Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Parting Shot - full transcript

After tracking Malick to Russia, Bobbi and Hunter become involved in an assassination plot; the team is changed forever as they race to save lives in the balance.

Previously on "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

You're here for Bobbi...

She's the only reason why you call yourself an agent

Well, that's no way to treat a friend.

We're not friends.

Malick is supposed to be the last head of Hydra,

but I can't shake this feeling

that he's reporting to someone else.

And our guest needs Inhumans.

I'm building an army.

Gideon Malick has a stake in almost every country's economy.

He spent a lifetime and a fortune building influence.

Uh, these inhumans are not our enemies.

My country is prepared

to establish a home for them within our borders,

a sanctuary state,

There are a few obstacles in my country,

but with your influence,

we should be able to work them all out.

Hunter, Bobbi, are you there? Come in. Over.

Sorry. Can't talk right now, boss.

We're in the belly of the beast. We'll call you when we land.


How you are alive, sitting here, is a miracle to me.

You're lucky that your government intervened --

that Interpol was brought in at all.

For something as serious at this?

Three highly decorated members of the Russian government,

murdered in cold blood, on Russian soil,

by former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.

In another time, we would have found you

three feet below the ice --

if we found you at all.

You must have something to say for yourself.

I'd like a cheeseburger, medium,

with cheddar cheese,

ketchup, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

And some curly fries. Crispy.

Ms. Morse...

...I'm your only ally here.

There's no one else to help you, nowhere to run.

So tell me...

what were you doing in Siberia?

Malick's convoy heading our way.

Probably should stretch before running.

Hey, where's the de--

I thought I had it.

Ah, being cooped up in a jet

isn't exactly conducive to blood flow.

Where's the target designator?

Oh, hold on. I got it.

Here you go, luv.

Bird to Zephyr, painting target. Do you copy?

Copy that, Bird.

Target's lit. We're tracking now.

Okay, it looks like Malick's convoy's

heading for this decommissioned power plant

about 30 kilometers away.

Dead in the middle of Nowhereville, Siberia.

Yeah, if Malick and his Russian patsy

want to build some Inhuman sanctuary,

why not build it someplace nice and sunny?

Same reason they don't put a prison camp in Malibu --

"Not in my backyard."

That's what the sanctuary really is gonna be, isn't it?

A prison camp.

We'll see what Bobbi and Hunter find when they get there.

Zephyr to Bird -- we have Malick's convoy,

can guide you to them,

but you're gonna need some transport.

Will that be a problem?

No, I think we're good.


I have to say, I have never encountered someone like you.

Oh, well, thank you.

Someone who has the ability to spout

absolute nonsense with such ease.

It's not nonsense. It's the truth.

Bobbi and I were on holiday, picking mushrooms --

In the woods of Siberia in the dead of winter.

Do you know a better place to find the jumbo chaga mushroom?

Because I certainly do not.

You were caught with a weapon, standing over a dead man.

An unfortunate circumstance.

Who ordered the assassination?

Assassination? Are you joking?

You broke in to a top-secret Russian facility.

We were accosted in the woods by some ham-fisted --

dare I say, drunken -- soldiers,

who dragged us into this entire mess.

All we did was try to get out of it.

We're the victims here, mate.

You want to know the key to a good mushroom soup?

Dried porcinis.

Quite pretty, in its own way.

Zephyr, we're in sight, but no visuals on the target.

- Can we get thermals? - Yep.

We've got eyes on you, Bird,

but we can't see inside the plant.

Internal lining must be blocking thermal

or ground-penetrating radar.

They're hiding something.

Malick's SUV is inside, parked in the loading-bay area,

along with several military vehicles.

Must be their base of operations during construction.

They've wiped out almost 30 square kilometers of forest

just to make room for this place.

You wonder why the planet's dying.

Got that right, mate.

You and Jemma watch that documentary I mentioned?

Oh, yes! The one about the Amazon?

And you'll talk about it later.

We need eyes and ears down there.

Malick told me point-blank

he's putting together an Inhuman army,

so he's either here to add more soldiers or to set up shop.

Copy that. If we're gonna infiltrate,

a surveillance package would help, sir.

And guns. Don't forget those.

I'll send a backup team your way.

If we can get to Malick, have we got the green light?

You want to assassinate a former member

of the World Council on Russian soil,

knowing that if we get caught

or our actions are tied to the U.S. government in any way,

that it'll be considered an act of war.'re saying...?

P-pretty sure that's gonna be a no.

It's a big no.

Find out what Malick's up to and get back to me.

- And keep a low profile. - Copy.

Over and out.

Kind of nice, isn't it?

The two of us, alone...

in the woods...

No. Not here, not now.

Though I love the way you think.

Get your mind out of the gutter, woman.

I was just trying to recall the last time

we went away together on a proper vacation.

Well, let's see.

Rio, Caesar Park Hotel.

On a mission. Stakeout.

San Diego.

Visiting your mum doesn't count.


That wasn't me.

The word you're looking for is "Never."

No, not never.

You're exaggerating.


I'm exaggerating.

This is the job.

We have to make certain sacrifices, like free time.

Where do you draw the line?

The sacrifices we've made, the compromises we've made...

Where's this coming from?

Carl Creel killed two of our friends,

and we go on a mission with him.

To be fair, Talbot brought him in.

And Coulson approved it.

Like we made peace with Ward last year to go on a mission,

and he almost killed you.

Ward's dead.

And here we are,

chasing a man who may be the last head of Hydra,

and our orders are to surveil him?


So he can come back to haunt us later?

There's a pattern emerging, and it always ends badly.

Oh, forget it. I just need a break.

Are you talking about a vacation or something else?

Hold on.

We've got movement.

What's that tech wrapped around his head?

It's got to be an inhuman.

They're holding him prisoner.

Coulson needs to see this.

Well, that's one way to infiltrate the premises.

Please, don't shoot.

Oh, my gosh. We are so sorry.

We were just looking for the main road.

Out for a spot of mushroom picking.

Y-y-you see?


My -- my phone battery died, and we got lost.

Do you guys have a map?

He was just doing his job.

So was Stalin.

What'd he say?

Where'd you get the hardware?

We ran into some company.

Left them tied up in the forest.

Um, are those mushrooms?

For soup.

It's not bad, actually.

Picked up some chatter on the radio.

Malick and the man he brought with him, Petrov,

are gonna have some kind of powwow

with a few Russian Cabinet Ministers.

Cabinet Ministers? Here?

We think they're here for the same reason as Malick --

to get their eyes on an Inhuman.

Do you think they already have somebody?

We saw a man being carted off inside the compound,

restrained by advanced biotech.

Well, I thought the sanctuary hasn't even started construction yet.

We need to get inside, get surveillance up and running.

How's everyone's Russian?

My pronunciation's not fluent.

- And mine's nonexistent. - I dated a Russian hacker once,

but I only learned the dirty words.

Guys, seriously, we're spies.

I thought we all learned languages.

Well, for the record, Lincoln's at The Cocoon right now,

studying all sorts of stuff.

Russian is not one of them.


But we'll be in the wings, armed and ready.

Hey, at least you look the part, dear.

He's not wrong.

Bobbi, you're with Daisy and Mack.

Find the security hub and locate Malick.

So that means I stay here alone?

You're with me.

Remember our mission protocol.

Low profile, in and out, no one gets caught.


I'm going to ask you some very basic questions

to establish a baseline.

Of course.

State your full name for the record.

Amadeus Ravenclaw Hunter.

How long were you married?

Which time?

Is it true you were with the British SAS?

You start with 4 ounces of dried porcini mushrooms.

We have your records. We know you are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Yes, and S.H.I.E.L.D. was dismantled.

Your father was a police officer in Kent.

1 cup of pearl barley, 2 cups sour cream...

- Why did you go to Siberia? - We were on vacation.

You really want to know my secret?

Chicken bouillon.

Stall all you want.

I will get answers.

When did you divorce Mr. Hunter?

We know you were lying about the soldiers.

We have three bodies that someone must answer for.

How did you and Ms. Morse get into the country?

There are no records of you flying into Russia.

Where were you when S.H.I.E.L.D. fell?

If you are tourists, where are you staying?

What hotel?

Multiple witnesses saw you pull the trigger.

Do you deny this?

Your first victim.

Why did you kill him?

I didn't.


you're saying it was your ex-husband who did this?

No, that's not what I --


Finally, a confession. A very wise choice, Ms. Morse.

You know that was not a confession.

Mr. Hunter can now be handed over to the Russians for trial,

which will likely result in his execution.

You cannot do that!

Oh, I can, and I will.

You give me no other choice.

All this time, I was searching for your weakness,

when it's obvious.

Your weakness is each other.

It's a lie!

I've never seen that man before in my life!

You can't do this!

Get off me! It's a lie!

Where's Bobbi?!

Let me speak to Bobbi!

Let me speak to Bobbi!

Bob, don't tell them anything!

They had the Inhuman on a gurney,

went through those doors.

Patrol coming.

We could just take them out.

What part of "low profile" don't you understand?

It's bad enough that we have four missing soldiers

out in the woods.

Go, go.

Looks like someone else got here first.

The Inhuman you saw?

I don't think so.

This could be a problem.

What, you know him?

Yuri Krupin.

He's the Russian Prime Minister's personal attaché.

What are the chances he just tripped and fell

and wrapped himself in a nice, comfy tarp?

We need to get this to Coulson and Simmons.

You're killing me, Mack.

Look, I'm not siding with Hunter.

I'm just saying,

I don't remember you two taking a little vacation.

What? Not even a honeymoon?

I was in the middle of a mission.

I had to get back to Johannesburg.

Can you cover our tracks?

Yeah, sure, no problem.

Hello, there.

What's wrong, Tremors?

Well, aside from the fact that this thing is ancient,

I do not read Cyrillic.

- Yet. - Forever the optimist.

Come on, Daisy. You can hack the Pentagon and shake the Earth.

You're gonna let a few backwards letters trip you up?

Found Malick and Petrov.

Well, I'll get eyes and ears on them.

Okay, we'll run back end from here,

pipe it up to the Zephyr.

Be careful.

Wait, wait, hold on.

The letter that looks like New Hampshire with legs --

that's "D," right?



Just think what the United States did

for the Native American populations.

If we hadn't created the reservations,

they would've been wiped out entirely.

Yes, and this is exactly

what we wish to propose to the Kremlin --

a kind of a... reservation for Inhumans.

Uh, let us gather, please.

Mr. Malick -- Gideon --

on behalf of the Minister of Internal Affairs

and the Minister of Emergency Situations,

we all welcome you.

We're up, sir.

And we would be very grateful for your assistance

because I'm afraid our shared vision

of sanctuary for these Inhumans is in jeopardy.

How so?

The Prime Minister recently sent his personal attaché,

Yuri Krupin, to this site.

The reason -- to shut down this entire project immediately.

The Prime Minister is against a sanctuary?


Because his opposition supports it --

namely, the Ministers you see before you.

And where is Mr. Krupin now?


He's dead -- at the hands of General Androvich.

Minister of Defense, former KGB assassin.

And still at it, apparently.


At least that mystery's solved.

The General always did have a temper.

W-what -- what set him off this time?

He found, uh, the attaché's position on Inhumans offensive

because the General himself is an Inhuman.

It's the world's first Inhuman politician.


One who happens to have access to nuclear launch codes.

That does complicate matters, doesn't it?

We know you have a history with the Prime Minister,

so we were hoping that --

You were hoping that I could help you

smooth over this little incident

so that our dream of a sanctuary wouldn't die here today.

Can you help us?

The son of a bitch is loving this.

He's got them right in the palm of his hand.

Where is the General now?

He's, uh, on site, in restraints.

Must be the Inhuman Bob and I saw.

I can help you.

But not -- not because I'm a fan of...

powered individuals working for Mother Russia.

Truth is, this is bigger than any single country's fate.

We are at a tipping point, where humanity...

is going to make some difficult choices about...

the preservation of our very existence,

and these Inhumans --

these Inhumans are the key to our survival.

And we must ally with them,

build a home for them, a sanctuary,

like you're doing here.

But they will need a leader, and unfortunately, for all of us,

your Prime Minister is not that leader.

But I bet Malick knows who is.

What do you suggest we do?

Well, I -- I think the solution is obvious.

I mean, why keep a man in restraints

when he can single-handedly eliminate the problem for us?

This isn't about a sanctuary.

It is time that we let the General loose.

Malick's staging a coup.




We know you were not acting alone.

And we do not mean your pigheaded ex-husband.

Where is he?

There are many intelligence agencies around the world.

Some are run by incompetents, but not all.

We know S.H.I.E.L.D. Is still there, in the shadows.

The only one in the shadows is Gideon Malick.

And you haven't even mentioned him.

I wonder why.

Admit that you're working with S.H.I.E.L.D.,

cooperating with the American government,

and perhaps you can spare your ex-husband from a firing squad.

This is your choice.

We need to get out of here.

What are those guards doing?

Complaining, avoiding work, taking selfies.

It's guard duty.

Doesn't seem like an Inhuman power,

snapping people's necks. Anyone can do that.

As opposed to melting metal

or burning holes in people's chests like your ex.

You're right -- anyone can snap a person's neck.

You could've paired up with Mack.

Mack I can trust.

Oh, but not me.

That's right. I forgot.

We're not friends, are we?

You know, friends don't put other people's lives at risk

for selfish reasons.


I'd take a bullet for any one of you --

not for the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the wall, for you.

You were willing to let Andrew die to get revenge.

That's not what S.H.I.E.L.D.'s about.

No, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s all about the mission,

not the person next to you.

The person next to you was me.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is about sacrifice,

not for you or me but for the greater good.

Even over the ones you love?


Even them.

I don't know whether I admire you

or feel sad for you or both.

Either way...

I am sorry, May, for all of it.

Heads up. Malick's on the move.

Where are you, Bob?

South end, upper level.

I think he's going to get the General.

I lost Petrov and Malick!

Daisy, little help?

Give me a sec.

I've got a visual on the General.

He's still locked up. I'm just not sure where.

Is Malick with him?

No, just a couple of FSO agents and two guards.

And they're cutting him loose.

We can't let him leave with Malick.

Zephyr to ground team, we have a cause of death

on the Prime Minister's attaché, Mr. Krupin.

All internal signs show he was strangled,

with fractures to his larynx and hyoid bone.

Oddly, there are no external abrasions, ligature marks,

or hand impressions.

Like he wasn't even touched.

Could be a psychic ability at work here.

Rather than physical, yeah.

Yeah, but if he can snap bones without laying a finger on you,

then the Prime Minister's in real danger.

Hold on. I've got eyes on Malick.

The General's not with him.

Just his security detail.

What's Malick's play here?

He sows the seeds of a coup,

then leaves without the assassin.

Must be some other angle.

Daisy, where's the General now?

You still have eyes on him?

Hold on. I'm still trying to get Bobbi through a door.

Converting to Unicode, and...

Spasibo, Daisy!

De nada.

- Pretty sure that's not Russian. - Whatever.

Bobbi, hang a right at the next hallway.

That should take you to the General.

But you better get there quick, 'cause he's free.

What the --

- Did you see that? - See what?

The hell if I know. Is this feed recording?

Yeah. Let me roll it back.

Sir? Sir, we have incoming.

Looks like helicopters headed for the compound.

They're not flying in standard military formation.

Enhancing satellite imagery.

Russian military typically uses MI-8s.

That's not what those are.

No, sir.

Scans show these are AW139s, four of them.

That's the Prime Minister's detail.

He's coming here.

Malick isn't taking the General anywhere

because he doesn't have to.

Open the comms.

Everyone listen up.

This hit is going down here and now.

The Russian Prime Minister is arriving,

and there's an Inhuman assassin on the loose.

You need to stop him.

Stop him how?

We don't even know what he can do.

Malick's getting away!

We could grab one of those trucks.

Coulson, do we pursue?

Prime Minister is landing on the north side of the plant.

Negative. Forget about Malick.

But he's right bloody there!

Protect the Prime Minister.

He's walking into a trap. You need to get in there now.

We have eyes on the Prime Minister.

And he's not alone.

Prime Minister, welcome.

Is that our General Inhuman right there?

It is.

- Thank you so much for meeting us today. - Gang's all here.

What's the plan?

May and Hunter, you secure the Prime Minister.

Daisy, Bobbi, Mack, contain the General.

Try to get him outside.

We'll send the containment module down to the south exit.

Yeah, be careful.

He's an assassin, and we don't know what his powers are yet.

Perhaps we do.

Prime Minister, this plan, I believe,

is in our Federation's best interests.

We'll need a distraction.

I have an idea, but it involves May hitting people.

If you could take a moment and look --

My attaché should be here.

Where is Yuri?

He could not see the error of his ways.


you are all traitors, then?

We're up!

This way, Prime Minister!

Somebody report.

Do we have the Inhuman a safe distance

from the Prime Minister?

Yeah, Bobbi's got him.

I don't speak Russian, but I know a threat when I hear one.

He's out cold.

Where the hell did it go?

Where'd the General go?

Zephyr to ground team -- what's happening down there?

Sir, we lost the General.

He controls his shadow. My powers didn't faze it.

It's not just a shadow.

Fitz and I believe the General has the ability

to manifest a form of sentient dark force,

able to shift its density at will.

Judging by the way he's elsewhere at the moment,

it operates independently of him.

Can you just cut to the part where you tell us how we beat it?

Technically, you can't.

Not the answer we were looking for.

And the Prime Minister?

Safe for now.

Don't panic, sir, but your life is in --

For Mother Russia!

As I was saying, don't panic, sir,

but your life is in danger.

But if it can go solid,

then we should be able to fight it.

Fight it, yes, but you can't destroy it.

The General can always manifest another --

General. We have to -- we have to take out the General.

Oh, damn.

You ready, sestra?


How'd you do that?

Did you see that?

How the hell are we supposed to --


Whatever this thing is, it's here.

I'll get Daisy out of here.

You go end this.

You can barely walk.

Barbara -- go.

What do I do? What do I do?!

Hang on, Hunter!

Bob, whatever you're gonna do, do it now!

Sir, are you okay?

Hunter, are you okay?

Hunter, please answer me.

You all right, luv?

Better now.

I thought...

Yeah, I know.

Me, too.

I don't know what frightened me more --

the firing squad or that shadow muppet.

We were lucky.

I was lucky.

You were good.

I bet you could do with a cheeseburger right now, huh?

There's no cheeseburgers where we're going.

If there's a way out of this...

I can't see it.

Not where everyone wins.

Maybe not everyone should.

I don't believe any of this.

These two are obviously working

for either your government directly or indirectly,

as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You know very well, Prime Minister,

there is no S.H.I.E.L.D.

It was dismantled.

Mr. President, do you think we are all naive?

S.H.I.E.L.D. is alive and well

and working with your government to get ahead of us.

Ahead of you? What are you talking about?

There is a new arms race in our future --

the race for powered individuals.

You know this.

What I know, Dmitri,

is that there was an attempt on your life -- a coup --

and if I were you,

I'd be grateful to the people who intervened.

Let's be frank, Matthew.

What matters here is only how things appear.

And for me, this appears to be a disaster.

This incident will go public,

and I will have to explain how not one, not two,

but three members of my government were murdered.

To be fair...

two of them were trying to kill you...sir.

Remind me -- who is this man?

Advisor to our ATCU.

He, uh -- he tracks enhanced threats.

Threats like your very own Minister of Defense, General Androvich,

who I believe was trying to assassinate you.

So you claim.

Mr. President,

if you do not wish to escalate hostilities between our nations,

you will do what is right.

Someone must pay for what happened here.

And it will not be me.

My name is Phil Coulson.

Pleasure to meet you, sir.

Like to ask you a few questions, if that's all right.

Why can't we hear them?

What happened to the sound?

We have about 90 seconds.

When Fitz triggers the EMP,

you'll go out that door to your left.

- There are two guards - Sir, we can't.

Take them out, then head for the ship --

A distraction won't work here.

We can't risk that. It'll expose all of you.

Once you're back, we'll change your identities,

move your families,

and unfortunately, you'll be done in the field --

Sir, I think that we've proven

we're not built for the lab or for office work.

Or prison.

What other options are there?

Go on trial?

Expose yourselves as members of a terrorist organization?

Because that's what people think S.H.I.E.L.D. is.

We took an oath -- to be the shield.

To protect those in danger.

Well, now S.H.I.E.L.D., this team, is in the cross hairs.

And the right thing for us to do is...

take the bullet.

Are you saying what I think you're saying?

We've discussed it.

It's time.

I'll have your things sent to you.

And frankly, you should be more careful

when making your vacation plans next time.

We are so sorry, sir.

It's all yours, Inspector.


So, you do not work for S.H.I.E.L.D.

I do not.

Doesn't exist anymore.

And you're telling me they don't work

for any U.S. Government agency.

No. They do not.

And they never will.

You satisfied, Dmitri?

One last thing.

I would like to thank you both for your bravery

and for the sacrifice you made, giving up your vacation.

Whether anyone will ever admit it or not,

you saved the Prime Minister's life,

and, doubly fortunate for him,

managed to wipe out his entire opposition.

They're all dead now, so well-done.


Wouldn't you agree, Prime Minister?

Seems to me they're free to go.

What happened to the extraction plan?

You never gave us the signal.

Where are Hunter and Bobbi?

They're not coming back.

- They've been disavowed. - What're you talking about?

There were no good options.

I had to make a deal.

We were lucky President Ellis even got Interpol to step in.

They walk free, but they cannot be agents.

So that's it? We're just leaving them?

It was all we could do to keep them from being executed.

Relations between the President and Prime Minister

are already badly strained

because of the growing alien threat.

And if they found out S.H.I.E.L.D. was up and running,

training Inhumans as agents...

It would be bad.

Like Cold War bad.

Bobbi and Hunter never cracked under questioning,

even to save each other.

They did that for S.H.I.E.L.D.

They did that for us, and they paid the price.

No, they --

They just can't take the fall.

Mack, it was their choice.

After everything they've done, they deserve that choice.

Believe me, guys...

I'm gonna miss them, too.

What about Trinidad and Tobago?

Always loved the name,

but I once had a bad run-in there

with a Nigerian drug dealer, so...

Maybe Bora Bora?

Think we'll be followed there?

I don't know.

Think it'll be a long time

before anybody in the intelligence business trusts us.

I'm afraid they never will, luv.

Should get the check.

- I didn't order that. - I know.

You've got an admirer.


They asked me not to say.

Oh, it's Jemma.

Why doesn't she...?

Oh, she can't, can she.

You guys must be popular.

Fitz is here.

It's the Spy's Goodbye.

We'll return in a moment.


Nice shot, Dad.

Hey, sweetie.

Early start this morning?


Russia didn't go well, did it?

No, things got complicated.

Let me guess -- S.H.I.E.L.D.

I'd rather not talk about it.


They don't know he's back, do they?

Nah, Coulson has no clue.


So, when do I get to meet you-know-who?

Not yet. He's still...

gathering himself and...

I'm still trying to figure out what his plans are.

Well, I know what they are.

He's gonna change the world.


That's my girl.