Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - A Hen in the Wolf House - full transcript

Raina threatens to expose Simmons to Hydra unless Coulson hands Skye over to her father.

Coulson: Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

There's so much I want to
tell you about your father.

[tablet beeps]
Bring me my daughter.

If you're gonna move up in
HYDRA, you need to make friends.

Skye: I'm scared for her.
She's a terrible liar.

Yes, my loyalties are with HYDRA.

- What is it again?
- Not sure.

Coulson put me on it a month ago,
searching for a match.

I've got nothing.

Coulson: This writing was on the
Obelisk, and now a piece of art.

Getting that painting
could mean answers.

Hello, Raina. You recently
took something from me.

Bring me the Obelisk.

You have 48 hours...
the clock starts... now.

2x05 - A Hen in the Wolf House

Schneider: The world is full
of people seeking change,

hoping to become something
else, something better.

So my first reaction when I heard
that Pete joined the navy was,

"you've got to be kidding me."


I mean, this degenerate in the navy?

Did they even do a background check?

'Cause I got two words for you...
"Tijuana '09."

[crowd murmurs]

Yeah, H-bomb knows
what I'm talking about.


Any chance you boys got something
stronger behind that bar?

Sorry, ma'am, just champagne.

Schneider: But in this
case, change is a good thing.

Mariya, you are a super-cool chick.

And, Pete, you'll always be my boy.

So, everyone, raise your glasses
to Pete and Mariya, the Leitners.

All: The Leitners.


[men coughing]



- What's happening?!
- Oh!

Somebody... somebody help!

Please, somebody help!
Somebody help us!

[engine turns over]

[tires screech]

Eight went down... dead.

And the others?

Some sick, everyone else
scared, but very much alive.

How disappointing.

Return immediately to give
your report personally.

Dr. Whitehall will not be pleased

to hear that we, again, have failed.

- Eight dead, six of them navy.
- All part of an Anti-HYDRA unit.

Any idea what was used
to carry out the attack?

Nope, but the effects appear similar
to those from the Obelisk.

Which we must assume is
in HYDRA's possession.

- Heard back from your navy contact?
- Radio silence.

Any chance we could find a way
in, maybe poke around a bit?

Entire fleet's closing ranks.
These were their men.

No one other than the
CDC and navy's top brass

are setting foot in that room.

Okay, then. That's a dead end.

What about Agent Simmons?
She's inside HYDRA.

Any chance she has some intel?

- Still waiting for her to make contact.
- Sir, what is that?

Uh, just sketches.
If the Obelisk is back in play,

we need to know what this writing means.
Any progress on your end?

I put some feelers out
to my Rising Tide contacts

about the painting
we recovered in Miami,

and no one has seen anything like it.

Keep looking.
Something will turn up.

What about the writings
you've been giving me?

Why don't you tell me your
source, and I'll follow up?

- I'm afraid that's classified.
- Hunter: Well, you're the boss man.

Maybe you could de-classify it.

- I could. I won't.
- Why not?

I already answered the question, Skye.

No, you didn't. You skirted it.
There's a difference.

Then it's a difference
I'm comfortable with,

but if you continue
questioning my authority,

then you and I are gonna have
a very different conversation...

one you will not be comfortable with.
Is that clear?

Yes, sir.

[footsteps depart]

You know... keeping her in
the dark won't end well.


If this bullet had struck
even half an inch lower,

we wouldn't be having this conversation.

- Guess today's my lucky day.
- [cartridge cocks] And big Rick's last.

- Please, gentlemen, not in here.
- Only 'cause you asked nicely.

[alarm blaring]

I realize this is unexpected.

Deacon: We come to you for
discretion, doc. What the hell is this?

My apologies.
This will only take a moment.

What did I say about
interrupting me at my practice?

These men value their privacy.

I'm in trouble.

And here I thought you
were bringing me good news.

I need the Obelisk back...

[breathes shakily]

...temporarily, just until
I can make other arrangements.

And what about ours?

After all these years, I
thought you'd show more respect.

- Please, I beg you.
- Don't beg.

It reminds me of what you
were when I found you...

Hungry, in the streets,

with just those fairy tales
your grandmother told you.

You said you'd make them come true.

- You said you'd bring me my girl.
- And I did.

You brought me a picture and a promise.

I still only have the picture.


Who wants it?

Who has made you this afraid, Raina?

Daniel Whitehall.

He scares you more than I do?

No, please.
He's very powerful.

- Mm. He has resources.
- He's a butcher!

And what are you?!

I'm a man trying to put
my family back together!

You're losing control again.


You need me.
You're barely holding it together.

If you're not careful, you'll...
you'll lose Skye forever.

- If she sees you like this...
- It doesn't matter.

I'll never see her if
you never bring her to me.


I'm the only one who... who can.

And I can't... breathe.



It's the only thing

that will make her understand...
understand me.

I won't turn it over. I'm sorry.

- Daniel Whitehall will cut me to pieces.
- Yes. He will.

I suggest you go back to
his office and beg to him.

Maybe he's turned soft in his old age.

[footsteps depart]

I really wanted to bring you Skye.

That's not her name.

Hey, doc. [claps hands]
Can we please finish up here?

And for God's sakes, man,
try to keep it together.

What sort of hell cow
produces carmine milk?

I don't know.
File just says "Bessie."

You two, come with me.

Look these over.


- Oh, my god.
- W-What is it?

W... that's Daniel Whitehall.

One of HYDRA's new heads.

Whitehall: Good day.

I've brought you here
because I need your help.

Lingenfelter: We recently
attempted to reverse engineer

the effects of an alien artifact

using tissue samples
from one of its victims.

Unfortunately, the results
were less than what we'd hoped for.

There were positives.

Many of the deceased
were enemies of HYDRA.

Some of us are pleased
with these small triumphs.

Others have loftier aspirations...
passion, even.

Our founder... he had his tesseract.

As for me, well, it
would be an understatement

to say that I've waited my whole life
to get possession of the Obelisk,

to harness its power.

- Dr. Simmons, is it?
- Yes.

Bakshi tells me you have a passion
for these things yourself.

In your opinion, where did
Dr. Lingenfelter go wrong?

I-I'm not entirely sure that she did.

That's one among us.
Please, clarify.

Well, it... it's just we're
dealing with alien technology.

Alien metals interact with biology
on a cellular level

in a way that's impossible
to replicate without a sample.

But if we were to acquire
the Obelisk itself,

would it then be possible
to weaponize its effects?

- I would think so, yes.
- Excellent.

I want everyone prepared when we do.

He knows your name.

Do you have any idea what this means?

We could kill millions of
people, perhaps even billions.

Pretty awesome, huh?

[indistinct conversations]

Don't mind me just standing here.

Fitz: Did Skye just steal
that painting from our lab?

Mack certainly has an impressive
physique, wouldn't you say?

- Bugger off.
- No. It's true.

Look at him.
He's quite a lot of a man.

[speaking indistinctly]

Well, obviously I agree,

what with you being my
subconscious and everything.

What? I can say that to you.
It doesn't mean anything.

It's just a casual observation.
That's all it is.

- No, I know that.
- Yeah.

Well, why are you still staring at me?

Because you just admitted
that I'm not real.

Oh, please.

I'm not gonna have this
conversation with myself again.

Fitz, this is a good thing.

You've got friends now, real friends.

- You don't need me anymore.
- Yeah, but I miss you.

I mean, I still... miss her.

But she left and moved on.

Maybe it's time you do the same.

I was a fat baby.

You know this is, like, a
religious painting, right?

Yeah, well, when aliens started
scribbling on the back of it,

it kind of voided God's warranty,
as far as I'm concerned.

I just wish I knew what
that scribbling meant.

Well, the director won't be much help.

Do you think I was wrong to press?

No, on the contrary,
couldn't agree more.

Reminded me of how I used to
put the screws to my old lady.

- It's not like that.
- [chuckling] No?

Then why put yourself
in Coulson's cross hairs?

Because Coulson used to be different.
He wasn't always so closed off.

[sighs] I'm telling you,
my ex was the same way...

always keeping secrets.
Drove me absolutely mental.

There really is only one way
to handle people like that.

Dig deeper.

Invade their privacy till
they go crazy themselves.

Thanks for the advice, divorced guy.

All I'm saying is there's
something Coulson doesn't

want you to know. Maybe you
should find out what it is.

- And how do you suggest I do that?
- Well, don't know exactly.

But it seems your HYDRA
boyfriend downstairs

would be a good place to start.

- Ward: I'm surprised it took you so long.
- This isn't about that.

Come on, Skye.

Don't pretend you haven't
thought about what I said.

Yeah, well, I'm pretty
sure you're the last person

I'd ever want to talk
to about my father.

Not if you want to find him.

My parents were killed
in the Hunan province,

along with everyone
else in their village.

- That's not what happened.
- I know what you're doing.

I'm just trying to help.

No, you're exploiting a
weakness, looking for a way in.

I told you...
I will never lie to you...

- ...not again.
- Okay.

If you're really being
honest, name your source.


If you have information about my father,

tell me where it came from...
it's that simple.



She knows him, Skye.

No, I believe that you think she does.

Oh. Do you not get it?
Raina played you.

She found your weakness and
then used it against you.

- Skye...
- Shut up, Ward.

I don't want to hear you
say another word about it.


Tell me what you know about this.

I first saw that when
we were in Belarus...

me and you... and later on,

when Garrett started
etching that in the glass.

Garrett carved this stuff himself?
Did he say what it was?

No, but he wasn't making a lot of sense

after he was injected
with the GH-formula.

These writings...
they're not yours, are they?


That's good, 'cause once Garrett
started, he couldn't stop.

The writing was anywhere
he could carve it...

- on the walls, on the floor.
- On his desk.

To be honest,

I was almost relieved when
S.H.I.E.L.D. put him down.

The Garrett I knew was long
gone once the writing started.

And whatever took his place,

I don't think it was meant to survive.



[device beeps]

HYDRA pursuing alien WMD technology.

Must act quickly to prevent
extinction-level event.

[sighs] Awaiting further instructions.

Fish tacos.

[device beeps]

The reason you won't name your source
is because you are the source.

By all means, come on in.

Please, I know it's you,
so just be honest with me.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Because once Garrett started writing,
he went kind of nuts.

I see you've been talking to Ward.

I told you... I'm fine.
May's been keeping an eye on me.

When did you start doing this?

First night I saw Garrett's writings...

it just triggered something in me.

- What do you think caused it?
- The GH-formula, most likely.

Garrett and I were both injected...
not a coincidence.

Yeah, but so was I, and I haven't
written anything like that.

Which is either very good,

or a whole different kind of scary,

which is why we had to monitor you.

Whoa. Wait. Monitor?
That is a very specific word.

We didn't tell you about this

because we wanted to
passively observe...

see if the writing would
trigger something in you.

So, what... you guys put, like,

- tiny hidden cameras in my bunk?
- Not in your bunk, but

I think you're focusing
on the wrong details here.

- I didn't react the same way.
- Right.

I believe Garrett and I
had a negative reaction

to the alien DNA in our system.

Maybe you didn't...
because it was already there.

Yeah, right, like I'm an alien.

Hold on.
Are you saying that I am an alien?

- It's a theory...
- No, a theory is what scientists use

to prove things in nature.

This is you telling me that
I might be an alien!

That is not something you just
say like it is no big deal.

- I was trying not to rattle you.
- Well, guess what... epic fail.

- Coulson, you have a call on line 1.
- Really not a good time.

You're gonna want to take this call.

- Hello.
- I hope I'm not interrupting.

Somehow, I suspect that's the point.

What do you want, Raina?

To meet.

You and I have something
to discuss, Agent Coulson.

The matter is quite urgent.

[alarm blaring]

Everyone, listen up.

I need each of you to
step away from your desk

and place your hands behind your back.

Morse: Keep everyone off
their phones and tablets.

We have a mole, ladies and gentlemen,

right here in our very facility.

[device beeps]

Someone has been sending
S.H.I.E.L.D. messages

right under our noses.

I specialize in finding them.

Bakshi here...
well, he makes them suffer.

Until that happens...
no one leaves.

HYDRA does not tolerate traitors.

Anyone caught in
possession of contraband

will be punished accordingly.

Dr. Jemma Simmons.

This is quite an impressive résumé...

S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, top of your class,

two PHDs in very advanced fields.

It even says here you spent time in
the field as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

- Is that correct?
- Only a short time.

No. You've only been
in HYDRA a short time.

But it seems that you've been
affiliated with S.H.I.E.L.D.

in one capacity or another
for most of your life.

To be fair, aren't most HYDRA agents

ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives?

Who were working from within
S.H.I.E.L.D. long before it fell.

But there's no evidence
you supported HYDRA

while S.H.I.E.L.D. still existed.

In fact, it seems you were an
exemplary S.H.I.E.L.D. agent...

perhaps even still are.


- My loyalties are with HYDRA.
- I'll be the judge of that.

Madam... there's
something you have to see.

Wait. Wait. That's...
That's not mine.

I-I-I've never seen
that before in my life!

I don't even know what that is!
What... I... [grunts]

[light jazz music plays]

Hunter: Still nothing.

- May: Copy that.
- Chef: You ask too much.

My food... it suffers
from this intrusion.

We have been over this.

You and your staff will be
well compensated for your help.

Incoming at 4:00.

Hunter: The tiny girl
in the flower dress?

That's who everyone's
making such a fuss about?

- It's good to see you, Agent Coulson.
- Raina.

I was worried you weren't
going to accept my invitation...

but perhaps I wasn't the only one

looking forward to our next meeting.

- Is she hitting on him?
- Yep. That's what she does.

You implied there was
something urgent to discuss,

so here I am.

Either way, you're gonna
give me what I want.

You've changed, Agent Coulson.

Might just be circumstance,
considering last time,

you had me strapped into
your little memory machine.

I was only trying to help.

You want to help?
Tell me where to find the Obelisk.

I'm afraid it's out of my hands.

That really doesn't work for me.
I've seen what that thing can do.

It's too dangerous to
be out in the real world.

You've only seen the beginning.

Just because something's powerful
doesn't make it dangerous.

In this case, it's more
the death and destruction.

You must believe me, Agent Coulson...

we want the same thing.

Unless it's an end to this conversation,

I'm pretty sure we don't.

You really know how to
make a girl feel special.

Only when I suspect she
has something up her sleeve.

It's in my purse, actually.

Right now, HYDRA's looking
for a spy within their ranks.

I wonder what would
happen to Agent Simmons...

...if this were to fall
into the wrong hands.

Everything will be just fine.

[toilet flushes]

[exhales sharply]

Don't you seem nervous?

Well, maybe it has something to do

with you lurking right
outside of my stall.

Bakshi informed me that you
and Kenneth were lab partners.

We'd worked together on
a couple of assignments, yes.

Well, there are some who believe

that he may not have been acting alone.

Were you colluding with Kenneth?

[scoffs] No.

Did you plant the flex
screen on Kenneth's desk?


You're not a very good liar, are you?

Maybe I should take
a look at your hard drive,

see what I find.

Go right ahead. It's
nothing but HYDRA files.

Oh, it better be.

I want you to keep something
in mind, Agent Simmons...

HYDRA is everywhere.

Carry on.

[breathing deeply]

- I don't like being threatened.
- This isn't a threat.

It's a gesture of goodwill.

I would like nothing more
than to delete that photo.

And in return, what do you want?

From you?

But I will need to take Skye with me.

Excuse me?
What in the hell is this really about?

And why, also in the hell,

do you think I would ever
let that happen?

To prevent every HYDRA employee

from receiving an automated
e-mail with that photo.


You have two minutes, after
which, there's nothing I can do.

Where are you planning to take Skye?

Somewhere she's always wanted to go... meet her dad.

- She's lying.
- Ward said Raina knew him.

This cannot be a coincidence.

So you're what... working
for Skye's father now?

I'm just trying to make the best
out of a difficult situation.

By threatening the life
of one of my agents?

By allowing one to find
out who she really is.

That's what Skye's been
searching for her whole life.

Ask her yourself, Agent Coulson.

She's here, isn't she... listening?

Skye needs to know that her
father loves her very much,

that she was taken from
him against his will,

that he's spent her entire
life searching for her.

No matter how much you've
changed, Agent Coulson,

deep down, you're still a good man.

No good man would intentionally

keep a daughter from her father...

especially when so much is at stake.

You're running out of time.


Give Skye what she's always wanted...

or else Agent Simmons dies.


No deal.

- Stand down, Skye.
- Were you not listening?

If I don't go out there,
Simmons is gonna die.

Coulson has a plan.

He also carves alien
writing into his desk,

so maybe his judgment is
not what it used to be.

I said stand down.

Look, it's not too late.
We can fix this.

No one needs to get hurt.



[rapid beeping]



There she is.
Grab her!

[footsteps screech]
Oh, no.

[breathing heavily]


[bones crack]

[breathing heavily]
What is happening?

Don't worry.
Coulson has a plan.

I can't believe you would
sacrifice one of your own agents.

We all take risks in this business.

- In your case, it just didn't pay off.
- I had no choice.

Tiny violin's playing,
but no one's listening, sweetheart.

- Who's making you do this?

They want the Obelisk,
but you don't have it.

- Skye's father does.
- He won't stop until he gets her.

You're scared of him...
and you don't scare easily.

He's a very dangerous man.

You wouldn't believe the stories.

Well, now we've established

Skye's old man isn't father
of the year, what's next?

Take me in.

- Please.
- Sorry. No vacancies.

Once I walk out that door,
Whitehall will kill me.

It's possible. Or...

maybe you and I will
work together after all.

- What?
- Tag and tail it is, then.

[air hisses]

- You're gonna use me to get to Whitehall.
- He'll be trying to find you.

Whether or not we're there
to save you when he does,

that's your call, depending on
how useful you make yourself.

You can start by telling us
how to find Skye's father.

Simmons: I don't mean
to sound ungrateful,

because I am truly
grateful, but who are you?

Bobbi Morse.

Coulson sent me in to infiltrate
HYDRA and keep an eye on you.

Well, you did a spot-on job, really.

- You were quite intimidating.
- Sorry about that.

I had to assess other security
issues that were in play.

Yeah, like every HYDRA agent

- receiving an e-mail blowing my cover?
- Yeah, that was a curve ball.

I'm afraid there's no way I'm
walking out that front door.

Okay, don't worry.
All we have to do is get to the roof.

There's already an
extraction team there waiting.

Okay, just wait here.
It's all part of the plan.

All right?

We've been compromised.

I need you to abandon your
post and follow protocol 6-8-5.


It's her.


- I told you there was a plan.
- I know.

- I'm sorry, but...
- Okay, go get to the roof. Go.

Where are they?

We're trapped.

Southwest corner!
Repeat, Southwest corner!

Get down!


There's no one there!

[Simmons screaming]
[thud] [grunts]

[engine rumbling]

Welcome back, Agent Simmons.
[breathing heavily]

Trip, it's so good to see you.

[breathes deeply]

You certainly know how to make
a first impression, Agent Morse.

- Please, it's just "Bobbi."
- Forgive me for asking,

but if you were able
to infiltrate HYDRA,

why even bother having me go in?

My cover gave me access
to HYDRA security,

but none of its high-level projects.

Then I'm afraid
I came up empty-handed.

- Not entirely.
- My hard drive.

I took it after our
conversation in the bathroom.

Seemed like it might
provide some useful intel.

Oh. I like you.

Triplett: Cargo's on board,
and we've cleared HYDRA airspace.

Operator: Copy that, SHIELD-218.

- Triplett: Hey, you.
- Morse: Hey. [chuckles]

Courses set. Proceed back to base.
[engines rumbling]

You ask me, Coulson let you off easy.

- I didn't ask.
- Good luck out there, love.

The address Raina gave us
is only a few blocks away.

[scoffs] And I thought she
chose this place for the ambiance.

[device beeps]


Remember what Lumley said about Skye?

"Wherever she goes, death follows"?

Yeah, that was a memorable quote.

Look, we know Skye's father has
been searching for her all this time.

What if he's what
Lumley is so afraid of?

[footsteps approach]

- Probably a trap, isn't it?
- Could be.

I'll need you running surveillance.
May, check the scanners.

Make sure local P.D.
aren't patrolling the area.

[device beeping] And, Skye...

Where's Skye?


Anyone here?

You wanted to meet.
Well, here I am.

Where did you go?

[cartridge clicks]

- So he was here.
- Yeah.

I just wanted a glimpse.

You're having one hell of a day, huh?

[inhales deeply]

We'll find him.
It's okay.


It's okay.

[footsteps approach]

So, is this a
group-hug-type situation?

- You find anything?
- The place has been cleared out...

Must have left in a hurry.
Agent May's checking the back room.

Have you been drinking?

I was working.
Had to maintain my cover.

Your cover as what... Ron Burgundy?

I can see why she frustrates you.

Agent May, any sign of him?

May: No. But there's
something you need to see.

Looks like a small blade,
probably a scalpel.

And this is just pure strength.

- Whoever did this...
- We all know who did this.

Look at what he did.

I can't believe it.

No, no, no...

- He's a...
- Monster.


[tires screech]

Triplett: This is SHIELD-218,
asking permission to land.

Operator: You're cleared
for landing, SHIELD-218.


Welcome home, Agent Simmons.

[breathes deeply]
Director Coulson. [chuckles]

I'm glad to have you back.

I'm just glad to be alive. [chuckles]

If it hadn't have been
for Agent Morse, I...

- Bobbi.
- Bobbi, right.

If it hadn't have been for Bobbi,
I would never have made it out.

Probably be brainwashed, happy
to comply to who knows what.

[whispers] She's amazing.

That's why I've asked
her to join the team.

Go ahead.

Agents Triplett, Morse.

Hi, Fitz.


Is that really you?

[chuckles] Of course it is.
Who else would it be?

[breathes deeply]

How've you been?

[indistinct conversations]
Thank you.

Hey. Long time, no see, Barbara.

Don't start with that again.

[laughs] Hey.
[inhales deeply] Aww.

What you been up to?

Oh, you know, working
undercover at HYDRA,

- acting all uptight and evil.
- Mm-hmm.

You know what I could
really go for right now?

- Three-olive martini. Hold the olives.
- Hold the olives. Yeah.

Hunter: Bobbi?

Hey, Hunter. Nice suit.

"Nice suit"? Really?
That's what you're leading with?

What did you do to your hair?

- Ever heard of undercover?
- I prefer you blonde.

Well, I didn't do it for you.

Two seconds in...
there's already a tone.

Th-this isn't a tone.
This is my speaking voice

when I'm upset with
an unreasonable person.

What's the deal there?

Hunter ever tell you stories
about his she-devil ex-wife?

All the time...

Anyone mind telling me what the
bloody hell she's doing here?

- Bobbi's one of our best agents.
- Oh, that's rich!

Then mind telling me
what I'm doing here?

It's easy... I vouched for you.

- Why the hell would you do that?!
- Play nice.


It's good to have Simmons back.

Which is why you should be down there.

I know you're gonna go after him.

- Skye...
- No, it's okay. I get it.

He's a bad guy.

And right now he has the
Obelisk, which is a bad thing.

You know, I've spent all my life

wondering who he was and why he left.

But after today, I-I
just don't care anymore.

All I care about is that we stop him,

and I just wanted to let you know that

- whatever it takes to do that, I'm in.
- That's good to know.

If we're gonna do this,

you have to be completely
honest with me from now on...

no more secrets, no more

and definitely no more hidden cameras.

Whatever's going on, you
bring me in... no exceptions.

- Okay.
- Okay.

We should probably get started.



So, this is what you've
been doing up here.

- Well, it's what I did yesterday.
- You're kidding.

I don't know how else to explain it,
but it needs to be carved.

Does... does it just
appear in your mind,

- like some sort of vision?
- No. It just...

kind of happens,
which is really frustrating

because no matter how much I carve,

it still means nothing to me.
I don't even have a theory.

I do.

It's a map.

We'll return in a moment.

The lab should be
dismantled within the hour.

- And the rest of the facility?
- Not long after. [elevator bell dings]

I couldn't help but notice
all the moving boxes.

I'm sorry for the interruption.

- This will only take a second.
- Remove him!

Please, lower your voice.

Let's all... Let's all try
and keep our heads about us.

Let's all try and stay calm.



Mm. Sorry.


Let's all try and keep
our heads about us.


I hear you've been looking for this.

The Obelisk.

In its native language,
it's called the Diviner,

one of many little details
I know about this thing.

Can you tell me how to use it?

Better yet, I'll teach
you how to survive it.

And why would you do that?

We share a common enemy...
a guy named Phil Coulson.

I thought maybe together,
you and I could kill him...

...along with, you know, everyone else.