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Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989–2013): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Kidnapped Prime Minister - full transcript

En route to the train station to attend a disarmament conference in Paris, the Prime Minister's car is attacked by what the press describe as ruffians. The PM is slightly injured and does make it across the Channel to French soil, but never arrives in Paris. Poirot is called in by senior government officials as it appears the Prime Minister has been kidnapped. He soon comes to the conclusion however that the evidence from the first attack doesn't quite add up and all is not what it seems.

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We go, bfia.
Are you going to fire on her?

It finished, Poirot.
It can already open the eyes.

This one went to last time, Hastings.

It cannot like,
but it cannot ignore it.

This makes part of our lives.

- It is a window for the world.
- And barbarian!

I do not like this criminal's type,
not even of the detectives of the E.U.A.,

what fire first
and they ask questions then.

Not completely healthy machine gunning
and thieves.

In fact, in what it concerns
to the criminal investigation,

the FBI has no rival.

Not being the Scotland Yard, it is clear.

Soon I will say to him
they live up to his reputation.

They are going to send to us one of his agents
in a temporary mission.

My God, will be what that means
what the bandits of America,

are they going to invade the streets of London?

Nothing is afraid. It is only a case
of any espionage.

It is following a trace
and I will work with him.

I wait what is not like his colleague
of the movies, you. Brick Davis.

The party of his friend, Sr. Parker, already
it will be a sufficient liveliness for me.

It cannot be here.
There must have been some mistake.

- Campden Hill Gate.
- Paying 80 you support yearly,

they must already be subletting
the house of the boiler.

It is an apartment of 5 rooms
with all the luxuries.

The number 6 stays in 1andar.
We go, James.

Wait, do not call. It n6
it is the cheapest apartment.

Do not waste his time, it was rented.

And rude? So that I told mine
name, they closed me the door in the face.


Perhaps do not have liked
of his aspect.

- Good afternoon, I believe...
- How are they called?

Mr. And Mrs. Robinson.
We wanted...

Thank you.

A bitter cold was.

It told us to enter
with a smile in the face,

and the apartment showed us.
- What was amazing. We are already going to change.

Perhaps be astonished. Perhaps have
when was the stage of an awful murder.

- Do not say that.
- With a price of that,

she can astonish it what he will want.

What it finds
of our friendly detectives?

The man is the specialist.
What thinks?

I do not realize anything of ghosts.

But there are two things
what are you find strange.

The apartment had been already announced
there is some time.

It is strange, we think
in as for income it is low.

They had already seen the announcement
and they ignored it.

- We were thinking that it was a lure.
- We went again for curiosity.

- Since we was there nearby...
- Right. It was what we thought all.

But because the fact is that that poor woman
before us was it rejected?

We were welcomed with open arms.

Yes, we go, Arthur.
How does it explain that?

Is it obvious, no? It must have slammed
in the wrong apartment.

Is he seeing? The Captain Hastings
it manages to explain any mystery.

Thank you, girl Lemon.

- Good morning, Poirot, girl Lemon.
- Good morning.

You. Poirot was telling me
on his brilliant deductions,

during the party of Teddy Parker.

Sometimes, I think that the Poirot
it does not give me the credit what I deserve.

I know that it seemed to him completely great
herb doctor, but cordial was been.

- Cordial?
- Is it obvious, is not it?

The Robinsons ignored something
in his agreement.

Soon they will discover what it is.
I wait what is not a shock.

Yes. I am happy because of be preoccupying
with the problems of the Robinsons.

That will be going to make our inquiries
still more valid.

- Inquiries?
- What inquiries?

Come, Hastings, before it is
absorbed by the races.

I do not realize because it wants to waste time
with such trivialities.

It surprises me, Hastings.

I know that this modest case
it has not the same attraction,

what those of the Mr. Cagney
and of his partners.

However, this is a mystery
what deserves our attention.

Thank you.

This leaning woman who goes away to wear out.

What he does not know is that the agent Burt,
of the FBI,

it is playing for the team of the house.

With the FBI in the defense
and the Scotland Yard to the attack,

is not it going to manage to make his mark, is not it?

That itself.
It touches moving.

Very well, boys.
We bring together ourselves again to I halve it.

Poirot, this is the federal agent Burt.

Allow him to present me
Hercule Poirot, the private detective,

and his colleague, Capito Hastings.

The American police officer.

I wait what does not need
so so much of people,

to the point of contract
a private detective.

Why do they serve?
To look for lost dogs.

We are dealing with a question
of international security.

I do not intend
of employing nobody.

But I inform it of what you. Poirot
it has an enormous reputation.

A doubtful reputation.

Al Capone is not going to say to me what
it is going to apply for President.


And then?
It keeps on trying.

Did you hear what? He hears, I do not want
knowledge of this filth of the brotherhood.

The " transatlantic correspondent "
does not it correspond s his expectations?

Using a technical term,
it is a disaster.

He assumed the command
of my office, secretary and car.

Now he wants that my the best
men watch the Italian embassy.

Be on the lookout?

Clandestine vigilance
24 hours daily.

If the sub discovers London world what
half of my division is kept,

they will be able to do what they will want.

It is true.
But because he demanded this vigilance?

There are six months,
an employee without importance,

it stole the plans of a new submarine
of the Admiralty of the United States.

If these plans to fall in hands
missed, that will be able to be serious.

It can be a catastrophe.

There is something that Il Duce has not
it is a strong navy.

Right. Apparently,
with some submarines of this,

he might control the Mediterranean.

The FBI discovered what a woman brought
the plans up to London to sell them.

Now I remember.
This was not that " Case Romero ",

in what a woman
did it dare betraying the Mafia?

There is not true what at a certain point
of his run was it a "canary"?

- A canary?
- That itself.

A singer in directions of dance.

What you. Burt would call
of " chatterer ".

God of the Sky.

The couple has been to maintain
of the new languages, Hastings.

And is she here, now?

Jim, comes even to my office,

I spoke with it. It is to his wait
in the Office of Registers.

I feel very much for the delay.
There are some Robinsons in the archive.

The Robinsons what we have were imprisoned
for disorder while alcoolizados,

aggression to a member of the clergy and for
to throw stones on the railroads,

with intention of provoking damages.

We have not anything on Stella
or James Robinson.

Is he seeing? They are only a sweet
and innocent couple.

In the last six months, one remembers
of some crime not solved,

whose principal suspects
were they a young couple?

So suddenly,
I do not remember anything.

I know of Bonnye and Clyde, me them they
they act in the American western-centre.

And let's wait what are that way.

But they are friends of the Mr. Parker.

I know it from the times of school.
It has not criminal friends.

Mr. Poirot?

- Good morning, Mr. Marsh.
- Good morning.

This is my associate,
the Captain Hastings.

- Do not they want to enter?
- Thank you.

- It is the most beautiful front.
- She is one of the most beautiful of London.

The apartments of this block,

does the same configuration have all?
- Yes, it is exactamente equally.

This is the living room.

It was conceived to answer
to the most elevated standards.

For example, here one is of more
recent hearths elctricas.

It is built,

and they can choose
with one or two bars.

- Is it very pretty, they do not think?
- Undoubtedly.

The Poirot is not going to know any more
on the Robinson,

looking at an empty apartment.

It is always advisable
to do a thorough inspection,

before coming to the final conclusion.

I do not realize.

Suddenly, I had the wish to rent
an apartment in Campden Hill Gate.

East itself.

The kitchen was equipped with them
more modern household appliances.

All the shelves and cupboards
they were discreetly filled out,

to make arrangements
a pleasant environment,

even to the most demanding cook.

Mr. Marsh, one says a thing.
Why does it serve this small door?

For the garbage cans.

They are gathered twice weekly,
through the door of the rears.

The architects thought about everything.

Because they do not see the house to the will?
I hope for you down there.

- It is very nice.
- Of all. Make themselves at home.

Think about the expense.
They are six guinus weekly.

It is a small price to pay
to discover the mystery of the intrigue.

Great intrigue?
It must be something of simple much.

An eccentric landlady was moved
for the drama of the newly-wed ones.

That does not explain because the apartment
more cheaply there of bass,

it was announced that there is so much time
without what nobody was renting it.

- Perhaps they had seen a problem.
- And do not the Robinson turn?

- They to did it seem to be to him a naive couple?
- No.

Then they have a special quality
what others had not, no?

- They are a normal couple.
- And there the mystery resides.

- Then? What they find?
- What is exactamente for what we look.

- I keep him immediately.
- It took a good decision.

These apartments will not be
in the market for much more time.

The income is very reasonable
for the current standards.


- I do not eat up them that of the Robinsons.
- Do they know the Robinsons?

Undoubtedly. They had just arrived,
is not it true?

Those of the number six?
They already brought near that there are six months.

- The party of yesterday was extraordinary.
- Just as well what liked.

It seems to the Robinsons to be great
nice. What you do. Robinson?

What it does? I do not know for certain.
Do not be here there is much time,

but she is a simple person.

- Of where they come?
- I do not know. They are from the outside.

- Then as it knows them?
- That is strange. In fact...

- Yes?
- I and Vernica were in the theater.

We had asked
a few drinks for the interval,

but when there we arrived
there were other persons to drink them.

- To serious?
- Undoubtedly.

It seems that we had asked
equal drinks.

Our stub was it n6 and it of them it was
it n9, only what was on the contrary.

- It was uncomfortable for an instant.
- I imagine.

- It is delayed, Hastings.
- I had problems with the caretaker.

He was thinking what it links
I was not going to let in.

- To serious?
- It seems that a foreigner was here,

asking questions on the Robinsons.

- He was not the man, is not it?
- Clear what not.

He must be the man who walks being on the lookout
the apartments.

Watching the apartments?

Perhaps do not be so innocent
how much do they look.

Imagine what walk wrapped
in some obscure business,

of import and export.

Perhaps you drug
or slaves' traffic.

But what fertile imagination.

It seems that nobody knows
from where them they came.

It seems to the Parker not to know anything
on them.

Perhaps have returned
of the foreigner.

If that will be true,
soon it will be able to discover it.

But now, please,
we are going to continue our work.

Bring my suitcase, please,


I am ready entering
in the apartment of the Robinsons,

resorting to the system of gathering
of the garbage cans.

- Is it going to enter by force in the apartment?
- That is not exactamente.

I will get ready them the things
for later.

But it is a Saturday in the afternoon,
they must be at home.

It is that for that I wait.

Because it is going to pretend that he is a neighbor
nice what was going to pass.

I want that it distracts them
while I do what I have to do.

It would not be easier
to wait what were going out?

I thought already about this completely.

While they will be out of house,
the door is closed.

What I say?

Captain Hastings.

What it does for this zone?

I think that it went to his natural curiosity
of private detective who brought it here.

In no way. It had a few subjects
to negotiate in Brompton Road,

but I remembered myself that they was living here nearby,
because I thought:

" The Robinsons must know. "

I must use hair of badger or it will be
a normal brush the sufficient thing?


I want to get a granulated touch,
unless it is very obvious.

I do not want that it has risks.
For times does it seem to have, is not it?

I do not want that that happens.
As such, I will choose:

Mane of horse, hair of pig
or hair of badger.

Apparently, a metal comb
it produces the same effect,

but that is better for walls
and grounds. It is more definite.

Why does he want a brush of hair
of badger or a metal comb?

Did not he still say?
To scrape and to clean?

Since they know, that produces
a beautiful effect in the wood.

Only that I am not very skilled
what concerns the decoration,

therefore I remembered of asking
your experts' opinion.

The only time that I did something so,

it was when I treated my shelter
in Frank with Creosote.

You already did enough works.

We did not do anything.
We arrived here yesterday.

I admit not to be able to distinguish a brush
of hair of badger of a stew.

They are very modest.

Certainly they were influenced
for the spirit renascentista,

when they were in Italy.

In Italy?
Where it looked for this idea?

The Parker told me that they had finished
of returning of the continent.

No. We came from Cambridge
when James was invited,

to work in the Mutual of London.
We were never in the continent.

Insurances. This is a subject
very interesting.

In fact, it was intending to do
a new insurance for my car.

- What was that one?
- It came from the kitchen.

- I did not hear anything.
- It is better went to see what it is.

Allow me.
This is the duty of a detective.

One never knows,
he can be one of the ghosts.

The wind opened it, I believe.

They had to maintain it blow with a bar.
One never knows who walks thereabouts.

I do not know what the Robinsons would say,

they had seen Hercule's foot
Poirot to disappear in the staircases.

I am in debt
for with his quick reasoning.

I do not find the Robinsons what
have something hiding.

If someone
it has a suspect behaviour,

it is the woman who rented them
the apartment.

It does not find stranger,

what the description what the agent
property fez of the Mrs. Robinson,

it was so different from the Mrs. Robinson
what we know?

He is not a very observant man.

Perhaps he was speaking
of another Mrs. Robinsons.

Perhaps his Mrs. Robinson
it had waited for much time,

until a tenant appeared
with the same name.

Because that would do it?
That is strange.

The gardener is an informer
of Sergeant Daltry, of the Japp.

His eyes do not deceive it,
my friend.

If I am not deceived,
this carrinha is the centre nevrlgico,

of the vigilance of the Inspector Japp
to the Italian embassy.

- What they are here doing?
- We were going to pass this way and...

We wanted to satisfy the curiosity
of Hastings.


Enter before they see you.

All the exits are covered,
so much to the front I eat behind.

We have some cars
in plain clothes prepared,

to try her case to escape.

Be that as it may, so what Carla Romero
to appear, we are going to catch it.

- It is a quite organized operation.
- I am happy because of being able to help.

Who is that man?

It is always entering and going out.
He must be a confused tourist.

Suppose that Carla Romero
it will never come, what sends someone.

Very well, what it would do,
how private detective?

It was entering and was asking for him us to phone
so what were appearing the plans?

It would concentrate my efforts
in finding Carla Romero.

She is a young and attractive American.
Travelling only it is a suspect figure.

It can be alone, we know them to me
what travels with an accomplice.

Because I know,
she worked already with the Mafia.

It is when what they are going to realize
what the Mafia,

the Black Hand and Nostra Sews it
do not they exist?

There are some families of immigrants
arrivals, overcoat of the south of Europe,

what clash,
but the organized crime does not exist.


Thank you, but...

Yes, I am sure of what yes.
That is not important.

No, it has not any interest.

Thank you. Yes.


I phoned 14 nocturnal clubs.

Eight of them have " chatterers ",
but none is an American.

Three of them have masculine singers,
one has a magician, different one a pianist,

and they do not attend me of the Black Kat.
- Of who is to the search?

Suppose that Carla Romero

it was obliged
returning to his ancient profession,

while it waits
to sell the documents.

It is possible.

Because it was so interested
in Carla Romero so suddenly?

Because it does not leave the FBI
to resolve his cases themselves?

Perhaps there be some connection
with the Robinsons.

That I saw the man entering
in the Italian embassy,

there is the same thing what I saw
watching their apartment.

It does not find stranger,

what the only club that did not answer
was the telephone the "Black Kat"?

Good afternoon. He can say to me
if the manager is here?

It is there behind.

Thank you.
And very nice.

A moment only.
Who is?

Hercule Poirot.

- How?
- Poirot. And the man?

I have not anything hiding.
I am Bernie Cole.

- Between.
- Thank you.

They all know me.
I am Bernie Cole, the king of the bars.

- Did not it use to go to the Caprice?
- No.

Of what it walks behind?
I wait what is not of anything illicit.

No, clear what not.

Excuse, that one there below
is not it the telephone?


Any clue is not a madman?

There is with each one...

You. Elsa Hart sings here,
is not it true?

- Who wants to know?
- A poster is outside.

No. What I want to know
it is if she is the American Elsa Hart.


Once I heard her singing in Nova Iorque.

Oh yes? She is canadiana,
like the quintet of the Dionne.

Canada is going to be the great fashion

We are going to have here a canadiano from here,
other from there.

Bernie Cole always gets
to identify a tendency.

I am known therefore.

- If the manager says that it is canadiana...
- Clear what it links he would say that to him.

She stole the plans.
His enemies pursue it.

One changed of name, because it will not change
also of nationality?

Yes, I think so.

But, in spite of all the precautions,
it discovered that someone followed it.

It decides, then,
to leave the apartment,

and to admit someone with the same name.
- The Robinsons.

- The landlady uses them as I bait.
- Yes, my friend.

The charitable landlady, the treacherous one
spy and, perhaps, the singer Elsa Hart,

they are all the same person.
- And it is me who has fertile imagination.

This is a fantasy.

No, it is a woof
with frightening dimensions.

The Robinsons are going to be victims
of a dark murder.

Good night. I am Penlope Maitland,
of the "Lady's Companion".

- I sent to him a message there is somewhat.
- Yes. It was very nice.

Please, between.

Because it ever attends the telephone?

Every day they bother me
with calls. To you not?

Let him give me a notice.

She did not like much this idea.
It will be able to seem not much cold.

Let's say that it is an artist's temperament.

It must to me be got them used
dealing with that,

I take into account his profession.
- Undoubtedly.

The corridor goes down,
it is the 2nd door on the left. Good luck.

It comes to speak with me then,
to drink something.

Girl Elsa Hart?


I am Penlope Maitland,
of the "Lady's Companion".

Between, please.

I see that his reportrio
it includes " Lullabye of Broadway ".

- It is of my favorite musicians.
- To serious? Just as well what likes.

It is why for what the readers of...

" Lady's Companion ".

Because interested someone would be
in a singer of bar?

For the charm and for the novel.

It is the image of the modern woman.

Because I know it is that there is a little time,
in England.

She said that she had travelled
for the principal cities of Europe,

with his husband,
for the last 9 months?

Yes. It has been working
in several nocturnal clubs.

But our intrepid journalist
it was not convinced, is not it?

Who says that it walked hunting for deer
in the woods of the Bolonha,

he does not know anything
on the life in the continent.

And did it discover more anything?

The leaf of a song was
in his dressing box.

It was an American publication
of January.

Because I know, it was not authorized
the circular out of the United States.

It can be obtained only in America.

Girl Lemon,

I find that the newest recruit
of the "Lady's Companion"

it discovered a hole.

It passes already of the midnight.

- The more we will wait.
- The whole night, if precise it will be.

I believe what it is going to lose
his sleep of beauty.

It would not manage to sleep,
be that as it may,

trying to realize who is who
in this thing of the espionage.

It is a dishonest business.

Is it how that she stole the plans?

It did not go to Carla Romero who them
it stole. She is only a seducer.

I am going now to tell him
a small history.

It is a history what it will make it remember
one of his favorite movies.

To begin,

we will return 6 months in the time,
for the eastern zone of Nova Iorque,

where Carla Romero was working
like singer in a nocturnal club.

Carla had had tried and had seduced
an employed young person,

of the Department
of the North American Navy.

His name was Luigi Valdarno.

- How it ran?
- Since it will take a sweet from a child.

I am going to manage and meet with you
outside inside 10 minutes.

He was so in love
for this mermaid,

what was the easiest to convince it stealing
the secret plans of the navy.

Unless Valdarno knew,

the accomplice of Carla Romero
in this sinister plan he was his husband.

In the same night, Valdarno got a beating
Carla Romero even to a deserted quay,

where he was thinking that she had
when a meeting was combined,

with an agent of the Italian government.

The plans
of the new American submarine,

they would be sold by 500 thousand dollars.

It is now, wanted.
It advances with calm.


You did so that everything was easy.

Carla, no.

Goodbye, amorzinho.

We go away from here.

They had orders to hand over the plans
to his contact in the brotherhood.

Only what it links and his husband
they had other ideas.

Instead of handing over the plans
to his masters of the Mafia,

Carla Romero and his husband escaped
for another side of the Atlantic,

with the name Robinson, to sell
the plans for own advantage.

Then they discovered that they had
a murderer behind you.

Yes. The move carried out by Carla
it infuriated in such a form the Mafia,

what the code of honor of the organization
it was demanding vengeance.

Be prepared, my brave one.

Our visit arrived.

Slowly, Hastings, we should have been so
mufflers as a mouse of church.

I keep on thinking that it would be more safe
to evacuate the Robinsons.

To do it,
it would be going to call very much the attentions.

If they will be innocent like dressing,

it is better than they do not know anything.

He is breaking the lock down
of the front door.

His revolver happens.

Assume his position
since we planned.

Hastings, the weapon!

It disappeared.
This is a disaster.

Do not be preoccupied.
He will not return today.

Our friendly young persons
they are in security.

But now we will be going to speak
with Carla Romero.

Hastings, Poirot.

Inspector-chief, Mr. Burt.

Very well, we go.

- Good night, Mr. Poirot.
- Good night, Mr. Stick.

The man is very quiet.
Talk well about me to an inspector.

Nothing is afraid, Mr. Stick.

Since he sees, for times the lost dog can
to be found in so obvious places,

what are the last one to be considered.

I wait what is right, otherwise I go
to look for dogs lost for Alaska.

I think that we can trust
in the grey cells of the Mr. Poirot.

She is already in his last song.

Let's wait that yes.

So what it links to leave the stage,
I want that it evacuates the room.

It can dispose of me.

There is no doubt of which it arranges
she is Carla Maria Romero.

We are going to catch it.

- What thinks what it is doing?
- Pardon?

It cannot walk thereabouts to the shots.
That happens.

- Is it playing me?
- That happens or I cancel the mission.

- Nobody is going to believe in this.
- What it devises.

Guard this, it guards.

We go.

After you. I stay more behind
with my embroideries.


Mrs. Hart.
It was waiting to find it here.

- How it is?
- Is it a meeting of your admirers?

In the certain form, yes.

You. Hart has the most beautiful voice.

- Are they imported of putting an end to this?
- It is well.

- Is the life of a singer beautiful, is not it?
- Are we going to kill it with conversation?

But his true talents,
the disappointment and the intelligence,

they are much more recompensatory,
are not they?

What thinks that it is here doing?

Is this any party?

It is a party of farewell.

Mrs. Hart...

Or it will be what it prefers to be treated
for Carla Romero,

perhaps, even, for lady Robinson?

Having a murderer behind you,

it put other Robinson
in his apartment.

It was very intelligent.

But there is a thing what I need of knowledge.

It went to lady the first one to realize,

the value of Valdarno
in the Department of the Navy?

Yes, it is me who had the great ideas.
They were hardly receiving the money.

A lady with his intelligence
it would never have a place in the Mf...


- In the Brotherhood.
- Brotherhood?

The FBI is straight in these questions,
the Brotherhood does not exist.

- They did not listen to me.
- And it decided to face everyone.

This is the end of the line for you.

Because it does not hand soon over the plans
in order that they all are able to go for house?

Washington will be happy
because of recovering this.

We go away, you also.

He was thinking that it could kill Luigi
and to betray Nostra Sews it,

but it was deceived.
Now we are going to put counts right.

They all have arms less the good ones.

They are going to be there motionless
and to let it kill oneself?

- That is my weapon.
- No, my friend.

I have no time
for these bandits of America.

I am already full of this puzzle.

One more step and you die.

Good night and they go already late.
This is a respected club.

- Goodbye, Carla.
- It never trusts his friendly old man.

I took the precaution
of taking away the bullets of the pistol,

when we were in the apartment
of the Robinsons.

Like thrush that it links
would it follow us up to here?

When we leave from Campden Hill Gate,
the murderer was to our wait.

I mentioned our meeting with
Carla Romero so that it followed us.

We killed two rabbits with one
alone blow, it was not, Mr. Burt?

And without shooting the only shot.
It is not possible to manage a country so.

A criminals' organization

it sent a murderer
behind the Mrs. Romero?

Yes, me them she had planned to deceive it,

putting a young couple with it
the same name in his old apartment.

And his joke with the weapon?

The man and Hastings,

they like so much suspense
that I did not hold out to end this case,

with a spectacular end.

Mr. Poirot,

I have to congratulate it.

It is very nice.

The American government would like of
to reward it for his efforts.

The Navy will always be
in debt for with you.

The tea is ready. Come to take it
in the kitchen, if they are not imported.

It is very nice.

A group of thieves
working in the building. Fantastic.

Do they wait to catch them?

Unfortunately not. They are professional.

They would have a man of watching. When
we were arriving, they would have disappeared.

I believe that I will be grateful
since nothing has been stolen.

And we should have thanked for a Captain
Hastings for his vigilance.

If he had not repaired what had
when it touched the door of the gathering of the garbage...


See. There the true one is
professional tool.

They were very careless
in leaving it backwards.

Perhaps must ask in order that they analyse
the fingerprints in her.

It will not find anything,

because a truthful professional
it wears gloves.

Legendagem: Thor
Credits: Chicharro

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