Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

S.H.I.E.L.D. puts together a special team, led by Agent Phil Coulson, to track down a mysterious man with special abilities and the young computer hacker that's encouraging him to reveal himself to the world.

Walter Murphy -
"A Fifth of Beethoven"

Exactly three years ago,

I promised you a president

who feels your pain
and who shares your dreams.

I want to talk to you
about a fundamental threat

to American democracy.

For the first time
in the history of our country,

a majority of our people believe

that the next five years

will be worse than
the past five years.

Alpha, Alpha 15 uh,
tell us your route course.

Yeah, Alpha, Alpha 15
at November for time at Delta Delta.


Howdy, folks.

I apologize for the delay.

We're at number 11 for take off.

We'll try to make it up
in the air.

Just wake me up over Texas.

Apologies from the flight deck.

Just a little bit of turbulence.

Thank you all for flying
TWA tonight.

Welcome to Baton Rouge.

The people's choice.

...and for you history buffs
is in Louisiana.

The Bellamy Brothers -
"Let Your Love Flow"

♪ Just let your love flow
like a mount... ♪

- Hey, Luce.
- Uh, back here.

♪ And let your love show ♪

♪ And you'll know what I mean ♪

♪ It's the season ♪

♪ Let your love fly ♪

♪ Like a bird on a wing ♪

♪ And let your love bind you ♪

Thank you for flying TWA.

Welcome to Vancouver.

Welcome to Bakersfield.

Welcome to Denver.

I hope they put us up at the
Holiday Inn tonight.

Those little cocktail gals
are on fire.

As soon as they see
a man in uniform,

panties come off.

Mmm, mmm.

Glassband -
"LA Loves You"

Thanks, Bobby.

Hi, Chivas on the rocks.

Hot Chocolate - "You Sexy Thing"
♪ Now you're lying close to me ♪

♪ Making love to me ♪

♪ I believe in miracles ♪

♪ Where you from? ♪

♪ You sexy thing
(Sexy thing, you) ♪

♪ I believe in miracles ♪

♪ Since you came along ♪

♪ You sexy thing ♪


What's that?

Barry Seal.

That's right.

You have a...

drop off and pick up service
here every other Thursday.

Cuban exiles.

They pay commercial pilots
to smuggle homegrown contraband

through Canadian hubs.
Vancouver, Montreal.


I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.

- No?
- No.

You're smuggling cigars.

You have an
interesting file, Barry.


Starts off with a bang.

Top of your class
in the Civil Air Patrol.

Youngest pilot in TWA history.

You were going places.

What is goin' on here?

Revolution is in the air, Barry.

Central America, right now.

We're building nations
down there, Barry.

We're building nations.

It's America at its fuckin' finest.

And we could use someone like you.

God damn.

You're CIA.


Holy shit.

Hot damn.
Look at her.

Well, they uh,
they tell me she's pretty fast.

Yeah. Yeah.

The fastest
twin engine on the planet.

I mean, shit.

She looks like she's goin' 300
miles an hour just sittin' there.

CIA owns this?

No. No.

Uh, Independent Aviation Consultants.

- IAC.
- Yeah.

What is that? What do they call
one of them front groups, is it?

No, no, no.
It's as real as IBM.


You'd run the company, but
after hours, you work for us.


It takes pictures?

We say it collects intelligence.



Uh, south of the border.
North of the equator.

Let's just say uh...

Enemies of democracy.

Look, the real work is covert.
You understand?

- So, so uh...
- "Covert".

Anyone finds out about it, uh...

Family, friends, even uh, Lucy.
It's Lucy, right?

Yeah, that's right.

That'd be a problem.

- What?
- All this is legal?

If you're doin' it for the good guys...

Just don't get caught.
You wanna take it for a spin?

Fuck it.
Take it for a fucking spin.

I want you to
take her for a spin.

It's all for me.

It's a new business.
It's gonna be my business.

- Okay, logistical support for airports.
- That's right.

And you're callin' it IAC?

What do you know about business?

You are a TWA airline pilot.

That's how you support this family.

This is gonna be good for us.

What about benefits?

Our healthcare?

And we have great
healthcare with TWA.

Um, you know, I'm sure that's
not gonna be a problem.

And what the hell does
IAC mean, anyway?

Independent Aviation Consultants.

Well, that sounds fuckin'
made up, Barry.

It does?

Flight control screen correct.

- Warning and annunciator lights.
- Check...on that.

- Anti-skid lights.
- Lights off.

- Landing gear.
- Handle's down, three green.

- Speed brake lever.
- Stowed.

- Thrust levers.
- Cut off.

- Engine start levers.
- Cut off.

- Snap trim panel switches.
- Normal.

Fire warning system.


Radius transponder radar.

- Barry? Radius transponder radar.
- Yeah, check, check.

- Rudder aileron trim.
- Zero zero.



Flight attendant briefing.

Uh, Barry?

You gonna be all right, Jimmy.

Where are you-
where are you going?

Barry, where are you going?

Shit. I know, I know.

That was bold.

That was bold.

I do tend to leap
before I look.

Maybe uh...

Maybe I should've asked
a few more questions.

Anyways, back in '78, in uh...


Anyway, it uh...

That was the day
I joined the CIA.

The Allman Brothers -
"One Way Out"

Now, in those days,
the cold war was in full swing.

The Soviets were backing

communist insurgents
all over Central America.

The CIA wanted snaps
of them insurgents.

♪ Ain't but one way out baby ♪

♪ Lord I just can't
go out the door ♪

♪ No ♪

Now these pictures
are sensational.

Who's responsible?

They're mine.

- Hey, Monty.
- Yeah.

Who the fuck is he?

- Hurry!
- Now!


Oh, shit!

Come on, now.
Come on, now.



The people's choice.

Jay Ramsey -
"Call Me Free"

So uh, so then
I show him this one.

And he goes uh, "Goddammit, Schafer,
I didn't ask for mug shots."

I mean, they said they're

the best reconnaissance photos
they have ever seen.

So, does this mean
I get a raise?

You're doing great.

You got a family, Schafer?

Big push!

Ah, motherfucker!

Wife, kids?

See, I uh, I didn't tell Lucy
I ain't workin' for TWA no more.

You're serving your country.

I am gonna need
some more money at some point.

You'll figure it out.

Oh, uh...

We uh, we're sending you
to Panama tomorrow.

The CIA was so happy
with my work,

they gave me another job.

Bag man.

See, there was this
Colonel down in Panama

named Noriega.

And he was selling the Agency's intel
on all the commies down there.

For your friends.

My job was just to
drop off and pick up.

Just drop off.

And pick up.

Right here in Baton Rogue.

You're listening to the
best in Louisiana music.

- Hey, Luce, pancakes are up.
- Thanks, baby.


Uh... gasolina.

Si. Gasolina.

In the car.

Hey uh...
A donde vamos, fellas?

Linda Ronstadt - "Blue Bayou"
♪ Come what may to blue bayou ♪


...muchachos. Come on up.

♪ Where those fishing boats ♪

♪ With their sails afloat ♪

♪ If I could only see ♪

Thank you for
coming to see me.

Sir, I-I think there's
been some sort of

mistake here, because I...

These fellas just picked me up
at the airport.

No, no.
No mistake.

Just please... have a seat.

Coffee, Mr. Seal?

Dos tinticos.

You know my name?

You're the gringo who flies
to Central America every week.

Taking pictures very low
with your fancy plane.

Yeah, I mean uh-uh...
those photos, see I have a uh...

aviation company here
in South America, I advise...

- Yes, the AIC.
- IAC. Yes, Sir.

Or is it CIA?

What? No, no, no.
I'm just a businessman here.

I'm a businessman.

Imports-Exports. Cattle.


But now...

Now, God above has blessed
this great country with new riches,

Mr. Seal.

And you could help us.

How's that?

You know the routes.

You can get in and out
Estados Unidos with your fancy plane.

What kind of riches
we talkin' 'bout here?

♪ That familiar sunrise ♪

♪ Through sleepy eyes ♪

♪ How happy I'd be ♪

Cocaine, Mr. Seal.

♪ On blue bayou ♪

We had a few difficulties
getting our exports

to your country, Mr. Seal.


Ma'am, what's in the bag?

We decided to try new ideas.

We want you
to take off from here.

Fly directly to Miami.

We'll pay you $2,000 per kilo.

How much is a kilo?

2.2 pounds, Mr. Seal.


every 2.2 pounds.

I'm sorry, fellas.

I didn't catch ya'll's names.

Jorge Ochoa.

Carlos Lehder.

Pablo Escobar.

A couple of billion
dollars from now,

they'd be known as
the Medellin Cartel.

See, back then, they're just
three businessmen

tryin' to figure out
how to get their

merchandise to the United States.

There was just
one small problem.

See, pilots, they were

killin' themselves tryin'
to get off that runway.

I see you had a few other boys
try to make it outta here.

Si. Si, terrible pilots.

Yeah, well...
I'm sure they were heavy.

You know, carryin' a lot of fuel
to make to States...

And merchandise and...

Yeah, you know, this airport,
I mean it's...

High altitude
and a short runway.

I mean, shit, you got trees
and mountains on both sides.

Is there uh,

Is there somewhere else
I could take off from?

Not where the army wouldn't notice.

Well, uh...

Can you make the runway longer?

They say
I should get rid of you.

That you can't do it.

- We have our people in Miami.
- Yeah.

You gonna land at the Okeechobee
Airport between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m.

Look, there's uh...

There's been a change of plans
'cause I ain't landin' in Miami...

Oh, thank you. Gracias.

See, I ain't landin'
anywhere with this stuff.

That's, that's how
ya'll got in trouble.

Now, look, just,
just hear me out.

I know Louisiana.
Now, here's a map.

Now, I'm gonna drop this stuff
right where "X" marks the spot.

All right? Just...

What do you mean
you're not gonna land, huevon?

Okay, just...
Hey, come here, just...

Look, just look at this.


See, right here.
See that there?


Right there is your
million-dollar door.

All right?
You just go around.

Each side...tight.

No, no, no.
No more.

I said no more.

No mas. No mas.
No mas. No mas.

But there's plenty of room, gringo.

- No, no. Si, si, Hasta arriba.
- Guys, guys.

It ain't about room, all right?
It's about weight.

Now, we agreed on 200,
I even put on 300.

No mas.
No mas.

Keep pushin', come on.
I need all the runway I can get.

Keep goin', keep goin'.
See that.

Pare. Pare. Pare.
Hold. Hold.

Bien, bien.

Gracias, gracias.

Ho, whoa.

Where the hell do you
think you're going, big fella?

Come on. Out.

He's gonna
guard the product.

This guy's fatter than fuck.

I'm already 1500 pounds

Either I fly the big fella,
or I fly your product.

Good luck, hermano.

God will keep you safe.

He ain't gonna make this
runway any longer.

Hey, Jorge.
Come here, give me it.

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on!




I've got a possible target
headed due north.

25 miles off shore.

That's platform 14,
one of Shell's helicopters.

You need to disregard.

John Ever Villa -
"Seguro Lo Hara Otro"

Coronamos de mi puta!

- Señores, salud, Barry.
- Cheers, cheers.

Esta loco
este huevon.

Esta loco.

- Barry, esto es para ti.
- Wow!

For you.

Was that...uh, Wednesday?

You want me to go-he wants me
to go again on Wednesday.

- Yes, next Wednesday.
- What about the uh...

That runway?

Pablo, Jorge!

Tranquilo, tranquilo

Wait here, Barry.
Wait here.

Tranquilo, tranquilo

Are we running?


What is that?
You want me to wait here?


Oh, my God.

Si, si, si, si, si...


Barry Seal?


- Barry Seal?
- Schafer?

Oh, my God.
You look terrible.

So good to see you.

- You missing a tooth?
- Yeah.

What the fuck?

- See these guys here?
- Yeah.

I think they know
that I am CIA.

You're not CIA.

You're a drug smuggler, Barry.

Listen, Louisiana PD was
notified of your arrest here.

They're gonna raid your
house at 6:00 am.

They're gonna pick up Lucy,
bring her in for questioning.

Maybe even keep her overnight.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. You gotta
get me out of here.

Well, maybe...

Maybe we could figure
something out.

Okay. You can-you can
stop now, if you want, 'cause...

Believe me...

Shit gets crazy from here.

Remember them fellas that I
told you I was takin' snaps of?

Turns out, they was
a bunch of commies.

Called themselves Sandinistas.

These fellas managed to get their
shit together

and take control right here in this
little country called Nicaragua.

Oh, no, that's El Salvador.
Here you go, Nicaragua.

This is the first successful
revolution in Central America.

Now, that may have been
bad news for some people.

But not for me. See,
there's a new sheriff in town.

My fellow Americans,
I must speak to you tonight

about a mounting danger
in Central America.

Even after everything that happened,
I-I still love Ronnie Reagan.

I mean, any man that can make it
from that monkey movie

- all the way to the White House...
- What's the matter with him?

He's gotta know
what the hell he's doing.

What he wanted

was to kick them commie
Sandinistas out of Nicaragua.

And he wanted the Nicaraguan
freedom fighters

called Contras to do it.

They need to know that the U.S.
supports them

with more than just
pretty words and good wishes.

But Congress, well they smelled
the makings of another Vietnam.

And they outright refused
to let Ronnie have his war.

But do you think them politicians
could tell the Gipper what to do?

Hell, no.
He turned to the CIA.

And the CIA turned to me.

Schafer, Schafer, that uh,
morning raid on my family...

So, that's off now, right?

No, no. That's uh,
that's still happening.

- What?
- 6:00 am

This fucking country!

- Now, hold on.
- Stop!

Now, we have a deal.

I'm not a cop, Barry.

I can't make a search warrant
go away, you know?

Things are in motion here.

Come on, man.
What that hell am I gonna do?

I suggest you get your
family out of Louisiana.

- Where am I supposed to take 'em?
- We got a place for you.





Hey, Luce.

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

My God, baby,
what happened to you?

I'm okay.

Barry, you're missing a tooth.

Hey, uh...
We're movin'.

We gotta pack everything up.

We gotta be outta here
before the sun comes up.

We uh, so we get these
dresses and...

You uh, do you need
all them shoes?

Hey, there, sunshine.

How you doin'? Now look,
I'm gonna give you a plastic bag.

I want you to go upstairs
and put your favorite toys...

Go on back to bed, honey.
Daddy done lost his mind.

No, darlin', you listen to Daddy.
You go do that.

- See, we're going on an adventure.
- No, we're not going on an adventure.

Like the time we went
camping in the park?

Not actually, but-'cause every
adventure's different.

Oh, my God, you're actually
serious right now.

Barry, it's 4:00 a.m.,
I'm not moving.

- Christina's school play is tomorrow!
- Do you trust me?


But you love me.
You do love me.

Of course, I fucking love you.

Then listen, we gotta move.

We gotta get outta here
before the sun comes up.

Townes Van Zandt -
"Black Widow Blues"

♪ I got a black widow spider
for mama, Lord ♪

♪ Got a diamond-backed
rattler for pa ♪

♪ Well, I got me a woman
down in New Orleans ♪

♪ Got a friend in Arkansas ♪

♪ Got a morning full... ♪

♪ Gonna make you grieve ♪

♪ Lovin' gonna make you mine ♪

♪ Ain't never seen
your town before ♪

Look at it,
they got barbecue.

♪ I need me a place
to hide my face ♪

♪ From the howlin' of the wind ♪

Got a lotta charm.

This place has got
a lotta charm.

♪ Got a goatskin full of wine ♪

All we gots a
porta potty out back and...

I think that'd be cruel
and unusual punishment, right?

Well, I'll be sure 'n give 'em a
good whup for it on Monday, though.

All right.

Thank you.

Front door's open.

Shh, it's okay.

That's an easy fix.

I gotta...

Get in. Come on.

Oh, shit.

We gotta make this quick.

She might leave me
before I get back.

So, this is all yours.

Including everything between
here and your house.

Almost 2,000 acres.

What do you think?

I own all this?

Oh, yeah.

This whole airport?

Yeah. Congratulations.


Soviet-made for the PLO.

The Israelis captured these,
and then secretly traded them to us.

And you're gonna
fly them to Nicaragua.

Uh, you didn't say
nothin' 'bout guns.

It's a war, Barry.

Freedom fighters can't put up
much of a fight if they aren't armed.

This was the deal.

Or would you rather be
in a Colombian prison?

This is every current law enforcement
investigation in the Gulf Coast.

FBI, ATF, DEA, Customs.

These maps will help you
avoid all of 'em.

Holy shit.

You just fly where they ain't.

Everything in this hangar's mine.

Oh, yeah.

That truck's mine.


- Tools are mine.
- Yes, sir.

This airplane is mine.

Bag is mine.

What bag?

I fed the kids.
They're sleepin'.

I unpacked the car.

That is good.

Fixed the sink.
Just the valve.

See, I told you,
that was gonna be easy.

Fuck, Barry!

Okay, all right, all right.

Ima come clean.

I don't work for TWA
no more.

No shit, Barry.
Are you going to prison?

No, ma'am.

You gotta take care
of this family.

'Cause I will take the kids.

I will go right back to working
for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Luce, what I'm workin' on...

- Barry, I'm six months pregnant.
- It's top secret.

I need a fridge.

I need beds for our children.

I need a stove,
a fucking washing machine.

Washing machine over there.

Let me just...

Is this all legal?

All right, what I'm about to tell you...
Now, you-you...

You gotta swear you can't
ever tell anybody this, Lucy.

All right?

I am working...
for the CIA.

Synced by


Howdy, amigos.

I'm here on behalf
of Uncle Sam.

Look, Schafer.
I ain't no military expert,

but are you sure
these are the right guys?

'Cause they seem a damn sight
more interested in my boots

than in your guns.

Look, this is getting big time.

Schafer, I just don't think
I'm the guy for this.

You just keep delivering
that pizza, you hear me?

You just keep delivering.

Hola. All right.

These are gifts.

All right?

All right? Gifts.
Regalos de mi.

Back off. Off.



Atras, atras.

Now, these guns
are gifts from Uncle Sam.

I'm not fuckin' around.

Barry! Put the bat down, huevon!

We're all friends here.

What the hell are you doing here?

This is Don Adolfo Calero.

He works for your
government on the revolution

to bring down the Sandinistas.

Jorge tells me you are
the crazy gringo

who always delivers.

We have a new business
proposition to you, Barry.

You bring your American
guns to Colombia,

deliver our cocaine here
to the Contras,

the Contras take it by
fishing boats to Miami,

and everybody's happy.

It's for the war effort, Mr. Seal.

Lucho Castellanos y su Grupo -
"Bombo y Maracas"

Turns out the Contras didn't really
want to fight a war.

They just want to make money.
Like the rest of us.

Meanwhile, the Medellin Cartel
wanted guns.

So they worked out
a little trade.

What was I gonna tell 'em?

I'm just a gringo
who always delivers.

Here's how the operation worked.

I'd load up the guns at Mena.

Then, using Schafer's intel,
I'd bypass any law enforcement

and fly straight to the
Cartel's airstrip in Medellin.

Colombians, well,
they love them guns.

Then I'd load up with fresh powder

and fly on to the
Contra training camp.

The Contras hid the coke in
fishing boats and sailed it up to Miami.

Meanwhile, I'd get
another load of powder,

take it back to the States
with a quick stop to refuel in Panama,

under the protection of
my old friend, Colonel Noriega.

Congratulations on your
promotion, General.

Of course, he'd get his cut too.

On the way back,
I'd keep an eye out for the DEA.

Then I'd dump it all
in the swamps in Louisiana.

The operation got so big,
I had to get some help.

Pete Dubois, manufactured guns
until he discovered

he had a knack for selling pot.

Stan Mason flew dope from
Mexico to Arizona.

Bill Cooper,

he flew opium all around
Southeast Asia during Vietnam.

Then there's Bob.

Uh, I don't know much about Bob.
Hell of a pilot, though.

I call these boys my Snowbirds.

And we could fly through anything.



How's it going?

Hey Boss!

That was fucking crazy, man!

How's it uh,
how's it going down there?

Oh, you know...



Oh, yeah.


Where are they going?

We need to borrow some
of your land.

They want you to
fly 'em up here to-to train.

For training.


The Contras.

You want me to
bring 'em up here?

To me?

We're setting up a
field and operational training ground.

Where? On...

- My land?
- Yeah.

Starting immediately.

Which is great.

Is that a problem?

Uh... hey.

Whatever you need, boss.


Necesito un baño.

Uh... no baño.

Hang on! We're supposed to have 15.
I'm only counting 12 here.

Them Contras were damn excited
about being in the US of A.

They were runnin' away almost
faster than we could bring 'em in.

Hey, you two! Where do you
think you're going?

What, you want to quadruple
the shipments?

We're counting on the Contras
to win by summer if we...

if we give 'em what they need.

That's great.

How much more can you get
out of your guy in Mena?

We'll get everything out of him.

That's what I like to hear.

We're expanding operations, Barry.

Come on. One at a time.
One at a time! Hey, hold on.

No, no, no.

We'll take care of everybody,
just calma.



Calma, calma.

Everyone just calm the fuck down!


- Hey, Barry.
- Yeah.

Do you think those
Contras can win?



This just came.
"Go Razorbacks, Barry."

Season tickets.
50-yard line.

Well, that was awful nice of him.

How much property has Seal
bought us since he came to town?

I don't know, 500 acres?

2,000 acres.
From the airport to Ouachita.

What's he want with all that
worthless land?

It's really none of our business.

He's good people, Judy.

And he's doing a lot
for the community.

I'd like to open a bank account.

Oh, bless you!

I'll be right back.


Come on, Christina!

Good job, guys.


- Great, Christina!
- Go, go, go, go!

Oranges. You guys
want some oranges?

Hey guys, I got pizza!

You guys want some pizza?

Yeah! All right.
Let me just put this right...

There you go.

- Nice wheels!
- Oh, you like her?

I do.


All the bells and whistles.

First one in the State of Arkansas,
and she's yours.

She's mine?

She's yours.

Oh, my God, Barry!

Thank you!

- Wow.
- A little somethin' extra in there.

Fuck me, Barry!


Okay, you need to behave.

Louis Clark -
Hooked on Classics (Parts 1 & 2)

I brought some snacks up
for you, Christina.

By the summer of '82,

business was booming.

Got us at Tuesday at 3:00.
Tuesday at 3:00.

We need to increase
the shipments.

Can you add a Friday delivery?

Friday? Okay. Hold on, now.

We want to double the
amount of guns we're bringing in.

- Double?
- Next pass by Friday.

Oh, hold on, does that-
does that have to be Friday?

I opened a few
front corporations.

I can't wait to learn
everything there is to know

about the sign business, Mr. Seal.

Me too.

I spent 30 years workin' the pumps
at Gas 'n Sip.

Well, Sir, I think it's about time
you moved to upper management.

But the money was comin' in
faster than I could launder it.

I was takin' pictures.

Delivering guns.

Droppin' off and pickin' up.

Damn, I was buildin' an air force.

New toy, boys.

- I wanted a scary book.
- You did?

What are you doing Barry!

Smile, Barry.




Aw, you remember.

What, do you think I'd forget?

Your husband is a genius.

When it absolutely, positively
has to be delivered overnight...

My wife, Lucy.

No, no, no.

I had my fingers in every pie
on the rack.

$10 million in
Mena National.

$12 million in
Mena State.

15 at Mena Trust.

I had 40 parked in Miami.

20 in Panama,
$7 million in lawn bags.

8 in Samsonites, 4 buried in
the woods behind my house.

90 pounds of gold in my closet.

Hot damn!

Honey, watch the yoke.

If this ain't the greatest
country in the world.





- Hey, Sis!
- JB!

What the fuck!

Look at you!

- Look at you!
- God damn!

Get in here.

Look at this fuckin' house.

Parkin' Chevys a lot harder
than it fuckin' looks, dude.

Hey, watch your mouth
around the kids.


Is that right?

Yeah, man.

They had me uh...

crammin' those S-10s into every
goddamn inch of the parkin' lot.

Hey, you heard me.

I'm sorry!

But the thing is,

is that, the cars were
so close to each other, right?

- you couldn't help but scratch, right?
- Hmm.

And then, they would take
the scratches out of

my fucking paycheck, man.

- Hey! JB.
- Sorry.

Well, I don't know how
you handled the pressure, JB.

You stayin' here,
you gettin' a job.

Or you know, I could just
give you some folded cash,

you go and do what you want.

- Don't you look at him like that.
- What?

You are gettin' a job, JB,
not a handout.

My brother's gettin' a job, Barry.

You're gettin' a job.

You hear that? Thats the law.

You gonna have to work, son.

- You gonna have to work.
- That's right.

Hey, what-what is it
I'll be doin' exactly?

The Troyes -
"I Don't Need You"

Yo, Barry!



What now, JB?

Say, this is a big hangar.
And I'm tired of sweeping.

You can take a break
when you get it done.

Let's go. Get it done.

Hey man,
I got a new job for ya.

Give me a beer, man.

Dead soldier.

Eh, fuck this.



Roscoe dug this up
in the backyard.

There are bills
blowin' around everywhere.

I'll rake it up in the mornin'.

I found three more of 'em
up in the fireplace.

Tomborato -
"Negra Rosa"



♪ Ay, Se me fue la Negra Rosa ♪

♪ Ay, Se me fue la Negra ♪

♪ Ay, Se me fue la Negra Rosa ♪


We had cash floodin' in
from every direction.

Who-who thought that was
gonna be a problem? I mean...

We were runnin' out of
places to put it.

Easy. Whoa.

Don't get behind him.
These are dangerous animals.

You know, maybe we should
call the trainer.

No, honey, I got this.

Come on.
Hang on.

Loosely Tight -

JB got a new car.

Did you give that boy a raise?

Hey, Barry, Luce.

What in the holy fuck?
That girl is 15.

- It's huge
- I told you it's huge.

- You actually live here?
- Uh-huh.

Hey. Can you talk to
you for a second?


- What?
- Come here

- What the hell, JB?
- What?

- I hadn't done nothin' yet.
- JB.

- JB. Come on.
- Hi, Mrs. Seal.

What-we was just
gonna go for a swim.

Come here.

- Please don't tell my mama I was here.
- Come on.

Where'd you get the
money for this car?

Ima be honest with you, Barry.
'Cause I can't lie to you.

I stole it from the hangar.


I opened up
one of the Samsonites.

I found so much
fuckin' money in there.

- So much goddamn money.
- JB, JB, JB...

JB, you can't do that

You can't do that.

500 down to 300.
Watch out for that tree at the end.

Yeah, I remember that.

No, Pete, you gotta turn that off.
I can't see nothin' with that on.


75. 50.

Nicely done, boss.

You boys see this?


This is the United States
Drug Enforcement Administration.

You are in violation of the
air defense identification zone.

We are ordering you
to land immediately.

Follow us to
New Orleans NAS.

All right, boys.
Gonna be a long night.

Come back to the sea, 105 knots.
And flaps down.

I repeat, we are ordering
you to land immediately.

The DEA was using these
fancy new jets

that we couldn't outrun.

Follow to New Orleans NAS.

But all that speed
comes at a heavy price.

I repeat...

They could go fast.

But we could go slow.

For a long time

Low fuel.

We gotta turn around, guys.
We're bingo.

Those pricks are
right fucking there.

All right, boys.

DEA finally ran out of gas.
Time to head home.

Bill! What the fuck, man?

Where you headed, buddy?
Come on.

All right, I'll get him.
I'll get him.

Bill! Come on, turn around.
Come on, let's go.

Bill? You hearin' me?

Oh, son of a bitch!

Bill's asleep.

God damn!

Bill, wa-wake up, man!

That motherfucker can sleep anywhere.

Wake up, Bill.


- Good morning, Bill!
- Okay, I'm up.

Welcome back.

Those bank financials
that you asked for.


There's a lot of money
in Mena, Arkansas.


I think you're gonna appreciate
what we've done here, Barry.

Making me my own vault?

Oh, no, no. We're using this auxiliary
for all our other customers.

We gave you the main vault.

How 'bout that.

two one niner three Golf.

Head to New Orleans
Naval Air Station at once.

Yeah, come on, come on,
come on!

You better run, you prick.

This is the United States
Border Patrol.


We are ordering you to land.

Hey, boys.

I see you finally got smart
and got a slower plane.

Two of 'em.

That's right, son.

We're up here as long as you want.

Aerostar, we are ordering you
to land immediately.

All right, motherfuckers.
Let's land.

I repeat, we are ordering
you to land imm...

What the fuck?

Stay on him.


Oh, shit!

Is this your yard?

That's for the damage.
And uh...

Here's a little somethin' extra
for your sister.

Hey, little darlin'.

And your bike.

You never saw me.

A plane crashed in Louisiana with
200 kilos of Colombian powder.


- Right.
- Is that your boy?

I'm sorry, are you working
for the fucking DEA now?

Interesting read.

I got it.

- Hello, amigo.
- Si.

I had to get out of Colombia
in the middle of the night.

I wasn't the only one
having trouble with the DEA.

Escobar's gone crazy and
declared war on the government.

Thanks to Pablo Escobar's
unique management style...

the cartel found themselves
kicked out of Colombia.

The only place the
DEA couldn't touch him?

That's right. Nicaragua.

- Is everything okay here?
- Yes, we're late.

We're going to meet Sr. Vaughan.

He's the Minister of Interiors.

Controls the airstrips.

It's how we get you in.

Barry, sit and shut your mouth.

Charlie Rich -
"Behind Closed Doors"

♪ My baby makes me proud ♪

♪ Lord, don't she make
me proud ♪

♪ She never makes a scene ♪

♪ By hangin' all over me ♪

- Here's your butter, sir.
- Thank you.

♪ 'Cause people like to talk ♪

♪ Lord, don't they love to talk ♪

♪ But when they turn out
the lights ♪

♪ I know she'll be leavin'
with me ♪

♪ And when we get
behind closed doors ♪

♪ Then she lets her hair
hang down ♪

What's up?

How you doin'?

♪ And she makes me glad
that I'm a man ♪

Stop runnin'!


Sorry, it's my wife.

- Hey Luce, you hear me?
- Yes.

- Honey? You all right?
- Yeah, I can hear you.

Honey, I hate to tell you this
right now, but JB's been arrested.

- That little shit.
- What happened?

I don't know. He got caught
with a lot of money.

- That dumbfuck.
- Honey...

What do you want
me to do here, babe?

There ain't
nothin' to do, really.

Uh, I'm just in a meeting.

And we'll go over that
when I get home.

All right? I got-
I'll take care of that.

- All right?
- All right, hurry up, Barry.

You just sit tight.
I love you.

How much? Cuanto?

"Mil quin..." that's 15 uh...

1500 kilos, Barry.


Si. In one go.

In one go?


Well, we ain't never
done that before.

Sanctuary isn't cheap.

That's a lot

Can you do it?

Yeah, I'm gonna get home...

Right now. I'm gonna leave.
Then uh, we'll figure it out.

I'll figure it out.

Get it fucking done.

Fucking lawyer
doesn't know shit.

I got two fucking priors, man.
And he doesn't understand.

No, no, no.
He does understand.

And you gotta do
what he tells you to do.

No, he doesn't, man.

One more strike, man. One more
strike and I can go to prison...

- for-for life, man.
- JB.

JB, just...
hold on.

Barry, are you there?


Hey, darlin'.

What's that?
Hold on.

- Yeah?
- Barry.

We've been trying
to get a hold of you, amigo.

Yeah, I know that, amigo. Listen,
could you hold on, I'll be right back.

- JB?
- Yeah.

There's some people
that wanna talk to me.

No, no no. You don't talk to
anyone about anything.

Now, you do what that
lawyer tells you to.

And you keep your
fucking mouth shut.

- I'm taking care of this.
- Okay.

Listen, Jorge, we gotta put on
the brakes for a bit.

Brakes? No, no, no.
No brakes.

We have product to move.

I understand amigo,
but I-I got a family situation.

Eh, your brother-in-law.
We know all about it.

- We'll handle it, amigo.
- No, no, no, no.

- I don't want you to handle it.
- Barry, listen.

- I got it. I got this.
- Barry, listen to me.

We'll handle it, okay?
So don't worry.

- We'll talk business later.
- Jorge...

Barry, they don-they don't know
about them suitcases you got.

or what you got in them planes,
the guns you got.

They don't know anything about it.

We're good, man.

I can't fix this.
You hear?

They're gonna give you 10-
10 years for not talkin'.

That's 10 years people
gotta worry you will.

I didn't say anything, man.

You can talk to the goddamn lawyer.

Where we going, man?

You serious?
I'm fucking family.

We're family!

That's right. Right.
We're a family.

- What's that?
- Inside's a passport...

first-class ticket to
Bora Bora and enough cash...

Enough cash to make
a damn good life for yourself.

Now, you're gonna
get in that car,

and you're gonna drive straight
to Dallas Fort Worth Airport

and nowhere else.

You don't even
stop to take a piss.

- You hear me?
- Yeah, I hear you.

Good luck, kid.

I'll tell you what, Barry.

I'm gonna send you a
goddamn address, okay, Barry?

You're gonna start sending
me cash on the fucking regular.

You understand?
You hear me?

Oh, and Barry...

Fuck you, man!
Fuck you and my cunt sister!


Money every week, asshole!

What the fuck?

Oh, shit.

Hey, hey! Barry!

Hey, Barry!


Yeah, Bill, what do you need?
What do you need?

Man, man, I'm like
freakin' out, man.

What is goin' on with JB?

- Huh?
- Don't worry about JB.

What if he talks, man?

- He ain't gonna.
- Yeah, but what if he does?

- He ain't gonna talk, Bill.
- How do you know?

I am fucking positive.

Okay, man.

Good, I'm gonna trust
you on this one, man.


In calendar year, your
operations have transported

10,500 Russian AKs
to the Contras.


5,000 of which, have found
themselves in the hands

of the Colombian Cartel.

- Right, but...
- Out of the 916 Contras

brought in to the
United States to train,

only half made it back
to Nicaragua.

- Half is...
- The other half are in the wild...

What's going on here?

Oh, yeah. We had to send
the Contras home.

- Home?
- Yeah.

They weren't fighting.

That's the reality
of that situation.

You know, it didn't help that
their guns were in Colombia.

Did it, Barry?


What now?

We'll call you.

Call me?

Hey, Schafer.

Who the fuck's Schafer?

Okay, everybody.
You know the drill.

Everybody gets a burn bag.

Into it, you put anything
with Barry Seal's face

or name on it.

Come on, boys.
We gotta move.

We gotta get all this
stuff outta here.

- Pete. What, everything?
- Come on, boys, lets go.

We gotta move this out.
Let's go! Let's go!

Into the burn bag, go!

Purchase orders,
aircraft invoices,

Need a team here,
let's move it out.

Oh, shit, man.
Look at all these guns.

We gotta move all of it.

Where are we supposed
to put all this stuff?

Just get it off my property.

Anything with the words "Mena".

Fuel bills, memos, names,
directives, photos, anything like that,

anything that can link us with him,
you put in the burn bag...

and then what do you do with it?

- Burn it.
- You burn it.

Bob, I need a little help
back here.

- Gimme a hand with this shit.
- You got it.

Seal! DEA! Back away from the truck,
with your hands in the air.

Drop the fucking box, shithead!

Put up your hands!
Nice and high.

- ATF! Drop your weapons!
- What the fuck?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa! DEA!
- Lower your guns!

Put your freaking guns down!

- Everybody's friends here!
- It's cool.

- DEA, all right?
- This is our collar.

- Bullshit.
- No, no, no, no.

State Police!

What the fuck
are ya'll doin' in my county?

Nobody move!


Well, hey, boys.
How about my phone call?

We're sorry, you have reached
a number that has been disconnected

- or is no longer in service.
- Bullshit.

If you feel you have reached
this recording in error...

Come on, Seal.

You know who I am, Mr. Seal?

- No, ma'am
- I'm Dana Sibota.

State Attorney General.

You've got DEA, ATF, FBI
all wantin' their pound of flesh.

Yes, ma'am, its...
It's quite a room.

Yeah. Well, you hit the trifecta,
didn't ya?

I mean, guns, drugs,
money launderin'.

And the State of Arkansas,

is gonna rip the bark
right off o' you, boy.

We are gonna put you in a 4X6 cell
for the rest of your life.

- Ma'am, that's a long time.
- Yeah.

Miss Sibota,
I have Governor Clinton on the line.

He says it's urgent.

It's...the Governor.

It's the Governor.

Put him through. Clear the room.
Take him with you.

What do you need, Bill?

Did you all know

that Caddies have more trunk space

than any other car in the world?

I'll give each and
every one of you a Caddy.

- Huh?
- You'd do that for all of us?

Yes, sir, I would.

I'd get all ya'll Caddies.
Have 'em here this afternoon.

What're you tryin' to do, Seal?
Add another 20 for bribery?

Oh, no, no, no. I'm just offerin'
you Caddies for your troubles.

What trouble, Seal?

Well, bringing me down here, for one.

See, Ima walk outta here.

Ima walk outta here.

And there ain't a damn thing
any one o' you can do about it.


Do it.

- Wait, wait, wait a minute.
- No, no, no.

- He's free to go, boys.
- What the fuck?

What the hell do you mean,
"He's free to go"?

You wanna explain
what's goin' on here?

- He's free to go.
- Free to go?

You boys shoulda taken the Caddies.

I'll be seein' you, Seal.


I tell ya,

It is good to see you boys,
I ain't gonna lie.

But I figured you would
have to show up, see.

I just know too much.

Schafer sent you, right?

Who the fuck is Schafer?

Talking Heads -
"Slippery People"

All right, all right now.
Seriously, fellas, who are you?

♪ What about the time? ♪

♪ You were rollin' over ♪

♪ Fall on your face ♪

♪ You must be having fun ♪

Usually, I talk with you from my office
in the West Wing of the White House, but...

tonight, there's something
special to talk about.

And I've asked someone
very special to join me.

♪ Backslidin'
How do you do? ♪

Are we going...

♪ These slippery people ♪

♪ Gonna see you through ♪


Not log ago, I was asked
by a group of children what to do

if they were offered drugs.

And I answered, "Just say no".

Drug criminals are ingenious.

So we must be smarter and stronger
and tougher than they are.

Say yes to your life.

And when it comes to
drugs and alcohol...

just say no.

You a pilot?

- I've been known to fly some.
- Me too.

Air National Guard.
'68 to '69.


Well, see you around, flyboy.

All right.

♪ God help us ♪

♪ Help us lose our minds ♪

The Sandinistas are burning

the American flag in the streets.

Please. There is no deal
if we don't get the Sandinistas.

- Then there's no deal.
- Horseshit.

There's no deal
unless we get Medellin.

Now, you may be wondering why
my ass wasn't in jail at this point.

This is disgusting!

Now, I gotta be honest.
Frankly, so was I.

This fella here, is with the DEA.

And this fella here, is a colonel
named Ollie North.

Reagan's go-to guy.

The DEA just wants to nail the
Medellin Cartel once and for all.

Now, at the same time,
Colonel North wants to prove

that commies in Central America
are involved in the drug trade.

- Let me say that again,
- This is disgusting!

Colonel North wants to prove

that commies are dealing drugs.

And why am I in the room?

'Cause I'm the gringo
who always delivers.

So you want me to keep going?

For your country.

We're gonna bring these guys down.

And you're gonna be a hero.

All right then.

They put me right
back in business.

Now, I'm working
for the White House.

All right you have three cameras.

50-picture loads each.

You have one here in a bag.

The sightline goes
straight down the back

to where those
two gentlemen are now.

You have two more cameras
above each door.

Sightlines directly
in front of the door.

Each camera has a cord.

You just press this button
to take a picture.

That's it.

Let's go.

I can see the cords, Barry.


I can see this damn cord

which means they're
gonna be able to see it.

- We'll hide it.
- I'm not a photographer.

- Your thumb work?
- Yeah.

Well, you just push a button.

When am I supposed to
press the button?

When the guys are standin' here
holdin' the powder.

You know what, fuck it, Pete.
I'll take the pictures.


Listen, once we have
one of these photos,

who exactly is
gonna be lookin' at 'em?

These photos are gonna be
on a need-to-know basis.


They're gonna be classified
at the highest levels, Barry.

- Daddy!
- Classified.

We do recognize
the dangers involved here.

No, you don't.

Or you can always
tell us to fuck off

and spend the next
30 years in Leavenworth.

Come on, Boss!
Let's get this over with!

I'll see you, Rangel.

- Smile, Barry!
- Bye, Daddy!

Shit, there's a fuckin'
army up there.

They're gonna torture us.

Pull our tongues out
through our necks.

That ain't helpin', Pete.

They gonna cut us up
in little pieces.

Feed us to the pigs.
I won't be fed in no pigs, Barry.

We gotta keep our shit together.

We're gettin' yayo.

Take these damn pictures,
and get the hell outta here.

Keep our shit together.

Raise your hand!


Hello. No, no, no.


They're gonna hear that
goddamn camera, Barry.


Escobar, Ochoa.

Raise your hand!

Hey, hola.

Que paso?

What's this?

Regalos para Escobar
y Ochoa.

Hey, Jorge!

Jorge, fuck.

Come on, man.

A little help.

Shoot the gringos.


Shoot the gringos.

- What'd you say?
- Shoot the gringos!

Shoot the gringos!

No, no, no, no.


You fucker.

Bad for crazy gringos.


What the fuck is this, Ochoa?

Stand the fuck up.

Hey, you're shaking.
You're shaking.

Look at this.

Hey, he pissed himself, man.

You got me.
That was a good one.

That was a good one.

I saved your life, Barry.

- I saved your life, eh.
- Yes, you did.

- Remember that.
- Yeah.

Crazy gringo.

Come here, Barry.

Hey, Jorge.

Now, let's go
say hi to Pablo.

Pablo's here?

Si. He's paranoid, amigo.
On edge.

Thinks everyone
is out to get him.

Hola, Pablo!

Let's do it

Let's do it

Are we good?


Are we good?

Are we good, Barry?

Si... Si.

Estoy aqui.

Estoy aqui.

Y traje tus Harleys.

Ah, okay.

So? We're still friends?

That was a good one

that you pulled right there.
You really got me.

This dude.

Hey, you know, I'm gonna
have to get you back.

What's he saying?

He's gonna get us back
on that joke, Pablo.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah!

Soul, Inc. -
"Ultra Blue"


Look at this, my friend.

Say cheese, motherfuckers.

We're gonna make history.

Barry Seal!

Barry Seal...
He's a goddamn genius.

- Yay!
- Yay!

There seems to be no crime

to which the Sandinistas
will not stoop.

This is an outlaw regime.

The Sandinistas have even
involved themselves

in the international drug trade.

I know every American parent

concerned about the
drug problem will be outraged

to learn that top Nicaraguan
government officials

are deeply involved
in drug trafficking.

This picture, secretly taken
at a military airfield

outside Managua,

shows Federico Vaughan,
a top aide to one of

the nine comandantes
who rule Nicaragua...


loading an aircraft
with illegal narcotics

Motherfuckers! That's your
fucking face, Barry!

This is a outlaw regime.

Oh, my God.

Just as you said, Pablo.

That son of a bitch.

Pablo, we must face
it immediately.

- Go on.
- Yes, sir.

I am truly sorry, Barry.
North jumped the gun.

Well, you boys fucked me good.

We all got fucked.

Those photos weren't
supposed to be released.

And certainly not until
we had the Colombians in custody.

Yeah, well, he ain't
gonna be comin' for you.

Barry, you knew the risks

when you took those pictures.

You knew what
you were doing.


Barry, you there?

Let's go get some ice cream.

The Feds. They're gonna
try to take everything.

When they come...

you gotta put on
all your jewelry.

All your rings.
Your bracelets.


If you wearin' it, they can't
take it away from you.

You understand?

And that's insurance for you
and the kids.

All right?

I understand.

All right, don't forget that.
It's gonna be all right.

- It's gonna be all right, I love you.
- I love you.

Sure enough, they came.

And they took it all.

Hey, you know, Luce, honey...

I was thinkin'...

that you might like to move
back to Baton Rouge.

You ain't gonna find
nothin' in those drawers.

Try the hat boxes,
third shelf up.

I mean, you loved it there.

What about you?

I mean, I...

Listen, see...

Look, if I run, they're uh...

They're gonna come
for you and the kids. I mean...

That's how a thing like this goes.

But in Baton Rouge,
you're safe.


No, I ain't goin' nowhere.

We're a family,
and we're stayin' together.

- I know, but...
- No, sir!

- I ain't doin' this. No.
- Listen, Luce...

No, no. Honey, no.
Don't do this now.

Sir, sir,
I'm sorry, no, no, no.

Come on, sir.

Excuse me,
she's wearin' this now.

Luce, you gotta stop. Hey.

You know, fellas!
Sorry, hey...

Can I just have a moment?

Can I just have a moment
with my wife?

It's been a hell of a day.

- Okay, Barry.
- Yeah.

You got one minute.

All right, Luce?
Honey, honey...

- Honey, listen to me.
- Let's give him a minute.

- Baby, baby, listen to me.
- All right, fellas, head on out.

Listen to me now.

Ima go to prison.

I'm gonna do just-
just a little time.

And Ima be fine there.

And we'll work everything out.

But I gotta know
you gonna be safe.

It's gonna be all right.

You gotta trust me.

You trust me, right?

Fuck no!

All right.

Luce and the kids finally
did move to Baton Rouge.

How can we have a war on drugs...

when the biggest
enemy of the state

is being protected by our side?

And that lady prosecutor...

She never ever did give up.

...such sting operation was underway.

The defendant will rise.

- Barry Seal.
- Your Honor.

You are sentenced to 1,000
hours community service.


- Oh, that is bullshit.
- Watch yourself, Sibota.

- I'm sorry, uh, community service?
- ...a drug smuggler of the highest order!

- Exhibit D!
- Mr. Seal's planes are classified.

- I'm sick to fuck of this Mickey Mouse...
- Sibota!

- tactics and bullshit!
- Sibota!

I will hold you in contempt!

So I'm walkin' outta here?

The State of Arkansas
has spoken, Mr. Seal.

- Do I have to go?
- Goodbye.

Listo pues.

All right, amigos.

And uh...

I do tend to leap
before I look.

Maybe uh...

Maybe I should've
asked a few more questions.

Excuse me,
Uh, sir, ma'am?

Would y'all mind
movin' out the way?

I'm just gonna start my car.

Yeah, I really appreciate that, now.

Honey, just keep walking.

The Heavy -
"What Makes a Good Man"

♪ Ain't nothing wrong
with this chemistry ♪

Thank you.

- Just startin' my car.
- Uh-huh.

Appreciate it.

♪ And time will tell
the test of pedigree ♪

I spent every day
in a different motel.

Would ya'll mind movin...
movin' outta the way there?

Thank you.

♪ And show me how
(show me how) ♪

A different motel.

Every day.

♪ What makes a good man? ♪

It's just for
the safety of children.

Thank you.

But I had to show up to this
Salvation Army halfway house

every evening
at the same time.

Judge's orders.

You here for community service?

Same time, same place.

Uh, what's your name? Sorry.

- Louis.
- Louis? Barry Seal.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Sign here for me.

120 days in a row.
Here you go.

Hey, you may wanna
move your truck too.

Them Contras were damn excited
about being in the US of A.

♪ Ain't nothing wrong with this
place for me ♪

Hey, Barry.

When you gonna
take me flyin', man?

- Oh! Thanks, Barry.
- Don't tell 'em I give you that.

Day 36.

♪ And walk the line
(walk the line) ♪

♪ And understand
(understand) ♪

♪ What makes a good man? ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

You know, I guess you could say
I helped build an army.

Defend a country.

And create the biggest
drug cartel this world's ever seen.

DEA. CIA. White House.

I mean, it's been
a hell of an adventure.

Sometimes a little more
than I bargained for.

But God damn.

You try tellin' me

that this ain't the
greatest country in the w...

We'll handle it from here, Deputy.

Authorities believe last night's
machine-gun killing of Barry Seal

was ordered by drug bosses
in Medellin, Colombia.

George Harrison -


We get the Iranians
to arm the Contras.

"Schafer" was promoted.

♪ You've given me a wah-wah ♪

Pete became a rural pastor in
Alabama after he was released.

The other pilots' whereabouts
are unknown.

The CIA continued using
Barry's planes to arm the Contras.

Shit! Come on,
you piece of shit! Pull up!

Until one of them was
shot down in Nicaragua.

That sparked the Iran-Contra scandal.

Mr. President, what do you know
about money going to the Contras?

All I know is this is just
gonna taste wonderful

and I'm looking forward
to tomorrow.

Vice President Bush, did you know
about the Contra aid or not, sir?

Lucy and the kids
went back to Louisiana.

♪ Wah-wah ♪

Want some sauce with that?

All right, thank you.

♪ Oh, you don't see me crying ♪

♪ Hey baby, you don't
hear me sighing ♪

♪ Oh, no no-no no ♪

♪ Wah-wah ♪