Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 3, Episode 9 - The Magic Necklace - full transcript

Lois (Noel Neill) writes a story about the discovery of an ancient necklace with alleged magic powers. It is said that whosoever wears the necklace will be protected from all harm. Gangster boss Jake Morrell (Lawrence Ryle) decides to kidnap Lois as part of a scheme to find out if necklace is all it is cracked up to be--but Morrell has reckoned without the intervention of Lois' fellow reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves), who happens to have an alternate identity as a flying superhero.

Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Take it easy with that thing.

We've got to put it together
again the way it was.

Nothing in here
but a lot of pottery.


You know, that Professor Jody

sure sends back a lot of stuff.

How many of these
crates we busted into

this week already?

Too many. But it'll be worth it

when we open the right one.

Look, boss. A
necklace from the tomb.

Hey, that's it. That's
the one, I'll bet.

Don't get excited.
Professor Jody has sent back

other necklaces before.

But maybe this is the real one.

Hey, look.

Wh... Why, there's another one.


There we go again, boss.

Why don't that Professor Jody

just send back the one necklace?

The one all them
legends are all about?

Clicker. Take this and
put it around your neck.

Lazy, give him the poison.

Right. Ah.

Come back here. Uh...

Put it on.

Uh... I'm sorry,
Clicker. Good luck.

Yeah. Thanks, Lazy.

Take it. Drink.

Uh. Ugh.



Two minutes. If that's not
the real Tai-Wan necklace,

you'll be dead in
two minutes. Oh.

Uh, Lazy...

Lazy, b-break out
that antidote, will ya?

Huh? What do you mean?

Th-the stuff to counteract

the poison I just drank, stupid.

In case I start maybe
dying or s... Hey!

Wh-what? I...

Hey, you didn't forget
to bring it, did you?

Now, don't worry. I've got it.

How do you feel? Any pain yet?

The pain? It, uh... Oh...


Boss, it must be
a minute already.

Gimme the... Gimme the...



The necklace doesn't seem
to protect him any, does it?

[GASPING] It's not
keeping him from dying.



Too bad.

Well, give him this.

What's he call
this stuff? Antidote?

Yeah, it stops the
poison. Or it's supposed to.

[CLICKS] He's all right.

All right, Lazy,
now it's your turn.

Look, boss, ain't
there some easier way

to test them necklaces?


Here, put this on.



It's just a car
outside, that's all.

What if somebody comes in here,

and you forget to
give me the antidote?

And what if this is the
real necklace at last?

The one the Daily Planet
said the professor found.

Then you've got nothing
to worry about, have you?

The real Tai-Wan necklace
will protect the guy wearing it

from any kind of harm, won't it?

Well, won't it?!

Yes, sir.

Here, drink this.

I... I wished I believed them
stories like you do, boss.

How do you feel?

Any pain yet?

W-well, I...

Any reaction to the poison?

I don't know yet.


I feel kind of funny.

I wonder what that is.

Ooh, that stuff. Mm-hm-mm-mm.


I don't see any lights on.

Of course not, silly.
The museum's closed.

Then why did you bring
me along for an interview,

when there's nobody to talk to?

I want to get a story
from the night watchman.

What on?

They only think those
cases were broken into.

Nothing's been taken
from that museum.

I still want to talk
to him. Come on.

Miss Lane...

why do you bother
with this crazy stuff

about a magic necklace
somebody found in Tibet?

Who said it's crazy stuff?

It makes good copy, doesn't it?

Mr. Kent says
it's just a legend,

and that it's silly to take up
space in a newspaper with it.

Mr. Kent.

Mr. Kent doesn't know
what he's talking about.

Besides, I've only quoted
Professor Jody's letters.

Come on, let's go.

Look. The door's ajar.

Well, that's funny.

Wait a second. You oughtn't
to go walking right in there.

Oh, don't be silly.

The night watchman probably
forgot to fasten it securely.

Just the same, don't you think
we ought to... Oh, come on.

Golly, it's dark in here.

Yeah, I'll see if I can
find the light switch.


Now let's try to find
that night watchman.

How about me? I was out.

Brother. Oh, boy.

Okay, okay. You've
had the antidote,

and you're all
right, aren't you?

Stop worrying.

It was a very unpleasant
experience, boss.

It was an unpleasant
experience for me too.

Because we didn't
find the necklace I want.

Okay, close up the crate.

There's somebody out there.

The night watchman
must have come to.

Let's get out of here.


What are you two doing here?

We might ask you the same thing.

We're on the staff.
We've been working late.

Oh, no, you're not.
You're Jake Morrell.

Ah-ha. I mean,
excuse me. Good night.

Ah, no, you don't.

If you've been breaking
into the museum

looking for a certain
necklace, it isn't even here.

Professor Jody
hasn't sent it yet.

How do you know so
much? Who are you?

She's Lois Lane,
that's who she is.

The best woman
reporter in Metropolis.

A reporter, eh?
Might be helpful.

Only, I don't want any publicity

at the present time,
you understand.

Not until that necklace is mine.


Until nobody can
hurt me in any way.

You understand.

But that necklace
is only a legend.

Please let us go.

Lady, you're in
nice, safe hands.

But if there is a
magic necklace,

it's gonna be Jake Morrell's.

It's gonna be mine, if I have to

fly around the world to get it.

And in the meantime,

you and your boyfriend

are going on a little trip.

WHITE: Lois! Olsen! Kent!

Great Caesar's ghost.

What time do people
come to work around here?

What's the matter, chief?

The museum was broken
into, the watchman knocked out.

All right. Can't you get
the report from the police?

Lois was supposed to handle it.

She's disappeared.
And so has Olsen.

[RINGS] Excuse
me. Kent speaking.

If that's one of them
with some feeble excuse...

Now just a minute, chief.

What's that?

Her wallet?

Her wallet? Yes. Uh...

I understand.
I'll be right down.

That was the airport.

They found her wallet
on a runway this morning.

Here you are, sir.

One of the
mechanics picked it up.

Thank you.

She must have
dropped it on purpose.

Tell me, how many other
planes use that runway?

Either landing or taking off?

None. None?

Well, no commercial
flights, I mean.

But, here. We have a record

of a private plane
being parked there.

Took off around
10 p.m. yesterday.

A private plane, huh?

Mm-hm. There's its numbers.

Big four-motored job.

If a guy owns a ship like
that, he can go anyplace.

You're one of the
dispatchers here.

Doesn't the pilot have to
file a flight plan with you?

That's right. He did.



Well, thanks anyway, inspector.

I still don't see how Lois
Lane could get herself mixed up

with a millionaire
crook like Jake Morrell.

That's right. Yeah,
well, thanks a lot.


Henderson checked on that plane,

and Morrell's the
man who owns it.

What else did
you find out, chief?

The plane landed in
Africa this noon, refueled,

and took off for Pakistan.

Chief, you don't think
a man like Morrell

would actually believe in this
magic necklace business, do you?

I don't know.

A crook... even a
smart crook like Morrell,

might be superstitious
enough to go for that gag.

Hm. Well, I'd
better read through

those stories in a hurry.

What possible connection...?

Chief, a plane that lands
in Africa and Pakistan

might very easily be on its
way to the Jody expedition.

Great Caesar's ghost.

Kent, I want you to get on

the first commercial
flight and go over there.

Sounds more like
a job for Superman.

There's no time to waste
trying to find Superman.

You get on that plane.

I'll try to locate Superman,
if you really need him.

Uh, sure, chief.

Now, just where would
I look for Superman,

if I really did want him?



The history of the
necklace... Professor!

Quiet, Akbar, not
now. But, sahib...

Can't you see I'm in the
middle of a press conference?

This gentleman's from
a news service in India.

I was just about to
show him the necklace.

You know how much
publicity means to me.

All my life I've been a
poor, unnoticed archeologist.

I'm glad to receive
the attention

my little find has caused.

You have found other
necklaces before?

Oh, many, many.

The necklace is quite common

in the era that
I'm investigating.

But in the tomb of the
early chieftain, Tai-Wan...

surrounded by tablets
telling its legend...

I found this.

Sahib, put it away.
People are coming.

Of course they're coming.

People all over the
world know of my find.

A plane has landed. The
plane with private markings.

What's that?

You must hide it.
There may be danger.

Danger. How could there be?

I'm wearing it.

This protects me
from all danger.

No man dies who wears
this magic necklace.

Please, sahib... [AIR WHOOSHING]

Listen. Again.





Why are you laughing?

At your words, professor.

I do not mean to
belittle your findings,

but to say that a legend
could protect you...

Who are you? Where
do you come from?

Well, uh, my name is Kent.

I'm from the
Metropolis Daily Planet.

Another newspaperman.

An American!

What a wonderful day.

You're just in time to see

a demonstration of my necklace.

Well, if you're Professor
Jody, perhaps you can help me.

You see, I'm trying to
find another American.

He has a girl and a youngster
with him... Wait a minute.

Don't interrupt.

This gentleman was laughing.

He doesn't believe in
the legend of the necklace.

And you do believe in it?

You too? Very well.


take my revolver.

Fully loaded, live shells.

Take it, I say!


Sahib. Oh, now just a minute...

Professor, I apologize
if I've offended you...

Or you wish to have the
powers demonstrated on you?

Oh, no, please! No, I apologize!

I think this has
gone far enough.

Now, please, sir. Better still.

The American.

Then people will believe.

And Akbar, use your knife.

Throw your knife so the
people will see it hit him.

Now just a minute. I
think this has gone far...

Don't worry. You
can't be serious.

Don't worry. The
knife won't hurt you.

Tai-Wan will protect you.

You'll see the
legend, and working.

Professor, now
stop this. You must.

You're not well. You can't
be. Or this is all nonsense...


Excuse us. We're
looking for Professor Jody.

My name's Morrell. Clark!

Lois, Jimmy, are you all right?

Mr. Kent.

It struck him. I saw it.

The bullet went
through his coat.

But he's not hurt. It's true.

The legend of the
necklace is true.

Did the necklace
really save him?

Be quiet.

Of course not.

He must be the most
fortunate man on Earth.

Maybe the bullet
glanced off his belt

or hit a coin in his pocket.

Who cares?

But it plays right into
my hands, doesn't it?

What you saw was an accident.

The gun fell off
the table, right?

It struck the hammer on the
floor and went off, that's all.

But it fired at you.
Well, that's very true.

But it could have been
just luck, couldn't it?

I mean, it seemed
to glance off me?

uh, you're haywire.

That bullet must've
just plain bounced.

It was the necklace.

The necklace protected you.

Don't be ridiculous.
There's no such thing

as a charm that'll protect
a person from death.

Yeah? [CLICKS]

Well, that's...

That's been my attitude.

But, uh, how did that bullet

happen to just bounce?

Uh-uh, buddy, I'm convinced.

Either it's magic
or you're, uh...

You're, uh... [CLICKS]



Tell us you're Superman.

Well, I can't do that very well.

Here. Let me see that necklace.

Don't touch it.

It's mine. I found it.

Well, all I wanna know,
is it the real McCoy?

Of course it is.

You come with me, gentlemen,

I'll tell you the whole
story. [CLICKS]

Everybody's crazy around here.

Oh, is that so?

Clark, how did you
get here before us?

Oh. Well, we found
your wallet on the runway.

And Henderson traced
Morrell's plane, well...

I'll explain it all to
you later. Come on,

let's get out of here now,
while we've got a chance.

But what about
the necklace, Clark?

It's a fabulous story. Well...

Hold it, lady.

I told the boss we should've

left you tied up on that plane.

You're a nuisance.
Oh, yes, Clark.

We're not exactly
guests of Mr. Morrell.

Just why he bring you here?

Well, he said he'd turn us loose

as soon as he got the
necklace for himself.

Then nobody can hurt
him, police or anyone.

So that's it. And the
professor doesn't know

what kind of a man
Morrell really is.

Clark, look out!

You ain't wearing
no charm now, buddy.

Shall we see if
this bullet bounces?

Uh, no.

I guess this is one time
when I ought to be Superman.

Even he couldn't
do any good, Clark.

If Morrell gets that necklace
away from the professor,

he'll lead a charmed life.

Think of the
crimes he'll commit.

Lois, for the last
time, haven't I told you

there's absolutely no
such thing as magic.

Greetings from
the professor, sahib.

He invites you all to
visit the tomb of Tai-Wan.

You shall see the
wonders of the necklace

in its proper setting.


Is this the tablet?

Yes. Here is where I found it.

These are the instructions,
the story of the necklace.

It took me nearly a
month to translate them.

The necklace was lying
in the hands of the image...

the true guardian
of Tai-Wan's tomb.

It was intact.

It can never be destroyed.

[CRASH] Look out!

Don't be alarmed.

Nothing can harm
me while I wear this.

It's absolutely amazing.

But I'd think you'd be nervous

digging around
in a place like this.

These old tunnels
could cave in any minute.

Oh, nonsense, nonsense.

You say you translated
these instructions

and the whole legend.

And you know how
to use the necklace?

Of course, of course.

Clark, listen. What's
Morrell going to do?

I don't quite know, Lois.

I have it written
down. Yeah, let's see.

Not yet. Oh, no.

Not yet, Mr. Morrell.

Clicker, the briefcase.

CLICKER: Yeah, boss.

Lazy, get those people back.

All right.

Don't you want
them as witnesses?

Professor, when Jake Morrell
pays out a million dollars,

he wants nobody too close.

A million dollars. Gosh.

Look, Akbar!

Money for us. Money
for my expeditions.

Wait! It's not yours
yet, professor.

So that's it. He's
afraid to try to

steal the necklace
from the professor.

But if he buys
it, it's just as bad.

Professor, wait! Hold it, Lois.

But, Clark... Lois,
if Morrell wants

to throw away his
money, why not let him?

After all, he's just gonna

get a worthless string of rocks.

Are you sure, Clark?

I saw the necklace
work once on you.

Yes, lady, that's
right. I saw it too.

How about it, professor?

For the last time...
was that guy just lucky?

Before you get this million,

you've got to prove he was
saved by the magic necklace.

Of course I'll prove it.

Watch, everyone.

This is a supreme
moment of my career.

Akbar, the knife.

AKBAR: Sahib, no.

JODY: Do as I say!

Here, as hard as you can.

Please! I cannot do it!


Stab, I tell you! Now!

May Allah forgive me.

Strike, Akbar.

You see, Morrell.

The magic necklace
did save Mr. Kent.

[CLICKS] Yeah.

Yeah, i-it works, boss.

JODY: Of course it does.

JIMMY: Mr. Kent?

Here I am, Jimmy.

Mr. Kent, did you see that?


That professor
isn't crazy at all.

Why, the legend is true.

Possibly, Jimmy. Possibly.


What's the matter, Morrell?

Can't you speak?

You have the real money.

I have the real discovery.

Akbar, the gun. Yes, sahib.

Show him again.

No, I believe you.
Take the money.

Look out for the ricochet! Fire!

Stop it! Stop, stop!
Here, the money's yours.

I'll buy the necklace. Agreed.

No, professor. You can't
give him such power.

He's a criminal.
Lazy, take the kids out.

LAZY: All right, come on.

MORRELL: Clicker.

[CLICKS] Yes, sir.

What are you doing?
You didn't think

you were gonna keep
the million, did you?

From now on, nobody
can stop Jake Morrell.

Clicker, get the reporter.



LOIS: Professor!
JIMMY: Mr. Kent!

He's still in there. Mr. Kent!

mind, it's too late!

It's a good thing
for him. Buried alive.

Come on.


Your servant's all right,
professor. How are you?

A million dollars.

My greatest
chance in a lifetime.

I wanted the money for my work.

For my expeditions.

Well, sir, that's what
happens sometimes

when you try to commit a fraud.


Well, I mean, after all,

first there was that fancy
buildup to the legend,

then all those letters
to the newspapers,

and all that phony publicity.

Just so you could hook
some sucker like Morrell.

I didn't mean any harm.

I wanted the money for science.

I know, sir.

And I'm... I'm sorry
I saw through it.

But, after all, first
you get yourself

stabbed with a breakable
knife, then you get yourself shot.

O-of course, they used blanks.

And I must say, you put
on a very good show, sir.

But you know as well as I do.

There wasn't any more magic

in that necklace
than there is in you.

It wouldn't even protect a fly.

I know.

I did wrong.

It was all a fraud.

But why should you
be punished with me...

and poor Akbar?

Shh. Be quiet.

We'll never...

Never get out of
here alive. Shh, shh.

I don't hear anything.

Boss, there's a way out.

Good. We'll leave them here.

What you gonna do?
Clicker, the dynamite.

Dynamite? But you
said you'd turn us loose

when you got the necklace.

Why should anyone live
to know what I've done?

To even know that I have it?

Lazy, we'll tie them up.

Here, boss.

What do you hear?

Nothing now, sir.

Oh, I'm sorry. I must have
stumbled against the torch.

But I'm gonna try
and get out of here, sir.

Perhaps I can get
out through there.

I'll try and make it
over to the other side.

How can you?

Mr. Kent?

Where are you?

Mr. Kent!

Hurry up, boss. That
stuff will go off pretty quick.

You boys better run. I've
got the necklace. Yeah.


Hey, boss! Somebody's coming!

I've got it! I've
got the necklace!

It's Superman!




Jimmy, do something.

Get over there and
try to put out that fuse.

I can't reach it, Miss Lane.

Anyway, there's
nothing to worry about.

I've got the magic necklace.

Oh, Jimmy!

Here, we can both hold onto it.

Then nothing can
hurt either of us.

You crazy kid. That's no good.



Superman! Hurry, please!

Aw, Miss Lane, what's
the matter with you?

We got the necklace
to protect us.

Jimmy, that dynamite's
going off any second.

In that case, we'll just
throw it up through the roof.

Golly, Superman, we
didn't need your help.

You ought to be helping
Mr. Kent and the professor.

Now, don't worry
about them, Jim.

They're taken care of.

Oh, incidentally,

I hope the professor's
learned his lesson.

Lesson? Yes, for
inventing this little fraud.

Fraud? Wh-why, this is magic!

Magic. Jimmy, you
aren't going to tell me

you actually believe in magic.

Oh, what's the difference?

I'm so glad to see you, I won't
even ask how you got here.

But golly, Superman
hasn't seen it work.

Anybody that's
wearing this necklace...

nothing can hurt him.


You kicked me on
the shin! Oh, it hurts.

What did you say?

It hurts! Ah?

I mean...

That dynamite... We
could have been...






NARRATOR: Don't miss
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