Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Wedding of Superman - full transcript

While answering some letters for an advice columnist, Lois dozes off. She awakens to a delivery of flowers from Superman, and events quickly lead up to a marriage proposal from the Man of Steel. However,if a gang of crooks, against whom Lois can testify, have their way, the wedding will never take place.

Adventures of Superman.


Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


I'm Lois Lane.

I'm a reporter on the
Metropolis Daily Planet.

And this is my own story.

To me it's a pretty
important story.

But certain men don't
always agree with me.

For instance...


Well, Miss Lane,

don't you knock
before opening doors?

Please, chief, I
simply have to see you.

Well, you can see me later.

I have a very important business
conference scheduled here.

Uh, didn't Superman promise
to be here at 2:00 sharp?

Yes. And it's exactly
two minutes of.

Mine must be running fast.

I'll have it looked into.

Lois, I told you you
could see me later.

I'm not taking any chances

on your getting away
without my seeing you.

I'll wait.


Very well.

Probably if you
just sit there quietly,

you can take notes
on the conference.

Uh, you know Inspector
Henderson, of course.

Oh, yes, of course.

We're old friends.
And good ones, I hope.

And Mr. Farraday,
the public defender?

How do you do, Miss Lane?

Mr. Farraday.



Good afternoon, gentlemen.

I understand you wish to see me
about something very important.

Most important.

We're talking about
forming a citizens' committee.

When there's a series
of bank robberies,

and not a single
person arrested...

Now, wait a minute, Mr. White.

I've got a dozen of those thugs

locked up already.

Mr. Farraday,

I believe you represent
most of these people in court.

As public defender,
that's my job, Superman.

But I don't like crime
any better than you do.

Of course not.

Farraday's helping
the authorities.

But Inspector Henderson
here keeps missing my point.

We all know that these robberies

are planned and synchronized

by one person or
a group of persons.

And that's who I
want to see locked up.

Yeah, the man
behind all this. I know.

No, sir, you don't know.

Neither do I, and neither
does anybody else.

That's just the
trouble. Who is it?

Excuse me, Mr. Farraday,

but, uh, about these
thugs already locked up.

Don't any of them
know who they work for?

Well, uh, ethically, I
shouldn't answer that.

But since the answer is no,

it doesn't make any difference.

They haven't the slightest
idea who the big man is.

And neither have I.

Neither have I.

Well, I admit, I'd
like to know myself.

So gentlemen, I can assure you
of my full help and cooperation.

Good, now we'll get somewhere.

Thank you very much, Superman.

A pleasure to be of service.

I knew you'd help us.

And I'm gonna have Clark Kent

work right along with you.

Yes, I may find him useful.

You know, I tried to have

Kent here at this meeting today,

but he claimed he had
an important engagement

with some men.

What he's possibly doing is

wasting a lot of time

talking to a lot of
important loafers.

Well, now, I wouldn't
exactly say that, Mr. White.

Well, I'll get him on the ball.

Henderson, I'm going downtown

with you to see the mayor.

Thanks again, Superman.

Again, my pleasure, sir.

Chief. Chief, I've got to
see you before you go.

Lois, I'm very busy right now.

But I've been trying to

catch you all day.

Chief, I need help.

Now, now, listen...

It's more work than I can do.

I just can't
handle it all alone.

Well, the letters are getting

deeper and deeper on my desk.

What seems to be the trouble?

Perhaps I could
be of assistance.

If there's anything you need
from the police department...

Is there anything I
can do, Miss Lane?

Oh, thank you all so much.

It's very important,
this work I'm doing.

We receive nearly
1000 letters a day,

and I have to answer each one.

What's this? Complaints
about the crime situation?

The love situation.


Well, you see,

the regular Woman's Page
editor is on vacation and

the chief made me take over her
"Advice to the Lovelorn" column.


Well, it's really
nothing to laugh about.

It's very important work.

Oh, I'm sure it is. And I'm sure

you're well-qualified
in the field, Miss Lane.

Thank you, Mr. Farraday.

Although, I'm
afraid I haven't been

very successful so
far, personally, but...

Oh, Superman, if you'd just

help me for a few minutes.

Why, that's all it would take

for you to read those
thousands of letters.

People just don't realize

how many girls
are carrying torches,

and how many girls
wanna get married,

but the men don't
pay any attention.

Or just listen to
this letter from, uh...

Signed "Sometimes Mabel."

I'm awfully sorry,
Miss Lane, but...

some other time perhaps.

But Superman, aren't you
even interested in love?

Now, Miss Lane. Really.

I think I'd better be going.

I'll see you later, gentlemen.

Oh, Superman.

Now, Lois, just what is the idea

of breaking in here like this?

I'm sorry, chief. I'm
all upset, I guess.

You have no idea
how it makes a girl feel,

reading all these letters.

Well, the idea of asking

Superman to waste his time

with a thing like
that is ridiculous.

I'm sorry, chief.

All right, I'll have someone

help you later in the week.

Thank you.

But just remember,
this is a newspaper,

not a lonely heart's column.

Excuse me.



I wonder why she
never got married.

Search me.

Attractive girl too. Yes.

The latest supply
of broken hearts.

Men wouldn't
know what it's like.

Hey, Jimmy, where did
the flower come from?

I don't know.

The cleaning woman
left it for you, I guess.



Is this the Hearts and
Flowers Department?

Yes, it is.

And if you were a real friend,

you'd help me answer
some of this mail.

Oh, I'm sorry, Lois,
but I promised the chief

to help Superman
with a crime thing.

I should be down at
headquarters right now.

Crime. I suppose you couldn't

stand to read a love letter.

Well, it is a little
out of my line.

Clark, do you know
this is springtime?

Does spring mean
anything to you?

Well... baseball.

[SIGHS] I thought so.

Do you think spring means
anything to Superman?

I doubt if Superman has any
time for baseball right now.

Oh, you...

Boy, will you be sick of love

when you get
through reading these.

Just wait till you
fall in love someday.

I can wait.

Never mind.

Put these letters
all back in the sack,

and take them down to my car.

I'm going to read
every single one

if I have to sit up
all night to do it.

LOIS: But how could tomorrow
ever be the day I dreamed of?

And how could I give
advice on how to get a man?

I worked later
and later and later.

And the more letters I read,

the more I thought
about it being spring.

And where was the
man of my dreams?





"Sorry I've been so busy
with the current crime wave.

"But as soon as it is solved,

"I'll deliver my
flowers in person.

"And as soon as we
have time for a date,

"there's a question
I want to ask you.

"Please be patient.


Some morning mail, Miss Lane.

Wow! Look at you.

Thanks, Jimmy.

Get all this stuff off my desk.


You heard me. Oh, Clark.

Good morning.

Say, Clark, I wanna
get a rundown

on that crime situation.

I'm gonna get it solved,
if I have to do it myself.

And I'm gonna
solve it in a hurry too.

Just beautiful.


Oh, I-I'm sorry, Lois. I
didn't hear what you said.

Can't you even
pay attention to me?

That's just what I was doing.

And you look very
pretty this morning.


Lois Lane speaking.

Lois, I have a couple of
passes to the ball game,

and I thought maybe
this afternoon...

Shh. Shh, shh, shh.

What? I'm sorry,
I can't hear you.

I said, my name is
"Sometimes Mabel."

I-I mean, that's how I've
been signing my letters to you,

on account of
sometimes he loves me,

and sometimes he doesn't.

Oh, the... The
"Lovelorn" letters, yes.

Um, sorry. I'm very busy
with something else right now.

Oh, you give me such
sweet advice, honey.

I can't ever thank you enough.

I mean, it's not your fault he
keeps on being a heel, is it?

Please, can't you wait?

What? Oh, oh, no.

No, I can't wait.

It's the hour of decision,
and here I am at...

At Poole's jewelry store.

You know why?

Because if I didn't
return his ring,

his thugs would rub me out.

So back it goes
for the seventh time.

The big crook, I hate him.

Hate who?

What are you... What?

Why, of course
I'd appreciate a tip.

Um, Clark, shut the
door on your way out.

You too, Jimmy.

Oh, well, sure, Lois.

Now go on, Mabel.

You wanted to tell me
about this man of yours.

Well, he's the man
behind the crime situation,

that's what.

What's his name?


Oh, no.

Now, stay right there, Mabel.

I wanna come
down, get the story.

And when he's locked
up, I'll testify plenty.

I'll show him he can't
make me give my rings back.


Find the phone all right, miss?

Here, what are you doing?




Oh, Jimmy, tell the chief
to hold the front page.

I just got the answer
he's been looking for.


You heard me. And tell him

this is one story
I'm gonna phone in.

Because after that,

I'm gonna get dressed
for a date with Superman.

Does she make sense to you?

I think I'd better
follow her, Jimmy.

Put them in the car.

And tell Hank if he loses them,

he'd better lose himself too.

All right, you two,

let's get moving.






Excuse me, Miss Lane.


I hope the flowers are
the right color, Miss Lane.

Oh, I love them.

Did you find the carnation
I left on your desk?

Was that from you too?

Superman, why
haven't you told me

these things before?

Well, I've wanted to
for years, Miss Lane,

but I've always been so busy.

Yes, I know.

Shouldn't you be finding out

who's responsible
for the dynamite?

Well, they're only hired thugs.

Why bother about them?

Um, I wish you'd call
me Lois sometime.

May I call you Lois now?

What did you say?


I said, may I... Excuse me.


What was that?

Oh, just the usual hired thugs

in the usual
powerful black sedan.

But never mind about
them. I'll get them later.

Are you all
right? I'm all right.

Um, in your note in the flowers,

you said there was something
you wanted to ask me?

Yes, there was.

What's going on here?

I was cruising by in my car,
and I heard all the shooting.

It's quite all right, inspector.

Miss Lane is unharmed.

Well, I'm certainly
glad to hear that.

Inspector, uh,

could you manage to keep

the crowd of
curiosity-seekers out of here?

Well, I've already told
my officers to do that.

Would you mind helping
them personally, inspector?

Well, I...

You see, we'd like to be alone

for a little while.


Oh, I... I see.

Now, what was it you
were going to ask me?


I'm not very good with words,

Miss Lane.


Lois. But...

Excuse me.

This will probably
be a little expensive,

but it's worth it.

What are you doing?

Squeezing the little
diamonds into one big one.

See? Oh.

Now, what I wanted
to ask you was...

will you marry me?

Great Caesar's ghost.

Phone the governor,
declare a holiday.

What a story.

Oh, it's really not much, chief.

I guess I always knew it
would happen sooner or later.

Well, Lois, if I were 25
years younger, well...

There, I am.

Thank you, chief.

Oh, aren't you gonna
wish me luck, inspector?


Why, you...

Oh, I'm sorry, I...
I didn't mean that.

It's just that, well...

of course, if
anyone's to get you,

I'm... I'm glad it's
to be Superman.

But it's just that I...

I hate to see you
go out of circulation.

Why, you sweet thing.

Jeepers, Miss Lane, I, uh...

I think you're pretty nice too.

Now, Jimmy.

Besides, this means I won't

get much help from Superman.

I'll bet he's off on a
cloud somewhere.

And, unfortunately,

I still have a master
crook to catch.

Oh, blast the crooks.

We've got a wedding
to think about.

Well, I have a
lot of things to do,

so, if you'll excuse me.

Hello, Lois.

My. You're looking
prettier than ever today.

Thank you.

Um, Clark, I wanna be

the first to tell you something.

Oh. The chief give you a raise?


Superman and I are
gonna be married.

Yes, I know.

Well, how do you
know? Well, I just...

Never mind, Lois.

But I want you to know

I'm just as happy
about it as Superman is.

Thank you.

Anyway, there's something else.

I told Superman
that if he didn't mind,

I'd like to pick out the
best man for the wedding.

Yes, I'm sure he assumed
you'd pick the chief.

Oh, no. The chief's
giving me away.

Oh. I never thought of that.

So, Clark...

would you be best man?

Me? Be best...

You mean, stand up beside
Superman at the wedding?

Well, sure. That's
what a best...

No, Lois, I-I-I...

I can't do that. What?

I can't be best man! Uh...

Look, Lois, I'm terribly sorry,

you'll have to get
somebody else.

I just can't manage it.

But Clark! [STAMMERS]

Gotta go. I'll see you later!

That dame he's gonna marry

knows who you are, Mr. Farraday.

You know what's gonna happen?

MAN: The minute
that wedding's over,

and she gets down
out of them clouds,

she'll remember.

She'll say, "Superman, darling,

"I know who the big boss
behind this crime situation is.

Arrest Mr. Farraday."


Don't be stupid.

Miss Lane is not going
to marry Superman.


She's going to marry me.

And a wife can't be forced
to testify against her husband.

smart, boss. Pretty smart.

Mm, that's lovely.

Superman will be by for
me, and I'm sure he'll like it.

Oh, you lucky, lucky girl.

I'll be back in a minute.

All right.

LOIS: Yes?

Excuse me.

I'm the color consultant here.

This is so important,
I just must interfere.

Well, what's wrong?

Hm. A spray of color you need.

Sprig of blossom.





Only edelweiss can complement

the exact shade of your hair.

Now, you tell Superman
to bring you edelweiss,

and you'll be radiant.

You lucky, lucky girl.

Okay, I did it.

Only boss, what's this
edelweiss business?

Don't you understand?

I need Superman out of
the way for a few moments.

Edelweiss is a flower that
grows only in the Swiss Alps.

Well, then, he'll have to
fly all the way to Switzerland

to get it for her.

[CHUCKLES] You're smart, boss.

We gotta find a
justice of the peace.

While Superman is
gone, I'm gonna marry her.

And what if Superman
doesn't like it?

Superman's a
gentleman, isn't he?

Once we're married,
he wouldn't dare claim

he still loved a married woman.


Hey, look, here he comes.


Isn't he here yet?

He still has 10 seconds.

Hello, darling.

Hello, dear.

Oh, this is Lorraine,
who does my hair.

Lorraine, my fiancé, Superman.

How do you do, Lorraine?

I hate to be a demanding
woman, darling,

but could you get
me some edelweiss?

You know what it is?

Of course. It's a little flower

that grows in Switzerland.

I shan't be gone
long. Forgive me.


There he goes.

Let's get to the
justice of the peace.

Oh, my dear, Lois.

I'm so happy you've
consented to be my bride.

Me? Your bride?

Yes, my dear. And
this nice gentleman

will perform the ceremony.

You must be crazy. I have no...

Now, uh, shall we get
on with the ceremony?

Mr. Farraday, you're

supposed to be
the public defender.

Now, my dear, time
enough for conversation later.

[WIND BLOWING] Hear that, boss?


That's Superman.

So soon? Quick! Out of here!


this is most
peculiar, Miss Lane.

And I must say I don't like

the looks of your fiancé.

I don't like his looks
either, but he isn't my fiancé.

This is.

Here you are, darling. My word.

Am I to have the pleasure
of performing the ceremony?

Yes, you are, sir.

Do you know where the
Daily Planet building is? Yes.

Can you be in Mr. White's
office a little before 7?

I'll be there. Thank you, sir.

And at 7:00,

you and I will be man and wife.

I don't know.

What's the matter, darling?

Well, it's Clark.

I keep thinking about him.

As a matter of fact, so do I.

No. I mean, what if
after we're married,

I discover it's
Clark I really love?

Well, now, that could happen.

What am I gonna do?

Lois, you're never gonna
worry about that again.

I'm gonna tell you a secret, and

it's gonna have to
remain our secret forever.

But Clark Kent and I are
one and the same person.



Oh, Clark... Or Superman...

I mean, darling. [LAUGHS]

Now there's nothing
that can stand in our way.

Hmm. Isn't it a
lovely wedding cake?

Yeah, but I don't
want no part of it.

Neither Miss Lane
nor any of her friends

will live to eat it.

Which means that Miss Lane will

never testify against me.

But what if Superman looks at
it with those x-ray eyes of his?

He'll see that time
bomb inside of it. Hm-hm.

I've taken the precaution
of covering the bomb

with lead foil.

Everybody knows that
x-rays cannot pierce lead.

Smart. Smart.

Tell you what.
It's set for 7:00.

Get it over there and
say it's from a friend.

I'm only sorry that
sorehead, Kent,

didn't have the
decency to show up.

Oh, we don't really mind, chief.

Shall we begin?

Yes, let's.


Dearly beloved,

we are gathered together in
the presence of this company

to join this man and
this woman in matrimony,

which is instituted...


I, Lois Lane...

take thee...


Where am I?

What are all these
letters doing in my bed?


Lois, I'm sorry to
come by so early.

But we want you to go with us

and cover this story
from a woman's angle.

What? Who?

The arrest, the
bank robber ring.

Yes, I remember. Mr. Farraday.

You're a criminal. Huh?

You're going to prison.

Mabel told me.

Oh, now, don't be silly.

But you haven't heard.

Last night, Superman
rounded up the real men

behind all the
crime in Metropolis.

A bunch you never heard of.

But he was with me.

I don't understand.

Oh, you've been
working too hard.

Now, you hurry.
We'll wait for you.

Oh, chief, I'm sorry I'm late.

Oh, Superman, darling.

Lois, be careful. My glasses.

Lois, what's the
matter with you?

Wake up.

Wake up?

Clark... you and I...

I mean, isn't any of it true?


A-aren't you even Superman?

Lois, do you feel all right?

No. Of course not.

I'll be ready in a moment.

Hey, Miss Lane.

A messenger boy just
brought these flowers

to the office for you.

So I... I thought I'd
bring them by to you.

Give them to someone else.

Take them to a
hospital. Anything.

Don't give them to me.

You mean, you...

You don't want 'em?

Why on earth not?

I just couldn't stand

to know who sent them.


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