Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 11 - The Brainy Burro - full transcript

Perry gets a wire from Lois, who's in Mexico, that she has discovered a donkey with psychic powers. Perry sends Clark down to investigate, and discovers that not only does the "burro" have psychic powers, but it has figured out Clark's secret identity as Superman.'

Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



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Buenas noches. Hello.

Will you sit there, please.

Thank you.


isn't this nice.

Clark, I still don't
understand how you got here.

There aren't any
scheduled flights

into this part of
Mexico at night.

Well, Lois, haven't you ever
heard of unscheduled flights?

Oh, what difference does
it make how he got here,

as long as he's here.

He can meet Pepe and Carmelita.

Oh, that's right. Well,
come on. Let's order.

Um, I'm treating
my friends tonight.

I'd like three enchiladas and
three fried beans. Gracias.

Sí. Gracias.


You see how I'm
learnin' to speak Spanish?

Uh, yes, I do see, Jimmy.

I'd rather hear it in English.

You know, Mr. White sent me
here to find out about this burro.

Oh, that's Carmelita.

I think I hear her comin' now.


Hey, Tiger, what's
with the beast?

Albert, you can't expect
me to know everything.

Hi, Pepe.

How's Carmelita tonight?

Oh, she is fine, Señor Olsen.

Buenas noches, Señorita Lane.

Hello, Pepe. I'd like to
have you to meet Clark Kent.

He's from the Daily Planet too.

How do you do, Pepe?

Nice to meet you.

I've heard interesting
things about you.

[CHUCKLING] Oh, I am not
interesting, Señor Kent. It is Carmelita.

Oh? And just why is
Carmelita so interesting?

Oh, well, I will
let her show you.

Señor Kent, please think.

Just think, how many times

have you been to
Mexico in the last year?

All right. All
right, I'm thinking.



Of all times for
Carmelita to goof.


Well, I just happen to know

that Clark was only in
Mexico once last year.

Uh, no.

No, Lois, that
isn't exactly right.

You see, there were a
couple of times I was in Mexico

last year that you
didn't know about.

So Carmelita's right.

You see? That
proves it, Mr. Kent.

Doesn't that prove
what, exactly?

Why, Señor Kent, i-it proves
that Carmelita can read minds.

Isn't that some trick, Mr. Kent?

Oh, no, Señor Olsen.

I have told you, it is no trick.

We will show you again.

If you will think of how
old you are, please.




That's right... 22.

I don't know how
you do this, Pepe.

You sure it isn't
some kind of a trick?

No trick, señor.

E-ever since
Carmelita was a baby,

when I would be
doing my arithmetic,

I discovered that she is
tapping out the answer

even before I write it down.

Well, if that's true,

I agree with Lois and Jimmy.

I certainly would like to take
you to Metropolis with us.

Oh, I-I don't know, señor.

Carmelita and I are
happy the way we are.

Well, I'm sure you are,

but, uh, isn't there
something we can do about it?

Can we talk it over
again, at least?

Oh, of course, Señor Kent.

I-I am making camp
just north of town,

right where the
road makes a fork.

Oh, all right.

Then, uh, how about
late tomorrow morning?

[CHUCKLING] We will be there.

Buenas noches, señorita.

Good night. Señores.

Good night.

Come on. Carmelita.


Come on.

Go. Come.

Hey, Tiger, I've
been tryin' to tell you

they said Clark Kent
of the Daily Planet.

He's a friend of Superman's.

Albert, I'm very
well aware of that.

Ah, but Superman's got the
whole rest of our gang in jail.

If you hadn't figured to take
it on the lam when you did,

we'd be along with
'em. But I did figure it,

so not even Superman
got a look at us,

much less this Kent.

Besides, Superman
is in Metropolis.

Just the same, let's
move out of this burg.

What, and lose our
golden opportunity?

Why, Albert, we've gone
to considerable risk already

and, so far, failed.

But tonight, we've
found our answer.

What answer we find, Tiger?

The burro,

Carmelita, and a way to
even things up with Superman

and the Daily Planet.

Well, listen, Tiger, all I
want's a million bucks

so we can lam to South America
before the federals nail us.

Well, I can't
guarantee a million,

but I'm sure there'll be enough.

Now, let's catch the kid.


Come, Carmelita.

Hey, kid, wait a momento.

Hello, Pepe.

Oh, good evening.

How would you like
to earn some money?

I mean, some real money?

Oh, señor, there have been
others who wanted Carmelita

to be on television,

but we are happy
making the little bit

we make in cafés, at fiestas.

Well, I have no intention
of depriving you of that.

We merely want a private
demonstration tonight

for a special friend of ours.

Oh, I-I don't know,
señor. It is getting late.

Well, here, kid.

Uh, 200 pesos. How's that?

Two hundred pesos.

And more, when you've
done what we ask.

Oh, it is a magnificent sum.

Well, Pepe?

Señor, we will do it.

Excellent. Come, Carmelita.

Oh, señor, she... She
does not want to go.

Now, listen, kid...

Now, wait a minute, Albert.

I'm sure Pepe can handle her.

Well, señor, sometimes
she is very stubborn,

for reasons of her own.

But if I insist...

Carmelita, you must do as I say.

Come, Carmelita.

Now, come along.

now we go to work.

Come on, Carmelita.


You know, you're givin' us
a lot of trouble, Señor Luque.

Just because you
happen to own the bank

ain't no reason not to give
us the safe combination.

All right, don't
strain yourself.

It'll be over pretty
quick. [FOOTSTEPS]


Señor, it does not seem right,

entering a bank at night.

Now, Pepe, I wouldn't
have these keys

if it wasn't all right for
me to be here, would I?

I am not so sure, señor.

Well, everything's set.

You're sure he
can't hear anything?

Nah, the blindfold
covers his ears.

Besides, I got cotton
stuck in 'em too.


Now, Pepe...

No, señor.

I think something is very wrong.

Carmelita and I will not
do this demonstration

for what you say is a friend.

Not even for 1000 pesos?

We do not need your pesos.

All right, kid, then
you do it for nothin'.


we refuse.

I would really hate to
see Albert do anything

to hurt Carmelita.

Hurt Carmelita? ALBERT: Yeah.

If I hit her with the car,
we might smash our grill.

Señor, you would not do that.

Believe me, Pepe, he would.

Now, will you cooperate?

Sí, señor.

W-we will do as you say.

TIGER: Good.

Carmelita, don't
look at me like that.

I could not have you hurt.

You see, Pepe, there's
a man behind the counter

who knows the combination.

All right, Albert,
get to the safe.

You...? You mean,
we are robbing a bank?

Hey, Tiger.

Suppose the old
man ain't thinkin'

about the combination.

He will be.

Primarily because
it's the one thing

I told him he mustn't do.

See, it's like me telling you

not to think of the
word "hippopotamus"

for the next five minutes.


Yeah, but why would I go around
thinkin' about hippopotamuses?

All right, let her go, Tiger.

TIGER: All right,
Pepe, you may begin.

Tell her to wait until
Luque gets a chance

to start thinking
from the beginning.

I don't have to tell her, señor.

She knows what you want.



Her right hoof.

That means two
turns to the right.


Which way?

TIGER: Left.


TIGER: Two to the right, Albert.


TIGER: Five to the left, Albert.

That is all, señor.

All right, Albert, try it.

Hey, Tiger, there's at least

a million
hippopotamuses in here.

I-I-I mean, bucks.

Well done, Pepe. You may go now.

You...? You mean, we
can leave? Certainly.

But don't forget, Pepe,

if we're caught, you
become an accomplice,

and they'd put you in
jail for at least 10 years.

And Carmelita...

Well, they'd probably
have to dispose of her.

I-I would take my
chances, señor,

but Carmelita, I-I
cannot sacrifice her.

Hey, Tiger, you
just can't let 'em go.

Have no fear from them, Albert.
We have more important problems.

Like what? Like we need time

to turn the pesos into dollars.

We're strangers here, Albert.

We'll be immediately suspected.

Now, we must find
a method to, uh,

to turn the suspicion
away from us

for at least several days.

Gee, Tiger, you
think of everything.

Thank you, Albert, I try.

I try, Albert. Now let's collect
the, uh, ahem, hippopotami.

What's so interesting, Clark?

Hey. What's so interesting?

Oh, I'm sorry, Lois.

Well, unless my Spanish
is more rusty than I thought,

we slept right through a real
old-fashioned bank robbery.

A bank robbery? In El Pueblo?

That's right.

It says here, "Last night the
Bank of El Pueblo was robbed

"of 15 million pesos.

"Señor Juan Luque,
president of the bank,

"is being held
by the authorities.

"Luque claims he was abducted
but could offer no explanation

as to how his abductors got
the combination to the safe."


Fifteen million pesos.

Hey, that's over
a million dollars.

And probably represents
all the life savings

of everyone in town.

[SIGHING] Well, at least
we weren't mixed up in it.

All those poor people.

I wonder if there isn't
something I could do to help.

Oh, forget it, Clark.

Every time you go
off on a crusade,

Superman has to bail you out.

I suppose you're right, Lois.

I suppose... Isn't it about time

for breakfast? [CHUCKLES]

You have already had breakfast.

Uh, Mr. Kent, that
was an hour ago.

Well, you're just gonna
have to wait till lunch.

Clark and I are gonna
drive out to see Pepe.

Oh, that's okay,

but I don't think
you're gonna have

[FOOTSTEPS] far to drive.

Oh, hiya, Pepe.

We're just going
over to see you.

Won't you sit down?

Señor Kent,

did you really mean that

about taking us to Metropolis?

Why, of course I meant it, Pepe.

We are ready to go,
then. I-immediately, please.

What's the rush, Pepe?

The sooner we get back,

the sooner we've
gotta go back to work.

We have decided to go,

so there is no use
staying any longer.

But, Pepe, these
things take time.

I have to get your papers
ready and all sorts of things.

Oh, señor, a-at the border,

Carmelita and I
can sneak across.

Oh, we couldn't
do it that way, Pepe.

Besides, I'd like a little time.

Uh, I want to find
out a little bit more

about a certain bank robbery.

Bank robbery, señor?

What bank robbery, Mr. Kent?

The El Pueblo bank, Jim.

Clark, what do you think
you could do about that?

I don't know. I haven't had
time to give it much thought.


Hey, look. I think Carmelita's
tryin' to say something.


That is the Superman symbol, no?

That is the Superman
symbol, yes.

And Carmelita was
looking directly at Clark

when she drew it.

Well, now, Lois, that's...
That's perfectly simple.

Carmelita knows a lot of things
that none of us know, Mr. Kent.

Maybe even who Superman is.

Well, I'm sure there's
some logical explanation.

Well, if there
is, let's hear it.

Well, uh,

I was thinking of Superman.

Now, he knows I'm here,

and I was wondering what he'd do

about the bank robbery.

And Carmelita read my mind.

She knew I was
thinking about Superman.

Well, that figures.

I should have known
you wouldn't think

of doing anything on your own.

Señorita, señores,

if you are determined
to stay here,

Carmelita and I must
leave you now. Adios.

Now, just a minute, Pepe.

A few more days
can't matter, huh?

I'm sorry, señor. We must leave.

Look, Pepe, I'm sure
that we can work s...


I'm Inspector Tomeo.

Inspector? Of the police.

I am investigating a robbery
which occurred last night.

Jeepers, we didn't do it.

Uh, forgive me,

but there are very few
strangers in El Pueblo.

Consequently, every
stranger is a suspect.

Including you, Pepe.


Well, I can understand
that, inspector. Uh...

Oh, my name is Clark Kent.

This is Miss Lane, Mr. Olsen.

And we'll be very glad to do
anything we can to help you.

With permission,
Sergeant Castillo and I

would like to
search your lodgings.

Well, search away, inspector.

That one's mine.

Mr. Kent and
Mr. Olsen stay in there.

Gracias, señorita.


I don't know how
they can suspect you.

Oh, don't worry, Pepe.

As Jimmy says,
"we didn't do it."

Somehow, I do not like this.

Well, they won't find 15
million pesos in our rooms.

Well, nevertheless,

I do not like the police

to spoil your visit
to my country.

Whoever robbed the
bank did that already, Pepe.

I am afraid you're
all under arrest.

Arrest? You can't arrest us.


I could be wrong about that.

This is ridiculous.
Clark, do...?

Hey, where did he go?

He won't go far, Miss Lane.

But an innocent man won't run.

Jeepers. Wait till the
chief hears about this.

Ooh, If we ever get out of here,

I think we'd be better
off staying in Mexico.

Believe me, if I had done it,

I would confess
to see you go free.

But I would never rob a bank,

especially my own bank.

Oh, we don't think
you did it, Señor Luque.

We didn't think
we did it, either,

and look at us.

Well, at least they
didn't arrest Pepe.

[SIGHS] That would
be the last straw,

thinking he was involved in it.

I wonder where Mr. Kent is.

Oh, he's probably trembling

behind some cactus bush. [SIGHS]

Señor Superman!


I understand some friends
of mine are in a little trouble.

You mean the newspaper people?

Yes, forgive my butting in,
inspector, but it's impossible

these people could have had
any connection with the robbery.

Señor Superman,

even in Mexico, your
words mean a great deal.

But 10,000 of the
stolen pesos was found

in Mr. Kent's bungalow.

He must have known we'd find it,

or he would not have run away.

Well, I'm afraid, inspector,

we'll have to let the, uh,
good Mr. Kent account

for his actions a little later.

However, I would like
to work on the case.

It would be a great
pleasure, Señor Superman.

Well, thank you very much.

Now I'd like every scrap
of evidence you have.

Well, there is not too much.

To begin with, Señor Luque
is the president and owner

of the Bank of El Pueblo.


Señorita Lane.

Señor Olsen.

Hey, it's Pepe. Hey.

Pepe, what are you doing here?

I have to come to
help you escape.

You shouldn't get
involved in this.

Señorita, I am already involved.

Carmelita and I, we
helped rob the bank.

Jeepers, Pepe,

you don't have to
take the rap for us.

No, it is true. We
were forced to.

But I will explain later.
Now you must escape.

Ooh, I don't know
if we should or not.

Oh, well, I'll do anything
to get outta here.

Catch, Señor Olsen.

Throw it up, Señor Pepe.

Tie it around the bars, señor.

Jeepers. I hope they don't pull

the whole jail down on us.

No, señor.

We just pull out
the wall, I hope.

Well, if you're gonna
break outta jail,

nothing like doing it in
broad daylight, I always say.

Now, Carmelita.

In the name of justice, pull.

Pull! Come, Carmelita.

I fear that my career

as a trusted bank president

is over.

[GRUNTING] Pull! Pull!

Hurry up.

Right down there,
through the alley.

Come, Carmelita.

I'm afraid you'll have
to come along with us.

Fortunately, Albert and I just
happened to be passing by.

We warned you not
to tell anyone, Pepe.

Where are you taking us?

We have a nice little
spot all picked out for you.

Over this way, please.

Come on.

Don't worry, Carmelita.

I'll find you.

Yeah. Hey, Tiger,
what about the burro?

Leave her. After
all, she can't talk.


That's all I can tell
you, Señor Superman,

except the serial numbers prove
this money came from a bank.

Oh, there's no
question about that.

But could that money
have been planted there

by the real thieves

to sort of confuse the police

while they made
good their escape?

That's a possibility.


What's that?


I don't know how
this animal got in,

but he seems to know you.

might be right at that.

Carmelita, did you want
to tell me something?


Well, is it about, uh, Pepe

and Lois and Jimmy?


Are they in danger, Carmelita?


I think we better get down

to your jail right away.

Come on, Carmelita.


LOIS: Whatever you're doing,

you don't think you'll
get away with it, do you?

Of course.

Does that answer your question?

Well, I guess so, Jim.

I can even tell ya how it works.

This pipe is a natural-gas
line still in construction.

Go ahead, Albert.

Light it.

Do not understand.

I hope. TIGER: You will.

As you see, there is
very little pressure now,

but when we open the main
valve a mile down the line...

pressure will build up,

there'll be a big explosion,

your ropes'll burn away.

No evidence.

Looks like you got caught

in a gas-line
explosion, that's all.

ALBERT: He's clever, ain't he?

Come along, Albert.

I just remembered
something, Miss Lane.

What, Jim? We promised the chief

we'd stay outta trouble.



They have escaped. All of them.

Your friends must
have been in league

with the bank president.

No, inspector, I don't think so.


Carmelita, did you
have anything to do

with pulling that wall down?

Oh, you did.

Did, uh, our friends
escape by themselves?

They didn't.

Well, uh, did those
other two Americans

take them away?

Carmelita, were you
able to read their minds

and find out where they
were gonna take them?

Oh, good.

Now, uh, in what direction

did they take them?

Was it north?






Oh, southwest. Good.

Now, about how
many miles from here?



Oh, that's fine. Southwest,
and seven miles away.

Thank you, Carmelita.

Inspector, you
better get some men

and get out there by car.

Oh, take awful good
care of Carmelita.

Yes, sir.


Open it up, Albert.

After all, we don't want
our friends to get cold.

Sometimes I wish Carmelita
had never learned to read minds.

Well, at least Mr. Kent escaped.

Oh, of course,

he would.

Oh, look at those flames, Jimmy.



Ain't that enough, Tiger?

All the way,
Albert. All the way.

PEPE: Adios, amigos.



Superman. [BLOWING]

I'm not dreamin', I hope.

Oh, you must be.

How did you find us?

Well, you can thank
Carmelita for that.

She knew exactly where you'd be.

She was able to pinpoint
the exact location,

just as long as I kept
asking her questions.

It's a good thing Carmelita
can read minds, no?

Oh, it's a very
good thing, Pepe.

Oh, uh, Señor Tomeo
will be here in a little while

and give you a
lift back to town.

Fine. Where are you going?

Well, I'm gonna
follow that main line

and see what's at the other end.

Oh, uh, put this out,
will you, when I go?



That should do it, Tiger.

Fine, Albert. Now, I believe...

Something's wrong.
The pressure's backed up.

I don't know about you,

but I'm gettin' outta here.

Superman! Superman!



Even I can read your minds now.

You're both thinking of spending

the rest of your
lives in prison.

Metropolis, here we
come. [CHUCKLES]

With very little help
from you, Clark.

Yes, I'm sorry.

I guess I wasn't
much help, Lois.

Carmelita, I'd like to
make a deal with you.

If you won't tell anybody

about that insignia
with the S on it,

I promise you I won't
tell any of my readers

that you're the only
bank-robbing burro

in the world.





NARRATOR: Don't miss
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Superman is based
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