Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Ragtag - full transcript

Ward's betrayal and HYDRA's shocking secrets are revealed as Coulson's team goes undercover on a mission that leaves no one unscathed.

COULSON: Previously on Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I. E.L. D...

- FITZ: No, I don't believe it.

SKYE: You think I don't wanna
watch him suffer?

Not suffer, die.

Tell us how to unlock the drive.
Ripped By mstoll

I start the hack,
and once we reach altitude, it unlocks.

Now bring him back.

These vials contain the raw materials

of whatever Jesus juice brought
Coulson back from the dead.

I can't succeed without your help.

We'll need a base of operation,
weapons, tactical backup.

There is no backup. It's over.

There is no S.H.I. E.L.D. Anymore.

GARRETT: Grant Ward?

My name's John Garrett.

Quartermaster at your military
school is an old buddy of mine.

Told me about a pissed-off young cadet

with off-the-chart eye-hand coordination

who went AWOL, stole a car,

drove 1,000 miles home

only to try and burn the place down.

I must say, I find a young man
like that intriguing.

I'm curious.

Did you know your brother
was in the house

when you set it on fire?

No, sir, I did not.

I was a pyro as a kid, too.

Ended up making
a pretty good living at it.

I'm here to make you
a one-time offer, so listen up.

Your family's lawyer's gonna
be here in about 20 minutes.

Not only are your folks
pressing charges against you

for arson and attempted murder,

but your older brother's
petitioning the court

to have you tried as an adult.

Now, you can spend
the next few years locked up in a cage,

blaming Mommy and Daddy

and mean older brother
for your problems,

or you can let me get you out of here
and teach you how to be a man.

I work for a secret organization

that's always looking to recruit
young men like you.

And why should I trust you?

You shouldn't.
Don't trust anybody. Ever.

Especially me.

Let me be clear.

Going with me will be the
hardest thing you've ever done.

But, on the other hand,

no one will ever screw with you again.

Say yes. It'll be hard, but fun.

Ten seconds and I walk out that door.

Say yes.

- Yes.
- MAN: Get down!

Everybody, down! On the ground!

Nobody move!

I told you it was gonna be fun.

Eye witnesses claim the assailant
smashed through several walls

before killing Colombia's
most notorious drug lord,

Alejandro Castillo, AKA El Dogo.

Speculation continues as to whether
this superhuman assassination

was carried out by a man,
monster, or machine.

The correct answer is
"D," all of the above.

What the hell is Deathlok
doing in Bogot??

And why would he kill a drug lord
with known ties to HYDRA?

Well, if they really are in Colombia,

then Garrett and our hijacked plane
might not be in American airspace.

- I have to expand our search.

Guys, you wanna come in here
for a minute?

This is just about everything
we've been dealing with.

And this

connects them all.

Cybertek built Deathlok,
shipped items to Quinn,

who was working for The Clairvoyant,

who turned out to be Garrett,

who planted Ward on our bus,

because he wanted to know
why I didn't stay dead.

Should've drawn another chart
for this part.

FITZ: No, I get it.

Garrett's been developing
Centipede serum all this time.

- Yes.
- And he wants GH-325

as its final ingredient.

A way to stabilize and regenerate
his Centipede soldiers.

And it's why Ward came back
for the hard drive.

It had all of your research
about Coulson and Skye.

It's all on there.

But that's not the only thing on there.

Skye left them a little surprise.

A Trojan horse.

It's been slowly mapping every
system they've uploaded it to.

That's brilliant. You can wake it up
and take over their systems.

- A Trojan horse. Well done, Skye.
- Yeah. Thanks.

Except, it doesn't work that way

because I didn't
have enough time to build it,

so we need to plug this
into one of their computers to activate it.

Spoiler alert, we can't seem to find one.

I think we have.

Garrett and Cybertek have been
working together for years.

If it's on Garrett's system...

It's on Cybertek's.

Which is why we're gonna go
into one of their offices.

We have no authority to do this.

We're no longer S.H.I. E.L.D. Agents,

We're vigilantes.

I was gonna say,

"Doing this because it's the
right thing to do," but, yeah.

So, if you're with me,
I'm gonna finish what I started.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna let
Garrett and Ward get away with murder.

And I want my plane back.

WARD: I could've crossed off
that drug lord

without getting my picture taken.

Single shot, half a mile away.

You're missing the point.

I didn't want to just cross him off,
I wanted to make a spectacle.

People are killed by guns
every day in Bogot?.

But how often does a monster
punch a drug lord's head clean off?

Hell, that's international news.

Spectacular thing you did
back there, Mikey.

If I didn't know better,

I'd swear you were
starting to enjoy your job.

You get the impression
he's enjoying his job?

Somebody does.

I'd like to think we all enjoy our work.

And why not?
These are exciting times full of rewards.

Which reminds me.

- Zeller, yeah, it's me.

Stream Mike Peterson some video
of his son this afternoon.

- Don't mention it.

How about that guy?
I've turned him into a new man.

Is that what he is?

Are you still sore
about what he did to you?

No, I'm sore at you for making him do it.

Look, we're on the verge
of completing something

I've been chasing for 25 years.

Can't you just be happy for me?


See, that's what I'm talking about.
Happy campers.

I think you'll be happy, too.

We're close to replicating
the drug that healed Skye

and brought Coulson back to life.

And the data from Skye's hard drive,
all that research?

It's been a big help.

I've uploaded everything
to the lab in Cuba.

They'll have initial results
by the time we land.

You never disappoint, do you, Flowers?

Wish everyone on my team
had the same success rate.


Okay. We'll see you this afternoon.

We're on with the R&D department
up at Cybertek's Palo Alto offices.

It'll be okay, Fitz.

No matter how deep they dig,

they'll only find
the new identities I've created.

It's not that. It's the idea of giving them
access to all of our designs.

We're not actually
giving them anything.

We just need to get inside
so we can plug Skye's flash drive

into one of their computers.

You don't have to go.

It's not that, either.

It's Ward.

What if Garrett put an exploding eye
into him to control him?

Maybe that's why he betrayed us.

I'm pretty sure there's
a much simpler reason. He's evil.

I don't believe that people are born evil.

Something must've happened.

Sorry it took so long.

My mom's real sentimental

about Grandad's
Howling Commando stuff.

COULSON: Now, Trip was generous
enough to offer up

some of his granddad's
spy tech to help us out.

We should systematically
take a full inventory of...

Oh, my God!
Is that a handheld hypno-beam?

One of the original betas.

See how it has the switch
on the bottom?

The production models moved it
to the side. This is amazing.

- Almost as cool as a...
- BOTH: Transistorized blast gun.


of you can get a room later,

but we have a plane to catch.


Where did they buy this stuff?
From the back of a comic book?

Come on, girl,
that's not really a joy buzzer. That's a...



Knocks power out
in about a 10-foot radius.

Yeah. A lot of vintage
S.H.I. E.L.D. Spy craft

was designed to look innocent
in case the spy was caught.

Like, okay...

Like these smokes.



COULSON: Thanks, Trip.
This is a huge help.

Gives us a fighting chance
against these bad guys.

- SIMMONS: (SIGHS) Oh, Fitz.

Watch out, HYDRA, here we come.

I'm gonna retire out here one day.

A thousand acres of
Wyoming woods and meadows,

already paid for.

Speak up, son. I'm not a mind reader.

What if the police find us?

Nobody's looking.

Family would be happy
to never see you again.

As for cops, well,

they do best when they stay
out of S.H.I. E.L.D.'s way.

So is S.H.I. E.L.D. Academy near here?

Right now,
you have more pressing issues.

Like what you're gonna eat tonight.

I thought that was our dinner.

No, this is my dinner.
I shot 'em, I eat 'em.

Hell, Buddy deserves
these birds more than you do.

He retrieved 'em.

Out here, son, you want something,
you have to earn it.

From here on out, you earn everything.

You want a warm place to sleep,
you make it.

You want something to eat, you kill it.

Wait. You can't be serious.

All I have in here are some clothes.

All right. This isn't fair.
If you'd have told me,

I'd have brought tools or food...

Stop blaming me for your own failure.

Makes me not like you.

You want it easy? Go back to juvie.

They'll give you
three squares and a cot.

Confirm what your family believes,

what everybody believes.

That Grant Ward is weak and worthless.

I'll tell you what. I'll leave Buddy here.

You take care of him,
maybe he'll take care of you.

I'll be back in a couple of months.

Either you'll be here or you won't.
It's up to you.

For what it's worth,

- I believe you can do it.



Hi. Welcome to Cybertek. Sit, please.

I'm Ott, Senior VP of R&D. This is Diaz.

I'm Theo Tittle, this is Dr. Roum.

Thanks so much for seeing us
on such short notice.

We've met with a number of other
former S.H.I. E.L.D. Scientists recently,

and, I must say,
thus far we're underwhelmed.

HYDRA, on the other hand,

less constrained in their thinking.

And younger.

- Usually younger.
- Yeah.

FITZ: I told you we should've gone in.

Oh, hush. May looks barely a day over...

Thirty. You're gorgeous.


Score one for the Howling Commandos.

Your grandpa's pin should help
me locate Cybertek's mainframe.

I didn't know they had
Wi-Fi back in the day.

They didn't.
That's the beauty of the pin.

It uses UHF to search for data.

Nobody's even scanning those
frequencies for potential leaks.


That's weird.

I'm not finding any
digital data about anything.

Let alone a source for it.
How's that possible?

Maybe it's protected.
Or insulated somewhere inside.

Guys, just keep them busy
a minute longer.

Okay, now, show them the ICER bullet.

I designed this to be powerful...

I designed this to be
powerful, non-lethal,

and to break up
under subcutaneous tissue.

And my challenge was
that it could only hold a dose of...

85 micrograms of dendrotoxin.

He should've run the specs by me
before building the molds.

But I think we can all agree that...

The true beauty is
in my hyper-concentrated...

- Dendrotoxin...
- My cartridge casing...

...dendrotoxin formula...
- Projection system. Obviously.

...with compressed air expulsion.

We've seen one of these bullets before.

What did they use it with?

- The sleepy-sleep gun, I think.
- That's right.

Our team took this rudimentary concept

and converted it into
an aerosol grenade.

Much more useful.

But this is an ICER.

Yes, but this is an ICER.

Triple the stopping power
and a much cooler name.

What else do you have?

Here we go.

Building permits
Cybertek's filed in the city.

There's something funky
about the fourth floor.

Only one way in or out.

Extra reinforced security door.

That's gotta be it, right?

Coulson, May,
can you get to the fourth floor?

It's a shame it didn't work out.

It is.

So lovely meeting you both.



Does your sweater itch?

- A little bit.
- Yeah.

I don't know if I've said it enough,

but I'm glad you're back.

Try not to set the drapes on fire.


Skye, I think I know why
you couldn't find the mainframe.

There isn't one.

What do you mean, there isn't one?

All the files are hard copies.

MAY: That's why Granny
was typing during our meeting.

We're here. Might as well look around.

RAINA: You're staring at me again.

DEATHLOK: You gave them my son.

All I see are pictures of him in a cell.

I was following orders. Just like you.

So is someone
playing God with you, too?

Seeing everything you see?

Waiting to push a button

and blow a hole in your skull
if you disobey?

Is there?


Then why are you here?

For you and others like you.
People with gifts.

I'm waiting for what's inside
to be revealed.

The girl, Skye.

What do you know about her?
Where does she come from?

Why do you care?

Because inside,

I believe she and I
have something in common.

MAY: Hey, Coulson.

Mike Peterson's file.

COULSON: How can this all
be Project Deathlok?


How far back does this thing go?

Garrett was the first Deathlok.



Let's go.

Skye, Trip, get ready
for a large file transfer.

How large?

- Back it up.


WARD: You were gonna let me die!

Okay, first off, I think
we should use our indoor voices.

Since the day we met,
I have done everything you asked.

I'm not sure we can say everything.

You were gonna let Deathlok kill me
to get that hard drive?

Come on, we both know the girl
wasn't gonna let you die.

You said yourself, Skye's a soft touch.

Just like you.

I am not that scared kid anymore.

Then stop acting like it.
Stop being weak.

All these years,
and you're still playing the victim.

Sometimes I ask myself
why I ever bothered.


John? John!

Everybody out, now!

All right, here we go.

That's it.

I said, get the hell out!

You heard the man.

WARD: All right, hang in there.

I'll get you stabilized.

COULSON: Garrett started
Project Deathlok way back in 1990.

Look at this. He was Patient Zero.

We've been
looking at all this backwards.

Garrett doesn't just want GH-325
for his Centipede soldiers,

he wants it for himself.

So he can become a real live boy again.

And if he happens to create an army

of programed super-soldiers
for HYDRA along the way,

triple bonus points.

How do we know Garrett
didn't do that to Ward, too?

Maybe he's been programed.

Fitz, when are you gonna
stop clinging to the idea

that Ward's the victim
and not the perpetrator?

When I see something that tells me
I shouldn't with my own two eyes.

We don't know all the facts.

You want a fact, Fitz?
Ward murders people.

I should've let Mike finish him
when I had the chance.

I'm stupid and weak.

You weren't weak.

You had compassion. That's harder.

We'll find him.

Pizza delivery for Pablo Jimenez!

That's me!

WARD: Bio-mechanics rebooting.


That should do it.

You scared me.
Hasn't happened like that in a while.

Yes, it has.

Been happening more and more.

The bio-mechanics are fine.

It's my organs that are failing.

What are you saying, John?

I'm dying.

Cybertek team gives me a month.
Two, tops.


You never came out to eat.

Not much of an appetite.


Fitz can't process the truth about Ward.
Not yet.

What he said,
it's what he needs to believe.

Do you think Ward's being controlled?

Absolutely not.

Neither do I.

You know,
I never gave you enough credit

for this whole Zen warrior thing.

But I got to admit, it'd be nice
to feel nothing right now.

You think I don't feel anything?

Look at you. You're a statue.
And you and Ward had a thing.

So if anyone should be furious...

I am.

I'm furious.

But I'm sure as hell
not gonna waste it on a tantrum.

I'm gonna mine it. Save it.

And when we find Ward,

I'm gonna use every bit of it
to take him down.

Wish I knew how to use that hate-fu.

I'm up most mornings at 5:00.


Trip ID'd a number
of Cybertek shipments

that ping-ponged across the globe.

Brazil, Cambodia, Syria,
but they all ended up in Havana.

S.H.I. E.L.D. Used to have a base there.

I told you we'd find him.
We're going to Cuba.

Five bucks? That's it, huh?


Same thing cost me $30 in Rome.


- There it is. The face of our future.

Mr. Quinn's the poster boy
for our new enterprise.

Not sure how that's supposed to work.

He's also an international fugitive
accused of a laundry list of crimes.

Accused by S.H.I. E.L.D.,

of whom I've been
a vocal critic for years.

Now S.H.I. E.L.D.'s
gone down in flames,

while I arise from the ashes,

all charges dismissed and
my sterling reputation restored.

I knew there was a reason I didn't
rip out that silver tongue of yours.

Everything on schedule?

Your flamboyant display in Bogot?
got a lot of people's attention.

I'll be in DC tomorrow capitalizing on it.

- Good.

It's Raina.

Maybe she has news.

Okay, Ernesto.

Let's show them
what handsome really looks like.

- Everything okay?
- Everything's fine.

- Is there a problem with the drug?
- This isn't about the drug.

I thought Agent Garrett
shared my interest

in special people, in transformation.

But now I realize
he was just afraid to die.

So I'm not sure how interested he'll be
in what I found out about Skye.


I probably shouldn't be
talking to you about this.

I should go straight to Garrett.

Garrett's got more important
things to worry about.

You can tell me instead.

I've been looking through the files
that Skye downloaded from the plane.

And in addition to medical records,

I found hospital files,
adoption agency searches.

Skye's an orphan.

Been looking for her parents for a while.

It's not exactly a secret.

But that's what intrigued me.
That and her DNA.

It appears to be a match

for someone I heard about
a long time ago.

You know something
about Skye's history?

I can't confirm it's her,

but I did hear a story about a baby girl.

Years ago,

a village in the Hunan Province
in China was destroyed.

Every man, woman and child

torn apart by monsters
trying to find that baby.

Did the monsters
kill the baby's parents?

No. That's what's so interesting.

The baby's parents were the monsters.

WARD: Give me one reason
not to blow your head off.

I brought tacos.

I was half-expecting you
to be long gone.

I was half-expecting you
to never come back.

You said a couple of months.
It's been six.

Been out of the country on assignment.

Seems like you and Buddy
did okay without me.


First few weeks were rough.

But then I realized
my thinking was limited.

So I started raiding cabins.

Got some tools, the tent. Life got easier.

Gonna build a cabin over there.

See? I told you you could do it.

Damn, son,
you stepped up in a big way.

I couldn't be prouder
if you were my own.

I lied about the tacos.

What's that for?

Your next lesson.

Your turn.

Stick with me, kid.

In a couple years,
you'll shoot better than that.

Something about that woman
unnerves me.

It's those eyes.

It's what's behind those eyes.

What'd she text you about earlier?

She had questions about your decision

to pack up the lab
and move it to the States.

We planned to expand
operations anyway.

The fact that the Deathlok files
were stolen from Cybertek

just speeds up my decision.

I heard you wanted to hang on
to this during the flight.

You heard right.

You've recreated GH-325?


We've distilled the genetic components

of all the previous samples
down to one single vial.

And it'll do what we talked about?

It should regenerate and heal cells,

just like it did in Skye and Coulson.

So take good care of it.

That's the only one in the world.

TRIPLETT: You sure you don't want
anything else?

How about one of these
quarter walkie-talkies?

They have a built-in homing beacon.

- Okay.
- I'll keep one, too.

- Thanks.
- Mmm-hmm.

Don't wanna be greedy.
We've already got the D.W.A.R.F.s.

(CHUCKLES) No problem. All right.

COULSON: Because we had
to fly in low,

we'll have to search for our plane
from the ground.

Fitz, Simmons, you have the maps.

Do not engage
under any circumstances.

If you find the bus,
call us and stand down,

or come back here and wait.

- We'll be careful.
- Understood, sir.

Let's do it.

We're too late. They're gone.

They knew we were coming.

I'm not sure everyone's gone.

Something's generating
a lot of volts in there.

- Yeah?

SIMMONS: Sir, we found the bus.

It's on an airfield outside Abel
Santamar?a packing up to leave.

We're on our way.
How far is that from our location?

About three hours.

But by the looks of it,

they'll be long gone
by the time you can get here, sir.

Get out of there, right now.

Do not engage.
Wait for us back at the Jumpjet.

Copy that, sir.

Garrett's leaving.

We have to at least try
and get over there.

Or not.

We still have this little puppy.

If there's a computer system
in that barber shop,

we don't have to chase them anymore.

We just plug it in,
we wake up the Trojan horse,

and we're off to the races.

Worth a shot.

Let's do it.

SIMMONS: I know we're not
supposed to engage,

but if they get away,
we'll be back to square one.

I can't handle square one again.

Garrett's there, which means
Ward's probably there, too.

What if we send
a D.W.A.R.F. Into the plane from here?

It can stow away inside,
so we can track where the bus is going.

Yes, Simmons, excellent suggestion.

We can send Sleepy,
he's our best listener.

Next to you, of course.

Okay, I'll go get him from the car.


Long time no see.

Here you go.

GARRETT: You know
he's not human, right?

Of course, I know.

He's better than human.

Smart, loyal, trustworthy.

Yeah, where does all that
trust and loyalty lead?

Abandoned in the woods,
or dumped at the pound?


I learned that lesson the hard way.

I know you've never asked,
but I'm sure you're curious.

Nickel version,

I got fragged by an IED
outside Sarajevo.

When I radioed for medevac,

I got nothing but an earful of excuses.

That's when I realized

I was more loyal to S.H.I. E.L.D.
Than S.H.I. E.L.D. Was to me.

So I decided, if I made it out,
if I survived,

I was gonna treat them
the way they treated me.

Then I stuffed my intestines
back inside,

duct taped myself shut
and humped my way out.

You remember when we first met?

Told you I worked for
a secret organization?

It's more like I work for
a secret organization

inside another secret organization.

You ever heard of HYDRA?

- Mmm-mmm.
- Huh.

HYDRA understands
the importance of survival.

Here they are.

This is our plane. We want it back.

Really? Just like that, kid?

Coulson probably figured out
we were using the barbershop.

Call Kaminsky. He'll know what to do.

All right, let's close up the ramp
and get this bird off the ground.

Tell the pilot to keep it low
and in Harrier mode

- till we're out over the Gulf.
- Will do.

What's he got there?

One of those prank joy buzzers.

Yeah, you know me.
Always kidding around.


What the hell was that?


Looks like the joke's on you.

Garrett's dying. Not sure this will work.

Fitz shorted him out with an EMP.

Call Cybertek.

Let them know what happened.
See what they can do.

Get back.

I'm glad that I did it.
You hear me? You lose, we win.

You're dead.

No worse than you.

And you don't have to take
orders from him anymore, Ward.

Ward! Let him die.

He deserves to die.

Get them out of here.

Clear! Everybody out!

I have some good news.

Can it wait a minute?


Damn dog takes off running
every time I take a shot out here.

That deer's 1,800 meters out.

Gonna take him a while to find it.

I'm all ears.

You've been accepted
by S.H.I. E.L.D.'s Operations Division.

Effective immediately.

We need to pack up.

Thank you, sir. For everything.

Don't do that.

You don't owe me
or anybody else a thing.

You earned it by yourself.

It's gonna be hard when you get there.

If you're gonna work within
S.H.I. E.L.D. For HYDRA,

you can't ever get attached to
anyone or anything.

You have to fight that weakness in you.

- Yes, sir.
- Good.

Now take care of Buddy
and we'll get out of here.

That's not a weakness, is it?

- No, sir.
- Good. I'll be at the truck.

The internal battery must have fried.

We're gonna have to open it up.
See if there's a mechanical fix.

I talked to Cybertek.

They're prepping a facility in Miami.


I need you to do something for me.

Yeah, anything.

Put down Fitz and Simmons.

What? No. There's plenty of time.
I won't leave you.

And I'm telling you
to cross them off for me.

It's not a weakness, is it?


Then take care of them.

I'll take care of me.

I've cheated death plenty of times.

I'll stay.

- MAY: Skye, where are the computers?
- I'm working on it.

Trip, got anything in your granddad's kit
might help us out here?

Always. Let me take a look.

There's a mechanical fail-safe
in case the electronics shut down.

I'm pretty interesting inside.


That's my Centipede serum.

It's the only thing that's been
keeping me alive

these past few months.

Why isn't it making you strong?

I'm too far gone.

I'm afraid your entire system
is shutting down.

Maybe we can jump-start it with this.

SIMMONS: Coulson will find us,
won't he?

Man won't rest until every HYDRA agent

is either dead or behind bars.




- Fitz!
- Get in there! Go!

Open the door, Fitz.

Ward, please.

- I need to understand.
- You need to accept the truth, Fitz.

He doesn't care about us.
About anything.

No, I don't believe that.

We're friends, aren't we?

We've been friends.
We've had laughs together.




FITZ: I know that
you're a good person, Ward.

And you can choose right now
to be good. It's a choice.

I've got my orders. Open up the door.


Not a chance.

Okay, have it your way.

Wait. What are you doing?

- Fitz.
- Okay. Wait.

- What are you doing?
- Wait.

- No. Ward, just think about this.
- Okay, wait.

- Wait. Ward. Okay, wait.
- Just give it a second.

- Ward, look at me.
- Think about this!

Ward, just turn around!

Don't do it! Don't do it, Ward!
Okay, you don't have to do this.

- Ward!
- You don't have to. You have a choice.

Ward, look at me!

I know that you care about us, Ward!

You're right. I do.

It's a weakness.



I can't promise it'll work,

and once it's gone,
I won't be able to make any more.

This is the end of the road.

Without it, I'm dead for sure.

So, what the hell?

That's it.

The final ingredient.

Is it done?

If the job was easy...




What are you feeling?

The universe.

Come on.

Over here.

There's something behind this wall.

Okay, I got something.

A secret door?

I got this. They're, like, my thing.


Here we go.

SKYE: Finally.

It's a Centipede soldier.

Bogot? was a freebie, a calling card.

A demonstration of what we can do.

It was a circus.

It was a single man

with no support team
and no extraction plan.

I mean, come on, tell me,

how much did you spend
to get bin Laden?

Between the ships,
and the choppers, support troops?

What was it? Thirty million?
Fifty million?

Whatever the price, it was worth it.


My super-soldier could have done
it for a fraction of the price.

Is that why you're here?

Are you proposing to sell us
this super-soldier of yours?

God, no.

I'm proposing to sell you 1000 of them.

Better, stronger, faster.

Gentlemen, with the continued exposure

of corrupt institutions like S.H.I. E.L.D.,

with the terrifying rise of HYDRA,

the need for reliable security
is at an all-time high.

Which is why we are expanding
our super-soldier operations

into a brand new,

state-of-the-art Cybertek facility.

So, would you and your friends
like a tour?
Ripped By mstoll