Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Maveth - full transcript

S.H.I.E.L.D battles Hydra head-to-head, which sees Coulson and Fitz take the ultimate risk while Daisy and the Inhumans try to keep Hydra at bay.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

[ Glass shatters quietly,
whoosh ]

Ward: Now you know
how it feels, Coulson --

to watch someone you care for
bleed out right in front of you.

Ward, what did you do?

Agent MacKenzie, to take ward
out, I need to cross some lines

the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
shouldn't cross.

you want me to fill in?

As acting director
until it's finished.

Hunter: Trace puts Ward
in the southwest of England.

They're at the castle
where we brought Simmons back.

Which would explain
why he kidnapped her and Fitz.

'Cause Malick's trying
to open another portal.

It wants
to come back.

And finally,
after all these years,

we found someone
to help us do that.

Simmons: Fitz,
you can't do this.

We can't let them bring
that thing back to this planet.

I lost you once.

I can't
lose you again.

Only thing I'm gonna bring back
is Will. Okay?

Find it,
get to the exit coordinates,

we'll turn the portal back on
in exactly 12 hours.

Be the one that finishes
what Hydra started.

Coulson: Looks like
they're getting ready.

That's Ward.

He's going through.

Coulson, wait!

Shut it down.

Is something wrong?


Go ahead and scout
that ridge.

We have less
than six hours

to find the next portal
and go home.

Why don't you shut the hell up
so I can concentrate?

This program's
a work in progress,

designed from Simmons'
limited data

and hypothetical


Our exit location is determined
by the position of the --

just figure it out.

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]


Let me be clear...

[ Gun cocks ]

...if I don't make it back,

Simmons will be killed --
slowly, horribly.

It'd all be your fault.
Is that what you want?

What do you want?
Why are we here?

Find some ancient,
mythical creature.

Wake up, Ward.

This is a snark hunt,

and the only reason
Malick sent you

is because
you're expendable.

Man: Sir, over here!




Is that...

Hail Hydra.


One of you want to tell me
what Coulson was thinking

jumping out of the quinjet
like that?

I would say he wasn't so much
thinking as feeling --

feeling that Ward
needs to die.

And you didn't try
to stop him.

Full disclosure --

I was planning on jumping,
as well.

Again, less thinking
than feeling.

Coulson went there
to get our people.

"Our people" --
what are you talking about?

We believe that Ward took
Fitz or Simmons

through the portal
with him.

Hopefully, Coulson can find them
and bring them back safely.

All we have to do
is take control of the castle

and open the portal
so they can return.

[ Clicks tongue ]
So, just take

the ultra-fortified
Hydra Castle

and open
the alien portal.

That's it?

You know, you're wired
different than most folks.

I'm not saying
it'll be easy.

I wouldn't mind hearing
it's gonna be easy.

It'll be easy.

Doesn't work
if I know you're lying.

Daisy: Mack -- or, director,
you guys should get up here.

This is Hydra's compound
outside the castle.

And these two trucks
were just unloaded.

Lincoln: What are they
bringing in now? More weapons?

They're stockpiling inhumans.

That's how I read it.

Looks like 10 or 12 of those
gel-matrix containers.

Andrew -- he's probably
down there, as well.


So, are we rescuing inhumans
or saving Coulson

or attacking Hydra
or is there some kind of combo?


New guy just trying
to understand

how this whole
S.H.I.E.L.D. thing works.

This is how S.H.I.E.L.D.

You make a plan,
plan turns to rubbish,

we make a new plan.

Oh, just to be
crystal clear,

this is the part where the plan
turns to rubbish.

Whatever the new plan, we need to
make sure those inhumans are safe.

And find
Fitz and Simmons.

And we get Coulson
back through the portal.

Would everyone just shut up
a second?

Even cloaked,

Hydra's missiles will find us
if we get too close.

And I will not be the one
who has to tell Coulson

we got his fancy new plane
blown up.

Now, the only way
to take the castle

and secure the portal
is on the q.T.

That means no gunfire
and no backup.

We leave all
tactical support up here.

Is that clear?

Two infiltration teams --

one to search the compound
for Fitz or Simmons

and one to secure the portal.

We'll take care of everyone,
including the inhumans,

but first things first.


at your disposal.

Find us a back door,

[ Computer beeps ]

The cargo's here.

All inhuman systems
are stable and online.

The team is ready
to revive them.

Patience, Mr. Giyera.

They're not our toys
to play with.

They're presents
for our friend

once Grant Ward
brings it back.

Every general needs
an army.

So, how long do we have
once the portal reopens?

73 seconds.
Simmons: He's wrong.

Your team's calculations
are off at 61.

12 seconds might not
seem like much,

but on that planet,

it can be the difference
between life and death.

Thank you.

I'm not doing it
for you.

Don't want you all
mucking up Fitz's return.

Did you notice
the Hebrew word "maveth"

carved around
the castle?

That's right.

Well, death is the only thing
returning through that portal.

Fitz was just...An offering
to show him the door.

The original machinery
used to open the portal

was hydroelectric,

but the nearest river
is almost a half a mile away,

which got me wondering
how they powered it.

May: Aqueducts.

So they brought the water
along there

and then up through
the portal chamber.

Now, that looks like an overflow
drain deep in the woods,

so we should be able
to slip into the compound

without anyone seeing
a thing.

I'll exit here
with Bobbi and hunter.

Hopefully, we can barricade
ourselves long enough

to open the portal
and get Coulson back.

May, you and Daisy
take Lincoln and Joey,

and you come out here,
on the southeast side.

Let's find our people
and get out.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Hey, here's a great idea.

Why don't we go
to an alien world

and summon
a hell beast?

that's a brilliant idea.

What could possibly
go wrong with that?

How are you supposed
to find it?

Not your concern.

You just whisper its name
three times into a mirror?

Or do you put a saucer of milk
outside the door at night?

Not milk.

Ah, yes, you're right.

Simmons said
it can smell blood.

That's not disturbing
at all.

Who wouldn't want
to be on that team?


I think that's the Ridge
we're looking for.

[ Sighs ]

You know, uh, Simmons also said
it can drive people crazy.

You're doing a pretty good
job of that yourself.

[ Thud ]

What's that?

That's an interesting

I thought I might check.

Get away from there!

[ Grunts ]



Hey, Will.

You're Fitz.



I warned you --

wait, wait!

Who the hell is this?

This is Will, okay?
He's gonna be our guide.

[ Birds chirping ]

Good morning.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

I thought I'd lost you.


I'm still right here.

I don't remember --

we overslept,
which is nice.

But now you need
to get up.

How about we stay here
for a while instead?


Nothing would
make me happier.

But it's time.

They need you, Phil --
more than ever.

Just one more minute.

No. Now.

Get up!

[ Inhales sharply ]


[ Groans ]


I'll be damned.


[ Spits ]

[ Gun cocks ]

You can't do this!

Ward, listen to me!
You can't kill him!

It's your fault, Fitz!

You didn't follow
my instructions!

But I did! I did!
That's why we're here!

We're all dead without him.

You told me to identify
the exit point, which I can do,

but only that man there,
the one you want to kill,

can get us there
in time!


So, how long
you been here?

[ Neck cracks ]

Feels like forever.

So you're how
Simmons managed

to survive all those
cold nights, huh?


Maybe you want
to pull the trigger.

Grow up, Ward.

Can you walk
on that leg?

What happened?

I got attacked
after Jemma left.

You saved her.

She made it out, and now
I'm here to take you back.

I can leave?


we're all gonna leave.

You said
you were attacked.

By what?


So you know how to find "it"?

Why would you want
to do that?

I brought it a gift.

We should go.

[ Metal creaks ]

Nicely done, rookie.


Bobbi and hunter
are with me.

May, you take the power rangers.
Go find Fitz or Simmons.


[ Keyboard clacking ]

Okay, we definitely want
to avoid the guy with the suit.

He's telekinetic.

Is that the one
where he can read your mind

or move stuff
with his mind?

Move stuff.

I don't want anyone knowing
what I'm thinking right now.

You mean
that you're not a hero?

That you're freaking out

and want to be
anywhere but here?

We're all feeling that.

I'm not.

All of us but may.

You're doing great,

Just breathe, stick close,
and follow our lead.

Be a hell of a lot

if it wasn't lit up
like a county fair.

On it.

[ Electricity zaps ]

Check the generator.


[ Breathing heavily ]

Can you run?

I don't know.

Ward works for the same group
that sent you here.

They've been sending people over
for centuries.


Their real agenda

is to find the creature
and bring it back.

Ward found a way
to bring it back?

No. I did.
To get Simmons back.

Ward's just a Hydra toady
who hijacked it.

That's an old name.

they're still at it.

Cut off one head, and blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah.

I didn't know
I was doing something

they'd been working on
for ages.

You're bleeding.

Yeah, so are you.

You know, I ran a dozen
scenarios in my head,

wondering what it'd be like
when we finally met.

There's a lot more blood,

and I never considered
the smell.

I can see why
Jemma loves you.

Good news is,
Ward needs us alive.

I'm the only one
that can read the data

and get us
to the extraction point.

Just have to try and find
a way to lose him

before we get to the exit.

Follow my lead.

What's the holdup?

There's no holdup. We just need
to make it through that canyon.

You sure?

That's the only way
to make it in time.

All right.
Lead on.


[ Indistinct radio chatter ]

[ Sighs ]


[ Door opens ]
Man: The prisoner's escaped!

Seal the perimeter!

[ Sighs ]

This is our containment module.

[ Keypad beeps ]

Andrew: Jemma!
[ Gasps ]

Help me, please.

Let me out.


Coulson send you?
No. I -- I --

I'm a prisoner.
Hydra's looking for me.

Where are we?


Hydra's got Fitz.
They've reopened the portal.

Let me out.
I can help.

I've seen your help --
autopsied the bodies.

Is that why
you handed me over to Hydra?

We didn't know
they controlled the atcu.

May and Coulson
were trying to save you.

Save --

maybe you didn't hear,
but Melinda shot me.

Well, can't say I blame her
after how you've misbehaved.

Jemma, we may disagree
about the inhumans,

but we both hate Hydra.

Open this door,
and I'll protect you.

I would never,
ever hurt you.

But Hydra will kill you.

Maybe you wouldn't,

but what about that thing
you've be-- [ Rustling ]

You got to let me out,

I'm the only one
who can protect you.

Circle behind.

Get your hands up.
Back up.

It's okay. It's all right.
Just don't shoot.

Just don't shoot.

[ Energy crackling ]

-Oh, god!


[ Wind whistling ]


[ Fabric thuds ]

Hang in there, Fitz.

I saw something today.

Looked like a giant statue.

Looked like a shrine.

It used to live there.

Yeah, but who built it?

Were there people here?
Like a civilization?

All I've ever seen here
is death.


Well, pretty impressive
you've survived all these years.

Couldn't have been easy.

I learned to adapt.

Change or die.

That's worked for me,
as well.

The earth's going through
a big change right now --

some kind
of alien contagion.

Call themselves inhumans.

I'm not thrilled
about it,

but the wind's blowing
that way, so...

It's gonna be a bad one!

[ Wind howling ]

I'm used to it.

Simmons told me about an area
called the no-fly zone.

You're leading us there,
aren't you?

We're already in it.
Stay close.

Hunter: Where are we?

Pretty sure that's us.


Just confirming
it's really us.

It is.

You're welcome.

If we're here
and we want to go there,

we need to get past
about a dozen Hydra soldiers,

and we need to do it
as covertly as possible.

Copy that.

Are we supposed
to wait here or help --

we need to stay
hunkered down, sir!

We don't have time
for this!


[ Wind whistling ]


I think we took
a wrong turn!

This is our loca--

[ body thuds ]

You said
they were gonna kill us.

You have a better idea?


[ Rumbling ]

What are you doing?

It's not him. It's me.

Let's see what we've got.

Daisy, watch out!


No, Lincoln, don't!

There's no way
they didn't hear that.

Come on.
We've got to go.

Did you see that?!

I'm bulletproof!

Investigating gunfire now.



[ Body thuds ]

Agent may!

Fitz. Ward took him
through the portal.

Come on.
We're gonna get him back.

Andrew's here.

You saw him?

He saved my life.

Andrew or lash?

I think it was both.

We could find him,
maybe --

That's not the mission.

Daisy, I've got Simmons.
Heading your way now.

[ Wind whistling ]

We got to go!


Fan out!
Find them!

[ Gunshots ]



You'll never find Fitz
without me.

I'm not here for Fitz.


But you're not gonna
let him die here, either.

Fitz is a smart guy.
He'll find his way back.

He'll be dead
within the hour.

The creature who lives here
can smell blood.

Fitz is bleeding.

So are you.

Now get up.

You're gonna lead the way.


The party's this way.

Watch your step.

Left a few breadcrumbs
to find our way home.


Hydra knows we grabbed her.
How secure are we in here?

Rough estimate?
Not very.

We've sealed
and barricaded the doors,

but Hydra has plenty
of big-boy toys

to smash their way in.

I might be able
to reinforce the doors.

You know,
using my, uh --

my, uh --
amazing new superpower.

Yeah. That.

Let's give that a go,

Mack's through there.


[ Footsteps approaching ]

There she is.
That's what I'm talking about.

Now, do you have any idea
how the hell these rocks work?

Is that counting down
to a good thing or a bad thing?

It's the time remaining
until the portal reopens.

And answering your question,

I don't believe we have to do
anything to these rocks.

They're configured so they'll
activate at the designated time.

So that's a good thing.

That depends on whether Fitz
can locate the extraction point

and who or what is with him.

He'll make it.
Coulson's there.

I know, but it's more
complicated than that.

Ward's mission is to --
where's may?

Oh, no.

Dr. Garner
is here on the premises.

I spoke with him.

He's actually the one
who saved me.

He's free?

May must have gone back
for him.

To do what?

I'd say that depends
on what she finds.

Oh, god.

Saw something terrible today.

When I say "terrible,"
I mean ancient and powerful.

It's changed
how I see things.

I've never believed
I was worth anything...

That what I said or did
had any meaning.

Maybe that's why
I'm a spy.

Or why I agreed
to come here.

If you're trying
to talk me out of this,

you can save your breath.

I'm not looking for mercy
or absolution.

I just want you to know,

I've been where you are
right now.

Filled with rage,
wanting revenge...

I chose Hydra

for petty, personal,
selfish reasons --

for a father figure,
for vengeance...

For closure.

But what I saw today
gave my life meaning.

For the first time ever,
I have a sense of satisfaction

that I never experienced

when I was seeking

[ Inhales sharply ]

Got to say,

feels pretty satisfying
to me.

Now turn around
and keep walking.

You know,
everyone had this place wrong.

It isn't death.

It's a new beginning.

Malick was right.

This is all meant to be.

And the fact
that you followed me here,

that we're in this

that just confirms
the fact

that I am part
of a grand plan.

I see that now.

I honestly have no idea
what you're talking about.

You will.

Malick sent Ward to bring back
some ancient Hydra god?

Well, he didn't use
those exact words,

but that's
the general idea, yes.

It's why he had
the atcu collect inhumans,

why he shipped them here
to the castle --

as some kind of army
for this powerful alien.

Look, we all want
Fitz and Coulson back.

What if that thing
comes back, too?

Your mother was terrified
of the monolith for a reason.

You think the Hydra thing
is what she was afraid of?

When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell,

fury sent us
onto the iliad

to keep Hydra from getting
their hands on that monolith.

What if he knew
that they wanted

to bring this creature
back through it?

Oh, come on.

[ Scoffs ]
What, an ancient alien god?

Are you people hearing the words
coming out of your mouths?

The world's changing.
Deal with it.

You were there.

Did you see it?
What's it like?

I did see it.

But I can't really describe
what it looked like.

It's more how it felt,
which is old and pained,

as if it once had great power
but lost it.

And the entire planet
is a wasteland.

How that came to be,

I can't really say,
not in any scientific terms,

but my sense and certainly
Will's heartfelt belief

was that the creature
is the one responsible --

that it caused
the desolation.

We have to destroy all this.

You mean
once Fitz and Coulson

find Will
and come back through.

I mean, what if they're not
the ones who come back through?

We can't risk that.

Whatever we decide to do isn't
the end of the mission.

There are a dozen inhumans
in this compound

that we can't leave behind.

May: Yes, you can.

They're dead.

Lash or Andrew --

honestly, I'm not sure
there's a difference anymore...

He killed them all.


Sir, S.H.I.E.L.D. has
infiltrated the castle,

barricaded themselves
inside the portal chamber.

We need to get you
off the premises.

You have less than 15 minutes
to breach their barricades

and regain control
of that chamber.

Sir, I really --

that's an order,


Hold up.

How long before
that portal opens?

There's a timer
on my watch.

Come on.
We need to move faster.

I could move faster
if you hadn't shot me...Twice.

[ Loud thud ]

What's that?

I'm gonna go out on a limb
and guess Hydra.

We reinforced
the barricades,

but it won't take them long
to break through.

[ Loud thud ]

No way
they're taking us again.

We can't destroy it
before Fitz and Coulson return,

not when we're this close.

What if the creature
comes through instead?

We'll be waiting for them
with these.

And what if we can't
kill it?

Can't speak for everyone,
but I'll probably run.

Get everyone through the tunnel
and back up to Zephyr one.

I'm going to stay here
until the last possible second

for Coulson, Fitz,
and Will.

Now, if Hydra or that
alien thing gets inside here,

you light this castle
and compound up

with every missile
on that plane.

Or Bobbi and I can cover

a couple
of the barricaded entrances,

buy us enough time
for the portal to open.

I'm down with that plan.

If Hydra tries to get through
the barricades, I can --

mack: Hey!

What part of "that's an order"
do you not understand?

Coulson put me in charge
to make the hard call,

and that's what I'm doing.

We can't afford to lose our
best agents in one fell swoop --

not here, not tonight!

Now, if I don't get out...

May's the new director.

That's what Coulson
would want.


But one thing --
I'm staying with you,

because, "a,"
I can keep the portal

open if something
goes wrong,

and, "b,"
I'm your partner.

that's two things.

[ Loud thud, rumbling ]

Daisy stays.

Everyone else,
get the hell out of here!


Is your leg
gonna be okay?

I don't really feel it.

The portal's
just over this rise.

It's gonna be close,
but I think we're gonna make it.

Jemma's gonna be really happy
to see you.

This must be very difficult
for you.

Getting you off this godforsaken
planet is all that matte--

Jemma never told me there was
an ancient civilization here.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
She never saw it.

We're still
in the no-fly zone.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

[ Wind whistling ]

What else do you know
about the ancient city?

What happened to it --
whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, hey.
Hang on, hang on.

Let me fix that.

There used to be nine cities
on this planet.

The beings who lived there
were fairly advanced.

But they feared change.
They were easily divided.

They warred among themselves,
destroyed their entire race.

You seem to know
a lot about them.

They had a chance

to become something great,
something beautiful,


In the end...

How do you know
so much about --

because I was there.

[ Exhales sharply ]

You're not Will.

Will died saving Jemma...

From me.


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Coughing ]


May: Listen up.

All weapons systems online,

then take her
up to 20,000 feet.


Looks like Hydra's
inside the castle.

They're gonna make it,

[ Thudding, rumbling ]

Tell me that was you.

That's just them
getting closer.

Okay, tremors,
let's hope this works.

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Grunts ]

Forgot about this part.

Get out of here.
I can handle everything.

I'm not leaving.
I'll be fine.

Did you see that?

One minute left.
We don't have much time.

You may have to hold
this thing open.

In case you-know-what shows up
instead of our peeps.

Anything other than our people
comes out,

we give may the high sign
and blow it to hell.

Same if Hydra gets in here.


[ Gunshot ]

It's open.
There's the portal.

-That's good.
-But that's not.

Hydra's almost in.

All weapons systems --
go hot.

Stand by for my command.

How many people?


The lives you've taken.

It's over, Ward.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Alarm blaring ]

We're out of time.

The portal's closing!

He's finished!
Leave him! Let's go!


We have to go!

[ Bone cracking ]

[ Gasps, grunts ]

[ Exhales deeply ]


Mack: Do it, may! Now!


Open the doors!
I'm bringing them in!

Man: Sir, your plane is waiting
at the airport.

We'll have you there
in less than 30 minutes.

Well, I'll be damned.