Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Love in the Time of Hydra - full transcript

The team are bewildered by a recent shocking revelation as they face a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Mack declare their loyalty to Hunter; and Ward and Agent 33 take care of a private matter.

Skye: I need to control this or stop it.
Otherwise, I don't know what happens to me.
Andrew: You weren't stopping your powers, skye.
You were... Directing them inward.
I'm recommending skye leave s.H.I.E.L.D. Altogether.
No, I know you're keeping something from me.
Mack: Bobbi and I work for an organization
That came out of the wreckage from what fury left.
Who the hell are you working for?
The real s.H.I.E.L.D.
She was wearing a nanomask, disguised as may,
But may electrocuted her right in the face.
Never turn your back on the enemy.
Whitehall's dead. So you're free.
I don't know what to do. I can get us out of here.
Then we'll figure it all out.
[ country music plays ]
Rhonda: You like fried chicken?
Ours is the best in the county.
Woman: Oh, I-I'm not sure.
I -- I guess I need another minute.
Of course. And what about you, handsome?
Think I'll try the pumpkin pancakes.
How about I grab you some pecan syrup
While your friend makes up her mind?
Hmm. Pumpkin pancakes. For dinner?
Did you not hear what she said about the pecan syrup?
Well, you are just full of surprises.
Hey, I tried being the meat-and-potatoes guy.
Well, I didn't know that guy, but...
The guy sitting across from me isn't so bad.
Says the girl who saved my ass back in puerto rico,
Nursed me back to health...
Well, what else was I going to do?
After whitehall was killed, I was...
Then I guess we're both lucky you found me.
[ indistinct conversations ]
[ laughter ]
Looks like we're a go.
I was really looking forward to those pancakes.
All right! Everybody on the ground now!
[ all screaming ]
Do as she says, and nobody gets hurt.
Don't worry, rhonda. Everything's gonna be just fine.
Even left you a tip. [ gasps ]
Please, just take it. There's over $200 in there.
Put that away. You're coming with us.
You're gonna fix my face.
Well, the bruising has started to fade,
Though I'm afraid these stress fractures
Will require a bit more time to heal.
Tried to go zen to keep my powers in check
Only to find myself -- aah -- back on the d.L.
The "down low"?
The "disabled list." oh.
Oh, yeah. That makes more sense.
[ clicking ] yeah, and now I'm all...
You know, it could just be
Growing pains -- from the new powers.
You don't have to put a positive spin on this.
I'm not doing that. I would never patronize the --
Well, the --
Things change. That's what I'm saying.
So maybe if you can learn to control this, then...
You could have avengers-level powers,
Something like captain america, even.
I think it best we keep in mind
The unstable nature of skye's power.
If there is an avenger equivalent,
Right now I'm afraid it's the hulk.
Well, hulk saved the world, last I checked.
But given the choice, I believe bruce banner
Would not hesitate to cure himself once and for all.
Well, then, I guess we should be thankful
That nobody's given him the choice.
Oh, fitz --
Don't "oh, fitz" me. I'm be--
[ rumbling ]
I'm sorry, skye.
This really isn't about you.
I'm pretty sure it is.
I'll go back to the cage.
Andrew's recommending skye be removed from s.H.I.E.L.D.,
Effective immediately.
I agree with his recommendation.
[ breathes deeply ]
I've got to admit...
I'm surprised to hear you say that.
I can agree with my ex.
Skye's too dangerous to be out there right now.
You just brought her into the field.
I had no other choice. You were in danger. I made a call.
Were something neither of us saw coming.
What won't we see next time?
Which is why you need to remove skye from the equation.
I know it's difficult, phil.
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s always wrestled
With how to handle people who are enhanced.
And add skye's alien dna to the mix,
It's a whole new category we have to deal with.
This isn't about categories on the index, may.
We're talking about skye.
And as her s.O., I am telling you,
I have no idea how to handle her.
You'll find a way. You always do.
Not always.
This isn't bahrain. Okay?
We know who we're dealing with here.
Don't fool yourself. Skye's changed.
Maybe not on the surface, but inside.
She doesn't know herself anymore.
[ beep ]
[ electricity crackles ]
[ hissing ]
I want you to blink twice for me.
[ clicking ]
Did the facial-scan diagnostic appear?
For two seconds, and the change should take effect.
Hmm. That reminds me of my berkeley days.
Well, the effect would be far more convincing
If you were to replicate the face of another woman.
And don't forget -- I stabilized your vocal processor.
Admittedly, it's not quite as precise as my original nanomask.
But regardless, I think you're going to find it
Extremely useful for any on-the-go s.H.I.E.L.D. --
...Or hydra operations.
I see you figured out how to reset the mask.
Just remember the program's memory
Can only store up to three facial scans at a time.
And you're sure there's no way to remove the mask?
There's nothing I can do.
But if you want your old face, just turn the machine off --
No! You've seen what's underneath.
Please, I know this is difficult.
But look at the bright side -- now you can be anyone you want.
[ exhales sharply ]
Maybe you can find an old photo from before the accident.
Use that for the facial scan.
Let the mask do the rest.
Not sure where I'd find one.
To be honest, I haven't even seen her face.
Oh. I see.
Well, then I guess it's fair to say
We all hide our true selves, don't we?
Or we just...Wait for the right time to reveal the truth.
So this is what all the fuss is about -- another s.H.I.E.L.D.?
Lower your voice. It'll all get worked out momentarily.
Lower my voice? You must be joking.
So, where now? To see the wizard?
Eh, something like that.
[ sighs ] priceless.
I guess one boss wasn't enough for you and bobbi.
Seems the road trip hasn't dampened your friend's spirits.
Gonzalez. It's good to see you, sir.
It's been too long, mack. Yeah.
It's good to have you back on board.
You must be lance hunter.
And you must be crazy.
I assure you, none of us wanted this.
I think I preferred you acting alone
Instead of taking orders from the clown academy.
This is not about blindly following orders, mr. Hunter.
This is about leaders being held accountable.
To the men and women they serve,
As well as those that govern alongside them.
Thanks for the democracy lesson, lady thomas jefferson.
But if it's all the same, spare me the sales pitch.
That's great.
We should throw him in the brig.
Let's not be hasty, tomás.
We at least owe him an explanation.
We founded s.H.I.E.L.D. -- The real s.H.I.E.L.D. --
On the belief that leadership should operate
With transparency and not from the shadows.
Nick fury simply kept too many secrets.
Got it.
Just one little detail that you seem to have overlooked
In your otherwise spot-on assessment.
Guy with the eye patch and the secrets, nick fury -- he's dead.
Fury is dead, but coulson's alive and well.
Thanks to one of those secrets.
And it seems that instead of learning from those mistakes,
Coulson's heading down the same path.
All right. So that's what this is about.
You guys don't want coulson in charge.
I'll be the first to admit the guy's not perfect.
Sometimes chews with his mouth open,
Tends to hog the mike on karaoke nights.
But other than that, he's not so bad, really.
Well, I'm afraid we don't share that opinion.
This is rubbish.
Maybe you've drunk the conspiracy kool-aid,
Bobbi would ever bow down to any of this.
Perhaps we could have discussed this alone...
Without all of hufflepuff looking on.
Okay, then. [ sighs ]
Indoctrinate away.
It may come as a surprise to you,
But I was very close to isabelle hartley.
You see, she saved my life in this very facility.
Hydra had me dead to rights.
You're not the first person izzy helped out of a pinch.
But I may have been the last.
By all accounts, isabelle's death
Could have been avoided
If agent coulson hadn't been so relentless
In his pursuit of alien tech.
Added to that, the tragedy in puerto rico --
The death of agent triplett,
The transformation of the young woman, raina.
Even agent skye seems to have been affected.
And all because of coulson's search for a city
That his own alien writing drove him to find.
Yeah, he's put all that scribbling behind him.
Oh. Should we all just get up and go home now?
This is not a decision that we arrived at lightly.
I know coulson. He was a good agent.
At least, he was before fury injected him with alien dna.
Ever since, his behavior's grown increasingly more troubling.
Can you honestly tell me
That you don't share any of these concerns?
[ sighs ]
I won't deny you have a few good points.
But why not just take it up with the man himself?
We wanted all the facts first.
Which is what bobbi and I have been doing -- gathering intel.
Bobbi, you're an awfully quiet member of this coup d'etat.
What's your take?
I believe they're right.
Coulson has been compromised.
[ beeping ]
[ knock on door ]
Come in.
It's all there?
Yes, sir.
Is there something else?
It's just...
Possible repercussions.
We've been over this, agent simmons,
And I'm aware of the consequences,
But this is my decision to make.
Yes, sir.
[ buzzing ] ah.
Ankle bone's always the toughest.
Maybe a game of nerves isn't the best idea for me.
You and I need to take a ride.
But why am I suddenly feeling like old yeller right now?
Kind of surprised you know the reference.
I've had a lot of downtime lately.
That and fitz really wants a dog.
Guess he readjusted his expectations.
You can't tell me where we're going, can you?
You're gonna want to pack a bag.
[ clicking ]
Everything all right?
Uh, yeah, I'm just deciding on what to wear.
Why don't you let me take care of that?
Where you going?
Pick up another surprise for you.
But wait. We just finished with the doctor.
It was important he not talk.
Now it's time for the next phase.
I appreciate what you're doing, really.
But you have to stop.
I'm too, um... I-it's just...
[ breathing heavily ]
I have nothing to give to you in return.
That's not why I'm doing this.
Just be patient.
I'll be back in a couple of hours.
[ door opens ]
I'm sorry about everything that's happening, skye.
Not your fault. The blame begins and ends with my dad.
Well, you wouldn't be the first person
To have parents with misguided intentions.
Nope, just the first whose crazy dad
Lured her to an alien city to get earthquake powers.
I got us a little something for the trip.
Thing I remember most about my dad is he was a car guy.
Always working on this junker he insisted I help him fix.
While my friends were outside, playing ball, having fun,
There I was, stuck at home with him, fixing that damn car.
Wasn't till we finished that it hit me.
That car was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
And all the time we'd spent together working on it
Gave me an appreciation I never would have had otherwise.
Hold on.
Was that car a red 1962 corvette?
Well, he'd be very proud.
Your red corvette flies. How cool is that?
It's pretty cool.
But I think the thing he'd like most about it --
At her core, she's still just a red '62 corvette.
Just to be clear, I-I'm the corvette in this story.
Now you want to tell me where we're going?
We're almost there.
Agent 33: Have a seat. I'll be right in.
What have you done?
When you left, it got me thinking...
What do I have to offer that you would even want?
Wait. Wait. What are you doing?
I'm giving you what you want.
You're wrong.
We both know that's not true.
You took skye off that s.H.I.E.L.D. Plane for a reason.
I made her a promise.
You don't have to pretend.
I saw the way you looked at her.
And you also picked me up from the floor after she shot me.
Whatever I may have thought there was between me and skye,
She made it pretty clear the feeling wasn't mutual.
I'm not insane.
Uh, I'm...Sorry.
Please, you have to forgive me.
This is so stupid.
It's okay.
[ sighs ]
I -- I ju--
I thought that if... I looked like her, then maybe...
Maybe there's a chance we could be together.
Well, maybe we could.
But not as skye or may.
No. It has to be with you.
There is no me.
Whoever I was before is destroyed!
[ panting ]
Whitehall wiped her all away.
How's your cover with coulson?
We're giving him updates once a day,
Painting in broad strokes.
Heartbroken ex-husband, finding comfort in a bottle,
That kind of thing.
It's time for you to get back, then.
Play it as ships passing in the night.
Roger that.
What's your take on hunter?
He's not really the type to show his cards,
Especially in front of an audience.
Would you tell me if he was?
What are you implying, robert?
I know that you and hunter have been reconnecting lately.
Maybe that's taken your focus off the big picture.
You really want to play that angle,
After the hell you and I have been through here together?
I need to make sure that you're all-in, barbara.
I'm all-in. Good.
Then you'll understand why we're keeping hunter on the base
Till the coulson situation has been resolved.
My family did a number on me --
Stripped me down, left me...Hollow.
So, when someone finally did come along
And offer to build me back up, I didn't resist...
Even though what he really did was make me a killer.
But you seem so well-adjusted.
It was a long road.
Took getting locked up to give me some perspective.
But then I paid my family a visit.
They were surprised to see me, but I think that eventually,
We were able to...Dig in, really...Express our feelings.
That's it?
I haven't looked back since.
You are the only one who can find yourself.
But maybe...
...This will help.
What is it?
Agent 33: Sunil bakshi?
He's in air force custody under a guy named talbot.
I was thinking you and I should drop by and say hello.
Bakshi was the one who dragged me from my safe house,
Prepped me for whitehall.
Which is why you need a face-to-face --
To get all this out.
Let him know how you really feel.
I...I-I -- I'm sorry. I just -- I can't --
No. Hey. It's okay.
We'll do this together.
I'll be there every step of the way.
But how?
You said he's in air force custody.
Got that all worked out.
Are gonna need this.
I could have swore it was in here somewhere.
Unless maybe I put it in my other purse.
Is everything okay, mrs. Talbot?
Well, obviously not.
I can't find my I.D. Anywhere.
It's not that, ma'am. It sounds like you have a cold.
[ sighs ] can't seem to shake the damn thing.
Probably got it from my son, the little germ factory.
[ chuckles ]
How about I just call the general,
Get this all straightened out?
The thing about a riding mower
Is it gives you a superior cut,
Lets you control the terrain.
That's very informative, sir.
You got two hands, four wheels...One saddle.
That's really what it's all about, lieutenant.
[ telephone rings ]
General talbot's office.
I see. It's security.
Your wife left her I.D. At home again.
It's a little early for taco Tuesday, isn't it?
All right. Send her up.
Yes, ma'am.
Sorry about the wait, mrs. Talbot. You're all set.
I hope you feel better.
Thank you.
Coulson: It's one of fury's old retreats.
Haven't been in here in years.
Fury's not the kind of guy who has a cabin just to relax.
What is this place?
It's a safe house for people with powers.
Rogers even spent a few weeks here after he defrosted.
Okay, but who's it supposed to keep safe --
The people with powers or everyone else?
Skye, I'm afraid I have to pull you from active duty.
I just didn't think that you'd lock me up
Like a werewolf during full moon.
You're not alone here.
Feels pretty isolated to me.
And may will keep dropping by every couple of days.
What am I supposed to do? Go fishing?
Probably not a good idea.
There's a laser fence around the perimeter.
You can't get to the lake.
Look, this is a safe place. You can relax here.
You can use this time to get a handle on your abilities.
Yeah, 'cause that's worked great so far.
Well, maybe it's time we give you a hand with that.
Simmons has been working around the clock on these.
She assures me they'll cut your recovery time in half.
Skye: Is that an "on" switch?
The internal wiring emits a surge of electricity
To inhibit your powers.
So these take my powers away?
More like decrease their magnitude
To keep you from hurting yourself.
Like I said, we want you to heal.
Seems like a no-brainer.
It's a personal call.
What do you mean? Are there side effects?
A few.
Simmons can go over them with you later.
Are these gloves really my best option?
I can't answer that question for you, skye.
Stop being this s.H.I.E.L.D. Guy for just one second, okay?
Please. We've been through way too much together.
I just need you to be my friend right now.
What would you do if you were me?
I don't know.
These are uncharted waters,
But if anybody can find a way through them, it's you.
'cause I'm the red corvette.
Because you're one of the few people I know I can trust.
Do something to your hair, major? Looks good.
[ beep ]
What the hell?
Feed go out?
Yeah, and I can't figure out why. Any ideas?
Might know a little something.
[ cellphone rings ]
Hey, honey. Get lost on the way to my office?
No, I'm not lost. I'm just stuck in some traffic.
Wait, you're telling me you're still in the car?
I swear, this construction on 5th has been going on forever.
But I just s--
[ beep ] she's not really here.
Excuse me, sir? I need you to lock down
The base for me right now, lieutenant.
And if you see me someplace I'm not supposed to be,
I'm not there.
It's that damn mask again.
Get to the sat room. Make contact with phil coulson.
Tell him the nanomask is in play.
No one comes in here without my permission.
No one.
Is that everybody?
All female personnel are accounted for, sir.
At ease. We have a situation.
There is a mole on our base.
This mole infiltrated security by posing as my wife
And could be anyone in this room right now.
Make no mistake --
This is an enemy combatant, one not to be taken lightly.
But rest assured, I will find this perpetrator.
Because if there is one thing that I cannot stand,
It is a spy in my house.
May: Mack.
You want to tell me what's going on?
Excuse me?
You've been off-campus several days babysitting hunter.
Yet here you are.
What? Oh, and still no hunter, yeah.
I spent the last 48 hours in athens, georgia,
Keeping the guy out of bar fights.
I mean, the guy's in no shape to return.
Well, then we've got a problem.
I'm not sure I'm seeing it.
Hunter didn't resign or take a leave of absence.
He went awol.
Yeah, a broken heart will make a guy do dumb things.
So will money and opportunity.
Oh. No, uh...
What, you think hunter might sell s.H.I.E.L.D. Secrets?
The only threat this guy poses is to himself.
Bobbi there when you left?
No, I didn't see her.
Two ships pass in the night, I suppose.
Call coulson. He's waiting for your report.
Will do. Is there anything else? Uh...
You've done enough already.
Thanks for the update, mack.
Is everything okay?
I'm afraid I have to get back.
I get it.
Didn't expect you to stay and roast marshmallows.
This is temporary, skye. I'll be back in a couple days.
If you need anything -- I'll let you know.
[ sighs ] we'll figure this out.
I promise.
Captain andersen.
I believe your daughter goes to school with my boy.
I don't have a daughter, sir.
No, you do not.
When was the last time I got your name right?
Never. Sir.
You are correct.
I think we have a winner, folks.
This is not your face.
General, please...
Sorry about that, meredith.
Damn it!
Where is she?!
Uniform's a little big.
Shortest guy I could find.
Any luck with security clearance?
Come on. Follow me.
[ keys jingle ]
What is it you want?
Agent 33.
Loyal to the very end.
[ whistles ]
What are you doing here?
Just lending a hand.
Whose orders are you following?
My own.
Agent 33, you need to listen to me very carefully.
You've lost your way. Take a deep breath.
Calm your mind...
And your compliance will be --
Seems they all check out.
Then who the hell was that masquerading as my wife?
Uh, sir...
Hi, honey. Stop right there!
Th-the guard wasn't at the front, so I just walked in.
Get down! [ gun cocks ]
Glenn, you're scaring me.
Now! Okay.
Put your face on the carpet!
Okay! God! What is wrong with you?!
God, I-I-I even brought those little pork taquitos
That you like so much.
[ sobs ] honey...
[ crying ]
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ]
I'm sorry.
You could have just told me, bob.
I was hoping to keep you out of this.
[ scoffs ]
You're right.
I totally blew that one.
I gave your name to coulson because hartley needed backup.
I never thought you'd stay, let alone care.
Then you started asking questions
About what mack and I were up to.
And the next thing I know, he has you tied up in his trunk.
[ scoffs ]
Least fun road trip of my life.
Forgetting arizona?
More like repressing the memory.
Still can't listen to the eagles without getting the chills.
[ chuckles ]
I should have known it wouldn't work out between us.
I mean, we first hit it off
When you were sent to steal intel from me.
Well, I made it worth your while.
Time of my life, really.
But maybe not the bedrock foundation
Upon which a marriage is built.
Everything I felt for you -- that was real.
Yeah, maybe so.
But in the end, you still got that intel, didn't you.
It's always the same pattern, love.
I fall for you, only to discover
You got something else up and running.
There was no hidden agenda with you.
But your actions clearly suggest otherwise.
Can't you just meet me halfway?
I want to. Just tell me how.
Walk away. Right now.
You and I -- we can leave all this mess behind,
Just start over, be new people, be better people.
I'm sorry.
I need to finish this.
Well, I'm leaving, bob.
So don't try and stop me.
I won't.
Everybody else will.
[ grunts ]
There's nowhere to go!
Damn it, hunter.
Bloody hell.
Sir. Where's skye?
I'm afraid that's confidential.
'cause you're keeping her prisoner somewhere, aren't you?
Skye is safe, agent fitz.
That's all you need to know.
You took something...
...Up to coulson earlier.
What was it? It was nothing.
Didn't look like nothing.
What was in the case, jemma?
Something to help skye.
Because you want to change her.
Is that it?
Stop it. I don't want to change skye.
The diviner did that. I'm just trying to fix her.
You never used to be this scared. You know that?
Trip died, fitz,
All because we didn't take the necessary precautions.
No, it's not that. You're afraid.
'cause of what happened to me and skye,
How we both changed.
Well, you know what the scariest change is, jemma?
It's you.
Agent 33 infiltrated your base to break out sunil bakshi?
Turns out she wasn't working alone, either.
We managed to track down video
Of the vehicle leaving the premises.
Guess who was behind the wheel.
Grant ward.
Agent 33 must have dragged him out of puerto rico.
Guessing we haven't heard the last of this.
Your wife -- how's she holding up?
Rattled, which is to be expected.
Damn experience nearly cost me my marriage.
I'm gonna be up to my ears in edible arrangements
Trying to make this thing right.
I lost two men to those psychopaths.
Good men.
My condolences. It's never easy.
Just tell me we'll get those sons of bitches, coulson.
You have my word, general.
All right, then. I'll be in touch.
[ beep ]
It's a lot to process.
Throw it on the heap.
Everything all right, phil?
Earlier today, with skye...
Just didn't feel right.
You made the right call.
There's just too many things in play right now
For her to be here.
Yeah, maybe.
But you ever get that feeling...
Like you mishandled something important?
[ sighs ] yeah.
It's how I felt after leaving andrew.
So, mack -- you believe him?
Guess it's time we find out what he's up to.
Hey, it's me.
Something happened with skye.
I think we have a situation.
It appears hunter escaped
Using one of the ship's submersible pods.
We've managed to scramble communications,
But he's disabled the gps.
So we don't know where he is.
Or where he's going.
Once he reaches shore, he's a free man,
Able to communicate with whomever he pleases.
We approximate 12 hours till he reaches the coast.
We may have a bigger problem.
I just got off the phone with mack.
Seems coulson's put skye in hiding.
Stockpiling enhanced people?
I doubt that.
Skye and coulson -- they're close.
She's more than just some asset to him.
So says the person whose ex-husband just flew the coop.
Agent calderon...
We all know bobbi could have taken out that tea cup
I might just have to test that theory out on your face.
Bobbi gave me her word she's still committed,
And I have no reason to doubt her.
This is your op, morse, so tell me --
How do you want to proceed?
Skye's not the main concern.
Coulson and his secrets -- that's the threat.
And I think it's time that we remove that threat.
I want to go back in.
You got to be crazy.
You know that hunter could blow your cover at any moment.
And weaver? She gave you 12 hours.
I only need six.
We'll return in a moment.
[ beep ]
[ inhales sharply ]
Nice to finally meet you.
I'm grant.
I'm proud of you, kara.
[ gasps ]
Thank you so much.
You did this.
And it is just the beginning.
Guess that's true.
It's going to be a long night.
Guess we should get started, then.
You really think this'll work?
We'll see.
[ groans ]
If I obey, will my compliance be rewarded?
To be honest,
It really won't make a difference.