Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - T.A.H.I.T.I. - full transcript

Coulson and the team rush to Bethesda in an attempt to save Skye's life.

Previously on Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

Why would S.H.I.E.L.D. keep
details of your death from you?

What happened in Tahiti?

Director Fury.

He had a team of scientists
working around the clock.

- I wanted to die.
- And we should have let you.

Once we capture Quinn,

we'll be one step closer
to The Clairvoyant.

- Where's Skye?
- Agent Coulson, it's dangerous

sending her in like that, all alone.

Oh, God. Hang on.

Put her in there.
Is it working?

We need to get her
to a medical facility, and fast.

She was shot twice in the abdomen
at close range almost two hours ago.

She's tachycardia, hypotensive,
and lost a significant amount of blood.

We had to lower her core body temp
in order to transport her here.

That's probably what kept her
alive this long.

We'll do everything we can.

Oh, dear, I'm a mess.

No, you were great.

Intubate and let's start
getting that shirt off.


Good, block it off.

- We need two liters standing by.
- Good.

100 eds.

- It's ready.
- Okay, let's prep her for ex-lap.

It's in.

- Fluids wide open.
- All set.

Patient is ready, Doctor.

I'm here.

That's unacceptable.

I need to speak to Director Fury
immediately, please.

Why didn't I stop her? I could've.

As if you could stop Skye
doing anything she set her mind to.

I shouldn't have let her
go after Quinn by herself.

- What was I thinking?
- It's not your fault.

She shouldn't have been there.

I'm her S.O. It's on me.

The one to blame is the man
who shot her. Ian Quinn.

He's responsible.

Yes, the message is
I have an agent dying

and there are questions
only he can answer.

- How is she?
- Not good.

The shots perforated her stomach

and penetrated the large
and small intestines.

We resected what we could,

but there's been too much damage.

- So what's next?
- We can keep her comfortable,

but you'll need to make a decision

on whether or not you wanna keep her
on life-support.

You're saying
there's nothing to be done?

I'm saying you need to call her family.

Get them here as soon as possible.

We're her family.

In that case, I'm very sorry.

Finally. I was beginning to think...


Wait! You can't!

Why? Because you're defenseless?
Like she was?


Outside. Now.

He deserves to die. Not her.

Agreed. But right now,
Quinn doesn't matter.

Only Skye does and I need you
to pilot the plane.

You heard what the doctor said.

She said there was nothing more
they could do for her.

But there are doctors
who brought me back from the dead.

If they can do that,
I'm betting they can save Skye.

H.Q. radioed in.
They've ordered us to hand over Quinn

for interrogation
and transport to the Fridge.

You want me to arrange the transfer?


Quinn stays in our custody
until I say otherwise.

Yes, sir.

You sure about this?
Taking her all the way to Bethesda?

It's where my file says
I was treated after New York.

I understand, but what makes you think
the doctors there

will be able to do anything different?

I know they saved you...

They did a lot more than save me.

It's time you know the truth.

That can't be. What you're describing...

It's medically impossible.

Except for the fact
that I'm standing here.

Proof that it's not impossible.

And here's more proof.

My file.
Describing how they brought me back.

The doctors, the procedures, the drugs.

Sir, it's against the law
for us to read this. Are you sure...

I don't care about your clearance level.

I'm ordering you to read it.

"Death and Recovery Report."

It's only recently that Director Fury
gave me access to this.

I've gone over it dozens of times.

I need you to decipher the medical parts
of it I didn't understand.

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Streiten.

He should be eager to answer
any questions you may have.

Yes, I'm sure I'll have quite a few.

So, what about Tahiti?

Turns out, not so magical.

Just false memories,
implanted to cover up what was done.

Sir, it says here
your heart was perforated.

Torn in half.

That part of it, I understood.

And yet they managed to heal
the damaged tissue completely.

We need to understand how.

So we can do the same for Skye.

That's what I'm counting on.

- We'll get right on it, sir.
- Thank you.

Hurt much?

I'm fine.

Coulson told me how long he was dead.

You already knew that, didn't you?

I saw Skye in the pod.

Machines filtering her blood,

breathing for her.

I'm not sure I'd make this play.

Fly halfway around the world
hoping for a second miracle.

If Coulson thinks there's
a chance in a million to save Skye,

to save any of us, he'd take it.

People like us, we need people like him.

So, yeah, it makes sense.

A lot more sense than the alternative.

You mean giving up?

Killing the man responsible.

I did like seeing you go after Quinn.

You don't open the blinds
like that very often.

WOMAN". S.H.I.E.L.D. 616,
this is Tower Michael Tango.

You are in violation of
S.H.I.E.L.D. Directive 1297.

Respond immediately.

Disobeying a direct order.

We didn't hand Quinn over
for interrogation.


This is S.H.I.E.L.D. 616.
How do we proceed?

WOMAN". Prepare to be boarded
and relinquish command.

Really? All the war
and chaos in the world

and S.H.I.E.L.D.
sends a plane after us?

Three planes.
A small transport to dock

and a pair of F-35s
to make sure we hand over Quinn.

They scratch my paint,
I'm gonna be pissed.

I'll await your orders, sir.

Garrett? What the hell
are you doing here?

Well, as opposed to the Level eight
jackass I'm staring at,

I still follow orders.

You're the worst at following orders.

Maybe, but I like this one.

You are to immediately turn Ian Quinn
over for transport to the Fridge.

Agent Antoine Triplett,
Agent Philip Coulson.

You wouldn't know it to look at him,

but Phil's one of our finest.

An honor, sir.

Trip joined me as my specialist
after Ward came to your circus.

- Go secure the prisoner.
- Yes, sir.

Phil, come on.

Just because Fury
gave you this pretty plane,

doesn't mean
they won't shoot it out of the sky.

Why are you really here, Garrett?

S.H.I.E.L.D could've sent
any security team

to collect Quinn. Why you?

You've been chasing him, too?

Since Malta.

Then yesterday, your little Italian job

cost my team weeks of work.

You can't have him. Not yet.

This isn't a request.

Quinn shot one of my agents.

She's on life-support
in a med pod downstairs.

We're taking her
to the trauma center in Bethesda.

Quinn actually pulled the trigger?

Skye infiltrated his compound in Malta.

When he saw her yesterday,
it seems he took it personally.

I never took him for a triggerman.
He pays others for that.

I've lost three of my own chasing him.

Then you understand why I can't give
him to you until we save my agent?

Because if she doesn't make it...

Agent Grant Ward.


- Is Garrett upstairs?
- Yeah.

You know, he still talks about that
1,000-yard shot you took in Bandung.

It was 2,000.

So what are you doing here?

Man, this is like the Playboy jet.


I mean, a guy could get soft
bunking in a space like this.

How did Coulson
swing such a sweet ride?

- He died.
- That's tight.

You want to point me to the box
you're keeping Quinn?

H.Q. ordered Garrett to haul his ass
to the Fridge for questioning.

Is that a full bar?

You're welcome to it.

But Quinn stays put
till Coulson says otherwise.

Come on, man.

Garrett was your S.O., too,
so you know how this works.

Why don't you remind me?

Garrett wants Quinn.

It's my job to make sure
Garrett gets what he wants.

- Now where is he?
- Can't help you with that.

No worries. I'll find Quinn myself.

I'm sure he's tucked between

the Jacuzzi and the squash court.


Agent Ward, stand down!

Agent Garrett and I
have come to an agreement.

He convinced H.Q. he could interrogate
Quinn here on our plane

as we continue to Bethesda.

Well, I'm a bit of a sweet talker
when I need to be.

You wouldn't believe
what I could talk this son-of-a-gun into.

- Good seeing you, son.
- You, too, sir.

And thank you.

Saving the girl's top priority.

And she might know something.

I never heard of half the drugs
they gave Coulson.


And what about this robotic-assisted
neural microsurgery

they used to implant
the Tahiti memories?

It all sounds so diabolical.

I agree.

We can't argue with the results.
He's walking around.

Yeah. But at what cost?

You read the transcripts.

He begged the doctors to let him die.

This is different. Skye's still alive.

We have to keep her that way.


I've asked Dr. Streiten to advise us.

Hello. Yes.

Are you sure?

That can't be.

And here I thought
I was gonna get to play bad cop.

Ian Quinn, this is Agent Garrett.
He's here to ask you some questions.

No thank you. My head's still
ringing from the last visitor.

At least the last visitor
left you with a head.

I'm not always that considerate.

I'm interested in one
of your newer projects.

Hmm? Oh, but there's
so many to choose from.

Let me be clear.

You have no rights.
You have no lawyer.

The only thing keeping
Agent Coulson here

from throwing you out of this plane

is the very weak heartbeat
of a young agent downstairs.

And the only incentive I have
for not tearing your tongue out

is that you use it
to answer my questions.

- Is that clear?
- Mmm-hmm.

- You understand that?
- No.

Tell us about Cybertek
and the Deathlok Program.

- Deathlok?
- Catchy, right?

Sounds like some wrestler
from the '80s.

What is it really?

Those are dangerous waters.

And the last agent that waded into them

wound up with two in the stomach.

So, she's still alive?

Yeah. And you better hope
she stays that way.

Is that why you shot Skye?

Because she saw
what Cybertek delivered?


I shot Skye because that's what
The Clairvoyant told me to do.

You wanted to see me?

I just got off the phone
with the trauma center in Bethesda.

Dr. Streiten's gone off the grid.

So we'll find a different doctor there
who operated on Coulson.

- That's the thing, actually.
- Coulson was never treated there.

- You're not making sense.
- None of this makes sense.

The doctors listed, the operating
room number, none of them exist.

None of them are part of S.H.I.E.L.D.

What I find surprising is how
a big-shot billionaire

could fall for this psychic
mumbo jumbo.

Oh, I doubted it at the beginning.

But then I realized it would be
mutually beneficial.

He must have something
pretty terrible on you.

Shooting an unarmed girl?

Let's just say, I learned the hard way

that obeying was in my best interest.

Yet here you are.

Let me assure you, it wasn't luck

that led me to your partner's
black sedan in Berlin.

Or that he'd open the door
for a redhead.

Or those two agents in Morocco.

Did you think it was just
a roll of the dice that my people

found them in that riad?

No. It was The Clairvoyant.

Your Clairvoyant say anything
about me knocking your teeth in?

The Clairvoyant sees everything.

Except what happened to him.

This is still about me?

Wait. You're gonna need
to rewind the tape, Phil.

You heard about my near-death
before the Battle of New York?

There's more to it than that.

I thought I was gone for seconds.

Turns out, it was days.

That's impossible.

Which is why The Clairvoyant will do
anything to know how it happened.

Even order you to shoot Skye.

Wait. You don't know what
S.H.I.E.L.D. did to save you.

That's why we're flying
to where I was treated.

So, shooting the girl forces you
to either figure it all out...

So The Clairvoyant can finally see.

Or you let the girl die.

Quinn shot Skye for nothing.

The place where we're going,
the doctors who treated you,

they don't exist.

Or maybe they exist somewhere else.

This is S.H.I.E.L.D.
There are always secrets.

That's my fear, sir.
Your file is filled with secrets.

Experimental drugs,

unknown surgical procedures
we've never even heard of.

Frankly, Fitz and I only understand
about 70% of what's in here.

Even if we do find
where they treated you,

and we were able
to replicate the procedure,

there's the other obvious question.

- Which is?
- Whether we should.

What you experienced, sir,

if this file is even partially accurate...

No one's suggesting
that we submit Skye

to everything that I went through.

But if there's something in here, a drug,

a treatment that can save her,
we need to find it.

- Figure it out.
- Yes, sir.

- You disagree?
- No.

I think we need to do everything
humanly possible to save Skye.

But we need to acknowledge
that doing so

might give The Clairvoyant
exactly what he wants.

It's a risk we have to take.

How is she?

And I don't know how to stop it.

The only thing I found
remotely interesting

is something called GH-325.

Some kind of drug?

Agent Coulson was injected with it
and literally minutes later,

his wounds showed signs
of cellular regeneration.

Regeneration? Is that even possible?

Even if this miracle drug does exist,
we don't know where to find it.

We have no coordinates,

no logs of anyone's departure
or arrival...

I think maybe I can help with that.

You set up the echo chamber.

Yeah, I made a couple of calls.

A buddy of mine works in
the archives at the Triskelion.

Agreed to let us access it from here.

Hard to believe but this cube
contains all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s

historical administrative data.

But if Agent Coulson's operation

didn't take place
at a S.H.I.E.L.D. medical facility...

We won't find any record of it
in here, I know.

But this also contains all
inter-office memos,

travel arrangements, purchase orders.

Maybe we can track down the location

through a virtual paper trail
of some sort or another.



Well, let's start
with the travel memoranda

from the date Coulson got stabbed.


Or, what about Dr. Streiten's departure
from the Triskelion?

- Maybe they have that.
- Yeah.


Here. This is interesting.

A World War II bunker?

Collapsed bunker.

Definitely not a sanctioned
S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.

"The Guest House?"

Exactly. Guest House.

G-H. GH-325.

Look at the file's access history.

The only record of it being opened...

Is by a Level 10 operative.

Director Fury.

So Fury's been to this place,

and he's the person who sanctioned
the operations on Agent Coulson,

and why aren't you
trying to find the file?

Damn. Encrypted.

Skye could crack this.

What would she do?

It's not an encryption.

The Guest House
is not a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.

We don't know who or what's in there.

Be prepared for potential resistance.

No contact from inside?

I've tried every known channel.
No response.

- Place could be abandoned.
- Let's hope not.

We need the people inside
to work on Skye.

Simmons is prepping Skye
to move at a moment's notice, sir.

Trip can help.
He's had med-tech training.

Good. We do our jobs right,
this will all go peacefully.

What if they don't wanna help us?

I'll say, "Pretty please."

We need the doctors alive
and the place intact.

If it does go sideways, Fitz,
I need you down there

to determine what Simmons
can use to help Skye.

And then we take it. Let's move.


Nothing's scheduled
for a couple weeks.

Try the protocol.

How was the drive from Istanbul?


- No clue.
- Never heard it.

I can't find it in any of
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s protocol directives.

This is Agent Coulson with S.H.I.E.L.D.

We don't know the counter
but we have a team member

in dire need of medical assistance.

We know she can be treated here.

Open the doors, maybe we can work
something out. Do you copy?

How was the drive from Istanbul?

We're looking for medical assistance.

A person's life is at stake.
Will you help us?

How was the drive from Istanbul?

"Pretty please," it is.

These guys are good.
Hacked their way in.

- How the hell did they find this place?
- Doesn't matter.

Didn't know the countersign.

- You want left or right?
- Left's good.

There's an antechamber
and a set of glass doors.

Can't see much beyond that.
Lights are all out.

Well, they know we're coming.
Let's go say hello.


Okay, Simmons, we're going in now.


Damn it.

Comms are down. There's too much
mountain on top of us.

Trust me, it's better.

You don't want them hearing
the horrible death we're walking into.

Humor, son. You Brits are too serious.

Besides, if the job was easy...

It wouldn't be any fun.

I'm not afraid. Not yet.

I suspect the real danger won't happen

until we breach that bulletproof glass.

Probably a stairwell back to the surface.

What do you think, Fitz?
Can you get us inside?

To certain, horrible death? Absolutely.

Okay, sir, just say the word.

Once we get inside,
everybody find cover.

All right, gentlemen, here we go.

We've come for medical assistance,

but if you continue firing on us,
we will defend...

I count two hostiles.

Copy that. Ready?

- You got one of those little flash things?
- Yeah.



- See if you can get some lights on.
- Yeah.

No hard feelings, Bob.


We're not done. This one's hit.
Shouldn't be too hard to find.


We're gonna get you medical help.

Is anyone else down here?
Where are the doctors?

Med staff doesn't stay here.

We're looking for a drug.
GH-325. It might help you, too.

Do I know you?

I don't know.

I might've spent some time here
a while back.

Then you know about the timer.

We got a problem!


The whole place is rigged to blow.

There's enough explosive to bring down
the whole mountain on top of us.

Sir, less than 10 minutes.

It's probably a fail-safe.

If the guards had eliminated us,
they'd stop the timer.

Since they didn't...

There's some kind
of emergency override.

Skye could probably get past it,
but I can't hack the panel,

which means we're trapped in here.

You're the guy who taught Ward
how to disarm nuclear bombs.

Figure out a way to get us out of here.

Let's go find the drug.

So, this is some sort of medical facility?

Yeah, but if nobody's here,
I'm not sure it'll do us any good.

Tough when it's your team.

You guys go back a ways?

Not really. A few months.

We have nothing in common.

Couldn't be more different.

But you can't imagine
your life without her?

Yes. You've experienced that,
Agent Triplett?

I have.

Sometimes a person
takes you by surprise.


She's very lucky to have you.

I know if anything bad
ever happens to me,

I hope you're in my corner, too.

Comms are down.

If I don't hear anything within the hour,
I'm going after them.

Skye's coding. Both of you, now.

How can we help?

- I need a unit of epi.
- Got it.

Let me die!

Don't. Let me die, please.

Let me die!

- Is that where...
- Yeah.

Timer doesn't control the explosion.

It's just a clock.
Detonator must be somewhere else.

It's not in here, I'd have found it.

There's no time to
search the whole compound.

Maybe we can take some Semtex,
use it on the doors.

Sir, are you sure you wanna...

We should put suits on
before we go in there.

You're right. But there's no time.

Wish I could speak to Simmons.

She'd know what most of this stuff is.

Or at least which stuff not to touch.



I don't see any GH.

Agent Coulson. It's locked.

Here. Put these on.

Got it.

Time to go. We couldn't stop it.
Four minutes and counting.

Almost there.

Semtex throughout here as well.

This is it. 325. This is the one we want.

We gotta go. Get it up to Simmons.



I'll be right behind you. Go.

Three minutes.

Have you worked much
with munitions, Agent Fitz?

Explosives are a fascinating specialty.

Very exacting.

Too big a concussion
can trigger a chain reaction,

bury us like fossils for 1,000 years.

Guess we don't have to worry about
The Clairvoyant finding this place.

Agent Ward, you do the honors.

Thought you'd never ask.

- Can you slip through?
- Yeah.

Go. Get that drug up there.

- Coulson.
- Where the hell is he?


Go with Fitz.
Make sure that drug gets to the girl.

Agent Garrett...

Go! Save the girl.

Weak, erratic heart rate.

Each time we save her, I ask myself,

"Is this what Skye would want?"

We didn't come this far to quit.

Get off the ground immediately.

They're alive. Maybe we can...

Fitz, come in. What's your status?

GARRETT; Phil. Phil, What the hell?

Clock's not slowing down.
It's about to get really warm in here.

Hey. You with me?

The guys are out already.
They took the drug up to Skye.

No. Don't give it to her.
The drug! They can't give it to her!

All right. You tell her yourself.

Right now we just need to get out
of this mountain

and off the ground. Now, let's go!

We found it.

What is it? And how much?
Injected where?

May, get us off the ground
or it'll fall out from under us.

No! Don't give it to her!

I was losing her anyway.
What harm can it do?

Come on, girl.

It's working.

She's spiking!

Stop it!
How can we stop it? Skye!

- What's happening?
- I don't know.


Do something!
We have to do something!

Her heartbeat.
She's stabilizing.


Can someone tell me what we just saw?

Girl's a fighter.

What was that stuff you just gave her?

I don't know. All I know is that it worked.

You're a real miracle worker.

You did it.

Something happen down there?

I'm not sure.

One minute he was fine,
the next it was like he'd seen a ghost.

I have good news and bad news.
Which would you like to hear first?

Bad news then. There's a fair amount.

Your Clairvoyant, the one
who said he'd have your back?

He's a no-show.

The site we were supposed
to lead him to with our minds?

Blown to pieces,
buried under 100 feet of rock.

Seems the only psychic power

your buddy has shown
is the ability to predict

if you tell a rich, entitled dirtbag
he's gonna get away with murder,

he'll believe it.


Girl's gonna live.

Live to testify how a billionaire
shot her point blank in the stomach.

Oh, we got a great little home movie
of you admitting that, genius.

This Clairvoyant played you
and left you to rot.

You said there was good news.

I did? Oh, yeah.

You still have your tongue.

Let's go.

I wanna thank you, Garrett, for letting us
keep Quinn on the plane.

Don't mention it.

There's still time for me to make
the rest of his life a long living hell.

I'm counting on it.

- Something I need to ask you, Phil.
- Of course.

We've known each other a long time.

Yes, we have.

Been in our share
of tight spots together.

If it had gone the other way.
If Skye hadn't survived,

were you really prepared
to throw Quinn off this plane?

You were the one who made that threat.

I just asked to keep him
on the plane for a while.

You're right. It was me. My mistake.

Until next time.

Might be sooner than you think.

My man Trip's got eyes
for that biotech gal of yours.

Do you mind?

You did the impossible today.

You saved Skye's life.

Why aren't you happy about it?

They told me you were yelling
to not use the drug.

To not use it on Skye. Why?

What made you change your mind?


Phil, you all right?

Being down there,

seeing where I came from,

I just got really scared
that she would suffer the way that I did.

But she didn't.

For whatever reason, she didn't.

I'm gonna
go see if they have a map.

I'll be waiting in the car,
Mrs. MacKenzie.

- Are you okay?
- No.

No, I'm parched and weary.

Is all of Midgard so desolate?

Midgard? I don't know where that is.

This is Death Valley.


I seek passage from this valley of death

to a more bountiful land.

I wish I could help, but...

It's built for two.

You should ask the manager inside.

Maybe there's a bus later today.

She's your bride?

Yep. Since yesterday morning.

And you prefer her to me?

Well, yeah.

I prefer Nicole to pretty much everyone.

That's why I married her.

Together forever.


I admire that in a man.

I am going to need your help
if I am to remain free.


I swear to protect you
and keep you safe.

But I don't even know your name.

It's Lorelei.

My name is Lorelei.