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Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989–2013): Season 12, Episode 3 - Murder on the Orient Express - full transcript

Poirot investigates the murder of a shady American businessman stabbed in his compartment on the Orient Express when it is blocked by a blizzard in Croatia. require your login in mx player
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Grademuren, Jerusalem

He said exactly four minutes.

Hurry up.

Two perfect eggs this time, right?


It's the hen's fault. Why do the
hens make eggs of different sizes?

Mon ami.

I have three religions that are a revolt
close. Can they deliver a miracle?




It is not...

There is the imbalance in...

- That was better.

Pardon. Make room

Called the accused.

The rabbi.


And the imam

It's like in a joke, right?

The Rabbit, the Priest and the Imam.

Mais non.
Forgive me. I am Belgium.

Let's begin.

In the grave church above us -

- Meet the three representatives
under management -

- by the criminal commissioner to agree
on a scheme for use of the market.

An hour after this tense encounter,
an invaluable relic is stolen.

It is said that one of
these three men is behind.

The police have no evidence found.

I have found one.

In an extremely well-preserved fresco room -

- is a single crack caused
by clumsy climbing -

- wearing shoes with hard
soles or maybe boots.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we
must ask who benefits from this.

Our three holy men live humble lives.

They have shoes with thin soles.

Suddenly wealth and jewels would wake up -

- too much suspicion
They do not take advantage of it.

We must now set up an armed guard
at the southern gate. Thanks.

The only one who takes advantage of
the theft and unrest that it causes,

- is a man whose office I was
allowed to search this morning,

- while I was waiting for my
breakfast with some disappointment.

Trouble with the eggs.
Nothing you need to know.

A man who receives a sumptuous salary
to maintain order in Jerusalem.

Of course I am talking about
the criminal commissioner.

A man who does not want
to lose his position, -

- when there is turmoil between
the people in the autonomy area,

- who wears boots and
which, I think, now regrets

- that he asked me to help with the case.

Where do you dare to accuse me?
- Sir. sergeant.

Did you search the office?
- Yes.

And did you find what I anticipated?
- Yes. Exactly as you predicted.


It will be delivered tomorrow morning, Captain.
- Javel.

The baggage is on board.

I won the right to
follow you to the ship.

Then you go to Istanbul?
And then straight to London?

I'm tired and deserved a little vacation.

I would like to look at paintings
and have too much time.

They are staring. Does it sound?
- It's just...

How did you know that it was him
from a small crack in the wall?

I have an advantage.

I can only see the
world as it should be.

And when it is not, it
fails to be perfected -

- like a nose in a face

It makes the most of life unbearable.

But it is useful when
crimes must be clarified.

It is as if you can look into their
hearts and indicate their true nature.

And whatever people say,
right and wrong are found.

There is nothing in between.

Our roads are separated here.
- No, I'll follow them to the ferry.

Au revoir, mon capitaine.
We never meet again.

And do you want to fix your tie?

- Perfect.

Last call!


We are working on it. Soon it will be done.
- Yes, but will it be settled on time?

I will travel from Istanbul
tomorrow at 19 o'clock.

A very ill patient
awaits me in London.

I am a doctor.


I am a doctor.

I yell in English, and now I'm
doing it higher and slower.

Forgive me.

Allow me to help.

I recognize their mustache.

From the newspaper. They are
detective Hercules Poirot, right?

Hercule Poirot.
I do not kill lions. Mademoiselle.

Mary Debenham, monsieur.
I forget names but never faces.

Not yours at least.
- Are you from Baghdad?

It is true. They notice each detail.
Your ticket.

I could ask if you enjoyed the
time as a governor there?

The crotch on your sleeve
and the geography book.

Governor or Cartographer.
I threw the dice.

I always whip them through geography
until they can all around the world.

Perhaps they get lost in life, but
they need to know where they are.

Then the chains are thrown.
And right on time.

I feel so free from here on the water.

I wish I could enjoy it.

We should be out of now, Mary.
- Not now.

When it's over.

When it's over.
Then no one can do anything to us.

Here's my holiday.

I can see the soul of the
city in these humble bread.

The world insists on the
destruction, but here -

- There are masterpieces
ordered every day.

Monsieur Poirot!
- Mohammed!

Mohammed, my friend,
you are an artist.

My friend!
- Pardon.

Here. Came.

We're just looking for a
place for a private quarrel.

It takes about 20 minutes
and then we agree. Or I do.

Monsieur Bouc!
- Poirot! In the kitchen?

Of course. He has an even better nose
for pastries than to catch jewel thief.

Mon ami!
I can not save you when it goes wrong.

This is my friend, the high-end Poirot,
whom I knew before the elevation.

This is...
- A cheerleader.

Yes. Bouc, you did not say
you had famous friends.

We are friends because I do not
ask for his cases. I do not care.

He does not call me to be bad.
- And you are.

Madame, Bouc, have a drink with me.
- But only an hour.

I'm taking the Orient Express at 19 o'clock.
I work as a conductor.

My uncle pays me well to drive
with his beautiful train, -

- far away from him in the headquarters.

Sent out to enjoy good
food and wine forever.

Nepotism is an art form.
And you are its Michelangelo.

Mr. Poirot.
Are you also a girlfriend?

Certainly not.
- Generate this man you?

Soon. They are from the British Consulate.
- Yes.

It is about the Kassner case.
- Yes!

Was I entitled in certain predictions?
- Specific.

I do not need to read the telegram.
- Fun. Is anyone unfaithful or dead?

Both parts unfortunately.

Someone has interrupted my longing for rest.

I have to travel with you, Bouc. Can you
find me a coupon at the Orient Express?

My friend, I'm not good at much, but
I can get you a bed on my train -

- in the middle of winter. Three
days free from cruelty and crime.

Madame, I'm a pleasure. The gentleman.

Your luggage has been picked up
and your bill has been paid.

You meet in Calais, they are taken to Dover
and then by train to London Victoria.

Allow me to thank you.
- Keep calm still. They make it worse.

A little drink, buddy.
- Thanks. I did not carry your bags now.

I have had a good week. We celebrate it
when happiness smiles and shares it.

Speak nicely about us Americans.

- Stop!

Monsieur, bonsoir.
I'll take you to our best table.

Our best table.
- No, I want it there.

Masterman. Do you have it all?

Thank you for your interest, Mr. MacQueen.
I'm not wrong.

My Goodness. It's Count Andrenyi.
Come come come.

I saw you dancing at Monte Christo.
May I take a picture of you?

Pardon! Not my face.


Simplon Orient Express, -

- which stops in Sofia, Niš,
Belgrade, Vinkovci, Brod, -

- and connected to Bucharest, Zagreb,
Trieste, Venice, Milan, Lausanne, -

- Dijon, Paris, Boulogne and Calais,
connected to London, depart in a quarter.

This way, Michel. Valuable load.
I need a first-class couch.

Make extra good for my friend.
He must be pampered like a panda in the zoo.

But there is no room on board.
- Then make room. He can get number 11.

It is always ready for official use.
It is very comfortable.

The Austrian professor
has reserved it.

Is not one first class cup available?
- No.

Second class?
- Everything is busy.

Mademoiselle Debenham.
- Mr. Poirot, are you going to travel?

It depends on the outcome of the discussion.
- Have all passengers arrived?

All but mr. Harris.

"All passengers must report half
an hour before departure, -

- otherwise they can lose space. "
The half hour has passed.

Wear monsieur Poirot's luggage to Mr.
MacQueen in number three.

Merci, Bouc.
- Enjoy the journey.

- Merci.

Three is an accident.

Pardon. It was not to spoil you.
"They could do it a little bit.

On board trains you
always encounter others.

It is wonderful. But I'm looking
forward to coming home now.

Travel is good with spicy
food, mosques and men.

In the end, you would like to sleep at home.

I have been accused of
chasing men abroad.

And I honestly can not deny it.
I like being alone.

But a lady has certain needs that should
be covered if the funds are for it.

And please on a regular basis.

My Goodness. There is fire in the kitchen.
- Goodbye, madame.

Good evening.
- Bonsoir.

Bonsoir, bonsoir.


- After them.

Merci, merci.

Ah, number three.

Are you Mr. MacQueen?
- They have found the wrong bunk.

Sorry, is there a problem?
- No not at all.

The train is stuffy. We are shown...
what is the name now... "sloffer".

- I'm just as disappointed with you. How weird

Come on.




Why is my luggage not unpacked?

Five minutes to departure! Last call!

Should you be brushed?

Why does hell take it so long?

When we drive, my bed will be ready.
- It is arranged.

No. The bed is supposed to be ready.
And get my dictaphone.

Dogs on the table.
I have never seen anything crooks.

- Find MacQueen.

He must take the receipts from
the Milan trade with. Do it.

Do it now.

Did I not say "do it now"?
- Javel.

"Beware, for otherwise..."

Your coffee, mr. Ratchett.

Who is behind this?
- I do not know.

Good evening, mrs. Hubbard.
Hello, mr. Masterman.


If your gaze stays there, I
have to charge that rent.

I would like to pay.

Have a drink.

Are you offended?


Some men have a good look.
All they have to do is -

- close the mouth and then they
can win any winnings home.

But still he opens his mouth.

Are you okay, Mrs. Hubbard?
I know you have a strong intuition.

That's what my other husband said.

No, wait. It was my first. Yes.

A very clever man.

A face like a calm, but
I loved it calmly.

Nice to talk to you.

Good night.

Good night.

Monsieur Poirot?
- Entrez, Pierre Michel.


- I move the MacQueen into Bouc's coup.
They travel in first class.

Unparalleled. Thanks.

Bon appétit.
- And the eggs?

Good afternoon. Mrs. Hubbard.

Good afternoon.

Here you go.

Sincerely from the Orient Express.
Thank you, sir. Bouc.

I put myself at your disposal.
- No thanks. I do not drink.

Can not you tolerate it?

I can not bear sin.

And the load is where the
devil finds his fists.

We should not talk more together.

Good afternoon.

Monsieur. How about an aperitif?

Unfortunately, I have a deal with
the chief executive officer.

He still had to go.
- Sorry. Madame Madame.

Madame. Madame.

Are you in place?

- As promised.

And yet the best on board
the train is not food.

There is something about a bunch of strangers, stuck
together for days without anything in common -

- than the need to travel from one place
to another and never see each other again.

Boredom plus anonymity plus
a constant, gentle cradle.

With your hobbies, you'll
never get into anything.

Hopefully not.

Order fish for me.

Swap the sea bass with the
tuna, endivie with potato -


Can I ask for the same?

Princess Dragomiroff.

Should I marry a fortune,
it should be of the size.

I brushed Dalia this morning.
- No. You tortured my dog cat.

I asked you to brush her.
- Do you still enjoy reading Dickens?

Mon ami.

With your books and adventures,
you'll miss a lot of romance.

Romance carries the penalty in itself.
There was...

Once upon a time there was a.

For the future, I would prefer not
to sit at table with that man.

People should sit together with their own kind.
We are not the same kind.

Not everyone is just absorbed by
the racial segregation, professor.

It is a respect for all breeds that
I prefer them to be separated.

If we mixed your red wine with the
white, it would destroy both.

I like a good rose.

How do you cut? Can I get here?

Dessert is pure pleasure, -

- and I feel silly by
sitting alone with it.

I'm doing the best alone.

But against a small piece of your
fragilité you may want to sit here.

It was a pleasure.
May we ask for a fork?

I would like to meet you.
- Merci.

Never before have I been so close
to a celebrity. No, that's a lie.

Once upon a time I drove
in a bus with Ty Cobb.

Baseball Player. Detroit.

Can I take some of it on top?

They are a special starut.

A strange, strange man.

I have an age where I know
what I like and do not like.

What I like, I enjoy.
What I do not like, I can not stand.

For example, snapshot before what turns
out to be a business conversation.

They are fun.


I would like to offer you a task.

"The innocent revenge".
Is not that what the newspapers call you?

Are you innocent?
- I am a businessman.

I am an art dealer. I think
I've started shopping with art.

But I have had a startover.

Relics, antiques.
Quirky carpets. Oriental objects.

I'm new to the game so I
have an amateur look at it.

I have a small problem with the...

so-called valuers.
You can not count on one of them.

Some of my customers...

Buying an item that they discover
is not entirely original.

And it's hardly my fault if a
kashan silk scarf is fake.

- C'est bon.

But I've got a few enemies.

I have received letters.
People have threatened me.

I think they are Italians.

I sold them some oriental
carpets in Milan.

And the buyers were not so happy
with the carpet of the carpets.

And they want the money
back with interest rates.

Italians. Such are the spaghetti eggs.

And then comes the ingenious detective.
- Me?

Yes, you. Hercules Poirot.
- Hercule.

I would like to hire you
to take care of me -

- Until I'm safe.

It's easy money for you.
And then I get calm.

I understand that. I refuse.
- Hvabehar? It's bad.

Maybe I have not made it clear enough.

Someone is looking after me.

And I know that I am by far
the best child of God.

And if there is a life after death, then
I will be judged there just like you.


I'm not busy reaching that.

They threaten me with a gun.
- No. Not you. Worldwide.

I exist in the world.
Do not aim at me.

What do you say to 10,000 for a week?
- Generously, but I have to say no.

- They did not hear me. No.

I understand now.

It's not flashy enough for the great
Hercules Poirot? No flash lights.

They sell copies to gangsters,
and now you have to suffer.

I catch criminals.
I do not protect them.

So you say no to my dirty money.
- I say no to you, mr. Ratchett.

It was with the gun, right?
- It's far more personal than that.

I do not like your face.

They have to apologize.

They liked my cake, right?

The cake was excellent.
Have a good afternoon, mr. Ratchett.


It is cold.

My dear Katherine.

My Beloved.

Mr. Dickens.

Mr. Ratchett?

Mr. Ratchett?

There is nothing.

Fine. Good night.

Une autre affair.

Mrs. Hubbard?
- It's always Mrs. Hubbard.

Mrs. Hubbard.

Did we die?

Ladies and gentlemen,
the train has escaped.

Is everything good, mr. Marquez?
- Yes i am fine. Thanks.

Mr. Bouc talks with you tomorrow.
You are safest in the cabinets.

Of course.
- Shall we die now?

My Katherine.

My beautiful...

Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately,
the train can not continue.

It may then fall.
- How long should we sit here?

Yes. Someone must do something.

Of course I do something.
I do nothing.

For two hours and ten minutes ago,
when we did not arrive at Brod, -

- Has the station warden
calculated the situation?

- and sent people out to
dig the locomotive, -

- clear the track and send us away.

Until then, I assure you that we
will feel warm and saturated.

We could go.
"We could die of cold.

I'll go on. My ferry departs from
France the day after tomorrow.

Without you I will believe.
And I'm not coming to London.

They are responsible for the waste of my time.
- They can not give me responsibility for the weather.

Of course. They are the one here.

And my conference in Turin?

I was going to meet at the
automobile factory in Sochaux.

Certain things are in God's hands.

We can not know if we deserve to
come safely to our destination, -

- or if we, like Lucifer,
have to crash to the ground.

Then there's breakfast, mr. Ratchett.


Is there a problem?
- I do not know.

Mr. Ratchett?

Excuse me.

It's cold air.
Get Monsieur Bouc and Dr. Arbuthnot.

You good god!
- Touch nothing but the body.

Oh god, that's terrible.
First the snow and now...

Now I have to talk to the
police at a dingy station.

And a man is dead.

And a man is dead.
- He became obsessed.

A long knife without thanks. More stitch years.
Some superficial, others into the bone.

On the left or right side?
- That's right.

It seems that the killer might have
closed his eyes and stuck in the blind.

Can you estimate the deadline?

It's hard to say since
the window is open.

I will guess between midnight and two.

But nobody walked into his coup.
I sat here all night. Impossible.

Thanks. Be sure to go back to the stroller.
Michel, locks this wagon.


I need help, my friend.

You must find the guilty one. On behalf of the
Orient Express, I make you feel confident.

When the police arrive, we have clarified
the case. Only you can save me.

Mon cher.
But I have to rest.

Think of it like a small headache
while lying on the beach.

There is nothing for your mind.
You are examining the passengers' background.

You determine if they are sincere.
And then you do what you do.

You sit in your chair and eat your cake.

And then you think until
the solution turns out.

What else do you want while we're caught?
Your brain cells die without challenges.

Do you think I'm just sitting and
eating cake until I get a good idea?

I do not know what you're doing.
- I'm reading Dickens.

If we leave this to the police,
they are just a random person.

Enough Mr. Marquez, just
because he is called Marquez.

Or dr. Arbuthnot because
of his skin tone.

Only you can make sure that
justice is done the most.

I need a drawing over this wagon.
And everyone's passports.

I will talk to all passengers. Prove, order,
method until the guilty one turns out.

I do not like murder, my friend.
Every day we meet plain people, -

- but we do not kill them.
We must be better than the beasts.

So let's find this killer.

What's going on?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me...

It seems that our crown's destiny
has become worse. Well...

A passenger is dead here on the train.

Monsieur Ratchett.

Then they got a grip on him.
- They assume he was murdered?

No no. I just mean he
was in good health.

He had enemies. Nothing else.
- Yes. And he was assassinated.

You good god. Murder. Here?
- Unfortunately, madame.

God preserve his soul.

Someone walked around in my couch
in the middle of the night.

No one believed in me.

What's going on?

As we get stuck,
I've got the case.

I want to find the culprit.
- And why did you see?

My name is Hercule Poirot, and I'm
probably the world's best detective.

I want to talk to you
all, but right now -

- Do you have to stay in your
cabin with the door locked.

I feel caught here.
- It's for their safety sake.

If a murder has been committed, -

- so here was a killer.

The killer is among us, -

- on board the train now

The doors between the cars
were locked at night, right?

Yes. I did it myself.

The train is crawled.
Nobody hides here.

Therefore, we can limit the investigation
to the passengers in the Calais caravan.

Bouc, you assist me. As the only one
who has slept in another wagon,

- You're only out of suspicion.

Mr. MacQueen, should
you really drink now?

My boss is dead. I'm unemployed and you
look at me, like I was the killer.

We do not accuse anyone. They knew him
so we must get information from you.

Were you his relative?
No, his secretary.

I ordered his tickets and steaks.

The man ate more steaks than
I have seen my whole life.

He acted with antiques.

He had no qualifications, no
glance or language for it.

The truth is that he had no
talent for trading or accounting.

None of it I arranged everything.

How long did you work for him?

Twenty days less than a year.

The ban on spirits did not hate me, -

- so I ended abroad with a debt.

I am a lawyer of education, -

- not by nature I was terrible about it.

Did you hold him?
- I loved his money.

Ratchett was rough. Demanding,
insulting and probably crimes.

When did you see him last?
"It must have been just after 22.

We had to go through sales in Italy.
- The fakes in Milan?

Yes. Yes. He would look at the accounts.

I had to translate because the contracts
were in French and he understood nothing.

When we stopped in Vinkovci, I messed
up with the colored doctor, Arbuthnot.

We got a few drinks and stretched our legs.

He had some strange attitudes to
Stalin, I had to speak against.

I do not care for skin color, but
I do not like British people.

When did your party end?

He walked shortly after two o'clock.

Do you know any specific
enemies that Ratchett had?

My Goodness. They stood in line.

Did he say he received threats?
He got some ugly letters.

I have them if you want to see them.
Some of them at least.

He tore the rest into pieces.

He burned some.




- Thanks.

If we have more questions,
we'll call you.

Have you considered the Spaniard?
Marquez. A hell man.

And you know his kind.

They do not have the same contempt
for murder, historically.

They said you do not make a difference in skin tone.


depends on the skin color.

He did otherwise look great.

Is it MacQueen?
- It is not known.

I can not see him
hiding a man 12 times.

Not sober. Who was that?
- It is not known. We must ask.

Ask who?
- Offered.

He has 12 sticks, and as Arbuthnot
noted, there is no pattern in them.

If the doctor did, he has
not let it color his work.

The watch. It stopped at 01.15.
It confirms the doctor's death date.

Possibly yes.

I do not understand.
- I do not understand anything myself either.

If you look at the two wounds here, -

- it's deep sore, but there
is only a little blood.

But the killer attacked in fury.

It was stung in vain, completely without
pattern. Pure, extreme violence.

And under all this lies our victim,
who is tense and stuffed with coffee,

- Quietly and accepting the
coming of death without fighting.

And he otherwise has a
means to defend himself.

Here you go.

Let's see here.

Veronal. Goodnight Mediterranean.

He became anesthetized so
he could not use it here.

And around this, a
ladies handkerchief.

Objet de luxe.
200 francs in Paris.

The original embroidered initial. "H."

And our little friend, the piber sensor.
- Another track.

Yes. A wealth of very convenient tracks.

But only one of them seems real.

Perhaps this ashtray will give
us an unintentional trace.

A charred residue of a message.
Maybe an attempt to burn a proof.

Thank you. You will arrive at the right time.

Should we borrow your equipment?
- Thanks.

C'est parfait. C'est parfait.
Merci, merci.

I prefer to understand why a track
was left, rather than what it is.

We seek the truth from the inside, not from the outside.

In this case, however, I
welcome some scientific help.

Adjust the flame.

Come on!

It's just another of the ugly letters.

Mon ami.
Carries on a secret.


"You have ice and blood there.
You will die."

What does it mean?

Come on, Bouc.

Let's fill out the holes.

This was never a beach headache.

I know the real name of the dead man.

He's not called Ratchett, but Cassetti.

I know that name.
- Then you also know the name Armstrong.

Armstrong case?
- History shocked the world.

Two years ago, the famous pilot
Colonel John Armstrong woke up -

- and his wife, Sonia, got up and found
out that their only child, daisy,

- had been taken from her
crib while she was sleeping

In desperation,
Armstrong paid the sum.

But then Daisy was found murdered by...
- Ratchett, who was Cassetti.

Sonia Armstrong was with
children when she got the news.

The shock caused her to
go to birth before time.

Neither she nor the child survived.
- Where do you know, Poirot?

Because John Armstrong
told me so.

He wrote and asked for help, but
when I received his letter,

was it too late?

He was found dead by a shooting year.


"You have Daisy Armstrong's blood
on your hands. You must die."

And you did that.

Monsieur Poirot?

Mrs. Hubbard would like to talk to you.
I have tried to keep her.

Sorry for the wait. They have their head
full of steam and mouth full of words.

You can cope with that. What have
I tried to tell you all day?

The killer was in my couch tonight.

I thought I would be murdered, but then
Ratchett was assassinated instead.

I woke up and knew
there was a man there.

Are you sure it was a man?

I know the feeling that there
is a man in my bedroom.

I told the conductor, but
he did not believe me.

I said, "Look at the door between
my couch and Ratchetts."

"He must have come out that way."
And, quite right, it was unlocked.

I know I locked it after
what Ratchett said.

He made clear approximations.

Have you heard of
Armstrong abduction?

That could not be avoided.
A morbid case.

The child's murderer, Cassetti, -

died in the night
That was Ratchett.

I said that there was
something foolish about him.

They think that there
was a man inside me?

I know you think I'm a silly
lady, but I can prove it.

It is from a conductor on
the Orientekress uniform.

- but it may have been
dropped by Michel's uniform.

I do not need any buttons.
- I found it right by my bed.

What do you call it?
- Proof. Thank you very much, Mrs. Hubbard.

Have you been to America?
- A single time.

It's been many years ago. A short trip.
- For what purpose?

To confirm a suspicion.
- And it was?

That I would not mind it.
I was offered a job in Boston.

I saw Boston and went to London again.
- Is that where Ratchett was from?

I do not know.

It would be inappropriate to ask.


I saw last mr. Ratchett at 21.

I brought him his coffee
and hung his clothes up.

They have toothache.

I must have pulled a tooth out in London.

Mr. Ratchett insisted that it
could not wait any longer.

He was tired of
listening to my dreams.

The compassionate Ratchett, did he
always drink coffee in the evening?

Certainly not.
But he had been tense.

He said he would stay awake.
Especially last night.

He found a letter in his coup.

Say it was not you.

Should I leave something uncomfortable on
your pillow, it would not be a letter.


Such a proper and precise valet would
never speak to his master like that?

Unless he knew that his
career would soon...


Not just a toothache, I think.

The lungs?


It has spread. It also took the life of
my father when he was five years younger.

Months, at best.

"Can not be operated, I'm afraid,"
said the doctor. Suddenly I was not afraid.

From then on, I did as I would.
Now I speak freely from the liver.

The coffee.

Someone had come to Veronal in his cup.
They will say it was not you.

Of course not.
- When and where did you get coffee and cups?

From the kitchen.
I ordered the coffee until 21 o'clock.

Anyone may have grabbed the coffee before me.


Mr. Masterman.
It hurts my toothache.

Merci, merci.
I love so much of the little cakes.

Well, miss Pilar Estravados,
you are a missionary.

- but you are a nurse
trained, right?

I owe it to God.
- Did you pay him debt?

There was...

enjoyable times in my life, -

- where I took more than I gave.

Gerhard Hardman.
Professor of Engineering.

It is science that will
regain Germany its honor.

Biniamino Marquez.
- Mr. Marquez.

I want to be cleansed for any connection
to the murder, so finally ask.

About anything.
I do not lie anymore.

Did you leave your couch last night?

Only once to get an aspirin.

Mrs. Hubbard offered me a previous one.

I first refused the offer, but when
I could not find rest I went there.

My conference is held in Turin.

I'm the only Austrian speaker
there, so without me -

- Will quality drop.

Then I fled from prison,
settled in America -

- and swore that I would
not lie or steal.

When people trust one,
they buy more things.

Italians are some cows.
Spanioles are sheep.


I went to my couch, which I
share with the sad butler.

A special fish. He hurts a lot.

I'm sure he saw me
sleeping here all night.

I have to say, if relevant, -

that there was an awkward moment.

When I went to mrs. Hubbard, I
first came to open the wrong door.


When did this happen?
- It must have been...

You should not say that.

Twenty minutes in eleven.


As far as you know, you're the
last one who saw Ratchett alive.

Your industry?
- Automobiles. I have three sales outlets.

I was totally empty-handed
to America, and now...

If appropriate, she confirms it.
- It suits.

I am not lying. I am not lying.

Could Miss Debenham leave
the car without notice?

No. I sleep very easily.

I get up at the slightest sound.

I was once surprised.

It should not happen again.

No, I did not say I was a driver.
- The pictures that fell out of your luggage.

There was a beautiful one of a
little boy with a driver's bin, -

- who visited his father at work.
Who were you the driver for?

Your hands have hard
skin like a boxer.

I work in dangerous cities, -

where I can not control fear.
I have combat training.

They do not trust your God
anymore after the surprise?

It is in the event that he is busy.

God is always busy.

It's Masterman.

A dying man has nothing to lose.
- Bravo, but then there is Marquez.

He has confirmed that Masterman lay in
bed and read at the time of murder.

If that was easy, I would
not be famous. Next.

Miss Debenham, They do not
mind a little fresh air?

For your sake, a picnic.

While you let my partner live
under the narrow space. Yes.

Choose the best place to get
the truth out of suspects.

She had to be pressed, I should freeze.
How nice.

Do you want to write your full
name and address, thanks?

Dusted light-colored.

Miss Estravados said that you asked
about the color of her robes.


Do you ever call Hermione?

I'm always Mary when I'm not employed
as Miss Debenham. Left handed.

It is unusual, yes. They must be in
doubt if you test my handwriting.

What did you think about deceased?

I can not say I thought about him.

I do not understand the relevance of this.
- Forgive me my eccentricity.

Human nature is pervert complex.

To drill in it you must
have the right tools.

It's a toy, not a tool, Hercule.
Be sure to put them from you.

Did you know Dr. Arbuthnot before the train departed?


But such an instant crush?

We are not in America, miss Debenham.
Their feelings are not prohibited here.

There is also no ban on
silence that I choose to...

I've never been to America.

Maybe I may ask for some
words that I heard.

De and Arbuthnot are more closely
linked than strangers tend to be.

They said:

"Not now. When it's over.
Then no one can do anything to us. "

What did you mean by that?

Do you think I meant murder?

When you have a hammer, it looks like everything's nails.
They live and breathe for crime.

They see evil every single day.
- No.

I see enough crimes to know that
the crime is the deviation.

One's soul must be broken, -

- in order to murder another human being

I ask again.
What did you mean?

As mentioned earlier,

- then my silence is not forbidden.


And afterward, Princess Dragomiroff?

After dinner I went to bed.

God has blessed me with a long life
and a bad back to make it unbearable.

About a quarter of a century
I called Fräulein Schmidt.

She gave me a massage and read
out loud for me. Then I slept.

Are you familiar with a
family called Armstrong?

They were exposed to an inconceivable tragedy.

I admired Sonia Armstrong's
mother, actress, Linda Arden.

A talent you see only
once every century.

Miss Arden would be an instructor.

She would have become the first
female Broadway giant, -

- if it was not for the tragedy.

And is this Linda Arden also dead?
- She could be as well.

She does not leave her home.

Daisy was my goddess.

She was a...

I do not understand what this
has to do with our problems.

The murdered man's real
name was Cassetti.

The man who murdered
Little Daisy Armstrong.

Yes. I acknowledge that I know the
family and now this man is dead.

The collapse must be
almost unbearable.

A coincidence is allowed to you.

Now I have to ask some questions
for your news Schmidt.

You do not need that.
I live for her character.

Anyway, with your permission...

Please answer in German.
- So excellency does not understand me.

That's exactly it.

Is that yours? H for Hildegarde?

It's all too fine for me.

Did she really talk about tonight?

It was as she said.
She asked the conductor to pick me up.

Then I went to bed again.
Did you see anyone when you returned?

Only the other conductor.

The other conductor? Do you mean Michel?

No, someone other than
him who woke me up.

Please come with.

Are you sure you did not see him?
- Yes. It was a little man with short beard.

There is no other conductor.
- Yes.

His voice was bright and
the uniform was similar.

However, with a missing button.
Immediately give me your key.

We need to find a uniform and a red kimono.

Thousands of photographs,
endless bunker of socks, -

- robes in all shades except red,
and no forbidden conductor uniform.

Have we seen all the passengers' luggage?

Except Count and Countess Andrenyi's
luggage. It must not be crawled.

They travel under diplomatic leave.
Where else could it be?

There is a suitcase
we have not searched.


The murderer scorns me.

Well. That's his first mistake.
And like night comes after day...

Pardon, mademoiselle.

It is not mine.
I told you about the conductor.

Why do it?
- No.

That's why your coupon is the
perfect place for you Voilà,

And if you have a conductor
uniform, why not a conductor's key?

Now we know how the killer
came through the locked doors.

- MacQueen.

What are we looking for now?

MacQueen had an account of all
Ratchett's trades. Where is it?


Bouc, keep everyone inside!

Stop monsieur!


Monsieur! Stay there!

Thank you very much, gentlemen. Thanks.

So that was MacQueen?
Have you caught the killer?

Pardonnez-moi, madame.
- Where could he?

I did not kill him!
- They wanted to burn the accounts.

However, it can still be read. The cashier
does not vote because you stole from him.

That's clean...
What is it called in English? Mug?

- Milk! It's the pure bug!

They stole from him!
They thought it would be discovered.

That's why you killed him!
- Yes.

Yes it's true. I stole from him.


I knew that his money was
not honestly earned.

What did it mean if I took a little myself?

But let me ask you something.

Why should I beat my own gold calf?
I did not.

I did not kill him.
- He did not.

I assume his alibi is that we drank
together until late at night. It suits.

I saw him with some whiskey and said
something about bad American spirits.

He offered me a blessing so I could
change attitude. And then one more.

We discussed policies.
He had some...

naive attitudes toward Stalin,
but he has a sense of spirits.

Can we talk together, Monsieur?

They were with him all night?
"We smoke and talked together for a little while in two, yes.

What friends? He with cigarettes and you...
They are the only on board who smoke pipes.

Can I see your pipe and tobacco?
- Of course.

And you, Dr. Arbuthnot, They traveled from India?
- Do you hear me now?

Were you at Ratchett before he was murdered?
- Certainly not.

But it's one of your
piber sensors, right?

If you found it at the
dead, then stay elsewhere.

I am a doctor. I heal people.
I do not harm them.

They must have worked
hard to become a doctor.

Not many of your races get it.

Middlesex Medical College allows one
per year. I had the honor in 24.

I was shooting when
I was in service.

I have saved some officers.

The more grateful of them
recognized my abilities.

They supported me in my education.
I see their generosity as a debt.

Did you know a Colonel Armstrong?

I may have known two or
three, called Armstrong.

Tommy in the 60th. Selby Armstrong.
- Colonel John Armstrong.

He had an American wife and his
children were kidnapped and killed.

I have never met him.
- When did you meet Debenham?

We met on board a train convoy
from Kirkuk to Nissibin.

She says something else
and she has Excusez-moi.

Mary is a nice lady.

I can say good to her.
- As you did it for MacQueen?

They will not listen to reason.
- Never.

They are lucky. The good doctor insists
that he does not let you down.

Can you see? I can not have done that.
- Yes, you can.

Ratchett drank sleepers every night.
They could easily have added Veronal.

They could have done the same with
one of the doctor's many drinks.

- We have determined your motivation.

Can I suggest another?
Another reason. A more personal reason.

"Attorney of education, not by nature."
Why did you read the law?

Was it to add a tall,
but demanding father, -

- who had been very
successful in this field -

- and then lost its position?

There was a recognized
MacQueen, right?

The Public Prosecutor of New Jersey, -

- who was responsible for the Armstrong case.

They had no suspects.

My father was pushed to go
for a poor French woman, -

- a maid with a weak alibi, Susanne.

All his case rested upon her.

She killed herself.

She was innocent.

As the evidence led to Cassetti, he
was long over all the mountains.

They threw themselves over
my father like dingy wolves.

I could do nothing for him.

And yet you claim you did not
know that Ratchett was Cassetti?

No. No.
But you found him.

- They found him and dragged him.

They would cover your father's
debt and finally get your revenge.

No no no.
No, that's how it was

That's not how it was. It's not like that...

Someone kicked the door.
Layed my hand over my face.

It's going out now.

I would like my bag.
It's in my coup.

There are no fingerprints on it.
The killer wanted to kill the murder weapon.


The knife did not hit a lung or artery.
She is lucky to be alive.

That's all of you. What a genius.
Why have you not clarified the matter?

Give him a little more time.
- So...

I can not give much more.
I have no more blood left.

They accuse MacQueen, and the real
killer is right here. It's one of you.

I do not know who you are.
I did not say anything.

Leave me alone.
- Play something.

My friends, the track is cleared tomorrow.
Please go to your coupons.

I'm sleeping here where everyone
can see me and I can see everyone.

You should do the same. Save on the heat.
Find security by being in sight.

A murderer never hesitates to murder again.

I give the Andrenyi couple the same
message, diplomatic immunity or not.

With leave I will look into your passport.

You know, I have to talk to her.

There is a fat spot on their wife's name.
You must look at that.

Elena is not well.

Add me or the Yugoslav police will
be notified and you will arrest...

How dare you
- My dear.

My dear.

They look special, Monsieur Poirot.

Does all the detectives look unusual?

Sorry, I had to wake you
up, Madame la Comtesse.

I'm always awake at night.
I sleep a day.

Some fear the dark, but I
can not keep the light out.

They are always influenced by...
- Veronal.

Veronal. Veronal.

I take huge amounts of it.

It does not help lying, dear.
He has examined us.

I can not go outside without.

I can not sleep without.

I take it to dampen my fear.

What are you afraid of?


In your passport is your maiden
name, Goldenberg. They are Jewish?

Not so Jewish.
My middle name is not Maria.

And are you dancing like your husband?
- No, not like my husband.

Corps de Ballet.

He is a counsel of God, and I have
worked hard enough to be sufficient.

Excuse me. I have to lay back.
Is that your only robe?

No, I have one more. Of yellow chiffon.

I like talking with detectives.
You never know what they're asking for.

I am particularly good at capitals.
My governor was strict for geography.

Are you satisfied?
- Yes, always when I reveal a liar.

Your name is not Elena.
It's Helena.

Despite your clumsy attempt to
change this and your luggage.

My husband heard of a proof.

A handkerchief embroidered with an H,
and my H should not be mixed into it.

So we changed it on the
luggage and in the passport.

It's not illegal to
stay out of trouble.

Nevertheless, the problems are here.

A particular detail of the Armstrong
tragedy, which is the core of this case,

- is how many people
were hurt by it.

Little sister.

The mother, who was an actress
with the artist Linda Arden.

She was also Jewish too.

And who usually takes an artist name?
Is it going too far to believe?

- that her maiden name was Goldenberg?

Especially when we find a young
woman of about the same age -

- like her surviving daughter, -

- who lives in fear?

Sonia Armstrong's sister.


I heard an alarm and came running.
Right on time, right?

You must think that the Count and
the Countess are the killers.

The Count protects her.
Countess is harmless.

And you can keep up with the comedy game.

They are neither Austrian,
German nor Professor.

But that's a good imitation.
Have you based it on one you know?

One of the local butchers where
I grew up were hot dogs.

A good man with a fantastic accent.

What was it?
- They said "Tor-ino".

They pressed the wrong
syllable for a true teuton.


They are sharp, I can give them.

Mr. Professor Gerhard
Hardman is my tire name.

Sorry for the outcome of colored people.
I am even half smovs.

Cyrus Bethman Hardman.

They are Pinkerton detectives?
- Through 30 years.

I was in Istanbul when the
headquarters telegraphed me.

Ratchett asked to be monitored.
He paid triple.

Fortunately, I was close to.

He said that I should look for a
small, dark man with a light voice.

I watched the common room all
night with the door on my hug.

Any criminals would
pass by me first.

I'd like to swear.

Will you also swear on your 30th
birthday as a Pinkerton detective?

- Do you want to lie to me again and deny
that you used to be a police officer?

Your gun, the patterned
grip, the blue steel.

A Police Positive Model.

Year 1927.

It seems as though there is no
end to the lies I'm offered.

They can leave your
gun here, professor.

From his position in the cabin -

- could he not have overlooked it

Unless Ratchett's door was open.

Pilar Estravados claims
that she opened it.

In that case, someone may have been
there without being seen by him.

My dear Katherine.

This is an abominable crime.

And I'm stuck, Katherine.

I can not find the crack in the wall.

Why is there one I can not spot?

I have always been...

so sure.

For sure.

But now I'm totally humble and
I say, like a little child:

I do not know.

I'm afraid, Katherine.

Sorry. It is dangerous to be on board
while the locomotive is on track.

We have to wait in the tunnel.

Where do they lead the dogs?
- They are fine.

It does not work.
- They get a little fresh air.

No, it does not matter.

Here is dog breed.
- Are we stuck here?

They asked for me?
Another question?

No, I enjoy your company.


I have ten unanswered questions, and
the train is driving again soon.

They have a bright head, -

- and I thought you might be able to help.

"Handkerchief. Piberenseren."

"The red kimono. Uniforms."

"Time of the clock."

"Was he murdered at that time?
Before? Later?"

"By one or more people?
Which one of them?"

Sorry, I can not help you.


Perhaps there is a 11 question that
can give answers to the others.


I can easily point out accusing
the Countess Andrenyi.

She is Sonia Armstrong's sister.

Are you sure?
- Yes. I think she's innocent.

Maybe. But so many on
board have lied to me.

They also lied to me without hassle.
- Me?

They said you've never been to America,
but when the tragedy took place,

were you at Armstrong's governor for
your daughter? You know that yourself.

I have to make an appearance. One who is
detained in a murder case, nobody will be right.

Miss Debenham, you planned
the murder of Ratchett.

And then you called the Countess.

If she saw him dead, the old
Helena might come back.

Their coupons did not fall asleep.

They anesthetized her, but
she just got a headache.

She asked for an aspirin while the
conductor was at the station.

The coast was finally ready and you
could come to Ratchett unseen.

The beloved Daisy Armstrong.
They murdered Cassetti.

Cassetti was a pig.
He deserved to die.

She did not kill him.

I did that.

Get out, Mary.

You must not blame for
what I did on my own.

Come on, Mary.

John Armstrong was my best friend.
My commanding authority.

He believed in me.

He made me read medicine.
Gave me a future.

Cassetti crushed him.

Stumbled upon grief, I found Mary.

And then I found Ratchett.

We would leave him to the police.
That's what you heard.

But when I saw his face,

- I knew he did not
deserve a lawsuit.

Then you anesthetized MacQueen.

They asked the clock so that
they could lie about the dead.

I could not let Mary blame.
Or MacQueen.

I alone must be fined for my sins.

I'm a soldier.
A soldier kills to protect others.

And now, mr. Poirot, I have to
protect myself against you.

Why are you not dead yet?


Stop, gentlemen!

We must have all the
passengers on board again.

You keep from the train, -

- until I say you will come.

You lie

- and you think nobody discovers it.

But there are two who discover it.

Yes, two.

Your god

And Hercule Poirot.

Now this case must be clarified.

Dr. Arbuthnot asked me
why I'm not dead yet.

Of course, he knew the answer himself.

A sharp shooter that can not
kill at a short distance?

Your shot was not a mistake.
It was surgery.

You could not kill me because
you're not a killer.

It's none of you.

And yet one of you must be.

There are two possible
solutions in this case.

One is difficult because it's the same with
most, but not all the facts, and one is...


The first solution.
Ratchett had enemies.

A mafioso sneaks aboard
the train in Vinkovci, -

- while MacQueen and
Arbuthnot draw fresh air.

Equipped with a uniform and
key, he conceals Ratchett.

He leaves the train through Mrs.
Hubbard's coup and fleeing.


No no no. It does not work.

Why hide the uniform?
Who then stunned Ratchett?

Or whipped Mrs. Hubbard?
God damn!

So who benefits from this?

The crime is the murder of a killer.

The advantage may be...

spiritual. That one's suffering is relieved.

To dampen a shouting voice in
the head that prevents sleep.

There is a killer among us.


We have dr. Arbuthnot, Colonel
Armstrong's devoted friend.

He meets and finds comfort in the
governor Mary Debenham's company, -

- almost like a mother
for the little girl.

And so close to Mrs.
Armstrong's little sister, -

- Helena Goldenberg, married to a
strong, angry and violent man.

We also travel with Daisy's godmother, -

- who is the owner of -

- the embroidered handkerchief that was
found at the scene of the crime scene.

The letter H in the Russian
alphabet is of course stated as N.

Natalia Dragomiroff. And her devoted
maid who makes so good food?

What was she before she became a maid?
Armstrong family's cheeky girl.

But we are not done yet.

Daisy's nurse whose religion was
guilty of letting her patient -

- be abducted It was you.

They stayed with her the night that
Ratchett crept into the window.

Have you been drinking a glass
of wine too much that evening?

Have you blamed yourself for
not being able to stop him?

She knew nothing but
caring and love until...

Until I...

They do not need to tell me. I was Colonel
Armstrong's waiter during the war.

And later I was his
valet in New York.

Better man God has not created.

Does his driver agree?

A loan, guaranteed by Armstrong, was the
beginning of his automobile empire.

He is indebted to him forever.
Who else?

What about the Pinkerton
detective, a former officer,

- Who worked with the Armstrong case?

And he relates to one, because there is yet
another sacrifice we have not been honored.

They fell in love with you in the maid
before being accused of a false basis.

They said when you saw righteousness
stomped under your feet,

- when Macquarie's father
insisted she should be arrested.

When she took her own life.

No! No no!

Susanne was a gentle creature.

And she fell for me.

Old and grayish.
I said she could find a better man.

But there she was.

Always punctual to all our attendance meetings.

Why is the train so full in the winter?
Why the inconsistent stabbing years?

Why the overwhelming amount of tracks?

Why the conductor?

Pierre Michel from Avignon, -

- who lost his sister, -

- the accused maid, -

- Susanne Michel.

Only one can claim to have
lost more than any of you.

The poor Linda Arden, -

- Sonia's mother, -

grandma of daisy

- which has retired, -

- but ready for one last performance.

They are a very clever man.

A murder should only have one victim.

When Ratchett kills Daisy Armstrong, -

- destroyed, changed, ending
the life of a group of people.

They demand justice!

Among all these wounded souls
we must seek the answer.

Who of them is the killer?

Who led the knife? The answer is...

None of you can have
done it on your own.

Neither one single pair.
It can only be done...

of all of you. Together.


When the avalanche changes everything, -

- like the detective, the
plan has to be changed.

Kimono, uniforms.

An impressive improvisation.
The doctor who can hurt without killing.

Everyone has a role to play.

Do it.

That was my plan.

I recruited them.

I got Hardman to track Cassetti.

I got MacQueen to work for
him and then Masterman.

MacQueen could arrange the trip to
the day that Michel had guarded.

Mr. Ratchett?

There is nothing.

Fine. Good night.

And then it is done.

For the innocent's death.

A life for a life.


No one but me should be hanged for this.
That was my plan!

Tell the police that I was alone.

There's no life left in me anymore.

They have a chance now.

Helena, I hope, have a cha...

have a chance now.

They can...


Find the joy somewhere.

Leave it here with me.

They are not murderers.

They are good people.

They can be good again.

It was right and there was the clock.

And now there are you.

I can not trap them.

You have to decide.

If you want to avoid being
punished for your crime,

Then you must commit one more.

I will not stop you.

You can not let them kill you.

You leave my body to the lake,
and you leave the station.

You must make me silent.

Bouc can lie.

I can not.

Do it! One of you!

Do not.
- I died with Daisy.


They said your role was
to provide justice.

What is fair here?

Sometimes the laws of man do not propose.

Where is the conscience?

It was buried with Daisy.

My dear Colonel Armstrong.

Finally, I can answer your letter,

- at least with my thoughts
and with a sense of

- Somewhere, you can hear me.

I have now found the truth
in this case and it is...

extremely disturbing.

I've seen broken human souls.

So amazing many broken lives,
so much pain and anger, -

- revealing the toxicity of the deep sorrow,

- until one crime became to many.

I have always wanted to believe
that man is rational and civilized.

My existence is dependent
on this confidence -

- order and method and
the small gray cells.

But now, maybe, you're asking me...

instead of listening...

to my heart

Ladies and gentlemen.

In this case, I have understood
that the scales of justice -

- can not always be in equilibrium

And I have to learn, for once,

- to live with the imbalance

There are no killers here.

Only people who have earned an
opportunity to wound the wounds.

The police have accepted my first
solution to the mystery, -

- The single assassin
who slept away.

I'm leaving this train now to
take care of the formalities.

You can do freely as it pleases you.

And you must find peace with this here.

May we all do it.

Good day. I'm looking for a mr. Poirot.
There is need for him.

He is on vacation.

Is that Kassner case again?

No, it's far worse.

I will bring him directly to Egypt.
A murder has been committed. Right on the Nile.

Are you the detective?


I'm detective.

Would you like to fix your tie?

I encounter you by the car.

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