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Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989–2013): Season 3, Episode 7 - The Double Clue - full transcript

Poirot helps Chief Inspector Japp try to find a jewel thief, but is sidetracked when a bewitching Russian countess arrives on the scene.


He cannot be speaking it seriously...
of all.

It was a joke, it swims more.

I was playing!

We are Englishmen, for the sake of God!

Good Lord!

Is it ready?

He did not know that it was liking opera,

For standard, I do not like, mon ami,
but the "Rigoletto"...

A jealous father.
A disgraced daughter.

Because he plans
the perfect crime.

But it has no capacity
to understand the psychological aspect

and the result is catastrophic!
And it is that that interests me.

The music is not bad of all.

Monsieur Poirot!

Monsieur Poirot, I wait
what forgives me the intrusion, but...

... when I saw it, it did not even want to believe.

- Is not Lady Chatterton, so?
- Remember him of me!

But also it is normal that yes,

it was present when it decided
the case from the diamonds Chalfont.

I was one of the suspicions.
It was so exciting!

And I must say, Monsieur Poirot,
that the man was magnificent.

It is true.

Never again I will forget to have seen it
in action. Therefore I remembered...

Something goes on,
Lady Chatterton?

Effectively, yes. But not with me,
with a friend, you. Clayton.

I am certain what is in danger,
Monsieur Poirot.

- That is you. Clayton?
- No, he is only a friend. Major Rich.

Can it be going to visit me tomorrow?
I know that he is an occupied man, but...

Lady Chatterton,
I will be at his home s 11 hours.

Thank you, Monsieur Poirot.

Marguerite Clayton is one
of my most dear friends.

Since it could note, she is a woman
very pretty. And famous therefore.

They say that you hurt his admirers
they fought a duel for her, there are 10 years.

- In England?
- Yes!

Nobody realized
because it chose Edward Clayton.

He could have married with the one who wanted.

He is a violent person, Mr. Poirot.
Marguerite is immensely afraid of him.

Recently it has been held
in strange way.

It has been walking very quiet and removed.

Since something was planned.

Monsieur Poirot,

dressing what Edward Clayton
it intends to kill the woman.

- Do favor of saying, gentleman.
- Good morning. Will it be that it can help me?

I look for something,
I do not know them to myself how to describe it...

It is a sort of knife.


- You came early.
- Yes.

This night I am not going to be able to go
to the party of Major Rich.

Cannot you why?

I will go to Edinburgh.
There are a few problems with the case Gordon.

- Because you do not order your employee?
- I will be personally.

But I am certain
what will be amused without me.

- Do you prefer that I do not go?
- No, I prefer that you go.

There is no reason
to be at alone home.

Did you already say to Major Rich?

No, I treat that this afternoon.
I am in the Club up to s 16.00 h,

I go on them at his home
on the way of the estaco.

- One is that that you want, Edward.
- Yes, it is that that I want.

It enjoys yourself.

I have nothing to do with your life.

Did you tell him that you were going to Scotland?

I do not know if I am able, Curtiss.

- Do you want to know, do not want?
- Will it be that I want?

In these last six months
it seems to you to waste away.

I know. I keep them to myself on thinking
that this is a madness.

Well then?

I am going to do it.

I am going to do it.

They are four shillings and 9 dinheiros,
chief. Thank you.

- Good afternoon, Burgoyne.
- Good afternoon, man.

Is Major Rich?

I lament,
but the Major left soon in the morning.

- Did he say when he was returning?
- No, man. It must not to me delay them.

Then I wait. One will not return
soon, I leave a ticket.

- Certainly. Does he want a pen?
- No, thank you, I have one.

It can go to his life, Burgoyne.
I leave a ticket in the room.

Very well, man.

I want to give him a chat,
Major Rich.

You. Clayton...

... it is a friend whom I appreciate very much,

Two has been spoken very much on you.
When it exaggerated, Rich.

This subject that him does not concern,

It is me who knows if it me concerns
or not.

You. Clayton considers his
offensive courtesies, gentleman.

Hear there...

No, not, Major, his courtesies
they are not received well,

see if it takes that into his head.

They will be continued, I will be obliged
resolving the subject personally.

Did I do to myself opinion?

- Good afternoon, man.
- Hello, Burgoyne.

You. Clayton
it is to his wait in the living room.

- The Clayton?
- Yes.

Nobody is here.

He said that he would wait for a few minutes
and it would leave a ticket,

but I did not even hear it leaving, man.

The Beauty queen Lemon
is he on vacation for much more time?

I do not understand anything
of these his filing cabinets.

It is going to be in Frinton one more week,
mon ami.

For what it looks?

I thought that we had something
on Edward Clayton.

- It is very elegant.
- Thank you, mon ami.

I go to a party with Lady Chatterton,

to know sinister Edward Clayton.

It must think than when coming,
it is going to stop killing the woman.

Everything is possible.

Admit it! Only it goes to hear
the Lady Chatterton it to boast.

Only it accepted this case,
because of the polish that it links it gave to him.

And is there some problem in that? To like
that " give us polish ", as is said by him?

No, will it me them be so obvious?
That is not English at all.

But perhaps be a Belgian.

Because I will be a hypocrite,

To blush when I am praised and,
like you, to answer: " It was not at all ".

I have the organization, the method
and the psychology.

There have, I admit it! I am the best.
I am Hercule Poirot.

And now, it is time to go away.

A truthful gentleman
it does not leave a lady to the wait.

There the Lady Clayton is.


But I do not see the husband
in side none...

He is speaking with the friend,
Major Rich.

- Caroline. Good what to have come.
- John...

This is Hercule Poirot,
a friend of mine.

Major Rich.

Hercule Poirot ... I know this name.

- Is he the writer?
- No.

- Where Edward is?
- Unfortunately, it could not come.

- It is here on holidays, Mr. Poirot?
- No, I live here.

Take a drink. It is an informal party.

Lady Chatterton?


Immense lament, Monsieur Poirot.
Edward Clayton did not come.

- In this case, I can enjoy oneself.
- So certainly.

There was not waiting for seeing here,
Colonel Curtiss.

- Was it preferring not to have invited myself?
- No.

Mary was adoring to dance.

- John lost the wife recently.
- My condolences, Major.

Edward hates this modern music.
Just as well what did not come.

Is his husband ill, Madame?

it had subjects to negotiate in Scotland.

And it is his custom
to abandon it frequently?

I guarantee that for standard you. Clayton
it does not lose sight of the wife.

Do not release it, you want to say.

It makes something more mixed up.

- " These Foolish Things "?
- No!

- " Nobodys Sweetheart "?
- Yes, it can be.

Music for rabble,
conceived by inferior races.

That is not very nice
on his part, Monsieur.

- I did not see it dancing, Mr. Poirot.
- Not even to think, Lady Chatterton.

This music is for young people,
with light legs.

- I am certain what dances lovely.
- No, believe that not.

Say, Lady, who is that one
unpleasant gentleman, of walking stick?

Unpleasant? Colonel Curtiss?

He is a friendly old man of Marguerite.
Because it finds it unpleasant?

Come from there, Monsieur Poirot.
I insist.

The "Charleston"!

I cannot drink this.
My tisane cannot have

more than three spoons of sugar.
And so what the Beauty queen Lemon does.

- I put three spoons.
- Since his spoon must be bigger!

I I answer.

- Inspector-chief.
- Hastings.

Good morning, Poirot.

Bonjour, Inspector-chief Japp.

It must be important,
since it comes so early.

- Does he want a tea, Inspector?
- No, thank you.

Do favor of sitting, Inspector.

- I calculate what comes to ask for me help.
- Yes, one can say that yes.

- In fact, I came to question it.
- To question me?

- Like witness.
- Witness of what?

It was last night
in the party of Major Rich?


This morning I fastened Major Rich
for the murder of Edward Clayton.

Mon Dieu...
And say that I am it testifies?

By chance it noticed
in a lindssima it deals of wood,

in the room where they were? I think
what is called a " Spanish Chest ".

It does not look to me...

Burgoyne, the employee,

it discovered the body inside the chest,
when it was doing the cleaning.

The blood of the Clayton
it had dripped for the carpet.

It was stabbed in the eyes,
even even to the brain.

It means
that the body was there while...

While you were hearing music,
they were drinking cocktails and were dancing,

or there what they do in these parties.

- Macabre what, it does not find?
- It is disgusting.

does it think that Major Rich is the murderer?

Rich was in love
for Marguerite Clayton.

The motive was this.
And he had the opportunity.

The Clayton he saw it, hours before
of bringing the first guests near.

It thinks that Major Rich reached house,
it killed Edward Clayton,

it put it inside the chest and then
did it receive the guests in the same room?

- Exactly.
- No.

No, Inspector-chief.
And I say to him more: No.

It is impossible that Major Rich
it has killed Edward Clayton.

I swear for God that I did not even see it, Poirot.

Does it do idea because it will have been going to visit it?

None. According to Marguerite...

... you. Clayton,
he was going on the way of Scotland.

Sometime he spoke on you. Clayton
with the husband?

Because there would be of doing it?

One allows me, Major Rich,
is there how much time died his wife?

I know what it is insinuating,
Mr. Poirot,

but it was not going on at all between us.

Certainly, man

Colonel Curtiss
it is going to receive it now.

Smithy! It takes these men
to the Room of Visits.

Yes, man. This way, gentlemen.

- Around there it is the secondary school.
- Does the Club also have secondary school?

There is pesos, fencing and parallel bars.
The partners appreciate immensely.

- Are they intending to become partners?
- No.

It is this way.

It is not possible to speak.

- His guests, Coronel.
- Thank you, Smithy.

- Colonel Curtiss.
- How it is?

- I introduce to him the Captain Hastings.
- Much pleasure.

- Do favor of sitting.
- Thank you.

It is not even worthwhile to say to what it comes.

It is a terrible event. Terrible.

- Does he already know?
- Yes.

That type of the Scotland Yard

great billet cheeped to the fact
of the man to have been in the party.

And the man?

I find the best.
After all, he is a detective.

I am "o" detective, Coronel Curtiss.

In this case it is not necessary to say to him
what Major Rich would be incompetent...

One allows me, Colonel Curtiss,
how it knew Edward Clayton?

You already knew. Clayton
before marrying.

- You. was Clayton his friend?
- Clear. He was a husband of Marguerite.

It is true that yesterday Edward Clayton
did to have come I get to the Club?


What went on between you?

Little thing,
we took a drink joined.

One said what was going to Scotland,

but what was passing at home of Rich
on the way of the estaco.

Did there say which his purpose?


I calculate that to be excused
because of being lacking to the party.

He sometime insinuated
something indecent goes on

between Major Rich
and Marguerite Clayton?

Certainly what not!

My excuses, Colonel,
I am alone trying to determine facts.

- It was not a great help, is not it?
- Did you notice the scar, Hastings?

Yes, it seems that be compulsory
to all the partners.

- You must not have coming, Marguerite.
- He was having to see you...

- I do not know what to do, John.
- You cannot do anything.

Do not be able to leave us alone, it guards?

- If the police officer to question me...
- Margo...

... I did not kill it.

There is also a private detective
asking questions.

- Only you have to say to him the truth.
- How I can?!

I know that it is difficult, Margo,
but if you will say the truth...

I me them do not manage excuse to be here.

- It forgives for me, John.
- Marguerite...

It must not have coming.

I left you. Clayton here,
at the door of the living room.

Somewhat of the 18.00 was passing. And I was
to pass to iron the fact of Major Rich.

- And he says that you. did not Clayton leave?
- One had gone out, I would hear.

Call, please,

did it see his boss reaching house?

I heard the door closing, man.

- But did not it see it entering?
- No, man.

Thank you. If one does not matter,
we go even there inside.

Billet what the Major
was it waiting for the Clayton?

It is possible, Hastings.

It kills Edward Clayton,
it puts the body inside the chest,

it goes out and closes the door
to seem what had just entered.

We are going to give a peep
to such a Spanish Chest.

The room is different.

- The carpet was withdrawn, man.
- Is he seeing, Hastings?

The chest is perfectly visible
of the door, is not it?


The screen hides the chest
of the rest of the room.

If one does not matter, Hastings...

What it finds of this, Hastings?

Animal from the wood?

We go, Hastings. There is not here
more not at all than it interests us.

It is obvious what Major Rich had
opportunity for killing the Clayton

and as for motive, one does not even speak!
- Continue, mon ami.

You. Clayton, for example. Them
things do not seem famous for him.

Billet what not, Hastings?

What will have the beautiful Lady Clayton
saying is this left completely?

Romaine Gardens, favor is done.

Gentlemen help me, please.
Something terrible happened.

She was closed in there, man
and it does not answer when I slam.

Call a doctor, quick one,

I did to him a washing to the stomach.
Now it needs to rest.

Only we need of two minutes.

The doctor understands
the urgency of this situation.

But not more than what five minutes.

Oui, dacors. Merci beaucoup.

The fault was mine.

The fault was completely mine.

I and Major Rich...

... we were always friendly, it swims more.

Until his wife dies.

The fault was completely mine, a Mr. Poirot.

What it did?

I prayed for the death of my husband.

I wanted that Edward was dying!

Major Rich was up to date
of these my feelings.

We spoke on that. Only what...

... he must have understood badly.

He must have thought that it was asking for him
to kill my husband!

Therefore the fez!

Good Lord!

Good Lord!

It is complicated, Hastings.
Very complicated.

Tarte of strawberries
s'il vous plit.

I only want a coffee, please.


To commit a crime, it is a thing.

But then to invite 20 persons
for the same room ...?

Major Rich
it stabs Edward Clayton.

It puts the body
inside the Spanish Chest,

minutes before the party to begin.

But and the employee, Hastings?

It is obvious
what would discover the body in the morning.

Major Rich had to know that.

Then because it was not released of the body
during the night?

I will return to the Scotland Yard
to speak with the Inspector Japp.

- I go with you.
- No, no.

I want that it goes to the Military Club.
Is there there a secondary school, is not it so?

What has the secondary school
seeing for the case?

That is exactamente
what it is going to discover.

The investigation is already not what it was.
Now also we do secretariate.

- How does one make this return behind?
- What it means?

I want to write for top.
There must be way.

Will it be that there?

He is going to see who is.

Bonjour, Sergeant.

- He is you. Poirot, man.
- Between, Poirot. It is completely, Rouse.

One feels, I meet already you. Rays!

So many pile of papers...
have you a gift for these things?

Not and my Beauty queen Lemon is...

- One does not say what is ill?
- Worse. It is in Frinton.

I need of seeing the content

of the pockets of Edward Clayton,
of the day in which it was taken away of the chest.

The secondary school is very much appreciated
for the partners.

- And it was there that it happened.
- It was what they said to me.

- It was completely before my time.
- But a duel happened in fact.

Yes, s six of the morning.

I do not know them to myself between whom,
therefore do not wonder.

- Which the cause of the duel?
- A woman, since it is obvious.

- Marguerite Clayton.
- I do not do idea. And my money?

As for these two men...

... some of them had a case
with Marguerite Clayton?

Therefore it was so rude.
It was completely a joke.

One of them said a joke on
the lady and other called it to the stone.

It was completely a joke.

And which joke, does not it find?
It finished every cortadinho!

- We questioned ourselves on that...
- But I was already anticipating it.


I am ...?

It is for you. He is Hastings.

Am I? Say, Hastings.

The best. One did not say them
who was wrapped?

Excellent, Hastings. Excellent.

Well then?

I ask for inspector him what trusts
in me, as never before it trusted.

There we go!

So perfect crime was never seen.
And committed with so many coldness.

It is of an incredible rarity.

I do not know because I waste time.

Surplus value to be at home
treating the garden.

Who wants to what it makes a present now?

Does it have new proofs, Inspector-chief?

There is how much time
it is wrapped in the case, Mr. Poirot?

- It was in charge you fastened. Clayton?
- I do not do comments.

When it caught your things, Rich.
You are going to leave.

I am ...?

It was deceived, Mr. Poirot.

I know who killed Edward Clayton.

Meet me
to the secondary school of the Military Club.

- With whom am I speaking?
- Then he sees.

Am I?

Colonel Curtiss.

It was deceived, "franci" of a ray!

It told to fasten Marguerite Clayton.

It humiliated it. It conspurcated it!

It links them to me it had nothing to do.

Two things, Colonel Curtiss:

First, I am not a "franci"
of a ray. I am a Belgian of a ray.

I second, know very well what
Marguerite Clayton is innocent.


Edward Clayton was believing
that the woman him was unfaithful.

They were running a few rumours,
but he was not sure.

Therefore it had with you, his friend.

And the man
it suggested a fantastic plan.

He hears what I say to you.
Are you going to do as I said?

I do not know if I am able, Curtiss.

Monsieur Clayton was living obsessed

with the idea what his woman
it him could be unfaithful

and the man fed this jealousy,
for personal questions.

First he says to him
to pretend that it goes for out.

A business trip to Scotland
it was more than well.

Then he enters
at home of Major Rich,

under pretext of leaving a ticket.

After that and according to his plan,

Edward Clayton hides
inside the Spanish Chest.

So he will be able to hear for own you.

Perhaps hear Major Rich
making love with his woman,

but, at least,
the torment will have finished.

He will know.

Only that there is only one more question:

To breathe inside the chest.

With the appliance that he bought,

it does a hole through which
be able to breathe and,

more important still,

through which it could observe.

But the poor person of the Clayton was not knowing

that the man had always been
when he fell in love with Marguerite

and what had fought a duel,
for her.

Is it ready?

We are Englishmen, for the sake of God!

Who said that to him?

His scar.

His plan was to be released
of Edward Clayton.

But even with her husband
out of the way,

it began to be afraid that she was turning round
for more young someone.

Major Rich.

His last flat East
it would resolve two subjects.

With an alone blow,
Edward Clayton is killed.

And Major Rich
it will be hung by the crime.

Nobody knows that I am here.

When the police officer finding tomorrow,

they will realize that they should not
to have set Rich free.

After these years all, he still wants
to fight for Marguerite Clayton?

But it must not be with me.

- Is it going to fight for her, Colonel?
- Cursed be!

- I him am eternally grateful.
- It was not at all, Lady.

My husband
he was not a pleasant man,

but the cold blood is killed ...!

I do not understand
because it was in charge you fastened. Clayton.

It was necessary
to oblige the Colonel to confess.

And to accuse publicly
you. Clayton...

... it was the only way.
- It was fantastic.

Since I usually say, Lady...

... it was not not at all, simply...

... I was lucky. It swims more.

- We are eternally grateful to him.
- Eternally.


- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Was not it at all? Luck?!

I am trying to learn, Hastings.

Is it much more English, is not it?
All this humility.

I am trying to learn.

I will be the humblest person of the world.

Nobody will be humbler
what Hercule Poirot.

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