Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Bouncing Back - full transcript

Coulson is more determined than ever to get to Gideon Malick and put to an end to Hydra once and for all in the aftermath of his trip to Maveth. Meanwhile, Daisy and the team encounter more...

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

A team centered around
people with powers?

Seems I might just
get my team after all.

Thousands of years ago,

an Inhuman was born
on this planet

that was destined to rule it,

That others were consumed
with dread,

and so they banished it
from the Earth.

Hydra was founded

with the sole purpose
of engineering its return.

He saved my life,

and I never would have survived
without him.

Do you love him?

Yes. I can't hate him.

Why else would you fall for him?
He did everything right.

And you dove

through a hole in the universe
for me!

You're not Will.

Will died saving Jemma...
from me.

Now you know
how it feels, Coulson...

to watch someone you care for
bleed out right in front of you.

And now I'm coming
to put you down.

It's over, Ward.

Malick was right.

This is all meant to be.

I am part of a grand plan.

This can't be easy.

It's fine.

Can I ask, why here?

I want him to see
where it happened.

Besides, I wasn't about to give
him the location of our base.

And apparently, he didn't want
to invite us to his house.

All clear.

Mr. President.
Director Coulson.

Thank you for meeting me.

Long overdue.

Rosalind spoke highly of you.

She believed that I should be
working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

I did always value
her judgment.

I'll miss her.

I assume we're not here to share
memories of a fallen friend.

This... this problem...

Rosalind said
you called them Inhumane?

Heads of state calling,
not sure what's happening.

Watchdog agencies
hurling accusations.

Fox News won't shut up.

I don't need to tell you
how delicate the situation is,

but we have to do something.

With all due respect,
Mr. President,

we are doing something.

You're doing good.

I'm not great
at projecting authority.

It's nice to talk Spanish,

Reminds me of home.

Do you miss it?

Especially Sundays.

Mom cooks on Sundays.

And you?

You have people?

Sort of. Not really.

Colonel Ramon.

I speak English,
if it makes this easier.

It does. Thank you.

This way to my office.

We're following up a report.

Your officers were attacked
by a powered assailant?

Yes. We're already overwhelmed
by the guns, drugs,

and kidnappings,
and now these things.

Are they really aliens?

It's a little bit more
complicated than that.

But like everyone else, there
are good ones and bad ones.

But when they are bad,
we are powerless to stop them.

That convoy was loaded
with weapons

that were supposed to help us
fight whatever this is.

And now weapons are gone.

But we're here.

We've got a team on the ground,
and we're here to help.

I don't know how it is
that your agency still exists,

nor do I want to know,

but I appreciate your help.

Does that mean you're
reauthorizing S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The public has a short memory
but not that short.

The image of Helicarriers
crashing down

on the nation's capital
is hard to forget.

Then why is this meeting

if S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't exist?

Because I need you to keep doing
what you're doing.


the ATCU will still be the face

of my administration's response
to advanced threats.

I'll appoint a new head
to the agency,

one who understands
they answer to you.

So we're
your black-ops response.

Isn't black ops
where you feel most comfortable?

I certainly prefer it
to bureaucracy.

Okay, then.

We'll keep doing what we do,

and you'll keep pretending
we don't exist.


One last thing. -

Gideon Malick.

I can't help you.

He ordered this hit.

He's Hydra.

Even if you can prove
any of that,

Gideon Malick has a stake in
almost every country's economy.

He advises world leaders,
he served on the World Council,

he spent a lifetime and
a fortune building influence.

I can't pull that thread.

But you can let him walk free?

Rosalind bled to death
right here.

Malick may have blood
on his hands...

but my hands are tied.

Yours are not.

Is there any intel
you're willing to give?

Never spent enough time with
the man to get in his head.

Listen, I'm aware
of your sacrifices.

I thank you for your service.

I'll be in touch when I've named
a new head to the ATCU.

Sorry he didn't give you
an angle to go at Malick.

Actually, he may have.

I've seen this before.

Protests in Beirut.

Urban rioting 101.

Child's play
compared to the real issue...

powers, wrong hands, again.

This could be something.

An entire armory's worth
of military might

nicked from a police van,

right under the nose
of the police

in less than four minutes.

The two of us,
trained, experienced...

we can pull this off.

But all it takes is one
tainted fish taco, and pff.

Unfair advantage, really.

Transmission starting now.

No offense intended.

Yeah, no, it's great,
being hunted, feared.

It's a blast.

Metal scraping
on an urban street...

a million and one


I hate to bother you, but is
there something I'm not seeing?


You're right.
It's, um... inconclusive.

Copy that.

So, as far as the police
on the scene believe,

whoever attacked them
was invisible.

Well, we've seen weirder.

imagine the possibilities.

What are you imagining?

Nothing fun.

Get used to it.

We can't put the Terrigen genie
back in the bottle.

Powers are the new normal.

I think you're just jealous.

Damn right I am.

Tell me you didn't try one
of those little fish-oil pills.

I had my fingers crossed
for x-ray vision.

I was just curious.

I wasn't the only one.

I mean, I-I thought about it.

I didn't actually do it.

Rehab was a bitch.

Man, you two deserve
each other.

Let's fan out,
cover more ground.

Pretty nifty magic trick
you did there.

Manos. Arriba.

You'd think three years'
high school Spanish...

All right, all right.
Don't do anything stupid.

We're just here to...

How do you lose someone
as big as Mack?

I don't know.

Same way one loses
a truckload of weapons.

Well, good thing
a grocery store down the street

is security-conscious.

Here we go.

Who's he looking at?

W-what did we just watch?

How accelerated, exactly?

Approximately 6 meters in
a thirtieth of a second

that one frame of video
is exposed.

So, very.

Well, catching her
won't be easy.

I'll reconfigure
the containment module,

if we can even get her in there.

So, you do that remotely?

The poly-tectic material

then adapts to the powers
we're dealing with.

A necessity since Inhuman powers
are so random.

Not true.

I'm sorry?

Powers aren't random.

We were taught that each
is given to fill

an evolutionary need
at the time.

Are you being serious?

To create equilibrium
within the species.

Yin yang and all that.

At least,
that's what we were taught.

An actual intelligent design.

Sir, I think
you're gonna be pretty...

Stop what you're doing.
Come with me.

What do you think
of Mr. Campbell?



Obviously most helpful
in helping us... Jemma...

understand Inhuman biology.

And it's been good
for keeping her busy,

focusing on something else.

Things still feel different,

But how could they not
after what I did to Will?

You did what you had to do.

We both did.

Sometimes there's no choice
but the hard choice.

That's the job.

Now set up the machine.

Sir, you're not really think...

It's not for me.

There's one person
who might have information

about Gideon Malick.

I need to get into his head.

Been waiting for you
to come back.

So you snap back
to the same spot like a yo-yo.

Good to know.

How about you let me...


Damn it!

I'm starting to hate you.

No mas.

Von Strucker's in a persistent
vegetative state.

Significant portions
of his brain are damaged.

Sir, I'm not sure what you
want to do is even possible.

Let's find out.

It's worth a shot if it
gets us closer to Malick.

We were alerted to a police
report... Bogota, Colombia.

I've dispatched a team.

We need to replace our losses.

Dr. Garner did a lot of damage,
and our guest needs Inhumane.

You have doubts.

He can barely stand,
doesn't speak.

Because he spent hundreds
of years clinging to life,

trying to survive on the few men
we were able to sacrifice

every few decades.

But I'm not a fool.

Keep your eyes open.

I don't want my faith
to be misplaced.

Sir, he's asking for you.

He spoke?

How can I help you?

What do you need?

I'm hungry.

Chair's an upgrade.

At least there's that.

Yeah, again, I don't know
what you're saying.

Policia? Yeah.

You stole pistolas
from the policia

and sold the pistolas
to your amigos... criminals.

Yeah, you... whoosh, whoosh.

You're a criminal.

Dios? You think God did this?

S?. Dios.

You think it was a gift
from Dios or pescado?


Yeah, fish.

I know my way around a menu.

I think you're talking
about Terrigenesis.

Terrigenesis? Yeah.

You're an alien.

My partner's one, too.

You'll see her soon enough.

Thank God.

Hey, you.


Don't make me crush you.

So, this recovers
lost memories?

But it's a dangerous procedure
on a healthy subject.

And Werner's anything but.

Anoxic brain trauma.

Prefrontal cortex
is barely active.

But memories are backed up
in other areas, as well,

traces and images
tucked throughout the brain.

Just need to dig them out.

You have a problem with this?

Because I do.

I've been in this thing twice.

Getting my arm cut off
was pleasant by comparison.

But they're telling me
Gideon Malick is untouchable.

I won't accept that.

We good to go? Yes, sir.

Werner, I need your help.

Concentrate on Gideon Malick.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me!

Just kill me!

No, just kill me!

Just kill me!

She'll wake up soon,
and when she does,

I want you to run point
on intake.

What do we know about her?

Other than the kidnapping
and the gun-running.

She works a clerical job
at a museum.

At night, art classes.

Artist turned gun-runner.
Kind of sexy.

No record.

It doesn't add up.

She got powers.
That's how it adds up.

Andrew was a lovely
head shrinker

before he turned into
a not-so-lovely.

Inhuman serial killer.

Point made.

Fair enough.

Mack, is this the accomplice
that you mentioned?

Yeah. Yeah, that's him.

Her cousin. Lives by her.
Also no record.

Why are they taking
those weapons?

Hunter and I
will go track them down.

You're up.

She's feisty.

Yeah, she's not happy
to be locked in there.

I guess the shoe's
on the other foot.

You're enjoying this.

Maybe a little.

You trying to regain strength?

You were hurt pretty bad.

The body was dead.

I was dying.

They have advanced,
but they haven't changed.



But you're not human anymore,
are you?

You don't believe
I am what they say.

Once I'm strong enough...

you will.

Just kill me!

Just kill me!

Just kill me!

Just kill me!

Just kill me!
This isn't working.

He's stuck in a memory
of trauma.

We can't snap him out of it.

Just kill me!
I know what that's like.

Just kill me!

Just kill me!

What about him?

Me? Just kill me.

Neurons communicate using
electrical impulses. Just kill me.

You could stimulate other areas
of his brain. Just kill me.

Targeted electroshock.
Just kill me.

Hell no. I'm not doing that.
Just kill me.

Well, at the very least, it
could jolt him out of this loop.

Or fry his cerebrum.
Just kill me.

He's suffering.

You could help snap him out of it.
Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

It's working.

Tell me about Gideon Malick.

I'll handle everything.

He sold me out.

You sold me out.

Before he sold you out,
you reached him.

How? You sold me out!

Tell me how.

Dad said only as a last resort.

Perizad sent me.

We went to Princeton together.


I was afraid.

I didn't have
anywhere else to turn.

I didn't know
where else to turn.

And now we do.

Tell her S.H.I.E.L.D.
isn't really with anyone.

We're sort of our own thing.

She said her powers
were a gift from God.

I think we were wrong
about her.

Ask her about the convoy.

Why'd she take those weapons?

they belong to the police.

Thieves in uniform.

Found him.

He was dumping weapons
into the river.

She's telling the truth.

We got visitors.

Local law enforcement.

Okay, well, be careful.

Not everyone's
on this side of the law.

We're on our way.

Stay with him?

What's going on here?

We've got this.

World Health Organization

You don't really expect me
to just drive away, do you?

Guess not.

It would've been easier
if you had.

Hunter and Bobbi were gone
by the time we got there.

Elena's cousin.

The police just left him there.

I need to tell Coulson
what's going on.

I haven't seen a lot of dead
bodies, but is that normal?

No, it's too soon for
rigor mortis to set in, but...

maybe they have
another kind of weapon.

An Inhuman?

I don't see how Bobbi and Hunter
were taken otherwise.

Elena has been asking
about him.

I'm sorry.


Are you okay?

It hurts.


Pain means it's wearing off.

Bloody powers.

Good afternoon, beautiful.

I need you
to answer questions.

His fate depends
on your answers.

Why are you really here?

Joey's here to, um...

Here's the thing.

It's not something
I talk about,

but like you,
I rely on my faith.

And somehow, I never made the
connection till you said it,

maybe these powers, these...

gifts that you have, that Daisy
has, maybe they're not random.

Maybe it's part of a plan.

She believes she's meant
to do good with these gifts.

We believe the same thing.

We need to help each other,
to stop them.

She's in.

How do your powers work?

It's connected to her pulse.

And what does that mean?

What's the radius
on her powers?

As far as she can go
in one heartbeat.

You're my new best friend.



Two figures,
not moving but alive.

Assuming Bobbi and Hunter.

The other figures moving in
the room... assume bad guys.

One of them has powers,
so best we avoid him.

To that end...

At S.H.I.E.L.D.,
we do better than duct tape.

Joey, you seeing this?

Take care of it.

Why did you even come here?

We're part of
an alien task force.

There's an invasion happening
of powered people,

like Medusa eyes over there.

Like I said, alien invasion.

Okay, you grab the weapons,
and I'll...

Or you do that.

Maybe you should make
a run for it.

Mack, you need to warn
the others.

The Inhuman...
the power's in his eyes!

No, no, Elena, don't!

His glasses.


Perizad sent me.

We went to Princeton together.

Hold, please.


No, he's in no shape to make
phone calls these days.

You made sure of that,
if I'm talking to Gideon Malick.

I'll take that as a yes.

Phil Coulson here.

Is this about Rosalind Price?

The man who took her is gone.

As will be everything
you value.

It's started to unravel,
hasn't it?

Your portal gone, the Inhumane
you stockpiled murdered...

It wasn't easy
to get this number,

but this call will cost you.

We're tracking this line
everywhere it connects.

It'll cost me millions,
to be sure.

I'll have to shut down
a few offices,

but don't get too far ahead
of yourself, Mr. Coulson.

My influence reaches
a little bit farther than that.

We'll configure the module
to hold him,

and get Bobbi, Elena,
and Hunter to medical.

What is that?



No, no, no.

She's not wrong.

She's a perfect fit for this
team you're trying to build.

Except for the pesky little fact
she doesn't want any part of it.

Look, she's also vulnerable
out there.

Might be a good thing,
keeping her close.

It's safer.

Don't look at me like that.

Is it safer?

Four of us in one place
makes us vulnerable,

like the 12 Inhumane
Lash killed.

It's hard to build a team

if everyone's spread
over the world.

When I was a hacker,
my team and I, we were tight,

and we weren't on
the same continent.

Yeah, with the right tech
solution, it could work.

Let's hope the Director agrees.

If we need backup, or if you do,
we're a tap away.


I'm... I'm sorry
for kidnapping you.

I'll see you soon...


Goodbye, Mack.


How about you?

Maybe you don't have to miss
dinner this Sunday.

When did you get done?

Earlier today.

I think he's gonna like
this one.

How are you?

Must be fascinating

getting to know all about
Inhuman DNA and...

I miss you.

There it is.

I miss you.

I'm here.

Together. We're...

and matter of fact,

and there's this chasm
in the middle of the room

of all these things, of our kiss
and Will's death, and...

And I'm sorry about that,
Jemma, because...

because maybe there was
another way...

and there was something else
that I could've done.

Will died saving me.

What you did was kill a thing,
a monster.

You've been nothing less than
extraordinary this whole time.

So, um...

about this...
chasm, as you call it.

Can we start over,
back to where we began?

16 and achingly shy.

Two people,
endlessly inquisitive,

about to embark
on a relationship

that will change their lives,

but they don't know
where it will go.

I'm Jemma Simmons, biochemist.

Leopold Fitz, engineering.

Hey, you.

Welcome back.

So, I just ran into Joey,
packing up.


You think I'm making a mistake?

Letting him live a normal life
like everyone else?

No, you're not.

No, I mean offering you
the same deal.

Your APB's been lifted.
No one's looking for you.

You could go back to your
old life if you want.

I don't know.

It's pretty interesting here.

I was hoping you'd say that.

You're trusting them more.

It's good to delegate.

So it's not because
you don't trust yourself.

It looks good.

Fitz outdid himself
on this one.

Lots of bells and whistles.

It's pretty fantastic.

May I?

Feels real.

Feels like the others.

It's not the hand. It's me.

Maybe you're not supposed
to get over it.

Some things
you can't move past.

They scar you,
change you permanently.

I don't know what happened
there, on that planet.

I do.

You joined the cavalry.

In a surprising move,

Gothite Industry
closed 10 offices today.

Their stock prices continue
to tumble as investor react.

Gideon Malick could not
be reached for comment.

Sometimes you're wounded,
sometimes you wound.

But he's still
collecting Inhumane.

Any theories as to why?

Lincoln said Inhuman powers
create a balance

for the species,
an equilibrium.

We got a lot of heroes
on our side.

Makes me wonder
what Malick has on his.

Did we get the Inhuman?

The doctors are with him now,

but they say his powers
are strong.

At least we get
some good news today.

You want to believe,
but you don't know if you can.

Coulson survived.

Could be you're not
who I thought you were.

You'll believe...

once I make a believer
out of him.

It makes perfect sense to
name him the head of the ATCU.

He knows all the players,

the public respects
military authority...

you've worked together.

I wouldn't exactly
call it "together."

He has the utmost respect
for you.

Now I know you're lying.

Remember, he'll be
taking orders from you.

And I'm sure
he's thrilled about that.

I'm confident this will
work out, Coulson.

Mr. President.