Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Watchdogs - full transcript

Agent Mack and his brother step in when a radical group called the Watchdogs plan to eliminate the Inhumans; Simmons finds a powerful chemical compound.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

And not everyone who can change
should change.

You sound like one of those
hate groups... the Watchdogs.

"Kill the aliens
and take back the planet."

Help me, please.

You got to let me out, Jemma.

I'm the only one
who can protect you.

Where are Hunter and Bobbi?

They're not coming back.
They've been disavowed.

It was all we could do to
keep them from being executed.

They did that for S.H.I.E.L.D.

They did that for us,
and they paid the price.

Believe me, guys...

I'm gonna miss them, too.



Will it be anything like
the thriller we saw last year

at Clemson?

Sure that's
the right move, Alfie?

You know
what's not the right move?

Calling me Alfie.

Mom gets to. You don't.

If you're gonna ride this thing
like a damn maniac,

I wouldn't have to come home
and repair it for you.

You wish you rode like me.

Yeah, you got nothing to ride

without that intake valve
I brought you.

I could always take it back.


Well, your Ironhead's
in great shape,

and you're never home
to ride it anyway.

Maybe I ought to...

Never ride my bike ever?

Yeah, I love that idea.

I mean, I thought
you were gonna finally ride it

when we drove to Baja.

Baja. This again.

Look, I told you,
I got buried in work.

All right, I'm sorry, but,
we'll find a time.

I understand.

Being an insurance-company drone
is super interesting.

Why not bury yourself
in that work?


I was wishing
I was back at work right now.

Seems like a pretty sweet gig
if it gets you a hook-up

on an impossible-to-find
intake valve.

Yeah, honestly...
job hasn't been great lately.

Management's out of control,

new people keep coming in
every day... no experience.

And the two friends I was
closest to, they just got...

transferred... for good.

Work buddies... come and go.

Now, family... they're the ones
you can't get rid of.

Even if
they set up a roadside stand

and tried selling you off
to strangers.

You were an awkward kid.

I'm sorry about your work.

I'm sorry about your layoff.

But it's just
a temporary setback.


Why is this still here?

When Mom and Dad left you the
house, they had to leave this, too?

Dad wouldn't let Mom take it.

I put it up on eBay.

Turns out,
not as valuable as Mom thinks.

Okay, so here's the plan.

Lunch, beers,
finish up the bike.



I picked up a couple steaks.

No, you didn't.

You gonna do your...? -

Aw, yeah.

You could take a run at that,
you know... cooking.

You're good.

No, I'm serious.

Not as good as I am
with engines, but...

That was almost
a compliment.

So close.

I've thought about it, but...

Breaking news...
we have a shocking video

that was sent to our station
minutes ago.

This facility
is controlled by the ATCU.

The government
is keeping secrets,

things we don't know until
cities fall out of the sky.

The Avengers... more like them
every day, protected, hidden.

Not anymore! We want
this information released...


A list of who they are,
where they are.

Or you will have war
on your hands.


We are the Watchdogs.

You will obey.

Let's go!


This is...





I need an agent
in South Bend,

and you're the closest one
to the scene.


It's just,
I'm here with my brother,

and I was hoping this week off
would be more of a...

Thing is, Mack,

I'm actually down
a couple of agents right now.

I know, sir.

My resources are limited.

Local P.D.'s already on the scene, and
you know the Feds are on a plane.

Yes, but...

They'll pick the site clean,
and we'll have nothing.

They hit the ATCU, Mack.

It's serious.

I'm sorry about family time,
but we all make sacrifices.

Figure it out.



So, it looks like I have to
take off for a couple of hours.

There was an accident
on U.S. 41.

I got to go assess it.


Yeah. It's complicated.

But this is simple.

Lunch, beers, bike?

Remember? We'll get to it.
I promise.


Were there casualties?

The building had a staff.

When you get to South Bend,

rendezvous with Mack
at the ATCU site.

Report back what you got.

I've been following
the Watchdogs online

for a while now.

Some pretty nasty hate speech,

but up until now,
it's all been rhetoric.

There's a bark/bite joke
I could make here,

but I don't find these guys
all that funny.

No, they've had a menacing
presence ever since New York.

Got even less funny
after Sokovia.

Not exactly embracing
the new changes in the world.

Now they're not happy just being
the comments section.

Something's changed.

They're taking action.

We need to shut them down
before more people get hurt.

We've got enough on our plate
trying to track down Malick.



How'd the S.H.I.E.L.D.
assessment go?

Fine, I think.

I guess we won't know for sure

till Coulson gets
the evaluation report.

I got it.

Well, should we
bring Lincoln with us?

With Bobbi and Hunter gone,
we can use all the help...

Lincoln's gonna sit this
one out. You and Fitz go ahead.

Meet up with Mack,
then report back to me.



I will do that.


We get it, Watchdogs,
you did this.


Did you ride that here?

Yeah. Wow.

You really are on vacation.

Yeah. Vacation.

All right,
here's what we know so far.

This facility was a storage site
for the ATCU.

But somehow,
the Watchdogs found out.



The residue from the bombs,
it's got nitramene in it.

I don't know what that is,

but your tone of voice
makes it sound bad.

Howard Stark developed it
after World War II.

It causes implosions.

That's weird.

Weird how?

That they got
their hands on it?

Nitramene isn't stable enough

to be used
in a gel-based explosive.

Or at least it shouldn't be.

So the Watchdogs

have been making improvements
to nitramene.

J-just to be clear,

Actually, I think I've got
some sodium hydrogen acetate

back on Zephyr One.

That'll help if we encounter any
more bombs, right. Sodium h...

Hydrogen acetate.

Neutralizes nitramene.
Neutralizes nitramene.

Okay. Thank you, Nerd Herd.

I'm gonna go call Coulson.

Do we take this debris
back with us, study it?

Yeah, sure.

If... if you've
been working out.

'Cause it weighs
like 100,000 tons.

It's a building.

So... no, then.


Why does
that mean something

to everyone else but me?

S.H.I.E.L.D. history.
Stark tech.

And I knew somebody once

who was keen on
improving the original formula.

Okay, well, is that enough
to connect that person

to the Watchdogs?

He was fixated on it.

Thought it might be something
we could add to our arsenal.

Our arsenal?

A-Are you saying this could be
a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?

A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent
you've met.

A good man,

but he went off the grid
when he got out of the hospital,

which means he's at large
with a lot of our secrets.

He was in the hospital?

After Deathlok broke his spine.

Nice work out there, boys.

Felix Blake.

I've got a new plan of attack.

And it's a good one.

Someone's been practicing.

You know I don't like guns,
but I'd rather be prepared.


You're holding
your breath, though.

Exhale when
you pull the trigger.


Want to tell me
what this is about?

Do I need to?

You don't like
feeling vulnerable.

Sick of blaming yourself for...

No, I'm quite comfortable
blaming myself, actually,

for the lot of it.

For all the miseries endured

to rescue
helpless little Agent Simmons.


Will died trying to save me.

And Fitz...

Poor Fitz nearly got himself
killed a number of times,

and that's not even
the worst of it.


What happened
to those Inhumane...

not your fault.

No, I just let a known murderer
loose to save my own skin.

Traded all those...
those lives for mine.

Well, it won't happen again.

And since I'm practically
the only woman here

who can't kill
with her bare hands...

Listen to me.

That wasn't your fault.


What makes them go from anonymous
trash-talking online to...

Domestic terrorism?

Maybe someone stepped in
and radicalized them.

Maybe Blake.

I understand feeling lost.

You want to hate something.

Hate gives you direction.

That could be dangerous.

Hey, I used to hate
all this alien crap.

Used to.

But my brother thinks that way.

I mean, he's a good guy,

but even he's cheering on
the Watchdogs.

They're not...
they're not that anonymous.

I've been tracking them,

the ones
that are spewing hate online.

You know,
IP addresses, residences,

license-plate numbers...
some of them are local.

They could've been involved
in the ATCU attack.

We should go pick one up
and see what he knows.

And... what?

Shake him down?

Without even knowing if the guy
we picked was actually involved?

Well, either way,
he'll know something.

Yeah, but it's... kind of
Gestapo, don't you think?

Is that who we are?

We're S.H.I.E.L.D.

I'm trying to save lives.

I'll use whatever advantage
I have to do it.

Yeah, the advantage of superpowers,
which is something I don't have.

But I'm not so sure
you should be using yours

to sidestep civil liberties.

They gave up their right
to civil liberties

when they started
imploding buildings.

Maybe, but it's not about how they act.
It's about how we respond.


All right, look,
I'm not going along with this.

I made a promise to my brother.

Okay, Fitz, you're with me.

Am I?

You're looking for me?


Former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent
Felix Blake.

While he's out there
causing casualties,

he's our top priority.

Okay. How can I...

I worked with the guy.

I know a few things
he doesn't know I know.

You mean
that'll help you find him.

Everyone has safehouses.

Unbeknownst to Blake, I happen
to know where a few of his are,

and that's not
to help me find him.

It's to help us find him.


You're saying I'm going, too.

I am.

If we can find any evidence
he left behind of his plans,

we can stop him.

Okay. Great.
I mean...

You... you didn't say anything
about my evaluation, so...

You know, it just seemed like

you weren't happy
with what you saw.

I'm not.


But I want
to see it for myself.


Saving the world,

one diligently assessed
insurance claim at a time.

The gecko
and his sidekick, Alfie.


You work for the lady
with the funny hair.

I always forget.

So I guess you had your beers.

And yours, too.

You weren't drinking 'em.

I get that you're upset.


All right, look, you got to make
sure the valve seats right...

It's not about the damn bikes!

Okay. Then what's it about?

Nothing, man.



So you're just being a jackass
for no reason?

There's just a lot going on.

Health benefits
are about to run out.

There's zero jobs out there.

The mortgage
isn't in great shape.

Wait, wait a minute.

What about the mortgage?

I'm upside down.

Damn it.

I've been trying, okay?

But I was already struggling,
then the layoffs happened...

Wait, wait, wait.

So is that why you've been
wanting me to hang out?

You know, get some brother time,
go to Baja.

What, you just wanted
to ask me for money?


I suggested Baja

because we've been talking
about it since we were kids.

And, by the way,
I never asked for money.

I'll handle it.

Like I handle everything,
like with Mom and Dad...

I help out.

I helped you move them
into the condo.

You showed up three days
after I moved them in.

Even now, I'm the one that has
to keep everything here afloat.

We can't all
just run off to some other...

No one put a gun to your head!

You didn't have to take this
house. You could've sold it.

But I didn't.

And now I'm in default.

I can't afford the house.

I can't afford to leave.

This is how they get you.

System's rigged.

They want to keep you down
and in the dark, man.


You sound like
those Watchdog nuts.

they got the right idea.

Someone's got to fight back.

The government
controls everything.

"You either rise up in protest,
or you fall down in chains."

That's a direct quote.

Are you reading their stuff?

I go online.

They get
what I'm going through.

You don't.

You're only here
'cause your friends left.

You stay away
from the Watchdogs!

You hear me?
They're not the answer.


Well, what is the answer?



Simmons. Here.

Everything I have.

You're pursuing Andrew.

And I've retasked
a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. servers

to look for him.

I can't imagine
how hard this must...

Has to be done.

Because Andrew is dangerous.

You're not responsible.

He is.

I just feel guilty...
all the time.

How do you make it stop?

You don't.

You use it, channel it.

Is that what you're doing?

I can help.

Was hoping you would.

You're doing this wrong.

I mean, you're looking
in the wrong place.


So... this Blake guy...

he has safehouses,
what, all over?

All agents do.

We'll just have to keep checking
his until we find something.

So, what did it say...
on my evaluation?

Nothing that'll surprise you.

You're here for Daisy,
not the cause.

So commitment is a question.

But I am here.

And your control issues
didn't stop with A.A.

You went nuclear on Lash,
on Creel.

I had reasons both times.

But you didn't follow orders.

You can't just be
at S.H.I.E.L.D.

You have to be
a part of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And I'm trying to be,
but you don't make it easy.

There's a test at every turn.

I mean, this is a test.

This is a chance
for me to see for myself

how you handle things.

Same thing, different words...

Don't interrupt me! You got it?

You haven't earned
that right yet.

I don't know you.

I vetted every member
of this team except you,

measured their commitment
to this ideal,

including two good agents

who just gave it all up
to protect that ideal.

I think
you could be a good agent,

but I need to know
if you think that

and that you want it
badly enough.

So you stay in control
and you follow my orders,

and I'll decide if
you get to be an agent or not.


Yes, sir.

I'm just saying, first,
it was the illegal aliens.

Now it's actual aliens
putting us all at risk?

And we do need
to be tracking them.

We have to
take our country back.

What the hell?

Hi, Dallas.

How do you know who I am?

You think
I can't find out who you are

when you're online
talking about rounding up freaks

just because
we're not face-to-face?

Now we're face-to-face,
and I'm one of the freaks.

But I guess
that part was clear.


I know
they've contacted you.

Want you to take action, and...

no doubt, you've chickened out,

but I need you to tell me
where they meet.

I'm not telling you anything.




Ple-please don't hurt me.

I won't have to if you tell me
what I want to know.


So talk.

They're all gathered at a place
called Easterling Farms.

They're prepping
for their next attack.

How'd you get the information?

I found someone
who was willing to talk.

Look, the point
is, if we leave now,

we can stop anyone else
from getting hurt.

That's still the mission,
isn't it?

Easterling Farms.

That's over in...

Lake County, right?

I'll text you the location.

I'll meet you there.

There's nothing
for me to do here anyway.

Hey, Ruben.

I didn't know you were home.

I went out.

For a bit.

Well, I... I laid out
all the parts for the bike.

They're in the right order.

All you have to do
is install them.


I'm making lunch.


Veal and pork,
if you want some.

Yeah, that sounds good,
but, um...

I have a thing, so...


Andrew isn't like
your other targets.

He's an Inhuman,
and an unusual one at that.

Andrew... or Lash, really...

is perhaps being driven
by different factors...

biological imperatives,
for instance.

Climate, feeding,
even his need to seek out...


Seek out intended victims.


He's being driven
by base instincts.

So you're saying
I should think less like a spy,

more like a doctor.


May, what happens to Andrew
when you catch up to him?

After everything...
I'm going to kill him.

He's left us no choice.
What if there is a choice?

There's not.


Fitz and I have been
working on the vaccine

from Creel's blood.

Now, it would only work on
Inhumane who haven't turned yet,

but Andrew
hasn't finished his transition.

Shouldn't we at least try?



Don't give me hope, Jemma.

I don't want hope.


It'd be nice if we weren't
quite so out in the open.

Speaking of...



Let's see
what the Watchdogs look like

in their natural habitat.


...which means
only designated team captains

will carry
a full tactical pack.

Know your captain, and if
you get in trouble, signal him.

That's Blake's voice.

That's him. He's here.


What are we looking for?

Anything that might be evidence
of what Blake is doing.

You hear that?

We don't want
to hurt innocents.

Still trying
to get eyes on Blake.

You have permission
to defend yourself.

The mission comes first.


Al, look!

Good as new! Ruben, go home.

Go home!

What're you doing? What
does he think you do?

Insurance. Well, not
anymore, I wager.

Mack, we've got to get him out of here.


Did you see
what that guy just did?

I'll tell the boss.

We're done. Go to black.

No, no, we can still...

There are too many!
Go to black!

Are you good
to get out of here?

I've got
to go put a lid on this.

Yeah. Yeah, we got it.



Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait!

What're you doing?
We said we'd fall back.

I have a shot at stopping Blake.
I'm taking it.

Call the module. I'll be back.


Guys, over here,
over here!

We need more help!

Where are you, Blake?

It's like he disappeared.



How are you here?

I'm everywhere, Coulson.

As are you, apparently.

You recovered well.

Says the man
who came back from the dead.

I guess we both have
a few tricks up our sleeve,

old friend.




Fitz! Fitz!

What's that...
what's the stuff called?

Sodium what?
Sodium hydrogen acetate.


I don't think it's working.

Maybe we slowed it down, but...

Must be the modifications
that Blake made.

What does that mean?

That sooner or later,
this bomb is gonna go off.

And then I'll implode.


Which is gonna be messy.

So here we are,
reunited at last.

I got to admit...

it's not what I'd hoped for.

I really thought
it'd be ATCU proper

who showed up at the compound.

Didn't expect you.

I'm working with the ATCU.

You mean keeping S.H.I.E.L.D.
alive within it.

Those survival instincts
of yours, Coulson...

always impressive.

I searched for you.

I wanted to make you part
of the new S.H.I.E.L.D.

Yeah, well,
when I got out of the hospital,

it turned out there had never
been a S.H.I.E.L.D.,

just Hydra hiding behind one.

I signed up
to protect the world

from these dangerous
alien elements.

We still do that.

The hell you do.
You use them, unleash them.

You've got those freaks
working for you.

Hell, Phil, you are one.

Makes me sick.

We both know
S.H.I.E.L.D. protects mankind.

And what has S.H.I.E.L.D. done
in the name of protection?

We brought the Chitauri
to Earth.

I was taken out by
one of your cybernetic recruits.

And the latest
and greatest idea?

The Avengers created Ultron.

What are you doing, Blake?

I'm trying to make the world
a safer place...


What are you doing now? Here?

I know your tactics.

Speeches? Not one of them.

You're stalling. Why?


Everyone stay back!

Clear the area!

It's digging into your skin.

I'm very well-aware, so cutting
it off is not an option.

I'll quake it off.

No, no, no! It's too unstable.

Okay, I don't want
to get her involved,

but I think
we should phone Simmons.

We've got a better way
to get the info.



I was wondering why you...
you brought him here.

What did your people
put in the bomb?

Tell us what you did!
I don't know.

Talk or implode. It was you.

You're not getting out of here
until you give us answers.

I-I don't know.

I'm not a scientist.

Yeah, obviously.

Whatever Blake did
to suspend the stuff in there,

he didn't tell me. Wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Hang on. "Suspend"...

that's a science word
that he wouldn't know.

The... the...
the nitramene is suspended.

It's like... it's like a vaccination.
That's why we can't get to it.

What do we do?

We need to stop the substance
housing the nitramene.

It's a liquid, so...

We could freeze it. How?

Liquid nitrogen. There's, um...

we use it in the cooling jets
on the containment module.

There's a panel in the corner!


Your team in Indiana...
very industrious.

Problem is,
that's just one cell.

This is nationwide.

Tell me something.

How'd you get that ATCU target?

Was it fed to you?

This has Hydra's fingerprints
all over it.

Don't you see?

You were probably cleaning up
some mess of theirs.

How did you get the location
of our compound?

Coercion, by any chance?

I'm sure it was all aboveboard.

We're solving problems,
not making them.

We're spreading an idea.
You spread fear.

People are already afraid,
and they want the truth.

What you're doing's
not about truth.

It's about hate.

And you're above that?

You've never just killed someone
because you hate them, Phil?


Hate's a good motivator.

You're not wrong.

This guy?

He's also filled with hate,

and he happens to be
one of the Inhumane

you're railing against.

Really? Interesting.

He wants to hurt you... badly.

In fact,
the only reason he's not

is because he's trying
really hard to follow my orders.


I'm changing my orders.


Don't hurt Agent Blake.

Kill him.



That's an order.

Sir, there's got to be
another way.


Seems your puppy
doesn't have his teeth yet.

sometimes we do the wrong thing

for the right reason
because it has to be done.

Now take him out.


Dissent among the ranks...


What the...?

He was a hologram.


Here we go.

You ready?

It's working.


It's working!

I'm turning you over
to the ATCU.

I have a feeling General Talbot
will have some questions for you.

You knew he wasn't really here.

Yeah, he wasn't moving much.

There was also a lag.

Blake usually interrupts you
a lot more.

I also know
that wasn't a kill shot.

I saw you with Lash.

Yeah, I just... I...

You did it right.

Offered a dissenting opinion,

but when the time came,
you did what I asked.

Well, a slightly
less lethal version.


We should go through
this place,

find out if there really is
a second target.

Blake will send his men.


Who are you?

I know it's a lot to take in, but
we if we could talk about it...

Sure. Now you want to talk.

I can't believe you,
helping those freaks...

Look, that's not what they are.
They're Inhumane.

"Inhumane"? There's
nothing to be afraid of.

What in the hell does
that even...

They're people!
And they're being hunted.

You know,
the really stupid part is,

I was actually
gonna apologize to you...

for not telling you
about the house,

for hiding things.
God, I'm an idiot.

The reason I didn't tell you
is because I...

Stop talking!

You're a liar.

It's all lies.


Daisy should be able
to access these.

Were they preparing
for a second target?

He was stalling.

But why?

To keep us distracted,
but from what?

From talking to our people?

But we'd already
sent agents to his...

to his compound.

Blake kept talking about you
working with... freaks.

He must've known that you'd send
some of us on the raid.

He didn't have a second target.

He wanted one... an Inhuman...
someone for his men to go after.

We brought him Daisy.



It was all talk for so long.

"Get a powered person
and kill it."

But then you all were there,

and we got to see a real,
live freak fire a shock wave.

Only thing is,

we didn't think it was a...
tiny, unassuming little girl.

If we did, we'd have
gone after you instead.

What do you mean "instead"?


Why didn't you just tell me?!

It was complicated. It's
always complicated with you.

Ruben, I wanted to keep you away
from all this.

That's true
of the Watchdogs, too.

You're angry and aimless,
but I didn't want them roping...

Screw you!
Better than being blindsided!

You don't believe that.

What do you know about me?

You've been so busy protecting
freaks, you haven't even...

Not just them! People!

Damn it, that's why
I joined S.H.I.E.L.D...

to protect the people
I care about, to protect you.

What was that?


All right!

Let's kill this freak!

They torched our bikes.
We can't get away.

Looks like
the Watchdogs followed us.

I guess now
we're the ones being hunted.

But we're not... Inhumane?

It doesn't matter.

Your new heroes
will still kill us.

Can't we just
make a break for it?

No, that's not a good idea.

It's too wide open out front. They'll
pick us off before we get too far.

So what do we do? I'm thinking.

Let's split up.
Check all the rooms.

Wait. Split up.
We got find them.

They got to be here somewhere.

Can't be more than five.

And they're spread out.

Okay, all right.

Did... did Dad take his shotgun
with him to the Florida condos?

No, it's still there.

He doesn't have any slugs,
just bird shot.

That'll work.

All right.

Back of the house is woods,
so that's the new goal...

to get to the backdoor
in the kitchen.

Then we slip out into the woods
and escape.

So, this is what you do
at S.H.I.E.L.D.?

This kind of stuff?

Ruben, I'm a mechanic.

I hate this stuff.


You've made it dark.

I have.

Won't that make it hard for us
to see them coming?


But it also means
they won't be able to see us.

And we know our way around
this house with our eyes closed.


The rest'll be coming now,
so stay alert.


You ever use
one of these before?

An assault rifle? Yeah.


Obviously, you have.
Talk me through it.

If it moves, shoot it.

And try not to shoot yourself.

Or me.

I'll clear the entryway.

You follow.


We got to go.


Hey, hey!

Hey, stay...
step away from the door.

How many shooters
did you see upstairs?

Just the one.

Are you sure?

Then we only found
three Watchdogs.

Where are the other two?


So that's it.

We can go out the...



They must've figured out
this was our escape route.

They're waiting for us.

Did they see us?


If they did, they would've
been in here by now.

They're gonna be a problem
if we want to get out of here.

Look, we need...




That lock won't hold.


What the hell are you doing?

Shotgun axe.





You beat them.

You did that.

This is why I didn't tell you.


He'll be okay?

Yeah, yeah. He'll be fine.

They're taking him
to a facility nearby.

It's one of ours.

I'll drive you.

You all right?

I've never...

All those men...


He had to shoot them to...

I know, I know.

It's a lot to take in.

But you're safe now.

But S.H.I.E.L.D. will take all
the wounded men into custody,

and Damage Control
will clean up.


Alfie works for S.H.I.E.L.D.

He's one of the best...

Did you just call him "Alfie"?

Wow. Thank you.

I cannot wait for him
to get back from recovery now.

What do you call him?


That's what my buddies call me.

He said his friends took off?

Yeah. Yeah.

But not all of them.

And now that you know about us,
we might give you a ring.

Your brother says
you're a good wheel man.

And you're his partner.


And I should've been here
for him.

I could've stopped them.

He seemed
to handle things fine.

He's good at it?

Saving people?

When I need someone
to watch my back,

he's the person I want.



You still want that ride,
Mini Mack?

You were right.
The ATCU attack was a cover.

Found surveillance video.

This is about an hour
before the implosion.

We ran the plates.

Company car.


You win.

This wasn't
an act of terrorism.

- It was a distraction and a cover-up.
- Sponsored by Hydra.

Malick's firing up the
Watchdogs, feeding them intel.

If they got
that kind of funding,

they're not going anywhere.

And Malick?

God only knows
what he took from there.


I kept
my part of the deal.

Now I expect you to keep yours.

I want weaponry.

And not that Stark Industries
reissue crap.

I'm talking about the big guns.

So we can finally
hunt down these freaks.



If everything goes as planned,

we'll all get what we want,
Mr. Blake.

Our common enemies will be dead,
and you'll have troops,

armed to the teeth,
at your command.

Yeah. Sounds right.