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Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989–2013): Season 3, Episode 6 - The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor - full transcript

Having been lured to the village of Marsdon Leigh under false pretenses - the local hotel owner is unable to solve the crime in his own manuscript and so invites the detective to solve a "murder" - Poirot and Hastings are asked to look into the death of Mr. Maltravers, owner of the local manor house. The local rumor mill has it that the Marsdon Manor is haunted by several ghosts and Maltravers' wife is convinced that her husband was frightened to death. In the end, Poirot initiates a clever ruse to obtain a confession from the murderer.


Good night, Countess.

It is an honor have it again with us.

His usual suite is ready.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Countess.

The city is pretty in this height
of the year, does not it find, Poirot?

Yes, it is seen soon that the Summer arrived.

Is it on air, is not it?

No, it is in the speed that drives.

Be stopped that, Poirot.
We go only to 50 km / hour.

Excuse, my old man.
Red traffic light.

I prefer the Winter. It is more safe.

There a pleasant vision is
for one summer day.

Did he already think about that?

For my experience,

I know of five women's cases
murdered by the husbands.

Yes ...?

And of 22 murdered husbands
for the wives.

Thank you, but not.

The marriage is not for me.

And now,
I believe that the traffic light is green.

- We can continue ... slowly.
- Certssimo.

But I am not going to have an accident!

Anyway, we saw a fiancee.
Supposedly it brings good luck.

Mr. Poirot, already here is. The Inspector
it is to his wait there inside.

Is the Inspector Japp here?

It must be the luck that was referring.

I find what is preoccupied by something.
He still did not say a word.


Good afternoon, Poirot.

- Captain Hastings.
- Inspector-chief.

One feels, please.

Which subject does it bring for here today?

My job,
it is wanted that I am frank.

They would never dismiss it, that's right

They are going to dismiss, if I not to present
when they resulted soon, Cap. Hastings.

Three robberies
in others so many weeks.

Always of jewels.

The diamonds Atterton
the first ones to disappear were.

Of the Lady Atterton?

Of the western zone?

It happened during a dinner.
Two Dukes, a Duchess

and a Russian Countess to the table.

They are not the usual roll of witnesses.

The high-society...

Higher there is not, the problem is this.

The Commissioner is pressing me.
He wants action.

If not, it is going to have of giving to them
a scapegoat.

- A goat?
- I.

- When it was the last robbery?
- There are three days.

Three days! But it is exaggerated late!

It is better to attack while
the metal is hot ... right?

- What we can do?
- We wait.

The thief is already planning
his near crime.

And his near crime...
last his will be.

This way, Countess.

Lady Runcorn.

What pleasure to have it here!

And it is elegantssima.

His parties are always
an experience, Marcus.

And this night is not an exception.

We have Nacora, the pianist,
calling knots.

- Does it know the Katherine Bird?
- To contralto?

My expensive Marcus, is impossible
to arrange tickets to hear it!

Also it is not necessary.

Let it present me
to a colleague of mine of the South Africa.

Martin Johnstone, Lady Runcorn.

- How it is?
- With license.

Also he is a collector,
Mr. Johnstone?

- How?
- Of jewels.

You. Hardman has one of the biggest
collections of England.

- Is the Lady Runcorn here?
- Yes, I was speaking with her.

Just as well. She is very attractive.

It will be that he misses
of the died Lord Runcorn?

For the God's love, probe to be discreet!

- You already know me, Marcus.
- Yes.

Does who he is arrange?

The Countess Vera Rossakoff.

Vein of Russia there is a little time.


I suggest that you maintain your claws
far from her, expensive friend.


You do not reach her level.

It will be that not ...?

- Where you were?
- Occupied.

- Did you see my gloves?
- No, I did not see.

This time he cannot complain
what is late of more, Poirot.

Own I only knew this morning.

I have been walking for the country completely
because of others three robberies.

It is the first time what there is one
near to London.

Talk to me of this
Monsieur Marcus Hardman.

He is a collector of jewels. A sort
of celebrity, in the certain form.

It organizes many parties,
this type of things.

- Did a collector, say?
- Yes.

A natural target, I suppose.

And, in other circumstances,
perhaps a natural suspect.

They were in the garden when the theft
it took place. A concert or so.

- In the garden?
- There the tent is.


He was the agent of service
last night?

- Yes, Inspector.
- Then tell us what it happened.

I was going my rounds.

I came to the house of the Mr. Hardman
around the ten and it halves.


Well, I really saw something.

A tramp.

a in the opposite direction. Around there.

That "tramp" could have
a necklace for 10 thousand pounds in the pocket.

- I could not know, Inspector.
- In fact, no.

Thank you, agent.
It carried out very well his duties.

This is dreadful! Dreadful!
The publicity can destroy me!

When it gave for lack of the jewel,
Monsieur Hardman?

This morning. I got up late,
after the concert of last night.

We had the Nacora to touch.

And the Katherine Bird.

I entered in the room...

- My beautiful necklace from emeralds!
- But it had insurance, Mr. Hardman.

- Do I hold?
- Did it have?

Clear what had safely,
but the problem is not this.

It is irreplaceable.

Did it belong to Caterina de Medici, he knows?

It is this way.

Monsieur Hardman,

this window uses to be closed,


I am going to show the safe.

What has this window of different one?
He seems to me an equal s others.

But there is a significant difference,
mon ami.

It is in this place that to creeper there
from the outside almost it reaches the wall

and the Monsieur Hardman is,
it looks to me,

too confident in the latches.

- Did they touch anything?
- No, Inspector-chief.

It is exactamente as it was
when here I entered.

The safe was opened
and the emeralds had disappeared.

Then what is this?

- It is his, a Mr. Hardman?
- No.

What billet of this, Poirot?

It is a man's glove.

A man with small hands.

What we have here?

A cigarette case...

... it discharges... initial " B.P. "
- " B.P. "...

That says something to him,
Monsieur Hardman?

Yes, I suppose what can belong...

... to Bernard Parker.
- And who is he?

A friendly young person of mine. A partner.

- The glove also can be of him.
- Because he says that?

He lost it.
As a matter of fact, it lost both gloves.

It was at least what he said.

With license.

Then, what it finds, Poirot?

It is strange.
The glove and the cigarette case...

We can say that it is a double trace.

It has the double of the traces
to begin.

It is too much, Hastings. When it exaggerated.

To leave the glove inside the safe...

Perhaps he was in a hurry.

Or it can have been interrupted
for someone...

I can present him
the Countess Vera Rossakoff?

She was here in the party,
in last night.

Enchant, lady.

Et grinds aussi, monsieur.

Hercule Poirot,
his servant, lady.

What beautiful gardens, Monsieur Poirot.

It is very nice on his part
to accompany me.

It wanted to bring it to a worthy place of you.

Do not praise me, Monsieur Poirot,
it still makes me cry.

I have been so alone since I arrived
and this day has been marvellous.

So, also I know what it is
to reach a new country

and not to know anybody.

Clear, the man also
he is a refugee.

I was a chief of the Police officer in Belgium.

But then the Great War came
and I was obliged leaving.

I came for England,
for the village of Styles St. Mary.

It was a sad and painful height
for me. Far from the family and the home.

- Poor person Monsieur Poirot...
- I me them have been lucky.

My talent was recognized.

It is said that I am the detective
more famous of England.

- Is the Poirot?
- No, I lament.

- Hastings?
- Yes.

With license.

- Where he is?
- One feels well, Inspector?

No, I do not feel.

And I will be lucky if he will be still an Inspector
in the end of the week.

- Is it so so badly?
- They passed three days, Cap. Hastings.

- Three days and nothing!
- The Poirot is treating the case.

- Then because it is not with him?
- I do not know.

I suppose what he wants to follow
his investigations themselves.

This case of the jewels is going to be my end.

Do not be preoccupied, my old man.
He knows how the Poirot is.

Is he same doing progresses?

Yes, I am sure
of what it is in the certain way.

Then, it is investigating the case
of the stolen jewel?

It seems to me a simple case, lady.

For the most famous detective
of England, clear.

- Does it distrust me?
- Does it should?

- I was there.
- That is true.

Call, lady,
because it returned there the next day?

It had a marked meeting
with you. Hardman.

He was thinking in selling
some of my jewels.

I took a house as this one
in Petrogrado.

First it had a house.

Then, a wing of the house.

Then, a room in this wing.

And now ... it swims.

That does not do from you a thief,


It is the life itself that is a thief.

Everything robbed me what I had.

I suppose what this would have
of happening one day.

Is he even enthusiastic, knows?

- Is he sure, Captain Hastings?
- He must have seen it.

Well, we did not see it that there are three days.

He is not so at all.

And the poor thing the Japp?
It seems that it goes even for the street.

If we could help...

- Perhaps let's be able.
- How?

Listen, according to the Marcus Hardman,

only four persons entered
at the home during the concert,

when the necklace was stolen.

Bernard Parker, Martin Johnstone,
Lady Runcorn and the Countess.

- And did she go away?
- It cannot have been.

I.e. let's hope it has not been.

- And what we can do?
- We can speak with others three

and to be knots to resolve the case.

I know that the old man Japp is suspicious
of the tramp whom the agent saw,

I find them to myself what we had to speak with all
they. Let's begin with you. Johnstone.

Since it dares!

If I want a necklace, I can go
to a shop and to buy one.

In fact, even I can buy the shop.

Then because it entered inside the house,
Mr. Johnstone?

A call of the nature,
one has to know even.

And are there witnesses?

Then, Lady Runcorn,

it does not deny what entered
inside the house.

I finished of saying that to him,
Captain Hastings.

- Did he see anybody there inside?
- Yes.

Someone was coming going out from the bathroom
of the floor of bass.

I did not see myself them who was.

Because it was inside the house,
Lady Runcorn?

I looked for my bag
what had been there inside.

Bien, Countess,

tomorrow I am going to take it to the Tate Gallery

to see the collection of the Turners.

I find these painters expressionistas
so stimulating. Does not it find, Hercule?

In part, yes.

Since he knows, I believe that none of
it treats my friends me for this name.

I apologise. Forgive me.

- This is that I like very much!
- Marc Chagall.

One more Russian. An exile.

I think that it cheers in Paris.

They call him construtivista.

But it is enough to look at the work
it erases to realize.

Yes ...?

He is still in Russia.
It never went out of there.

Such as the Countess.


Now it is another world.
Estaline, Hitler...

For where he wants that we look,
everything is changing.

Goodbye, Lady Runcorn.

Goodbye, Capito Hastings.

Captain Hastings, sees!

" B.P. "

Bernard Parker.

Yes, I do a few works
for the Marcus, you. Hardman.

I treat him as the business
less clean.

What it means with that?

When it, or the client does not want to see
his name in the mud,

I work like a sort
of intermediary.

- I am not to...
- In the high-society, Captain,

never nobody is bankrupt.
At least, nobody admits it.

Therefore, when they are bankrupt,
they come to have with me

and I meet the Marcus.

It lost a glove, Mr. Parker?

The glove! Abominable that one
Inspector Japp talked already to me about the glove.

Does he know what it links I wanted to stick?

- His era?
- Yes.

But I told him that I had both
the gloves when the concert began,

but it was the last time that I saw them.

As for the cigarette case,
he had never seen it.

- It had initial his.
- My face,

certainly it will find immense persons
in London with initial " B.P. "

To purpose, already embroidered lees?

- Embroidered?
- Knitting, this type of things.



What thinks of the perfect crime?

It is an illusion, Countess.


But let him say to me
something that I heard.

A theft, like that one
at home of the Mr. Hardman.

- But, this time, they were diamonds.
- Continue, please.

Twelve persons sat down
to have dinner.

The safe was in the room to the side.

The hostess had made sure
of what the diamonds were in the siege

before the beginning of the meal.
- And then?

The safe was opened.

- And I discharge.
- And was there no any trace?


It is strange what he has told to me
of this subject, Countess.

- Also I read on that.
- Oh yes?

The Diamonds Atterton.

And it is true that the police officer
it was thrown off course.

But that is because they see everything
with a few eyes when it exaggerated...

... Englishmen.
- I do not understand.

They see Dukes and Duchesses,

Lords and Ladies,

but they are forgotten of doing
a single question.

What is ...?

Who was in this dinner

what also was in the soire
of Monsieur Hardman

and in more two opportunities
where also jewels were stolen?

He is saying that the police officer
it does not manage to resolve the case

because they are too English?

Or perhaps because the culprit
do not be sufficiently English.

Obliged for one day
really marvellous.


Will I see it tomorrow?

For the djeuner? Oui.

For the Hotel Carlton.

Bernard Parker must have been
when he fell in love with the Lady Runcorn.

He gave him the embroidery,
but it us lay on that.

I think that the Johnstone also lay.
I am sure what was he.

Skies! Poirot!

Learning Russian?! Because it will be?

It has been an incalculable help,
mon ami.

I did not get
to pass of the alphabet.

- It is really complicated.
- Yes, such as this case.

Of the stolen jewels?

We have been walking investigating,
Mr. Poirot.

You are not the only detective
deprived of London, does he know?

That is true, mon ami.

Tell Bien to me everything
what they discovered.

Therefore we find that Bernard Parker
it does blackmail with Lady Runcorn.

We discover
that she has many debts

and recently it ordered to auction
four of his pictures.

It must have sold them to pay to him.

He says then that the Lady Runcorn
it needs money.


It would not be probable what it links
it had met with the Parker

to discuss her sale of the jewels?

Is it his occupation, is not it?

But and the embroidery?
It is signed " B.P. "

What the name of single woman would be
of Lady Runcorn?

He had not thought about that.

But it goes away to be Hercule Poirot,
he will think about everything.

" Lady Runcorn...

... born Beatrice Palmerstone. "

" B.P. " ... he is right.

Very well, Poirot.
Then, what it finds?

I find what it must do to own you
a question, Hastings.

- Yes ...?
- The tramp, whom it was doing there?

The answer...

... it will only think it when he will return
the house of the Monsieur Marcus Hardman.

- I suggest what goes tomorrow.
- And the Poirot?

This case does not interest to the Poirot.
It does not fill me with enthusiasm.

And, such as he said,

there are other private detectives.

Yes, there will be.

But ... and the poor person Japp?

No, man. Not at all, still.

But I am following a few traces...

No, they still did not give in anything...

... but one more time one will give...

48 hours?

It was waiting a little more
of time.

I guarantee him that his woman
it is sure.

It can pass the telephone,
own I will speak with her.

No, man.
It was not my intention...

Right, man.

Yes, man.

I am treating that, man.

I am going to do that.

Thank you.

Good night.

They allow to me what shows up.


- Is not he Hercule Poirot...?
- The own thing.

- Please, one feels.
- No, thank you.

What we can do for you?

I have a friend who needs
of my immediate help.

But I cannot help it,
therefore I resort to the men.

It means what wants what knots...

... let's represent it?

Oui, c'est a.
They will have to act in my name.

It must be important, to ask
our help, not, Monsieur Poirot?

It is a question of the biggest importance.

There is a reputation...

... no, there is a life in play.

But Hercule Poirot is not wrapped.

The tramp,
what was he doing here?

I am not seeing how it will walk
walking this way it is going to help us.

Let's be methodical, a Captain Hastings.

You. Poirot must be right
to have ordered us here.

Four persons
they entered inside the house.

We will suppose what was one of them.

And the Lady Runcorn? If her name
she was Beatrice Palmerstone,

the cigarette case could be of her.

" B.P. "

Perhaps she was working
with Bernard Parker,

they were at the home
at the same time.

And that cursed tramp?

I am not seeing where he is fitted.

Beauty queen Lemon, looks! There!

- It is he!
- Wait here!

You there! Give birth!

Captain Hastings, he has a weapon.

Does one feel well?

I find that yes.


It is the first tramp whom I see
driving of one MG.

It is an iodine, Captain Hastings.
I warned that it was going to burn.

The one who suffers am I, my friend.

- To think that I ordered it...
- The fault was not his, Poirot.

It was yes.

It was me who told it to go
to that house,

if it was not his speed
and agility...

- He fired four times.
- I know, Beauty queen Lemon.

Did he know that the tramp was going to return?

No. But I am an imbecile,
only I saw half of the history.

I not even that see.

Beauty queen Lemon, can call
to an Inspector Japp, please?

Ask him to meet with us
at the home of the Marcus Hardman.

And his lunch with the Countess?

The meeting will be after the lunch.
Three hours.

Where it is going to take it?

It is the Countess who is going to take me.

The Countess surprises me.
I am lost of wonder.

It is only a picnic.

Before we had a few picnics...

Suppose what it links...

... the Poirot and Countess ...?

He would not do it!

So not ...?

I do not know.

I never saw it so.

And now ... a toast.

One allows me, I am going to propose one.

To the crime!

It is a strange toast,
coming from a detective.

Even so,
she is my raison d'tre.

My life is governed by him.

And it was the crime that joined us.


... to the crime.

He would not do it!


The lady would be lost her job.

And the Captain?

I would be going to travel.

I always dreamt about the South America.


But would it miss him, no?

Clear what would have.

And the lady?

I do not want to talk about that.

Now it seem to me what...

... yes.

I have a case to decide
with the Inspector-chief Japp.

And he will be resolved.

Can I do anything?

This time, I am afraid that the culprit
be able to escape...

... or, this time...

... his name will be able
never to be known.

It depends completely on the Countess.

- Of me?
- I think so.

Will this be able to help?

You punish four persons
they entered at the home during the concert.

The Countess, Monsieur Johnstone.

Lady Runcorn and Bernard Parker.

But the careful investigation
of my colleagues

it removed the Monsieur Jonhstone
and the Lady Runcorn.

Jonhstone because he is a man
very wealthy.

- And the Lady Runcorn?
- Lady Runcorn...

... because it entered inside the house for
it will meet with Bernard Parker.

Is not it so, Monsieur Hardman?

Yes, but nobody can know.

My business...

... it depends of knowing nobody.

Finally, we have the Countess.

She also entered inside the house,
to go for the coat.

The coat?
I thought that it was a hot night.

It was yes, Inspector.

But I was outside
there is more than an hour.

- Yes, but...
- Forgive me,

but Japanese arranges contralto
he had sung one more note,

my head would have exploded.

And while it was there inside,

did he see a person, non?

- And did it frighten it, n'est shovels?
- Yes.

- But only I saw it of glance.
- And for where it was addressing?

It was coming from this room, was going for the window.


The window and to creeper.

That takes us to a tramp
and to a very important question.

Because he returned?

Yes, and since it had money
for one MG, already now?

The tramp, who was not vagrant,

it used to creeper
to enter inside the house.

For him, the window was not an obstacle.

Also it opened the safe

- And the traces?
- The glove belongs to Bernard Parker.

It was there placed to incriminate it.

The cigarette case was belonging
the Lady Runcorn,

or Beatrice Palmerston,
since one was calling.

I believe myself to be them that she would be going to deny it.

- Why?
- It brought it here to sell it.

She would never admit that,
it is too proud.

This is true, a Beauty queen Lemon.

Then the tramp took the jewels.
And then, what it did?

He returned to the window,
but it was frightened by the Countess,

therefore it stumbled and fell.

And the necklace?

The necklace ... it dropped it,

therefore he would return.

Wait ...!

Sing already here!

- Voil!
- Green in the green.

My necklace!

And the tramp?
We still do not know who is.


I am afraid of them to myself what is
when it exaggerated late.

What the problem is?

Something that she said.

- Who?
- The Countess.

She said that the singer was a Japanese.

But it is the pianist who was a Japanese.

Well then?

Well, she had been in the garden
during an hour,

certainly it would have noticed ...?

Good night.

Beauty queen Lemon,
I thought that it had already gone away.

No, it had a few letters
to end.

It is working up to afternoon,
Mr. Poirot.

Yes, I will see the reports
of the Inspector Japp,

on the thefts of the jewels.

This work, Beauty queen Lemon,
for times it is not so so clear.

It works them to me so much, Mr. Poirot.

For times, I think that it had to...

- Yes, Beauty queen Lemon?
- Not at all, Mr. Poirot.

- Good night, Beauty queen Lemon.
- Good night.

They are lacking ten minutes for the train.


And then it will catch the boat...
for America.


Thank you.


she is the most extraordinary woman
and more special than I knew already.

- But also...
- The opposites...

C'est here.

It must continue his work.
And I must continue mine.

But not in the same country.

Allow countess to me that him
present two colleagues of mine.

Messieurs Redfern and Blake.

- Good night, my lady.
- They are, such as I,

private detectives.
- Does it think that I need escort?

No, they are for his protection.

During his short visit
England, there were four thefts.

I do not want what is wrapped in a fifth one.


Are they armed?

I believe what Monsieur Redfern
it brings a weapon.

Yes, with empty cartridges, clear.

The Redfern was a tramp much more
convincing from what I was waiting.

But the pauvre Hastings...

Unfortunately it was necessary
to take away it of the certain way.

It was forgetting!

I have something for you.

A present of farewell.

A souvenir.

The cigarette case?

The double trace.

But it does not serve me of anything.

It has initial " B.P. "


Nevertheless, in the Russian alphabet,

a "B" is a "V" and a "P" is a "R",
it is not...

... Vera Rossakoff?

It walked studying.

I wait what keeps her.

A memory of mine.

I will never forget it...

... Hercule!

Not even I to you...

... Countess.

Au revoir.

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