Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 7 - Superman in Exile - full transcript

Superman narrowly prevents disaster at an atomic facility. In doing so, he has become totally irradiated and will kill living things just by being close to them. This forces Superman into exile while the atomic scientists try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, criminals kidnap Lois Lane, figuring Superman wouldn't dare try to apprehend them because of his condition.


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than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

It's out of control!

And building in
intensity every second.

Gentleman, we've got
to stop it, or Metropolis

and every living thing within
a hundred miles is doomed.

Yes, we've got to
stop it. But how?

Mechanically, it's very simple.

All we've to do is to
take the center control rod

and insert it in aperture B-74,

to neutralize the
chain reaction.

The trick is to get close enough
to that monster to do it without...

Without dying.
That's right, Fred.

But still I have to try it.

Not you, Professor Adams.

I am in charge here.
It's my responsibility.

But you're too
important. Let me.

Well, at least let me
go in there with you.

That way if my body
can protect yours,

we can get close enough
to it to have you do it.

All right.

Allen, get on the
short-wave radio

and alert all police,
military and civil defense.

If we fail in this, Metropolis
must be evacuated at once.

Yes, sir.

Project X calling civil defense.
Project X calling civil defense.

Come in, civil defense.


Here I am! It is I.

In the midst of this dull
afternoon, I have brought you

the greatest story
of the century.

Permit me, my card.

Joseph Ferdinand,
public relations.

I don't understand
what you're talking about.

You're, no doubt,
Mr. Clark Kent.

Or perhaps Miss Lois Lane?

No, I'm not Mr. Kent,
or Miss Lane either.

I'm Jim Olson and I'm busy.

You have something
more important?

Nothing is more important

than the crown jewels of
my so beautiful country.

I'm sorry but I can't afford to
buy any crown jewels today.

[LAUGHS] Buy? I'm not selling.

I merely spread the enormous
news that these beautiful jewels

are to be exhibited here,
in your so charming city.

Oh, I see. You're a press agent.

You got the wrong department.

Excuse me, Mr. Kent?

Miss Lane, I presume.

Be quiet.

Stand by, all channels.

Relay it.

Police channel stand by.

Prepare to evacuate the city.

Stand by all channels.

Mr.Kent, what's going on here?

Just a minute, Jimmy.

The professor is coming
out of the main chamber now.

Hold it. We'll still have it
straight from him in a minute.

I am sure when you hear
the importance of my story...


ALLEN [ON RADIO]: Professor,
do you have it under control?

Control? No, I'm afraid not.

Harris is still in
there... dead, perhaps.

The nuclear power
is running wild.

This is an emergency
of the greatest nature.


And you thought you had a story.

You just heard what
the professor said.

There may be an
explosion at any moment.

Worse than a 100 atom bombs.


Let me try and
help him, professor.

It's no use, Allen. You'd
never get out, yourself.

Anyway, we're all doomed.



Show me what to do, professor.

I'm afraid even you can't
stop this terrible thing,

but if you can remove the center
rod from this center aperture

and insert it in
aperture B-74...

That's this one.

It might just work.

If you can reach the pile.

I can try.


He's still alive.

Get him behind a lead shield
in the decontamination chamber.

But don't expose yourself.

He's loaded with gamma rays.

He's done it.

He's done it!

Attention civil defense.
Sound the all clear.

The danger from the nuclear pile
has been brought under control.


Superman! It was Superman!

Oh, Jimmy!

Stand back, everyone.

Get me a Geiger counter.

But Superman, we
want to thank you.

Millions of lives were
saved, thanks to you.

Get me a Geiger counter.

Do as he says.

Yes, sir.

Professor, if there
had been an explosion,

that radiation would have
been spread all over, wouldn't it?

Yes, that's true. Now,
it simply can't happen.

But it's new, isn't it?

You haven't quite figured
on how to handle it, have you?

The radiation?


That's why we started
to break up the pile

the moment we discovered it.

It's too dangerous.

Anything contaminated
may stay that way forever.



You see,

the terrific power
of the radiation

seems to have become

concentrated in me.


It can't be.

Your whole body, radioactive...



I'm going home. You be sure
and call me if anything happens.



He is?

Well, hurry up and put him on.

Hey, Miss Lane! It's him!

Miss Lane!

Who? Our wandering boy?

Mr. Kent.

Aw, hurry it up,
operator, will ya?

All right. Don't
fall off your chair.

Sure, we're waiting.

Here, Let me take it.

Well, well, well. Mr. Kent.

And what air raid shelter
have you been hiding in?

Yes, Clark, we
know all about it.

We've already put out
an extra on it. Surprise!

Oh, Clark, it's
horrible, isn't it?

That radioactivity
is all through him.

He could bring death to
anyone he comes near.

Clark, wait. Where
have you been?


Where are you calling from?

Well, uh, it's a phone...

uh, sort of in the country.

But Lois, why shouldn't
I be in the country?

I'm just trying to follow
Superman and find out about him.

Yes, but, he's gone up in
the mountains somewhere.

Clark, I know that.
Everybody knows it.

He told Professor
Adams he was going...

to get away from people.

Jeepers, what's wrong?

Clark, speak louder.
This connection is...



Isn't it funny, the way
Mr. Kent disappeared today

just before Superman showed
up out there and saved everybody?



Clark, what's the
matter with you?

Why did you call?

Lois, I told you.

I just called to tell you

I won't be coming
back for a while.

No, I don't know when.

It'll be longer than
that, I'm afraid.

Much longer.

Lois, maybe I shouldn't
have called you at all.

Clark, what kind of a story
could possibly keep you away?

Clark, you haven't said anything
yet, except about Superman.

Lois, I'll, I'll just have to

write you a letter or
something about it.

I can't explain it to
you now. I'm sorry.



He was just talking and...

From where?

He did?

No, never mind.


Jimmy, he was calling
from near Blue Peak,

the same place where Supe...

Oh, no. He just couldn't be.

Just the same, the next
time Mr. Kent's around,

I'd sure like to put a
Geiger counter on him.

Then we'd find out
if he's Superman.

It's what makes me
wonder. Maybe you can't.


Clark says he can't come back.

And why can't he unless...

unless, he's Superman.


Here I am. It is I.
One side, young man.

Who is it, Skinny?

Oh, it's you again.

Precisely. The
name is Ferdinand.

Now, Mr. Regan.
Regarding the crown jewels

my country is sending
for an exhibition.

Throw him out. What?

Come on, press agent.

But I told you of the
value. I've told you!

I was handling all
of the arrangements.

Don't argue with the man.

Yes, I've even told the papers

the jewels are arriving
by ship when they are not.

They will be here tomorrow
night by a special plane

and I am the
welcoming committee.

I told you I don't wanna
handle a job that big.

Not in this town.
It's too dangerous.

Besides, here in Metropolis,

we got a great big
guy named Superman.

But haven't you even seen this?

It's like I told you,
Mr. Ferdinand.

I like to play it safe.

And the man doesn't
wanna read the paper.

Now come on!

Hold it, Skinny. Let him go.


"Self-imposed banishment
to Mount Blue Peak

in order not to endanger
other human beings."

How much did you say those
crown jewels were worth?

A king's ransom!

Now here is the way I
thought we should handle it.

Your friend Skinny, here,
can fly a plane, you said...

Yeah, yeah. Don't worry
about it. We'll take care of it.

Well, what do you know? At last.

Well, it looks like there'll be
a hot time in old Metropolis

in more ways than one
from now on. Yes, sir.

With Superman stuck up
on a hill and out of our hair.





Superman? How did it work?

Did it get rid of
the radioactivity?

Of which one, professor?


Oh, the grounding
in the iron ore?

Well, I found a deposit and I
dove right straight through it.

I can't tell you...

Uh, just a moment.

No, Professor Adams.

I'm afraid you'd better
try something else.

All right, all right.

I've got more faith in
the acid idea, anyway.

We'll parachute-drop
a tank of the solution

to you in the morning.

This may be the neutralizing
agent that will do the trick.

Yes, I've read all the
books you sent me.

Oh, that reminds me.

You're getting your
papers, aren't you?

Have you noticed
how the crime situation

in Metropolis has increased?

Well, of course I've noticed.

What can I do about it,
when everyone I go near

is threatened with
the same radiation?

I have the best research
men in the country

working on your problem.

We'll find a solution,
if there is one.

All right. Goodbye.

Superman, I've received a
reply from Dr. Fischer, in Vienna.

His theory is that some
kind of counteracting shock

might do the trick.

But there would have to be
a way to carry the energy off.

And what kind of
energy would do it?

He doesn't know, and
frankly, neither do I.


Pardon me, Miss Lane.

What? It is I.

They said you would
work late tonight.

So it struck me like a
brick that here was the way

to have proper coverage for
the arrival of my country's jewels.

The feature editor will
take care of that story.

But Miss Lane...

He's already assigned
a photographer

to meet the steamship.

Don't worry!

But there is a secret!

You can have a scoop.

The exhibit is arriving in half
an hour, on a special plane.

The story will be all yours, if
you come with me to meet it.

Oh, it's just not that
important a story.

Oh, I'm sorry, that's not true.

I'm worried about
something else, that's all.

Well, a job's a job, I guess.

Let's go.

Here they come.

These are some guards I
hired, Miss Lane. Just for safety.

These jewels are worth
a great fortune, you know.


Miss Lois has been
worrying about Superman.

So am I.

Superman can
prevent a lot crimes,

even if he is radioactive.

Well, I don't understand.

He means like if somebody
tried to hijack an airplane, lady.

Maybe, in a case like that,
Superman wouldn't care

if people got hurt with that,
that radiation stuff of his!

Oh, I still don't understand.

What I mean is, maybe,
uh, Superman wouldn't worry

if it was only crooks
that might get that, uh,

radioactive stuff of his on 'em.

What's he talking about?

I'm just trying to play it safe.

Now, Superman wouldn't
bother a hijacked plane

if any of his friends
happened to be on it...

now would he, Miss Lane?


REGAN: There, gag her.



It was on the radio.

They shot one of the
real airport guards.

Are you sure that Miss
Lane was with them?

That's what it said.

The moment the plane landed,

they hauled the pilot
out and took over!

Right in the middle
of the crowded airport.

And they were back in the
air again within two minutes!

Well, what can I do about it?

If I even touch that plane,

everyone on it
might be affected.


Why don't you relax?

Go on, sit down.


I guess you can make all
the noise you want, now.

Would you like to
try one of these on?

You might as
well get used to us.

You want us to treat you nicely,

don't you, when we
get out of the country?



Just a little storm we've
gotta get through, that's all.

In fact, it's good.

Make it harder
for 'em to track us.


MAN [ON RADIO]: And now
the nightly weather report.

Storm warnings and a
probable thunder shower

for you farmers of
the region beyond...


With the Blue Mountain region

building up the
heaviest pressure.

Lightning and immoderate
rainfall expected

before the storm passes.

Stay tuned to this station

for the latest news
and weather reports.

A "counteracting
shock" of some kind...



It's all right. Nothing
to worry about.

What is it? Skin...

I don't know!

Feels like the tail.

We're going to crash!

SKINNY: Shut up!

Do something! Shut up, I said!

There's an emergency
field near here.

We'll be all right.

We'll just land and
check it, that's all.

Skinny. There's a dump of
an operation shack over there.

See if they got a telephone
so you can call a mechanic.

Okay, okay.

I think we'd better stay
right here, Miss Lane.

Before too long, we
will continue our little trip.

Sorry mister, but I'm
afraid your little trip is over.

Now just take it real easy.
Nothing's gonna happen.

You're all right, Miss Lane?

How do you know who I am?

He told me.

Guess he gave you a
pretty rough ride, huh?

Who told you?

Who gave us a rough ride?

Why, Superman.

Superman? Skinny!

Never mind him, mister.
My men have got him already.

Come on. Let's go.

Superman. So that's who it was.

That's right, Miss Lane.
He gave me a phone call.

Told me he was going to
force the plane down here.

Come on.

Good evening.

And where have
you been, Mr. Kent?

Me? Oh, I've been around.

Oh, "around," eh?

And I suppose you can
explain why you and Superman

have both been
missing for approximately

the same length of time?

My dear Miss Lane,
don't you realize

there's a logical
explanation for everything?

All right. Start
getting logical.

Well, let's just say that

Superman had
certain things to do

and I had certain things to do.

Such as?

Well, Superman had a hunch
that if he exposed himself

to the full fury of
an electrical storm,

it might neutralize the
radiations he'd absorbed.

Well, it worked.

Oh, it did, eh?

And I suppose if Superman
isn't radioactive anymore,

you aren't either.

Me? Radioactive?

I should say not. See?

This is a Geiger counter.
If I were radioactive,

this gadget would be
clicking away like mad.

And what are you doing
with a Geiger counter?

Oh. Well, Superman
asked me to check this plane

for any traces of contamination.

Obviously, it's
perfectly all right.

See? No clicks.

You're just trying
to confuse me.

But Superman and
you... I still wonder.


Well, it's no wonder you wonder.

You're a pretty wonderful girl.


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