Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 3, Episode 3 - The Lucky Cat - full transcript

Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen, on duty as reporters, visit a club that is devoted to thumbing its collective nose at any and all superstitions. Members must walk under a ladder after entering the rented meeting house. Pins are left all over the floor, and members are forbidden to pick any up. The chairman calls the meetings to order by breaking a mirror. Their mascot, of course, is a black cat. But bad things begin to befall members. The floor nearly caves in during Kent and Olsen's visit. Later, a member's chemical company catches fire. None of these things are put down to bad luck: they are clearly the work of a saboteur. Suspicion falls on the meeting house's raving, superstitious landlord. It's up to Superman, however, to find the true culprit.

Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.




You're walking on the
lines instead of the squares.

That's bad luck.

I told you, stop!

You can't come in here.

This is my house.

It's a nice, peaceful old place.

It's never even been
haunted until you people came,

with your broken mirrors
and your black cats,

sprinkling salt
all over the place.

Keep away, I tell you.

It was the darkest
day of my life

when I rented the house to you.

Now I'll suffer hard
luck the rest of my years.

Now, just a minute, sir.

We haven't even
been here before.

You haven't?

Maybe we've got
the wrong address...

I hope.

No, Jimmy, it's the right place.

Weeping Willow Lane.

You're new members?

Well, let me warn you
while there's still time:

The men who come here are crazy.

They defy the laws of nature.

They laugh at
the beliefs of man.

They're doomed... Here,
here, what's going on?

Mr. Botts, I thought you were
told to stay away from here.

You can't keep me
away. This is my property.

Now, now, now, we
pay our rent, don't we?

Well, run along. Run along.

BOTTS: You can't make me.

yes, we can. Yes, we can.

Laws of trespass, you know.

New members?

Pay no attention to him.

Follow me. Follow me.

You'll be sorry.
This is my house.

They mock me.
They'll all be sorry.

Every last one of
them who come here.

You too. Both of you.

This is Friday the 13th.

And anyone who defies
the 13th will live to regret it.

Or die to regret it.


What a crazy place.


Well, we came here
to get a story, didn't we?

Let's go.

That's funny.

Yeah. Where did
that little guy go to?

He disappeared.

Well, somebody
left the door open.



Jimmy, what's the matter?

It's just a black
cat, that's all.

It walked right in front of you.

So? Jimmy...

If I thought you
were superstitious,

I wouldn't have
brought you with me.

Oh, I-I'm really
not. Honest. Really.

I'm... I'm protected.

Oh, I mean...

Well, it's just a black cat.

That's what I said.

Well, w-who are you?

Oh, we're from
the Daily Planet, sir.

Oh, yes, of course.
You're Mr. Kent.

And that must be
young Olsen. Welcome.

Perry White promised you'd
come down this evening.

I'm, uh, Bill Green. Green
Shoe Stores, you know.

You just... Oh, no, no.

Come around through there.

Oh, this way? That's right.

And then straight toward me.

How do you do, sir?


Thank you.


Under the ladder?

You know it.

Well, sure, Mr. Green.

I don't mind.


All our members enter that way.

Welcome. You're a little early

for the meeting yet.

But welcome to the sacred halls

of the Anti-Superstition Club.

Their motto is "down
with superstition."

They help expose how
silly such fears actually are.

It's quite an
idea. Isn't it, Jim?

Well, yes. But, um...

doesn't that ladder
ever fall on anybody?


A bunch of the fellows were
tired of the luncheon clubs,

so we organized a
big night-snack club.

Just a good bunch of guys

getting together
to have a little fun.

Oh, um...

we encountered a gentleman

on the way in who didn't
quite share your enthusiasm.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Uh, the landlord, I suppose?

He said he owned the place.

Poor old coot. His name's Botts.

We rented this place from him

so we could hold
our meetings here.

I guess he didn't realize
what we wanted it for.

He was making some
threats, Mr. Green.

I think he might try
to get even with you.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.
What can he do?

We're all important businessmen,

every one of us.

Here. Take a look
at this register.

It's just that he's
superstitious, that's all.

Half cracked on the
idea, like so many people.

Hates to see us break all these

silly little rules.

See a pin and pick it up,

all the day, you'll
have good luck.


There. At your feet,
young man. On the rug.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, no, no. No. Don't do that.

See a pin and let it lay,

you'll have bad luck all day.

You don't believe
that nonsense, do you?

Those pins have been there
ever since we formed the club.

I'm sorry.

They may not be very tidy, Jim,

but they're absolutely right.

As a matter of fact,
both my editor and I

feel very strongly about
this story, Mr. Green.

We'd like to see an end

of all superstition
in the world.

What possible connection
can pins and black cats

and such have with good fortune?

Exactly. I'm Charlie King.

King Chemical. Or it used to be,

while my plant still had
contracts to work on.

Yes, sir, this is Mr. Kent

and Mr. Olsen, Charlie.

How do you do, sir?

Showing them the register?

Yes. After they have
signed the guest page.

You're first, Mr. Kent.

Oh, here?

If you will, please.

All right, sir.

Thank you. And now
you, Mr. Olsen. Oh.

Just here. Red ink?

Of course. In the
business world,

red ink's regarded
as very bad luck.

We try every day to
defy some superstition.

Here. Right over here.

Look for yourselves.

"Bill Green walked on
pavement lines instead of squares

all the way to work today."

Here. I'll check in too.

Charlie King.

Charlie King lit 300
cigarettes this week

on 100 matches. Hm.

Three on a match?

You mean you did that 100 times?

Of course he did.
Of course he did.

And you know something?

He won't suffer for either.

Yes, Mr. Kent.
That's your story.

Not a single one of us

who's broken every
superstitious rule

you've ever heard
of, has suffered for it.

Not a single one of us has had

one bit of bad luck as a result.

Why should you?

There's no truth
in any superstition.

Uh, bravo. I say bravo.

Uh, uh, but now to
work. Now to work.

Uh, the meeting
room is all ready, Bill.

Fredericks, here,
is our steward.

He leads in the cat.

Why don't you show
them how the ritual goes?

Oh, I just have enough
catnip for the meeting.

Well, never mind
about that part of it.

She'd probably
scratch you anyway.

However, it is a good idea.

Uh, first I'll call the meeting

to order in here.

And that way, it'll
be easier to clean up.

Uh, would you step
this way, gentlemen?


Are you ready, gentlemen?


The meeting will
now come to order.

Seven years bad luck?


And now I hop to my place

at the head of
the table in there.


Why, of course. Thirteen times.

Not easy for a man of my size.

I land on the lines of
the floor. The cracks.

Watch me. It's like this.

Golly, Mr. Kent.

Maybe that guy
outside was right.

These men sure act crazy.

Well, Jimmy, there's a
certain amount of nonsense

connected with
any lodge or club...

What's the matter?

Mr. Green. Wait.

The support under that
floor isn't very strong.

Well, if that were true,

how could you see it from there?

X-ray vision, I suppose?

Well, I... As a
matter of fact...

Oh, he's just superstitious.

He's upset seeing us break
so many superstitious rules.

They don't deserve to be here.

Go on. Show them.

Show them we're
not afraid, Bill.

You have to be really tough
to be a member of this club.

You stay here by
the door, Jimmy.




Golly, Mr. Kent was right.

Mr. Kent?

Well, where are you?

Mr. Kent?

Oh, right here, Jimmy.

Where were you?

Say, uh, Kent. How
on earth did you know

that floor was going
to break through there?

Well, just a lucky guess.

Don't use that word.

Nothing's lucky or unlucky.

Besides, you were
walking on the lines

instead of the squares.

Well, even if I'd
fallen clear through,

it wouldn't be because
I'd broken any superstition.

It... Termites, probably.

Too much food, you mean.

I don't blame the poor floor.

[CHUCKLES] Well, well.

Ah, no harm done anyway.

Gentlemen, I think we've
gotten our story now.

We'll be running
along. Good night.

Oh, uh, drop back
any time, Mr. Kent.

And why don't you let us
put you up for membership?

You're not superstitious.

No, I only believe in
the things that men do.

Good night, gentlemen. Jimmy?

Mr. Kent. Oh, uh, good night.


Wh-what's that?

Sawdust, Jimmy.


The stuff that's made
when somebody saws wood.

And I don't mean termites.

No, somebody wanted that floor

to collapse under Mr. Green.

Oh, Miss Lane. No!

See? I'm not
superstitious either.

What's the matter,
Jimmy? Make you nervous?

[SIGHS] No. Course not.

Besides, I've been carrying
that cracked mirror around

in my purse for months.

Now, tell me the rest of it.

Well... Mr. Kent
wanted to go out

and take another
look at the house.

He wanted to see that
floor in the daytime.

Has he come back yet?

No. He said if he got
any more information,

he was gonna go to the police.

Jimmy, why don't you
and I run out there?

Oh, well...

there's nothing out there.

It's just an old house.

If Clark's gone out by himself,

you can bet he's
after a good story.

Why should we let
him get it? I'll finish early

and this afternoon, we'll
go and snoop around.

All right.

And Jimmy, for heaven sakes,

where did you
get that awful habit

of sticking your
hands in your pocket?

What are you carrying?


I'm not gonna have any
trouble with superstitions.


MAN [WHISPERING]: "Charlie King:

"lit 300 cigarettes this week

on 100 matches."


Yes, that's what
we figured, Tom.

Okay, thanks.

Your guess was right, Kent.

The crime lab sent a man out

to look over that basement.

He said that support beam
was sawed just recently.

Mm-hm. Looks like somebody
wanted Green to fall through.

Looks that way.
But even if he had,

he probably wouldn't
have been hurt very badly.

I'd call it more of
a crackpot stunt

than a murder
attempt, wouldn't you?

Yes, but when a
crackpot starts off this way,

he can get more
and more dangerous.

And if he wanted to punish Green

for laughing at superstition,

well, the rest of the
members of the club

are in danger too.

And they should be warned.

Oh, we'll take care of it.

I'll get the membership
list from their register.

And I think I'll pick up

that nutty landlord of
theirs for questioning.


There doesn't seem
to be any answer.

Well, let it ring a
few more times.

It's pretty important we
reach all these people.

Hello? Oh, hello.

I-is this Mr. King?


Oh, hello, inspector.

Why, no, nothing's
happened to me.


Now, really, inspector...

I-I-I'm not afraid of
any crazy prophecy

made by a little
guy like that Botts.

I-I'm sorry. No,
that wasn't anything.

At least I don't think so.

Oh, now, really, inspector,

I think you're getting
alarmed over nothing.

Well, we felt we ought to warn

some of you
leaders of the group.

Yes, I know Bill Green
wasn't hurt, but, uh...


I'm not afraid of any fire here.

W... We're practically
out of business,

and there's so little to burn...


Mr. King, the fire department
might have been able

to save the rest
of your buildings.

But with all the
explosives in this room,

you most certainly would
have been blown up.

Great Caesar's ghost.

Two more attempts, eh?

Two so far. Mr. Green
and Mr. King.

And it couldn't be just luck.

I mean bad luck because
they defied superstition.

Oh, come on now, chief.

You don't believe any such
nonsense as that, I hope.

No, no, of course not.

But it takes human hands
to saw wood and start fires.

The point is, Kent,

where is this lunatic
going to strike next?

And who's the next victim?

I'll have the story
as fast as it happens.

Oh, by the way.
You haven't seen Lois

or that young idiot,
Olsen, have you?

No. No, I haven't.


Nobody here either.

You know, Miss Lane,
I-I don't even know

what you're looking for.

Oh, guess I'm just curious.

We've been crawling around
this place for nearly an hour.

It's gonna be dark
in a few minutes.

Listen, Jimmy. If
there was an attempt

on Mr. Green's life
last night in this building,

doesn't it seem likely

that we'd find some
sort of evidence?

Like the... Oh, the
saw that was used

to cut the flooring
or something.

But, uh...

what if we find a booby trap
meant for somebody else?

Booby trap?

I mean, uh... What
if one finds us?


Guess it is just a
deserted house.

But I wanna get a
look at that basement.

All right. But let's hurry.


Oh. Must be their mascot.

Oh, nice kitty.

I wonder who feeds her.



Looks like you
do... with your hand.

She tried to scratch me.

Well, let's go, Jimmy. Come on.



In the hall.



Guess it's nothing. Come on.

We're just letting our
imaginations run away with us.

All old houses creak.

There will be members
around this evening.

All right. We'll be out
of the basement by then.

Come on.




it's empty, I think.

I hope.


Hi, Jimmy.

Oh, Clark. What a relief.

We heard you before
when we were upstairs

in that bedroom, but...

We're locked in.

I guess it wasn't
you after all, was it?

No, Lois, I just got here.

I came in the front door.

Clark, what are you looking at?

Hm? Oh, I'm just surprised

at who I see...

I mean, I'm surprised
to find you here.

Surprised? Well, do something.

Now, don't worry.
We'll get out all right.

Hurry, the window. Come on.


Oh, the shutter.
Now we are trapped.

But you just stand there.

I told you not to worry, Lois.

Oh, sure. That
door's a foot thick,

and so are the walls.

I'm afraid there's nothing
much we can do. This...


Are you all right, Jimmy?

Yes, I'm all right.

Well... does Superman
know we're here?

Yes, he does,
Lois. But I'm afraid

he can't come out in the
open and help us now.

LOIS: Well, why not?
He's just as much against

the silly superstitions
as we are.

What on earth?


A horseshoe?

I don't know how that
happened to get on the floor.

Look in his other pocket.
He's got a rabbit's foot

and a four-leaf clover.

Oh, no, Jimmy.

You carrying good-luck charms?

I'm sorry.

I don't really
believe in the things.

Say, I'll bet if
Superman were here,

he'd rub this horseshoe
and make a magnet out of it.

It would help us
get out of here.

Superman would knock a
hole through the wall, silly.

Come on. We'll find a way out.

Trouble is, too many people

might see him
knocking that hole.

Uh, Jimmy, did
you try this door?


But it sounded like
he threw the bolt.

Well, maybe he did,
but it's open now.

Oh, good. That does it.

Yes. Shall we go?

Your weapon, old boy.

Come on, Jimmy.


Something's wrong with that cat.

Sounds like he's not very happy.


That crazy guy,
Botts, is up there.

He must be. Hold it, Jimmy.

Another murder's
being planned, that's all.

That's all? Mm-hm.

So we're gonna have to
do a little planning ourselves.

Let's see. The members will be

coming back to this
club in a little while.

Let's go.


He's in there right now.

Never mind, Lois. Even
if you went in there, Bill,

you wouldn't catch him

doing a thing you
could arrest him for.

You're crazy. Police radio says

some of my boys already
have Botts cornered.

What? But he's the one...

Botts cornered? Where?

At another house he owns
across town on 53rd Street.

Across town?

Listen, Bill. Don't
go in until I get back.

Will you do that for me?




Mr. Botts, you're under arrest.

For the last time,
Mr. Botts, come out.

Give yourself up.

I will not.

You're walking on my lawn.

I own this house. I
own lots of houses.

But you can't come
in any of them.

Nobody can.

I'm never gonna rent a
house again as long as I live.

Nothing but trouble.

You're under arrest, I said.

I guess we're gonna
have to break the door in.

Don't you dare.

This is private property.

You're trespassing. All of you.

I've never been
arrested in my life,

and I don't intend to start now.

You asked for it.

You better give
him the tear gas.



Just hold your
breath for a second.

I'll inhale the gas.

There. All out the
window, Mr. Botts.


And don't worry, Mr. Botts.

You're not going to jail.

In fact, you're not
guilty of anything.

But there's another
man who's been trying

to make it look as though
you're to blame for everything.

Who? Who is it?

The man that's
going to be confessing

in about five minutes.

Will you excuse me?

All right, Kent,

they're all in there with
Miss Lane and Jimmy.

Fredericks, King and
Green? That's right.

Although, why should I
let you play detective...

Because you have no
evidence. That's why.

I can tell you who's guilty,

but you wouldn't have
any case against him.

Come on in. We'll
watch him trip himself.


There's the cat. I
better catch it. No.

But we can't let
her run loose with...

No, I said.

Just, uh, keep an eye on her.

Mr. Kent, what's this all about?

We're supposed to be holding
a meeting of our club now.

You know what it's all about.

A murder attempt on Mr. Green

and then on
Mr. King in his factory.


GREEN: Oh, uh, inspector.

W-we're not upset by this,
so, uh, why should you be?

Old Botts hates us, and
he tried to make us think

the superstitions we'd broken
were backfiring against us.

That's all.

Sure. Three on a match

and stepping on squares

instead of on lines, and...

Yes, he should be
taken away somewhere

for a long, quiet rest.

He didn't saw the floor
or set that fire, gentlemen.

But one of you did.

And took advantage
of poor Botts' ravings

in order to make it look as
though he were responsible.

I don't understand.

Hey. Nothing
happened to him yet.

Let's take it easy, Jimmy.

Uh, go over there
and sit down, will you?

Gentlemen, will
you please sit down?

Take your places.

Uh, by the way, Mr. Fredericks.

In your part as, uh,

steward in this ritual,

what happens after
the, uh, mirror is broken?

Well, I follow the black cat in,

and I-I sit here holding it.

And blast her long claws.
Look at my scratches.

Mm-hm. Well, gentlemen,

I'm gonna be very
quick about this,

because I already know
which one is the guilty man.


Here, kitty, kitty,
kitty. Come on, puss.

[MEOWING] Come on.

That's a girl.

Careful she doesn't scratch you.

Don't worry.

Kent, what's the
matter with you?

You say that one of us is
guilty of these crazy crimes

and you... You go
off chasing a cat.

Well, they're not crazy
crimes, Mr. Green.

They just seem that way.

And now I'm gonna let your cat

pick out the guilty man.

I'm not afraid of black cats.
Even mean ones like that.

Oh, yes,
Mr. Fredericks. This cat

might have scratched
you any time this evening.

But I have another
job for her right now.

And I think it'll be easy.

When our man wasn't looking,

I slipped some
catnip in his pocket.

Don't anyone look
in their pockets.

We'll let the cat do the work.

Well, of all the silly,
nonsensical tricks.

Never mind,
Mr. Green. Just watch.

She she never did like me.

Well, this is ridiculous.

Perhaps it is,
Mr. King. Perhaps it is.

Still, I know you're
not superstitious.

And while she may
be a little unpleasant,

still, there's no reason
for you to be afraid of her.

I'm not.

You weren't afraid to set
fire to your own factory.

You're crazy! I'm
getting out of here.

Why did you do
it? The insurance?

I didn't do anything.
You can't scare me.

She seems to like you.
Why are you so afraid of her?



He put poison on her claws.

You shouldn't have
jumped so far, Mr. King.

I wiped it off a long time ago.

All right.

Yes. I did everything.

I was desperate.

I was broke.

I had no orders at the factory.

My whole life was ruined.

I had to do
something to cover up.

I had to burn that factory.

If Superman hadn't come
along and stopped that fire,

I'd have collected a
million dollars in insurance.

I guess we can get the rest
of this down at headquarters.

Thanks for the confession, Kent.

The rest of you mind
coming along for a statement?

You. How did you
know I was the one?

Well, maybe I'm lucky,
or maybe I'm Superman.

Ha-ha. Big joke.

You'd better knock on wood
when you say things like that.

Come along, all of you.



NARRATOR: Don't miss
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Superman is based
on the original character

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