Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 4 - Jet Ace - full transcript

Perry White's nephew Chris, a pilot who has been testing jets for the military, is kidnapped, with his captor attempting to get his hands on the report Chris wrote about the jets.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


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Oh, don't worry, chief.

Chris has been through
this a thousand times before.

That's what has me worried.

The boy's been
flying too much lately.

I can never get that nephew
of mine to take a vacation.

Jeepers, what a life.

Can you imagine
getting paid to fly jets?

Any time you want to quit
the newspaper business

and take up flying, you
have my permission.

With or without wings.

Oh, I mean, it
would be... [SIGHS]

No, sir. I mean...

I intend to keep my feet
on the ground. Yes, sir.

You better leave
the flying business

to Chris White
and Superman, Jim.

Eight-six calling Pico Tower.

Going up to 50,000 now
to make the level run. Over.

Pico Tower. Go ahead, Eight-six.

Ready for the level run now.

Altitude 50,000 feet.

Visibility is perfect. Out.

Hang on. Here we go.

Eight-six calling Pico Tower.

She's a wildcat.

I thought the plane
would run away from me.

I'm going to try
her in a dive now.

CONTROLLER: Tower to 86.
Just stick to level runs as scheduled.

Nothing fancy.

Sorry, tower, I can't hear
you. I'm coming down.

General, can't you stop him?

He's a civilian, Mr. White.


You don't think you can see him

through the ceiling,
do you, Clark?


Oh. Just an unconscious
reaction, I guess.

Eight-six to tower. I'm diving.

Okay so far.

Speed is Mach point-6.

Mach point-7...


Relax, chief, he's okay.

Point-9. All smooth.


She's really a
smooth one, general.

Wait a minute.

I think I'm feeling...

Feeling a little woozy there.

I can't seem to...
To get my breath.

Eight-six. Eight-six.

Over. Over.

He is in trouble.
I-I-I can't stand it.

I've got to get outta here.



CHRIS: Eight-six to tower.

There he is.

The plane's a gem. I'm
sorry I am the one who...

CONTROLLER: Come in, Chris.

Keep fighting it,
Chris. You can make it.


Not this trip, son.

This is awful.

Jeepers, he really is in a spot.

Come in. Come in, Chris.

Chris, can you hear me?

Come in. Come in, Chris.

Keep fighting it,
Chris. You can make it.

Chris, come in.



I can breathe now.

Somehow, something
seems to be leveling the ship.

Thank heavens.

her gradually, Chris.

Come on in.

Eight-six to tower. Roger.

Coming downstairs
now. The easy way.

LOIS: Well, Mr. Kent,

while you weren't
feeling very well,

it may interest you to
know, Chris made it.

Well, I'm very glad.

It's a good thing
he didn't have to

depend on you to help him.

Yes, sir.

Now, just a little statement
for the press, captain.

Well done.

What about the new
jet? Break any records?

I can't tell you anything.

Are you okay? Sure.

SUMMERS: I said no interviews.

How did you get on the field?

It's a trade secret, general.

But if you really wanna
know, I stabbed two guards,

bribed the lieutenant colonel,

and then flew over the fence.

Too bad you're not in uniform.

You're from the
Blade, aren't you?

That's right. Steve Martin.

You're Kent, huh?

That's right.

I suppose you have
to work on the Planet

to get special privileges.

These people aren't here
as reporters, Mr. Martin.

They're personal
friends of Captain White.

And he arranged the visit.

You'll get any
official information

just as soon as soon as
the Planet does, Martin.

Yeah. I'll bet.


You had us worried
for a minute, son.

Oh, I had myself worried, sir.

You know, a pilot
has a cracking point

just like a plane, Chris.

Now, you've been pushing
too hard. Need a rest.

Yes, why don't you run up

to my lodge in the mountains.

Relax for a few days.

Unc, you're acting like I was...

I could talk your boss into
ordering you to take a rest.

Now, why not make
it easy and just go?

What about my flight report?

We don't need you to check
the instruments and film.

You can write up your own
reactions and send them in.

How, sir? By carrier pigeon?

There's a helicopter
mail service.

Flies to all the hunting lodges.

Looks like they've
got you trapped, Chris.

All right.

But it will cost you
one 20-gauge shotgun.

If I'm going out to pasture,
I wanna have some fun.

That's a deal.







How about taking a little
ride with us, buddy, huh?

Oh, you fellas must
have the wrong cabin.

Frenchy, you don't think
we got the wrong cabin?


Let's go. Somebody
wants to talk to you.

Talk to me? Who?

Never mind. Just let's go, huh?

I'm not going anyplace.

Or do I have to start
my hunting a little early?

You can't fire a gun
with no bolt in it, captain.

What kind of a gag...?

Whoa, wait a minute. Let's
not argue about this, huh?

You gotta lose.

I wouldn't be too sure of that.

Frenchy, it looks like this man

needs a little convincing.


Maybe you ought to go
back to the gym, huh?

Lucky punch. He caught
me with a lucky punch...

Lucky punch. You're lucky
he didn't knock your brains out.

Now, let's pick him up
and get him outta here.

Hey, wasn't we supposed to
look for some kind of report?

We're supposed to
deliver the captain.

If the guy wants to
pay us more money,

we come back and
deliver the report.

Gee, you should have
been a businessman.

Yeah, I am. Now, come
on, let's get moving.

Leave that alone, nitwit.

It'll be hard to explain
someday where you got it.

Carry the guy to the car.

Yes. That's it, eh?

Okay, thank you.


Something wrong, chief?

Well... I finally
managed to contact

that helicopter pilot.

He stopped at the cabin.

Chris wasn't there.

That's nothing to
get alarmed about.

He's probably out hunting.

Without his rifle?

The pilot found it outside
lying on the ground.

Chris wouldn't be that
careless with a gun.

What about that flight
report? Any word on that?

Not a word. Nothing.
And that isn't like him.

Chief, what do you say
I take a run to that cabin

and just have a look around.

PERRY: I'd appreciate it, Kent.

CLARK: Fine. I'll
leave right away.

Good. Can I go along
with you, Mr. Kent?

Olsen, if you barge
into this office, I'll...

I'm sorry, chief, sir.

I mean, I just
happened to hear that...

Oh, you just happened to hear?

Yes, sir. The door was
open, and I couldn't help it.

Kent, will you do me a
favor? Take him with you.

Get him out of my hair.

But, chief...

No buts. That's an order!

Take him with
you, and if you can,

lose him along the way!

I'll be with you in a minute,
Mr. Kent. Thanks, chief.

Don't call me chief!


Hey, what's this doing out here?

I don't know, Jim.
We'll have to ask Chris.


Maybe there's a door
open around back.

Go look.

What is it, Jimmy?

How'd you get in there?

Oh. Well, the door
wasn't locked after all, Jim.

It was just stuck.

I don't see how
you could have...

Shh! Someone's coming.

I don't hear any...
Oh, yes, I do.

We'd better hide until
we find out who it is.

Hey, Nate, look at that.

Yeah, I'm looking.

Maybe the wind, huh?

You ever hear of the
wind busting a lock off?

Whoever came must
have went already.

Okay, get busy
and find that report.

What do we do now, Mr. Kent?

Sit tight.

When they leave, I'll
try and follow them.

Hey, you know what?

I think we're looking for
something that ain't here.

If it ain't here,
we can't find it.

But he said not to
come back without it.

What do you want
me to do? Write one?

Come on.

You stay here, Jim.
And keep your eyes open.



What did you stop the car for?

I didn't do nothing.
It stopped by itself.

What did you do
with Captain White?

I said, what did you
do with Captain White?

Tell him, Nate. Tell
him what we done.

Shut your big mouth.

I'll talk. I'll tell you.

Shut up.

Tell me, Frenchy.

We got hired to kidnap him.

Who hired you?

We don't know. We got
our orders over the phone.

We left him tied in the alley.

You left him in an
alley. And then what?

We got another call.

The guy told us to come back
and look for some kind of report.

Where did you get these calls?

Excelsior Hotel, room 20.

He's gonna call again at 5.

That's it, honest.

Hey, Nate. That cape.

I know. It's Superman.

All right, boys,
end of the line.

What are you gonna do with us?

I'll leave that to the police.

What was your air
speed? Altitude?

Where's your flight report?

Your air speed, altitude.
What kind of fuel did you use?

No comment.

You'll comment.

You're wasting your time.

Now, look, captain.

Look. What does it
matter to you, huh?

The information is
top military secret.

That's what it matters.

And nobody's
gonna talk it out of me

or beat it out of me.

Oh, so that's it?
Well, okay, cap.

I know the right people
who will pay the right price.

So there's enough
in it for both of us.

How much will you take?

Let's say 5 million.

Five million. Are you nuts?

Then it's no deal.

Well, I'm tired of playing
around with you, kid.

Excelsior Hotel?

Give me room 20.

Hello, Nate?

Yeah. Yeah, I know.
But did you get...?

Just a minute.

Just a minute, you're not Nate.

Well, looks like somebody's
playing games, captain.

We'll have to get outta here.

Come on.

Come on. Get up. Get up.


That just cost you
your life... captain.

Great Caesar's ghost!

We just can't sit here
like bumps on a log.

There's not much
we can do, chief.

Henderson's got that man
staked out in the hotel room

waiting for the call.

So until we hear...


You take it, Kent.
I'm too upset.

All right, chief.

Kent speaking.

What's that?

Oh, I see. All right.

Who was it?

Inspector Henderson.

Well, what did he
say? What did he say?

Well, a call came
through, all right.

But whoever it was got
suspicious and hung up

before they could
trace it. [SIGHS]

Well... there
goes our last hope.

Heaven only knows what's
happened to Chris now.

Don't your boys ever
clean up after themselves?

Looks like a thorough job.

If the report had been
here, they'd have found it.


So I expect the cops to
come nosing around here later,

looking for clues.

But that's not all
they're going to find.

Unless you changed
your mind about talking.

What do you think, Martin?

Sit down.


Who's that?

The United States
Marines, I hope.

Look, answer it.

Whoever it is, get
rid of them fast.

But don't forget this gun.

One phony move,
and you've had it.

Along with whoever's out there.

Come on. Get over there.

Howdy. You Chris White? Yeah.

I'm Tim Mallory.

I fly the whirlybird
around here with the mails.

Mind if I step in?

Well, the place
is kind of a mess.

Oh, I don't mind that.

You ought to see where
I live, huh? My wife...

Now, look, Tim, really,
you caught me at a bad time.

Oh, okay, Mr. White,

if you got no mail
you want to go out.

No. Nothing.

Except that letter
to Perry White

at the Daily Planet I
left for you the other day.

Letter? But I...

It was very urgent.

I wanted to make sure he got it.

Come to think of it,
maybe I slipped up on that.

Maybe I put the
letter in the other sack.

I-I'll take care of it.


Sure thing.

Oh, Tim.


I, uh, was wondering when
you'd be coming by again.

Oh, day after
tomorrow. See you then.

Sure. Thanks again.

So that's what happened
to that report, huh?

Sent it on to your dear uncle.

Well, it's too late for
that anyway. Come on.

Sit down.

Put your hands behind you.

You have to tie up
a man to shoot him?

Who said I'm gonna shoot you?

I'm just gonna get rid
of you and this cabin

all in one big, bad accident.



You got one last chance.

Now, tell me what
I want to know.

I'll leave you here alive.

I'll make sure
that they find you,

after I'm safely
out of the country.

Have a good trip, traitor.

Okay, hero.

When that flame
reaches that gas tank,

you'll think a
blockbuster went off.

Golly, Mr. Kent, can't
you get ahold of Superman

and have him do something?

Look, Jim, maybe Superman

can find a needle in a haystack.

But he has to know
which haystack.

That's just fine.

Even if Superman is
helpless in a case like this,

what chance do we have?




to see you, Mr. White.

Says it's important.

It better be. Send him in.

Howdy. I'm looking
for Mr. White.

This is Mr. White.

I'm a busy man. What is it?

Well, I hate to bother you,
but something happened,

and I got to thinking...

You got to thinking what?

Well, about the young
man up in the cabin.

You mean Chris?

Uh, that's him. Yeah.

What about him?

Well, if you folks are busy...

No, no, no. Please. Please.

Well, you see,

I-I-I'm positive
that he didn't leave

no urgent letter like he told
me when I went by the cabin

a couple of hours ago.

So I figured...

You mean, you actually saw Chris

in that cabin two hours ago?

That's what I said, yeah.

Well, that's impossible!

You couldn't have.

But I did, ma'am. Yeah.

How did he get back there?

Kent. Kent!

Get me the police
and make it quick. Yes.



Superman. Boy,
am I glad to see you.

I'm glad to see you, too.
Alive. Can you make it?

I think so.

Come on, boy.

The gun. I gotta have the gun.

Are you all right? Yeah.

Can you drive? I think so.

I happen to know Clark Kent
will be along this way any minute.

You can meet him on the road.

Kent, good.

He's a pretty swell guy,

in spite of what
Lois thinks of him.

Well, he'll be
glad to hear this.

CLARK: I still don't know
what happened to that report.

Magic. I just rolled it up
and made it disappear.

Hm. Just like that, huh?


That's why I asked Superman
to go back in after the rifle.

Well... that's what I
call using your head.


Excuse me, will you? Mm-hm.

Mr. White's office.

MR. WHITE: I know
it's my office, you idiot.

Hello, chief.

I'm at the sheriff's office.

The cabin's been
burned to the ground.

And Chris must have been in it.

No, chief.

Chris was in the cabin,
but he's here right now.

Hold on.

Hello, Unc. You know,
I've been worried about you.

You've been worried about
me? Now, you listen, young man.

Stay right there. Don't
move. Do you hear?


This is Kent,
Chief. Now, listen.

I want you to have the sheriff
announce that Chris died

in that fire.

I'll explain later.

Somebody better explain.
Now, get right over here.

Okay, chief.

Why keep it under his hat?

Well, we don't have any
proof against Martin, do we?

No, I guess not.

How do we get it?

Just put me in touch
with General Summers.

Give me metropolitan
6-2343, please.

How long is it
going to be, general?

We should get our first
report in a few minutes.

Well, how does
it feel now, Kent?

Now that the other newspapers

in town have been
invited to the test?

No one ever tried to
keep you out, Martin.

Not much, you didn't!

SUMMERS: If men are gonna
argue, I'll have to clear the room.

I'm very sorry, general.

Eight-six calling Pico Tower.

RADIO]: Pico Tower. Over.

CHRIS: Going up to 50,000
now to make the level run. Over.

But take it easy, Chris.

Something wrong, Martin?

No. No, nothing's wrong.

Say, that's not the same pilot
that flew the test last week,

is it?

the same pilot all right, Martin.

Are you sure there's
nothing wrong, Martin?

But you're... You're...

He's what?

Stand back. All of you.


I should have killed
you the first time.

You're scared,
Martin. You're shaking.

That's bad for the aim.



Clark, do something! Help him!

Let the boy have
a good time, Lois.




Well, for a while
there, I could have used

a little more help
from Superman again.

Well, that's more than
you got from Clark.

From where I stood, you put on

a pretty good Superman
performance yourself, Chris.


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