Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 3, Episode 4 - Superman Week - full transcript

While Metropolis gears up to honor its most popular "citizen" during Superman Week, gangster Si Horten (Herbert Vigran) tries to figure out a way to rid the town of the Man of Steel. Taking reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) into his confidence, Horten gives Jimmy a milkshake laced with truth serum, whereupon the boy reveals the location of some hidden Kryptonite--the only substance that can render Superman helpless. Meanwhile, the ever-suspicious Lois Lane (Noel Neill) eagerly anticipates the awkward situation awaiting Clark Kent (George Reeves), who has been assigned to interview Superman on TV.

Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


WOMAN: All right,
Superman. That does it.

Think it'll make a good
poster for Superman Week?

I didn't know a portrait
could be so flattering.

You're twice that handsome.

Don't be so modest.

Well, it's not easy to be
modest, with all the things

that have been going
on here this week.

Oh. I think Superman
Week's a wonderful idea.

Metropolis should
celebrate one every year.

Well, now, that's an idea

I'll thank you to
keep to yourself.

[CHUCKLES] All right.

But I just want to tell you
that it's really been an honor

having you sit for me.

And I'm sure Mr. Van
Deglass, the famous sculptor,

will be just as
thrilled as I am.

I'm the one that's honored.

After all, Mr. Van
Deglass has made statues

of kings and presidents.

I hear he's sculpting a bust
from photographs of you.

Yes, I have a
date with him later.

He wants to get
another look at my face

and fill in the final details.

Oh, by the way, when
you see Mr. Kent,

will you thank him for
the use of his apartment?

Well, I think you can
consider him thanked.

And thank you for
the very fine portrait.

Oh, you're welcome, Superman.


Goodbye, miss.


If I could only
fly like Superman

instead of taking
those hot subways.




Oh, yes, operator, thank you.

Hello. Is this the
rajah of Borgonia?

Well, I'm Lois Lane
of the Daily Planet.

It's Superman Week
here in Metropolis.

I'm calling you
because we're having

a testimonial dinner
in Superman's honor.

We thought it'd be
nice if all the people

he's ever helped sent
telegrams or cables of thanks.

Oh, then you do remember
the time he rescued

your herd of sacred elephants?

Yes, rajah. Just
send it to Metropolis,

in care of the Daily Planet.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Hi, Miss Lane. How's it going?

I had no idea how many
people Superman had helped

till I started going
through these clippings.

Only 295 calls to go.

Operator, get me Rio de Janeiro.

A three-hour delay?

Well, place the call
and call me back.


[ SIGHS] Hello. Yes, sir.

All the boys in your orphanage

are gonna sign the telegram

thanking Superman for
building their playground?

Oh, that's wonderful.

Thank you so much. Goodbye.

Where are you off to?


You're in a big hurry
to be going nowhere.

Who's in a hurry?

Jimmy Olsen, you've got
something up your sleeve.

No, I haven't. Look.



If you see Clark Kent,

tell him I could use an octopus.


Yes, Your
Highness, that's right.

He prevented your palace
from crumbling in the earthquake.

We'd be terribly
grateful if you would.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Well, where have you been?

Where have I been?

I've been doing my
bit for Superman Week.

I may be suffering
under a delusion,

but I thought you worked
for the Daily Planet.

And there's a fellow named
Perry White around here,

who thinks so too.

That's very funny.

Great Caesar's ghost.

It's about time you showed
up. Did you get my memo?

No, sir. Oh, here it is.

"See what you can dig up
on Sy..." Sy Horton, huh?

"According to the
underworld grapevine,

"he's up to some big caper.

Find out what. Staying
at 5867 Westlake."

And he's a tough
customer, so be careful.

Can Clark get on
it in the morning?

I need some help with
these Superman stories.

Can't Jimmy do that?

Oh, he just took off.

Destination: a big secret.

All right, Kent, Sy
Horton can wait.

But get with it the first
thing in the morning.

Yes, sir.

I'm the only editor
who ever paid anyone

to keep getting into trouble.

Say, Jimmy didn't
see this, did he?

Well, I don't know.
He might have. Why?

Well, he'd be no
match for Sy Horton.

Oh, Clark, Jimmy's
not that silly.

You're just trying to
get out of helping me.

Here, get busy.

All right.



Sit down. You're bothering me.

Give me a match.

This waiting around
is driving me nuts.

When are we gonna
get out of here?

When I say so.

When will that be?

When I get things figured out.


Go get it.



Hi. The, uh... The
telephone company sent me.

What for?

Well, there's, uh,

something the matter
with your telephone.

We got a complaint from
a party trying to call you.

You got the wrong place,
kid. Our phone's okay.

Well, um, there's
trouble on the lines.

Sometimes the
calls come through,

and sometimes they don't.

Can I check your phone?

Okay, hurry it up.

When did the phone company
start robbing the cradle?

Huh? You're not
old enough to vote.

I may be young, but I
can sure fix telephones.

It's a young man's
business, you know.

While you're here, you
can untangle that cord.

Excuse me.

Who sent you?!

I told you, the
telephone company.

The way I remember it,

they always take the
cord off at the wall.

Oh, that's the old method.

This is the new one I learned
in the efficiency course.

It works swell. Watch.

Okay, who are you?!

I told you.

It won't work, kid.

"James B. Olsen,"
reporter on the Daily Planet.

What are you
snooping around for?

The man asked you a question.

Shut up. I'll handle this.


I'm not thirsty... Drink it.

No, thank you.

Thank you.


What did you give
him, boss, a mickey?


Truth drug.

Stuff we gave that
private eye last week.

All right, Olsen...

I'm gonna ask you
some questions.

Now listen carefully.

Who's onto us?


Kent who?

Clark Kent.

Clark Kent. He's that
friend of Superman's.

You know Superman, don't you?

Who is he?

I don't know.

It's a secret.

You know a lot about
Superman. What's his weakness?


What's that?


rare element...

found only on planet Krypton,

Super... man's birthplace.

It's the only thing

that can harm him.

If he...

gets within five feet of it...

it takes away

all... his powers.

It can

destroy him.

What does this stuff look like?


glows in the dark.

Tell us where can we get some.

The only known piece is...

in Metropolis Bay...

in a lead pipe.

Superman threw it there.


protects him from the stuff.

What did you say it was again?




What did I say?! What did I say?

One word. Kryptonite.

Thanks, kid. Thanks a lot.

Kryptonite? But, uh, what is it?

It won't work. You
told us all about it.

I was making it
up. It was a lie.

Not with that slug of
truth drug, it wasn't.

Now, go on, beat
it. Get out of here.

The party's over. Get
your stuff and blow.

Come on, get going!

Oh, one more thing.

You blab about us to Kent,

and we'll tell every mob
in town about kryptonite.

We'll let 'em all know

how to g-get rid of Superman.

Go on, beat it!

See what I mean about figuring?

With Superman out of the way,

we can take over Metropolis.

What are we waiting for?

Let's get that
stuff out of the bay.

Use your head, stupid.
That's a big operation.

How are we gonna get it?

Take it easy. I got a hunch.

Mm, we're gonna have
to forget about this one.

While you're at it, what
about that rickshaw boy

that Superman saved
from the burning temple?

Haven't time to
learn Chinese. Hm.

Hey, this will be an easy one.


What is it?

Oh, Lois.

Here's the guest
list for the dinner.

I suppose you want
me to call them all.

No, sorry. I haven't time
to send out invitations.

Oh, Lois Lane, one-girl
phone company.

Oh, have you sent your telegram
to Superman, to thank him

for getting out the edition the
time the presses broke down?

Great Caesar's ghost. I'd
have to send out about 20

to Superman, to thank him
for all the favors he's done me.

Oh, there's the boy
I want to see. Olsen.

Yes, chief?

Don't call me "chief," you
young whippersnapper.

I'm sorry, ch... I
mean, Mr. White.

When Lois finishes
with that guest list...

I want you to write
up a story on it.

It shouldn't tax your
mental powers too much.

All you have to do
is list the names.

Mr. Kent. Yes, Jimmy?

Could I have a word with you,

in private? Well...

Well, ha-ha, that's a
cue if I ever heard one.

See you later.


All right, Jimmy. Let's have it.

Mr. Kent, I've done
something awful.

[CHUCKLES] It can't
be as bad as all that.

It's worse.


I don't know how to tell you.

Sy Horton...

Sy Horton?

I went to see him,

and, uh, he knows...
He knows about...

What does he know?

About kryptonite and
its effect on Superman.

You told him about kryptonite?

The only substance that can
destroy Superman? Why, Jim?

Oh, please, Mr. Kent,
I'm all... hazy.

Now, look, is this some stunt

you've thought up
for Superman Week?

It's no stunt.

I thought I could get a scoop

if I got some
information on Horton.

So I... I went to see him

disguised as a
telephone repairman.

But he gave me some truth
drug and made me drink it.

And I... I told him.

You know what this
can mean, don't you?

Sure I do.

If they ever get
ahold of that stuff,

they can kill Superman.

What are we gonna do, Mr. Kent?

I don't know, Jimmy.

This could be serious.

I'll have to get in
touch with Superman.

He'll be able to
think of something,

won't he?

I hope so, Jimmy.

Gee, is there... Is
there anything I can do?

I'll do anything.

Well, don't worry, Jimmy.

Meet me over at my
place tonight, will you?


Hello, Jimmy. Come in.

I know I'm early, Mr. Kent,

but I couldn't wait.

Did you get in touch
with Superman?

Yes, Jimmy, I did.

What did he say?

I'll show you.

Recognize this?

Yeah. Why, that's the lead pipe

Superman threw into the bay,

with the kryptonite
inside of it.

That's right. Fortunately,
Superman can handle kryptonite,

when it's encased in lead.

What if it ever gets
outside the pipe?

Why did Superman
fish it out of the bay

and give it to you?

Well, Jimmy,
Superman has a plan.

In fact, he's setting a trap.

If you set a trap,
you've got to have bait.

He has, Jimmy. This.


You get it, will you?

Okay, let's have it.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

The kryptonite. We
heard you. Where is it?

Kryptonite? What kryptonite?

That's enough of the cute bit.

You too, mister. Get 'em up.

We've been tailing
your young friend,

but I didn't think it would
pay off so soon. Heh.

This is a lead pipe cinch.

Come on, let's go.

No, wait.

Aren't you gonna go after them?

You got that hacksaw
blade I told you to bring?

Right here, boss.
I'll hold it, you saw it.

Come on, hurry it up.

[GRUNTS] That's good.



Once we get this kryptonite
within five feet of Superman,

he's a dead pigeon.


No, Jimmy, I'm not.

Golly, what will
Superman do now?

I don't know,
Jimmy, I don't know.


Superman certainly
has a busy schedule.

I don't know how even he
can survive Superman Week.

I've been wondering
about that myself.

They wanted him to
christen the S.S. Superman

this morning,

but we had to turn
them down. Why?

He's posing for that
sculptor, Van Deglass, at 10.

Quarter of now. He's
probably on his way.

I guess he'd better be.

And where are you going?

Oh, Superman asked me to
take care of something for him.

I've never see such
rushing around in my life.

And all because
of Superman Week.

Which, if you recall,

I've been against
from the beginning.


Boy, Clark is such a genius.

He knows the best
way to run everything.





Okay, did you
try the kryptonite?

Right now. Well,
come on, hurry it up.

Ah, it don't fit.

Well, make it fit. Come
on, now, get going.

Hey, what's this for?


Once Superman crosses that
line, he's out of our way forever.

Hey, it's almost 10. Come on.

That was mighty considerate
of the Daily Planet,

printing Superman's schedule.

Get that kryptonite in there
and hide behind the drape.

Right. Get going.

Hurry it up. Come on.


my friend, you are indeed prompt.

I am Van Deglass,

a great admirer of yours.

You're the one to be
admired, Mr. Van Deglass.

Well, Mr. Superman...

How do you like yourself?

It's a fine piece of work, sir.

Thank you.

Come a little closer
so you can see it better.

No, I appreciate works of
art better from a distance.

to humor an old man,

take a closer look, huh?

I am particularly proud

of the detail here
on the shoulder.

do you feel now, Superman?

Wait a minute. You're
not Van Deglass.

You're Sy... Sy Horton.

That's right, buster.

It's too late, Superman.

I feel... I feel...


Weak, dizzy... I...

That's because you
got a hole in your head,

right here, filled
with kryptonite.

[WEAKLY] Kryptonite.

You got any last
requests to make,

you better make 'em in a hurry.

What do we do now, boss?

You remember
that nice fat payroll

we read about in the paper?

The one they're
keeping on the west side?

Yeah, that's right.

Well, our friend Superman here
is supposed to be guarding it.

There's a half a million bucks

in that vault, if
we can get to it.

With Superman out of the
way, we can get to it, all right.

And we're gonna use
that bankroll to buy us

the toughest mob that
Metropolis has ever seen.

Come on.



He shouldn't have
sent out for that coffee.

Them knockout
drops work pretty good.

Yeah, yeah. Come on,
come on. Let's find the key.

Here, Sy.

Oh, good.


I give up, I give up.


But I gave up.

I know.

This is just to make sure.


There. That ought to hold
you till the police get here.

I hate to think what
would have happened

if you hadn't
phoned that warning.

You know that coffee

turned the sink purple.

My pleasure. And thanks
for your cooperation.

But what about the
kryptonite? I thought...

I know what you thought. You
thought it would destroy me.

How that story ever
got started, I don't know.

As a matter of fact, I intend to
use this as a good luck piece.

But you thought that it
would keep me helpless,

so you swallowed the bait

and hung yourself.

Oh, no, not more telegrams.

Yes, ma'am. And there's
another load on the way.

Well, I'm gonna have
to see about getting them

delivered to that banquet hall.

Oh, did you get everything
set for the television broadcast?

We're gonna keep it simple.

Just an interview with Superman.

Who's gonna interview him?

Clark Kent. Only he
doesn't know it yet.

And just what doesn't
he "know it" yet?

In 45 minutes, you're
scheduled to interview Superman.

And I can't wait to see you

wiggle out of this one.

That should be very interesting.

Mr. Kent interviewing Superman.

And just what's so
interesting about it?

Oh, I don't know.

It's just interesting.

Well, don't be late. Goodbye.


We, um...

We heard about Sy Horton
and Superman, Mr. Kent.

It came over the
police teletype.

Yes, it worked out pretty well.

This time they were
caught in the act,

with a guard as witness.

And best of all, Jimmy,

they're convinced that
kryptonite can't hurt Superman.

And that was his
plan all the time.

Yeah. Superman knew
they were shadowing you,

and he planned on things
working out the way they did.

But why didn't the
kryptonite hurt him?

Because it wasn't
really kryptonite, Jimmy.

It was just an
ordinary chunk of metal

painted with glowing phosphorus.

The real kryptonite is still
at the bottom of the bay.

Why didn't you let
me in on the secret?

Well, Jimmy, it
seemed a wise way

to handle it like this.

After all, they might
have slipped you

another one of those
truth serum milkshakes.

Golly. I never thought of that.

How's Mr. Van Deglass?

The sculptor? He's all right.

He's got a little
headache. Nothing serious.

Well, if I'm gonna
do that interview,

I guess I better get with it.

Mr. Kent, could I have
the key to your apartment,

so Miss Lane and I can watch
the TV broadcast on your set?

Well, as long as I have to

go through with it, anyway,

you might just as
well be watching too.

Here you are.

It's almost time.

Uh. You turn on the television,

and I'll pull the
chairs in place.

Now we'll find
out once and for all

about Clark Kent and Superman.

CLARK: Hello,
citizens of Metropolis.

I'm Clark Kent of
the Daily Planet.

They've asked me to
interview Superman.

I thought he should
have the stage to himself,

so that's why we've
set things up this way.

So here he is. Superman.

Thank you, Mr. Kent.

It's a pleasure to be here.

CLARK: Tell me, Superman, what
do you think of Superman Week?

I'm proud to have a
part in the wonderful

and worthwhile things that
have been done this week.

The camp for boys,

the home for
underprivileged children,

the home for the aged

and the foundation of the blind.

And I'm very grateful to all
those who worked so hard

to raise the funds.

And I'm proud. Proud, indeed,

to have them named after me.

CLARK: I know you're
very busy, Superman,

so I'm not going to keep you.

There's a car waiting
at the door to carry you

in the parade which is
being held in your honor.

Thank you again, and goodbye.

And now our cameras take
you to Metropolis Boulevard,

where the monster Superman
parade is shaping up.

I really thought we
had him this time.

Thanks, pal.




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