Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 2 - The Magic Secret - full transcript

Superman's been capturing the members of a gang. The leader vows to get him. A scientist comes to him and says he has discovered a way to harness the radiation of kryptonite from space, the one thing that can harm Superman and channel it into a gun. What they need now is a way to lure Superman so that they can use it. The leader who is into magic knows that Jimmy Olsen is interested in it puts an ad on the newspaper offering lessons. So Lois goes with him and they are captured and held and the leader calls Clark hoping he will tell Superman and he will walk into the trap.

Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Base calling Able Outside. Come in.

This is Able Outside.

Everything went like clockwork.

No trouble with the watchman.

That safe combination
hit it right on the nose.

And how was business?

Better than we expected.

At least 100,000 in diamonds.

You're on the course I gave you?

Right. We're out
in the country now.

Good. Double back
according to plan

and meet me here
at exactly 1:35.

You're sure you're
not being followed?

Sure, I'm sure.

We made a clean getaway.



Okay, which turn do we take?

What difference does it make?

They both curve around
and go back towards town.

Yeah, but one's
shorter than the other.

Trouble is, I can't
remember which one.

Who cares? Take
one and let's get going.



We ain't moving.

Have you got it in gear?

Sure I got it in gear,
but we still ain't moving.

We still ain't moving.

Look. The mirror.


It's Superman.

Run for it, you fools.

Gus. What's going on?

Answer me.

Answer me.

They won't be answering
you for a long time,

whoever you are.

Because they'll be in jail,
where you'll be sooner or later.

Get this, Superman.

Somehow, some way,
I'm going to get you.

Meantime, you'll
never get to me.

You'll never get to me.




Superman. [SIGHS]

That makes four times in a row

he's busted up your
plans, Mr. Grizwald.

That's four times too many.

Something's got to
be done about him.

And I'm going to do it.

Well, that's a good
story you did, Kent,

on Superman capturing
those two jewelry-store bandits.

And your coverage
of the horse show,

Miss Lane, has been excellent.

Thank you, chief.

But you!

Wait a minute, Mr. White.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

What'd I do?

You know what you did.

When I sent you over
to cover the new show

at the Orpheum Theatre, I
meant for you to write a review.

Not devote the entire column
to a cheap vaudeville magician.

But he isn't a cheap vaudeville
magician. He's a miracle man.

Honest, Mr. Kent,
you wouldn't believe

some of the things he did.

Why, he took one girl,

right there on
stage, and he levita...

"Levitouchenated"... Levitated.

He levitated her.

He made her
float right on stage.

That is a miracle?

What else? Well, he even
passed hoops around her

to show there weren't
any wires holding her up.

And not only that,

she was stretched
out stiffer than iron.

Why, another girl even
sat on her while she floated.

That's one of the oldest
magic tricks in the book.

Didn't you used to belong
to the Amateur Magic Society

and do this very same trick?

Did it all the
time. Nothing to it.

You could do it
again, couldn't you?

Of course.

Well, then, I don't
see why you don't...

As a matter of fact, I
don't think Miss Lane

would mind being the subject in
this demonstration, would you?

Why, I'd love to be levitated.

Sounds like fun.

Well, of... Of course, it's
been 10 years since I did it.

I... I might be a bit rusty.

Oh, I quite understand, chief.

You might be a little
rusty, as you said, but, uh,

if you're afraid that she
might fall and hurt herself...

Fall? When I levitate a person

they stay levitated
until I un-levitate them.

Yes, sir.

But like you say, chief,
you're a bit rusty and...

Rusty? Who's rusty?

Miss Lane, are you ready?

You... Well... Are you really?


Right here.

Go on, Miss Lane.
We'll catch you if you fall.

She's not going to fall.


PERRY: So I'm rusty, am I?

You did it, chief.

Just like the guy in the show.

And it isn't a trick.

Of course it's a
trick. Look here.

What happened?

You mean you don't know?

Mr. White levitated you.

I said I would, didn't I?

Golly, Mr. White, could
you teach me that trick?

Now wait just a minute, Jimmy.

If he did that, he'd be expelled

from The Society of,
uh, American Magicians.

That's exactly right.

And now I'll thank you
all to go back to work.

The guy out there wants
to see you, Mr. Grizwald.

He says it's about
an enemy of yours.


What does he mean? Who is he?

Says his name is Von Bruiner.

Professor Von Bruiner.

Von Bruiner.

Oh, yes, I remember.

I did business with him
before he was sent to prison

for selling laboratory
secrets. Send him in.

You sure you wanna
see him, Mr. Grizwald?

Send him in.

Gotcha, Mr. Grizwald.

Okay, come on in.

Good to see you
again, professor.

What can I do for you?


The important thing is,
what can I do for you?

What would it be worth to you
if I would destroy Superman?

You mean, knock him off?


Professor, if I can find
the man who can do that,

I'll make him a millionaire.

Only it just can't be done.

I can do it.

Just how much do
we know of Superman?

We know nothing can hurt him.

You're wrong.

He's vulnerable to one thing,
an element called kryptonite.

Everybody knows that.
But what good does it do us?


Have you got any kryptonite?

No. And I doubt if it could
be found anywhere on Earth.

That is, not in sufficient
quantities for our purpose.

Then what are you
bending our ear for?

Superman came here
when his planet, Krypton,

exploded into a supernova.


That's right.

VON BRUINER: That explosion sent

a billion trillion particles of
kryptonite into outer space,

particles so tiny they couldn't
be seen with the naked eye.


What are you gonna do?

Put on a space helmet,

fly out and gather them
up in a butterfly net?

No. But I have perfected a way
of gathering energy from them.

And I've already
prepared two installations

necessary for the job at hand.

Would you like to come
with me and, uh, see them?

Get the car, Eddie.

EDDIE: A square,
concrete hole in the ground.

So what?

Sixty feet deep.

A fall sufficient
to kill anybody.

Except Superman.


But it's this which
will destroy him.

You're gonna squirt water
on him and drown him.

No, my friend.



That is the second
installation, two miles away.

What is it, professor?

A radar pickup
or a solar mirror?

Both guesses are
close, Mr. Grizwald.

But instead of picking up radar
signals or heat from the sun,

it's designed to collect

minute particles of
kryptonite floating in space.

Sounds fishy to me.

It's harmless to
ordinary humans,

but if I aim it at Superman,

it will first rob him
of his super strength,

eventually destroy him.

How do you know
without trying it on him?

I guarantee it.

But as for trying it
on him, that's your job.

Fat chance of him standing still

while you aim a gadget
full of kryptonite at him.

He wouldn't come
within a mile of it.

I wouldn't bet on that, Eddie.

I think we can
induce Mr. Superman

to come right where we want him.

Oh, yeah? How?

I've noticed he has
a close connection

with a reporter on the Daily
Planet named Clark Kent.

Kent is a close friend of two
other reporters on the Planet,

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

Congratulations, Mr. Grizwald.

You are thinking exactly
on the lines that I expected.

If we can trick Olsen and the
girl into a position of danger,

and let Clark
Kent know about it,

he might send
Superman to the rescue.

How do we get Olsen or
the girl in the first place?

By magic, Eddie.

Young Olsen is
overboard about magic.

So we place an advertisement

in the columns of
the Daily Planet.

An advertisement that will
mean the end of Superman.



I've got it, Miss
Lane. I've got it.

Simmer down, Jimmy.
You've got what?

For a measly $5 I can
be just like Mr. White.

You can?

Are you sure you wanna be?

No, you don't
understand. Be a magician.

Look at this personal ad:

"Magic tricks revealed,
professional secrets taught."

"Make people disappear.
Saw a woman in half."

Ooh, there's a gruesome thought.

"Levitate any living subject."

Do you understand, Miss Lane?

Levitated. Just like
Mr. White did to you.

"Complete personal
instruction, only $5."

I don't see how they can
teach you all that for $5.

Don't ask me. But I'm
gonna take the course.

That is, if, uh, I can borrow
$5 from you until payday.

Oh, that's it.

Oh, well.

Easy come, easy go.

Golly, thanks, Miss Lane.

Hey, wait a minute, Jimmy.

Aren't you gonna
make an appointment?

Already did. I'm going now.

I'll go with you.

You will?

I have to protect my investment.

Come on.

Mr. Olsen, he's
got an appointment.

Mr. Grizwald.

Miss Lane, no appointment.

You're welcome anyway.

Won't you sit down?

Thank you.

It says on your
door, Mr. Grizwald,

that you're, uh, an
investment counselor.

Doesn't say
anything about magic.

Magic is my hobby.

I certainly couldn't make
any money at only $5

for a complete course.

I don't know how
you can do it anyway,

but I can hardly
wait to get started.

In that case, let's leave
for my place in the country.

Your place in the country?

What's the matter with here?

In my business
office, Miss Lane?

I'm afraid some of my customers
might consider that frivolous.

And besides, all my
equipment's at the other place.

Of course.

Just the same, I still think
this whole idea's ridiculous,

and I'm not going, Jimmy.

GRIZWALD: Oh, suit yourselves.

As I say, it's only a
hobby. And at these prices,

I certainly don't have
to beg for customers.

N... Wait a minute. I wanna go.

If Miss Lane doesn't...
All right, Jimmy.

If you insist on making
a fool of yourself,

hmm, I guess I'll just have
to go along and help you.

Will you really teach me that
levitation trick, Mr. Grizwald?

Absolutely, my boy. Absolutely.


Well, this is a funny kind of
a place to teach magic tricks.

I think it's great.

Nothing but a square,
concrete hole in the ground.

Kind of gets you, don't it?

LOIS: Yeah, it sure does.

Oh, it's beautiful.

Just what is the
idea, Mr. Grizwald?

You'd hardly expect
me to conduct classes

on Main Street,
would you, Miss Lane?

Well, hardly on Main Street,

but this isn't just
one block away.

And... And what is
this thing, for example?

A piece of apparatus
for what I hope

will be the greatest
trick of my career.

You could say that again.

A super trick, you might say.

Golly, Mr. Grizwald. Will
you teach that one to me too?

You can be sure you'll
be in on it, my boy.

Now, Mr. Grizwald,
Jimmy is primarily interested

in the levitation trick.

Why don't we
settle just for that?

Of course.

But I intend teaching
Mr. Olsen how to do the trick

in the most spectacular
way ever devised.

With you as his subject,

he will levitate you from
the very bottom of this shaft

clear to the top.


You mean, you expect us

to go down into that
hole in the ground?

That's right, lady.

Well, I, for one, ain't
gonna stand for it.

Come on, Jim. This
has gone far enough.

Oh! Just a moment, Miss Lane.

I was hoping you
wouldn't make it

any more difficult
than necessary.

Some trick.

I told you this whole
thing was ridiculous, Jim.

I'm sorry, Miss Lane.

The only excuse I
can offer is I'm stupid.

The rope, Eddie.
Miss Lane first.

You mean, you really are
gonna put us down there?

I really am.

You know, of course, you
can't get away with this.

I know I can't, Miss
Lane. But I'm doing it.

And I'd advise you to cooperate.

It would be a nasty
fall down that shaft.

Go on, Miss Lane. Go on.

Go on.

Help him there, Olsen.

Down with her. Go on.

EDDIE: Last stop.
Take off the rope, lady.

That dame almost
yanked me into the well.

Not a bad idea.



Hurry up, get the rope
around him, Eddie.

Better to have him this way
anyway. Easier to handle.

Now lower away. Lower away.

That's it.

Are you all right, Jim?

Yeah, Miss Lane. I guess so.

Well, so much for that.

Thing to do now is to go
on up to the observatory

and join the professor.

And while in the observatory,

we will observe what kind
of tiger our bait will catch.



I guess I've done
it again, Miss Lane.

Oh, that's all right, Jim.

I've pulled some pretty
silly ones in my day too.

Like coming here in
the first place, huh?


Sounds like they've gone.

Yeah, but we're
not going anywhere.

But why, Jim?

I can't figure out why anyone

would want to put us
down here to begin with.

I don't know.
I've been thinking,

the only enemy I've got
in the world's Eddie Davis.

I owe him $3.

He wouldn't do this
for $3, would he?

I don't think so. Besides,
I don't owe him a cent.

Maybe it's a gag.

That's it, Miss
Lane, it's a gag.

Wanna bet?



Clark Kent speaking.

What's that?

Jimmy and Lois kidnapped?

Uh, that's true, uh, Mr. Kent.

I was a partner to the
scheme, but I decided to reform.

That's why I'm telling
you where they are,

so you can do
something to save them.

I see.

Will you please tell me exactly
where this place is located?


Yes, I think I know
where it is. Thank you.

But remember, Mr. Kent, if those
criminals see the police coming,

Olsen and the girl will
be in serious danger.

In fact, the only safe way
to approach the place is,

say, perhaps by helicopter.

I-I'm sorry, that's
all I can tell you.

Uh, goodbye, Mr. Kent.


Very clever, Mr. Grizwald.

I think so myself.

Kent isn't going to send
any policeman in a helicopter.

He's going to send Superman.



So all we do now is wait.

If we're lucky.

And if that gadget
of yours works.

Oh, it'll work.

Maybe we ought to give
it another test blast, huh?

No. If Superman's anywhere
around, it'll tip him off.

Anything cooking?

Not yet.



That sound.

It's got to be Superman.


It is Superman.

Professor Von Bruiner,

get ready.

I'm ready.

As soon as he's under the beam.



Hey, get us outta here!

I see you've gotten
yourself in a hole again.

It would serve you right
if I left you in it this time.

LOIS: Oh, please, Superman.

Well. Now, what's
all this about?

Superman, that's a
long, embarrassing story.

But how did you find us?

Well, that's a long story too.

But right now I think
we better concentrate

on getting you out of here.

Turn on the kryptonite.




But it's harmless.

It's just like Fourth
of July sparklers.

You mean that it's
a gag of some sort?

Superman, what's the matter?


Must be... kryptonite.

Some kind of a trap.

Help, Jimmy.

What can we do?

Do you think it got him?

Of course it got him.

Otherwise he'd be out of there
with a boy and a girl by now.

Better leave it on anyway.

Finish him good. Right.

Press that third
button, professor.

That'll really do the job.

For all of them.

Miss Lane, look, one
of the walls is moving.


LOIS: We'll be crushed.

I think that's the
idea, Miss Lane.

And now not even
Superman can help us.

Miss Lane,

stand up, please.

Turn and face

the moving wall.

Superman, you levitated her.

That's the trick I
came here to learn.

Her... body rigid
may stop the wall.

It's our only chance.

Yeah, but for how long?

Jimmy, go up and
deflect those rays.

Yeah, the walls are
close enough together now

to make that possible.

Hurry, please.

It ought to be all over
pretty soon now, huh?

All over.

The wall's stopped moving in.

What do you mean? What's wrong?

There's nothing's wrong.

After all, you don't destroy
a person like Superman

in just a moment.

Maybe his last ounce of strength

is holding the wall
open for a little bit.

Maybe. Maybe that silly machine
of yours isn't doing the job.

Of course it's doing the job.

If not, they'd all be
out of there by now.


The boy. He's out.

What do we do now?

EDDIE: The spark's
coming. What do we do now?


Police headquarters. Quick.

Police headquarters.

You're right, boss.

Better a million of those
guys than Superman.


JIMMY: Uh, Superman,
a-are you all right?

Yes, I'm all right,
Jimmy. Thanks to you.

You... You're all right?

Yes, Miss Lane, I'm fine.

And as long as you are
too, if you'll excuse me.

Superman, get me out of here.

I'm afraid you'll
have to get out

the same way
Jimmy did, Miss Lane.

You'll have to climb out.

Superman, they went thattaway.

But I don't think
there's any hurry.


That's it, Miss Lane.

You just have to sorta
inch up, like a caterpillar.

The least you could have
done was thrown me a rope.

But I told you, Miss
Lane, I didn't have one.

They took it with them.

I ache all over, especially
the top of my head.

Well, perhaps the little raise
you'll get for a good story

will help that ache a bit.

Golly, what great liniment.
Do I get a little too?

Oh, I suppose so.

By the way, where were you
when this story was breaking?

Who, me, chief? Why, um...

I was practicing
the levitation trick.

Well, in that case maybe
you should have come along.

Superman might
have taught it to you.

Why, Lois, what
a wonderful idea.

As a matter of fact,

I think he did.


NARRATOR: Don't miss
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Superman is based
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