Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Writing on the Wall - full transcript

A mysterious man is killing off former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and carving the same markings as Coulson. Coulson tries to track him down. Meanwhile, May leads a team on a manhunt for Ward.

Coulson: Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

- You were dead for... days.
- Simmons: "GH-325."

Agent Coulson was injected with that,
and literally minutes later,

his wounds showed signs
of cellular regeneration.

I'd like to turn the machine on again.

It induces Theta brain-wave frequencies

to help uncover the secrets
buried in the subconscious.

Please! Let me die!

- When did you start doing this?
- First night I saw Garrett's writings.

- What do you think caused it?
- The GH-formula.

This is what you've been doing up here.

It's what I did yesterday.

No matter how much I carve,
it still means nothing to me.

- I don't even have a theory.
- I do. It's a map.

You're being transferred.
Your brother wants you in his custody.

[bone snaps]

2x07 - The Writing on the Wall

Burning Man, two years ago,
we were stuck in the desert...

on a glow-in-the-dark bus.

- Is that it?
- What's Burning Man?

[laughing] Oh. Are you
sure you're not from Iowa?

Because you just sounded like it.

- Baltimore, born and raised.
- This is gonna drive me nuts.

I mean, it's crazy, right?


We see each other from
across the bar, and...

we just wave at each other
like we're long-lost friends.

[wine pouring]

[bottle thuds]

I know I know you.
I just can't figure out how.

To remembering.

[glasses clink]

- So, you're an artist.
- Mm, yeah, I do some painting.

And I teach community art classes.

[gasps softly]
Is that how I know you?

- Are you an artist?
- I do some carving now and then.


Well, maybe the reason we
think we know each other

is because it was our
destiny to meet tonight.

Look... I haven't been
entirely honest with you.

We have met before,

and I've traveled a
long way to be with you.

Okay. Maybe we
should just slow this down.

No. We share so much...

so many memories...
so much pain.

[gasps softly]

How... how... how
do you know about that?

I'll help you remember.


[up-tempo jazz music playing]

[knife snaps] [grunts]

Damn it.

[music stops]

How long were you standing there?

Long enough.
May gave us specific instructions...

you go on a date with the
crazy wall, I have to chaperone.

I didn't want to wake you.

Do I look like I've been sleeping?

[knife clicks]

- What's keeping you up?
- It's all connected... everything.

Ward has information about my father,

who just happens to have
the alien buzzkill device,

which is somehow
connected to the writing,

that is related to the G.H. serum
that is in our blood...

like we're pieces to a puzzle.

Except we don't know what the
puzzle is or how the pieces even fit.

It's a hacker's worst nightmare,

everlasting gobstopper of firewalls.

It wants us to know.
I can feel it.

Then it...

should tell us, because
I have been trying

to match the writing
to constellation maps,

navigational charts, genome diagrams.

And if it's a map,
it's a map to nowhere.

I need you to stick with it.

The writing's coming
more and more frequently.

Used to be two, three times a month.

Then once a week.

Now it's every day, every night.
[breathing heavily]

I can't turn it off.

How do you function?
When do you sleep?

That's why we need answers.

And what if we don't find them?

Anything else?
[breathing heavily]

When does May get back?

[knife clicks]

Not until we find Ward.

[breathing heavily]

Morse: This is Morse.

I have agents positioned
at multiple locations.

- We have been sitting here for an hour.
- May: He has 11 hotboxes

within 200 miles of
his last known position.

Odds are, he'll show up at one of them.

Why isn't there a nationwide manhunt?
He escaped from federal custody.

Senator Ward is covering it up.
No one's looking but us.

Triplett here.
I've got eyes on the prize.

I've got a clear shot and a
trigger finger that needs some love.

No. Stand by
and wait for your orders.

[locker opens]

Director, say the word.
I can end this.

- The senator wants him alive.
- What do you want?

Bring him in...
by any means necessary.

Copy that.


I don't know how, but
he knows we're on him.

He's got a dead man's switch

and enough C-4 to take down the block.

Man on P.A.: Bus 741
to Atlanta now boarding.

He's on the move.

Do not engage. He's not bluffing.

Keep an eye in the sky, May.

Have Agents Hunter and Morse
in position at the next stop.

If we can't bring him in,

at least we can see where he's going.

We found Ward.

- What?
- One of my sources, this guy Micro...

he's kind of a crime-scene junkie...
he came across something.

The writing, but not exactly
how we wanted to see it.

- When were these taken?
- Last night.

Whoever did this is still out there.

- This is the victim?
- Janice Robbins.

lived in upstate New York.

- She's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
- No, she's an art teacher from Iowa.

- I have her full bio.
- I'm not wrong. I've seen her.

We should check it out.

You know we're breaking
about 14 laws right now.


One of the perks of being outlaws.

This had to happen on my shift?
You couldn't wait till May got back?

May's got her hands full with Ward.

And we're the only ones who
know what we're looking for.

- What are we looking for?
- Answers.

[sarcastically] You're right.

This place just screams
S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

You two don't have a
single thing in common,

unless you have some Enya albums
you've been hiding.

Nothing in common at all.

I take that back.

There's a lot of overlap.

We were definitely
working on the same design,

but she has some pieces I was missing.

How does the carving we
found in Miami fit into this?


Whoever did it was on our wavelength.


There's just a few pieces missing.
It's almost there.

You were right.
She's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Agent Rebecca Stevens, level 6.
Stationed at the Triskelion.

- That's probably where I saw her.
- Not recently, you didn't.

According to this, she died
five years ago from cancer.

How is that possible?

We won't know until
we perform an autopsy.

Don't you need a body for that?

[body thuds]

How'd you two manage to acquire a body?

"Corpsey Diem"...
seize the dead.

Huh. Like I told my man here,
you want something in life,

you got to grab it and
walk out like you own it.

Is that all it takes? Really?

Because I always thought if
you wanted something in life,

you had to work hard and earn it.

Give me some room, please.

[exhales sharply]

- Does she have any family?
- No one. No relatives, no kids.

- She didn't deserve this.
- Is anything coming back to you?

She was level 6.
It should all be in my head.

But it's not.

We're going to need
blood and tissue samples,

full CBC, and multi-element analysis.

Would anyone like to leave
before we get started?

We'll stay out of your way.

I'll let you know when I finish.

- Need some help with those?
- I'm okay.

It's no problem, really.
I promise... I don't bite.

- I'm Zack.
- Eliza. This is Graham.

Hey, Graham.

So... want to give me a hand with this?

- Sure.
- Alright.


Looks like you don't
need my help after all.

Graham here is doing
all the heavy lifting.

You mind if I tag along with you anyway?
Where you heading?

- Dallas.
- Must be fate.

Here you go, sweetie.

Thank you. You're a real savior.

- Join us for the ride?
- I prefer the back.


Excuse me.
Is that seat taken?

- All yours.
- Thanks.

[engine turns over]

Don't like to fly, huh?

- Excuse me?
- I never understood

why people would take
the bus when they can fly.

Says the man on the bus.

Uh, last-minute trip.
Didn't have a choice.

- You here by choice?
- Oh, I like the scenery.

Can't see the world with
your head in the clouds.

Can't see it with your
face in a book, either.

It's a long trip.
There's plenty of time for everything.

Well, you could just skip to the end.

- And miss all the good parts in between?
- Can't be that interesting.

Why do you say that?

Because you were on page 117
when you were waiting outside.

And you're still on page 117.

So either you're a really slow reader...

- or you're working for Coulson.
- Who?

[chuckles] I am impressed.
You can tell him I said that.

- I almost missed you.
- What are you talking about?

I'm sure they told you about this.

If you try or say anything...

everyone in this bus will be flying.

So, just keep reading your book
and hope for a happy ending.

[doors close]

- Driver.
- Yes, sir?

I'm on the wrong bus.
Guess I, uh...

need to pay closer attention to things.

[doors open]

Had to get rid of some excess baggage.

You were right, May.
He's good.

Very good.

Hunter, if you're in
position, he's all yours.

[Southern accent] Copy that, darlin'.
Happy to oblige.

The cuts were all quite deep,

but the cause of death
was cardiac arrest.

She died from shock due to
the pain, not from the wounds.

Very common in this type
of ritualistic murder.

- Ritualistic?
- It has all the characteristics.

The cuts are very precise,

and the killer continued to
carve on her long after she died,

as if there were some
need to complete the work.

My hunch is that it wasn't
the first time, either.

It's also not the first time
we've seen these carvings.

They're the same ones
Garrett was making, correct?

Dr. Simmons, here are
the reports you requested.

Thank you.

- It's the analysis from the subjects.
- Subjects, plural?


We found blood and tissue samples

from a secondary source under
her nails. She put up a fight.

Oh, no.
Just as I suspected.

- She had GH-325 in her blood.
- A Tahiti patient.

Whoever killed her also
had GH-325 in their blood.

Don't look at me.
I didn't do it.

No, of course, but you
both had GH-325 injections.

Hypergraphia was one of the side effects

they tried to treat
with memory replacement.

Garrett suffered from it.
Apparently, so does our killer,

and they both turned into
dangerous psychopaths.

Have either of you been
experiencing a compulsion

- to write or carve?
- We're fine.

But somewhere out there
is a Tahiti patient

who may be targeting all the others.
We need to find him.

The patient files were all destroyed.

- How would anyone be able to locate them?
- I don't know.

- How many Tahiti patients were there?
- I don't know.

Do you think the killer will
come after the two of you?

I don't know.

If you don't know anything,
then how are we gonna find them?

You're gonna have to
torture it out of me.

- Is all this really necessary?
- If you're going to insist on doing this,

I'm going to be monitoring
you very closely.

It took me and Fitz six weeks

to figure out how to operate this,

and quite honestly, I never
thought we'd have to use it.

We should have destroyed it.
In the history of bad ideas,

this is light-years
ahead of everything.

No, trying to bring dead agents
back to life using alien blood

blows everything else away.

They buried those memories
for a reason, Coulson.

They were driving people insane.

And now you want to uncover it
when you've been getting worse.

- May would never...
- May's not the director. This is my call.

I was put in charge
of the Tahiti project,

so those people are my responsibility.

If going back in this
machine saves even one life,

then it's worth the risk.

[breathing rapidly]

Stealing bodies, talking about aliens,

and bringing the dead back to life.

What kind of creature
feature did I sign up for?

- Coulson lost his...
- Marbles? Mind?

No, memories.
The machine helps him find them.

Mack, I need you close just in case.

- In case...?
- In case he starts screaming

and you need to hold him down.

Okay, try to stay relaxed.

Listen to my voice.
I'll guide you through,

but at the first sign of any
duress, I'm pulling you out.

No, not until we have everything
we need to find this guy.

All systems are go.

Concentrate on Agent Stevens.

She's your access point.
Focus on her.

All right. Take him back.

[machine humming]

[exhales heavily]

[echoing] What do you see?
Where are you?

The guest house...

- in the interview room.
- D-Do you recognize anyone?

I'm alone.

Concentrate on Agent Stevens.

- How do you feel today?
- Terrific. I've never felt better.

Do you remember how you got here?

I volunteered.
I was dying, and...

when I woke up, everything was okay.

She's here.
She's doing well.

And the others?
How many are there?

Thank you, Agent Coulson,
for all your help.

I'm ready to get back in the field.

- I-I can't believe this actually worked.
- I feel great. It's a new day.

How long are you keeping me here?

Six patients, well-adjusted.

I'm recommending immediate release.

[marker squeaking]

His heart rate is spiking.

What's happening, Coulson?

I see the writing...
for the first time.

Something's happening to them.

[speaking gibberish]



[speaking gibberish]

I want to get out of here!
I want to get out of here!

[overlapping screams, gibberish]


[screaming, crying]

[screaming fades]

How long are you gonna keep me here
with these lunatics, Coulson?

[monitor beeping rapidly]

Vital signs elevating. [grunts]

Tell me what's going on, Coulson.

Degenerative effects.
They're unstable.

[echoing] They're
getting worse every day.

They're getting worse every day.
We're losing them.

We need to shut down the program.

This isn't a failure, Agent Coulson.
It's a first step.

- We rejuvenated life.
- This isn't life.

We need to shut it down
and destroy the host.

You can't do that!

It's thousands of years
old, pre-dating the pyramids!

We haven't even scratched
the surface of the benefits.

These are human beings, not lab rats!
I'm contacting Fury.

There's still hope for them.
The host's genetic material

may be implanting its own
genetic memories onto theirs,

creating the psychic schism.

If we were to completely wipe
away all their memories...

Erase their minds?
That's hope?

We can give them new
memories, new identities.

They'll never be agents again,

but they'll be able to
live normal, healthy lives.

Let me die!

Man: No, stop! Please! No!

Please, will you make it stop?
Please, make it stop!


Please, somebody!
Somebody stop it!

Stop doing this, please!

[screaming] What have we done?

What have we done?

[monitor beeping rapidly]
What have we done?

- What did you do? Tell me.
- We erased them, all of them.

New names, new memories...
it was the only way.

You did the right thing.
Can you find their new names?

- Uh, how much more can he take?
- I don't know.

Whatever you're doing
to him, you need to stop!

Coulson, we need their names.

Find their names so we can pull you out!

[grunting] Lewis Seaver.

That's one. That...
That's one. That's...

K-keep them coming.
Keep them coming.

[normal voice] Looks like the big,
bad wolf is stopping for a pint.

[mid-tempo music playing]

I'll give you a choice.

Colombian necktie...
or bullet in the head.

[chuckles softly]

Bullet in the head...
on the rocks.

[bottle thuds]

On the house.
Welcome back.

[car doors close]

May, we have a problem.

Grant Ward.

[door closes]

In from the cold at last.

Mr. Garrett spoke quite highly of you.

Imagine my surprise when
I received your call.

I wasn't even aware
that phone was active...

or you, for that matter.

- We thought you were dead.
- Not dead.

I was locked in a cage.

Before that, I was trapped
behind a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge.

- Now I'm finally free.
- How can we help you?

Since Strucker is overseas,
I assume you report to someone else.

- That's correct.
- I want a meeting.

Though we do appreciate your
talents and your loyalty,

- Mr. Whitehall is a very busy man.
- Will his schedule open up

if I can get you
face-to-face with Coulson?

Close enough to put...
a bullet in his head.

May: Skye?

Coulson?! Anyone.

- When the cat's away...
- Keep trying to reach them.

I'm taking us down.

The body of Lewis Seaver
was found in the remains

of the Santa Maria church fire in Miami.

Coulson: In the fire was this guy too.

Three of the others
died of unnatural causes

in the last six weeks.

This guy is definitely
targeting Tahiti patients.

- Is there still a chance?
- Two of them are alive.

We need to find out
which one is the killer.

Do you remember anything,
a-any clues? [groans]

Carver: Stay out of my head, Coulson.

There's nothing wrong with me.

- Roll up your sleeves.
- You don't need to erase me.


There's nothing wrong with me.

You're not okay, and
it's only gonna get worse.

- But I can help you.
- No!

It's the only way to know!

You... you can't erase me, Coulson!

Don't do this to me, Coulson!
I need to know!

I need to know!
No! You can't erase me!

I need to know what it means!
It wants me to know!

I need to know!

It wants me to know!
I need to know!

I need to know!

I need to know!

No! No!

- I need to know! I need to know!
- Get him the hell out of there!

- Shut it down! Shut it down!
- I need to know!

- Sedate him! I'm calling May.
- I...

- I got Skye.
- Skye?

We have a Ward situation

that's about to get
really bad for all of us.

Coulson went into the memory machine.

- What?! And you let him.
- It wasn't my call.

Lock him up and keep him under

- observation until I get back.
- What the hell is going on?

Let's just stay focused.

Coulson: [grunting]
I need to know.

I need to know!

- What did you do to him?
- Just hold him down.


Skye: Coulson?!
Don't make me use this.


- I'm sorry.
- I spoke to May.

She wants us to lock you
up until she gets back.

[panting continues]

I think that's a good idea.

[door closes]

His name was Sebastian Derik.

He was an assassin from the
dark side of S.H.I.E.L.D.

How many others did
you say are still alive?

Just one... Hank Thompson.

He only lives a few
hours away from here,

so I'll send some agents to protect him.

[device beeping]
That won't be necessary.



- Aah! Coulson...
- Sorry.

- I need to take care of him personally.
- Coulson, what if...


[birds chirping]
[dog barking]

[train howls]

Hey, you want to slow
down that train, buddy?

[chuckling] You want to
see them crash, don't you?

[boy chuckles]

I fear for the world the day
you get your driver's license.

Hank, there's someone up at
the house that wants to see you.

- Is it a customer?
- Says he's an old friend?

Okay, I'll be right there.


I've seen some messed-up
stuff in my day, turbo,

but nothing quite like that.

[explosion, gunfire continues]

Holding down the director
like he's possessed...

Yeah, well, what happened...
that's not...

- wasn't his fault.
- I know. Someone jumbled his memories.

No, his memories weren't jumbled.
They were... replaced.

- Just some of them.
- You're up.

- No, I'm okay.
- Nah, come on. It's good for you.

Helps your brain and hands
learn to get their act together.

Replaced memories, jumbled memories...

how the hell is he supposed
to keep everything together?

What if he forgets what team he's on?

You know, I like my bosses
un-jumbled at all times.

Yeah, he is, or he will be.

He'll recover. He did before.

Besides, brains never delete files.
They just lose connections.

But there's always a backup.

Just a matter of
digging and finding them.

- So, you've got backup files, too?
- Has anyone seen Skye?

Oh, no.
Guys... quick.

[door opens]

[beep] been?
It's about time?

- Coulson did this to you?
- You think?

- Simmons: Is he going after the killer?
- Not the killer.

[knock on door]

- Can I help you?
- My name is Phil Coulson.

You don't remember me, but we've met.

It's very important that we talk.

- This isn't a good time.
- You need to listen to me.

Look, I have no idea who
you are or what you want,

but you need to leave.

- Mr. Thompson... Please.
- Look.

Okay, you have something to
say, you can say it out here.

I have every reason to believe
that your life is in danger.

Is your family home?

- No.
- That's good...

because I need to pick your brain.

No one's been in or out
since the party started.

- You're sure no one saw you?
- I didn't blow my cover.

- You suggesting I did?
- Hunter: It's okay, it happens.

What did you do, come on too strong?
Subtlety is key.

You were dressed like a cowboy.

- I...
- Enough.

There's a good chance Ward's
wearing his ka-boom box.

If we can't get a fast, clean shot,

he could take the whole
building down with us inside.

We don't have the resources for this.

We should call in
outside reinforcements.

No, if Ward saw them coming,

- he'd take them all down with him.
- So, what's the plan?

Get a fast, clean shot.

I don't want to hurt you,
but you need to listen to me.

- You were an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Please, just go.

- Do you recognize these symbols?
- No, no, I don't.

- Look, is that all you need?
- Think.

Have you been drawing,
carving, painting,

anything that reminds you of these?

I have never seen them in my life.

Look at them! Try to remember.

I need to know what this means.
You have pieces that I need!

I don't know what you're
talking about, and I don't care.

Look, I've told you both,
you've got the wrong guy!

Someone got here before me?



[door hinges creak]

Is he dead?

[kick thuds]



I'd be very quiet if I were you.

[door hinges creak]

[lock clicks]

Agent Coulson, I've got bad news.

The lunatics are running the Asylum.

Do you remember me, Coulson?

- Do you remember what you did to me?
- I tried to help you.

What, by erasing my memories,
trying to change who I was?

It was the only way to save you.

It didn't work.
You want to know why?

Because I discovered a little secret.

Pain made me remember.


I found out after I
started cutting myself.

The more pain, the more I remembered.

That's how I found
the others you erased.

I remembered who they
were and who they became.



I came for you first, Coulson,
but you were already dead.

Yet here you are.
Why is that?

[breathing heavily]

Are you one of us now?

Why? Why would you do that...

- when you know what it does?
- I didn't.

I think it's because...

you wanted to know the answer to this.

Look, I tried to help
the others remember.

I cut and I cut, but
no one had the answer.

I need to know, Coulson.
What does it mean?!

I don't know.
I'm trying to find out, just like you.

[breathing heavily]

- Do they drive you crazy?
- Yes.

I started carving on walls.
Is that how you started?

- Yes.
- It's not deep enough.

You can't just scratch
the surface, Coulson.

We have to dig deep.
That's why I started carving bodies.

It has to be deep.

- It's not two-dimensional.
- No.

The answer isn't on the surface.
It's what lies beneath.

- We can find it... together.
- That's the idea.

No. No.


- What does it mean, Coulson?
- I don't know.

[door hinges creak]

- Take your family! Go!
- Come on. Go. Go!


[electricity crackles]

What the hell is Tahiti?

Uh, Tahiti was designed
to revive a fallen Avenger.

That's how it got started.

Uh, Captain America, Iron Man...
those Avengers?

- Those are the ones.
- How the hell could Coulson forget that?

What, does he have alien blood, too?

Man, can you imagine that...

S.H.I.E.L.D. being run by
a man that's part alien?

Yeah, imagine that.

- Stop! Hey!
- What the...

C-Call the police. There's two
guys trying to kill each other.

They're out at my place,
Thompson Welding.

It's right down the road.

All right, stay here. We'll handle this.


[tires squeal]


Coulson: You want pain?

Come and get some.

You can't hide, Coulson.

We're connected by the blood.

[both grunting]


The answer's right here, Derik.

[door opens]
All you have to do is look!

- Let him go, Coulson!
- It's okay!

I'm okay now.

That's what you said before
you threw me in a cell.

Fair enough, but I'm
not trying to kill him!

I'm trying to save him.

I'm giving you to the count
of three, and my gun's real.

It's here, Skye... everything
we've been looking for.

- One!
- He's not kidding! Let him go.

- Open your eyes, Derik.
- Two!

It's just below the
surface, like you said.

- All you have to do is look.
- Three!

You can put the guns away.
He won't hurt anyone now.

How do you know that?

He found what he's been looking for...

what we've all been looking for.

- The final piece.
- I don't believe it.

It's not so much a map as a blueprint.

It's a city.

So, I was some kind of super-spy?

One of the best.
We could use you.

The whole story's right here...
what you were, who you were.

I know who I am.
I'm Hank Thompson.

I've got a wife I love, a
kid I adore, and every day, I

wake up happy. I can't imagine
I was happy being a spy.

- Um, no offense.
- None taken.

Thank you, Mr. Coulson.

Thank you for... giving
me a second chance,

making me who I am.

You're a good man, Mr. Thompson.
You always were.

These agents will take you home now.

Sorry about the blindfold.

I understand. Spy stuff.

Oh, uh, if you, uh...
if you ever need any welding,

- you know where to find me.
- Thanks.

[door closes]

Sebastian Derik has been
turned over to the authorities.

He had sins to atone for long
before Tahiti ever happened.

But... at least he found his peace.

- And you?
- [beep, whirring] The compulsion's gone.

- [sighs] How can you be sure?
- I can feel it.

Whatever's in our blood,

it was driving us to go to that city,
like homing pigeons,

only we couldn't figure
out what home was,

so it was just driving us mad.

Once I had all the pieces...

now we just need to figure out

why this alien was so
hell-bent on getting there.

Any news on Ward?

We'll find him.
In the meantime...


...we'll take advantage
of his gift, Mr. Bakshi.

Here's his cellphone.
See what you can find inside.

All right.
Let's get this over with.

To answer the question
on everyone's mind,

no, I'm not crazy.

I know in the past few
months, it may have seemed like

I was leading you on some fool's errand,

chasing after strange
carvings and artifacts.

At times, I questioned it myself...

wondering if I was chasing windmills,

trying to solve some unsolvable puzzle.

But the pieces are coming together.
The puzzle's taking shape.

The bad news... HYDRA's
trying to solve the same puzzle,

and they have more resources.

The good news...

we now have a piece they don't have.


Everything we've been
doing, it all... leads here.

Our job...
find it before anyone else.

Coulson: We'll return in a moment.

[ playing Bill Withers' "Who is he
(and what is he to you?)" ]


[razor whirring]

♪ A man we passed just
tried to stare me down ♪

♪ and when I looked at you,
you looked at the ground ♪

♪ I don't know who he is,
but I think that you do♪

[water running]

♪ Dad-gum it ♪

♪ who is he,
and what is he to you? ♪

[music continues]

All right, Mr. Bakshi, I
hope you weren't into selfies,

or this could be
embarrassing for both of us.

♪ ah, something in my
heart and in your eye ♪

[cellphone buzzing]

♪ tells me he's not
someone just passing by ♪

[cellphone beeps]

♪ ah, and when you
cleared your throat ♪

- Hail HYDRA.
- Hey, Skye.

♪ was that your cue? ♪

Where are you?

Just wanted to make
sure you got my present.

I promised him a
face-to-face with Coulson.

Probably not exactly
what he had in mind.

I'll be sending a few other
gifts your way now and then.

Like a cat bringing in dead birds?
No, thanks.

Just trying to be helpful.

Oh, met the new recruits.

I don't think they need
to hang around much longer.

- Is that a threat?
- Just a suggestion.

Coulson could do better.

Then again... I am hard to replace.

How about you tell me where you
are and we can talk about it?

I have to go now, Skye.

I have a few personal
matters to attend to.

But I'll be seeing you soon.
I promise.

[cellphone beeps]