Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 4, Episode 10 - Blackmail - full transcript

Criminal Arnold Woodman (Herbert Vigran) and his two confederates plant 20,000 dollars in stolen money on Inspector Henderson (Robert Shayne), then threaten to accuse him of taking a bribe ...


Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Thirteen thousand lovely dollars

in neat, easy-to-handle stacks.

Twenties, tens, fives, ones.


We can't expect the man
to be bothered with ones.




Gotta move this furniture.

Can't have the man
bumpin' into things.


He might hurt his self.



Hello, Bates.

Hello, Superman.

You don't seem very
surprised to see me.


being a wrongdoer, I
figured sooner or later,

you gotta catch me.

What's gotta be has gotta be.

Well, now, that's
very philosophic.

And may I say, you left
a very easy trail to follow.

One very obvious.

Well, I'm... I'm
just a little guy.

I ain't very smart. I see.

Oh, uh...

The money's over
there. Thank you.


There's less than $13,000 there.

Thank you.

I happen to know there's
over half a million missing

in that armored-car holdup.

Well, like I told ya,
I'm just a little guy.

They give me a little split.

Meanwhile, you led me
on a wild goose chase,

while your friends ran off
with the majority of the loot.

Where are your friends, Bates?

Mm-mm. No comment.

Well, in that case,

we'll have to run
down to headquarters

and have a little talk
with Inspector Henderson.

Maybe you can find
something to discuss with him.


You gonna fly?


Well, uh... my car's out back.

I'll drive down to headquarters
and meet ya there.


No? No.

You mean... I'm
gonna fly with you?

That's right.

I knew there'd be things
about this job I wouldn't like.


Your bag?

This way.

Bates was a bit shaken up

by the flight to my
office with Superman.

Not enough to make
him talk, evidently.

He's obviously being well
paid to keep his mouth shut.

What about the money
Superman found with him?

The money wasn't
from the payroll job.

Oh, fine.

That means you can
only hold him a few days.

He won't be in jail long
enough to lose a suntan.

They know a job as big as
this would bring in Superman.

So they paid Bates
off to act as decoy.

What you have to do
is find out who they are

and who this "Mr. Big" is.

Yeah, that'll
take a lot of luck.

Bill, how'd you like to
stretch your luck a bit?

What's your idea?

Well, isn't Bates
due to be transferred

to the county jail today?


Why don't you take him yourself?

Oh, so you think there'll
be an attempt at a break?

Well, now, there could just be.

Come on, I'll explain it to you
on the way down to headquarters.


Okay, Bates. Moving day.


I understand the
apartments at County

are superior to this.

Yeah. Central heating,
a view of the river,

overstuffed furniture.
You'll enjoy it.

[CHUCKLING] I'm sure I will.

Let's go.


Yeah, thanks.

I never use 'em myself,

but I always carry a
pack for the commissioner.


For a cop, you ain't a bad guy.


Never turn your back on
a guy like me, inspector.

I ain't to be trusted.

The special edition
will hit the streets

in about a half hour, Bill.

Yeah, I can hardly wait.

After what the police
commissioner said,

nothing could be worse.

If these things can pick up a
heartbeat loud enough to hear,

they can certainly pick
up a voice through a door.

I feel sorta sneaky.

But you know, I like it.

Jimmy, you're
positively brilliant.

Well, it runs in the family,

and sometimes
I catch up with it.


Well, he fell for the
chance like a ton of bricks.

Nearly broke my neck.

Well, the important thing
is that Bates is loose now.

Let's just hope he
leads us to Mr. Big.

Yeah, I've three
men tailing him.

Unofficially, of course.

It's a chance, Bill.

It's a long chance, but
it's still a chance of sorts.

Oh, sure.

You know, I must be crazy.

If the commissioner ever learned

that I let Bates
escape on purpose,

he'd boil me in oil.

I could be disgraced,
ruined... Even go to jail myself.

I just can't believe it.

A deliberate escape.

If this thing blows
up in their faces...

It will if somebody
doesn't find this Mr. Big.

And there's no reason
why it shouldn't be us.

Come on.

Well, I'd better get
back to headquarters.

The men who are trailing Bates

should be reporting
in pretty soon.

Good hunting.


Give me 20 points, double.


What kind of word is that?

It's a very good word.

Used frequently in
South Pago Pago.

Yeah? What does it mean?

Well, what do ya think it means?

It means giblotnick.

Well, we ain't playi"
in South Pago Pago.

Sure wish we was.

I'm sick of this bomb shelter.

And what're we doin' in
a bomb shelter, anyway?

Who's gonna bomb us?

Nobody, stupid.

I rented this joint
from a rich dame

because it's a perfect hideout.

And the walls are lined
with lead for protection

against atomic radiation.

Ah, don't talk like that.

It ain't atomic radiation
I'm thinking about.

It's Superman.

And the lead lining
makes it impossible

for him to see us.

Oh, great.

Superman can't see us.

So here we sit with
a half a million bucks,

hibernatin' like a
couple of bears.

Sure, but the cops
got the city sealed off.

The airports, the railroads,
roadblocks on all the highways.

But as long as we sit
tight here till the heat's off,

we're okay.

Well, when does the
heat get turned off?

As soon as I figure out a way

to get a certain evidence file

from our pal,
Inspector Henderson.

Don't call that cop a pal.

It gives me the creeps.

That file could
send us up for life,

if he ever gets his hands on us.

And if we had it, we could
blow this trap tomorrow.

Yeah, if we had it.


Give me 30 points.


Where'd you find that?

North Pago Pago.


Oh, some bomb shelter.

Telephones and everything.


Who do you want?

Hello, Arnold? This is Bates.

Bates, you stupid idiot,
I told you never to call...

Listen, I'm calling
from Central Avenue.

I escaped.

You fool. I paid
you to get arrested,

not to escape.

Gee, that's right, I forgot.

My instincts just
got the best of me.

Well, you go back
and give yourself up.

Okay. Okay, Arnold,
if that's what you want.

Uh, now, wait a
minute, wait a minute.

Listen, Bates.

I want you to turn
around real quick

and look outside the booth.

Oh, I see what ya mean.

I'm being followed.

Exactly. But don't
worry about it.

Look, get yourself
a room someplace

and let me know, huh?

Just make sure you keep on
acting like you're on the lam.

You'll be all right.

You're the boss, Arnold.

I'll let ya know.

You look like a canary
what just swallowed a cat.

Inspector Henderson
set a trap to catch me.

Instead, he walked
right into it himself.

How you figure?

It's perfect.

That evidence file is
practically in our hands.

You ain't slipped a
marble, have you, boss?

No, I ain't slipped a marble.

Look, Eddie, get me 20
grand outta the backroom.

We're blackmailing
Inspector Henderson,

and he don't even know it.



Come in.

I'm the one they sent
up from downstairs.

Oh, for pains in my laryngitis.

You said you had information
on the Benton robbery job.

Sure, I have.

In fact I can point out one of
the characters who was in on it.

You can? Who?


Forget it, buster.

Better think first.

I guess you already
read the newspaper.

The headline says, uh,

"Payroll Thug Escapes
Police Inspector."

Pretty good story too.

"The police commissioner says,

'Every effort will
be taken to..."

All right. Get on with it.

What do you want?

All we want is the
Benton-job evidence file.

Complete, by midnight tonight.

[CHUCKLES] Are you crazy?

What makes you think
I'd give you that file?

You let Bates escape, didn't ya?

Of course, not.

Sure, you did.

For a bribe of 20,000 bucks.

That's a lie.

Sure. But it's a
lie we can prove.

The money's
already been planted.

And we got definite proof
set up to connect you with it.

I never took a bribe in my life.


Look in your left-hand pocket.

Now, look at the serial number.

It's from the payroll job.

Same as the rest
of the twenty thou.

I wish I had evidence
to arrest you.

But I haven't.

But I'll get you
sooner or later.

Sure. But you wouldn't
arrest me anyhow.

Because then I'd have to
tell them about the bribe.

And prove it.

You gotta admit, an old pro
like you lettin' a hood escape

don't smell too
good to begin with.

Get out of here.

Okay, okay.

But look at it from
the humorous side.

There is somethin' funny

about a cop being blackmailed.

Get out of here.

What's the matter, Bill?

Kent, I... I was
half-kidding before

about going to jail.

But... But I'm not now.

It's going to happen.

Well, why do you say that?

Well, we started out

to uncover the
identity of Mr. Big.

Now, if I knew who he was,

I'd make it my
duty to arrest him.

But if I lay a finger on
him, I'm ruined for life.


Well, I got you into this.

I only hope I can get you out.

Even Superman
couldn't help me now.


How'd it go? How'd it go?

Smooth as silk.

After midnight, no more worries.

Real smooth, huh?

Yeah, you shoulda
seen his expression.

Just like I'd shoved
this in his kisser.

Put that in the backroom,
you fool, it's dangerous.

The first weapon ever
invented to knock out Superman.

Yeah, except we're not
sure it's perfected, yet.

Now, put it away.

Okay, okay.

Maybe we won't be needin'
any weapons before long.

Yeah, how about that, huh?

Oh, incidentally, that, uh...

Clark Kent didn't look
too happy about it neither.

Kent? Where was he?

He was callin' on the inspector

just as I was
leavi" the premises.


Now, what's the matter?

I don't like it, that's all.

What if the inspector tells
him about the pitch we made?

So what?

"So what?" So
Kent tells Superman,

and maybe Superman
tries to interfere

when we're making the
pickup on that evidence file.

I hate to say this,
Arnold, but you got a point.

A very sharp point.

What can we do?

We gotta get ahold of Kent

and keep him locked
up till we're in the clear.

Oh, Kent ain't the type

to walk right into
our mitts, ya know.

Our boy Bates is
still on the lam, right?

Yeah, sure, but...

Just leave the brain
work to me, Eddie.

Clark might have come in
while we were downstairs.

He's probably still at
Inspector Henderson's,

waiting for Bates
to make a move.

Yeah, I guess so.

If they're concentrating
on it from that angle,

we'd better figure
out one ourselves.

If we only had
something to start with.

LOIS: I wonder...

Somebody must have
brought it in person.

Um, that reminds me. I
need some ink in my office.


You spilled it all
over everywhere.

Clumsy of me, wasn't it?

Incidentally, are you sure

Mr. Kent's name
was on this letter?

Well, the handwriting
wasn't very legible.

Maybe we should,
uh, look to make sure?

It's our duty, Miss Lane.

"Mr. Kent,

"I am ready to give myself up,

"but only to you.

"Come alone to the shack
where Superman captured me.

"No tricks.

Signed, Bates."

Miss Lane, if he's willing to
give himself up to Mr. Kent,

he must be ready to talk.

And if he's ready to talk,

it's our duty to provide
someone to listen. Like us.

Let's get in the car.

I, uh... I only hope Superman's
somewhere close, just in case.





Come in.

Okay, what is this?


Are you Mr. Bates?

Who are you?

I'm Smith, and she's Jones.

And this is all a mistake.
We're sorry we bothered you.

Sure is a mistake. Come on,
buster, what's this all about?

Might as well tell him, Jimmy.

You sent for
Mr. Kent. He was busy.

So we came in his place.

We're reporters
on the Planet too.

Only one thing wrong.

I ain't Bates.

Then this is a trap.

Now you're thinking, kid.

But no harm done. Three
is better than one any day.

Go on, sit down, make
yourself comfortable

while we wait for
Kent to come after ya.

But Mr. Kent is...

Uh, he... He isn't going
to be here for an hour.

We can wait.

Sit down.

Sit down!

My nerves is on edge,
so don't try nothin'.

I'm a sick man.

Besides nerves, I got
high lobotomy pressure

and sideways metabolism.

Sit down.

Sir, uh...

Sir, if, uh...

If you would allow me to
reach my hand in my pocket,

your health may
be greatly improved.

Go ahead. But don't forget
I'm holdin' this gun on ya.

Hey, you ain't a doc, are ya?

Well, sir, I, uh...

I can truthfully say

I didn't waste all those years

at the Vienna
Medical Conservatory.

Hey, them Vienna guys

got ailments they
never heard of over here.

Oh, sir, if you would
give me the chance,

I'm sure I could find
a new one for you.

Go ahead, find something.

Something's wrong with
my cranium, ain't there?

I knew it.

Yeah. You got a
very bad case of, uh...


Hey, that sounds important.

They got pills for that?

Be quiet while I listen
to your lobar pendulum.

Lobar pendulum.

Congratulations, doctor.

The operation was a success.

Thanks, Miss Lane. Now...

all we have to do is sew
him up with, uh... that.


As Bates' pal pointed out, it
does have its humorous side.

If Bates doesn't
know he's being tailed

and should lead us to Mr. Big...


Well, that's the
last thing we want.

We don't want to find Mr. Big
until first we find that money.

Just give him a
better hold on you.

Inspector, Clark.

We got one of them.

One of whom? One of the gang.

While you two were loafing,
Jimmy and I went into action.

He's tied up in that shack
where Superman got Bates.

And if he talks, you can
have your Mr. Big in... an hour.

I'm sorry, Bill.


Sorry for what?

We got you both out of a jam.

Out of the frying pan, you mean.

The case is practically solved.

Isn't that what you wanted?

It's a long story, Jimmy.

Well, Bill?

I've got no choice...

and you know it.

This is Henderson.

Get my car and two officers.

I'll be right down.

I haven't even got
that six hours anymore.

Like to come along?

It's your story, now.

Jeepers. Thanks, inspector.

I'm going to use Clark's office.

My typewriter hasn't
been returned yet.

Stand by to fan
the typewriter, Jim.

I want to get this story
on paper while it's hot.

And before Inspector
Henderson gets back to his office

and gives it to Mr. Kent.

I think we've scooped
Mr. Kent for once,

on the arrest of Eddie Perkins.


Hello, Clark.


I take it Eddie
spilled the beans.

All over the
commissioner's office.

It's just about the end
of the road for me, Kent.

In a few minutes,
I'll go downstairs

and get into a car
with the commissioner,

a couple of good cops and Eddie.

We'll drive to
wherever he tells us

and find the evidence
that I took a bribe.


Look at these, Kent.

I used to wear them

when I was pounding a
beat on Delancey Street.

When I used to dream
of becoming an inspector.

Now it's all over.

Funny how you get
attached to things.

My club, badge, coffee pot.

My desk, police car.

I know, Bill.

I hope someday you can find
it in your heart to forgive me.

It was my decision too.

Oh, uh, put these in a
box for me, will ya, Kent?

I've gotta get going.

I'm under arrest right now.

Sure, Bill.


A right at the next turn.

Why don't you just tell
us where we're going?

Oh, sure.

Then you radio the car ahead,

and they pick up the
loot before we get there.

Why would we do that?

To save the good
name of the department.

It's a frame-up,
and you know it.

Even the commissioner
ain't gonna believe that.

Then let's assume
I took the bribe.

How do you know where I hid it?

One thing ya never
trust is a crooked cop.

So when you was
paid off, I trailed ya.

Just in case you was
figurin' on double-crossin' us.

Which you did.

Oh, then you
offered him the bribe,

and that's a crime in itself.

Prove it, commish.

All I did was follow the guy.

You ain't got nothin' against
me that'll stand up in court.

But you'll have an airtight
case against the inspector.

How 'bout that, Bill?

It's not true, commissioner.

But I admit it looks bad.

HENDERSON: My club...


coffee pot.

My desk...

police car.

Police car?

That could be it.


Locker 770.

Must be the Central Depot.


Okay, pull over there.

Central Depot. So that's it.

You hid it in a public locker.

As if you didn't know.

And when I tell the commissioner
where to find that locker key...

[CHUCKLES] Well, figure it out.

Eddie, whoever
you're working for

is a pretty smart cookie.

Go ahead, commish.

Use the master key you
got from the baggage room.

This lock feels a little odd.

It's empty.

Hey, wait a minute.

There was a briefcase
in here with 20,000 clams.

I put it in here myself!

Oh, you did, eh?

That's all I wanted to hear.

I just want the pleasure of
arresting you again, Eddie.

That Arnold, the dirty
double-crossin' rat.

He must have took a powder
with that half a million bucks

and couldn't resist stoppin'
for a lousy 20 grand.

So that's Mr. Big.
Arnold Woodman.

Yeah, that dirty rat.

I shoulda known, after the
way he cheated at Scrabble.

Never mind that, where is he?

If I knew, I'd be
glad to tell ya.

The only thing I know is we
was hiding in a bomb shelter

in back of 85 Chestnut Street.

It's worth a try. Let's go.




I thought you might want
someone to talk to, Arnold.

You'd better come out, Arnold.

Come out, Arnold.

I been waiting for a long time

to try this out on
you, Superman.


It looks like you missed.

Shall we go?


Hey, hurry up and
open yours, Jim.

We got the raise.

Oh, am I gonna
celebrate tonight.

I'm gonna go to
two double features.

Oh, that's funny. I
didn't get any raise.

Well, naturally.

We helped Superman
round up the gang not, you.

Uh, that's right, Lois.

I guess I wasn't
much help, was I?



NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman!

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.

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