Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 5, Episode 11 - The Stolen Elephant - full transcript

Superman races against time when a circus elephant is stolen. Hundreds of young children risk being disappointed when the elephant promised for a special charity event can't be found.

Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Mr. Haley.

You folks must be
from the Daily Planet.

That's right, sir. My
name is Clark Kent.

This is Miss Lane, Mr. Olsen.
BOTH: How do you do?

What's the matter, Mr. Haley?
Is something wrong?

We're in trouble. You
folks better sit down.

May I sit here? Yeah.

Well, whatever it
is, I didn't start it.

At least not this time.

Last week your editor
called me and told me

that the Daily Planet
was holding their picnic

for underprivileged children.

That's why we're here, to
make the final arrangements.

Yes, and I promised to have
our prize baby elephant there

for entertainment.

Right, the children are
really looking forward to it.

We'll have to disappoint
'em this time. She's missing.

Oh, no, we promised
she'd be there.

Why, Suzy's the favorite
of every child in the country.

Now, just a minute, Lois.
Take it easy. Don't get panicky.

It's tough to lose an elephant,

even a baby one.

HALEY: She's not lost.

Look at this. I
found it on my desk.

"Don't call the police if you
want your elephant back.

You'll be contacted
later." How about that.

She's not missing.
She's been stolen.

But that doesn't make sense.

Who ever heard of

I'm afraid it does make sense.
Suzy's a very valuable animal.

Just when did this happen, sir?

Oh, a minute ago, an
hour ago, I don't know.

I was afraid to call the police.

That's where you
made your first mistake.

The police could have
blocked off all the roads

leading to this circus.

I'll do as they say. I'll
give them the money.

You see, Suzy's a sort
of a personal pet to me.

Yes, I can understand
that. But, you see,

there are several hundred kids
that have a stake in this now.

Besides, even if you pay,

what insurance do we have
that they'll give you Suzy back?

That's the chance I'll take.

Jeepers, Mr. Haley, after
you gave your permission,

Superman personally
promised the kids to deliver Suzy.

Yes, that's right, Jimmy.

And Superman tries
to keep his promises.

But, Clark, they're probably
100 miles away by now.

That's right, and
in any direction.

I don't know how,

but we've got to
try and find Suzy.

How much further,
Busher? I'm getting nervous.

What if somebody spots

this truck full of
elephant we're hauling?

Don't get excited, we're
almost to the turnoff.

You still haven't told me

where we're gonna
stash the beast.

I spotted this place a week ago.

An old tractor shed
on an abandoned farm.

It's perfect, believe
me. Okay, I believe you,

but get off the main drag.

All night we've been driving.
It'll soon be getting light.

There's the turnoff now.
Our worries are over.


Jeepers, we've been waiting
here hours and not a word.

I know, Jimmy. Waiting can
be the toughest job in the world.

But sooner or later, we've
got to hear something.

Well, you're right.

Whoever has Suzy is
sort of stuck with her.

After all, she's not
a diamond necklace

that they can reset
and sell on the quiet.

Yes, but a lot of other
nasty things can happen.

Well, there's no point in
us all sitting here waiting.

I can call you as soon
as I hear anything.

Good. That'll be fine.

The switchboard at the
office can reach us any time.

Poor Superman.
Wait till he finds out.

Yes, I'd hate to be
the one to tell him.

Let's get back to the office.

Night, Mr. Haley.
Good night, sir.

Goodbye, sir. Good night.


You sure this joint's
deserted, Busher?

I told you, I cased
the joint last week.

Well, don't stand around.
Come on, open this door

and get that tub out so
she can get out of here.


All right, horse, come
on. Come on, come on.

Come on, Suzy. Come on, Suzy.

Come on. There.

That's the girl.

Come on. Come on.


Come on. And there.

Now, come on,
get her in the shed.

I never moved elephants
before. [TRUMPETS]

Well, use your head.
Make believe she's a horse.

All right, horsy. Come
on. Come on, horsy.

She won't come by calling.

You gotta pull it by the tail.

Come on. Suzy. Suzy. Yeah.

See, she thinks you're
another elephant or something.

You can do it, come on.

That's it, come on.
Go back. Come on.

Go back. Come on,
Suzy. That's a girl.

Come on, turn around.

Over here.

That's a girl.

See, I told you
there's nothing to it.

Yeah, nothing to it. Here, Suzy.

Let's get out of here before
she changes her mind.


I told you I was a
man with big ideas.

You didn't tell
me they'd be alive.



Clark, you've got
to contact Superman

as soon as you can.

Lois, trying to find an
elephant in an area this big

is just like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.

Even Superman has
to begin somewhere.

Well, you can't tell that
to the kids at the picnic.

Superman promised them
Suzy, and that's all they know.

They'll just think
Superman was lying to 'em.

Well, I happen to know that
Superman would rather find Suzy

than capture 10 bank bandits.

Right now, his hands are tied.

Why don't you two go on home
and try and get some sleep.

I want to stay here and think.

Okay, come on, Jimmy.

Let's let the great
brain work in peace.

Good night,
Mr. Kent. Good night.

Guess now it's good morning.

I know Suzy's got to
be out there somewhere.

My question is where.


I picked some wild
strawberries for breakfast, Mom.

Well, for a city boy who
just moved to the country,

I'd say that's pretty good.

Did you hear anything
while you were asleep?

I'm a pretty sound sleeper.
Why, what'd you hear?

Oh, I thought I heard
something out back.

But maybe I didn't.

Country noises.

It'll take us city
folks a little while

to get used to it.

An owl, maybe. Or even a fox.

It gets pretty lonely on
a farm, doesn't it, Mom?

We will get used to it.

And you're bound to
make friends pretty soon.

I bet there's not a farm
within a mile of here.

Could we get some
animals? They'd be lots of fun.

Oh, of course we will.

Soon as we can
save a little money.

Yeah, I guess so.

I know what's wrong with you.

You thought I forgot
something, didn't you?

Your birthday.

Oh, it's not important.

Well, I didn't forget.
Happy birthday, darling.

Marbles. Gee, thanks.

I know it isn't much,
but maybe next year...

Oh, the marbles are swell, Mom.

You're pretty swell yourself.


What was that?

More country noises, I guess.

Maybe I better go
out and see. Can I?

Of course. Don't
stay too long. All right.



An elephant.

A real elephant.


Mom, hurry.

Gee, Mom, thanks.

What a birthday present.

It's just what I've
always wanted.

Just what you've always...

Oh, I didn't... I mean...

I bet I'm the only
kid in the world

that's got his own
private elephant.

And it's just a baby too.
Just wait till he grows up.

I can hardly wait.

Gee, I'm gonna give
you a swell name

and get you all the
peanuts you can eat.

And I'll take you every place.

Except unless they don't
allow elephants in school.

Johnny, there's something
I've got to tell you.

It is mine, isn't it?

Yes, I guess so.

At least for right now.


[KNOCKING] Come in.

Oh, Mr. Haley. Any news, sir?

Yeah, some slimy
voice called and said:

"Get $10,000 ready. In cash.

In small bills. And wait
for the next contact."

Ten thousand dollars?

Yes, and Suzy's
worth every cent of it.

I'd pay it even if she
weren't. Look, Mr. Haley,

I think it's time we
went to the police.

No, this is my affair, and
I'm gonna do it their way.

Where are you going?
I'm going to the bank

and get $10,000.

I know you're still hungry,
but I only had a quarter.

If you like beef stew,

that's what we're
having for supper.


You'd rather have peanuts
anyway, wouldn't you?

I'll take care of you.

You're my elephant,

and I'm gonna take
good care of you.


Busher. What's
the matter with you?

I telephoned Haley
like you said. Yeah.

Then I stopped to check
on the elephant. Sure.

I got news for you. Yeah.

That deserted farmhouse
ain't deserted. What?

Some kid teaching
the animal tricks.

Must have moved
in during the week.

Spike, we gotta get
that elephant out of there

before somebody
finds out about it.

Sure, after all,
we stole it first.

Come on, let's go.

Wait a minute, let me
finish what I'm doing.

Hey, Busher,

when are you gonna tell
me what all this junk's for?

When the time comes.

What about Superman?

We read in the paper where
he promised the elephant

to some kids.

He ain't gonna take this
laying down, you know.

That's what this junk is for,
to take care of Superman.

Gosh, you got brains, boss.


This is the last time
I'm stealing an elephant,

especially the same one.

Come on, come
on, let's get her out.

It was hard pushing
this beast in here.

Now I gotta push it
all the way to the truck.

Okay, Suzy. Come on.

Try it with the ears like
they do in India, you know.

One thing about you, Busher.

You ain't stingy
with suggestions.

on. Come on, Suzy.

JOHNNY: Hey, what are you doing?

What are you doing
with my elephant?

We were just taking her
back where she belongs, kid.

She belongs here. She's mine.

Tell you what, kid.
I'll buy her from you.

I'll give you two dollars.

I wouldn't sell
her for five dollars.

I wouldn't sell
her for anything.

Well, I was just
trying to be nice, kid.

The fact is, we
own the elephant.

Our truck broke
down the other night,

and we had to leave her here.

She's yours?

Sure, we raised
her from a puppy.

How do I know she's yours?

Why, I have the elephant's
registration slip right here.

I can't read most
of these words.

What's that number? "J24Y97."

That's her number.

Every elephant's
gotta have a number.

That proves who owns it.

I guess you're not
mine after all, girl.

But I'll never forget you.
Honest, I'll never forget you.

Well, sorry, kid, but
we gotta get her home.

Okay. Take good care
of her, will you, mister?

Sure. Please?

Come on.


Oh, hi, Johnny. Hungry?

Not very.

Been eating too many of
your elephant's peanuts?

Mom, it's not my elephant.

What do you mean?

I never want to have
another pet as long as I live.

It didn't hurt you,
did it, darling?

She wouldn't hurt
me. We were pals.

Johnny, please, tell
me what's the matter.

The real owners,
they came and got her.

The real owners.


They had a paper and
everything to prove it.

I didn't like 'em.
They looked mean.

Johnny, it was all my fault.

I don't understand it all,

but I should have
told you right away.

It's not your fault.

You were just trying to
give me a good birthday.

But it was wrong.

Sometimes we hurt people
because we love them so much.

Anyway, the marbles were swell.

You just sit there.
We'll have a nice dinner.

We won't do anything about
the house anymore today.

We'll do whatever you want.

We could go in town.
To a movie, maybe.

Look in the paper
for one you like.

All right.

Mom, look.

It says something here
about a baby elephant.

"Baby elephant
stolen from circus."

"One of the feature
attractions of Haley's Circus,

"a baby elephant named Suzy,

"was stolen yesterday

and is believed being
held for ransom."

Then she wasn't mine after all.

I'm afraid not.

But it was your birthday and
you were so excited and happy.

I didn't think it
would do any harm

for you to own it for a day.

It was fun.

But those two mean-looking
men that were here,

they must be the ones who
stole Suzy from the circus.

Yes, and we'd better
do something about it.

It says here, "By Clark Kent."

He's the one who knows Superman.

I better call him, Mom.
Can I? Can I, please?

Of course you can, dear.

Do whatever you want if it
makes you feel better about Suzy.


Hello, hello? This
is Johnny Wilson.

I'd like to call Mr. Kent at
the Daily Planet in the city.

Thanks, operator,
and please hurry.

It's important.


Clark Kent speaking.
Hello, Mr. Kent.

I'm Johnny Wilson, and
Suzy was in our shed.

And I thought Mom gave her
to me for a birthday present

until the men came
and took her away.

Now, take it easy,
Johnny. One thing at a time.

You said there was an
elephant in the shed?

Yes, a baby one, honest.

But the men came and took her
away. They said they owned her.

What men, Johnny?
What men do you mean?

I don't know, but
they looked mean.

Please, Mr. Kent,
they might hurt her.

Couldn't Superman do something?

Well, Johnny, I think
that's a fine idea.

If I know Superman, he'll come
out and see you personally.

Now, where do you live?

Tell him it's RFD
30 in Willowbrook,

and I'll be outside waiting.

All right, Johnny, you
do just that. Goodbye.

Golly, Mom, do you think
Superman's really gonna come?

Well, I suppose so, if
Mr. Kent said he would.

I'm gonna go out
back and wait for him.


Mom, Mom, here he comes.


Hello, Johnny.

Clark Kent seemed to think
this would be important. So do I.

This is my mom. How
do you do, Mrs. Wilson?

At the moment, I
really don't know.

Well, can you tell me exactly
what's been happening?

Well, we found Suzy in the barn.

And then the men
came and took her away.

They even showed me
the elephant registration.

They showed you an
elephant registration?

Yeah. I even remember
the numbers on it.

It was J24Y97.

Well, I hope that may
make some sense later on.

Could you identify these
men if you saw them again?

Sure, I'd know them
anywhere. Good.

Mrs. Wilson, do you suppose
you could take Johnny into town

and leave him with
Mr. Haley at the circus?

We may need him later for
identification of these thieves.

Of course, Superman.

I think Johnny would enjoy
that more than a movie anyway.

Golly, we're gonna
get Suzy back.

Well, let's hope so, Johnny.
Right now, will you excuse me?


Imagine, we were really
talking to Superman.

So it seems.

Well, I guess we'd
better get tidied up

and see if we can get
that old jalopy started.

It's this horrible waiting
that gets one down.

If only something would happen.

I'd just easily pay the
ransom and get Suzy back

and have an end to it.

Superman, thank
goodness you're here.

Clark wasn't getting anyplace.

I don't see how you
can help, Superman.

Well, sir, I can try.

Have you had a contact yet?

No, not yet, but I...


Golly, Superman,
is it good to see you.

LOIS: I've already said that.

What are you doing
with this rocket?

I was walking around outside,
and somebody gave it to me.

Said to give it to
Mr. Haley right away.

But this is too much.

Wait a minute, let's
see what this says here.

"You will receive this at 10:30.

Place money in
sliding panel on top."

That must be it there.

"Then point the
missile due north

and launch by pressing
button on the side." There.

"Launching must take
place by 10:35 or else."

Well, that's very
clever. A guided missile.

And no time to alert an
airplane or helicopter to follow it.

Sounds like a foolproof
way to collect ransom money.

I've got the money here.
What'll I do, Superman?

Forget about the money.

We must launch
the rocket, however.

Jeepers, I get it.

We don't have time to
notify a helicopter or airplane,

but we've got Superman.

That's right, Jimmy.

All right, Jimmy.

Push the button.





The electronic age has finally
caught up with the elephant.

Shut up, I'm concentrating.

Now 10 degrees west.

Now, a minute on that course

and pretty quick we'll be on our
way with 10,000 lovely dollars.

Ten thousand grand
right at the doorstep.


Now to bring her in.


Did you bring her in, huh?
Want me to go out and get it?

Don't be a fool, it landed
300 miles from here.

Three...? How come?
You'll find out, let's go.

You stay right here,
Suzy. Be a good girl.


You could have
told us that first night.

But I didn't know.

I thought Suzy was
my birthday present.

No one's blaming you, Johnny.

Golly, I hope
Superman saves her.

That's all I care about now.

That's them.

This is an outrage. Who are you?

Ask the kid.

Well, Pop, where's the
money? Money? What money?

I haven't got any money.

Spike, take a look.

It's the loot.

Okay, get that
rope and tie 'em up.

All right, sit down.
Come on, turn around.

That'll tell you where Suzy is.

Just be good.

Somebody's bound to come
along and untie you soon.

But what about
the guided missile?


I knew Superman would
stick his nose into this.

That was just to keep
him out of the way.

Looks like this is one time
Superman was outsmarted.

Yeah. Come on,
hurry up and let's go.


It's too late, Superman,
they've been here and gone.

I had to give them
the money, Superman.

I know. I finally figured out
what their game had to be.

This tells us where
Suzy is. Let's see.

Yes, it tells us
where to go, all right.

Can we go get her? Can we?

Might as well. Looks
like they win this one.

Oh, Johnny, wait a minute.

Come here a minute, will you?

What was that
number you gave me?

You know, the one

about the elephant
registration number.


All right, thank you very much.

Now, you better go
help find Suzy, huh.

They gotta get up awful early
to outsmart you, eh, boss?

Pretty early.

Here's yours, Spike.

Ten thousand smackers.

You won't need that
money where you're going.

How'd you find us?

Your elephant
registration number.

I checked with the
Department of Motor Vehicles.

Sure enough, it was
your car registration.

Well, when they get out,

Suzy will be a
full-grown elephant.

Well, as the saying goes,
all's well that ends well.

No thanks to you, Mr. Kent.
Well, it's not quite ended.

You might say this is an
official elephant registration.

It's a lifetime
pass to the circus.

And you're invited to spend
your summer vacation with us,

no matter where we are.
You know, to take care of Suzy.

Did you hear that, Mom?
Did you hear that, Suzy?

Gee, thanks, Mr. Haley.
What a birthday present.

And I even got to meet
Superman, Mr. Kent.

Johnny, it was his
pleasure, I'm sure.


NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.

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