Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Magical Place - full transcript

S.H.I.E.L.D. organizes a full scale hunt for Coulson. Centipede tries to resurface the memories on what happened after Coulson died.

Previously on Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

I was killed. Well, almost.

Afterwards, it's kind of a blank.

Not everyone gets sent to Tahiti.

It's a magical place.

He really doesn't know, does he?

He can never know.

What is Centipede?

It's an intravenous filter for his blood.

Those soldiers at the warehouse
were forced to attack us?

Through that eye thing?

When the tide turned in our favor,
Centipede flipped Hayward's kill switch.

Don't do...

Po's the strategist,
Rama's their recruiter.

Perhaps this Clairvoyant's the money.

- Why do they want you?
- They took Coulson.

Take care of my boy!


We want you to tell us
about the day after you died.

100% premium-grade Chitauri metal.

As rare as it gets.

How'd you get your hands
on this, Vanchat?

It's what I do.

Find alien scrap no one else can,

then offer it to people
who fully appreciate my efforts.


I appreciate the hell out of them.

You can name your price.

Is that a Roomba?

Fitz-Simmons, he's heading your way.

We've never done anything
like this before. Are you sure?

It's time, Simmons.
Embrace the change.

Skye. You're up.


Let me get that for you.

Mr. Vanchat.

We were hoping you could
help us find a friend.

Impressive. You actually managed
to reopen all your stitches.

I just hope Vanchat
can lead us to Centipede.

Well, the Chitauri metal he was selling

is an exact match
to what Centipede used for their device.

We find Centipede, we find Coulson.

Don't ask questions, Agent Kob.

Just get me the 5-millimeter injector.
That's an order.

Yes, sir.

Honestly, how many agents do
they think they can cram on this plane?

It's only gonna get more crowded.

We're set to pick up more men

when Agent Hand
dumps Vanchat off at the Fridge.

Honestly, I think it's good they're here.
We need fresh eyes.

It's been 36 hours since
Agent Coulson was taken

and none of us have gotten any rest.

Oh, joy. Agent Hand
is giving another briefing.

There was one fatality.

The burned remains
recovered at the site

are believed to be those of
Agent Trainee Michael Peterson.

Other physical evidence
has proven scarce.

Nothing relating to Mr. Po,
his Centipede associates,

or their location has been found.

- Any progress with Vanchat?
- Nothing actionable, Agent Ward.

But I have my best interrogator
in there right now.

Vanchat will talk,
and rest assured, when he does,

not a single stone will be left unturned
until we take down Centipede.

- And find Agent Coulson.
- And get Coulson back.

We have a security breach.
Someone's hacking the system.

Just in time.

- Can you override this?
- What do you think you're doing?

The money trail's our key
to finding Coulson.

I just need to gain access
to Vanchat's financials,

and from there, I should be able
to trace Centipede's payments

and then hack into their account.

You're the consultant,
the one who shot Agent Sitwell.

Technically, that wasn't me.

I want you off this plane immediately.


Wait. I know I'm not some badass
field agent like May or Ward,

but this is what I do.

You can't just kick me off this mission.

Listen, I'll do whatever you say.

All this protocol crap
doesn't matter to me.

All that matters to me is Coulson.

Well, all this "protocol crap"
matters to me.

You're a distraction. And you're gone.

Agent Hand.

I know Skye's methods are unorthodox.

But she's a member of this team.
She can help.

Agent May, your professional opinion.

Will this girl be of any use to us
on this plane?


Increase her restriction level,
confiscate her laptop and phone.

- Then have her delivered to debrief.
- Yes, ma'am.

I'll do it. I'm her S.O.

It's clear that May
has an ax to grind with me,

but that was way out of line.

No one knows what's in May's head
except May.

Don't worry. Coulson will make
this right when he gets back.

I can find him, Ward.

I believe you.

I've seen firsthand what you can do,

even without S.H.I.E.L.D. resources.

- Hang on. Hang on.
- We have something for you.

You made me a sandwich?

Yes, it is that.

It's a satellite phone. Damper-resistant.

You get one shot before
your bracelet shuts it down.

So only call in case of emergency.

What do I even need this for?

I'm gonna be spending
the next three days

in a S.H.I.E.L.D. broom closet
getting debriefed.

That's right.
A few agents are coming here

to pick you up for debriefing
in exactly 12 minutes.

Good luck.

Don't touch Lola.


Can you feel that?

Don't stop.

Listen to him.

Who ordered this?

it seems you passed out.

Now maybe you're ready to share
what memories you're seeing.

I saw

Jordan hitting that game-winner
over Russell in the '98 finals.

- So clutch.
- Agent Coulson.

We're gonna turn the machine
back on and open your mind.

It's time to stop fighting it.

If you don't,
you won't survive the process.

I'll let you kill me
before I give you anything.

It seems you have
a taste for that anyway.

Murdered Mike Peterson
in front of his own son...

Mr. Peterson chose that end.

We gave him his life
and his child, unscathed.

You're upset because
that man's death hits so close to home.

Seeing a boy lose his father
at such a young age,

as you did.

A defining moment.

The Clairvoyant saw that.

I hate to break it to you,
but your telepathic friend is a fraud.

Otherwise, he'd know all these answers,
and I wouldn't be here.

It's true, this is strange.

My friend can see that you died.

You went cold.

Your heart was torn to pieces.

What The Clairvoyant can't see
is what happened after.

How they brought you back
from the dead.

For some reason, Agent Coulson,
you're different.

Now, why is that?

So, we have to do this the hard way.

Just need an exploit.
Some way in.

Come on!

What's going on?

I think it's the wireless.

Here's your change, sir.
Uh, thank you.

Hey, Lloyd. You might be my way in.

- That's what I said. Yeah.
- One second.

Of course, I love truffles.
But not on that. What an idiot.

So fax me over that stuff.

No, sweetie, listen to me.

It was a private jet.
Of course there was Wi-Fi.

He should have at least
texted you back.

No! That's too much.

I know the Night-Night rounds
no longer affect the Centipede Soldiers,

but all we want to do is disable them,
not kill them.

I'm good with either, frankly.

Fitz, you don't mean that.
Those soldiers are just men...

Who can smash your skull open
with a single punch.

But they're being controlled.

Centipede is making them fight
against their will.

Well, they took Coulson.

I don't care what we have to do
to get him back.

We need to bring him home.

What's this guy doing?
Lulling Vanchat to sleep?

I'm going in.

Damn it.

Okay, Skye. You just need a Plan B.

Roadside Assistance.

We see you've had an accident.

Yeah. Can you send somebody
to tow me back to my house?

Of course,
I'll dispatch someone right away.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm good.

Agent Hand needs you.
Says it's urgent.

Time to talk.

The names of all your buyers.
Alphabetically would help.

I'm not telling you a bloody thing.

That's how you wanna play it?

Rochambeau you?


Scissors? Oh, Fitz!

I've got all day.


All right! All right, I'll talk! I'll talk!

The town that the bomb forgot.

It was built in the '40s
for nuclear testing.

But when the Cold War ended,
the town was spared.

Not exactly prime real estate.


True. There's nothing but desert
for hundreds of miles.

But I really like it. It's nice here.

The children are always playing,

yet never make a sound.

Shall we get back to it, then?

So you sure you don't want me
to take it to the dealer?

No, thanks. I got a guy.

All right. Thank you.

Dollar bills, y'all.

Lloyd Rathman's office.

This is the LAPD.
I need to speak with Mr. Rathman.

We recovered a stolen vehicle
registered in his name.

- Oh! Was it damaged?
- Yes, ma'am.

We have two officers waiting at
his home ready to take a statement.

How long do you think it'll take
Mr. Rathman to get there?

You're in a lot of trouble, Mr. Rathman.

Who the hell are you?

Agent Melinda May, with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Look, clearly there's been
a misunderstanding.

I'm a legitimate businessman.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has evidence your
company has been siphoning funds

into an offshore account
for some very bad people.

My client's business is their business.

Well, my business
is catching those guys.

If it turns out you've made profit
from just one of them,

S.H.I.E.L.D. is prepared to
freeze all of your assets.

I'm calling my lawyer.

Do that, and my offer's off the table.

- What offer's that?
- Immunity.

You walk. Free and clear.

S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't touch
a single asset.

Not even your party boat in Key Largo.

And if I say no?

You spend five years in the Fridge.

- The "Fridge"?
- It's worse than it sounds.

All right. What do you want?

Follow me to your office.

We've got some work to do.

Vanchat's intel is paying off.

We're pursuing every known buyer
of Chitauri metals around the globe.

The largest is a warehouse in Sydney.
We're heading there now.

This is our chance
to take down Centipede.

I want everyone in full tactical.

And what about Agent Coulson?

If we're lucky, Centipede's
holding him in Sydney. Dismissed.

Agent Ward, a moment.

First your friend Skye left the plane
and never arrived for her debrief,

then Vanchat almost flies out
of the interrogation room.

Do we have a problem?

No, Agent Hand.

Your man wasn't getting answers,
so I stepped in.

Without my permission.

Well, congratulations.

Thanks to you
and your unique interrogation skills,

we now have active strike teams
running raids all over the world.

The question is, why?

- Excuse me?
- It's unprecedented,

this kind of response for
a Level 8 operative.

The sheer manpower involved.

I've been on the phone all day.

Director Fury. Commander Hill.
Everyone wants an update.

Frankly, I don't understand it.

No single agent is that important.

Coulson is.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s gonna find me
before you break me.


The Clairvoyant sees an end to all that.

He doesn't look so good.

Raina. What took you so long?

I was tending to our other subject.

The persuasion skills I've spoken to
The Clairvoyant so much about

would be better served here,
with me, breaking this man.

I would never use force
to bend a man to my wishes.

He's being difficult.

- He's being beaten.
- Into submission.

The Clairvoyant requested it
and will tell me to...




Well, I've only just begun.

My methods are sound, I assure you.

Right here?


The Clairvoyant
would like to speak to you.

This is Raina.


I agree.

Thank you.

I'll put him back on.

Yes, I'm here.

There a problem?

Victoria Hand.
We don't exactly see eye to eye.

I'm sure she's utilizing

all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources
to find Coulson.

Not all of them.

You know, it wouldn't hurt
to have Skye working an exploit.

Why didn't you stick up for her?

Excuse me?

She's proven herself
on multiple missions.

She's a part of this team.
You let her get tossed.

All I did was tell Hand the truth.

Skye's no use to us on this plane.

- How can you say that?
- She's not.

Not with all these agents here.

Over her shoulder,
monitoring her every move.

- You wanted her off the plane.
- Outside the system.

That's how Skye works best.

You don't have to assume
the worst of me.

Agent May, change of plans.
Sending new coordinates now.

We found their helicopter

at a laboratory
outside the Mojave Desert.

Copy that. Coordinates received.

Hang on to something.

You want me to hack into
a Swiss bank account?

Just need you to type in
your private corporate ID

to get me in the door.

Yeah, well,
letting you in that door is a crime.

Come to think of it, how do I know
you're not just some criminal?

In my experience,
a Federal agent shows a badge.

You want to see my badge?

S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol Six Alpha Victor.

There. That's my badge.

Great. I just got
my high score in Tiny Wings.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been watching you
for quite some time, Mr. Rathman.

You're a prime exploit.

The gambling, the divorces,
that money pit in the Caymans.

You're even behind
on your child support payments.

Ugh, that's a clerical thing.
My ex knows that.

But did David know that?

David thinks I'm a cool dad.

David thinks you're a jackass.
You gotta fix that, Lloyd.

Kids need someone they can look up to.

Now start typing.

P.D. Security! Don't move!

That's it. Nice and easy.

Keep your hands where I can see 'em.

On the ground!

Okay, I'm typing. I'm typing.

You S.H.I.E.L.D. guys
don't mess around.

This is turning into
an interesting day, isn't it?

So you're my friend now?

'Cause I've seen what you do
to your friends.

- Mr. Po?
- Yeah.

He was a murderer.
Incapable of remorse.

I was thinking of Mike Peterson,
Chan Ho Yin.

I gave them what they asked for.

Mike wanted to be a hero
to his son. Now he is.

Did Akela Amador
want a bomb in her head?

The people you work for
are just as capable

of using cruel means
to reach a justified end.

And who do you work for, Raina?
The Clairvoyant?


- Who is he?
- I don't know.

Today was the first time
I personally made contact.

My heart's still racing.

He has you building super-soldiers.

The Clairvoyant
gives us guidance. Formulas.

For what?

The changing world.

The world your organization
brought upon us.

We're new to the business of what
you've been doing for decades.

So, now what? You have soldiers.

You can make them strong.
You can control them.

In an instant, you can kill them.

Yes, but we can't
bring them back to life.

You were killed.

Now you're here.

We want to know how.

Don"[ you?

I'd like to turn the machine on again.

It induces theta brain wave frequencies

to help uncover the secrets
buried in the subconscious.

If you cooperate,
you can surf those waves.

I've gone surfing.

That is definitely not like surfing.

You've been resisting.

Fight the waves, and you'll drown.

Your brain will cook.

You'll stop breathing, again.

Then that's what it'll be.

Or I hold out until
my team comes to find me.

Either way, you will not get
classified intel from me.

I'm not interested in those secrets.

The Clairvoyant can see within
any agency, any government.

He knows what the President
dreams about at night.

I want what you want,

to uncover a different secret.

The secret S.H.I.E.L.D.
is keeping from you.

All right, we're logged in.

But you do realize you can't transfer
these kinds of funds online?

I'm not looking to transfer funds,
I'm looking for transaction records.

Go to your account history.

We need to open up
a terminal emulator,

see what kind of encryption they've got.

If it's an SSL 256, or an
AES twofish-serpent, we're in business.

- Yeah.
- Quantum key, that's another story.


Lloyd. What is happening here?

Yeah, account history, where is that?

Delete that second line.

Press "return."

See, the thing is, I have an assistant
that does all this for me.

That's it.

So, this Vanchat,
is this the guy you're trying to bust?

No, we already have him in custody.

What I wanna know is who's
recently paid Vanchat a lot of money.

I backtrack those payments
to the buyer's account

and get a record of
all the purchases she's made.

Maybe use it to track her down.
Click there.

Hello, Raina.

Let's see what you've been up to.
Print that.

Great. So are we done here?

One last thing.

And you're clinging
to the one thing you have,

fond memories of your recovery.

So this person you work for
told you I died

and have gaps in my memory?

Ever think your mind reader

might just be looking up
symptoms online?

I was also told it keeps you up at night,
that you crave answers,

that you're troubled by the fact

that when you asked for answers,
you were denied.

Isn't that true?

I trust the system.

They keep secrets for a reason.

But why would S.H.I.E.L.D. keep
details of your death from you?

They're your family.

Your only family,
since you've lost your mother, too.

Now, after all you've sacrificed...

Sacrifice is part of the job.
I would give my life...

You didn't just give your life.

You gave up your chance
at a normal one.

At love.

And she did love you, Agent Coulson.

- How could you know that?
- Do you miss her?

Dinners at The Richmond?

Do you miss hearing her play?

You didn't even have a chance
to say goodbye.

I couldn't. I can't.

She cried for days after
S.H.I.E.L.D. told her you died.

They shattered her heart

With a lie.

- And now they're lying to you.
- No.

No, they're not.

I know you don't wanna believe it.

But you can't tell me

nothing makes you doubt,
makes you wonder,

what happened in Tahiti.

It's a magical...

I keep saying that.

Don't you wanna know why?

Turn it on.

The Centipede soldiers each have
a port on their delivery device

to inject refills of serum.

With this injector cuff,
we can use the port to our advantage.

By injecting a refined dose
of dendrotoxin

to incapacitate the soldier.

- How's it work?
- Oh.

Just simply lock it around
the Centipede soldier's forearm.

And night-night super powers.

Sounds like riding a bull
for eight seconds.

- Yeah, exactly. It's that simple.
- Yeah.

- Hello?
- Simmons. It's me.

Why, hello, Dr. Nugent.

Is someone there?
Oh, God. Don't try to lie.

You are the worst at this.
Remember our safe word.

Oh, I shouldn't have said that. Um...

I am right as rain.
Couldn't be better, old chap.

You three, out.

Listen up.

I may have a lead on where
Centipede's holding Coulson.


What have you found?

We're about to launch
a major assault on a Centipede lab,

and you wanna take your team to the
desert based on a hunch from Skye?

It's not a hunch.

Skye followed the money
from Vanchat back to Centipede.

Turns out, they recently
purchased a small development

less than 100 miles from here.

Well, that's great news
for their real estate portfolio.

But we have confirmed activity
at the lab.

I'm taking a strike team to investigate.
End of story.

So we split up.

You take the strike team
and go after Centipede.

We'll investigate Skye's lead,
see if Coulson's there.

You backed my decision
to kick Skye off the plane.

- Seems like it worked out.
- Seems like you played me.

Look, this isn't personal.

But I am taking my team
and we're gonna find Coulson.

Send back-up if you want.

What makes you so sure
this machine will even work?

It worked on me.

One thing before we start.

What is it with the flowers?

Who doesn't like flowers?

I'm glad you noticed.

Close your eyes and relax.

I want you to think back to
your first memory after you died.

What do you see?

Sandy beach, blue waves.
Just as I remember it.

Focus on the details.

Can you feel that?

Don't stop.

Listen to him!

Who ordered this?

- What?
- Director Fury himself.

Got creepy?

You shouldn't be here.

There's nowhere to run!

Agent Coulson.

Somethings happening, isn't it?

Listen to him!

I need you to look at
your surroundings.

Try and describe what you see.

Are you still in Tahiti? Tell me.

It's dark. There's nothing.

Everything is dark.

Coulson's gotta be here somewhere.

We need to split up.

Or run.

- I'll take care of him.
- Are you sure?

I got this.

Come on, let's move!


Now, Coulson. Where the hell are you?

He's drifting. He's drifting.

He's drifting.

This is wrong.

Can you feel that?

- Don't!
- Listen to him!

- Stop!
- Who ordered this?

- Director Fury himself.
- This is wrong!

Listen to him!

Let me die, please. Please.

Please, I'm begging you, let me die.

Please. Please let me die.

Let me die, please!


Let me die! Please!

Let me die!

Stop fighting it, Agent Coulson.
Stop fighting it.

Please let me die.

It's for his own good.

Please let me die! Please let me die!

Please let me die.
Let me die. Let me die, please.

Coulson. Coulson.

Come back. Come back.
Come back. Come back.




Nice jacket.

Bet there aren't any flower dresses
where she's going.

Amen to that, sister.


Let's go, ma'am.

Just got off the phone
with headquarters.

Director Fury was very relieved.

I understand you've been busy.
Heard you put some miles on my plane.

The manhunt has yielded
some impressive results.

Centipede operations have been
taken down around the globe.

- Any word on The Clairvoyant?
- Nothing yet.

But it's going to be awfully hard
to stay hidden

now that The Clairvoyant's
on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar.


Because Raina knew things about me.
Personal things.

I want to know how.

My men and I are taking her straight
to headquarters for questioning.

We'll be in touch.

Agent Hand?

Thank you, for everything.

Good to have you back.

Honestly, this bus isn't really my style.

I just want to say thank you.

Now get back to work.

I heard what you did for me.

I think it's time that we remove this.

Disengage bracelet.

Are you kidding me?

Thought you'd like that.

Back in that room.

Did they learn anything?


Did you?

I heard what you were saying.

It wasn't real.

They were just messing with my head.

But I appreciate your concern.

Evening, Doctor.

Agent Coulson.

You weren't operating on my heart.

- I know about Tahiti.
- I was afraid this day would come.

- Because of what I'd do?
- Because of what I've done.

After New York,

you weren't dead for eight seconds,
or 40 seconds,

or whatever they put in your file.

You were dead for


- That's impossible.
- It should be.

But Director Fury
moved heaven and earth.

He had a team of scientists
working around the clock,

using procedures that
no good doctor would ever allow.

You were there.

Fury brought me in
during the seventh operation.

We kept you conscious
to monitor brain activity,

but you were in extreme pain.

The neurological damage,
it was catastrophic.

- I wanted to die.
- And we should have let you.

The trauma you'd endured

was ungodly.

Why was that machine
messing with my brain?

After what you'd been through,

we wanted to restore
the man you'd once been.

So we gave you a pleasant memory.

Of a beautiful island.

We didn't want you to be that thing.

What had I become, Doctor?

Tell me.

You'd lost your will to live.

We tried to give it back.

I'm sorry, Agent Coulson.

Truly I am.

If you only knew...


Anybody there?