.

Uh, a sub-- subsonic frequency
to resonate with the monolith.

You saying you figured out a way
to fix the machine?


I'm saying
i figured out that --

We don't have to.


I can do it.

I can open
the portal myself.

Well, turns out we're standing
in the middle

Of the world's largest


If the point of the machine
was to resonate the room

At a certain frequency,
i can do that.

And you
can replicate it?

Kind of drilled
into my brain.

And it could kill you. How long
do you think you can hold it?

Maybe a minute.

If it's too much,
you pull back.

I can't lose you,

I got this.

Here we go.

Camera and data sensors
are hard-lined back to us

Through a cable --
no signal loss that way.

If daisy can hold it, we'll get
a visual of the other side.

That's what we're looking for.
All right, you listen to me.

You take care
of yourself.

We lose that probe,
nobody cares.

Uh, i'm confused.

What exactly
is she planning to do here?

[ rumbling ]

[ strained ]
sorry. Still tuning.

[ breathing heavily ]


Hold it open
as long as you can.

Fitz, no!

[ wind gusting ]








Simmons: Fitz!



[ breathing heavily ]





[ grunts ]

Damn it. Pull him back.
Get him back here.


I can't hold it!


[ gasps, coughs ]

[ panting ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ panting ]

You did good, tremors.

You did good.

[ panting ]



They're gonna be okay.

No sign of radiation
or infection.

Fitz would never have found her,
but she saw the flare.

We brought a woman
back from the dead today.

Randolph: Yes.

And, happily, you kept up
your end of the bargain.

The portal
is destroyed.

Thank daisy for that.

Agent coulson...

What exactly
is daisy?

They call themselves

I have not heard that word
in a very long time.


Your team
pulled off a miracle today.

Fitz got simmons back.

I thought
you deserved to know.

They think
she's gonna be okay

If you want to come back
and see her.

Or stay.

I think headquarters
is big enough for the two of us.

I'm glad she's safe.

Simmons is back.

She's okay.

Are you serious?
She's alive?

you absolute beauty!

Let's get a beer!


[ gasps ]

[ breathing shakily ]



First thing tomorrow morning,
all right?

Man: Dr. Garner?
Yeah. Yeah?

I'm sorry
for the intrusion,

But i was hoping
to add your class.

You okay with a few weeks'
makeup work?

i-i just transferred.

I think psychology
might be my major.


You know why most people
take psych, right?

Ahh, damn this pen.
Here. Give me your back.

They're trying to figure out
their families.

You got me there.

You wouldn't believe
how messed up mine is.