Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Face My Enemy - full transcript

When May gets kidnapped, Hydra sends out an impersonator to lure Coulson into a trap. Fitz tries to find the confidence to join the rest of the team in their social activities.

Previously on Marvel's
"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

You said HYDRA had
a way of convincing people.

You were talking about brainwashing.

- Are you ready to comply, agent 33?
- Happy to comply.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s becoming a problem.

- Do we know who's in charge?
- I'm afraid not.

How about we make a deal?

S.H.I.E.L.D. will keep
dropping off presents like this.

All we ask for in return
is a little breathing room.

Sorry. I'm gonna have
to say no to that deal.

Since Simmons left,
he's only getting worse.

He's grown isolated.

Who you talking to?

- Me.
- What? No one.

You like talking to yourself.
That's cool.

- What do you want, Raina?
- It's what I don't want,

which is the Obelisk
falling into the hands

of people who don't understand it.

I know he's keeping something from me,

and it's not just because he's
the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's been 18 days
since your last episode.

- And I'm tired of fighting it.
- That's why I'm here.

I think something is wrong with him.

Is Coulson okay?

2x04 - "Face My Enemy"

Your grace, thank you for coming.

Our parishioners are
still trying to understand

- this tragedy, and...
- Show it to me.

O-Of course.
This way, please.


It dates back to Spain,
the early 1500s.

It was the only item in our
entire church that was spared.

It's a miracle...
one which might help us rebuild.

Experts will have to
verify it, of course.

Your grace, shouldn't it be enough

simply to believe in the miracle?

Does it have to be proven?

Faith is enough for us,
but the rest of the world...

they'll need something more tangible.

Why? Do you have
some reservation?

There is one more thing.

I should really be getting ready
for the party.

Besides, I thought you said
you wanted time in the ocean.

I've seen it...
fish, waves... whatever.

I found something far more captivating.

The rabbit's in the hutch.
I'm on my way.

I think we'll make it.

Hunter did a good job, uh,

distracting Gabriel
Soto's executive assistant.

Oh, I bet he did.

Tickets cost $25,000?

Each. That's why I'm going
for the five-finger discount.

Mack? You're on.

Copy that.
We're pulling up now.

- Thank you.
- Sir, notice the car?

1962 Rolls...
restored it myself.

I noticed. Still not
letting you work on Lola.

In time, sir.
In time.

This is fun, right?

Isn't this fun?
Look... cufflinks.

I will pay you $500 right now
for a pair of flats.

Good luck, sir.

- Identification, please.
- Of course.

- Charles, you've got mine, right?
- Yes.

I like making him carry my
things... gives him purpose.

Plus, that way I know she
can't take off without me.

Oh, well, you never know when
a better offer might come along.

- Enjoy the party.
- Thank you. Darling?

Good work on the cover, Skye.

- We're in.
- Okay. Remember...

Soto has the painting
in a sublevel storage room

until it comes out later tonight
for the guests.

How heavy is the security?

Still assessing.
Let's assume "very."

Keep in mind we've got
diplomats here, state officials.

These are not friends of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bridget said Soto's sending out
the painting for verification

first thing in the morning.

She, uh, whispered it in my ear,
if you know what I mean.

Yes, everybody on the planet

knows what you mean, Hunter.
Let's focus.

Right, so upshot is tonight's our
one chance to steal this thing.

Director, are you sure
you don't want me there?

I can help you and May
get around any security

- measures Soto has in...
- No, keeping it to two agents

allows us to minimize detection
in a small space.

I hope you don't need me to
explain covert operations again.

- No, sir.
- Good.

This writing was in
Garrett's lab, the Obelisk,

and now a 500-year-old
piece of art. It's important.

Getting that painting
could mean answers for us.

Yes, sir. We will...

- Wait. What was that?
- Aw!

Yeah. That's May.

I-is she okay?
Is everything okay?

Yes. She's laughing.

I think the worst of it's over now.

Excuse me.

- My face hurts.
- Come on.

We got a cover to maintain
and some details to go over.

Going radio silent.
We'll resume contact shortly.

Did they just turn off their comms?

Well, hey, look at that.

You still remember the steps...

My 10:00...
security chief standing watch.

Dance elective
at the academy. Hmm.

Of course,
I dropped it two weeks later.

Dome camera... 3:00.

I count seven uniforms.
Walkie, sidearm, baton.

I just wanted to graduate

so I could get
actual field assignments.

- Ha!
- What?

You weren't exactly thrilled
when we got assigned

that retrieval op in Sausalito...

that coffee shop, our first mission?

That's because the commander
sent us in with no exit plan.

I was in the bay for five hours.

I fished you out...

Come on.

We used to have fun like this
in our youth.

You know you enjoyed it.

Then life happened.

Nostalgia's fine, but I'd rather
deal with reality.

You planning to talk to me
about your hand?

What about it?

You think I didn't see it
tremoring the whole flight out?

Your symptoms are getting worse.

- Did the rest of the team see it?
- No. They're good.

Skye's asking the usual
too many questions,

but they think it's a standard op...

- don't know it's personal.
- Okay.

Phil, if I think this mission
is too much for you,

- I'll pull the plug.
- Yes, fine. I understand.

But that's not
why I turned off the comms.

I know you don't
want to talk about this,

but we need to make a plan
in case I go the way of Garrett.

You're right. I don't
want to talk about this.

- We both know how this could end.
- Phil.

I know it's uncomfortable,
but it's also necessary.

No, Phil. Look.

- Talbot.
- There goes our cover.

Well, hey, there, general.
Fancy meeting you here.

Hey, yourself.
Good to see you.

I'm glad to hear that.
Isn't everything nicer

now that we've put
all our differences behind us?


How many of those have you had?

One too many.
Don't tell.

It'll be our secret,
as long as you keep mine.

Well, that doesn't sound
like a fair trade.

Look, I appreciate you
not blowing my cover... yet.

Let's just say,
hypothetically, you don't.

- This mission will benefit both of us.
- Benefit us hypothetically.

Your division has benefited plenty
from my assistance, actually...

- your career, too.
- Sure.

So, I'm gonna keep moving
forward with my operation.

I hope I don't have to worry
about interference.

I won't interfere...

unless I feel I need to.

Nice work out there.
Do we get to keep the scooter?

Nice work yourself,
though it didn't look like

you were suffering too much.

And I was babysitting an
empty plane. How is this fair?

It's weird...
women just like me, always have.

Never understood it. Must be
a magnetism thing, I guess.

Who can explain it, eh?

If it makes you feel any better,
I don't get it, either.

You hear that?

If I wanted someone to take jabs
at me, I'd still be married.

Mm. Not this story again.
Can we not?

- Oh, no, I think we can.
- I first met her on a spring night.

She was on the pier
facing the outer banks,

the moonlight glinting off her face.

- Mm-hmm.
- She resembled a goddess.

Of course, that was her cruel trick...

Hey guys?

Best timing ever.

Oh, decided to come back online, did we?

- Talbot's here.
- Talbot, Talbot?

- What the hell's he doing there?
- No idea.

All that matters
is our cover's at risk,

so I'm calling an audible.

We're not gonna wait till later
to get the painting.

- We're gonna get it now.
- I'll take point.

Well, I just think it's
so admirable what you're

doing for that poor
church that burned down.

I should be thanking you
for your generous patronage.

You know, Santa Maria de las
Flores was my second home.

- Oh.
- Though I'm really surprised

that you and I have never met before.

I would have remembered you.

Well, I bet letting people see
the miracle painting in person

is bringing out all kinds of
donors that you haven't met before.

But just remember,
I'm here for the cause...

- well, the cause and the company.
- I like to hear that.

She just said more words than
I've heard her say in a year.

I just have to say,
philanthropy is my passion.

- All right, Agent May.
- That's very alarming.

I'm all about giving.

I must get a picture of us together.

Charles, come here.

Honey, can you take a
picture of me and Mr. Soto?

It'll be such a nice memento
of the evening.

Oh, yes, that would be nice.

He's your husband?

We're modern.
Charles, please?

Hang on, Heidi.
Just trying to find the flash.

Honestly, this happens every time.

How hard could it be?

They sell these phones to children.


Excuse me. I should go see
about my other guests.

Oh, no, no, no, please.
Uno momento.

Yes, yes, yes.
One moment, and...

There we go.

- Well, it was just...
- Wasn't it just?

- Hmm?
- Mr. Soto, thank you so much.

Lovely party. Goodbye.
Come on, dear.

- We're blown.
- Why?

No idea. I think
Talbot's still pissed

'cause we kidnapped him that time.

- We need to do this now.
- Oh, yeah.


- I could have handled him.
- I did.

- They're gonna be onto us soon.
- I know. Almost there.

I really like that dress.

Sublevel storage room straight ahead...

- painting's there.
- Great.

This isn't the op we anticipated.

Everything's gonna be
a little more fast and dirty

- than we planned.
- Only makes it more interesting.

The exuberance of youth.

Guys, wait.
You're about to hit...

Laser grids.
Why is it always laser grids?

Guy's not kidding around.

Alright. I got this.

They already know we're here.

Oh, yeah.

There's no painting here.

Could be a mistake.
Another room, maybe?

No, it's not a mistake.
A record of appropriation

just popped up on the church's books.

Don't tell me...
the U.S. Government.

Talbot took possession of the painting
from the church this morning...

"related to an ongoing
government investigation,"

- It says.
- Why is he even on this?

How does he know about that painting?

- We need to...
- We need to go!

Yes, I've got it.

There was one problem, though...
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s here.

Recognize them?


They weren't any trouble.
You want me to come in?

No. I have a new plan.

Over here!

Quadrant 6 clear!
Check quadrant 4!

You take right. I'll take left.

I assume this all makes you happy.

- Why would this make me happy?
- We failed in our mission.

We're outnumbered, trapped,
hoping not to get killed.

Feels like the old days to me.

I guess Talbot took this round.

- I'm not giving up yet.
- No. You always have my back.

Speaking of, when we get out of this,

we're having a real conversation
about a contingency plan.

- You can't avoid it anymore.
- We're clear.

Agent Coulson...
Agent May...

you seem like you're in a hurry.

The caterers ran out of coconut
shrimp... no reason to stay.

You see, I was worried
you left because I got

my hands on the miracle
painting and you didn't.

Come on, Coulson.

It's obvious we were there
for the same thing.

- Now, I've been thinking...
- I'm sure.

I know there's writing
on the back of that painting.

The government wouldn't have
sent me down here if we didn't.

Phil, you're the only one
that can help me figure out

what that writing is.
It's what you do.

- So why don't we help each other?
- Why would I help you?

You came all the way down here.
I got to believe you want

to know what that writing means
just as badly as we do.

Yeah. Why do I have a feeling
there's a catch?

There's no catch.
You'll have to examine it

in a secure military facility
where I can keep an eye on you,

- but that's just... regulation.
- Okay. You got a deal.


Just let me check in with my team.
I need to give them their orders.

You know, they'll get nervous
if I just disappear.

What do you need...
about an hour?

- That ought to do it.
- I'm downtown at the hotel La Ona.

- I'll see you there.
- I look forward to it.

Change of heart...
doesn't add up.

No. He's working us.
I just need to know why.

- I'll handle it.
- May.

Hey, this is the part I do.
It will make up for all the dancing.

- You liked it.
- No, I didn't.

- Little bit?
- Little bit.

Check in as soon as you know something.

- And if something goes wrong...
- I'll handle it.

Don't remember Coulson asking you

- to do extra research on this thing.
- I'm being industrious.

Or are you digging
into a top-secret mission

to find out about the parts
they're not telling us?

I'm a good, helpful soldier.

Well, I happen to appreciate
your instinct to be thorough.

I myself prefer a pint and a good nap,
but, then, I'm the lazy type.

"Lazy" is not the first word
that comes to mind.


I understand.
But truly, it should be "lazy."

I just hide it well.

Think that's what
drove away the ex-wife?

- See, now you're bringing it back up.
- Ha ha, and no.

It didn't work out because
interspecies relationships are hard.

I was a human, whereas
she was a demonic hell-beast.

- He doesn't like her.
- You don't say.

- She's pure evil.
- Hey, at least you got away from your ex.

The guy I had a crush on is now
the psycho living in our basement.

You know, I wish I could relate,
but all my exes are awesome.

Is that right?
I seem to remember an entire year

where you had to pretend
you liked quinoa.

Yeah. That was a dark time.

Fitz, go join them.

They're bonding.
You'll be left out.

What have you done with Talbot?

I'm right here.

So that's Agent May.

I guess the file
wasn't overselling her.

If Coulson sent her,
it would seem he doesn't

- fully trust General Talbot.
- So what now?

We have Dr. Whitehall's
mission to complete.

We need to send in someone
Agent Coulson does trust.


Why do I have a feeling
there's a catch?

Yeah. Why do I have a
feeling there's a catch?

How do I look?

Just get Coulson back here.
I'll take it from that point.

This should help you
neutralize Coulson's team.

May, you all right?

I'm fine.

I checked on Talbot.
The offer seems solid.

But I think he's keeping it
from his superiors,

so we don't have a lot of time.

I'm coming back to get you.
Be ready.

Copy that.
See you when I see you.

Got his location.
Go there.

Do you really think
running away is the answer?

I'm not running away.
I wanted to be alone.

You hate being alone.

- As evidenced by you.
- You're avoiding something.

they're just talking,

And I'm having trouble
with that lately.

You're doing fine talking to me.

Yes, but I think you're ignoring

a rather significant
elephant in the room.

You're not afraid to talk.

You're afraid
you'll have nothing to say.

Just tell them what you're
thinking, how you're feeling.

Yeah, 'cause that's worked out
so well for me in the past.

Besides... do we even
have anything in common

with that lot?
Not anymore.

- Not even a... part of...
- The team?

- Mm-hmm.
- Of course you are.

O-or you could be,
if you'd just engage with them

instead of hiding out here
in the garage.

Yeah, well, it's not
supposed to be a garage.

It's supposed to be our lab, our place.

But they changed it...
didn't even ask me, just did it.

The new lab is beautiful.

- It's bigger. It's got mo...
- Yes, but it's not ours,

and they didn't ask me

because they don't care
what I have to say.

- Fitz...
- Even Ward's more valuable than me.

And he's perfectly able to
speak in complete sentences.

Should have heard the excuses

- he had for what he did to us.
- Listen.

You may be stumbling and
stuttering on the outside, but you

have to let them see who you
really are underneath all that.

- Where's Coulson?
- Upstairs.

I don't know what he was doing there.

- I don't know how he got the...
- May, we're just figuring out

- whether or not we should...
- Good. Coulson.

So, Talbot was being honest?

Surprised the hell
out of me, too... trust me.

It looks like
he wants to work with you.

Wow. Maybe we are
getting through to him.

He only wants to meet with you,

but you know I'm not gonna
let you go out there alone.

Great. Let's move.

Welcome back, Agent May.

I have a few questions for you.

For example, why your sudden
interest in religious artwork?

Everybody has a hobby.

You and your small band
of S.H.I.E.L.D. compatriots...

there can't be many of you left.

Who's running your operation?

- Where are you based?
- Currently?

About five feet from kicking your ass.

I don't much believe
in empty threats, Agent May.

I prefer promises, such as this...

you will tell me what I want to know.

You have no idea what you're starting.


But I serve a man
who has an effective way

of getting the information he wants.

You will meet him soon,
and you will comply.

Until then...

...I'll improvise.

- So, the plan.
- Shouldn't be hard...

talk to Talbot, see what he has to say.

No, not that plan...
the other plan.

Okay, the other plan, yeah.

Look, I don't like having to wait

until we're trapped in a car
to talk about this,

but you haven't left me much choice.

I guess I didn't, no.

I just need to know that
if things get bad with me,

you can do what has to be done.
Can you?

I'm sure I can.

It's not just taking me out, May.

The hard part is what happens after.

S.H.I.E.L.D. will need
leadership, a new director.

I trust you...
just you to do this.

Do you understand?

I understand.

Thank you.
I won't let you down.

Go. Join them.

Fitz... you won't even
talk to me now.

- Because it's embarrassing.
- Oh, Fitz.

Well, that's an odd sound.

The bus is shutting down.
You know what that means.

- We're in trouble.
- We're in trouble.

The cargo-holding ramp
just went up.

The emergency exits are
locking all over the plane.

It's the equalization
stabilizers... they're fried.

The bus thinks we made a
water landing. We're sealed in.

- There's no way out.
- Well, who's doing this?

We're the only ones on the bus.

This is all happening automatically.

- How?
- Uh, I think I know.

we... we've been...

- Sabotaged.
- Yes.

This is based
on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s equ... tech.

It means that the plane is...
the plane will...

- ...that.
- The plane will explode?


Hopefully, this isn't some kind
of trap Talbot's set for us.

- If it is, you've got me here.
- Yeah.

It's been nice working
together again, hasn't it?


Just you and me, like the old days.

- It's been great.
- You know...

All this nostalgic
talk has me thinking...

maybe this will sound weird,
but how about when this is over,

you and I finally go get
that cup of coffee

we were supposed to get
all those years back?

I thought you'd never ask.

Once this is over, I'd like that.

May hates coffee.

See? So it's like a... a small disease.

- Virus.
- A virus, yes, and it's going through...

through the plane's electrical systems.

Yeah, blowing things up.

The stabilizers, monitors.

Yes, and the next one will be the...

- The nav systems just blew.
- There you go.

- Can't take off.
- Wait. Wait.

Stabilizers, monitors,
nav system, comms are next,

- and then next comes...
- the wings. The wings.

Where the fuel is, so then we'll...

I lied.

Working with you, whoever
you are... not that fun.

I won't go down easy.

That makes two of us.

I can't believe I'm the only one
seeing this right now.

- He's got the painting. You good?
- I'm good.

I thought you said you could do this.

Yes, I can...
or, I mean, I know how.

It's... it's not...
um, it's not just words.

It's the...
hands, controlling them.

So I can't use these...
I have to use yours.

B-b-but why does it
have to be me?

Wouldn't one of the other people...

Yeah, because they're
repairing the systems

that have already gone boom
to... to delay the virus,

and you're the only one without, um...

- Any technical skills whatsoever?
- Yes.

Just tell me what to do.

No, I need reinforcements
now. Send them to

my location and have an
extraction team ready.

I know all your moves.
I was S.H.I.E.L.D.

Not all of them.

Okay, this chip needs to go
in this empty space, the...

- All right, this one?
- Yes.

Okay. Uh...

Is that it?
Is the plane fixed now?

No. The wire...
you have to do the wires.

- Uh...
- This one here?

No, no!
Dear god, no.

- The one beside it. The one beside it.
- Uh, uh, to the left?

To the right.
To the right. To the...

I think that's a good thing.

And now the plane is fixed.


Mr. Bakshi, the team
is two minutes out, sir.

Sir, do you copy?

Agent May, surrender,
and you will find satisfaction.

- I get my satisfaction elsewhere.
- The best part about killing you

is that I won't have to be you anymore.

If you were really me... wouldn't talk so much.

We got to go.

- Want some help with that?
- No, thank you.

I need to learn
to do these things by myself.

Guys, drop everything.

No, this is worth a fortune.
I'm not gonna drop it.

Just put it down.

What's all this?

We survived a HYDRA attack,
saved the bus.

I turned out to be a genius
at mechanical engineering.

- Calls for a celebration.
- I like the way you think.

Um, no, actually,
I should probably just, um...

Fitz, this team wouldn't be
here if it weren't for you.

This is big.
Let me buy you a beer, mate.

We haven't gotten
to work together much yet,

but I thought
this was a successful mission.

And if we keep up with this teamwork,

there will be more successful missions

and plenty more beer, plenty more...

Yeah, hey, so, um, I don't have an ex.

But there was this girl that I like,
and I told her how I felt,

but she doesn't feel the
same way as I do, so she left.

Her loss, then, mate.

From what I can see, she's missing out.

To moving on.

Yeah. Moving on.

Still digging?
What are you doing?

- Nothing.
- Yeah. Nothing?


Okay, well, if you need
any help with the nothing,

you just let me know. Okay?

I did what, now?

I know.
It's a lot to process.

I mean, a painting, Coulson,

and you weren't immediately
suspicious it wasn't me?

- To be fair, we're not that close.
- Yeah.

Well, if this is, indeed, as
important as you say it is,

you should probably hand it
over, along with any other

HYDRA assets you happen
to have in your possession.

Sadly, the painting
was destroyed in the fight.

I don't think
it was of much value, anyway.

HYDRA was mistaken about its worth.

And anything else we get,
I'll let you know.

Just to be clear,
this is all about a mask

that this guy put on
and made him look like me?


You know, I spent five long
months in an enemy war camp.

You people make me miss those days.

But, hey, why don't we
keep chatting on this secure

line you've hacked so I can
draw a bead on your location

and we can get some quality face time?

Some people are better in small doses.

Meanwhile, now we know HYDRA
is searching for evidence

of the alien writing.
That's not good.

No, it's not.
And that's not the worst of it.

The analysis of the painting
came back...

it is 500 years old.

But the alien writing
on the back... brand-new.

So that means someone is out there,

- carving right now, someone...
- Someone like me.

- We'll have to find him.
- We will.

So, um, what did she do...
fake me?

How'd you know that she wasn't me?

Little things.

And she wanted to get coffee.

- Ah. Punch her in the face?
- I did.



I know you won't come to me
to make a plan.

That's why I keep coming to you.
This is important.

I won't stop asking.
You know I won't.


- There.
- What is this?

Money, passports, travel tickets.

I don't have to make a plan
because I already made one.

I am not shooting you in the head.

- I will never shoot you in the head.
- May...

If things go South,
I'm getting you out.

I see.
Where? Tuscan villa?

- Cabin in the Australian outback.
- 'Cause I like kangaroos.

Point is, no matter what happens,

I'll take care of you...
that's my plan.

That is, without question,
the sweetest,

most selfless thing anyone
has ever wanted to do for me.

But I need you to forget all that...
and kill me as ordered.

- What?
- You said it yourself...

I'm not getting better.
I don't want to end up like Garrett,

and taking me to some cabin
won't change my brain.

- I'll find a way.
- May...

Nostalgia's fine,
but then life happens.

- It's time to deal with reality.
- Phil...

- please.
- Hard choices are coming.

I need you to make
this one... for me.

We'll return in a moment.


I need to land in Miami
as soon as possible.

Whatever route gets me there.

Yes, I'll hold.

Hello, Raina.
I'm Daniel Whitehall.

You recently took something from me.

Oh, the Obelisk.

I see what this is now.
I can help you...

Raina, I'm not like most of the people

with whom you interact.
I'm not easily confused.

I've been around too long
to lose sight of what's mine.

I generally don't do
my own dirty work anymore.

We should all aspire
to do only that which we enjoy,

don't you agree?

But in your case,
I will make an exception.

48 hours seems fair, doesn't it,
to bring it back to me?

I once operated on a woman
on and off for a full week.

The struggle really
is keeping the patient awake.

Pain at certain levels
has a tendency to cause us

to black out, and that can
be incredibly frustrating.

But I'm confident I can do better now.

I can find you wherever you are.

Bring me the Obelisk.

48 hours.
The clock starts...