Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 6 - The Superman Silver Mine - full transcript

A prospector who has hit it rich donates a silver mine to needy children and names it the "Superman Silver Mine." A crook, who bears a strong resemblance to the prospector, abducts him. The prospector refuses to disclose the location of the mine. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are imprisoned while investigating. The crook has a metal plate in his head and Clark uses this fact (and his X-Ray vision) to figure out what's going on. Now, it's up to Superman to bring the criminals to justice and free the prisoners.


Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


Come in.


The young lady downstairs
told me to come right along up.

Yes, we've been expecting you.

Uh, Mr. Pebble, isn't it?

That's right, pardner.

Harrison Pebble.

Former penniless prospector,

now middling rich ex-prospector

hankering to enjoy life a little

and help them as deserves it.

It's very nice to
meet you, Mr. Pebble.

These are two of my associates,

Miss Lane, Mr. Olsen.

Hello, sir. How do
you do, Mr. Pebble?

Well, I do fine,
Miss Lane, just fine.

You know, it's a great pleasure
to meet people like you, but...

I was sorta hoping Superman
would be here like I asked.

One of our
reporters, Clark Kent,

said he would try to
contact Superman.

He should be here very shortly.


Well, I sure hope he shows up.

You can set your
watch on it, Mr. Pebble.


In the way I see it, he's
got exactly two seconds.

Oh, Superman,
this is Mr. Pebble.

He says he has some
important business to discuss.

Mr. Pebble, sir. Howdy.

You know, I've heard
a heap about you, uh...

I never thought I'd
get to shake your hand.

Well, I'll get
right to the point.

Now, I know this here
newspaper, and... And you too,

take interest in the
Children's Camp Fund.

Well, nobody does more for
the Camp Fund than Superman.

Well, that's what I
mean. I aim to help too.

That's very generous of you.

You'll make a lot of
youngsters very happy.

It's wonderful.

PEBBLE: Well, heck,
I don't want no credit.

I got this big piece of land.
Figure it'd make a good campsite

for the kids to have
their vacation at.

Well, I'm sure the committee
would be very interested, sir.

And the site's important,
very important indeed.

But our main problem is money.

See, we need money
to build such a camp.

Oh, I know.

But I figured this campsite
would be self-supporting.

See, there's a good silver
mine right on the property.


Which in your honor, sir,

I have named the
Superman Silver Mine.

Hey, Dan, get this.

Says here in the
paper how some joker

give a whole silver
mine to a bunch of kids.

Jeez. That's stupid.

What are a bunch of kids
gonna do with a silver mine?

Yeah. Better he
should give it to us, huh?

Ah, we could sure use it.

We haven't had anything
good going for a long time now.

Tell me. "Coffee
and" three times a day.

Hey, Dan.

You think maybe we're slipping?

I mean, you know, like,

getting honest or something?

Don't be silly.

Says here the guy struck it rich

after 30 years as a prospector.

Took hisself a fancy
apartment in the Brentwood,

bought hisself a big car.

Oh, man. That guy's
really living it up.

Bully for him.

Hey, Dan.

How about you and me
becoming prospectors, huh?

Don't be silly. That's work.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Bought hisself a
television set too.

Huh. Lois Lane...

That's the news
dame wrote this article

she says this guy never
seen television before.

Boris, why don't you
read the comics...

to yourself.

I don't know.

There's a picture
of the guy in here,

and he looks
real familiar to me.


Don't that look like
somebody we might know?


Of course that looks like
somebody we know, lamebrain.

That looks like me
with a mustache.

Hey, that's right.

Hey, you could be his brother.

Or him. Heh.

You know, it looks like our luck

might be taking a
change for the better.




You Mr. Pebble?

Well, I was yesterday
and the day before.

I guess I still am.

Come on in, son.

Well, state your business. Yeah.

Height can't be more
than a quarter of an inch off.

What are you, about 5'11"?

I'm 5'11" and a quarter.
Yeah, that's like I said.

Weight looks about right too.

Uh, maybe 175?

Hundred and
seventy-six. Close enough.

Look, if you're figuring
on selling me clothes,

I don't need any.

Blue eyes, sandy hair.

You know, you
couldn't be righter.

Okay, let's go. Where?


You and me are
gonna take a little ride.

I'm sorry. I been
planning on catching up

on some television watching.

Good day, sir.

Shall we go?

Guess we'd better. Yeah.

Better put the door
on the latch too.

Somebody might
like to come in here.

And remember, this gun can

shoot right through my pocket.

Okay, you first.

Nice story, Lois.

Good, warm human-interest stuff.

Oh, well, thank you, Clark.

Only one thing
wrong with it, however.

Wrong? Mm-hm.

You neglected to say where

the Superman
Silver Mine is located.

Mr. Pebble didn't
tell us where it is.

Yeah, I know.

How do you know?
You weren't even there.

Well, I know he, uh.
Couldn't have told you.

Otherwise you'd
have reported it.

Mm-hm. Of course.
Remarkable deduction.

Thank you.

Don't you think it
would be a talented idea

if you found out
where it's located?

Might be. Mm-hm.

Would you mind handing
me that phone book?

A pleasure. Thank you.

Well, let's see, he's living
at the Brentwood, uh...



Pebble speaking.


Lois Lane?

Why, sure, Miss Lane.

What can I do for you?

Come on, keep moving. Move!


Well, here you are,
Mr. Pebble. Home sweet home.

You mean, you're fixing
to put me up in there?

Hey, you catch on quick.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's don't keep
the bats waiting.

Here, make yourself
useful. Hold this.


I'll, uh... I'll bring
you some food later.

If I don't forget.




Well, thank you, Mr. Pebble,
it was nice talking to you.


So where's the mine located?

I still don't know.

He said there was some
legal hocus-pocus to attend to.

Well, that could be.

Oh, I guess so.

But yesterday...

he said he was looking forward

to watching television
for the first time in his life.

Well, you asked him how
he liked it, what did he say?

He said he was watching
all his favorite programs.

If you've never seen television,
how can you have favorites?

If you've never seen TV,
they can all be favorites.

Oh, maybe.

I don't know.

Well, I wouldn't
worry about it, Lois.

I just didn't like the
way he was talking.

He's eccentric. Forget it.

I guess so.


And a very good morning
to you, dear old dad.

What's good about it?
And, look, don't call me dad.

I don't want anybody to
think I'm related to you.

Oh, now, that's no way to talk.

Look. I brought
you some breakfast.

Oh, I can use it. I
worked up a good appetite

having nothing to
do for 24 hours but...

Ah! Not so fast.

First, you gotta tell me where
is that Superman Silver Mine.

Well, I been hungry before.


Thick roast beef sandwiches.

Juicy apple pie.

Steaming hot coffee.
Steaming hot coffee?

Yeah. And I might even get
you a blanket out of the car.

I might.

Like I said, I been
hungry before.

I've been cold too.


So you don't want
the grub or the blanket.

Sure I do. I want it real bad.

There's something I want more.

I want them poor kids
to get that summer camp.

Well, I'm sorry
you see it that way,

but, uh, maybe you'll
change your mind in a week...

or two.

Look, you wouldn't leave
me that long without food?

Without food...

or water.



This Mr. Pebble
you did a story on,

are you, uh... Are you
sure he's legitimate?

Well, he seemed very
sincere and very likeable.

Yes. Why do you ask, Bill?

Because he bears a
striking resemblance

to a pretty smooth
character named Dan Dobey.

A crook?

We've never been able
to get anything on him,

but we do know a
couple of things about him.

He has a sidekick named
Boris something-or-other

on whom we don't
even have a picture.

And Dobey has a
plate in his head.

That's a funny
place to keep a plate.


Well, this one's a
metal plate, Jimmy,

to replace part of his skull

which was smashed in
an automobile accident.

I still wonder about him.

Now wait a minute, everybody.

Here's a perfectly nice guy

who's making a very generous
contribution to the Camp Fund.

Which the Camp Fund
hasn't yet received.

Because of some very
ordinary legal steps to be taken.

He seemed like a very nice man.

Yes. He probably is.

I guess it's just the nature

of policemen to be suspicious.

Well, anyone for lunch?

Thought you'd never
spring. I'd like to go.

Oh, Jim, if you don't mind,

I'd like to talk to you.


So long, Inspector
Henderson, Mr. Kent.

Bye now. Bye.

Ooh, that Clark Kent.

Sometimes he can't smell a
story right under his own nose.

You think there's
some connection

between Mr. Pebble
and this Dobey.

I don't know what
the connection is, Jim,

but that's exactly what I think.

Uh, if Dobey and Mr. Pebble
were the same person,

you could tell by the plate.

Well, sure, if you could see it.

Why couldn't you see it?

Because the scalp grows
over, and the hair covers it.


I'm going out and pay
Mr. Pebble a nice, friendly visit.

Wanna come along? What for?

For company.

And who knows, I might
need a little protection.

Well, when you appeal
to my chivalrous instinct,

I can't resist.

Shall we go?


You expecting somebody?

I don't know. See who it is.

Hey, ain't you forgetting
something? What?

Your mustache, Mr. Pebble.

How do you do?
We don't want any.

Good, because we don't have any.

Is Mr. Pebble in?

Who wants to know?

Well, I'm Lois Lane,
this is Jimmy Olsen.

We're from the Daily Planet.

Howdy, folks. Well, how
do you do, Mr. Pebble?

Won't you come in
and set a spell? Mm-hm.

Oh, this here's my buddy.

Uh, my name is Bor...


JIMMY: Bordelaise?

Isn't that a French
sauce or something?

Yeah, his grandpappy on
his mother's side was French.

My granddad was Swedish,

but they don't call
me smorgasbord.

Jimmy. How do you do?

Hi. Hello, Mr. Bordelaise.

Why don't you rustle up

something cool to drink

for these nice folks.

Oh, yeah. Sit down.

Take a load off your feet.

Well, thank you.

That's a very interesting
mustache you have, Mr. Pebble.

DOBEY: Why, thank you.

You don't see many like
that around these days.

No, I reckon not.

It's a... It's a relic
of the old West.

Thinking about shaving it off.

Oh, I wouldn't if I were you.

It's very becoming.

You really think so?

I certainly do.

The only thing is you've
got it on a little crooked.


You shouldn't have
done that, Miss Lane.

What are you up to, Mr. Dobey?

Nothing you're ever gonna
be able to tell anybody about.

Well, this fella Dobey
just took over my identity?

That's right. Far as
everyone knows, he's you.

He's living it up
pretty good too,

with your apartment,
bank account, car.

Well, there's one
thing he hasn't got.

That's the Superman Silver Mine.

There's one thing
we haven't got:

that's a way to get out of here.

That crack in the roof...

it's large enough
to let some air in...

but it's not large
enough to get out of.


How about if we take
the oil out of this lamp

and burn the door down?

We'd suffocate before
we got out of here.

Well, that's for sure.

Well... if we don't turn up,

someone's bound
to start looking for us.

Well, I just hope
it's pretty soon.

I feel like I never had nothing
to eat or drink in my life.

You've been here
longer than we have.

You know, you must be starved.

All you have to do is tell
them where that mine is.

No, I'm against telling
long as I can hold out.

Good for you.

I don't wanna see
Dobey get that mine

any more than you do.

Besides, as long
as you don't tell,

you have something
he wants to know,

and he'll keep you around.

If you tell him,

I don't know how long
any of us will be around.


Come in.

Oh, good morning, Bill.

Morning, Kent.

And what brings you out
so nice and bright and early?

A call from Jimmy
Olsen's mother.

Jimmy wasn't home all night.

He wasn't?

Well, that's not
like Jimmy at all.

Not a phone call or anything.
She seems pretty worried.

Well, I don't
blame her. I am too.

When was the last
time you saw him?

You remember, Bill. Yesterday,
when you took me to lunch,

we left him here
with Lois, didn't we?


Do you suppose Lois
knows anything about it?

We'll find out in a hurry.

Ask Miss Lane to step
into my office right away,

will you, please?

She hasn't?

And you can't get
her at home either?

I see. Well, thank
you very much.

Maybe she's on her way in, Bill.

Then again, maybe
she's with young Olsen.

Wherever that is.

You know, I have a
hunch somehow that, uh,

Dobey's mixed up in this.

Now, what makes you think that?

Well, you remember she
seemed to smell something fishy.

Maybe they went to
track down a story...

I know, I know.

You're concerned about
Dobey and Pebble looking alike.

Except for the mustache,
they're dead ringers.

Yes. But they won't have
the same fingerprints.

Unless they're the
same person, of course.

Unfortunately, Dobey has
never even been fingerprinted.

I told you he was a
pretty slick customer.

But you do know he has
a metal plate in his head.



Now, let's assume
that Pebble and Dobey

are two different people.

If I arrest Pebble, and take
him down to headquarters

and x-ray his skull,

he's got a great case
of false arrest against us.

Not if he's a legitimate person.

Still, Pebble could
be a real phony.

Did it occur to you that he
made this generous contribution

to the Camp Fund

simply for conversation?

By golly, you're right, Bill.

He never did give us
the location of the mine

or even give us a
deed to it. Correct.

But there's still no reason for
him to wanna harm Lois or Jimmy.

Not unless they
stumbled on something

that might get in
the way of his plans.

Hm. I think I'll just pay a
little call on Mr. Pebble.

If he is Pebble, he won't
have a metal plate in his head.

If he's Dobey, or Pebble
and Dobey, he will.

How are you gonna find out?

Hit him on the head
to see if it rings,

or use your x-ray
vision like Superman?

Well, one way or the
other. One way or the other.

[CHUCKLES] Wanna come along?

No, thanks. I've got a
date with the commissioner.

But keep me
informed. Oh, I sure will.

I wanna find out more
about that mine myself.

Good morning.

Mr. Pebble in? Who's asking?

Clark Kent. I'm
from the Daily Planet.

Oh. Yeah, I see. Uh...

Well, my name's,
um... Uh, Bordelaise.

I'm a... I'm a buddy of his.

Oh, I see. How do
you do, Mr. Bordelaise?

I thought I'd drop in and
pass the time with Mr. Pebble.

Is he in?

Yeah, well, he's still asleep.

Why don't you come back later.

I would, but I know
he'll get up any minute

after all those years
of prospector's hours.


What is that? T-that, uh...

Uh... Uh...

That's a...

Oh, uh, th-that's a lock
from his donkey's mane. Heh.

Yeah, yeah. Mr. Pebble's
a sentimental guy.

He's very sentimental.

He must be. Also very stylish.

He's the only
prospector I ever heard of

that had a donkey to
match his mustache.


He's probably waking
up. Why don't I take a look.

Why don't you just
go do that. Yeah.

Boss. Boss, put this on, quick.

There's a guy out
there named Clark Kent.

He says he's from
the Daily Planet.

Is it on straight?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.

Do I know him? I mean,
does Pebble know him?

Well, I don't think so.

Pebble told me the only
guys he met down at the paper

were Perry White,
that Lane girl,

a kid named Jimmy
Olsen and Superman.


Howdy, Mr. Kent.

I've heard a lot about you. I'm
glad to make your acquaintance.

Howdy. I just thought
I'd drop in and say hello.

Well, I'm right glad you did.

Have a seat.

Well, thank you very much,
sir, but I just have a minute.

Oh, that's too bad.

Well, how are your friends:

that young Olsen
and pretty Miss Lane?

Well, they were just fine...

the last time I saw them.

Well, say howdy to them for me.

Oh, I'll do that, Mr. Pebble.
I... I'll just do that.

Oh, just one more thing.
The Superman Silver Mine...

That's the sweetest
mine you ever saw.

Well, I imagine it is.

But that's the trouble,
I've never seen it.

Since you were generous enough
to donate to the Camp Fund,

well, the directors
are sort of wondering

when they're gonna
receive their deed.

Now don't fret none about that.

I'm having the papers
drew up right now.

Oh, I'm very glad
to hear that, sir.

And one more thing.

Uh, what's the
location of the mine?

Oh, it's out there in the hills.

The prettiest mine you ever saw.

I'll just bet it is.

I'll be seeing you, sir.

Well... so long, pardner.

So long...

Mr. Pebble.

How'd it go, boss?

Not so good. I think
he smelled a rat. Oh.

Hey, boss, you shouldn't
talk that way about me,

or even yourself.

Anyway, we'd better
get moving fast.


Jimmy, I... I think
he's got a fever.

If I had some water,
I think I could make it.

How do you feel, Miss Lane?

Oh, pretty awful, Jim, but
not as bad as Mr. Pebble.

You know, he's
been here a lot longer.

I think you ought to tell
them where the mine is,

for your own sake.

No, I said those kids was
gonna get that summer camp,

and they're gonna get it.

As long as I can breathe.




I'm gonna give the old duffer

one more chance to
tell us where the mine is.

I don't know, he's a
pretty stubborn old cuss.

What if he won't tell?

Then I stop asking.

You know, after all,
even without the mine,

he's not exactly poor.

And now I'm Mr. Pebble.

Yeah, that's right.

Well, what happens to
him and them two reporters?

What usually happens
when you leave people

without anything to eat
or drink long enough.

Oh, yeah.


LOIS: Superman. JIMMY:
Boy, are we glad to see you.

Only one Mr. Pebble.
The real one.

The phony one just
ran down that hill.


Aren't you gonna chase him?

I don't think that'll
be necessary, Jimmy.

I think this should do
the trick very nicely.

It looks like a magnet.

Well, it will be as
soon as I magnetize it.

Golly. Well,
that's the first time

I ever saw anybody
captured by a magnet.

Well, Jimmy, that was because

of the metal plate in his head.

You know, I reckon I owe
you a whole bushel of thanks.

If it hadn't been for you,

I'd have told them
where the mine is.

Incidentally, Mr. Pebble,
just where is this mine?

Well, if them crooks had
spent more time digging

and less time starving
us, they'd have found it.

We're standing on it.

Here? Right here.



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