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Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989–2013): Season 3, Episode 2 - How Does Your Garden Grow? - full transcript

Poirot and Miss Lemon travel to Surrey to visit Miss Amelia Barrowby but arrive to learn that she has died during the night. Poirot had an odd encounter with her the previous day at a flower show when she made the odd gesture of giving him an empty seed packet. Upon returning home, he finds that she has written him seeking his assistance. Poirot suspects foul play and the pathologist confirms that the woman was poisoned with strychnine. Initial suspects are Miss Barrowby's niece and her husband, but when the dead woman's Russian companion runs away, Inspector Japp thinks he has the culprit. Poirot thinks otherwise.


- Good morning, Mr. Shaw.
- Good morning, Mr. Vavasour.

- It is an awful time, Mr. Shaw.
- You had had to.

- We see each other in the bank, Mr. Shaw.
- Yes, Mr. Vavasour.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.


My expensive Mr. Shaw...
Does one feel well?

Yes... I find that yes.

It was on purpose!

They wanted to kill it!

It weighs eight thousand tons.

In fact it is very heavy, Hastings.

And it measures more than 300 meters.

Yes, Hastings.

And the siren is heard to a distance
of 16 kilometers! 16, Poirot!

Mon Dieu...

It was letting everything to be able to be
in the maiden voyage.

- It is a phenomenon of the technology!
- A phenomenon, Hastings,

it is the fact of someone of wanting to board
in a maquineta of this.

Maquineta? The Queen Mary?

It was distant too much, Poirot.

No, Hastings.
I was not I do nor go to side any.

Only of looking at the boat
I keep the evil of mer.

I guarantee him, Poirot, you
it was not going to be sickened in the Queen Mary.

- It is stable that not even a crag.
- Hastings,

I came for East parents there are 20 years.
I crossed the Channel of boat,

and I still did not recover totally.

It had just arrived, Mr. Poirot.
It was handed in hand.

Thank you, Beauty queen Lemon.

- The Bank London and Scottish.
- We have not there count, is not it?


You. Poirot had a few problems
with his bank, in last year.

The Director was imprisoned.

Yes, I remember,
it was the Poirot that caught it.

It is not much common,

he would say even that it is the only case.

An attempted murder.

North American titles of credit.

Were they stolen?

Still not, Beauty queen Lemon.

But dressing what the night work.

And when that to take place,
a million dollars will be in play!

You. Poirot knows what it characterizes
these titles of credit?

I have no experience in the subject.

They are equivalent to blank cheques.
They can be lifted

for anyone who presents them.
- Then, they are lost...

It is the same thing that will lose money.
It was our ruin.

Call, Mr. Shaw,

why will it transfer the titles?

The bank is going to increase
his credit in America, Mr. Poirot.

We need of having bottoms
in Piece of news lorque. Do favor.

Thank you.

And he is you. Shaw that is going to take them?

Yes. It leaves from here to two days.

- It goes in the Queen Mary.
- Ena!


If you. Shaw could not go,

who is that it was substituting it?

The Joined-directing thing, you. Ridgeway.

But you. Ridgeway
it is above any suspicion.

- Not even another thing was waited.
- Why, Monsieur Vavasour?

Work in the bank there are seven years.

And there is fiance of my secretary.

It is well, gentlemen,
I am going to investigate the case.

- Frankly, Mr. Vavasour...
- No, Mr. Shaw.

They tried to run over it.

- I saw everything.
- The athletic red car.

Did it seem to him a Singer, was not it?


But did not it fix the enrolment?

It happened completely very fast.

And, to be sincere,
my sight is not a great thing.

Excuse, I think them to myself what it is doing
a storm in a glass of water.

You. Poirot will say of his justice.

It is better to speak with you. McNeil.

He is Person in charge for the Security.

He will have all the pleasure in helping it.

Mr. Poirot, his presence is one
serious interference in my subjects.

This decision falls to a Mr. Vavasour.

There are five years
that I am Person in charge for the Security,

and an only one was never lost clip.

I am sure
of what if that was happening

you. McNeil would be the ideal person
to deal with the situation.

Here it is, Mr. Poirot.

The suitcase is this
what will take the titles of credit.

It was done in agreement with mine
specifications. It is covered of steel,

and the lock has five bolts
of temperate steel.

It is screwed here and here.

Only there are three keys.

One for you. Shaw
and other one for you. Vavasour.

And the third one?

It keeps me, clearly.

And one would be you. Ridgeway
taking the titles?

You. Ridgeway?

Well, the decision falls to the Bank.

I must say them to myself what he does not seriate
my first choice.

And why, Mr. McNeil?

The detective is you. Poirot.


Thank you, Sandra.

He is you. Poirot, right?

Monsieur Ridgeway, this one is
my partner, the Captain Hastings.

- How it goes?
- They are felt, gentlemen.

I suppose what came here
because of the Mr. Shaw.

Did he already know of what it went on?

Me them it is necessary to have been an accident.


Who would want to kill
the old man Shaw?

He is absolutely harmless.

I second that I know, it is you who goes America
I marry you. Shaw ... one does not feel well.

Yes. There to be quite amusing.

- And soon in the Queen Mary!
- Then was not it?

- Was it liking going?
- Clear what was liking.

But it would never go...

You do not think what...

- What his car is, Mr. Ridgeway?
- I have not.

But I had already. It was a Singer.

- Of what color?
- I redden.

But I already have not it that there are several weeks.

I sold it.

I did not like him.

It was the ignition.
The ray of the car was never sticking.

He lay.

Perhaps have omitted something.

The Singer has an ignition
modernssima. It starts soon.

- It is better than it walks there.
- Hastings, always an enthusiast...

Mr. Poirot?

I can...

... to speak with you?

My name is Esmee Dalgleish.
I am the fiancee of Philip Ridgeway.

He is a man full of luck.

Thank you.

And she is also the secretary
of the Monsieur Vavasour.


What I can
to do for you, Mademoiselle?

Mr. Poirot,
can I entrust a secret?

I give him chance to speak, Mademoiselle.

I love very much Philip.

We count to marry in the Autumn. But...

It is because of the titles of credit,
Mr. Poirot.

- The money...
- Does that preoccupy it?


If you. Shaw will not be able to go America,
Philip goes at his place.

And I am afraid for him, Mr. Poirot.

It is afraid from what someone does to him badly.


it is that. There are persons whom they would do
any thing for this money.

I know that it will do everything
what will be to his reach,

but I ask him to look after Philip.
Happen what will happen.

I am afraid
what him happens something.

You. Ridgeway is very punctual.

- Does it have time for a glass?
- No.

- No, I will return for the bank.
- Oh, yes.

- Then the money?
- It is almost.

Only one more week.

- Other one?
- Ten days.

I do not ask for him any more time.

I promise.

I treated already everything.

Thank you, Mrs. Winter.

Mr. Poirot! Thank goodness what arrived.

- What was?
- They phoned of the bank.

You. Shaw was poisoned!

Good afternoon.
We can speak with you. Shaw?

Who are the men?

I am Hercule Poirot.

- Oh, yes. Enter.
- Thank you.

- How he is?
- It is still very weak.

- It was a strychnine.
- Strychnine?

They put it in the coffee.

More visits, Mr. Shaw. But only
five minutes, then it will sleep.

Thank you, Nurse Long.

- Mr. Poirot...
- No, Monsieur Shaw,

it is not possible to tire the man.

It was for somewhat, Mr. Poirot.

One more mouthful was enough for...

- I began to investigate already.
- She can have been anyone.

- Anyone.
- Yes.

But we know already who was the last one
person who was seen in the office,

before you. Shaw to drink the coffee.

And who went?

The same person
what will be going now to take the titles.

You. Ridgeway.

- I thought that we were going to leave.
- I well wanted.

But I cannot. It excuses, kid.
And I work.

- It is always a " work ".
- The Vavasour says that to.

- The fault is of him.
- Philip,

do you still love me?
- What?

It is of course.

- I am hurt for you.
- And that we are never joined.


the things are going to improve.
So what I...

... it will go round situaco.

He hears...

I will go.

Oh! What silliness...

I left the wallet in the office.


Is it always happening, is not it?

I have some pounds.

It excuses, wanted.

Philip, if you will be in trouble...

- It is clear that I am not!
... you can tell me.

It is going to run everything well.

Up to tomorrow.

The keys, Mr. McNeil.

He knows what it has to do
when the Piece of news will arrive lorque?

- Yes.
- The best.

This one goes with you, Mr. Ridgeway.

Mr. McNeil, stays that it puts in charge
of handing over that one to a Mr. Shaw.

Very well.

And I keep this one.

- You. is not Shaw better?
- Unfortunately not, Beauty queen Dalgleish.

It is going to be
at least two weeks of bed.

I was not minding
of taking the titles.

Thank you, Mr. McNeil.

But there are certain subjects to negotiate
in Piece of news lorque.

Like you. Shaw cannot,
he will be you. Ridgeway.

They are only ten days, kid.

They say that it will be
the quickest journey of always.

I guarantee him that his fiance
danger will not be in, Beauty queen Dalgleish,

since it happened with you. Shaw.

I asked a Mr. Poirot accompanying.

He gives me an answer still today.

With all the respect, I am not seeing
the advantage of employing a Belgian.

It is because of the titles of credit,
Mr. Poirot. The money...

I love very much Philip.

I know what it is going to do
everything what will be to his reach,

but I ask for him
what looks after Philip.

It walks, Jonathan.
We will go for house.

I already guarded his blue knot
and the vest color of mallow.

Also I am going to take the chestnut fact,

and two vests
what I use together...

All cannot take the clothes,
Mr. Poirot!

- Poirot.
- Hastings! Enfin!

Be going already to pack.

- For where we go?
- We are going to travel in the Queen Mary.

We the two?

We are going to accompany the travel of
titles. I went together with you. Vavasour.

This is fantastic, Poirot!
What the fez to change of ideas?

- I cannot say what not to a lady.
- Especially queen will go away!

I guarantee him
what will not feel the most light sickness.

If he so says it, mon ami...
But I am going to take my precautions.

A million dollars
in titles of credit.


The Queen Mary goes finally
to leave I steer the Piece of news lorque.

Tens thousands of persons
they fill the dock of Southampton,

to see the biggest and the most modern
transatlantic liner of the world.

And the privileged ones
what will be going to travel in him?

One or two
they will be able not even to come to remember,

they are to me others what they want to do of this
an unforgettable travel.

Here a known face is: The biggest
detective of Europe, Hercule Poirot,

what wants " to solve the mystery "
on a few quite deserved holidays,

and it is anxious because of passing a few days
at the mercy of the current.

One more suitcase
For the man Poirot.

They are more than two thousand suitcases,
what will be guarded in security.

It is an exciting moment.
The moment of the start arrived,

and there the Queen Mary goes for the sea.

And now we film of the skies, while
the new British transatlantic liner

it leaves his homeland
for the first time,

and it enters in the Atlantic Ocean
for the first time.

It will be what it is going to get
to break the record?

Up to now the quickest journey was
that of the Normandy, which lasted four days.

- Bonjour.
- Good morning.

Good morning, Mr. Poirot.

Bonjour, Mademoiselle.

Bonjour, Hastings.

- Vain Comment a?
- I feel very badly.

I am not sickened, Poirot.

That me never happens.

It must have been of the oyster
what I ate last night.

- I have a few pills...
- No, thank you, Poirot.

I stay well.

It is true, Poirot,

that young person of the box to the side...

Oh, already I know!
We finished of knowing us.

She is the Beauty queen Brooks.

We combined went to swim.

Coming, say to him that I...

Did he eat a spoilt oyster, was not it?


Be able to bring!

- Good morning.
- Bonjour, Monsieur Ridgeway.

I thought that he was the servant of side.

No, I am not.

- Did not it still take the breakfast?
- No.

I had a complicated night.


And the suitcase?

The key is in security, Mr. Poirot.

It has not so that to be preoccupied.

I walk with the key in the pocket and fastening
the door key whenever I leave.

The servant will be seen, tell him for if
to dispatch, yes? I am famished.

- Hello again.
- Mademoiselle,

my friend Hastings feels very sorry,
it me them cannot be going to swim with you.

It does not do badly.
I also am that I cannot even.

Yesterday the dancar stow up to s three.

And the Mademoiselle Brooks
it is travelling alone.

In a ship, we are never alone,
Mr. Poirot. Bye.

Pardon, Mademoiselle...

Does it have hours what one says?

They are nine and it halves.

Thank you.

Good morning, Poirot.

- Bonjour.
- The Commander orders fulfilment,

but today it cannot have dinner with you.
- Did some problem appear?

It seems that we are going to have thick fog.

It is not at all of worrying one,

but the Commander
it will be in the bridge.

- Tell him that I feel very sorry.
- Yes, man.

Perhaps we already did not break the record.
It is for the near one.

Good morning.

For me it can be a cooked fish.
And a toast without butter.

More c'est incroyable.
This ship is not a ship.

You are right,

it is a wonder of our time.
- That's right, Poirot.

But it is clear,
my poor person Hastings caught one...

Food Intoxicaco.

Good night, Ridgeway.
Can we dispose of you today?

- There I will be.
- To see if you recover the money?

- Do you play s letters?
- Yes.

Only to amuse myself.
And a friendly play,

only we bet a few pounds.


You read cervelles aux beurre!

What is that?

Brains of calf fried in butter.

I think that I am going to rest more a little.

Rays, the Queen is a strong letter.


it seems that it lost everything, Ridgeway.

So it is...

One does not matter
that I pay to him then, is not it?

Beauty queen Brooks. Miranda.

Then, Captain Hastings,
does not it manage to sleep?


He seemed to hear me...

Nobody hurled himself to the sea, is not it?

No. It was good what had been
the orchestra, but not.

I felt sorry
of this is not able to swim with you.

I also.

But from here to a few hours
we bring the piece of news near lorque.

- We could...
- So. Well,

the fact can be that we are.


Beauty queen Brooks?

Good night, Captain Hastings.


- Captain Hastings!
- Ridgeway!

The titles!

Wait here, please.

Is it even a truth? Did they disappear?

Fear what yes.

But the boat is
to an hour of Nova lorque.

The titles will be in the ship.

I already ordered them a telegram and said
to search the passengers,

but it would be more simple
if I there was.

We have to find them!

They will be sold,
the Bank goes bankrupt!

I know.

And therefore I want to ask about him
a thing.

Clear. What he will want.

Does it still have the key what I gave him?

I never lost sight of it.

The biggest British transatlantic liner

it ends in Piece of news lorque
his first journey.

The delay of eleven hours caused for
it prevented thick fog from breaking the record.

Even so, Piece of news lorque received
with enthusiasm the " Queen of the seas ".

The journey stayed four days,
12 hours and 24 minutes,

to a middle speed of 29 knots.

Listen well to the outcry of the crowd.

I swear for God, Mr. Poirot.

The key was always with me.

And where the fact is that it was
the night completely, Mr. Ridgeway?

Ajogar s letters.

I know that I must have stayed here,

... it is a weakness of mine.
- The play?

- It is how much that it lost?
- Around hundred pounds.

The same thing what in the previous night.

This is not good for my side,
is not it?

It can go out, Mr. Ridgeway.

We speak then.

I am going to present the report
to a Commander.

Look well at this, Poirot.

It is completely cut and marked.

Oui, I already examined it.

It seems that someone tried to break it down
it did not get them to me.


But then they opened it again.

It is curious.

They waste immense time
trying to break the suitcase down,

and then ... sapristi!
At last they had the key!

Unless they wanted to give the idea
of what they were trying to break it down.

Oui. C'est possible.

In this case
it is possible to have been only the Ridgeway.

More nobody had the key.

- Was it disillusioned?
- Well...

He was an imbecile,
but it was not judging it ably of...

I also not, mon ami.

- We will find the titles.
- Yes.

- Or the person who robbed them.
- Not more.

- You. did Shaw have his key?
- Yes.

- It is clear.
- And does the man have sweats it?

- What?
- His key.

- Clear what I have.
- Can I see it?

Frankly, McNeil!

I came here out.

I approached the tacked one.

And then I heard a noise of something falling
in the water. It seemed to come from there.

And it was here that I found Miranda.

- The Mademoiselle Brooks.
- Yes. She was coming from this side.

The box of the Mr. Ridgeway
have door for this side, it has not?

Yes, have!

Me them was not she bringing anything?


If she had stolen the titles,

it could have thrown them edge had been.

And the current
it was taking them to Piece of news lorque.

And following...

... fins were growing they
and they were swimming for the coast.


It is a rude idea.

Au counterenrages, my expensive Hastings.

It was very observant, as always.

Wait there!

It was here!

You. Vavasour is conscious
of the gravity of the situation?

Clear what I have!

It is a case of police officer.

- Of police officer?
- Yes, man.

His key,
the fiance of his secretary...

And the idea of transferring the titles
also it was his.

McNeil! I am his boss!

It is better to accompany me.

The Scotland Yard is going to speak with.

Mr. Poirot,

did it already discover anything?
- Enough Avancmos.

- Who had given me to be able to say that.
- This man belongs to the customs.

My name is Tom Franklin.

It is an honor to greet
famous Hercule Poirot.

Thank you.

It began to investigate already, Mr. Franklin?

Yes, and I must say that not even a cash
hole was passing for my men.

- But up to now we did not see anything.
- Did the Beauty queen Brooks already disembark?

She is an American, blond young person,
very pretty.

This ship
it was bringing more than thousand passengers.

- Nevertheless, they arrived too late.
- Too late?

It will not find the titles in the possession
of none of the passengers.

- They are not in the ship.
- That is impossible.

- They could not go out from the ship.
- I guarantee you what went out.

We have not any more anything doing here.

We will already return for London,

- And you. Ridgeway?
- It goes with us.

But then and the search, Mr. Poirot?

Your McNeil insisted so much...

I guarantee him, Mr. Agent,

the Monsieur McNeil is not ours.

Mr. McNeil, where you are. Vavasour?

In the squad, Beauty queen Dalgleish.

In the squad? Why?

This information is confidential,
Beauty queen Dalgleish.

He is the Director of the Bank,
and I am his secretary.

- That does not matter.
- I have a right of knowledge!

This is ridiculous.

Mr remembers. McNeil,

you. Poirot arrives from here to a few days.

I am not seeing what he could do.


It is the return to house.

The Queen Mary turns s waters
territorial of his homeland,

and we can see now
another element of the fleet,

what it follows for the high sea.

Two great ships cross so,

and now the Queen Mary
it addresses for the port of Southampton,

and it is prepared to moor.

A happy return to house.

It is good to be at home,
is not it, Poirot?

Look, his fiancee is there.

- You guard!
- Yes, man?

Mr. Poirot...

I want that they fasten this man
for the theft of a million dollars.

- What?
- Poirot!

If he so says it. Come here!

How it was able?

The ship is so pretty, a Mr. Poirot.

It was an unforgettable experience,
Beauty queen Lemon.

Only that one was pity to have run badly.

It ran everything very well.

I was never a victim of the evil of mer!

- Poirot?
- Is it ready, Hastings?

We walked already playing there is much time.

It is time to count the points.


This is an absurdity.
I do not know what is done from my key.

When it is it gave
for lack of her, Monsieur?

- When the McNeil asked for it me.
- Eh bien,

and who had access to his office?

I. And my secretary.

Only one more question, Monsieur.

Before breaking the Queen Mary,

who was that it put the titles in the suitcase?

- I was. Why?
- Such as I was thinking, Monsieur.

It was that that I was lacking to know.

Thank you.

Mr. Poirot.

And now?

I suppose what does not go
to say to me what goes on.

He knows, Poirot, you are impossible.

Why, Hastings?

He never says anything to me. Not faco devises
where we are it does not even stop where we go.

Be patient, mon ami.

Soon everything will be clear.

The man!

It will understand that I am only
trying to help it, Mademoiselle.

It told to fasten my fiance. You.
You told McNeil to fasten. Vavasour.

So bad is one like other.

Je vous en prie. Be patient.


When it came to have with me,

it was because it was afraid
of Monsieur Ridgeway, yes?

It was afraid "for" him.

Non, Mademoiselle.

He knew that he was a player
compulsive. He knew of the debts

and it was for this reason because he sold
the car, right?

I cannot deny it, Mr. Poirot,
it seems to the man to know...

And also it was afraid

what were entrusted him
the titles of credit,

he them was stealing and disappearing.

- I...
- It wanted to protect it, Mademoiselle,

and it was for this reason because it took away
the key to his chief.

I do not know the one that refers.

Please, Mademoiselle,
do not try to be wrong.

I know.

Did it take away the key?

Since it wanted to save
the Monsieur Ridgeway,

he wanted that we were believing that the key
what opened the bad era of his chief.

I am afraid of them to myself that that
it has not resulted, Mademoiselle.

Because the keys had not
it swims seeing with that.

Because it dragged me up to here,
Mr. Poirot?

I thought that it would be educative
for the Monsieur McNeil.

Is it even a truth? You. Vavasour
and you. is Ridgeway imprisoned?

Well, one of them stole the titles.

No, no.

They did not steal anything.

In fact, there was nothing
to steal,

the titles were stolen very much before
it starts of the Queen Mary.

But that is impossible.

We were always with the suitcase.

Non. Shovels du tout, mon ami.

The Monsieur Vavasour
it put the titles in the suitcase,

me them he has the weak sight.
It was own him who said to us.

A million dollars
in titles of credit.

He would not have repaired what the titles
what had in the hand

they all were false ones.


He is saying that the titles
were what were in the Queen Mary false?

Exactamente, mon ami.

But why?
Who would benefit with that?

You. Shaw will rest now.

Yes, clear.

Nurse Long, pardon,
does it have hours what one says?

They are four and in Dec.

C'est here.

Pardon, Mademoiselle...

Does it have hours what one says?

They are nine and it halves.

In the ship, I asked him the same question.

The disguise was almost perfect.

But the movement
the same thing was exactamente.

The movement of the experienced nurse
what uses the clock to the chest.


Mademoiselle Brooks.

Or Mademoiselle Long...

... what travelled with the copy
of one of the keys,

what stole the false titles
and what was released of them.

I do not know about what he is talking.
He is saying nonsenses.

It cannot be she.

Miranda Brooks
it was absolutely dazzling.

The Monsieur Philip Ridgeway
it would keep the fault.

Monsieur Ridgeway,
with his problems of play.

He would be the obvious suspect.
It would be it...

... as they say, scapegoat.

Me them he robbed them.
It is him that had them!

It is precisely what they wanted
what was thinking, Monsieur McNeil.

It is therefore that it was essential
what the Ridgeway digs in the ship.

No, he was Mademoiselle Brooks what
it tried to run over the Monsieur Shaw.

It went to Mademoiselle Brooks
what treated the poisoning.

Did Miranda plan everything that?

It is well. Yes.

It was right.

Holy God!

What it is going to do? To call the Police officer?

Very well, hurry with that.
So many conversation!

A thing of every time.

The Mademoiselle Brooks is doing
the honorable attempt

of protecting his accomplice.

The Ridgeway!


Since it would have been simple

for you. Shaw to steal the titles
what had been entrusted him,

if it had taken them to side
of the ship! Too simple.

And too obvious.

The bank would have known precisely
where to look.

It is insinuating what I am wrapped
in this, in some form?

I was arranged in layers.

Yes, clear what was,
Monsieur Shaw, due to the poison...

... what was false,

as well as the attempt
of running over.

It was completely an essential part
of his plan

for what Monsieur Ridgeway
it was taking his place in the ship.

- But you. Shaw still had the key.
- No, Monsieur McNeil,

he had a copy of the key.

The Mademoiselle Brooks
it had the true one.


I lament, Miranda.

Are they married?


But we were going to marry.


Do not lament.

The prison cannot be much worse

of what 25 years
in the London and Scottish Bank.

Come, Ridgeway. It is free.

Where the McNeil is?

I keep on not realizing
because it told me to fasten.

Because, Monsieur Ridgeway,

I saw the loan sharks his wait
in Southampton

and I thought that it would be more safe
in a cell of prison.

Well, I suppose what is true.

And also it did with what the true ones
blamed if they were distracting a little.

I have an immense debt
for with you, Mr. Poirot.

I was promoted Vice-deputy Geral.
I paid all my debts.

And never again you are going to have none.

Obliged by everything.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Au revoir.

Do we deserve to commemorate, not, Hastings?

A glass of crme of menthe?

It despises the liqueur, Hastings.

For you, my friend,
perhaps a whiskey?

No, thank you.


it is not livened up
with our success?

Yes, yes. Very good.

- Does Ne encore read shovels badly of mer?
- No, I am well.


we finished now a case
very well succeeded.

Two men were freed
of a very unfair encarceramento.

It had the privilege to watch Poirot
in his most brilliant form

and, for besides everything this,
it did a beautiful travel in the Queen Mary.

I know, Poirot. Excuse.

She is Miranda Brooks.


... it still has a fraquinho
for that fascinating young person?

No, no. Of all.

On the contrary.

Only what...

There she was ... as you said...

... a fascinating young person

what, with a wig
and a little of make-up,

it was managing to change
in that inelegant nurse.

Yes, it was a very good disguise,


... if a woman manages to do that,

it can do the opposite.

And so, where we are we?

In the beginning of the wisdom, mon ami.

But this also is a motive
to commemorate, n'est you shovels?

Legendagem: Thor