Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 12 - The Perils of Superman - full transcript

A criminal who was sent to prison by Superman and the Planet staff goes to the Planet office and tells them of his intention to go after them. They respond that Superman will stop him. Only problem is that he wears a lead mask to conceal his identity and he has other men wearing the same mask. Eventually he captures all of the Planet staff and puts them in a perilous situation and Superman has but minutes to save each one of them.

Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Mr. White, please.
Mr. Perry White.

Well, um, who...?

Who shall I say is calling?

A friend, perhaps?

Well, I'm sorry, but
Mr. White sees no one

except if they have
an appointment.

Mr. White will see me.

Ring him.


Well, Mr. Olsen,
you've done it again.

I've warned you
time and time again.

Now, hear this.

I am now warning you
positively for the last time!


Yes, what is it?

I don't know what's wrong
with this girl. What is it?

There's, um, a...

A gentleman here
to see you, Mr. White.

Well, what's his
name? Who is he?

ETHEL: I don't
know. He won't say.

Oh, he won't, won't he?

Well, you know I never
see people unless they...

What's he look like?

I said, what does he look like?

I... I don't know.

You don't know his name,

you don't know what
he looks like, you...

Send him up.

Mr. White says you may go up.

I heard him.


I don't know what's
the matter with that girl.

Oh, Ethel's usually
very efficient, chief.

But this time she
acted... You shut up!

As though she was seeing things.


And maybe she was!

What's the meaning of this?

Patience, Mr. White.
I shall try to explain.

I wish Clark was
here to see this.

In the first place,
I'm gratified

to find you all here together.

Perry White, Lois
Lane, Jimmy Olsen.

I could only wish

that Mr. Clark Kent
could be present also.

I hear my name mentioned?

Well, I didn't realize it
was so close to Halloween.

It was good of you
to come, Mr. Kent.

No trouble at all.
What's this all about?

It's really very simple.

The Daily Planet,
with Superman's help,

succeeded in ruining

the best-paying
racket I ever had

and sent several of
my closest friends to jail.

Well, they must
have deserved it, then.

That's beside the point.
I intend to get even.

With Superman?

Why, don't be silly.
Nobody can harm him.

No, but I can strike at
him through his friends.

Meaning us?

All of you.

And with you out of the
way, the Planet's days

as a newspaper will be numbered.

You'll never get away with it.

Whatever you're planning,
Superman will stop you.

When he doesn't
even know where I am?

Or what I look
like, or who I am?

Well, he'll know
what you look like

as soon as he sees through
that mask you're wearing.

This mask happens
to be made of lead.

That's the one thing his
x-ray vision can't see through.

LOIS: Then he'll yank it off.

He can't. It's locked on.

And besides, I have 10 other men

walking the streets of this town

dressed exactly like I am

and wearing the same
kind of lead masks.

And theirs are locked on too.

And I'm the only
one with the key.

Ten other men
who look like that?


And Superman can't keep an eye

on all of us at the same time.

While he's watching some of us,

the rest will be
taking care of you.

Taking care of us? How?

In several ways.


I'm a do-it-yourself
man, myself.

I love gimmicks.

And I've got a
different surprise

fixed up for each one of you.

And this is one time

when Superman won't
come to your rescue.

Where's Kent?

Now, where did he go?

Oh, you know Clark.

He's probably so frightened,

he's out looking
for a place to hide.

Maybe that's what
we'd all better do.

Or maybe that guy in
the mask was just bluffing.

I don't think so.

He sounded as if
he meant every word.


If we could only find
out who the ringleader is.

You know, the one
that came to the office.

He refused to give
his name, huh?

Of course he refused
to give his name.

He didn't have any
identification papers

in his wallet, either.

How'd you know that?

Well, it... It figures, Bill.

After all, anyone
that's smart enough

to outwit Superman

by wearing a lead
mask to hide his identity

is certainly smart
enough to not carry

identification papers
around in his wallet

where Superman could
see it with his x-ray vision.

Yeah, that figures.

Anybody who can
figure a way from keeping

Superman off his
trail is plenty smart.

And plenty dangerous.

Yeah, how's Mr. White
taking all this?

The same as Lois and Jimmy.

They're worried.

And they've got
good reason to be.

How about you, Kent?

I'm worried too, Bill.

Chief, do you think
this could be a gag?

Or somebody's idea of an
outrageous practical joke?

No. I-I would like to think so,

but frankly, I don't think
our lead-headed friend

is a prankster.

That's why I want to
send you two out of town

on an assignment.

Oh, you mean, you
want us to run away?

Who said anything
about running away?

And pray tell,
where would you be?

Right here at my desk,
of course, as usual.

Yeah, well, that's us.
Right here too, as usual.

Now, look here...

Now just a minute,
chief. I think Jimmy's right.

We wouldn't run away
any more than you would.

And you wouldn't
want us to, would you?

No, I guess not.

Okay. Business as usual.

I hope.

Well, if it's business as usual,

I think you and I are about due

at that political
luncheon, chief.

I suppose you're right.

Oh, you mean, both
of you are going away

and leaving me alone?

What's the matter?
Are you scared?

Sure. Aren't you? [SCOFFS]

Look, Bill, why don't you

at least assign some bodyguards

to the chief and Lois and Jimmy?


Yes, I'd, uh...

I'd be glad to if
Mr. White okays it.

What do you mean,
"if Mr. White okays it"?

Well, you can't
assign a bodyguard

to a citizen without
his permission.

That's the law of this state.

Well, that's nice,

but I'm sure you can
get his permission.

Here, why don't you
call him up and ask him?

I'll be glad to.

Uh, get me Perry White
of the Daily Planet, please.

Perry White, I've had
about enough out of you.

I just... Just enough.

How do you like noise?

You're gonna look very funny

in that loud
pressroom, Perry White.

How's your aim?

You good on a bicycle? You're
gonna be throwing papers!

That's what! Throwing
papers! All over the block, right...


Uh, hello. Mr. White's
office. Olsen speaking.

Oh, hi, inspector.

No, Mr. White and Miss Lane,

they just left to go on
a political luncheon.

Sure, they were fine.

Me? I'm okay too.

Who'd wanna bother me?

Sure, inspector.

Who'd wanna bother me?

Want me to drive?

Yes, will you, please?

Just a moment, Miss Lane.

Drive out as usual,

except that instead
of taking the right turn

toward the Civic Center,

turn left and head
out of the city.



Come on, come on.

Over there. Sit down.

I suppose this is what
you call a hideout.

It isn't much, Miss Lane,

but it will serve our purpose.

Of course, you realize
we know every mile

of the route we took,

and we also know
exactly where this place is.

It doesn't matter, Mr. White.

You're not gonna be
around to tell anyone.

And as a matter of fact,

I don't think you could remember

the route we took.


Oh, for example,
suppose you wanted

to tell, uh, young Mr. Olsen,
say, how to get here.

What would you say?

I'd say, Olsen, get in your car,

take the Crestlake Road
about four miles past Bellville.

Make the first right turn

past the railroad
track on a dirt road.

The first house you see

will be where you'll
find Miss Lane and me

and a couple of
pretty stupid crooks.

That's very good.

And now, would you mind
repeating that message

when I get
Mr. Olsen on the line?

I certainly would mind.

And gun or no
gun, I won't do it.



Daily Planet?

Mr. James Olsen, please.


Olsen's office, what...?

White's office, Olsen sp...

say, Olsen, get in your car,

take the Crestlake Road

about four miles past Bellville.

Make the first right turn
past the railroad track

on a dirt road.

The first house you see

will be where you'll
find Miss Lane and me.


I was afraid you might
not repeat the message,

so I took the precaution
of recording your words

on a portable tape recorder.

Well, that's a dirty trick.

All's fair, Miss Lane.

And now we must be going again.

Each of you has
a date with destiny.

A last date.

Outside. Outside.

First right, turn
past railroad tracks.

Take dirt road, first
house you come to.





Now Jimmy doesn't answer.

Lois and Mr. White never did get

to the luncheon they
were scheduled to attend.

I don't like it,
Kent. Neither do I,

and I'm gonna do
something about it too.

Wait a minute.

I'm gonna throw out a dragnet.

I'm gonna fine-comb the city.

Now, you wait a minute.

If this character
in the lead mask

has got the chief
and Lois and Jimmy,

throwing out a dragnet
wouldn't do any good.

I've got a better idea. Such as?

Well, I'll just let
him capture me too.

Then with luck, they'll take me

where they're
holding the others.

I'll buy that.

If they do grab you,

I'll be following with my men.

Now, let's see. The last place

any of the others were
heard from was the office.

That's probably where that
character in the lead mask

is waiting for me
too. I'll see you, Bill.

We'll be there.

Uh, get me Murphy.


Turner, you and Ransom
cover the entrance in the back.

Carnahan, you and I
will cover this entrance.

If Kent is captured
inside the building,

they're sure to take him
out one way or the other,

and we'll be able to trail
them wherever they take him.


All right, up.


No, I don't suppose I should be.

After all, you did
say you were gonna

revenge yourself on us.

Do you intend to shoot me
right here in my own office?

That would be too easy.

When I get through with you,

even Superman wouldn't know you.

Start walking.


So the police can follow us?

I'm not that stupid.

We go upstairs, to the roof.

The roof?

You can't take me
anywhere from there.

That's what you think.

If they caught him,

they ought to be
coming out by now.

Unless they went
out the other entrance.


A helicopter.

And Kent's probably in it.

He'll get clear away
before we can get trail him.

If anybody ever needed Superman,

Kent needs him now.

Well, Mr. Nosy Reporter,

you've turned
in your last story.

In a minute, you'll be lowered

into that vat of acid.

You wouldn't dare.

You're just bluffing,
trying to frighten me.

Wanna bet?

But... But that's illegal.

The police wouldn't
let you get away with it.

I wouldn't count on
that, if I were you.

First, they'd have to
find this old factory,

and they're not
about to do that.

How would Inspector
Henderson trace us here?

Oh, I guess he couldn't.

I'll say he can't.

No more than he'll
find Perry White,

Lois Lane and that cub, Olsen.

Are they here too?

They're nowhere near here.

Well, what have
you done with them?

It's not what I've done,
but what I'm about to do.

I don't mind telling you
that they're doomed.

Just like in the
old-time movie serials.

Movie serials?


For instance, we have Mr. White

in the old sawmill,
back of Centerville.

He's tied up like
a bale of laundry.

And in just about...

10 minutes,

he'll go sliding
into the buzz saw.

Oh, no. Fact.

And in just about 15 minutes,
Lois Lane will perish too.

She's tied to the railroad
tracks on the main line,

just east of Rockport Junction,

where the Midwestern Flier

hits better than
80 miles an hour.

You know what that means.

It's horrible.

Isn't it?

And then there's Jimmy Olsen.

Would you like to
know where he is?

Right now, he's driving his car

back of Crestvale,
up into the mountains.

But what he doesn't know

is that we've poured
acid over the brakes

and the steering gear.

And in, oh, say,
about 20 minutes,

he'll be going down a
sharp curve and then blam!

You'll never get away with this.

If you're depending on
Superman, I wouldn't.

He doesn't even
know what's going on.

Are you sure?

Well, if he did, he'd be here.

I don't see him around, do you?


And he's not going to be.


It's a cinch you're not
going to get word to him.

Start the motor.

I've always liked

these old-fashioned
but imaginative ways

of getting rid of one's enemies.

You do seem to have gone
to a great deal of trouble.

No trouble at all.

Although, I had hoped that
you'd take it a little harder.

You know, begged for
mercy and that sort of thing.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Well, that's life. Or death.

Farewell, Mr. Kent.



Let's get out to the helicopter.

I don't want just
part of the force

working on the case.

I want all of them.

Get word to every reserve
officer and patrolman.

Put them on 24-hour duty.

Search every house and
building in Metropolis if you have to.

But find Lois Lane, Clark Kent,
Jimmy Olsen and Perry White.

They've got to be somewhere.

They've got to be somewhere.

But where?

I don't want excuses.
I want action.

And send out an APB
to pick up every man

wearing a lead mask, understand?

Now that we've got the
helicopter hidden away,

all we have to do is
wait for the sawmill clock

to start the machinery.

Then goodbye, Perry White.


Oh, Superman.
Are you all right, sir?

Yeah, I... I thought
I was done for.

There we are.

Oh, how about Miss
Lane and Jimmy Olsen?

They're gonna be
all right, sir, I hope.

The man in the lead mask

told me exactly what
he had in mind for them.

I just hope I'm not
too late to save them.

Excuse me, sir.




Are you all right, Miss Lane?

All thanks to you.

But what about Mr. White?

Well, he's all right now.

Thank heavens.

But I'm very worried
about Jimmy Olsen.

I don't know far he's
driven on Crestvale road.

But Jimmy's a good driver.

That's not gonna help
him much now, Miss Lane.

You see, his brakes
and his steering gear

have been sabotaged.
Excuse me, please.


The rest of the boys
should be getting here

any minute now.


There goes the
express. Right on time.

So we can check off Clark
Kent, Perry White and Lois Lane.

That leaves just Olsen to go.

And if that acid works
the way it should,

his car should be
going out of control

any minute now.


I'd love to see the
expression on his face.










Nice and easy.

Give me the other one.


Oh, golly, Superman,
am I glad to see you.

Well, the feeling is
mutual, I assure you.

How did you
manage to get yourself

in a spot like that?

[PANTING] Oh, I... I
tried to save myself.

When the car went over
the cliff, I jumped out.

But I jumped the wrong way.

I'll bet you had
your eyes closed.

Yeah. How did you guess?



What about Miss
Lane and Mr. White?

Oh, they're all right now.

That reminds me.

Jimmy, you'll have to
hitch yourself a ride home.

I have to go and find out, uh,

just who this criminal
is, responsible for all this.

Oh, that shouldn't be hard.
I wrote his address down.

You did?

Nice going.



So naturally when we
got down to headquarters,

the rest was easy.

Superman used his x-ray eyes
to see which one had the key

which unlocked
all the lead masks.

Naturally, he was
the ringleader.

Now they'll all go to
prison for a long, long time.

Well, we surely owe
our lives to Superman.

All of us.

We certainly do,
don't we, Clark?

Well, all I can say is, if
it weren't for Superman,

I wouldn't be here.

You know, there's one
thing I don't understand, boss.

We saw Kent go in that
tub of acid, but we didn't...

Shut up, you fool!

Don't ever say anything
about that again.

Don't even think it.

Nobody'd believe it, huh?


I don't even believe it myself.


NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.

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