Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - A Fractured House - full transcript

The world turns against S.H.I.E.L.D. when Hydra impersonates them to attack The United Nations, and an unexpected enemy leads the charge to bring about their downfall.

Previously on Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

So Garrett says your family's

like the cable version of the Kennedys.

My older brother, Christian,
he didn't beat up my younger brother.

He was crueler than that.
He made me do it.

Welcome home,
Agent Simmons.

- Hi, Fitz.
- Is that really you?

Who else would it be?

Anyone mind telling me
what the bloody hell she's doing here?

Bobbi's one of our best agents.

Hunter ever tell you stories
about his she-devil ex-wife?

All the time. Damn.

I've got a senator with very deep
pockets that wants Coulson.

Your father is alive.

And someday, if you let me,
I'll take you to him.

I was here in 2012

when the sky tore open
and the Chitauri rained down on us.


Aliens were running through the streets,

and it was then that
S.H.I.E.L.D. revealed themselves

and stood with the Avengers,

leading us to believe
that we could put our faith in them.

Which we did.

We stood idly by while they collected
super-powered individuals,

garnered alien weapons,
built bases on virtually every continent.

We thought S.H.I.E.L.D.
was protecting us,

but in truth,
they took advantage of our good faith.

And they still are.

Italy takes note of your report, General.

Now, you say that
you've seen S.H.I.E.L.D.,

even fought against them,
but where is the proof?

Where do...


It's S.H.I.E.L.D.! Go!


It's S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Get out, get out!

Go to the exit in the corner. Go!

Come here. Come on.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is done hiding.

5:30. On the dot. Every morning.

But there's no clock, no light.
No way he can know what time it is.

You've been watching him?

Every day before I left.
Every day since I got back.

I don't know how you do it.
Going down there, talking to him.

Sacrifices we make for valuable intel,


Jemma Simmons.
Undercover at HYDRA.

I thought I was a dead woman
at least four times.

I'm glad you're not.

Me, too.

Be careful with him, Skye.

I am.

What's happening?

There's been an attack on the UN.

An attack today at the UN
left six dead and dozens injured.

Many have not been identified.

Among the injured,
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s biggest opponent,

US Air Force Brigadier,
General Glenn Talbot.

Sir, this wasn't us, was it?

No. This is HYDRA looking for revenge.

Best guess? Daniel Whitehall had
his people impersonate S.H.I.E.L.D.

to put the world's attention back on us.

So much for staying in the shadows.

Somebody bring this from home?

I want you two
scouring government channels.

- See what we're up against.
- On it, sir.

And Skye.
This means the alien writing...

Back burner.

Just until we get this under control.

Just saw the news. We're not
responsible for this, are we, sir?

Didn't think so.
Just wanted to triple check.

Marcus Scarlotti was behind the attack.

An assassin. Almost killed Barton
a few years back.

Runs a team of mercenaries.
Mostly for HYDRA.


The bodies just disintegrate.

I saw references to this weapon
in HYDRA's lab.

Yeah, sent from their
demolitions expert, uh, Toshiro...

Toshiro Mori.

I've crossed paths with him before.
He has a lab in Okinawa.

Good. Then that's where you're going.

We need to find the location
of the next attack,

stop it before it happens.

May's taking point on this op.

You can meet her and Hunter
in the hangar.

Hunter's going?

Got it. Thank you, sir.

I need you to dig through the hard drive
you brought back from Whitehall's lab.

I'll find out whatever I can
about those weapons.

Coulson. Quick question.

No. This wasn't us.

Oh, that. Uh, great.

Um, May said I'll be going on a mission
with Bobbi?

Is that gonna be a problem?

Did she say it was gonna be a problem?

I won't dignify that with a response.

So, she didn't?

I think we all know
how you feel about your ex-wife,

but if it's too complicated,
then by all means.

Whitehall's on the attack.

And instead of using his own forces
to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D.,

he's having the rest of the world
do it for him.

You're lucky to be alive, General.

My lucky day.

It was my understanding
that you had S.H.I.E.L.D. under control.

Otherwise, I don't know why

I persuaded
the Armed Services Committee

to give your unit
such extraordinary funding.

Because it worked. Until this morning.

I don't think anything before today
matters now, does it?

S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked
the United Nations, for God's sake.

Under your watch.

The people who attacked us
may not have been S.H.I.E.L.D.

- It's time I step in.
- And do what?

Control the situation.

Now that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s
back in the spotlight,

the press is gonna take this
and run with it.

You're worried they're gonna find out
about your brother, aren't you?

What worries me
is that you even know about him.

I don't play politics, Senator.

I haven't said one word
about your brother to anyone,

and I don't intend to.

The truth is, General,
you can't assure me of anything.

It's time I do
what I should've done months ago.

Put S.H.I.E.L.D. in the ground for good.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a terrorist organization.

And they should be treated as such.

Is that what you plan
to speak about

at the UN's emergency session

What I plan to do is lay out a proposal
for a multinational police force

that will target those suspected
of ties with S.H.I.E.L.D.,

using any and all means necessary.

Anyone suspected ofties?
And who determines that?

Belgium will never
accept this proposal.

It destroys the very idea
of citizens' rights.

Mr. Beckers,
if you want to welcome S.H.I.E.L.D.

at your borders with open arms,
be my guest.

But this infestation
needs to be exterminated.

Guess being a douchebag
runs in the family.

Are you surprised?

Ward's brother's never cared
about S.H.I.E.L.D. before.

- Not openly.
- Yeah, but Hunter said

that Talbot was working with a Senator
who had deep pockets.

- You think it's him?
- I do.

I know
that we can stop them.

Months rebuilding
and this is S.H.I.E.L.D.

A few operatives here,
not many more out there.

If Senator Ward's proposal passes...

It'll be a witch hunt.

Every military organization
on the planet

will have a license
to kick our operatives' doors down,

and shoot them on the spot.

I can't let that happen.

I'll talk to Ward.
See if he has any intel on his brother.

And, Skye, keep the focus
on his family, not yours.

- Agent Walters.
- Director.

- How's the Netherlands?
- Same as always, sir.

Lots of bikes, lots of weed.

I assume this is about
the anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. proposal?

We can't take any chances.

Send out the word to your team,
go dark, seek refuge,

re-establish contact in 24 hours.

Copy that, sir.

And, Agent Walters... Stay safe.

You look good.

Oh, yeah?


And you know,
with the blond and everything,

you don't look too bad yourself.

That's nice of you to say.

Because I heard you've been
telling people that I'm a hell-beast.

Uh, no, I don't think so.

I definitely didn't use
those words specifically.

It doesn't even sound
like something I'd say, really.

So you vouched for me,

knew I was with S.H.I.E.L.D.
the whole time?

I'm honestly surprised
you stayed this long.

Well, you know, I'm here for now.

But keeping my options open,

You always do.

If we're gonna do this now,
at least let me grab a beer first.

I'm gonna go check on May.

We'll be touching down soon.


You ever been married?

Still talk to him?

Right. Good advice.

Morning, Fitz.


Is that,

the hard drive that you stole?

Coulson asked me to search it
for anything related to the attacks.

And I was hoping you could help.
That is, if you're not too... I mean...

Yeah. Um, if you need my help,
suppose I've got some time.

Well, unfortunately the drive
was damaged during our escape.

We'll have to repair it
to access any of its intel.


Just, um...

You look different, that's all.


Not bad different. Just...




We probably need to first look at the...

The shock sensor.

Um, no. The...

- Voice actuator?
- No. Um, Jemma, can you...

I'm sorry. I...

I know. It's just, you said
you needed my help, so...

No, I do, yeah. Of course, I do. I'd...

It's the...

Micro, uh... This thing. The...

Here. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. I see. I see that.

We need to talk
about your brother.

Which one?

Your older brother, the Senator.


Why? What happened?

We just need basic information.

Habits, places he frequently visits,
stuff like that.

You need to stay away from him.

He's not what he seems.
He always has an angle.

And if he thinks
that you can lead him to me...

This isn't about you.

Isn't it?

Don't you remember what happened
at the well, what he made me do?

He gets joy from one thing.
Hurting people.

So tell me, please,

does he know I'm here?

Not how it works, Ward.
You answer my questions, remember?

And I always do.
I always tell you the truth.

But if Christian knows that I'm here...

You always tell me the truth?


I promised you I'd never lie to you.
And I haven't.

What's this really about?

I need information about your brother.
People, connections...

Is this about your father?

Because I wasn't lying about him.

He's alive, and he's...

He's a murderer.

You forgot to mention that detail.

You found him.

He didn't give us what we needed
on his brother.

Trust me,
he gave us more than you think.

And you're slipping off track, Skye.
Stay on mission.

Toshiro has the weapons
from the UN attack.

So we have two options.

One, firefight.

Surprise them,
take down as many as we can

before they bring out heavy artillery.

And option two? Just to hear it.

I use my HYDRA cover.
A cover that could be blown.

That's why I like option one.

On the other hand, I know Toshiro.

The best way to get him to leak intel
is to get him bragging.

I think it's worth the risk.

She can handle it.
Deception's her forte.

Uh, I mean that sincerely,
not passive aggressively.

As in it's a good attribute for a spy to...

Bloody hell.

You can go in, but if anything's off,
we're coming after you.

He'll search you for weapons.

Don't die out there, all right?

Data intercept's up and running.

We have audio and visual
from the security cameras,

and access to any incoming
cellular communications.


She speaks Japanese.

She has this annoying knack
of picking things up very quickly.


Still like option two?

Do you still have
that pan-fired green tea?

It's from the Shizuoka Prefecture, right?

You always remember every little detail.

Try being married to somebody
who remembers every little detail.

It's not that charming.

You think I'm being petty, don't you?
Well, I'm not.

I don't have a problem
with Bob kissing that guy.

Good. Because you had a hickey
on your neck for a week

after our mission in Miami.

Excuse me for doing my job thoroughly.

And with style.

The tea needs to steep
for at least seven minutes.


Perfect time for us
to talk business then.

Forgive me, but I'd like to
clear something up first.

You see, there's a nasty rumor
going around

that you're actually working
for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Toshi, please.

Aren't we all working for S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Didn't you see the papers this morning?

Scarlotti and his team
were on the front page

with that silly eagle on their chests.

But those weapons they had...

Your work, I presume?

How could you tell?

This poor sap's
buying every word she says.

That's what we want.

I just feel sorry for the guy.

Making targets feel special?
That's her thing.

You know when I gave her
my nan's pearl earrings, she was like...

You know I don't like you, right?

I call them splinter bombs.
Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Is there any way for me
to get my hands on a splinter bomb?

Those really are a thing of beauty.

I shipped them all out yesterday.

Plus, I can't take all the credit.

Original specs came from
HYDRA technology way back when.

Whitehall gave them to you?

Yes, a leap of faith.

I just hope I've earned a chance
to work on The Diviner.

The Diviner?

That's what the lunatic
who brought it to him calls it anyway.

Heard it's alien.

- You don't think he means...
- The Obelisk.

Toshiro's people
have an incoming message.

Oh, no.


All I know is that
I'll have a better case to make

once Scarlotti's team gets to Beckers.

Then S.H.I.E.L.D.
will be dead in the water.

They're en route to Beckers now?

You can thank me later.

Thank you?
What the hell were you thinking?

What was I thinking?
I just saved your life.

You don't think I knew
that guy was behind me?

This. This is just you peacocking.

He made you,
and he was gonna kill you!

And, sweetheart,
nobody uses the word "peacocking."

Are you even listening to yourself
right now?

Oh, wait, of course you are.
You love the sound of your own voice.

Because it's reasonable.
One of us has to be.

This is what makes you
so aggravating to be with.

Hence, not with me anymore. Lucky us.

- Yeah.
- Really?

I just saved her life. Twice.
And this is the thanks I get.

Toshiro said that
they were going after Beckers.

Recognize the name?

Yeah. Julien Beckers.
Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister.

The guy who's been
keeping the peace?

Scarlotti's team takes out Beckers,

even the neutral UN countries
are gonna fall in line

with Senator Ward's proposal.

Call Coulson.
We're heading to Belgium.

Bad day to be S.H.I.E.L.D., eh?

I still can't find anything
on the weapons.


Ah, you're still looking
at those backlogged files.


Well, that's because, um...

These two bits, there's something...

I think the...

- A similar...
- No. No.

No, um...

No, it's...

Um, it's important because,

I... The...

Can you stop looking at me?
'Cause when you...

Oh, I can't even look at you now.

No. Not like that, you can't. No.

Like what? I'm trying not to treat you
any differently than...

I know. But I am different.

And I'm I trying not to be, but I am.

And for some reason,
you can't accept it.

Oh, that's not fair.

Fitz, I'm only trying to help.

You left! I needed help.

I needed help with the cloaking,
I needed help with lots of other things.

And someone to talk through, at least.

You gave up on me.

I did no such thing.

You told me you were gonna go
see your mum and your dad.

And then you went off to...

For all I knew, you could...
Something could've...

You could've been killed.

And because, what,
because you think I'm useless.

Of course I don't. That's not why I left.

Well, then, why?


I'm sorry, I can't do this. Excuse me.

Excuse me, what are you doing here?

Don't worry,

I haven't been waiting long.

Phil Coulson.

I assume these are for your speech.

I made a few changes.

It's funnier now.

I'm sure Talbot's mentioned me
from time to time,

which is perhaps
why you're trying to call

whomever it is you're trying to call.

Also, your men
won't be checking on you,

at least not for the next hour.

You've requested some "me time."
And who can argue with that?

What do you want?

An opportunity to clear the air.

The attack on the UN
wasn't S.H.I.E.L.D. It was HYDRA.

a man named Daniel Whitehall.

You didn't come here to clear the air.
You need something from me.

And all this swaggering simply tells me
you have nothing to offer in return.

What do you want me to do?

Go on record defending S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Condemning HYDRA?

The American people are looking
for a simple enemy, Mr. Coulson.

It's what makes them feel safe.

And how do you think they'd feel
if they knew your brother was HYDRA?

It's an awfully complicated idea
to grasp.

Especially in an election year.

Are you threatening me, Mr. Coulson?

No. I'm telling you
I have your brother in my basement.

You're back.

The camera's off.

Does Coulson know...

Coulson's out. He cut us off last time.

But now, nobody's watching.

Just you and me.

Is he all right? Is Grant hurt?

Did you have to do anything...

No. We believe there are other ways
to get information from people.

I'm surprised you're concerned,

You don't have a brother, do you?

No. Always wanted one though.

As an only child, you tend to
idealize that relationship.

Family has to take care of each other,

Then again,

I've heard some stories
that say otherwise.

What did Grant tell you?


I know what you did.

How you forced him
to torture your youngest brother.

I know what happened at the well.

So it's a well now?

You may think you know Grant Ward,
Mr. Coulson.

But trust me, underneath
every lie he tells is just another lie.

Is Coulson talking to Christian?

You can't trust him.

He'll smile, bare his soul,
it is all manipulation.

He is a master at it.

Look, I know what I am.

But my brother?

He's worse.

When we were kids,
our parents were always gone,

some state function or another.

We'd spend all day by the creek,
hunting salamanders and crayfish.

But I could never leave Grant alone
with Thomas.

I found Grant down there once,
standing over him with a screwdriver.

Thomas was on the ground,
just screaming.

And I saw something.

Something else behind his eyes.

Something I'm sure
you've seen before as well.

A second later, it was gone.
And he was just my little brother again.

He told our parents I forced him to do it.

I've spent too much of my life
trying to unravel his lies.

So have I.

And yet, he keeps telling them.

He always finds someone
to believe him.

I'm telling you the truth.

You see that now, don't you?

I never lied about your father,

you just didn't give me the chance
to tell you...

I know.

But I'm giving you the chance now.

And I wanna know everything.

He won't get away with it this time.

It's not going to be simple,

but I think I know a way
we can both have what we want.

Your father killed people, yes.

But everything he did, Skye,
he did because he loved you.

I can't fault him for that.

The people who died
in the Hunan Province,

they weren't villagers.

They were HYDRA Agents.

They'd found you and your mother.

My mother?

Is she alive, too?

No. No, they killed her.


I don't know.

But when your father got there,
he lost it.

Tore up the whole village
and everyone in it.


What is he?

Whatever he is,

he lost his whole family in one day.

And he cracked.

But now he wants to
put that family back together.

And I can help with that.
I can take you to him.


Where is he?

I've got connections,
people I can talk to, we'll track him...

What connections?
What people? Raina's gone.

I'm resourceful.

Then tell me what you know.

Isn't there anything else?

Please, Ward?


But we can find him.


I promise you.

Thank you for telling me
everything you know.

It's time we get you out of here.



You're being transferred, Ward.

Your brother wants you in his custody.

And we're gonna give him
exactly what he wants.

I struck a deal with the Senator.

He'll reverse his anti-S.H.I.E.L.D.
proposal in exchange for his brother.

Long time coming. And Skye?

I got everything I needed.

We'll touch down in Belgium soon.

Try to get to Beckers
before Whitehall's team does.

I don't have to remind you
that if he's killed,

the UN will come after us no matter
what the Senator says or does.

We'll be in touch.

We got Beckers' location.

Yes, theoretically all those points
have to be connected.


Damn, Fitz, you're right. You're right!


Why do you look so surprised?
Well, you know...

Well, yeah,
well, I'd probably be surprised...

Hey, Simmons.

The explosives Mack was just...
He saw the, um...

Yeah, he kept mentioning
backlogged files.

And, you know,
half the stuff he says is nonsense.

No, it's not.

Check this out.

Turns out these bombs
are actually from the 1940s.

And they were developed by a HYDRA
scientist that worked for the Red Skull.

The Red Skull. Not nonsense.
And the designer...

Yeah, and the actual designer
of the bombs was a guy named...

Vincent Beckers.

Vincent Beckers?

We need to find Coulson. Now.

Listen to me.

You can't trust him.

Three and a half weeks.

I sat in this chair every day
for three and a half weeks.

And you never said a word.

But now you wanna talk?

Well, it's too late.

Everything I told Skye was true.
You know that.

I haven't given you
one bad piece of intel.

Is that worth nothing?

You will never see Skye again.

I thought we were rebuilding trust,

I can help you.

I'm still part of your team.

My team? You...

You are not, nor will you ever be,
on my team.

You dropped Fitz-Simmons
out of a plane.

You murdered Victoria Hand
and Eric Koenig.

You betrayed every one of us,
you deluded son of a bitch.

The only reason you're alive
is because you were of use.

And the only reason
you're being transferred

is because your brother is of more use.

Was this his idea or yours?

To put me on trial?


It's a good story.

A man brave enough to have
his own brother executed for his crimes.

Well, Christian will milk that
for all it's worth.

And the trial should wrap up
right before the midterms.

Your brother saw the same angles.

Maybe you two are more alike
than you think.

Sir. We need you.

Vincent Beckers is Julien's grandfather.

We believe the HYDRA connection
stayed very much alive.

We found the travel records
for Beckers and Whitehall, and...

They coincided at least 12 times
over the past five years.

That doesn't make sense.

Yeah, why would HYDRA be targeting
one of their own operatives?

We've been played.
Get May on the line!

They need to reroute
to our safe house in Bruges.

Mr. Beckers?

We have agents looking for you.
How did you find this place?

I followed them here.

Sir, May's team's en route.

Oh, no.

Whitehall didn't just
wanna turn the world against us.

He used Beckers as a prop

to make our operatives believe
his country would provide safe haven.

But it's a trap. They'll be fish in a barrel.

What the hell did you do?

Mr. Scarlotti,

I leave you to what you do best.

Shame. I prefer to take my time.

HYDRA will never defeat...

You were saying?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hail HYDRA, guys. Hail HYDRA.

I'm unarmed.
Not looking for any trouble.

Who sent you?

Have you tried the beer around here?

This is from Straffe Hendrik.
Little brewery 'round the corner.

Ask for Zoe. She'll hook you up.

Here, sweetheart,
you can have the first one.

Looks like you could use it.

That face. So dour.

You got 10 seconds to tell me
exactly what you're doing here.

I'm a merc, mate. Like you lot.

And if you're looking
to take out a few S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

higher up the food chain,

I happen to know a couple.

They just needed about 90 seconds
to get in position.


I got him!

All alone?



Third time today.


You saved my life.


How many?

Okay. Get home safe.

It's funny, this is where we used to keep
the hazardous biological materials.

Guess not everything changes, huh?

What can I do for you?

I just wanted to thank you.

For helping Fitz.
Well, for being his friend.

I don't help him. He doesn't need any.

You know, that guy
you're wishing he would be?

I never met him.

I only know this guy.

And, yeah, I mean, he's a little weird,
but, uh, I like him.

I don't want him
to be anybody but himself.

You sure about that?


'Cause I heard he told you
how he felt and you bailed.

That's not what happened.


I know you two have a past,

but from what I've seen,
the only thing that makes him worse

is you.

I know.

Why do you think I left?

You're leaving?

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s always been your thing.
I won't stand in the way of that.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s not S.H.I.E.L.D. anymore.

I'm still trying to figure out
where I fit in, too.

Just don't die out there, all right?

But if you wanna stay,


Time to go.


Dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen,

less than 48 hours ago,

brave men and women lost their lives
at this very spot I'm standing now.

And I think we owe it to them to
discuss something all too often elusive.

The truth.

Sometimes we want things simpler
than they actually are.

But the tough reality is,
we are complex creatures.


If I ever see you again,

I'll kill you.

And I've come to understand

something that the world must as well.

There is a difference
between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA.

One was an organization
built on protection.

And the other, world domination.

We got Beckers at the border.

How many men did you lose?


It's always a shame
when a good soldier falls.

And just as good and evil existed

side-by-side within S.H.I.E.L.D.,

the same was true in my own home.

At first, I was ashamed
to share this truth with the world.

But my younger brother, Grant Ward,
was a member of HYDRA.

He was a traitor.

He was a traitor to his friends,
his family, and his nation.

Do not give him one inch.

Tell Skye this doesn't change anything.

I'll keep my promise.

When evil
sits closest to one's own heart,

that is when the surest hand
must cut it out.

I give my word,

I will personally make sure
my brother is punished for his crimes.

But as is so often true,

the darkness lingers longer
than the light,

and while S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone,

HYDRA is a problem
that the world must still face.

Otherwise, that darkness will grow,

and spread...

...and cast a shadow over us all.

You got cash this time?

Tonight we finish it.

It's gonna hurt.

The rest probably hasn't healed yet.

You sure
you don't wanna wait a few days?

The pain helps me remember.