Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 4, Episode 11 - The Deadly Rock - full transcript

A friend who is susceptible to kryptonite radiation visits Clark at the same time a scientist offers to sell some kryptonite to the mob.


Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Hi, there, Mr. Allen.

Hello. I guess you haven't got

the baggage off the
Washington plane yet, huh?

Few minutes yet. Outside.

But I'll slip yours back
here for you, if you like.

Okay. Save a little time.

Ah, nothing's too good for a man
who travels as much as you do.

What's the rush?

Aren't you gonna stay
in Metropolis for a while?

Just a few days.

Just rushing to
get a free dinner,

soon as I make a phone call.

Supposed to meet an
old friend of mine here.

Where's the phone booth?

Oh, here, use
mine. Help yourself.

Oh, thank you.

Daily Planet?

I'd like to speak to
Clark Kent, please.




Oh, Gary, I'm
sorry, I got tied up,

and I couldn't meet you, but...


Oh, no, no, we're still
having dinner, all right.

I sent Jimmy Olsen
down to pick ya up.

Well, that's better.

Oh, sure, I'll find
him, don't worry.

Oh, everything's wonderful.

Got tangled up in a plane
crash down in Africa, you know.

But that was a long time ago.

Right now, I feel better
than I have for years.

Oh, hold it. Uh,
that's not mine.

Uh, I know.

It's late registered stuff
from the overseas flight.

Boy, he's got this bag loaded.

Yeah, Clark,
I'm still here. I...

I was just saying I felt...

Well, talk louder.

If that's the best you've
felt for years, you sound...




CLARK: Come on, Gary.

Up, boy.

There, we are.

Boy, you had me
worried there for a while.

You must have fainted.

Fainted? Uh-huh.

I must have been
out for a half hour

if you're here already.

Well, I, uh, happen
to know of a shortcut

where there isn't much traffic.

Hi, Mr. Kent. Hello, Jimmy.

What are ya doing here?

Well, this is the man you
were supposed to meet.

Oh, hello, sir. How are ya?

I, uh... I guess I was
watching the wrong airplane.

I'm sorry, Mr. Allen.

Here, you are.
Got this at First Aid.

Oh, thanks. I'm all right.

Good. With your friends, huh?

Yes, and thank you so
much for your courtesy.

I feel like I've been
out for an hour.

Well, you feel all right now?

Think you're able to travel?


But it's funny, though.

I never fainted
in my life before.

Well, you're probably still
suffering from the effects

of that plane crash
you told me about.

But I'm not. That's
the funny part of it.

A few minutes ago,
I felt just like I did

during the plane crash.

Woozy. Sort of weak all
over. It... It came and went.

Like I said, you're
still suffering

from the effects of that crash.

Clark, it's the place.

I'm sorry, Gary,
but you've lost me.

Well, don't you see?
Outside, I feel fine.

And in here. In the
plane. Everyplace.

But back there,
standing by that phone...

Come on, it's right
over here. I'll show you.

All right. Let me
give you a hand.

Here we go.

Seriously, Gary, I'd like
you to see this doctor.

He's a very good friend of mine

and exceptionally good
for this sort of thing.

No, I... I feel fine
now, Kent. I...

Let's see...

I stopped here for a second.


And that's the phone
I used to call you. I...

Gary, please.

Golly, I got him, Mr. Kent.

He's just sick, that's all.

There's nothing wrong
here. I... I feel fine.


take him to that bench
down the hall. Quickly.

You'd better help me.

He's heavy. Do as I tell you!


Jeepers, Mr. Kent.

Is something the
matter with you too?

Uh, no, no, Jimmy.

Uh, get him a drink of water,
will you? Right away, please.

Where is nobody? Man! Man!

Sorry, sir, you get
your luggage outside.

This is only the back way.

[CHUCKLING] Tips, huh? Tip.

Okay, okay. From abroad, huh?


Yeah, hot there.
Africa very hot.

Now, I pass your immigration.

I'm gonna enjoy
myself in your city.

One luggage, please.

Here, we are.

Say, what do you
got in that, anyway?

Uh, let's see your customs slip.

Does it hurt you? Huh?


Here. Has clearance, huh?

Not hurt you. It not hurt me.

It not hurt anybody.

Only one person
in the whole world.


Tip? Huh? Huh?




Well, doctor?

I took a preliminary blood test.

So far, it looks as
if you were exposed

to some sort of
metallic radiation.


Doctor, would radiation
cause that kind of reaction?

That's the trouble. It
just looks like it, I said.

Maybe you came near
some sort of dangerous metal.

But then again,

my tests don't indicate
any metal I've ever heard of.

Any metal on Earth.

Jeepers, what if that metal...?

Hold it, Jimmy.

Gary, when was this
plane crash of yours?

You oughta remember
the date, Clark.

It was the same time Superman
tangled with that big asteroid.

Smacked it to pieces. Remember?

Saved the world
from a collision.

Well, my plane got caught
in a shower of fragments.

Mr. Kent, that's it!

Uh! Hold it, will ya, Jimmy?

Gary, did you ever hear of a
man by the name of Van Wyck?

From Africa?


Van Wyck. I checked
with the customs people.

He picked up a
very heavy satchel.

And while he's listed
as a plantation owner,

he signs himself as "professor."

No, I've never heard of him.

Inside of that satchel...

Uh, just a minute. I
beg your pardon, Jimmy.

Uh, will you excuse
us for just a second?

Now, wait a minute, Jimmy.
I know what you're thinking.

Kryptonite. It must
be. Jeepers, Mr. Kent.

Superman had trouble
with that asteroid, didn't he?

And there's only one
metal that can harm him.

It's from the planet Krypton.

Yes, yes, I know.

But you don't know
it's kryptonite, do you?

Well, I would if I saw
it affect Superman.

Jeepers, kryptonite
could kill him.

I know.

Wouldn't the
customs give you a list

of what the professor
was bringing in?

No, they said the satchel
contained some rock specimens.

It seems the professor's
an amateur collector.

Well, then he probably won't
try anything bad with them.

And if he does have
some kryptonite,

he probably doesn't
even know what it is.

I hope you're right, Jimmy.

We better find that professor
in a hurry, don't ya think?

I think I'd better
contact Superman.

This could be very
important to him.


Mr. Rufus, it's an honor
to enter your house.

I am, uh... Uh, uh...

Oh, Mr. Rufus. I am
Professor Van Wyck.

My plantation is very
large but, uh, very poor.


Oh, Mr. Rufus. No
apologies are necessary.

I understand a man
as rich and important

as you are in the underworld...

Precautions. I am
Professor Van Wyck.

astrology, geology...

Money? Eh. No money.

I'm Rufus.

He's Rufus.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, at last.

VAN WYCK: I am...
I know who you are.

Have a seat.

This is the Snorkel.
A very funny guy.

And my secretary, the Duchess.


Once upon a time, I
have a telescope, you see.

You wrote a letter, professor.

I understand the
whole situation.

I read it to him.

No, no, no, no, no.

The background,
you must understand.

I have a telescope.
I built it for myself.

This my hobby, you see.

So I was watching
on the telescope,

and all of a sudden,
there is the Superman.


All of a sudden,
there is asteroid.


Boom! Everything
goes all over the sky!

I saw it myself.

A very disappointing fight.

Superman got lucky
in the last round.

He saw it.

The whole world did.

But not the way I saw it.

I was watching the Superman,
and something happened to him.

A strange reaction. A weakness.

And I know what caused it.

I have the secret right here.

Because there was a strange,
peculiar color in my spectrum.

Strange color?

A new metal that makes the
Superman to react to, you see.

One day, I was visiting the
place where the plane crashed,

and I saw a fragment
of the meteor there.

It just a tiny, little piece

that didn't get fused
by the heat, you see.

Just a little rock, but it makes
the same color in my spectrum.

Scientific stuff.

Oh, oh.

Stop! Stop! [STAMMERING]

This is what... [STAMMERING]

You can get rid of Superman.

Just a rock?

My theory is this:

if I can get Superman as
close to this as you are...

He fainted.

If I get it closer, he's dead.

More closer,

he's deader.

More closer, more dead.

Get outta here!

But you're not Superman,
it won't hurt you.

I'm taking no chances.
Get it away. Farther.



Wait a minute, boss.

He may have something there.

If he can make Superman
powerless with that,

we'll get rid of
him for all time.

For good, huh?

Of course, I can!

Just get me near to
Superman with this rock,

and I can prove you what I say.

Suppose for a minute
what you say is true.

What's your proposition?

Mr. Rufus, plantations, I have.

Science, telescope,
hobbies, I have. Money? Eh.

No money.

You deliver me Superman
stretched out like a fish,

and I'll give you
everything I got.

Ten million.

You only got eight.

Eight million dollars.

Eight million...

Eight million... [STAMMERING]

Take him down to the
Daily Planet building.

Superman always shows
up there sooner or later.


Great Caesar's ghost.
Of all the front page...

Where is everybody?

Kent, where are you?

Lois! Olsen!

Here, you look at this. Would
you write a story like that?

I'm just waiting
here. Of course, not.

Do I have to write every
word in this newspaper?

Who are you waiting
for? I don't know.

I was just sent here!

Well, let me tell you one thing.
I've no time for shoeshines.

The kind of help I
got around this place,

I'll be lucky to have
time for a bath this week.

You are not too merry.

Did you want something, chief?

Yes, I'd like a couple
of reporters around here

who can write sensible stories.

What's the matter with
Kent today, anyway?

Oh, he's got a pretty
important problem.

He's out trying
to find something,

but he oughta be back...
What's he looking for?

Well, it's a secret.

Nobody knows but
me. All right, never mind.

Just tell Kent I want to
see him when he gets back.

And don't call me chief either!

Yes, chief. Sir.



Say, that's a good idea.

A man should look his
best for a free lunch, huh?

This is him. Come on.

Oh, hi, Jim.

Why the long face?

Chief been chewing
you out again?

I'll say he has.

Only not on my
account this time.

It seems that it's my fault
that he can't find Mr. Kent.

Where is Clark? I
haven't seen him all day.

I don't know where he
is, but I gotta find him.

Well, what's so important?

Well, you know this Professor
Van Wyck he's been looking for?

He thinks that this professor
had something to do

with those fainting
spells that Gary Allen had.

And also that this Van Wyck

may have Superman
in terrible danger.

You mean...?

That's right. Kryptonite.


What are we
supposed to do about it?

I don't know.

But I think I do know where
this Professor Van Wyck is.

You do? How'd you find out?

Well, you know
Herbie the cabbie?

I was talking to him
down in the lunchroom.

And he told me that he
drove some goofy character

from the airport to a
house in the country.

And when they got there, he
got out of the cab to pay his fare.

He not only paid it, he
bowed from the waist

and gave him a calling card.

"Professor Van Wyck."
And where is this house?

I think I know where it is, and
I also know who it belongs to.

A very important racketeer
named Big Tom Rufus.

Well, okay, let's go.

What do you mean, let's
go? It's Mr. Kent's story.

But he isn't here.

And in the meantime, the
professor and this Rufus

may have Superman
in some terrible trouble.

Can't you see, Jim,
we've got to get out there.

Well, I guess so.

Only we'd better
take the police along.

Oh, we can't.

They'll be raiding the
place with sirens screaming

and spoil everything. Come on.

Well, okay.

You go get the car
out of the garage,

and I'll leave a
note for Mr. Kent

in case he can get in
contact with Superman.

I'll get my coat and meet
you downstairs in five minutes.




I don't believe
it. It just ain't true.

Hey, please, Duchess.
You'll wake him up.

Oh, no, no.

Even without this, he would
be unconscious for a while.

But if I do so...

I-I told ya to keep that
rock away from me.


I went through his wallet, boss.

Name's Gary Allen.

Lives here in Metropolis,
but he travels a lot.

Does jobs for the government.
Sort of... an investigator.


So that's what
Superman figures to be.

It's a perfect identity for him.

Could it be?

RUFUS: Naw, naw.

He's just an ordinary guy.

Well setup, athletic, but
certainly no Superman.

Look at it this way.

None of the rest of us here
are affected by that little rock.

And nobody down at the
Planet office was affected

when the professor
shoved it at them.

Except this Allen character.

Go ahead. How come?

How indeed?

Hey, come here a
minute, Duchess.

A few minutes ago,
you were wanting to test

that knittin' needle.

Here, give it to me.

Hey, it broke!

Oh, if you're really Superman,

I've been wanting
to do this for years.


Oh, wait a minute. I'm
gonna let him have it.

You fool. No shooting.

Nobody hits the
boss when I'm around.

He didn't hit me. I hit him.

Well, I'm still gonna
let him have it.

You're a fool, but
ya proved one thing

beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He's not hurt.

His heart's beating
as good as ever.

So there's only one
thing can really hurt him.

That little rock.

Well, I told you all along.

One little whiff of this
and he's unconscious.

A little stronger exposure,
a little longer exposure

and he's dead. Boom!

May I have my
$8 million, please?

I'm a man of my word, professor.
You'll get your million dollars.

[LAUGHING] That's fine.

One million?

You said 8 million!

Let's look at it
this way, professor.

Who needs that kind of money?

[CHUCKLES] One million.


I found 'em prowlin'
around the premises.

I seen the kid before at
the Daily Planet building.


Yeah, yeah. They're reporters.

Well, isn't that just
too bad for them.

What are you doing to Mr. Allen?

And where's Superman?

My dear, young people,
Mr. Allen is Superman.

He can't be.

You're making a
terrible mistake.

There's no mistake.
He proved it himself.

I'm afraid Gary
Allen, alias Superman,

has come to the end of the road.

And since you chose
to be so snoopy,

I'm afraid you're
gonna travel with him.

Come on, get the rope out
of other room. We'll tie 'em up.

Come on. Get over there.

Come on, now.

RUFUS: Sit down here.

Right there.

That a boy. Here.

Take the Duchess down
to the carriage house.

Warm up the car and
wait for me and Snorkel.

Come on, we're going.

Do you really think that
Mr. Allen's Superman?

If the boss says he's
Superman, he's Superman.

Oh, it's too bad. He's
a nice lookin' fella.

Nicer lookin' than the boss.
Nicer lookin' than Snorkel.

Nicer lookin' than you.

Women. Come on.





That's a lovely piece of
furniture, don't you think?

I anticipated that someday
we might have to leave here

under forced
circumstances with no trace,

so this isn't actually
what it appears to be.

Actually, it's a... It's a tank
of napalm, jellied gasoline.

Five minutes after I
start the electric clock,

there'll be an explosion,

and this whole house
will be a blazing inferno.

All right, come on.

Put the rock beside
Superman there, professor,

so we can be sure
he won't come to.

This terrible thing
you are going to do.

It makes me feel sick.

For a million dollars,
you can get well.

Now, do like the boss says, huh?

No. No!

I wish I'd never
seen this deadly rock.

This... This terrible rock!

Well, never mind. Come
on, let's get outta here.


Miss Lane?

I know you can't
answer, so just listen.

I can't come into this room
because of the kryptonite,

you know that.

So, somehow...

Jimmy, I want you to try
and kick it into the fireplace.

Now, I've got a weed burner
here I found in the tool shed.

I'm gonna try and
burn the kryptonite up.

So go ahead.

Good boy, Jimmy. Now, watch out.

All right, kids? Yeah. Fine.

Are ya all right, Mr. Allen?

Yeah. I guess I'll be all right.


That'll be Inspector
Henderson and his boys.

I took the precaution
of phoning him

and telling him to give
us an hour head start,

then to set up a
roadblock and close in.

For once I'm glad ya
double-crossed me.

It still seems incredible,

but Superman's explanation
must be the right one.

Although the kryptonite
knocked me out

and eventually
would have killed me,

while I was under its influence,

I was impervious to
bullets or anything else.

Jeepers, for a while there,
you really were Superman.

Did I hear someone
mention Superman?

You certainly did.
Where have you been?

Yes, old friend, where
have you been all afternoon?

You might say I've
been looking for you.

After all, we were supposed
to have lunch, remember?



NARRATOR: Don't miss
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Superman is based
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