Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 3, Episode 8 - Clark Kent, Outlaw - full transcript

Fired by editor Perry White (John Hamilton), disgraced reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves) joins a gang of diamond thieves. Unbeknownst to fellow reporters Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack Larson), Clark's criminal career is but a sham, a scheme cooked up between Kent and White to trap the real crooks and turn them over to the law. Even so, Clark is forced to prove his loyalty to the gang by "eliminating" Lois and Jimmy, binding the hapless duo to a chair which is then set afire! Isn't it about time for Clark to sneak into that closet and change into Superman?

Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.




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Got them cornered, inspector?

Thanks to... Get down.

They're a mean pair, Kent.

I'd say they'd try
anything to get even.

Don't worry, inspector.
I've been threatened before.

When are you gonna close in?


It's your last chance.

Throw out your guns!

Are you coming out?




Here comes one of 'em.


Handcuff him.

You, too, Curtis!

Not me! [COUGHING]

One more conviction,
and I'm a f-four-time loser!

I ain't goin' up for life!

Are you gonna take him alive?

We'd better. He's a key man.

And we've got to find
out how they're operating.

I don't know how
many valuable secrets

he's wormed out of
our top businessmen.

And I have a feeling he can
lead us to the missing victims.

Hey, coppers! I got
a stick of dynamite!

One move this way

and I'll touch off the
fuse! Understand?

We're calling
your bluff, Curtis.


Over there, Curtis.

Great Caesar's ghost!

How did you live
through that blast?

It was... Superman.

He... Superman.

What a story.

Kent! Kent!

Just when I need a
reporter, Kent's wandered off.

Well, thanks to Superman,
we've got our prisoners.

How'd you find out where
the payroll was hidden?

Well, we'll take that up later,
but the money, where is it?

Where in thunderation
have you been?!

Well, I'm sorry, chief,

but there were a lot of
bullets flying around here.

Speak up. Where's the money?

Go see if Superman's
still in the shack.

No, wait! I'll tell you.

Foster, he's the one that...

Just a minute, Curtis.

Lieutenant, I made the deal.

I'll spill it. We got
no choice, Kent.

We're caught.
Give 'em the money.

Money? What money?
What are you talking about?

Oh, don't try to clam up on me.

You know where the money is.

They'll find out you been
workin' with us sooner or later.

Are you trying to say
Kent's mixed up in this?

He's been a big
help on this caper.

He's got the inside dope on
a lot of things in Metropolis.

Yeah, now it comes to me
why he tipped off you cops

about our bein' here.

With us outta the way,
he grabs off all the loot.

Well, I've witnessed
some strange things,

but Kent's always
helped the police.

It's a try to get even,
Curtis, but it's too clumsy.

Just a minute, inspector.

I want a break.
That's why I squealed.

If you don't believe me,
have a look for yourself.

I saw Kent stash the money
in the glove compartment

of that car.

Well, Kent? How'd you
happen to have the money?

I'm not quite sure, Bill.

Well, knowing
you as well as I do,

I can't believe... Now,
now, just a minute.

Isn't it pretty obvious
I'm being framed?

Kent, I'd have staked my
life on your honesty, but...

Look, as a friend, I'd like to
give you every break I can,

but there's the money
and all of us as witness.

Kent, you'll have to stand by
for inquiry and probable trial.

Yes. It doesn't look
very good for me, does it?

I know perfectly well
that you're innocent.

I posted bail for you, didn't I?

But I'm smart enough to know
that you have something in mind.

Now, what is it?

Well, chief, I guess
I should know better

than to try and fool you.

Here's my idea.

Now, we know those two hoodlums

are only part of an
organization, right?

The only way we can
find out who the others are

is for me to pretend I'm
on the wrong side of the law.

That way we'll find out
how they're operating.

Great Caesar's
ghost! What a story!

But it's a terrific risk.

What if you can't
clear yourself?

I know it's a gamble,
but I'm already committed.

And now I'm depending on
you to help me on my way.

How? Fire me.

That's right. Fire me.

Loudly, firmly,
and lay it on thick.

Fire ya? But what
about your friends?

Why, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane

would be broken-hearted.

I know, chief, and
I'm sorry about them,

but we can't take
a chance on them

making an inadvertent slip
and giving the whole show away.

No, I think we'd better start

planting the idea in
their heads right now.


Oh, Lois?

Yes, chief?

Have you seen Jimmy Olsen?

Oh, he's right here.

Uh... We're worried about Clark.

Is there anything
we can do, chief?

I want you both
to stay right there.

You'll be busy enough.

I simply won't have it!

You're a disgrace, Kent!

You can turn in your press card,

and get your pay from
the cashier. Yes, sir.

There's no room for a criminal

on the staff of
the Daily Planet!

[TEARFULLY] Oh, Jimmy.

"Clark Kent fired.

"Ace reporter named
member of gang.

"'The Daily Planet
will never countenance

"underworld activities"
says Perry White,

editor of the Planet."

Yeah, it's quite
a story, isn't it?

It is, indeed.

Practically convicts you
before you even go to trial.

And you've got
yourself in such a spot,

you'll have to go to trial.
You know that, don't you?

Yes. I hope it doesn't
go any further than that.

You could go to jail.

And all because
you got a crazy notion

to ride along
with this frame-up.

Look, Bill, sometimes we
all have to take chances

to get these hoods, don't we?

It's my job. I'm a cop.

You're a reporter.

But all the same,
I admire you for it.

Well, thanks.

Now, watch yourself.
These boys play rough.

And speaking of these boys...

just where are they?

I've got 'em outside.

I had the D.A. ask the
judge to set bail low enough

so they could meet it.

Well, let's get this show
on the road, shall we?

Send Foster and Curtis in.

We had to allow bail
for your new friends,

so we set it so high

they couldn't
make it, we thought.

But a man named Jason met
the amount a few minutes ago.

Looks like you fellas
have a big organization.

What are you doin', pal?
Turnin' state's evidence?

Oh, very funny.

I know you framed me,
and you know it, too,

but nobody else'll
believe it. Too bad, Kent.

If we gotta go to the big house,

there's no reason why
you shouldn't come too.

You did a pretty good
job on me, all right.

And you finished it
when you booked me.

Look, if I can't get a
job on another paper,

and I doubt very
much I'll be able to,

tell me how I'm
gonna make a living.

That's your problem, Kent.

Getting yourself involved with
these monkeys, getting fired,

you brought this all
on your own head.

However, I'm warning
all three of you right now.

Keep your noses clean
and stay in the city.

I will if I get a chance to.

But if I can't get a job, I'm
gonna make a living somehow.

On your way, gentlemen.


What do you think?

Could be a bluff.

Could be we really hooked him.

Let's go see.




Come in. It isn't locked.

Relax, pal.

Guy gets kinda beat looki"
for a job all day, don't he?

Especially when
he don't get hired.

Okay. So, what do you want?

You see, Foster?

Sometimes a guy don't
know who his real friends are.

Right? Right.

Look, you're in.
Now, it looks like

I've gotta talk to you,
whether I want to or not.

Listen, maybe the
dirty trick I pulled on you

was a good thing.

I wasn't kidding when I said
you were hep to a lot of things

going on here in Metropolis.

We'll give you a job.

You'll make more in a year
than a hundred reporters.

Well, it looks like I gotta
do business with you.

I never thought I would
though. People of your type.

Well, if you're levelin', why
don't we go see about it.

Okay, let's go.

Fancy layout, huh?


Might as well begin now, Kent.

What have you got for us?

Probably more than
you bargained for.

I'll show you. Have
you got a safe?


Over here.


There you are, gentlemen.

Hey, how did you d...?

You remember Jimmy Valentine?

He was supposed to
have supersensitive fingers.

He could feel the
tumblers slipping into place.

Just a gift, I guess.

Just a gift, maybe.

You know, it takes a trained
safecracker to open that safe.

You sure you been a
reporter all your life?

It does begin to look like
I've had a little past, doesn't it?

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, it sure does.

And a big future with us.

Man, oh, man! Wait'll
the boss hears about you.

Boss? Who is he?

You'll find out.

Fair enough.

Well, now that you
know about me, uh,

how do you fellas operate?

That's something else you'll
find out, in about an hour.

Ever hear of Tom Wyngate?

Tom Wyngate.

Oh, the wholesale jeweler?

Yeah. We got an
appointment tonight.

One he knows nothing about.

And by the way, this
might be right up your alley,

Mr. Jimmy "Kent" Valentine.




Mr. Wyngate?

Yes, this is Thomas Wyngate.

This is the police department.

We're in your office.
It's been robbed.

You'd better get
here right away.

Thank you. I'll be right down.

Mr. Wyngate? Yes?

[GROANING] Oh, my...


Ooh, my head.

Easy, Mr. Wyngate.

You're in good hands.
Just take it easy.

What...? What happened?

Where...? Where am I?

My office phoned
and... Don't worry.

I'm Stoddard.

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

You're in the hospital.

We've been after a
ring of jewel thieves

who specialize in
uncut diamonds.

They're harder to identify
than cut gems, of course,

and therefore easier to market.

Then the... telephone
call from my office,

it was just an excuse?

Of course. They
wanted to capture you

and force you to open your safe.

We caught up with them
after they knocked you out.

Unfortunately, they got away.

But we were lucky
enough to save you.



Washington calling,
Mr. Stoddard.

Oh, thank you.

Stoddard speaking.

Yes, sir. I'm on the
Wyngate case right now.

You're right, sir.
They might try it.

Well, I'll ask him
about it immediately.

Yes, and we'll take
every precaution.

All right, sir.

Mr. Wyngate, did
you recently bring

a large shipment
of uncut diamonds

from South Africa?

Well, um... Why do you ask?

Large and medium stones,
approximately 940 karats.

Yes, I did.

Now, that's the shipment
the ring was after.

Thank heavens they
didn't get into your office.

But, Mr. Stoddard, the
shipment isn't at my office.

I have it in my apartment,

in a hidden safe
I just had put in.

Mr. Wyngate, you're
being pretty careless

with a shipment of that value.

Those diamonds must
be moved to a safer place,

and you're in no
condition to do it.

What's the
combination of the safe?

I don't know. My wife has it.

And she's out of town
until Tuesday afternoon,

and I can't get
in touch with her.

All right, where is the safe?

I'll have a man watch it.

In the hall linen closet,
behind the second shelf.

Well? How do you like that?

It's amazing.

Anyone would fall for that setup

and spill everything they knew.

And plenty of suckers
have fallen for it, Kent.

We got a couple of
'em under lock and key,

and another thing...
Shut up, Foster.

Evening, Mr. Kent.

Good evening. Congratulations.

You're a very good actor.

Well, we have the
location of a safe.

We know it holds a
fortune in uncut diamonds.

And we know that you, Mr. Kent,
have a knack for opening safes.

Well, what do you
think, gentlemen?

Is Mr. Clark Kent sincere?

Does he want to join us...

or spy on us?

Well, supposing I bring
you the Wyngate stones.

Would that prove where I stand?

Go ahead.

And Curtis'll go with you...

to be sure you don't
drop in on the police first.

Fair enough.

Think we can trust him?

Well, we'll soon find out.

Oh, don't, Mr. Kent!
You've gotta go straight!

Don't rob any safe! Miss
Lane and I will stand by ya!

How long you been
snooping around?

Jimmy followed you from
your apartment, then called me.

We just got here when they
opened the door. But we heard...

That I was gonna pull a job?

Well, now Curtis doesn't
have to risk getting caught.

Your friends are gonna
stay right here with us, Kent.

Sort of, uh, hostages, I'd say.

Turn us in to the law,

and you'll never
see them alive again.

Now, get the diamonds.

All right, Jason,
but I'll be back.

And please remember that
Jimmy and Lois are friends of mine.

Or were.

Jeepers, Miss Lane. I still
can't believe he's a crook.

Gosh, I can't, either.



my word, it's Superman!

Oh, you've heard of me then?

Heard of you? My dear
chap, everyone's heard of you,

though I scarcely ever
expected to meet you.

My name is Bennett, overseer
of the mines here, you know.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Bennett.

Can I offer you a spot
of tea? No, thank you.

The fact of the matter
is, I'm in rather a hurry.

I'd like to ask a favor, though.

Really, old boy?

Well, it's rather a large favor.

I'd like to borrow about 900
karats of uncut diamonds.

Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.

I'm afraid you've come
to old Mother Hubbard.

If I had any, you'd be more
than welcome to borrow them,

but the fact is, the
cupboard's bare.

I sent out every single stone
from this place yesterday.

I see. Well, could
I dig them myself?

I mean, of course
I'll return them.

Help yourself, my
dear fellow. Heh.

Thank you.

Thought so. Time for tea.


JASON: We aren't
gonna wait much longer.

In any event, I think we'd
better clear out of Metropolis.

That's good news.
How about them?

Well, we won't leave
any evidence behind.



The Wyngate stones, Mr. Jason.

Uncut diamonds.

Raw stones.

It's hard to believe these just
came from Wyngate's safe.

Yes, isn't it?

Now are you satisfied
as to where I stand?

Nice work, Kent.

But we've got news for you.

We're pulling out of
Metropolis. It's too hot here.

You want to come with us?

What about them?

We can turn loose

the people we're
already holding.

They only saw my
secretary, Ann, and myself,

and then only under
conditions of shock.

But your friends here,

they've been foolish
enough to meet all of us...

and to sit in on an actual job.

Oh, you mean my
little diamond raid?

Yes. As such, they're
witnesses against you and us.

We think they should be,
shall we say, eliminated?

Any objections, Kent?

Objections? Why,
no, of course not.

As a matter of fact, I resent
having to look at them.

They remind me of the...

Of the newspaper
and my getting fired

and Perry White. I don't
want any part of 'em.

That fits, then,

because there's one
more proof I want from you.

What's that?

You're elected
to get rid of them.

And this time, Curtis
will go with you.

Tell him he's crazy, Mr. Kent!

You're not gonna do
anything like that... are you?

Why not?

In the racket, it's
dog-eat-dog, isn't it?

I'll be back and without 'em.

Come on!

Think he'll get rid of 'em?


But somehow I don't believe it.

They've all been
close friends for years.

Kent may be tryin' to trick us.

But it's just possible
he's made one mistake.

I'm gonna check
on that right now.

I don't get it, Kent.
Why here at the Planet?

It's very simple. When I
get even with Perry White,

I'm gonna dump
them right in his lap,

and he'll never recognize
that office of his, either.

I don't like it. It's
too dangerous.

At this hour of the night?
Will you relax? Hold it.

Burglar alarm.

Perry showed me
this a long time ago.

Okay, in.

Get away from that chair.

Now, put 'em down
but back to back.

We'll tie 'em together.

Use that twine on the desk.

Better gag 'em.

Hey, what's this all about?

A match in the papers, then
the chair, then the carpet,

and the whole office,
including our friends here,

are just a happy memory.

"Accidental Death
of Planet Reporters."

Accidentally on purpose, huh?


But why all this fuss? Why
don't we just let 'em have it.

Don't you get it? By the
time this place catches on fire,

we'll have had time
to establish our alibi.

Got a match? Yeah.

Come on.

Come on!


Boss, this guy's a genius!

You should have seen
the gimmick he set up

to rub out those reporters.

Yes, I think he
is pretty clever.

Hey, what's goin' on?

You'll find out.

Over there.

Feeling better?

I certainly am.

Thanks to you and your FBI.

Now, once again, Mr. White,

you're absolutely certain
that only you and Clark Kent

knew that your firing
him was just an act?

Yes, I am.

Kent wanted to
be able to pretend

he was a member of the
gang, so he could unmask them.


Bring him in here.


This whole setup's phony, chief.

This is the gang.
Yes, but I thought...

I know. You got slugged,

and you thought
the FBI saved you.

Yes, and then I went out...
And you talked as others have.

They're prisoners
in the basement.

Tell 'em the mistake they made.

I have connections, White.

I was able to find out that you
personally posted bail for Kent.

Now, a man wouldn't do that
for a friend and then fire him.




I see.

Yes, we'll pick
you up on the way.

That was Ann.

I sent her after you and Kent.
She saw you leave the Planet.

She also heard a
burglar alarm go off.

The police just picked
up the two people

you were supposed
to have killed,

but they're alive and talking.

They'll bring the cops here.

We've still got
about ten minutes.

Let me rub him out.
No, wait a minute.

Maybe not getting involved

in a murder rap
with the other two

was a good thing. No
reason to start now.

What'll we do with 'em?

All we need is
a little head start.

A quick sleep and
we'll be out of town.



Take that.

You too.

All right, Curtis. Get the car.

Put him over here.




Inspector, I think you'll
find a lot of missing people

in the basement of that house.

Where's Clark? Yes, where is he?

Where he usually is. Excuse me.


Jimmy. Lois.

What happened?

phony criminal, you.

What a killer you
turned out to be.

[YAWNS] Fast asleep,

while Superman did all the work.

Well, better him
than me, I guess.

Are you all right, chief?

Yeah, I'm a little groggy.

What about these diamonds?

They're not the ones
from Wyngate's safe.

Oh! They belong to Superman.

He has to put them back too.
Some kind of a loan, he said.

Mr. Kent. Yes?

What if that alarm
hadn't gone off?

And if the fire had really
gotten started in that chair.

Things could have
been pretty hot for us.

Oh, about the chair, yes.
Well, if you'll remember,

I gave it to Mr. White
for his birthday.

Tell them about it, chief.

Well, Kent's been
ribbing me for long time

about dozing off
with a lighted cigar.

He said I oughta have a
special chair just made for...

You mean...? So
the chair's fireproof?

Yeah. The fire couldn't
have gotten started.

That's right, Jimmy.

That's fine,

but what if something
had gone wrong?

Well, in that case,

I guess Superman would have
to show up in time, as usual.


NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.