Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 4, Episode 3 - The Big Freeze - full transcript

Dishonest politician Duke Taylor (George E. Stone) and his henchman Little Jack (Richard Reeves) conspire with crooked Dr. Watts (Rolfe Sedan) to rid Metropolis of Superman (George Reeves) just before an important election. Luring the Man of Steel into a locked room, the trio turn the temperature down to 2000 degrees below zero. Thus frozen, Superman not only loses his super-strength but also the color in his face, and must put on makeup when disguised as Clark Kent--thereby making an embarrassing situation even more so. As it turns out, Superman's only hope to return to normal is to expose himself to extreme heat.


Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.




What're ya doin', Little Jack?

How many times have I told ya?

There ain't no flies
this time of the year.

Just keepin' in practice
for the summer, Duke.


By the summer I'm
gonna have this town

in the palm of my hands.

Yeah, provided Buckley
wins as mayor tomorrow.

He's gonna win.
Come here, look at this.

You see this?

I've got every one of these
voting places marked off.

I'm gonna have one of my boys

stationed at each one of
these joints. And besides that,

I hired a couple of
thousand skid row characters,

and they're gonna vote
just the way I tell 'em.

Yeah, but some of the
people in this town like Wilson.

The square-headed
mayor they got now.

So what? Them
is all good citizens.

And besides that,
most of these people,

they don't even
bother about voting.



Uh, there was a fly on
your shoulder, Duke.

That fly that you just hit
happens to be a spot of dirt,

and one of these days
I'm gonna lose my temper.

Duke, listen, I just thought of
somethin' you ought to consider.

Like what, for instance?


He don't like messin'
around with a city election.

But what you just thought
of, I thought of a long time ago,

and I'm expecting
the answer any minute.


Let him in.


Well, Dr. Watts.

Sit down.

Little Jack, this is the
answer I've been expecting.

This is Dr. Watts.

I'm happy to know you.


Me, too, doc.

But who's sick?

He's not that kind
of a doctor, stupid.

Well, doctor?

This is the day you're
supposed to have it.

What about it?

It's all figured out.

Everything is ready to
destroy Superman's powers.

To destroy them.

Uh, see, the doctor's a genius.
That's the way they gotta talk.

It's some kind of rule they got.

But Dr. Watts here has been
studying information on Superman

for the last six months, just to
find out what makes him tick.

Right, doc?


I've perfected the one way.

The one way to hurt him.

The one way.

I think he's buggy.


You got bugs in your brain.

Well, let's have it, doc.

You'll have to come
to the laboratory.

To the laboratory to see it.

You'll have to.

Okay, let's go.

I'll get my coat.
My coat I'll get.

I'll get my coat.

Now, that's the situation.

We all know that Duke Taylor's

going to railroad
Buckley into office.

And his own city council.

If he succeeds, it
will throw this town

wide open for gambling
and rackets of all sort.

I'm sorry, chief. I
just can't bring myself

to vote for Mayor Wilson.

Why not?

I'm not old enough.


Olsen, what did I ever
do to deserve you?

I'm sorry, chief.

Sometimes my tongue
just runs away with me.

Not far enough.

Now, Lois, I'm
expecting you and Kent

to do something about
tomorrow's election.

Well, chief, the way I see it,

the only way is to fill
the paper with editorials.

To urge the people
to get out and vote.

Well, frankly, I don't know what
everyone's so worried about.

Superman isn't going
to let anything happen.

Sometimes, Lois, it's not wise
for people to depend on Superman

to keep their own
house in order.




You are impressed, no?


This joint looks like the
inside of a television set.

Okay, okay. What does it do?

The secret is in the little
room behind the iron door.

In the little room.

You mean, there's
somethin' in there

that's gonna knock off Superman?


Perhaps, for only a week or so

his powers will be taken away.

His powers.

Okay, already. What does it do?


Absolutely nothing.


Now, wait a minute.

How is a nothing
gonna hurt Superman?

Ah, this is the coldest
nothing in the world.

That's the answer.


You mean, you're
gonna give him a cold?

Oh, better yet.

I'm going to freeze him.

Now, wait a minute, Doc.

You know, I think
you got something.

Certainly, I got something.

I got.

Inside, by electronics,

I've developed a temperature
of 2000 degrees below zero.

2000 degrees.

I get cold at 20 above.

And to contain the temperature,

the walls have
been specially built.


Lined with lead.

Look, doc.

The temperature's
your department.

All I wanna know is will
that lead keep Superman

from lookin' inside with
those x-ray eyeballs of his?

The cold is already established.

Now, you see, a rubber ball.

It bounces.

Rubber ball.


Now, watch the ball.

You busted it.

Hey, I remember. When I
was a kid, we went to school,

and, in chemistry, we
took something like this.

Only we did it with liquid air.

Everything turned
brittle, and it broke.


But compared to
this, liquid air is warm.

Compared to this.

Doctor, are you sure this
will work on Superman?

Oh, positive.

Until he de-freezes,
his powers will be numb.

Until he de-freezes.

Maybe he'll never de-freeze.

But he'll be out of commission
for a couple of days, huh?

Oh, at least a week.

At least.

As long as he's out of
commission tomorrow.

That's all I care about.

I got one question.

What is it?

How ya gonna get
Superman inside the icebox?

That's for me to figure out,

and I already did.

"And so, Mr. Voter,
it's up to you.

It's your city. Let's
keep it a clean city."



"Mr. Kent,

"meet me at 2110
Magnolia Street.

"Apartment 10. Noon sharp.

"Tell no one, or I
won't cooperate.


Duke Taylor."

"Don't forget, women
have a voice in politics too.

Let's make sure it's heard."

It sounds great.

I sure hope it does some good.

JIMMY: Hey...

What's this?

It's for you.

"Miss Lane,

"be on the corner
of Elm and Central

"with young Olsen
at 12:15 sharp.

"Tell no one, or I
won't cooperate.

Signed, Duke Taylor."

Duke Taylor. A personal meeting.

How 'bout that?

This could really be a scoop.

It could also be
some sort of a trap.

The corner of Elm and
Central in broad daylight?

Don't be silly, Jim.

Come on, let's go.

Say, this looks just like
the inside of a television set.

That's exactly what I said.


I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Now, would you mind
telling me what this all about?

And why you insisted
that I meet you here?

Oh, sure, sure.

You see, your
friends are in there.

Miss Lane and that kid.

Right behind that steel door.

DUKE: You can't
look through it, Kent.

Even Superman
couldn't look through it.

It's lined with lead.

I don't believe
they're in there.

You can't open it, Kent.

It's sealed shut.

So it is.

But there is a gimmick.

Superman can open it.

Why should he bother?

Because I told you,
your friends are in there.

And ya see, with the
flick of a certain switch,

you'll never see them again.

Nobody will see them again.

You haven't even
proved they're in there yet.

I don't have to prove it.

Why don't you try
getting in touch with them.

Like calling their
office, for instance.

All right. All right, just
for the sake of argument,

we'll concede they're in there.

Now, what do you
expect me to do about it?

I see you're a pretty
good friend of Superman.

Why don't you contact Superman
and see if he can rescue them.

What kind of a fool
do you take me for?

Obviously, this is
some kind of a trap

to get Superman
inside that chamber.

Now you're really using
your head, Mr. Kent.

Now, supposing it is a trap.

I suppose you figure on
going to the police, first.

What's to stop me?


Except if a cop pokes
his nose through that door,

I turn on the switch.

I see.


And let's face it, Mr. Kent.

At 2:00 sharp, I'm
turning on that switch,

and sooner if a
copper walks through.

And if Superman walks through,

he walks right into some
fantastic kind of trap.

Yeah, it does look
that way, doesn't it?

Well, I'll be seeing
you, Mr. Kent,

right after the
election tomorrow.

Don't forget: tell Superman
the deadline is 2:00.

Oh, I'll tell him.

Two o'clock.


Think Superman will show, Duke?

He'll show.

Just like the column says,

he likes the girl.



Miss Lane?



What's the matter, Superman?

You look cold.

Where are they?

What have you done with 'em?

You mean your little friends?


Oh, they're safe and sound.


Are you all right, Miss Lane?

Gee, boss, he looks
like a snowman.

Yeah, don't he, though?

on, we got work to do.

They forced us into a
car and brought us here.

But, you, Superman...
Jeepers, does it hurt?

No, but my strength
is completely gone.

So tomorrow, Duke Taylor
and his thugs take over the city.

And there aren't enough
policemen to stop him.

I'm afraid you're right.
It's up to the people now.

They've really got
to get out and vote.

But isn't there something
we can do for you?

I'm afraid not, Miss Lane.

We'll go back to the
office and see Clark.

Maybe he can think of something.

No, Miss Lane.

Clark told me he had an
appointment with the mayor.

And that's much more important
than I am at the moment.

Well, if that's the
way you want it.

Jimmy, you better stay
here and help Superman.

No. No, you both better go.

I'll manage, somehow.

Jeepers, this is the worst
thing that ever happened.

I'll need that.

Mascara for the hair.

Hm, pancake.

By gosh, I think
that's gonna work.

Miss Lane, how nice to see you.

Oh, chief, I can explain.

Oh, that isn't at all necessary.

It's enough just having
you back with us.

You know, we've kept
your old office for you

exactly as it was when you left.

LOIS: Please, chief, come on in.

There's something
awful I have to tell you.

PERRY: I won't survive.

Nothing good could
possibly happen today.


Oh, now, don't tell me

my reporters are
beginning to show up.

Where have you been? Miami?

You seem to have a tan.

Well, I, uh... I-I came
in to find you, Lois.

Clark, it finally happened.

Superman walked into a trap.

Somehow, they froze him.

He's white all over
and weak as a kitten.


Clark, you were all excited
about something a while ago.

Did you know about this?

Well, chief, I... I did know
something happened to Superman,

but I don't know how
it's gonna turn out.

It couldn't be worse.

Is it permanent?

Well, there's no way
to tell, but I'm afraid

he won't be of much use
to you tomorrow, chief.

I'm gonna call the mayor.

I just left him, he
doesn't have much hope.

Get me the mayor immediately.

There's nothing
he can do, is there?

Hello, George? Perry White.

Say, listen, now, uh...

Is there any legal way to
postpone this election tomorrow?

If we could only put it
off for a week or two.

Obviously, the answer's no.

PERRY: I see. Well,
maybe that could do it.

It looks as if we're
licked, but not yet.

I'll keep in touch with you.


Lois, did you have to tell
the mayor about Superman

in front of his secretary?

Oh, I thought he
should know about it.

Well, I suppose it's
not your fault, but...

Well, that information
is spreading

over Metropolis like wildfire.

Somehow, it leaked out.

Well, it's not the kind of news
you can keep under your hat.

Well, it all adds up to this.

With Superman out of commission,

people who were going
to vote will be afraid to.

Those thugs of Duke Taylor's
are enough to intimidate anybody.

Well, I suggest we all
get back to our typewriters

and do the best we can.

Yes, and tomorrow we'll find
out whether that's good enough.

Well, doc, congratulations.

You done it.

Certainly, I done it.


After all, I'm a genius.

After all.

Well ya know, I'm
not so dumb myself.

Even if I do have to say so.

You're probably the only guy
that ever outsmarted Superman.


I hope.

Uh, excuse me,
uh, for bringing it up.

Excuse me.

Uh, but the money.

When do I get it?

The money?

Oh. Oh, the money.

Yeah, the money.

That's right, doc.

Well, I'll tell ya, doc.

Just how much money
did I promise ya, doctor?

Fifty thousand dollars.



That's a lot of cabbage.

I'm very fond of cabbage.

Very fond.

Me too. Especially
with corned beef.

Doc, um...

Why don't you drop around
in a couple of months.

Wait till I get rolling
a little bit, huh?

In a couple of months?

Why should I wait in
a couple of months?

That's right, doc,
why should you wait?

DUKE: You know, uh...

To tell you the truth, I'm
not gonna pay you anyway.

If you don't pay me,
I go to the police.

If you don't pay.


Go ahead to the
police, what do I care?

You're the guy that
built the icebox, not me.

Can I help it if Superman just
happened to stumble into it?

But you set the trap for him.

Set the trap.


You can't prove
that. Nobody can.

Besides, I want
you to do me a favor.

Just get lost, will ya?

I-I get lost with my money.

With my money, I'll get lost.

Look, doc,

I would have to
be out of my head

to pay you 50,000 bucks.

Besides that, I've
got what I want.

I'll get even with you.

Somehow, I'll get even.

Little Jack.

Throw this character
out, will ya, please?

He's getting in my hair.

Come on, doc.

You don't wanna upset the boss.

I trusted you like
my own mother.

I trusted you.

So long, doc.

Don't forget to vote
for Buckley tomorrow.

So long, doc.


First tally from the
eighth and ninth wards.

It's about four to one.

For Buckley.

For Duke Taylor, you mean.

I passed by several
polling stations this morning.

There's a tough-looking thug

lounging in the doorway
of everyone of 'em.

They should be arrested.

Some of them have been, Lois.

But Taylor's
thought of that too.

He has a bondsman
at the city hall.

He bails them
out in five minutes.

But people can vote
the way they want to

once they get inside
the booth, can't they?

Theoretically, yes.

But there've been
some very nasty threats

if Buckley loses.

Well, they wouldn't talk so
big if Superman were alive.

I mean, like he used to be.

You were right
the first time, Lois.

He is practically dead.

Well, we still have five
hours voting time left.

If Superman would only recover.


I'll get it.

Can I help you?

I am Dr. Watts.

I am.

Yes, well, we're
very busy right now.

Could you come back tomorrow?

Oh, no, no.

Tomorrow w-would be too late.


The election will be over.

Oh. Won't you step in?

This is Perry White, our editor.

Miss Lane. Mr. Olsen.

And I'm Clark Kent.

This is Dr. Watts.

Won't you sit down, sir?

Ah, you are Mr. Kent.


Yes, that's right.

Now, what did you
say about the election?

Well, personally, the
election, I-I don't care who wins.

Uh, personally.

Well, we do.

Exactly, exactly.

That's why I must
talk to Superman.


Why do you want to talk to him?

Well, it was my
invention that hurt him.



That was your laboratory?

You've got a lot of
nerve comin' here.

All right, doctor,
let's have it.

What are you up to now?

I-I must talk to Superman.

I-I must.

You talk to me.

I'll see Superman
gets the message.

All right, doc, let's have it.

What's on your mind?

I-it's a way for
Superman to get better.

A way.

Well, you see, I-I'm
not positive it'll work.

You see.

And if it doesn't?

Well, probably would kill him.

Kill him!

At this point,

I'm sure Superman is
willing to try anything.

All right, doctor,
what's your answer?

Well, I-I believe a sudden,
intense heat might help.

That makes sense.
It might thaw him out.

And besides, fire
doesn't harm Superman.

But, chief, he isn't
Superman anymore.

Why, he's just like
you and me or Clark.

That's right.

It's probably too risky.

But if it works,

Metropolis would be
saved from those mobsters.

Well, I say forget it.

Me too.

I agree.

Well, I'm afraid
this is one decision

that Superman will
have to make for himself.

If you'll excuse me.

Uh, tell him it
must be very hot.

Uh, like a blast furnace.

Uh, tell him.

Like a blast furnace.

I'll tell him.

Jeepers, maybe we'll
never see him again.

Oh, Clark will be
right back, don't worry.

Oh, hey, I didn't mean Mr. Kent.

I meant Superman.


Plant closed today?

Yes, sir.

Election day, you
know. A legal holiday.

Oh. Does that mean that
the blast furnaces are shut off?

Oh, no, indeed.

Them furnaces take
two days to fire up

once you let them go out.

Oh. Well,

my name is Clark Kent.

I'm from Metropolis
Daily Planet.

I wonder if it would
be all right if I went in

and snooped around a little.

Oh, I'm sure it'd
be okay, Mr. Kent.

Come on in.

Thank you.

I hated to let that
Watts character go,

but what could we do?

I wish he hadn't
come here at all.

Golly, if anything else
happens to Superman...

Here ya are, chief.


Give me the city desk.

Harry, better start
making up an extra.

Here's your headline:
"Buckley wins for mayor."



What are you doin' here, boss?

Just making a personal
tour of inspection,

just like a good general.

I ran into this
character outside.

He, uh... He tells
me he's gonna vote.

That's nice.

But before you vote,
take a read about our boy.

And don't forget,

this district's gotta
go for Buckley.

I'd rather not vote at all
than vote for this crook.


Superman! He's unfroze!

Things are gonna be warm
for you two from now on.

I believe you
were about to vote.

Please, go ahead.
I can assure you,

these thugs will not interfere.

Why, you...

Wait a minute, Superman.

This one's on me.

It's good to see you back in
circulation again, Superman.

It's nice to be back.

I just hope I'm not too late.


You're not too late.

There must be a couple hundred
people on their way up here.

And I'm gonna cast
my vote right now.

Good. Who are you voting for?

That's still up to me,
isn't it, Superman?

That's right, and I hope
it always will be that way.

People are starti"
to vote like crazy.

And 90 percent of
them are for Wilson.

Well, something
must have happened.

It did. Superman's back.

And he's been to
every ward in the city,

urging the people
to get out and vote.

Then... Then he's all right?

Never felt better in his life.

Jeepers, where is he?

Oh, well, uh, Jimmy.

After all, he's done
about all he could.

It's up to the people now.

That's good enough for me.

City desk.

Harry? Kill that headline.

Make it read: "Wilson wins."

Well, Kent, don't
just stand there.

You've been loafing all day.

You start working on
that front page right now.

Yes, sir, chief.

And believe me,
it'll be a pleasure.


Don't miss the next
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Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.

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