Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - The Dirty Half Dozen - full transcript

Gonzales and Coulson must find a way to put their differences aside and work together against HYDRA, even if it means teaming up with someone they don't trust.

Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

We need to find Skye.

HYDRA's new heads... Strucker and List.

They're researching powered people.

We're making a deal... with Ward.

We are working with Director Coulson.

- You're gonna do whatever he says.
- I'm more than happy to comply.

I'll have him taken away from here.

Just let me go with him.

I'll talk to him.
I'll soften the blow.

I see what's happening.

You were gonna dump me
here like yesterday's trash.

- Skye?
- Coulson?

- I need to get you out of here.
- No, no, not yet!

Don't go!
Damn it! I had her.

Deathlok's down.
HYDRA's storming the building.

- Your call, boss.
- Take me to your leader.

2x19 - "The Dirty Half Dozen"

What are...
Were you watching me?

I didn't mean to startle you.
I heard you calling out.

- I was asleep.
- Yes.

And dreaming.
Do you want to tell me about it?

Lincoln said you'd
been having nightmares.

he was actually in this dream,

being held somewhere, being hurt.

It felt... real.

Excuse me.

Where's my wife?!


Didn't expect to see me back
here so soon, did you, my love?

Not after such
a well-planned banishing!

- Where's Lincoln?
- You took me from my home!

- All right, that's enough!
- Cal, this isn't your home.

- I know that now.
- Hey! Lincoln is still out there.

Gordon, can you please?

- What happened?
- There was an attack.

Can we please get back
to what matters here?

You tried to take me
away from our daughter.

It's unacceptable!

Go calm down, Cal.
You and I can discuss this later.

There are worse options.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine. But Coulson was there.

It was HYDRA.

I tried stopping them.
I barely got away.

They took Lincoln.

Robert. It's good to see you.

- Is it?
- Okay.

It's good to see my bus,
but, hey, you look well, too.

Why turn yourself in now, Phil?

Strucker and List have
been running experiments

on enhanced people.
They've set up a base in the Arctic.

I have a man on the inside
who fed us their location.

- I can't trust you.
- Then trust the mission.

Robert, don't let this
be about you and me.

The one thing we still have...
both of us... is stopping HYDRA.

- Don't we?
- What's your proof?

Firsthand... List took Mr. Peterson.

Deathlok, the thing HYDRA created.

Mike Peterson, an ally.
He's been working for me.

- This is not helping your case.
- We have a chance to hit HYDRA... hard.

They're operating on powered people.

- We can shut that down and save lives.
- Perhaps, but I'm gonna ask again...

- why should I trust you?
- Because we all have our secrets.

You have one sitting in
the cargo hold of your ship,

but I'm still willing to work with you.

How do you know that?

Because it's in this box,

which I will open for you
if you trust me.

I don't understand.

- Why was Lincoln there?
- Because of me.

I asked him to go and
protect you, to keep you safe.

It was a mistake. I should
never have let you go at all.

It was the right thing to do.

We have to make sure that
the Cal that we put out

into the world is the same
Cal that I've seen here...

th-the safe and user-friendly Cal.

You were trying to make it easy on him.
You were being compassionate.

- How do we get Lincoln back?
- We don't.

- It's too much of a risk.
- You don... You don't understand.

They will torture him.
They will kill him.

I know exactly what
HYDRA is capable of doing.

I've carried the memory
of what they did for decades.

I'm sorry.

And I wish I could
save Lincoln from that,

but I suspect somehow HYDRA
is tracking Gordon's movements.

Anyone I send will be at risk, too.

And Lincoln wouldn't want me to.
These people are important to him.

He wouldn't want them
to risk their lives.

We can't rescue Lincoln... not now.
I'm sorry.

- What the hell?
- Welcome back.

- Who's there?
- We didn't get to formally meet.

My name's Mike.
I think we got knocked out together.

You're the guy with the parts.

- You know where we are?
- No.

At least they haven't killed us yet.

- But there are bodies out there.
- Oh, great.

You got all that hardware.

Use one of those weapons
and get us out of here.

Because I didn't think of that.

At least your sarcasm still works.

They disabled the arm.
It's dead.

What about that teleporting guy?

- He coming to help us out?
- I hope not.

I think they're tracking him.
He'd put all my people at risk.

My people are just as outmatched.

Only they're stupid enough to try it.

So if we want out of here,
we got to do it ourselves.

I'm Lincoln.

Thank you, doctor.

Well, Strucker's most
pleased with our progress.

And he's very anxious to see
the subjects with his own eyes.

They are an interesting
contrast, these two.

This one, the one they call Deathlok...

his modifications are mechanical,
bestowed by science, by man.

- And the other?
- His oddities are intrinsic,

somehow bestowed upon him by nature.

But knowing the difference

is not the same thing
as re-creating it.

- And to that end, I hope to...
- To isolate the genetic component, yes.

A comparison between the
two could be invaluable.

Dr. Whitehall believed discovery
requires experimentation.

- I do miss him.
- As do I.

But the world moves on,
and we form new allegiances.

I'm very glad to hear that...

especially as we proceed
with the experimentation.

Here we go.

That's your plan?

I take it from your
expression, you're not dazzled.

Why send a small infiltration unit?
Why not a full-on assault?

Blow the base to particles.

I'd rather not sacrifice the prisoners.
Rescue is ideal.

We don't even know how
many people HYDRA's holding.

I'm not sure I'm willing
to put my people at risk.

You don't have to.

I've already got my
own people picked out.

- How you feeling?
- Nauseous.

Mm. You want me to get...

Oh, no, not from getting
shot. That's nothing.

It's those two.

I think they actually...
like each other.

Just, um, just focus on your wound.
It'll be less unsettling.

You want to take the stick?
I could teach you.

Come on.
I think you'd like to fly.

No. No.

If I fly, I'm taking
us to Mykonos or Kauai.

- So, you don't like our plan?
- Grant, SHIELD makes me nervous.

Didn't you already fulfill
your promise to Coulson?

But not my promise to you.

There's still one more
thing I need from him

before this is over.


Green light! Go!

- Agent May.
- Sir.

- Welcome back.
- Nice to be back.

You'll be accompanied
by guards at all times.

Each of whom will shoot
you without hesitation.

- Remember that.
- May's actually pretty friendly...

once you get to know her.


You finally come back, and you
bring Grant Ward onto the base.

- I hope this plan of yours works.
- You and me both.

This video feed was streamed

from Deathlok's eye
less than an hour ago.

What happened?

- It appears HYDRA removed his eye.
- Well, we've got a problem.

Without Deathlok's feed,
we don't have eyes on the ground.

Not true.

I have a man working on
the inside... Sunil Bakshi.

I know Bakshi.
He's a HYDRA agent.

Not anymore.
Now he works for me.

- Says the HYDRA agent.
- My days with HYDRA are over.

Just an independent contractor
trying to make amends.

We remain skeptical.

With good cause, but
I believe using Bakshi

is the only way for us to
successfully infiltrate this base.

The base is in the Arctic circle
with nothing around for miles.

HYDRA will see us coming.

Which is why it's critical
I take in a small team.

And just to be clear, Agent Coulson,

what is your objective here?

We rescue the enhanced prisoners,

then disable the missile-defense system

so that SHIELD jets can fly in safely
to bomb the facility.

You really believe
a small team can do this?

My team can.

Then I suppose we should
put this matter to a vote.

- Agent Morse.
- I'm in.

Agents Weaver and Oliver.

- No. Too risky.
- I agree.

But I'm voting to go ahead with this.

That leaves you with the
deciding vote, Agent May.

I'd like a word in private
with Agent Coulson first.

You look upset.

- Is everything okay?
- I feel sorry for her.

Yeah, well, should've seen her
back on the plane with Ward.

Seems the two of them are
in love with each other.

- Whatever that is, it's not love.
- No. Of course not.

Hey, thank you for packing
the sandwich before I left.

- It was really delicious.
- Oh. You're quite welcome.

But I just don't understand

why Coulson would
take Ward on a mission.

- It's simply too dangerous!
- Yeah. For Ward, maybe.

I attacked him back on the Quinjet.

Hunter had to pull me off him, so...

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah. Lucky for him.

You know, what I should've done
is tossed him from the plane.

Yeah, that would've been fitting,

but perhaps there's a better way still.

Splinter bombs.

Simply find Ward alone,
stick one of these on,

and poof... no more Ward.

Yeah, that probably would be
quite a fitting way for, um...


You're serious.

Ward is a threat to every
agent working in SHIELD.

Isn't it our responsibility to at
least arm ourselves against him?

What the hell are you thinking?

I could ask you the same thing.
Since when did you become

a high-ranking member of Team Gonzales?

Someone had to run the
base while you were gone.

Having a seat allowed
me to keep you safe.

- I was fine on my own.
- Seems that's how you operate best.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

That you've been lying to me
ever since SHIELD fell.

All those overseas
trips you were taking,

they were never about
recruiting new agents, were they?

You want to tell me
what Theta Protocol is?

- No.
- Because you don't trust me.

Because you're not the
Director of SHIELD.

Neither are you!

Not anymore.

We've always had our secrets, May.

You had a secret line
to Fury behind my back.

is personal.

- This is about Andrew.
- He's my ex-husband.

And you were working
with him... behind my back!

I went to him for counseling.

He was the only
therapist I could talk to

about my alien-writing impulses.

- You should've told me.
- You're right.

I should have, and I will
apologize to you later, at length.

But right now, List has Mike Peterson

and who knows how many
other enhanced prisoners.

Now can we put this behind
us and go rescue them?


What part of "no" didn't you understand?

The part where you
won't take me to Lincoln.

I told you, no one enters
or leaves Afterlife

- until we know it's safe.
- It'll be too late by then.

SHIELD may be wrong
about a lot of things,

but they never leave a man behind.

- I'm sorry...
- Don't give up hope just yet.

Skye can save Lincoln.
I saw her do it.

- Wh... You've seen it?
- We think Raina's gift

may allow her to see
things before they happen.

I thought her gift was
spinning really fast

- to collect gold rings.
- Tell me what you saw.

Maybe she's right.
What I saw doesn't make much sense.

Why would Coulson be working with Ward?

C-Coulson and Ward were
together back at Cal's office,

- but I didn't... tell anyone.
- You have to go.

- You do go.
- Go where?

Lincoln's in a dark
room with two doctors.

They're cutting into him.
You find him.

- You're the only one who can save him.
- You have to take me.

I promised Jiaying
I wouldn't use my gift.

You need permission to save a friend?

Last time I went back for Lincoln,
HYDRA almost captured me.

How will this be any different?

Because where you take Skye
is a long way from HYDRA.

- You're taking this too far.
- It's the only way we can move forward.

I'll go help my team while you stay
here and reconnect with your past.

That made sense when it
was just calling my mom.

This is something else entirely.

Listen, you're a SHIELD agent, Kara.

I was a SHIELD agent...
a long time ago...

before HYDRA took me...
before I met you.

Being a SHIELD agent
was taken from you.

This is your chance to get
that part of yourself back.

And I'll keep saying
it until you believe me.

All you have to do is stay strong.

If you didn't want me to go,

then why did you vote to allow it?

Because Coulson's only
using his own people.

Figured it was worth the risk.

Those are SHIELD agents
going on that mission, Robert.

I'm aware of that, Agent Morse.

We're fighting a war with an
enemy that is without honor.

Sometimes, we make sacrifices
for the greater good.

Excuse me, sir,
but I'd like to join the mission.

I appreciate the offer, Agent Simmons,
but this is a specialized team.

Agent May is there for tactical support,

Fitz to disable the defense systems...

And who's there to look
after Mike's injuries? Ward?

HYDRA's already removed Mike's eye.
God knows what else they've done to him.

He'll need a doctor, and preferably one

already familiar with
Deathlok's anatomical structure.

- You sure about this?
- Absolutely.

- This is something I have to do.
- Suit up.

- What was that?
- On your knees, now!

- May, it wasn't me.
- Then what the hell was it?

- Skye.
- Hey, guys.

This is great.
We finally got the team back together.

How are they all?
Are you making friends?

How did you get the
intel about the base?

- Can you control your powers, or... ?
- Yes.

Yes, I-I promise I will
tell you guys everything.

It's a lot. You might not
believe me, but just not now.

Well, we're just happy to see you,
and you're being so secretive.

No, I'm happy to see you, too, but...

Yeah, we've got a mission
to do, not much time,

- blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
- No, Ward is here.

I don't want to talk
about anything personal

- in case he's just...
- Did I hear my name?

- He's like candyman.
- We should review the op.

- Ward...
- Mhm?

... can't believe I'm saying this...

- ... bring us up to speed on Bakshi's intel.
- All right.

Bakshi's using old HYDRA text channels

to provide us with intel, although m...

much of it is, uh...

All right. Can we just address
the elephant on the plane?

I know. This is weird.

- Mistakes were made.
- By you.

- And people got hurt.
- By you.

And I could stand here and
explain again how my parents

- and brother left me vulnerable...
- We all had our traumas, Ward.

Didn't turn any of us into psychopaths.

Well, we all have our own
ways of coping, don't we?

- For example, I was yours.
- Watch it, Ward!

Look, I'm just saying
we all made mistakes.

Coulson handed me over to
my abuser... thank you.

- Skye shot me...
- After you killed how many people?

Yeah, and we were a team and
a family, and you betrayed us!

I know.
It's what I regret the most.

Not the lying, the SHIELD
agents I had to put down,

and... I'm sorry...
not even dropping you two in the ocean.

It's this.

My actions destroyed this.

I'll regret that forever.

'Cause there were good times.
Right? Before?

I mean, for a while there,
we were a good team.

Weren't we?

- I'm still happy I shot you.
- Yeah, me too.

Should've aimed for the face.

- Yeah.
- Guys... I know this is so weird,

but we have to come back
to the mission. Two teams.

Skye, Ward, and Simmons
on rescue and medical.

Fitz and I will break in to
missile defense and gather intel.

- May's with us for firepower.
- Wait. You're not on rescue?

Let me handle the job assignments.

The point is, there's
a lot of challenges ahead.

We don't want to implode
before we even get there.

And, Ward, just...
no more talking... to people.

You've been pacing, haven't you?

- Why would you assume...
- Come with me.

I shouldn't have come back so hot.
I didn't count to 10.

I... I am better.
I promise. I'm sorry.

It wasn't right to send you away,
certainly not without telling you.

- Probably not at all.
- I understand.

Actually, you know, I don't.

I-I don't understand.
Why did you send me away?

Everything is so dangerous right now.

- I felt I had to. I...
- You had that thing you've got...

butterflies in the stomach,
except in the heart.

- You were stressed.
- Why don't you stay for now?

We can let everything calm down,
and then we can figure it out.

Thank you, thank you.

You know, I-I was pacing a little.

- I don't want to lie.
- It's okay.

It really will be the three of
us together, just like we wanted.

There are always threats.

- What can you tell me about her?
- Raina?

She's manipulative,
dangerous, deceitful.

We had good times.
You need to watch her.

What are you doing?

Not everyone is gonna be able to
see the mission in real-time...

in Coulson's...
in the office.

So I figure the rest could watch here.

- If you don't want my help...
- No, no, no. It's...

It's cool. Thanks.

I'm sorry, man.

For everything.
I did what I thought was right.

I still do, but I... I never
meant for you to get hurt.

I get it. It's the line of work.
You had a tough call to make.

I maybe wish you'd
chained me up somewhere

- not in a men's restroom, but...
- I swear I looked for any other place...

The point is, Mack... I forgive you.


Look, I promise you,

when everything settles
down around here,

next round of drinks is on me.

- A round of drinks? Really?
- Mhm.

You choked me out and kidnapped me.

A round of drinks is the first thing

in a long, long, long list
of things you're gonna do for me.

- Okay... All right.
- All right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Whatever it takes.

- You talk to Bobbi yet?
- No, not yet.

It's funny.
Don't mind blood, but needles?

- Not a fan.
- I'm trying not to look at any of it,

but this isn't really
about tests, right?

This is you guys keeping an
eye on me where I can't leave.

Better than a cell, I guess.

Plus, we want to make sure they
didn't mess with you physically.

- Just...
- Messed with my head. I know.

How much do you remember?
From before?

Pieces, missing some details.

You know, you and I
actually met a few times.

So I'm here for you.

If you start remembering, come to me.
I'll help you out.

Thank you.

You're the first one here
to speak to me like a person.

What Whitehall did to you...
it's unthinkable.


But at least one good
thing came out of it.

I met Grant.

No, just wait.
He'll get Bakshi to help.

You'll see the Grant I do.

I doubt they'll survive.

That's a crushing
disappointment, really.

No one has made it past
this stage of our experiments

with alien enhancement.

Well, no one other than
the twins, of course.

And Strucker has them in Segovia.

Oh, it would be so nice if they
were not our only viable subjects.

Well, perhaps he will prove the answer.

- He's due in surgery about now.
- Dr. List.

A cloaked plane is on approach.

But how can you see it?

It's the barren location.
We see a blip, even a cloaked one.

It must be SHIELD.

- Shoot them out of the sky.
- Yes, sir.

We've been spotted. It's time.

I've got visuals on the target.
Buckle in.

They've locked on.

Satellite confirms that
SHIELD 616 has been hit.

Any contact from Coulson's team?

I'm afraid not.

Sit tight.
This was always the plan.

I'm starting to think this
wasn't a very good plan!

Is there anything you
can do about the drop?!

Not if we want HYDRA
to believe we're debris!

I'm really starting to wish I
hadn't eaten that hot pocket earlier.

Hold on!

SHIELD 218 has eased its decent

and is making preparations to land.

That was the easy part.


- I was being followed.
- Calm your mind, Bakshi.

Your compliance will be rewarded.

It's good to see you again, Sir.
Where's Kara?

Exactly where she needs to be.

- Is List still here?
- Yes, sir.

In the lab, along with
the other prisoners.

- And the mainframe room?
- Down the hall, to the left.

Everyone clear on
their team's objective?

If it's agreeable, I'd prefer
to join Agent Ward's team.

- Is that gonna be a problem?
- Hardly.

Remember, just 15 minutes
till Gonzales' jets arrive.


Be careful, Jemma.

- Dr.List!
- Get me out of here!

- Just like old times, huh?
- Not exactly.

So that's what happened in Puerto Rico.

The least you can do is thank me.

How about I just
don't try to kill you again?

- It's not as bad as it looks.
- Really?

- No. It's pretty bad.
- There's another guy in here.

- He had electrical powers.
- Lincoln?

- Yeah.
- They moved him just before you showed.

You need to hurry.
The guy's in pretty bad shape.

We're coming in.

You're up.

Don't just stand there like an idiot.

Go and find something
we can carry him out on.

Surprised you'd sign up for
any mission with Ward involved.

I saw an opportunity to do
the right thing, so I took it.

Lincoln, wake up.

Oh, my god.

Raina was right.

Sir, watch out!

We're on the same team.

- What were you thinking?
- That I made you a promise.

What? That you would kill me?

- I thought we moved past that.
- Go on.

Get it over with, you monster.

You really have changed, Simmons.

I'm disappointed in you.

- Okay, missile defenses are almost down.
- Good. Where's Coulson?

SHIELD jets are five
minutes from the target.

Have them await my command.

- Any word from Coulson's team?
- Not yet.

Get out of there, Phil.

- Hey, need to move.
- Just one minute.

Come on, Phil, this wasn't the plan.

Or was it?

Either come with me now, or you're next.

Okay. After you.

- Is he okay?
- Where are Ward and Bakshi?

They're not coming with us.

Okay. Come on.
We don't have much time.

This is SHIELD 218.

We have the prisoners and
are leaving HYDRA airspace.


Well done, Coulson.

Agent Weaver,
have our jets fire when ready.

Be careful!


Sounds like you made it out okay.

I'm surprised you didn't join us.

I thought it might
be in my best interest

to find an exit that wouldn't, oh,
land me in a cell afterwards.

Or, you know, my brain erased.

Well, I'm glad you
made it out all right.

Yeah, we both know
that's not true, Coulson.

You want to tell me what
this call's really about?

I always knew the team
wasn't gonna forgive me.

Some people just don't
deserve forgiveness.

But Kara?
She does.

That's why I've returned her to SHIELD.

- Ward, there's...
- She was a good agent...

a good person.
Then HYDRA ambushed her safe house

and took that from her...
took everything.

Whitehall broke her,
and I've tried to fix her, but...

... I'm just not the right man for it.

Just not enough good left inside me.

- She deserves better.
- I'll see what I can do.

I know you'll do the right thing.

HYDRA didn't just disconnect your leg.

- It's, like...
- They dismantled it.

It'll take serious
man-hours to reattach it.

I wish I had the
equipment to fix it here.

- Just tell me someone does.
- There's a facility.

We've already gotten in touch,

so they'll be ready
for you straightaway.

- How'd you guys find us, anyway?
- Bakshi, if you can believe it.

Ward got him to lead us right in.

Yeah? I didn't see Bakshi.
What happened to him?

He didn't make it.

Come on, Lincoln.
Wake up.

Sir, the attack
team's on their way back.

They report the entire HYDRA
base has been destroyed.

- Good.
- There was no sign of this Dr. List.

He may have escaped.

Are you... Are you okay?

She's still dangerous.

- We're all dangerous.
- But it's okay.

She's in our custody,
and we got what we wanted.

- What we wanted?
- Enhanced people here on the base.

That's why you were willing to
go along with Coulson's plan.

You wanted the enhanced
people he'd rescue.

I didn't expect Skye,
but we have her and one of her friends.

Maybe we can learn
how many are out there.

- You're gonna hold Skye here?
- Of course I am.

- I think that we need to discuss this.
- Discuss what?

- What are we discussing now?
- Time to honor our agreement.

Here you go.
Unlocked and all yours.

Go nuts. At least until Fury
shows up and asks for it back.

Oh. Spoiler alert.

Hey. I have to take this.

Hi. Can you hang on a second?

I bet Gonzales wasn't happy

when you said he wasn't
invited to this chat.

Yeah, well, I wasn't too happy

when he blew a hole in
my base and kicked me out.

We all live with disappointment,

and right now, we have bigger problems.

Does that mean you found it?

I figured you'd visit me again.

I spoke to Gordon.
I think we should discuss your visions.

Specifically, I'd like to discuss

how you used them to convince Skye
to run off and rescue Lincoln.

I didn't convince Skye.

I just told her what was gonna happen.

It was dangerous and it was foolish,
and it won't happen again.

From now on, any decisions
based on your gift

- will be made by me.
- It's funny.

I was just thinking, who decided

you should have final say in
all the decions around here?

- Raina...
- I'm just saying,

maybe the time has come
for someone else to...

I'm guessing HYDRA doesn't know

Loki's scepter was the
weapon that killed me,

but I bet they know
it can control minds.

In their hands, that's catastrophic.

Coulson, please tell
me you know where it is.

Segovia. I'm pretty sure List
is headed there right now.

Raina, talk to me.

I see...
a scepter.


It isn't finished yet.
So much destruction.

I've just sent you everything
I found on Strucker's location.

Coulson, why didn't
you just tell Gonzales

why you really wanted to
get onto the HYDRA base?

Believe it or not,
he puts every decision to a vote.

I know.

And I was pretty sure
if I'd been honest,

I'd have lost the swing vote,
so I did what I had to do.

Last thing.

Theta Protocol... is it ready?

Yes, it is.
Time to bring in the Avengers.

It's terrible.

- Jiaying, it was...
- What? What was it?

Consequences are upon us.

Men made of metal will
tear our cities apart.

And the world will be changed forever.